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					The Academy

Chapter 1: The Meeting
   Everything about the headmistress carried an air of authoritarianism. Dressed in a one-piece knee-length
brown dress that emphasized her large-sized breasts
   and slender waist, as well as three-inch high heel shoes, she looked professional as well as attractive. She
was facially beautiful as well, needing only light
   eyeshadow over her dark brown eyes. Her dirty blond hair was parted on the right and rested on her
shoulders. Everything about the headmistress carried an air
   of authoritarianism- except for her first name Debbie. Debbie was the kind of name that an ordinary
school girl or young rebellious teenager used, but not a
   person in such an important position. Yet ever since she had accepted the position at the beginning of the
fall semester, she had introduced herself as Debbie,
   not Deborah, or Debra, or even Deb. She always wanted to be called Debbie.
   There was some controversy surrounding Debbie¹s hiring in August. No one knew why the Board of
Trustees of the Academy, the most prestigious all-girls
   college in the nation would choose a twenty-four year-old as its headmistress. Nevertheless, Debbie had
done a fine job in her first semester. Now, at the start of
   her second semester at the helm, she was in her plush office, with Lori, the director of the infirmary,
Jamie, a second semester freshman, and Emily, and
   incoming student.
   ³Everything seems to be in order, Emily. We have one more paper which relates to our disciplinary code
that you will need to sign in order to matriculate. Then
   we will see to it that you are properly attired in our school uniform,² Debbie said, passing the form across
her desk. She then leaned back in her chair.
   Emily, an eighteen year-old, wearing glasses over her sparkling baby blue eyes, had very short blond hair
and was wearing a white blouse, a knee length black
   skirt, and black short-heeled shoes. The outline of her brassiere could be seen through her blouse. Emily
began to read the paperwork. She was truly excited to
   be in the velvet red chair in which she sat and wanted to be done with her paperwork so she could move
in to the dorm and make new friends. After a lousy
   experience at another school, Emily had decided to apply for a transfer to the Academy. Each year, the
Academy only accepted twelve students, and transfers
   were only considered if a student dropped out at the end of the semester. Fortunately for Emily, this was
the case, and Emily was invited to enroll. With only
   paperwork standing between her and enrollment, she wanted to rush through the papers and simply sign
her name. Yet something very disturbing caught her

  The Academy
  Document of Consent for Uniform and Probation

   As of September 1, the accepted uniform for all girls in attendance at The Academy will be the

  White button-down long-sleeve blouse
  Navy blue pleated or plaid pleated knee-length skirt
  White knee-high socks
  Blue shoes
  White brassiere
  White panties*

  The accepted uniform for a probationary student or student being disciplined will include the items listed
above, as well as a disposable diaper, which will be
  substituted for the starred (*) item. Probationary students will be defined as those students in their first
two weeks of enrollment. A student being disciplined will
   be defined as any student in violation of the behavior or honor code. Copies of the behavior and honor
codes are available for reference in the student Handbook.
   An appendix including behaviors which necessitate the usage of diapers for disciplinary purposes, as
well as the diapering process has been attached to each
   student Handbook and distributed to all students.
   I, _______________________ agree to comply with the stated requirements for the Academy uniform. If
I am a probationary student or student being disciplined,
   I agree to comply with the policies set forth in the Handbook regarding the usage of diapers and the
diapering process.


   Emily read the form three times and could not bring herself to sign it. She had signed so many papers,
and yet this one stood out most of all. She was a
   probationary student! She was going to be diapered!
   Flabbergasted, and unable to sputter out a coherent sentence, she simply asked, ³Diapers? But why?² and
buried her head in her hands.
   ³If I may explain,² Lori said from her seat. She was wearing glasses, and had fairly long frizzy brown
hair. She had a very full face and long neck and was dressed
   in a red turtleneck sweater and black pants. ³We here at the Academy believe that all of our girls¹
disciplinary problems stem from their immaturity. Whether it
   be simple misbehavior like namecalling, rudeness or talking back to a teacher, or something serious like
cheating on an exam, you¹re obviously not mature
   enough to be treated like an adult. Therefore, infantile behavior is treated with diapers, an infantile
solution. By wearing and using a diaper, you are reminded of
   the immaturity of your actions. Since most girls do not find that they enjoy being diapered, or welcome
the intrusion of having their diaper changed, diapers serve
   as a wonderful disciplinary deterrence. By placing you on a two week probation, you are not being
punished, but simply being warned. Yes, you will have to wear
   and use diapers as if you were being disciplined, but hopefully your two week experience will deter you
from further misbehavior.²
   Emily was unable to refute any of Lori¹s logical supporting argument. She was also equally surprised
that Lori had explained the rules, and not Debbie, who was
   sitting quietly in her chair.
   Lori continued, ³After you sign the consent document, Jamie and I will take you to your room in the
infirmary where you will be undressed, bathed, diapered, and
   dressed in the school uniform. For the first week, you will be permitted to participate in all classes and
activities, but will reside in the infirmary. When your
   diaper needs to be changed, you will return to the infirmary, or will ask Jamie, who will serve as your
Œbabysitter.¹ Jamie and the other members of the freshman
   class participated in a similar probation period at the beginning of the fall semester so they will be able to
share their experiences with you. You will not feel
   alone. At the end of the first week of your probation, you will move into your regular dorm room. For the
second week of your probation, your diaper can be
   changed by a staff member, Jamie, or your upperclass resident advisor. And then, if you have done
nothing that would cause your probation to be extended, you
   will resume a normal life at the Academy, and wear panties again. Because this form is required by the
Handbook, you will not be able to matriculate without
   signing it.²
   Emily was feeling torn. Enrolling in the Academy would be a dream come true. Wearing diapers would
be downright weird. Then, she looked over at Jamie, a
   short redhead, whose curly hair was tied back in a ponytail, and was dressed in the school uniform. In
Jamie, Emily found a reassuring smile that everything
   would be all right, and she reluctantly signed her name to the form, knowing that many new experiences
were awaiting her.
   Seeing that Emily had signed her name, Lori jumped out of her seat and her serious demeanor changed
almost instantaneously. ³I think there¹s a little girl who
   needs a fresh diaper!² she squealed. Emily¹s face turned beet red as she wondered what kinds of intrusion
she had just brought upon herself. ³Come along
   Jamie. And don¹t forget our new little baby Emily,² Lori said cheerfully. Jamie stood up from her chair
and walked over to Emily, placing an arm around her to
   comfort her. Emily stood up, and both walked towards the door, following Lori.
   ³Stop!² Debbie called, as she rose from her chair and finally entered into the conversation. ³Lori, I would
like for you to stay here. Jamie and Emily can proceed
   onto the infirmary.²
   ³Jamie, why don¹t you walk little Emily to her room and help her get undressed. I¹ll be along shortly after
I finish with Debbie,² Lori said as she turned back
   towards the headmistress.
