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					                                                               Skills Inventory

                                                         Natural                                                                      Natural
            An Ability To…                  Proficiency Talent (P)                   An Ability To…                 Proficiency      Talent (P)
Analytic/ Data Skills                                                    Cognitive Skills
Model/ program                                                           Philosophize/ contemplate
Organize/ compile/ pull together                                         Strategize/ plan
Coordinate information                                                   Perceive opportunities
Compute/ calculate                                                       Think logically or in the abstract
Investigate/ probe/ research                                             Imagine/ envision
Test/ prove/ solve                                                       Explore/ experiment/ discover
Synthesize (ideas, facts, data)                                          Negotiate
Identify essential issues, points, etc.
Interpret/ translate (languages, etc.)
Clarify                                                                  Constructive/ Development Skills
Evaluate/ judge                                                          Build/ assemble/ make
Express in writing                                                       Design/ draw/ arrange
Present (results, ideas, etc.)                                           Invent/ develop/ set up
Communicate to multiple audiences                                        Make things work (like mechanical)
                                                                         Make beautiful things
                                                                         Make things grow (like plants)
Human Skills                                                             Fix/ repair/ recycle/ maintain
Motivate/ inspire/ coordinate pple's work                                Operate mechanical things
Mediate/ handle conflicts
Instruct/ advise/ counsel
Manage/ oversee/ supervise                                               Other
Interview/ investigate                                                   Be self-disciplined/ self-starter
Coach/ listen                                                            Be balanced
Be loyal                                                                 Love
Be tolerant/ compassionate                                               Be happy
Put people at ease/ establish rapport
Nurture/ develop
Persuade/ influence
Cooperate/ collaborate
Be decisive
Initiate/ begin
Execute/ complete/ conclude

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