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Competency          Definition                        Skills and Behaviors                                        Possible Training Units

Core Competencies   These are found at :
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Core Technology
Competencies for
Library Staff

Deliver Training    The ability to skillfully and            Prepares effectively for a learner-focused                   Principles of instruction design theory
                    effectively construct and                 training delivery and transfer of the learning to             Advanced presentation skills
                    present training programs, both           the workplace                                                 Use of multi-media in design
                    library-related and broader              Understands learner-focused solutions and how                  presentation
                    conceptual training, applying             to align solutions with course objective                      Adult Learning Theory
                    knowledge of performance                 Manages the learning environment and                          Models of Participation
                    management and adult learning             participants                                                  Establishment & Maintenance of a
                    theory                                   Understands different adult learning styles and                Positive Learning Environment
                                                              uses multiple evaluation techniques
                                                             Understands and teaches adult learning theory

    Design E-       The ability to develop and             Understands the components of e-learning                       Motivational Styles
    Learning*       implement e-learning                     instructional design success and learner                      Elements of E-Learning success
                    training programs                        motivation                                                    Instructional Media and Technologies
                                                           Describes the aspects of instructional                              for Learning
                                                             interactivity and how learning is affected by                 Reinforcement Theory
                                                             interactivity                                                 Establishment and Maintenance of a
                                                           Determines e-learning success prerequisites                         Positive E-Learning Environment
                                                           Understands the steps of successive
                                                             approximation for e-learning projects
                                                           Applies the principles of good e-learning

       OLC Core Competencies:                                                                   Revised: 1/2008
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Competency             Definition                          Skills and Behaviors                                           Possible Training Units

  Design instruction   The ability to skillfully design,               Understands and is able to apply the concepts          Cognition of learning
                       construct, and present                           of the instructional design process (ISD)              Principles of instruction design theory
                       competency-based training                       Writes course goals and objectives aligned             Learner motivation theories
                       programs, both library-related                   with desired business performance outcomes             Advanced presentation skills
                       and broader conceptual training                 Conducts and summarizes a job/task analysis            Adult learning theory
                                                                       Creates a design document and a complete               The influence of learning styles on
                                                                        lesson package including participant guide,              knowledge acquisition
                                                                        instructor guide, and other necessary                  Composition of Learning Objectives
                                                                        materials                                              Design and facilitation of training
                                                                       Applies human cognitive psychological                    activities & assessments
                                                                        processes and instructional design theory to           Transfer and retention strategies
                                                                        training, including built-in evaluation as well
                                                                        as transfer and retention strategies
                                                                       Develops process whereby trainees can
                                                                        demonstrate mastery of competencies

 Determine             The ability to clearly define job              Develops and validates definitions for                  Competencies at work
 Competencies          specific competencies for all                   competencies
                       library positions                              Links competencies to ISD

     OLC Core Competencies:                                                                          Revised: 1/2008
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Competency            Definition                        Skills and Behaviors                                           Possible Training Units

                                                                Conducts research; reads and evaluates new                   Role of training in Performance
Manage performance    The ability to maintain up-to-              concepts and existing body of knowledge                      Management
                      date knowledge of performance             Develops awareness of new and cutting edge                   Using the Performance Analysis
                      management                                  principles, such as situated learning practices,             Guide tool
                                                                  communities of practice, tacit knowledge,
                                                                  knowledge acquisition pathways, mental
                                                                  models; determines efficacy for use in training
                                                                  for library industry

Manage the Learning   The ability to thoroughly                  Establishes strategies; develops long-range                 Adult learning theory
Function              understand the entire learning              learning, development, and human performance               How to design competency-based
                      process in order to anticipate,             initiatives to implement the vision; understands            learning/instruction design
                      plan, develop and implement                 what drives business and how the learning                  How to convert strategies into an
                      all training needs for the                  function can best add value                                 action plan
                      organization                               Runs the learning function like a business by              Influence of learning styles on
                                                                  converting strategies into action plans reconciled          knowledge acquisition
                                                                  with real-life constraints, develops and monitors          Training for Results & Evaluation of
                                                                  budgets, and understands staffing and resource              Training
                                                                  deployment.                                                Retention Support

      OLC Core Competencies:                                                                      Revised: 1/2008
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Competency              Definition                        Skills and Behaviors                                      Possible Training Units

Supports Facilitation   The ability to effectively plan         Selects an appropriate change model and                  Principles of change management
of Organizational       and implement appropriate                designs a strategic plan for change that                 How to convert strategies into an
Change                  training initiatives for the             minimizes the impact on people and maximizes              action plan
                        purpose of facilitating                  buy-in
                        necessary organizational               Designs training activities that support specific
                        changes which have been                  results
                        identified through careful             Develops communication plans that raise
                        evaluation of internal and               awareness, build commitment, and ensure
                        external changes, trends and             understanding
                        influences.                            Manages consequences that may occur, such as
                                                                 conflict, resistance, negativity, and

    Adapted from the American Society of Training and Development

      OLC Core Competencies:                                                                  Revised: 1/2008
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