   With her arm around Emily¹s shoulder, Jamie led the new student out of the headmistress¹ office. After
the door had closed, Debbie said, ³Sit down Lori,² and
   motioned the head nurse to the chair where Emily had been sitting.
   Lori walked over, smiled, and sat down, as Debbie hovered over her. ³Is there any reason why you just
controlled that conversation and made it seem like I didn¹t
   exist?² Debbie asked.
   ³No, no reason really, I just kind of got carried away. And I wanted to insure that the program was
presented by one of its firmest advocates. I know that you¹re
   still wavering in your support,² Lori said.
   ³I¹m just not sure that diapering our girls is the way to insure their maturity and solve the problems.
We¹re already the most prestigious school in the nation and
   our girls come from the best high schools. Just look at Emily¹s record. It¹s absolutely spotless. Is this the
kind of girl that needs to be diapered?² Debbie asked.
   ³Yes, absolutely,² Lori said without reservation. ³Diapering them forms a bond of respect. It lets them
appreciate their bodies, not to mention bodily functions, and
   creates opportunities for thanks and gratitude. You should know that more than anyone, Debbie.²
   Debbie blushed slightly and continued, ³I just don¹t think that diapering our girls is a proper solution.
And I can¹t see why you would want to change a girl¹s
   ³It¹s not a want, it¹s a need. These girls need the attention that my diapering them creates. We have
already begun to see a drop in our disciplinary needs
   because of the diapering program. Believe me, I¹m not fazed by a dirty diaper and I can connect with
each girl in a separate and unique way. And speaking of
   dirty diapers...² Lori¹s voice trailed off.
   During the conversation, Debbie had stood directly in front of Lori. Seated, Lori was in a perfect position
to place her hands underneath Debbie¹s skirt. Debbie
   flinched as she felt Lori¹s cold hands touch her shaved legs, but she knew better than to talk as Lori¹s
hands inched their way up her thighs and met the
   impenetrable plastic of her own diaper. Debbie shuddered as she felt Lori¹s hands caress the plastic of
the diaper between her legs. She knew immediately that
   Lori would discover that she had both wet and messed her diaper. The next thing she felt was Lori¹s
hands massaging her diapered butt. Lori¹s manipulations
   caused the inner contents of her diaper to shift and Debbie winced and blushed at the same time. As Lori
spoke, she continued to work her hands on Debbie¹s
   diaper. She began to gently rub the diaper between Debbie¹s legs, forcing the wet padding against
Debbie¹s most tender skin, exciting her in the process.
   ³Very well, little Debbie. I guess I could agree with you when you say that our girls don¹t need to be
diapered. I guess I could admit that most of them don¹t have
   problems which require that they be diapered. But I don¹t see how a mature, and powerful headmistress
like you could be capable of making accurate
    assessments or proper decisions when you¹re incapable of keeping your own diaper clean and dry,² Lori
said, continuing her manipulations.
    Debbie¹s head sank. She was too embarrassed with her own condition to speak. Noticing this, Lori¹s
demeanor changed again. Her voice had a sing-song like
    quality that would more appropriately be used with a two year-old. ³Aww...such a little baby. Our own
little Debbie. A diaper wearing little girl, lost in a big girl¹s
    body. So afraid that someone will discover her secret. So afraid that someone will find out that she
enjoys wearing and using her diapers like a baby. Our own
    little Debbie,² Lori said. She began rubbing Debbie between her legs, and Debbie began to groan. She
said nothing, but involuntarily placed her thumb in her
    mouth as she let Lori rub her between her legs.
    ³I don¹t know what we¹re going to do with you,² Lori said, sighing. ³But as long as I¹m here, I guess we
don¹t need to worry with that, now do we, little Debbie?²
    With one final squeeze to the soggy padding of Debbie¹s diaper, Lori withdrew her hand and placed it on
Debbie¹s shoulder, motioning her down to the carpeted
    floor. She helped Debbie, who was still sucking her thumb, to lay down on her back, while she walked
over behind Debbie¹s desk and opened the lowest desk
    drawer. Inside was a stack of five disposable diapers, a container of baby powder, and a container of
baby wipes. Lori removed the powder, the wipes, and the
    top diaper from the stack, closing the drawer when she was done. She walked over to where Debbie had
lain down on the ground, setting down the materials and
    fresh diaper.
    ³No, we don¹t need to worry about that at all,² Lori said, in a comforting tone. She lifted Debbie¹s skirt,
revealing a sagging white diaper. Debbie, who was lost in
    her own world, quietly sucking her thumb, heard the familiar sound of her diaper being untaped.

The Academy
   Chapter 2: The Diapering of Emily
   While Lori was busy changing the headmistress¹ diaper, Jamie was leading Emily from Debbie¹s office
to the infirmary. Emily said nothing during their walk, too
   embarrassed and afraid to speak. Jamie led Emily into a back room, that was about the size of a normal
examination room. Having heard that she was about to
   be diapered, Emily expected to see a crib, high chair, jars of baby food, and stacks of diapers stretching
to the ceiling. She was surprised that a twin-size bed
   had been made up for her. There were two fluffy pillows, clean white sheets, and a blue comforter tucked
under the mattress. She noticed that her favorite stuffed
   animal was resting on one of the pillows and wondered who had put it there. On the opposite side of the
room was a padded examination table, approximately
   four feet high, three feet wide, and six feet long. As a seasoned babysitter, Emily recognized the items on
the shelf below the examination table- a container of
   baby powder, a container of baby wipes, a bottle of baby oil, and a few small washcloths. She knew that
the examination table was going to be her very own
   changing table, and she was appalled that she should require such equipment for her diapering needs.
Something else caught Emily¹s attention about the table.
   At the midpoint of the table, on each side, were two open velcro straps, and she wondered if she would
be restrained while being diapered. A small sink and
   counter were positioned directly under a locked a cupboard. There was a second door in the room,
leading into a small bathroom.
   Emily sighed heavily and broke the silence, ³So where do we begin?²
   ³Well, Lori said that I should undress you. After all, it wouldn¹t make sense to diaper you while you still
have your clothes on, would it?² Jamie chuckled.
   Emily smiled wryly, and said, ³No, I guess not.² She asked, ³Is it possible for me to undress myself?²
hoping to win a battle where there was no chance for
   ³I¹m afraid not, Emily. It¹s all explained in the Handbook. Keep in mind that I¹ve had the same process
done to me. I¹ve worn diapers just like you will, as have
   the other girls. Just sit back, relax, and let me take care of you,² Jamie said.
   Emily sighed, and recognized that it would not be worth it to argue with Jamie. It seemed like Jamie was
genuinely interested in supporting her and helping her
   through this difficult time and Emily realized that she desperately needed a friend. Feeling completely
weird that someone either than herself or her steady
   boyfriend was about to undress her, she reluctantly sat down on the changing table and swung her legs
around so that she was laying down on her back.
