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					                                                                                                JANUARY, 2008
     Lower Connecticut River Valley Horsemen’s Club
           Promoting Equine Awareness Since 1962

    Dear Friends,

    Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season! Now it’s time to get back to my diet!

    The November special meeting was short and sweet. Elections took place but with no contested positions they were
    basically a matter of confirming all nominees. I would like to welcome new board members Shirley Tirrell, Al
    Davenport, and Mary Wozniak; and thank outgoing members Dave Beaudette, Barbara White, and Beverly Torell for
    their service. And a big thank you to all who have agreed to stay on and continue to serve the club in this way. The BOD
    tries to handle the business aspects of the club in order to leave more time at general meetings for programs and
    socializing. For example, this year, instead of having members sign-up to do snacks and clean-up at meetings, (and
    Sherry having to keep track and remind everyone) each director will take a turn, but please, if you make a mess, clean up
    after yourself. See list of contact information for BOD members elsewhere in this newsletter.

    The holiday party at Water’s Edge was a little quiet but very nice. The room was elegant (and beautifully decorated), the
    food was delicious, the DJ was entertaining, the Silent Auction was fun (and raised $473 for the BPC) and all who
    attended appeared to have a good time. It’s always fun to see everyone dressed up. Thank you Sherry and Lynda for
    organizing this event. Some awards and recognitions were made. If you were named and were not at the party I have
    packages and will catch up with you at the January meeting. See information elsewhere in this newsletter.

    The Christmas Progressive Ride finally went off on Sunday, December 30 (2 weeks later than originally planned). Sue
    Davenport parked at Spencer Hill and rode down along with Lynda Perry, Linda Ewing, Cathy Chase, and Doro Fuller.
    Roger and Linda Ferraro and Shirley Tirrell parked at my house where they were joined by Alyce Mallek, and myself.
    Breakfast was egg casserole, fruit, pastries, coffee and juices. Mary Wozniak rode up just in time for the start and off we
    went for a 2 hour loop in the CLCT’s Kenilworth Forest. All the horses were raring to go after 2 weeks of not much work
    due to icy conditions so we had some little rodeo moments! Peggy Lupone and Gloria Elliott picked up Barbara White
    (who is recovering from foot surgery) and joined us for lunch and socializing at Lynda’s where we were served delicious
    chili and cornbread with hot and cold drinks. Then another loop in Killingworth followed by dessert at Cathy’s--cake,
    plenty of chocolates, special Christmas treats from Spain (imported by Doro), hot cider and coffee. All were on their way
    home by 4:00 and, needless to say, poor Kevin had to find his own dinner that night.

    A new year means time to renew your membership. Information and waivers are included in this newsletter and Sherry
    will have forms at the January meeting so bring your checkbooks and renew early, you don’t want to miss any of the fun.

    I want to remind everyone that although in the eyes of the IRS the Bridle Path Conservancy is a separate organization it
    is still our trail committee. It does not have a separate membership. Your LCRVHC membership automatically makes
    you a member of the BPC. Starting in this newsletter we will have a special section for the BPC where we will share
    news, keep track of volunteer hours, report on activities, etc.

    The January 24 general meeting is when we try to fill out our calendar for 2008. I have included an outline with many
    dates filled in. If you have something you think we should do now is your opportunity to let us know! Please consider
    hosting a member-only ride, managing or co-managing a pace or sharing a fun activity with the group. I hope to see you


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                                         Bridle Path Conservancy
                                                     Some background

     The Bridle Path Conservancy was started in 2004 by members of the LCRVHC in order to save and
     improve the trails we currently use and build and acquire new trails for equestrian use. Educating
     riders and other users about sharing multi-use trails is also important to us. As a 501 C 03 corporation
     any contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. We can also apply for and
     receive grants for materials and funds.

     We deliberately made this a non-membership organization because we didn't want people to have to
     choose between LCRVHC and BPC. In all but the eyes of the tax men this is still our trails
     committee. Therefore, we have decided to feature the BPC with a monthly update in our newsletter.
     Starting with this issue we will be tracking work hours (often grants are contingent on volunteer
     hours), updating on projects, and sharing plans. Please participate--we don't want to be "paved out" of
     the woods!

