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Solvency Certificate document sample

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									                     How to Obtain Solvency Certificate

    What is Solvency Certificate?

     The Solvency Certificate is issued on the basis of the documents showing ownership
     of flats/lands lying in the concerned City/District.

    Why is it necessary?

     The Solvency Certificate is required for seeking admission in Government Medical
     and Engineering Colleges. It is also required for Court matters, like obtaining bails.
     The certificate is required as a document of surety by various Government and semi-
     Government offices.

     Legal Framework

     In the state of Orissa Solvency Certificate is issued on the basis of Orissa
     Miscellaneous Certificate Rules, 1984 under the department of Revenue &
     Disaster Management, Government of Orissa. Out of six categories of
     Miscellaneous Certificates, Solvency certificate is one.


     A person residing in the respective Tahasil having his/her landed property
    there is entitled to obtain Solvency Certificate.

    Concerned Department

     Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, Government of Orissa

     Tahasildar of the concerned Tahasil

    Who to apply for?

•    Chief Officer in Charge of Revenue Administration of the concerned District, Sub-
•    Additional District Magistrate
•    Additional Tahasildar

    To obtain Solvency Certificate you can go through the following procedures.

•   Go to your concerned District Revenue Officer.
•   A person desirous of obtaining a certificate shall file before a Revenue Officer an
    application in Form No, 1 affixing court fee stamps of denomination of Rs 3.00 or
    such amount as should be revised from time to time specifying therein his name and
    full address, the nature the certificate prayed for and the purpose for which it is
•   Form No.VI i.e. meant for Solvency Certificate will be given to you.
•   Fill up the form as per the mentioned guidelines.
•    The certificate has to be accompanied by an affidavit shown in before a Magistrate
    incorporating the details of the immovable properties, the income and sources thereof.
•    The particulars of the applicant received in accordance with sub-rule (1) shall be
    registered in Register No.27 vide Form No.51 of the Appendix of the Orissa
    Records Manual, 1954.
•    The Revenue Officer shall initiate a case record. Then the documents get scrutinized
    by the Revenue Officer.
•   After a proper verification of the relevant records, if it is required, he may himself
    inquire in to the matter or call for a report of inquiry specifying a date from an officer
    subordinate in rank.
•    The certificate shall be handed over to the applicant or his duly authorized agent on
    due acknowledgement of receipt.

In case the certificate is not granted:

The Revenue Officer shall pass necessary orders in the case record, briefly mentioning
the reasons therefore. After the further verification and modification (if required) the
certificate is issued to the applicant.

    (Note: No Revenue Officer below the rank of Sub-divisional Officer
shall be competent to grant a certificate of solvency for an amount of
  and above Rupees one lakh, Immovable properties situated within
the operational jurisdiction of the Revenue Officer concerned shall be
             taken in to account after careful verification.)
    Necessary Documents to be attached

     The following supportive documents have to be attached along with the application

•   Affix court fee stamps of denomination of Rs 5.00 along with the application form.

•    Enclose affidavit of your certificate proving details of your immovable properties &
    income sources.

    Period of Delivery

     1 month

    Authority for sanctioning certificate

     Revenue Officer of the concerned District

    Who to register complaint with?

     The above mentioned sanctioning authority.

    For more information contact
     Revenue Officer of the concerned District

    Official Timing

     10.00 am to 05.00 pm in any official days.

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