   As Jamie unbuckled her black shoes and placed them on the floor, Emily decided that she might as well
make conversation. ³So you¹re a freshman just like
   me?² she asked.
   Jamie began to unbutton Emily¹s white blouse and said, ³Yes, I had a great first semester here.² She
continued by unbuttoning the cuffs and pulling Emily¹s
   blouse off. Underneath, remained her white brassiere. ³Lift up a little bit so I can unhook your bra,² Jamie
   Emily felt the support of her bra give way as Jamie reached underneath her to unhook it. Trying to divert
her own attention from the undressing process, she
   asked, ³What are you studying Jamie?²
   As Jamie folded her blouse and placed her bra underneath the table, Emily made a quick motion to
preserve some of her dignity and cover her naked breasts. As
   soon as Jamie had finished her small task, she quickly slapped Emily¹s hands away. In a very supportive
tone she said, ³I know what you¹re going through and
   this whole thing seems so strange, but there are certain things that you simply cannot do. I know you¹re
embarrassed, but never let Lori catch you covering
   yourself like that. Take this as a warning, Emily.²
   Emily felt slightly defeated and watched as Jamie unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it off her legs, leaving
only Emily¹s white Hanes Her Way panties on her body.
   Jamie folded the skirt and placed it neatly on top of the rest of Emily¹s clothing, below the changing
   ³By the way, in answer to your question, I¹m interested in studying English Literature. Are you ready?²
Jamie asked.
   ³Ready for what?² Emily asked back.
   ³For me to remove your underwear,² Jamie said, understanding that Emily hadn¹t anticipated the sudden
change in discussion from studies to diapers. ³It¹s your
   last pair of panties for two weeks,² she continued.
   Emily sighed heavily and said, ³Okay, just do it and get it over and done with already.²
   ³First I need to know if you¹re menstruating,² Jamie said, matter-of-factly.
   ³Why? I mean, no I¹m not, but why is it important?² Emily asked.
   ³We¹d just have to keep a towel under you so you don¹t bleed on the table during the process. Don¹t ask
me, it¹s just the way the rules are. When are you
   expecting your next period?² Jamie asked.
   ³Oh no, next week,² Emily said, realizing that she would be wearing a diaper during her period.
   ³Well what do you typically use for protection?² Jamie asked.
   ³Pads,² Emily admitted.
   ³Then you should have no problem using a diaper. Both pads and diapers are made out of the same
materials,² Jamie explained.
   Embarrassed at being questioned about one of her most personal issues, Emily decided to turn the tables
on Jamie, and ask her a personally revealing
   question. ³Why? What do you use?² Emily asked.
   Jamie paused for a second and looked at the door to make sure it was closed. She lifted her skirt,
revealing a pink disposable diaper that had been taped around
   her waist. Jamie whispered, ³I have such heavy periods that wearing a diaper is a far better option than
going through pad after pad. Lots of girls choose this
   Emily could not help but gawk at Jamie¹s diaper. Her mind began to question how many of the forty-
eight girls at the Academy wore diapers for reasons other
   than probation and discipline. She began to wonder if, in fact, the girls enjoyed being diapered. And
completely to her surprise, as she laid on the table, wearing
   only her white panties, she began to feel comfortable. Knowing that Jamie was there beside her was
reassuring and supporting. Her mind distracted, she quickly
   came back into focus when she felt a gust of cool air blow across her crotch. Emily realized that Jamie
had lowered her skirt, and returned to work, pulling off her
   white panties and leaving her completely naked. Emily was a basket case of emotions. On one hand, she
felt comfortable, but on the other hand, she felt
   exceedingly vulnerable in her nakedness.
   ³I think somebody has too much hair in her diaper area,² Lori said, walking into the room and closing the
door behind her. She immediately directed her attention
   to the naked Emily, and her hands took a quick feel of the girl¹s soft blond pubic hair. ³Now we can¹t
have that, can we? No, no, no. Hair in the diaper area is
   against regulations and will cause your skin to be irritated every time you use your diaper. We wouldn¹t
want that, would we?² Lori asked rhetorically. Changing
   her tone, she asked Jamie, ³Was she well behaved?²
   ³Oh yes, Lori. And very cooperative too,² Jamie said, smiling at Emily.
   ³That¹s what I like to hear. Now that she¹s all undressed, I think it¹s time for baby Emily¹s bath,² Lori
said. She left Emily under Jamie¹s supervision, walked into
   the small bathroom, and flipped on the light switch. Even though she was out of Emily¹s line of sight,
Emily was still able to hear the sound of running bathwater.

   Emily used this brief moment to ask Jamie a serious question. ³She¹s going to shave my pubic hair?²
Emily inquired, her eyebrows raised in fear.
   ³It will be all right. Remember, every girl has had this done to her,² Jamie said, running her fingers
through Emily¹s short blond hair. And then she continued,
   ³Even I¹ve been shaved...down there.²
   Emily could not believe what she had gotten herself into. She was still so excited about enrolling at the
Academy, but never in a million years could have
   predicted this unforeseen change of events. Internally, her mind yelled at her for the unavoidable ³diaper
pun² on the phrase ³change of events.²
   ³Your bath is just about done, Emmy. So first we¹ll clean you up, and then shave you, and then it will be
diaper time!² Lori squealed. She was still energized from
   her diaper changing session fifteen minutes ago with Debbie. ³Take my hand Emmy, and I¹ll help you off
the table. There we go, such a good girl!²
   Emily allowed Lori to lead her into the bathroom. Taking in her surroundings, Emily noticed a porcelain
sink, shiny mirror, and cabinets, a rack holding various
   towels, shower necessities and washcloths, and the bathtub. There was no toilet in the bathroom. Lori
turned the bath water off, and helped the naked Emily into
   the tub. Emily had to admit, that even in her predicament, the hot soapy water was incredibly soothing
and helped to calm her nerves. As she settled into the
   tub, Emily glanced over at Jamie, who had accompanied them into the bathroom. The two girls held a
conversation without words and Emily knew that Jamie
   would stay by her side throughout the entire diapering process.
   By this time, Lori had removed a washcloth from the shelf and begun to wash Emily¹s arms, face and
neck. She spent extra time on Emily¹s breasts, proceeding
   to clean her chest and back. Lori reached into the tub, to wash Emily¹s legs and feet and then withdrew
her hand.
   ³Such a nice clean little baby. You¹re going to feel so fresh in your first diaper,² Lori said. She stood up
and turned on the shower head, and began to rinse
   Emily¹s hair. Grabbing a container of Johnson¹s baby shampoo, she lathered Emily¹s hair, and rinsed it
off. The next thing Emily felt was the water being drained
   from the bathtub, and she saw that Lori was holding a razor and a bottle of shaving cream. She knew
better than to talk as she felt Lori apply the shaving cream
   to her pubic area. Amidst the suds of the residual water, she felt the warm blade remove her hair. Lori
continued to shave the inner portions of her legs as well. In
   less than two minutes, Emily was surprised when Lori announced that she had finished shaving her. Lori
helped Emily to stand up and Emily felt Lori rinse her off
   with hot water from the shower head. As Jamie wrapped in a large fluffy towel, Emily realized that the
whole procedure had not hurt physically, but emotionally.