     The BPC mission statement reads:

     The Bridle Path Conservancy, Inc. (the Corporation) was formed to educate and encourage interest in
     and support for the preservation, enhancement, and acquisition of multi-purpose, passive-use,
     recreational trails on public and private land across southern New England.

     While the Corporation is interested in equestrian trails, it seeks to support all open space and trail

     By managing, educating and cooperating with others to create opportunities to facilitate and preserve
     equestrian activities that compliment the environment, the Corporation strives to keep recreational
     land available for present and future generations to enjoy.

             Annual MO Freeze-Your-Butt Ride at Hammonasset
     Hi Beverly,
     Mike & Syrpa were at Hammonasset at noon today, where was
     everyone else? We waited till 12:45 but no one showed up so we
     took off up the trail, it was only raining sideways. Sypra was
     anxious to go, must of reminded her of Iceland. Mike had fun
     dreating, drinking and eating at the same time, from the puddles in
     the grass. It was a real fun ride with the wind and rain in our faces,
     we cantered on the part pararelling the road. The few cars that went
     by waved to us, they must of thought we were insane (-;
     I've attached a picture to prove we were really t here, it was taken
     just as we were ready to leave.
     Happy New Year,
     Roger & Linda Ferraro
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                                         BPC WORK DAY REPORT

       Date: December 31, 2007
       Location: Weber Woods
       Time: 9:30 to 12:15 (2 ¾ hours X 2)
       Project: Walked projects intended for January 6th BPC work day

       There will be some trail re-routing because of beaver damage, trash pick up and
       some down branch clearing. Re-channeling some water run-off and leaf

       Basic tools/supplies needed for most work days: trash bags, gloves, iron rakes,
       mattocks or wide ended pick axes, rock bars, shovels, clippers, loppers, bow
       saws, folding saws.

       Attendees: Alex Sokolow, Pat Martin and Roger Ferraro

                    BPC Work Day – Weber Woods –Sunday, Jan. 6th-9:30 to noon

            Left to right: Ryan Kristoff (Madison),Tom Elliott (Westbrook), Pat Martin (Killingworth), Roger
       Ferraro(rear)(Salem), Gloria Elliott(Westbrook), Shirley Tirrell (Killingworth), Melissa Evarts (Clinton), and
                           Michael Landon (Madison).Trish Panico (Madison) is behind camera.
           BPC - Learn the Epic Trail Walks – These are walks not work days. But feel free to bring clippers!
                                Feb 3 and 9th at 1 P.M. Meet at Weber Woods parking lot.
                       Feb. 24 at 10 A.M. Meet at the Pattaconk parking lot on Cedar Swamp Road.

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       Bridle Path Conservancy Recognition’s                                      (by Trish Panico, Holiday Party 2007)
       The BPC has had a rocky year with ups and downs. In January we were able to help mobilize many local horse
       people in support of the CHC to fix some language that would have closed equestrian access to many trails. We
       had a great turnout for National Trails Day in June-- organized by CT Forests and Parks this event united 10
       user groups to work on a section of the Epic Trail. Brad resigned as president but some new people stepped
       forward. Pati is now serving as president with Trish Panico as Vice-president and Roger Ferraro has taken on the
       new role of project manager. We still need a secretary. We¹d like to encourage everyone to help out with trail
       days. Our next one is scheduled for January 6 in Weber Woods--mostly clipping and raking treadway with some
       light saw work.

       We have three Thank Yous to give out tonight:
       First, to Roger Ferraro. A Thank You from Pati, and all of us, for taking this position as “Trail Boss”. Roger is
       a relatively new member but he has been very active and stepped right up agreeing to organize some of these
       trail work events.
       Second, to Mark Leas. As always Mark has been our “chainsaw man”. When someone calls or mentions at a
       meeting that a tree is down blocking a trail, Kristin will say “I’ll ask Mark to look at it.” and the next thing we
       know it’s gone. Thank You Mark.
       And finally, the volunteer of the year award goes to a family this year. Al and Bonnie Davenport, their
       daughter, Jen Bernardo, and grandson, Chad Davenport. The Davenports have been very active this year.
       They have attended many work days (both ours and Clinton Land Trust¹s) and they managed the picnics for both
       National Events (June and September). Unfortunately they can¹t be here tonight since they are at the Guilford
       Fair Association party but we will get their award to them.

