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									Naam                                   Titel dissertatie                                      Promotor 1                                  Promotor 2                              Promotor 3                                  Link
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jaar promotie naar repository
De heer R.C. Rocco de Campos-Pereira   The Urban Geography of Globalisation: New Urban Structures in the Age of Hyper-Connectivity
                                                                                     H.J. Rosemann (Bk)                                                                                          2008
De heer Ir. M.W. Smit                                                                A.C.J.M. Eekhout (Bk)
                                       Naar een Cyclisch Iteratief Ontwerpproces en Ontwerpomgeving. Leren van ervaringen                                                                                                2008 n/a
De heer Ir. J.C. Hubers                COLADIVIR. COLaborative Architectural Design In Virtual RealityOosterhuis
                                                                                     K.                        L. van Duin (Bk)                                                      2008
De heer P. Sakulpipatsin               Exergy efficient building design              P.G. Luscuere (Bk)                                                                                                2008
De heer Ir. A. van Bilsen              Mathematical Exploration in Urban & Regional Design Prof.dr. P. Drewe (Bk)                         Dr. I.T. Klaasen                                                               2008
De heer L.J. Stanek                                                                           Prof.dr. A.D. Graafland Studies, Architecture Practice
                                       Henri Lefebvre and the Concrete Research of Space: Urban Theory, Empirical(Bk)                                                                                                    2008 n/a
Mevrouw H.H. Bier                      System-embedded intelligence in architecture  S.U. Barbieri             K. Oosterhuis (Bk)                                                    2008
Mevrouw A. Martire                     Leisure Coast City. A comparative history of the urbanProf.dr. waterfront (Bk)
                                                                                               leisure F. Bollerey                                                                                                       2008
De heer R. Cavallo                     Railways in the urban context. An architectural discourse
                                                                                              promotor L. Van Duin      S.U. Barbieri (Bk)                                                    2008
Mevrouw Drs. P.K.M. van Roosmalen      Planning the city. Town planning in the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia (1905-1950)
                                                                                     V.J. Meyer (Bk)                 prom Dr. C. Wagenaar (UHD-Bk)                                                  2008
De heer Ir. J. de Heer                                                               W. Patijn (Bk)
                                       De architectonische kleur. De polychromie in de puristische architectuur van Le Corbusier          prof.dr. S. von Moos (U-Zürich)                                                2008 n/a
Mevrouw M.C. Marengo                                                                 H.J. Rosemann (Bk)             Córdoba - Argentina
                                       Urban Sprawl and Spatial Planning: facing the challenges of growing social inequity. Case M. Carmona (UHD-Bk)                                                        2008 n/a
De heer J.P. Kennedy                                                                          Prof. A. Tzonis (Bk)
                                       Structures for the Displaced. Service and Identity in Refugee Settlements                          prof.dr. L. Lefaivre (U-Vienna)         H.J. Rosemann (Bk)                     2008 n/a
Mevrouw P. Kong                        Social Quality in the Conservation Process of Living Heritage Sites (Bk)
                                                                                              Prof. A. Tzonis                             prof.dr. L. Lefaivre (U-Vienna) H.J. Rosemann (Bk)      2008
De heer L. Molinari                                                                           Prof. A. Tzonis                    H.J. Rosemann (Bk)
                                       Continuity and crises: The experience of Ernesto Nathan Rogers within modernist architectural culture (1909-1969)                                                                 2008 n/a
Mevrouw A.P. Rodi                                                                    H.J. Rosemann (Bk)
                                       Towards a Design Tool for Urban Regeneration, "Creating the Creative Block"                                                                                                       2008 n/a
De heer T. Kaminer                                                                            Prof.dr. A.D. Graafland (Bk)