   She no longer held a vestige of her maturity. In reality, her pubic area, without hair, looked exactly like
that of a baby¹s. Jamie continued to dry her body and hair
   and when she was done, Lori took her hand.
   ³Now let¹s go put a diaper on that cute little tushie of yours,² Lori said. Emily¹s face blushed beet red as
Lori led her back into her room. ³Lay down on the table,
   baby Emmy,² Lori instructed, helping Emily back onto the diapering table. As Emily positioned herself
on the padding of the table, she felt Lori grab her right
   forearm. To her dismay, she watched as Lori wrapped the velcro cuff tightly around her right wrist. She
then watched Lori repeat the procedure on the left side.
   Emily tried to release her hands from the bonds, but to her dismay, was unable to. She had been
restrained to the changing table, and knew that any hope of
   escaping the padded prison of a diaper was now completely gone.
   ³I just want to be sure that you don¹t decide to leave while you¹re being diapered. Even though you¹ve
been well behaved, we just need to take some
   precautions,² Lori said, gliding her hand over Emily¹s smoothly shaven crotch. Lori removed her hand,
and bent down below the table, opening the container of
   baby wipes. She took two wipes and wrapped her right index finger in them.
   ³Jamie, can you hold Emily¹s legs in place while I wipe her clean, please?² Jamie crossed Emily¹s ankles,
and lifted her legs high into the air. Emily winced as
   Lori inserted her wipe-wrapped finger into her buttocks, cleaning her innermost areas. Lori removed the
wipe and inspected it, as Jamie released Emily¹s legs.
   ³Wow, I can see that you care a great deal for your own personal hygiene,² Lori commented. ³My goal is
to make you as clean as possible, and you¹ve already
   done a good job yourself. I¹m impressed...many of our girls have proven to be incapable of, how shall we
say it, keeping their bottoms clean,² Lori giggled. ³Well,
   not to worry. When I¹m diapering you, it¹s a foregone conclusion that your skin will be clean.²
   As Lori walked over to discard the used wipes and wash her hands, Emily struggled with the straps, to no
avail. She desperately did not want to continue with
   the procedure. After having been shaved and having her butt wiped, Emily wondered how much worse
her diapering would become. And then she felt the cool
   sensation of another baby wipe passing across her lower abdomen. The moist wipe worked its way
down, touching the smooth skin which had just been shaved.
   Emily felt Lori wipe her inner thighs, and she felt her heart skip a beat as the cold wipe made contact
with her clitoris and the lips of her vagina. It seemed like an
   hour had passed by the time Lori finished wiping her between her legs. Even though she could not
remember it exactly, at some point, Emily had actually bent
   her knees, allowing Lori to wipe more of the surface area of her vagina. She had to admit that her
situation had gone from bad to good almost instantaneously.
   Concentrating intently, Lori reached below the diapering table to retrieve a bottle of baby oil. She
squeezed an ample amount of oil onto the palms of her hands
   and began to make small circular motions on Emily¹s lower abdomen. Rubbing the oil into Emily¹s
tender skin, Lori worked slowly, pausing every few minutes to
   place more oil on her hands. Emily could not bring herself to say anything. She was spellbound as Lori
began to work the oil into her inner thighs, teasing her
   every few seconds by rubbing the oil across her clitoris. Emily wondered why she would feel aroused.
She was completely straight, had a healthy relationship
   with her steady boyfriend, and could not understand why an older woman, manipulating her private
flesh, preparing to diaper her, could bring her into a state of
   sexual excitement.
   ³I think baby Emily likes this! Oh yes, I think she does!² Lori said, smiling widely. With that comment,
she squeezed more oil onto her hands and began to rub
   Emily¹s clitoris, very slowly at first, and then faster, and faster, stopping to go more slowly just for a few
seconds, and picking up the pace as she teased the
   poor restrained girl. Emily simply let her eyes roll back into her head, as she smiled. She never imagined
that this procedure could feel so good. All of her
   thoughts about the diapering process being incredibly wrong had flown out the window. Lori continued
her manipulations as Emily writhed in pleasure, letting out
   a slight groan every few seconds. Emily¹s reaction came as no surprise to Jamie, and still looking on, she
was reminded of her first ³rubdown.² Lori¹s hand
   movements slowed ever so slightly until she stopped, and ran her fingers over Emily¹s skin, insuring that
no residue of oil remained. Emily¹s skin glowed with a
   healthy pink color.
   Lori walked away from Emily and over to the sink to wash her hands. Still in a state of ecstasy, Emily
noticed that the pads beneath her had begun to feel wet
   and sticky and she realized that Lori¹s massage had caused her to orgasm.
   Emily¹s pleasured state of being was distracted by a fragrant odor. Lori had begun to sprinkle baby
powder across her crotch and a small white cloud had
   surrounded her diaper area. Emily chuckled as Lori smoothed the powder on her skin and shaven legs. In
her sexually aroused state, Emily was even more
   ticklish than usual.
   Enjoying this recent turn of events, Emily looked on as she watched Lori place a finger across her lips
and heard her whisper, ³Quiet, baby Emily. Shhh...Just be
   a good girl. Lori is going to wrap you up in a nice, fresh diaper.²
   Lori walked over to the counter and placed the container of baby powder on top. Reaching into the
pocket of her tight black pants, through which her panty lines
   were quite visible, Lori withdrew a key and reached for the lock to the cabinet. She fussed with the lock,
finally succeeding in opening the cabinet. The room had
   been arranged so the cupboard and its contents were directly in the line of sight of the girl who was about
to be diapered. Emily watched as Lori opened the
   cabinet, and immediately, her heart sank. The cabinet consisted of three shelves and was stuffed with
disposable diapers. The diapers were neatly stacked
   inside the cabinet and Lori appeared unable to decide which diaper would best suit her charge. Typically,
she was able to select a diaper immediately, but
   because she wanted Emily to suffer a little bit longer, she left the diaper cabinet wide open, and returned
to the changing table. On the shelf below the table, she
   rummaged around for Emily¹s white panties, and inspected the size label inside. Satisfied, Lori dropped
Emily¹s panties, and returned to the cabinet, selecting a
   medium-sized white diaper from the second shelf. She loved the way the soft outer plastic of the diaper
felt and paused for a second to inhale the diaper¹s sweet
   aromatic odor. Holding on to the diaper in her left hand, she locked the cabinet and replaced the key in
her pocket. She then set the diaper down on the counter,
   unfolded it, and sprinkled powder all over the inside, focusing on the elastic waistline and elastic legs,
which quite possibly could chafe the diapered girl¹s skin.