                          LCRVHC Recognition                       (by Melissa, Holiday Party, 2007)
       First I’d like to thank my officers:
       VP Peg Lupone, despite being very busy working on her masters, Peg organized the tag sale, the games day,
       helped with the Christmas Progressive ride, and arranged for several meeting programs. Also Peg receives the
       perpetual trophy for the President's award.
       Treas. Lynda Perry, for keeping the money straight, even when we make it complicated. Lynda also is very
       active with the VHP, has helped with several MO rides, and worked at many trail days.
       Sec. Sherry LaConte. Sherry stepped in to finish Carrie¹s term despite having a newborn and continued to act
       as hospitality chair organizing the summer picnic, snacks at meetings, and this party.
       Kristin Elliott Leas. Kristin was president before me and the way the bylaws are set up the outgoing president
       acts as advisor for the new president’s first term. Well, I¹ve just been elected for a third term and Kristin is still
       always there to bounce ideas off, help figure out how to do something, encourage me, or just listen to me vent.
       Andrea VanderWiede, for doing the newsletter and mostly getting it out on time, even when we don¹t get her
       the information until way too late.
       Sue Davenport, for taking over the newsletter.
       Robin Rotundi, for mailing the newsletters to those that don¹t have e-mail.
       Jodie Gebhard, for managing the web site and blasts.
       Beverly Torell, for coordinating the member only rides and taking pictures.
       Brad Turley, as always, for letting us use his club house.
       Vanessa Weber, for letting us use her property for the hunter pace.

       And for everyone who has helped out, volunteered, managed, encouraged, criticized, and otherwise made this a
       better, stronger club. Thank You.
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       January 2008
       Annual membership drive

       Dear Friends,

       Happy New Year from the Lower Connecticut River Valley Horsemen’s Club! I hope 2008 is off to a great
       start for you. Whether you are a current member, someone looking to join LCRVHC for the first time, or
       perhaps a former member who has missed the relationship, I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage
       you to join or renew your membership. Membership benefits include monthly meetings with plenty of
       time for socializing (and often an educational or entertaining program), frequent member-only rides, and
       special events and clinics. Club members receive a monthly newsletter and access to the LCRVHC web site.
       The club has many interesting, entertaining, and educational opportunities scheduled for the coming
       year—including programs and speakers, our fourth annual tag sale, spring and fall pace rides, trail work
       days, and picnics and parties.

       We will continue our efforts to preserve, maintain, and create trails along with our affiliated 501c(03)
       organization the Bridle Trails Conservancy and work with the Connecticut Horse Council and the DEP
       through the Volunteer Horse Patrol program to educate the public that equestrians can successfully share
       multi-use trails.

       While we still/always welcome donations in any amount to the LCRVHC trails account (we use this money
       to support our local Land Trusts, print maps for distribution in Weber Woods, etc.) if you wish to make a
       more substantial (and tax deductible) contribution to preserve trails for equestrian use please write a
       separate check to the Bridle Path Conservancy (BPC). As you may remember, almost four years ago we
       created the BPC from our trails committee, as a separate 501 C 03 corporation, with the mission to
       preserve, maintain, and create trails for equestrian use. Your membership in LCRVHC automatically makes
       you a member of the BPC.

       We have lots of horse-y activities planned so please renew now and don’t miss any of the fun.


       Melissa Evarts, President

       P.S. Please renew early—the March newsletter will be your last one if you don’t renew by April 1.

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                                                   Membership Form
       Please check appropriate statements. Please fill in all information and sign and date the Release and Waiver of
       Liability. Mail completed page along with your payment to:
       LCRVHC, P.O. Box 657, Killingworth, CT 06419. Thank You

       □ Family $25      □ Individual $15

       □ Enclosed is an additional amount of $ _________ for our ongoing work to maintain and preserve trails.

       □ Enclosed is a separate check to the Bride Path Conservancy in the amount of $ _________ (tax deductible).

       □ Please contact me for volunteer help! (This is a working club and all members are encouraged to volunteer for
         committee chairs, trail maintenance, events organizing help and/or food donations.)