                                       The Idealist Refuge. Architecture, Crisis and Resuscitation                                                                                                                       2008 n/a
Mevrouw A.C. Steenkamp                 Space, power and the body - the civil and uncivil as represented inGraafland (Bk) Monument and Native Township Model
                                                                                              Prof.dr. A.D. the Voortrekker                                                                                              2008
De heer Drs. P. Neuteboom              On the rationality of borrowers'behaviour. Comparing H. Priemus (TBM)
                                                                                              risk attitudes of homeowners                prof.dr. P.J. Boelhouwer (Bk)  M.G. Elsinga (UHD-OTB)          2008      OTB
De heer Ir. C. Pinilla Castro          Planned and 'emergent' attitudes in (contemporary) planning practice Rosemann Bk
                                                                                     H.J.                                                                                                        2008
Mevrouw Ir. S. Komossa                 Model, regel en ideaal: het Hollandse bouwblok S.U. Barbieri Bk          A. Reijndorp U-Amsterdam                                              2008
Mevrouw D. Tunas                       The Spatial Economy in the Urban Informal Settlement H.J. Rosemann Bk                                                                                            2008
Mevrouw Ir. E. Gehner                  Knowingly taking risk. Investment decision making in H. de Jonge Bk
                                                                                              real estate development            J.I.M. Halman U. Twente M. Prins UHD-Bk                 2008
De heer Drs. H.C.C.H. Coolen           The Meaning of Dwelling Features: Conceptual and Methodological Issues
                                                                                              Prof.dr. P.J. Boelhouwer Bk                                                                                                2008   OTB
Mevrouw D. Cacciola                    Moderne Klassiker: die Wiedergefundene Zeit            Prof.dr. F. Bollerey B                       Dr. O. Macel UHD-Bk                                                           2008
De heer drs. D.H. van Eijnsbergen      Multi functionele gebouwencomplexen in Tokyo           Prof. dr. ir. A.C.J.M. Eekhout              prof. ir. H.C. Bekkering BK                                                    2008
Mevrouw D. Larasati                                                                  C.A.J. references to      A.L.A. Fraaij (UHD-CiTG)
                                       An integral approach towards sustainable housing in Indonesia: withDuijvestein (Bk)best practices for sustainable housing implementation in Java                                  2007
De heer ir. R. van Rees                                                              H.A.J. de in Construction
                                       New instruments for dynamic Building-Construction: computer as partner Ridder (CiTG)      S.Sariyildiz (Bk)                                                  2007
Mevrouw A.M. Sugranyes Bickel                                                                 promotor                                    D
                                       Social Housing Policy in Chile since 1980. Actors and Products H.J. Rosemann (Bk) M. Carmona (UHD-Bk)                                                        2007
Mevrouw ir. J.C. de Vries              Presteren door vastgoed                       H. de Jonge (Bk)          D.J.M. van der Voordt (UHD-Bk)                                          2007
Mevrouw Y. Chen                                                                      H. de Jonge
                                       Shanghai Pudong Urban Development in an Era of Globallocal Interaction (Bk)                                                                                                       2007
De heer R. Sebastian                   Managing Collaborative Design                 H. de Jonge (Bk)          M. Prins (UHD-Bk)                                                       2007
De heer Ir. M. Veltkamp                Free form structural design                   A.C.J.M. Eekhout (Bk)                                                                                          2007
Mevrouw Ir. C. Kusumo                  Station - the New Centrality. The effects of urban form on the liveability of the area around the J.M. Schrijnen (Bk)
                                                                                     D.H. Frieling                    railway station                        Dr. S.A. Read (UHD-Bk)                 2007
De heer N. Biloria                     Adaptive Corporate Environments. Creating real-time interactiveVan Duin
                                                                                     L. spatial systems for corporate offices incorporating computation techniques
                                                                                                                                 K. Oosterhuis (Bk)                                                    2007
De heer D.W. Schmidt                   Vier bouwkundige opgaven in de jonge Sovjet-Unie en hun interpretatie als architectonische paradigma’s van ideologisch gemotiveerde veranderingsprocessen                         2007