   Lori decided that the time had come to diaper Emily.
   Emily felt herself clamp up as she caught sight of the diaper in her hand. She struggled against her
restraints, afraid to scream, cry, or yelp because she had
   fully recognized the inevitable. Lori was not holding any ordinary diaper in her hand. Lori was holding
*her* diaper. The hourglass design of her white disposable
   diaper, with two wide tapes at one end, and elasticized gathers at the legs and waist, reminded her of
babysitting experiences. The diaper was an exact replica
   of a Pampers but she realized that this time, she would not be the one performing the diapering. Emily
felt her heart race, as she saw Lori approach and prepare
   to diaper her. After so many years of babysitting, Emily realized that she had never thought what it must
be like to be the baby, to be the one wearing the diaper,
   using the diaper, and having the diaper changed. And now, she was just seconds away from a first hand
   Emily felt Jamie gently caress her slightly wet hair as she watched Lori lift her legs high into the air. Lori
placed the diaper underneath Emily¹s buttocks, and
   Emily felt a kind of electric shock as her skin made contact with the soft padding of her diaper. As Lori
lowered her legs, Emily equated the feeling of the diaper
   to sitting on a pillow. She felt Lori bend her legs at her knees and watched Lori pull the front of her
diaper, up between her legs and place the diaper across her
   lower abdomen, adjacent with her hips. She felt the padding of the front portion of the diaper press
against her skin, as Lori held that part of the diaper, reaching
   to tape the diaper closed. Emily heard a loud ripping noise as Lori pulled one of the tapes off its backing
and then secured the right side of her diaper. With a
   second loud rip, Emily watched as Lori attached the other tape to the front of her diaper, confining her
snugly. Lori ran her fingers along the elastic leg of Emily¹s
   diaper and across the waistline. With a gentle pat on the front of Emily¹s diaper, Lori announced, ³There
you are. Oh, baby Emily looks so cute in her diaper. Oh
   yes she does!² Meanwhile, Emily struggled to fight back tears. If it hadn¹t been for Jamie¹s comforting
presence, she would have broken right then and there. The
   feelings of sexual pleasure had completely dissipated and she realized that she had been sentenced to two
weeks in the padded prison of a diaper, simply for
   choosing to enroll in The Academy. She felt Lori release her velcro restraints, and Jamie helped her to sit
up on the diapering table. As she moved, she heard her
   diaper rustle and crackle, and she lowered her head, trying to hide her shame.
   ³A little bit later, when you¹re ready to go to bed, I¹ll share with you some of my own rules Emily. But
for now, I think we need to get you dressed so that you can
   meet your classmates for dinner,² Lori said.
   Emily¹s heart raced, horribly embarrassed to be wearing a diaper, and realizing that the other girls would
all know of her diapered condition and probably exclude
   her right from the outset. She was grateful that Jamie had remained during the entire procedure and she
knew that she had found in her the possibilities for a
   blossoming friendship.
   Lori quickly dressed Emily in her white brassiere, and white blouse. She then went into the bathroom
and returned with a navy blue pleated skirt, white socks,
   and navy blue shoes that she had taken from the cabinet below the sink. She wrapped the skirt over
Emily¹s diaper and put the socks on each of Emily¹s legs,
   extending them to their knee high length. Emily¹s shoes were attached quickly and Emily was quickly
brought completely back into the world of reality.
   As Jamie and Lori helped her off of the diapering table, she realized how bulky her diaper felt and how it
seemed to trap her own body heat. But she understood
   that she would have to grin and bear the brunt of the problems. Tomorrow, she would attend classes for
the first time and begin to participate in the rigorously
   challenging Academy program. For now, she decided to concentrate on gaining an appreciation for her
diaper. She realized that she would need a little bit of
   time to adjust to her newfound diapered state, and she could not even fathom what it would be like to
have to use her diaper for all of her toileting needs. Raising
   her head, she decided to take one step at a time. Waddling ever so slightly as Jamie and Lori led her out
of her room, Emily prepared herself to meet her

Chapter 3

Emily immediately realized that she was going have to grow accustomed to walking while wearing a
diaper. She found that the bulkiness of the plastic pads
   between her legs forced them apart slightly and each time she took a step, she had to compensate by
leaning to one side. Even moreso, her diaper rustled with
   even the slightest move, and Emily knew that she would have to bear the brunt of awkward glances in
her direction. As she walked with Jamie and Lori to dinner,
   Emily understood why Lori had used such an exorbitant amount of powder before diapering her. The
powder helped keep her skin cool under the heat of her
   diaper. To her surprise, though she knew that the powder was truly intended for babies, she found the
odor appealing.
   Emily decided to keep a positive perspective on her current situation. She was attending her dream
school, had already made one friend in an incredibly weird
   situation, and had been somewhat sexually satisfied and fulfilled while being diapered. Not one part of
Emily¹s mind jumped out and yelled that the manners in
   which Lori had touched her were wrong, or inappropriate. Instead she simply validated the idea in order
for Lori to properly do her job, Lori had to touch her ³down
   there.² Considering that Lori was the head nurse, and had probably changed many a diaper in her day,
Emily accepted that she knew what she was doing.
   Internally, she wondered if Lori had meant to excite her sexually, to offer her skin greater protection
from wetness, or had in fact, intended both.
   Growing acclimated to her diaper, she began to notice that it was not that uncomfortable after all. The
pads were bulky but soft. Still, if she had a choice, she
   would not be wearing a diaper. For the time being, the situation was not as bad as Emily had thought that
it would be. Nevertheless, she was not anxious to
   actually use her diaper for its intended purpose.
   Emily¹s thoughts were distracted by a rumbling from her stomach. Not the kind that would indicate that
she was about to move her bowels, but a signal that her
   stomach had been running on empty. After arriving on campus, meeting with the headmistress, and then
being diapered, she realized that she had not eaten in
   more than four hours, and the activities of the day had caused her to become absolutely famished.
Brought back into the world of reality, Emily asked, ³What¹s
   for dinner?²
   Both Lori and Jamie knew of the new sensations that Emily was experiencing inside of her diaper and
had declined to make conversation with her during their
   walk, providing the girl with extra time to get adjusted and prepare herself to meet her classmates. Lori¹s
eyes perked up when she heard Emily speak, and she
   wondered if it was possible that Emily had become comfortable so soon.
   ³Well, let¹s see. It¹s Sunday night. So probably some kind of baked chicken, roasted potatoes, steamed
vegetables, bread, soda, and brownies for dessert,²
   Jamie said, responding to Emily¹s question.
   ³I¹m starving. That sounds great,² Emily said.
   ³Well it¹s been a big afternoon for you!² Lori commented, smirking slightly.
   ³And you¹ll be surprised. All the food is professionally catered here, so it¹s not like typical college
campuses. It actually tastes good!² Jamie said.