       □ I am NOT able to receive my newsletter via e-mail.

       (For family memberships please include all names—use a separate sheet if necessary)

       Mailing Address
       City ______________________________________________________ State _______ Zip code __________________
       Telephone (home) __________________________________ (work or cell)_________________________________
       E-mail ___________________________________________________________ New Member _____ Renewal _____

       Release and Waiver of Liability
       By signing this release and waiver, I understand that I am giving up (waiving or releasing) any right I have to sue or
       make any claim which I might have or which might subsequently arise or occur against the Lower Connecticut River
       Valley Horsemen’s Club, Inc. (hereafter referred to as LCRVHC), including but not limited to, the officers, members,
       participants, and landowners; for any injuries which I might sustain while horseback riding, driving, or attending/
       participating in any LCRVHC event or activity. I understand that I am indemnifying (holding harmless) any horse
       ridden, driven, loose, or handled by another and the owner or handler while so engaged in the event of an injury to
       myself, my property and/or others. It is my intent to give up all the rights provided by law and release the club,
       landowners, etc. (the releasees) from all claims for bodily injury, death, or property damage, including without
       claims arising in whole or in part from the releasees’ own negligence. I do so knowingly and voluntarily. I further
       agree to pay all legal fees pertaining to this event, if any are incurred.

       For Club Membership:
       Signature of primary member ____________________________________________________ date _______________
       (If a minor, a parent or legal guardian must sign)

       Signature of Spouse ____________________________________________________________ date _______________
       (for family memberships or parent of minor child of divorced member, etc.)

       For Taking Part in an Event:
       Signature of primary member ____________________________________________________ date _______________
       (If a minor, a parent or legal guardian must sign)

       Everyone must complete:
       Emergency contact information with name and telephone number (include area code)
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                                            LCRVHC BOD MINUTES
                                                           January 3, 2008
            In Attendance: Melissa, Kristin, Pati, Lynda, Peg, Shirley, Bob, Sherry

       1.) Pati will be ordering new markers @ $ .86 per marker.
       2.) Calendar – was reviewed, and for the most part, finalized. Kristin and Peg will follow up with a couple of programs that need to
           be scheduled.
       3.) Progressive Ride – was well attended and fun was had by all!
       4.) Christmas Party – Club subsidized the cost, and we barely met the minimum. Different options will be discussed for next year,
           including the progressive ride becoming our “holiday event”.
       5.) Hospitality – BOD’s will take turns bringing simple snacks and cleaning up this year. Sherry will coordinate the summer party.
       6.) Membership Drive – Sherry to order new membership envelopes. Melissa will write letter to be included in newsletter. BPC
           vs. trails fund needs to be clarified (possibly include separate envelope for BPC donations was mentioned since BPC donations
           are tax deductible and require a separate check).
       7.) Newsletter – Sue Davenport has taken over writing of the newsletter from Andrea. Items that are to be included need to be
           submitted to her She will be mailing it to people who do not have access to email as well.
       8.) Tag Sale – Peg to begin editing flyer for invitation of non-profits. Kristin has mentioned it to CDCTA. Ad to be taken out in
           March issue of Steed Read (Peg).
          Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

          Respectfully Submitted,
         Sherry LaConte

                                        LCRVHC 2008 OFFICERS
                      Thank You to our 2008 Officers for volunteering their time to keep this great club going!

       President: Melissa Evarts –              Members-at-Large:
                                                                               Pati Martin –
       Vice-President: Peg Lupone –                         Shirley Tirrell –
                                                                               Kristin Elliott-Leas –
       Treasurer: Lynda Perry –                           Mary Wozniak –
                                                                               Al Davenport –
       Secretary: Sherry LaConte –                    Bob Cameron –

       Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7 P.M.
       Next meeting is Thursday, January 24th at Brad Turley’s 7/8th Farm
       Need Info? Sherry LaConte 860-345-8646 or
       Directions: From the Rtes. 80 and 81 circle – Follow Rte 80 east for 1.9 miles. The driveway is on the right,
       2/10th mile past Titus Coan Road.
       From Rtes. 148 and 80 blinker – Follow Rte. 80 west for 1.5 miles. Driveway is on the left, 3/10th mile past
       Tower Hill Road. Extra parking is past the white house near the barn.