De heer J.M. Evans                     The comfort triangles: A new tool for bioclimatic design
                                                                                     H.J. Rosemann (Bk)           prom M. Carmona (UHD-Bk)                                                2007
De heer A. D'Hooghe                    The Liberal Monument. A definition of urban design as the manifestation of romantic late-modernism
                                                                                     W. Arets                  H.J. Rosemann (Bk)                                              2007
Mevrouw T.Y. Budantseva                Avant-Garde between East and West: Modern Architecture and Town-Planning in the Urals 1920-30s Macel (UHD-Bk)
                                                                                              Prof.dr. F. Bollerey (Bk)                   Dr. O.                                                                         2007
Mevrouw I.B. Jacob.                    Emil Fahrenkamp : Bauten und Projekte fur Berlin       Prof.dr. F. Bollerey (Bk)                   Prof.dr. W. Schäche (Bk)                                                       2006
mw. H. Zijlstra                                                                      A.P.J.M. Verheijen (fac
                                       Bouwen in Nederland 1940-1970. Continuïteit + veranderbaarheid= duurzaamheid Bk)                   Prof.dr. F. Bollerey (fac Bk)                                                  2006
mw. I. Ostermann                                                                              Prof.dr. dargestellt an Bk)                                                         Prof.Dr. U. Paravicini
                                                                                                                                          Prof.Dr.-Ing. C.Meckseper (U. Hannover, Duitsland)
                                       Fabrikbau und moderne konzeptionen und gestaltungsformen F. Bollerey (facbeispielen aus Deutschland und den Niederlanden des interbellums des 20 Jh (U. Hannover, Duitsland)      2006 n/a
mw. E. Durmisevic                      Transformable building structures             A.P.J.M. Verheijen (fac Bk)                                                                                       2006
mw. B.A. Lubelli                       Sodium chloride damage to porous building materials R.P.J. Van Hees (fac Bk)     K. van Breugel (fac CiTG) C.J.W.P. Groot (UHD-fac CiTG)2006
hr. S.S. Özsariyildiz                                                                H.A.J. de Ridder (fac CiTG)
                                       Inception support for large-scale construction projects: A knowledge modelling approach   S. Sariyildiz (fac Bk) M.R. Beheshti (UHD-fac CiTG) 2006
hr. E. Philibert Petit                 Connectivity-oriented urban projects                   promotor Prof.dr. P. Drewe (fac Bk)         Dr. E.D. Hulsbergen (UHD-fac Bk)                                               2006
hr. A. van Timmeren                                                                            kringlopen L.C. Röling
                                       Autonomie én Heteronomie. Integratie van duurzame promotoren in de gebouwde omgeving      J. Kristinsson (em.hgl, (2001) C.A.J. Duijvestein (fac Bk)   2006
M.M. Sunikka                                                                         stock
                                       Policies for improving energy efficiency in the European housingH. Priemus (TBM)          A.F.Thomsen (Bk)                                                     2006
B.E. Cuenya                                                                                   Prof.dr. opposing the                       Dr. E.D. Hulsbergen Buenos Aires 1991-2001
                                       Large urban projects and social actors. Forces supporting and P. Drewe (Bk) production process of the Retiro Project, (UHD-Bk)                                                    2006
A. Koch                                                                                       Prof.dr. F. industrialisation in the 19th century – Macel (UHD-Bk)
                                       Strategies for sewage disposal as influenced by urbanisation andBollerey (Bk)                      Dr. O. set out in selected examples                                            2006
Mw. T. Kocatürk                                                                     
                                       Modeling collaborative knowledge in digital freeform design C van Weeren                  K. Oosterhuis (Bk)                                                    2006
Mw. H. Sohn                                                                                   Prof.dr. A. unconscious of
                                       The emergence of urban monsters postmodern sublime and the Graafland (Bk) architecture                                                                                            2006 n/a
hr. ir. G. Peek                                                                      H. van binnenstedelijke stationslocaties J.L.A. Geurts (U-Tilburg)
                                       Locatiesynergie: Een participatieve start van de herontwikkeling de Jonge (Bk)                     prof.dr.                                                                       2006

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