   Having come from a large state university, Emily was looking forward to a wholesome, hot meal and her
mouth watered as they continued their walk across
   campus to the dining hall. Ascending the steps to the building, Emily wondered why at meal time (6 PM
on a Sunday), none of the lights in the dining hall had
   been turned on.
   ³Why don¹t you go in first, Emily?² Lori asked.
   Unafraid, Emily opened the door and walked through. Immediately, every light in the room had been
illuminated, and many girlish voices cried out in unison,
   ³SURPRISE! WELCOME TO THE ACADEMY EMILY!² and then began to applaud and cheer. Taken
aback, Emily saw forty-six girls in the room, all dressed in
   their own clothes. The Academy only required that its students dress in the required uniform on class
days, but at meal time and off-campus, the girls were
   permitted to wear whatever they pleased. She realized that she and Jamie were the other two girls,
forming the forty-eight girl student body.
   The first thought that popped into Emily¹s head was, ³How many of them are wearing diapers like me?²
Her next impulse was to go over and greet each girl. Yet
   she was not given the opportunity. In front of her, the girls had already formed a straight line. At the
head of the line was a girl named Vanessa. In Emily¹s
   opinion, Vanessa was strikingly beautiful. She had long red hair and dark green eyes, was about five feet
nine inches tall and extremely thin. She wore a navy
   blue sweater with khaki pants.
   ³Hi Emily. Welcome to The Academy. I¹m a senior, the President of the Student Body, and I¹m looking
forward to getting to know you better. Keep in mind that
   we grow very close to one another and form sister-like bonds. As you go through this line of girls, feel
free to greet each girl in the traditional Academy manner.
   Two kisses, one on each cheek, and a warm hug will suffice,² Vanessa said, as she reached out to hug
   Emily graciously accepted Vanessa¹s greeting, and passed through the rest of the line. As was her nature
but not her fault, she was unable to remember the
   names of every single girl, but she recognized that she would have plenty of opportunities to get to know
each girl personally. She was surprised to feel so
   welcomed. At her previous university, seniors made fun of freshmen, never reaching out to make them
feel welcome. Emily was so accustomed to being part of
   the dregs of the earth that she was taken slightly aback by the genuine warmth that her fellow students
had begun to offer her.
   Many hugs and kisses later, she felt the familiar touch of Jamie¹s arm around her back. "Hungry Emily?
Why don¹t we go grab some food, and sit down with the
   rest of the freshman class?² Jamie asked.
   ³Yeah, sure. This is going to be fun!² Emily said and the for the first since she had set foot on the campus
that afternoon, she smiled.
   Jamie returned her smile and commented, ³See, I told you it wouldn¹t be that bad!²
   Together the two girls walked over to the buffet-style serving line, and filled their plates with the food.
Emily was not surprised that Jamie had memorized the
   menu to a T and was even less surprised to find that it looked appealing. Her stomach growled, and her
mouth began to water, in anticipation of a fine meal.
   The last ones to receive their food, Emily and Jamie sat down at a round table with ten other girls and
entered into the middle of a conversation.
   ³There¹s an eighteen-plus club in the town that opened on the first of the year, while we were away on
break!² Leslie remarked. She had curly dark brown hair and
   brown eyes, and an attractive face. She was wearing a button-down periwinkle-colored blouse, and the
top two buttons were undone. Her blouse was neatly
   tucked in to a pair of black jeans.
   ³Do I feel a new Saturday night tradition coming on?² Monica responded. She had a bit smaller figure
than the other girls and when standing was barely five feet
   tall. Her chestnut brown hair rested at her shoulders and she had green eyes. Monica was dressed in
baggy denim overalls and wore a white, long sleeved
   T-shirt underneath.
   ³What¹s this about a Saturday night tradition?² Emily asked, jumping into the conversation and eager to
make friends.
   ³Oh, hi Emily!² the girls said, almost simultaneously, realizing that Emily and Jamie had sat down at the
   ³Every Saturday night, it¹s been a tradition of our freshman class for all of the fall semester to get
together and go somewhere off campus. Whether it¹s to a
   restaurant or movie, we always leave campus on Saturday night,² Monica continued. ³And of course,
you¹d be able to join us,² she added, inviting Emily.
   ³Are there any regulations about that?² Emily asked, wondering what would happen to her if she broke
   ³If you¹re being disciplined, you¹re not permitted to leave campus. I¹m pretty sure that probation is
different. All of us were probationary students at the beginning
   of the fall term, and we were permitted to leave campus as a group of twelve. Granted, each one of us
was diapered, so we didn¹t go anywhere that we could
   wear provocative clothing,² Monica explained, grinning widely. ³Oh, that¹s right, how could I forget?
You¹re diapered, aren¹t you?² Monica asked.
   For the first time in nearly half an hour, Emily¹s mind returned to the diaper that had been expertly taped
around her waist. She inhaled deeply and let her breath
   out as she spoke. ³Yeah, until two weeks from today,² Emily said.
   ³That shouldn¹t be too bad. Jennifer was in diapers for the entire month of October,² Monica said,
glancing at a girl with reddish brown hair wearing a gray
   long-sleeved crop top over tight light blue jeans. Since Jennifer was seated next to her, Emily noticed
that her panties had bunched up above the waistline of her
   jeans. Even though Jennifer had spent such a long time in diapers, she was clearly not wearing them right
   Emily was surprised that diapers were able to be discussed so openly, at the dinner table of all places!
She felt herself growing more and more comfortable, both
   with the girls around her, and the diaper around her waist. But as she continued to eat her food, the
thought that everything she was eating would appear again
   later at the seat of her pants did not cross her mind once.
   For much of the next three hours, the girls of the freshman class, including Emily, Jamie, Monica, Leslie,
Jennifer, Melissa, Allison, Kristie, Katie, Anna, and
   Elizabeth continued to chat away. With no stresses or pressures or time constraints on the eve before the
first day of classes, the girls were simply able to sit
   and talk as friends. They discussed everything from the new club in town, and what classes they had
signed up for, to guys they were interested in dating, and
   diapers. Emily heard stories about the girls¹ first two weeks in diapers, and mentally she started making
her own countdown- only fourteen days and I¹ll be free,
   she thought to herself.
   Gradually, all of the girls filtered out, including Jamie. There was only one girl left, and she had not said
much during the entire course of the evening. She had
   long brown hair, blue eyes, and what could best be described as a ³cute² face. Perhaps the oddest feature
of her appearance was the white, elasticized shirt
   which she was wearing, and had the word ³Baby² printed across her bustline. Through the tightness of
the girl¹s stretchy shirt, not only was her brassiere visible,
   but also the pointed nipples of her well formed breasts. Her blue jeans hugged her legs, and were
extremely tight around her waist. Well-defined panty lines were
   visible on her rear end.