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                                        2008 Lecture and Learn Series
                                          with Kristin Elliott Leas
                                               at Seven Eighths Farm
                                                 10:00 AM – Noon
                                             Sign up with Kristin (860) 510-2262
                                               $20 per session, $125 for series

       January 19 Hurricane, Fire, Flat Tire? Do You Know What to do?
             Are you ready for a disaster? Learn some simple emergency preparedness tips that you can do for fire
             prevention and safe guarding your horse in a natural disaster. Annual Trailer check up. What happens
             if you get a flat tire? Or in an accident?

       January 26 Horse Training What is so Natural about Horsemanship anyway?
             How does your horse learn? Different horse training techniques will be covered from traditional,
             jogging in hand, lunging, and natural horsemanship.

       February 2 Horse Building Blocks: Conformation, Movement and Soundness
             Good conformation is attractive but more importantly is functional by providing a stronger, sounder
             horse. Conformation faults can lead to common blemishes or unsoundesses.

       February 9 All Systems Go: What the Horse is Made of
             What do you really need to know about the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory,
             digestive, urinary, nervous, endocrine, and reproductive systems?

       February 16 Coming Out of Winter Hibernation – Make Over and Conditioning
             Has your horse been hibernating this winter? What does it take to get him up and going for the spring.
             Start with a Horse Make Over including mane pulling, and clipping. Then conditioning, How do you
             properly get your horse working again without injury?

       February 23 Desensitizing Your Horse - Back by popular demand.
             Build a better trusting relationship with your horse by exposing him to all his worst nightmares.
             Check with Kristin about the option of bringing horses for this unmounted session.

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                 2008 CALENDAR of EVENTS & ACTIVITIES
                            Anyone with knowledge of an equestrian event or clinic should e-mail Sue Davenport
                ( so it can be included in our calendar. All LCRVHC monthly meetings are held on
                   the fourth Thursday evening of the month at 7/8ths Farm & begin at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.
                                         Abbreviations Used in Calendar:
   BOD=Board of Directors Meeting BPC=Bridle Path Conservancy CHC=CT Horse Council VHP=Volunteer Horse Patrol
   MO=Member Only ride or event   L&L=Lecture and Learn series TBA or TBD=to be announced or determined

     January                                                   March
     12-L&L, 7/8ths Farm, 10-12:00, see page 3                 2-Adult/Infant/Child CPR w/1st aid-P.Martin
     12 CLCT work party, 8-10 am                               6-BOD-Evarts Fire Museum 7 P.M.
     19-L&L, 7/8ths Farm, 10-12:00, see page 3                 8-CLCT work party 8-10 A.M.
     24-General Meeting, set 2008 calendar, choose movie       16-MO ride, Chatfield Hollow, Sherry
         for February meeting                                  27-General Meeting-7/8ths Farm
     26-L&L, 7/8ths Farm, 10-12:00, see page 3                 30-BPC work day
     27-WLCT Open House-contact Tom Elliott
     February                                                  3-BOD-Evarts Fire Museum 7 P.M.
     2-L&L, 7/8ths Farm, 10-12:00, see page 3                  5-LCRVHC Tag Sale, 7/8th Farm-Peggy
     3-BPC Epic Trail walk                                     12-CLCT work party, 8-10 A.M.
     7-BOD Evarts Fire Museum 7 P.M.                           13-Adult CPR & 1st aid re-cert-P.Martin
     9-BPC Epic Trail walk                                     20-MO ride, Pattaconk-Beverly
     9-CLCT work party 8-10 A.M.                               24-General Meeting, 7/8th Farm
     9-L&L, 7/8ths Farm, 10-12:00, see page 3                  27-BPC Work day
     16-L&L, 7/8th Farm, 10-12:00 see page 3
     23-L&L, 7/8ths Farm, 10-12:00, see page 3
     24-BPC Epic Trail walk
     28-General meeting-movie night
     TBA-MO ride, possible sleigh ride if snow

                                                                                                                   Page 9
                              January, 2008 LCRVHC Newsletter Enclosed
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