   Left alone with Emily at the table, the girl opened conversation and asked, ³Is there any chance that
you¹d like to take a walk with me Emily? I¹ll walk with you
   back to the infirmary and I think there are some things that you should know. First, as you already know,
my name is Shari. But what you probably don¹t know
   is that we are going to be roommates starting next week,² Shari said.
   Emily had no clue what Shari wanted to talk about but she was happy to have met her roommate.
   ³I think you should know the full story about Tania and me, being that we are going to be living together.
I owe you that,² Shari said, as she stood up from the
   dinner table and prepared to clean off her tray. Emily followed her and the girls walked out of the dining
hall into the cool night air. The school was located in a
   relatively warm climate, and it wasn¹t too chilly outside. As the girls began a walk around the well-lit
campus, Shari began her story.
   ³Tania is the reason why you¹re here right now,² Shari started.
   ³What do you mean? Oh, I¹m sorry, I¹ll let you finish before I ask any questions,² Emily said, trying to be
   ³I guess I should start with probation. Tania and I were assigned to be roommates and we had completely
different personalities. But with the diapers, we
   seemed to find a common bond. It was weird actually. I loved wearing diapers and being cared for every
time I wet or messed myself. They worked great when I
   had my period and I tried to get myself in trouble, simply so I could have an excuse to be diapered when
it was not necessary. Tania thought that diapers were a
   pretty disgusting idea. She rejected the idea of wearing them, and I don¹t think she ever used them again
after probation. The only time she touched a diaper,
    was when she changed me. We had a pretty steamy relationship. Neither of us would admit that we were
lesbians, but it was a relationship based on dominance
    and submission. She loved to control me, and I loved to obey. None of the girls really knew about it; we
hid our feelings for each other very well. It was just
    something that seemed to appear in our bedroom only. Completely sexually frustrated from being at an
all-girls school, we used each other as a release. Gosh,
    she used to make me come, her tongue licking me between my legs, as she placed her fingers inside of
me. I get chills just thinking about it,² Shari said,
    There was a slight pause in the conversation as Shari regained her composure and focus. Emily decided
to hear the rest of the story before she passed
    judgment on her new roommate.
    ³In the week before final exams, Tania suffered a nervous breakdown. I think that a large amount came
from the stress of classes, and the pressures of
    succeeding here. But I also blame myself because I could have been a better roommate. One afternoon, I
walked into our room, and found her laying on the floor,
    a bottle of alcohol at her side. She was quite drunk and I don¹t think she knew where she was or what she
was saying. I called for help, and as it turned out, she,
    her family, and the administration decided that it would be best if she terminated her studies at the
Academy,² Shari explained. ³It¹s all my fault,² she said, as
    she started sobbing.
    Emily realized that her roommate needed a friend, just like she had needed Jamie earlier in the afternoon.
She enveloped the crying girl in her arms, attempting
    to soothe her wild emotions. ³Don¹t blame yourself, Shari. I don¹t see how you could. I don¹t think your
relationship with Tania had anything to do with her
    problems. If anything, by being there, you provided her with an avenue to distance herself from her
problems. You gave her a pleasurable distraction.²
    ³You probably think I¹m going to make a horrible roommate,² Shari said, amidst her sobs.
    ³No, I don¹t think that, and I hardly know you,² Emily admitted.
    ³But you¹ll be afraid of me, and my yearning to be diapered,² Shari cried.
    Emily paused. She did not know how to respond. Shari was obviously ³different² from the other girls in
the regards of using diapers. After a few seconds of
    silence, Emily said, ³I expect that you and I will have a very different relationship than you had with
    ³How so?² Shari asked, wiping the tears from her eyes.
    ³For starters, I¹m in love with my boyfriend. We¹ve been dating for over a year and I¹m perfectly happy.
If we have a relationship, it will be nothing more than a
    friendship because I have him, and I don¹t feel like I need anything or anyone else,² Emily said.
    ³Okay, I understand,² Shari said.
    ³If you choose to wear diapers, then that is a choice that you and you alone have to make. I have no
problems with you wearing diapers, and obviously this
    school does not have problems either. You have to understand that if the opportunity arises for me to
change you, it will not provide a chance for sexual
    gratification. If you wet or mess yourself, then I¹ll simply clean you up and provide you with a fresh
diaper. The same situation applies for me. If, after or during
    my probation, I need to be changed for some reason, you will have to clean me, and diaper me, and that¹s
it. Nothing, and I mean nothing more,² Emily said
    firmly. Inwardly, a small voice cried out deep within her loins. The voice knew that she had enjoyed
Lori¹s ³rubdown² and finger manipulations, but for now, Emily
    rejected those ideas.
    Shari paused to catch her breath. ³Okay, I¹m fine with that. Some of the girls have begun to exclude me
and I¹m really not comfortable. Tania was a favorite
    among them, and I¹m not sure if they blame me or not.²
    Emily replied, ³I wouldn¹t worry about it. Give it some time, and remember that you¹ve also had a month
away from campus. Things will blow over.²
  Emily was glad that she had had the opportunity to clear the air with Shari. It made the prospect of
moving in with the poor girl slightly easier to deal with. She
  found herself looking at Shari¹s rear end and wondered why, if the girl was so obsessed with diapers, was
wearing panties instead. As they approached the
  infirmary, and bid each other farewell, Emily began to recall her day. Her mind flashed with images of
her diapering and she began to replay her conversation with
  Shari in her head. As she entered the infirmary, Emily wondered what other weird surprises she would
have to contend with before heading in for the night.

Chapter 4

³Good evening! How¹s little baby Emmy doing?² Lori chirped as Emily walked into the main floor of the
    ³I¹m doing well, thanks,² Emily said, surprised at Lori¹s exuberance.
    ³Lights out on school nights is at 10:30. We want to insure that our girls sleep well each evening, and
being that this is such a small school, we¹re able to
    implement a curfew on week nights,² Lori explained.
    ³That makes sense,² Emily said, being agreeable.
    ³Why don¹t we go get baby Emily ready for beddy-bye?² Lori said, clapping her hands together joyously.
She then walked over to Emily, and took hold of her
    right hand. Both ladies proceeded down the hall to Emily¹s room.
    Emily noticed some differences in the room as she walked inside. First, the covers to her bed had been
turned down, and a white T-shirt, and pair of black shorts
    rested on top of the covers. A pair of pink slippers had been placed at the foot of her bed. Emily¹s clothes
from earlier had obviously been hung up, as they no
    longer graced the shelf of the changing table. And she also noticed two stacks of disposable diapers,
identical to the diaper she was wearing, on the shelf below
    the changing table.
    Lori wasted no time and led Emily directly over to the changing table, helping her to sit up and swing her
legs around. As she helped Emily position herself, she
    proceeded to fasten the wrist-cuffs.
    ³Hey! I¹m not going anywhere! I promise!² Emily admitted.
    ³I still don¹t want to take any chances. At least not for the first few days. You still have much to learn and
experience, and for me, it¹s easier to care for you if
    you¹re properly secured,² Lori said.
    Emily let out a sigh of defeat and watched as Lori unbuckled her shoes and rolled her socks off her legs.
She felt Lori fiddle with the waistline to her skirt, and
    soon her skirt was being drawn down her legs, revealing her bulky white diaper.
    ³Why don¹t we see what¹s cooking inside your diaper, baby Emmy?² Lori asked, not expecting a
    Looking at Emily¹s diaper, she noticed that it wasn¹t sagging at all, and wondered if Emily had even used
it slightly. She placed her fingers inside the waistband,
    touching the padding underneath and noticed that the diaper was completely dry. Disappointed, she
removed her fingers from the waistband, stretched the
    elastic leg of Emily¹s diaper and inserted her other hand, checking the padding in a more prone location.
Lori was getting frustrated as she lifted Emily¹s legs
    into the air, and ran her fingers along the back of Emily¹s diaper, checking for any lumps.
    ³I guess we won¹t be doing a diaper change this evening. There¹s no need to,² Lori said, her tone
changing from one of playfulness, to one of sternness. ³I guess
    you think that maybe you can hold out until you find yourself a toilet to use. That will not be happening.
You can dismiss the thoughts from your head right now. I
    doubt that this diaper will last until morning. And keep in mind, that if it¹s not used in the morning when
I come to check you and get you ready for school, then I
    have my ways of making little uncooperative girls use their diapers properly,² Lori said.
    Emily did not like the sound of Lori¹s tone and was feeling slightly afraid. How could she have wet or
messed her diaper when she hadn¹t even had the urge all
   ³Little baby Emily, with her bladder of steel,² Lori said, with an evil laugh. ³Well, now that I have your
undivided attention, I should inform you that the tapes on
   your diaper are permanent. If you decide to untape yourself and remove your diaper, it will be
completely evident when I visit you in the morning. There is no toilet
   in the bathroom, and if you decide to remove your diaper and perform your toilet in the sink or in the
bathtub, your days at the Academy will be over before they
   begin. You¹re wearing a diaper for a reason, and you¹re expected to use it for its intended purpose. Is that
clear?² Lori asked.
   Emily gulped and nodded. She looked on as Lori walked over to her bed and picked up the T-shirt and
black shorts. She felt the tight, stretchy material of
   spandex ride up her legs as Lori dressed her in the shorts, and as they proceeded to cover her diaper, she
felt her legs spread apart and the padding of her
   diaper grow even closer to her skin. Lori released the cuffs, unbuttoned Emily¹s blouse and unhooked her
brassiere, slipping the T-shirt over Emily¹s head.
   ³Soap to wash your face and a toothbrush are among some of the items in the bathroom. Why don¹t you
go there now and finish getting ready for bed?² Lori
   said, helping Emily off of the diapering table. As she walked to the bathroom, Emily realized that
walking while diapered in a skirt was nothing compared to
   walking with a diaper while wearing spandex shorts. She waddled like a toddler, slowly making her way
to the bathroom. With every step, the padding of her
   diaper pushed and tugged against her tender skin. Lori was gleeful as she watched Emily brush her teeth,
wash her face, take her glasses off and exit the
   bathroom. Lori thought that Emily looked exceptionally cute in her diaper, even cuter than some of the
other girls she had diapered in the past, and she was
   rather pleased with how bulky Emily¹s diaper appeared as it protruded from her spandex shorts. The
waistband of her diaper was still visible above the top of the
   shorts, and Lori stopped Emily on her way to bed, grabbing a hold of her shorts, and stretching them
even higher along Emily¹s waist.
   ³It¹s improper for a little baby¹s diaper to be showing!² Lori said cheerfully, as she smacked Emily
playfully on her butt, producing an exaggerated rustling noise.
   Emily could not wait to climb into bed. Though she was rather awake, the sooner she went to bed, the
sooner Lori would leave her alone, she thought to herself.
   ³Time to tuck you in, little Emmy,² Lori said as she pulled back the covers. Emily climbed in underneath
and Lori covered her shoulders with the blanket.
   As Emily grabbed her favorite stuffed animal, not in the least bit believing that sleeping with a stuffed
animal was childish, Lori said, ³Your door is on a
   time-lock-system until 7 AM. From this side of the room, you are incapable of opening your door and
leaving your bedroom. Once I close the door behind me, it
   can only be opened from the outside. We wouldn¹t want you leaving in the middle of the night, would
we? Anyway, in the case of an emergency, there is a call
   button located on the wall above your bed. Should you feel sick, you can push the button and will be
attended to. Okay?²
   ³Okay,² Emily said quietly, curling up under the covers.
   ³That¹s a good girl. Good night, little Emily,² Lori said as she walked away. Emily heard the sound of the
door close, a lock click, and then the lights in the room
   Outside the room, after leaving the night nurse directions, Lori left the infirmary and walked to her
apartment, about ten minutes from campus. As she undressed
   herself to her black brassiere and lacy black panties and climbed into bed, she thought of her wonderful
day. She had enjoyed every minute of her confrontation
   with Debbie, right down to the messy diaper change. And she loved working with Emily, because she
was so incredibly innocent and pure. She recalled
   Debbie¹s comment earlier in the day- that Emily was not the kind of girl that needed to be diapered. As
she tried to fall asleep, Lori realized that Debbie had, in
   fact, been right. And because Debbie had been right, it gave Lori many more reasons to continue
diapering Emily and enjoy her work. She finally fell asleep
   about a half an hour later, with thoughts of Debbie still on her mind. Much to her liking, no one had
suspected anything about her plans for the headmistress, and
   no one as of yet had discovered Debbie¹s secret.
   Back inside the infirmary, Emily had surprisingly fallen asleep immediately. Exhausted from the day¹s
events, she had snuggled up underneath the covers and
   had been out like a light two minutes after Lori had left her. In her dreams, her mind recalled the varied
sensations of the day from the soothing feeling of the hot
   water in the tub, to the smell of the baby powder, and from the rustling noise that her diaper made, to
Lori¹s gentle touch. In her sleep, Emily¹s subconscious
   focused on the wonderful feeling that had consumed her during her ³rubdown.² Still asleep, she turned
over on her back, and her right hand slipped down through
   the front of her diaper, as she began to masturbate. Because both her spandex and diaper were made out
of stretchy materials, even though they pressed tightly
   against her skin, she had enough room to reach her clit and begin to finger herself. Emily writhed in
pleasure underneath the covers, and awakened from her
   dream feeling a sticky wetness between her legs. Groggily coming back into consciousness, she still felt
dry, even though she had climaxed within the pads
   between her legs. As she floated down from the climax of her orgasm, she recognized a different urge
within her. It was a burning sensation, and she realized
   that her bladder was demanding release.
   Emily threw back the covers, climbed out of bed and walked to the bathroom in her pink slippers. Still
groggy from sleep, she turned on the lights in the
   bathroom, expecting to be able to do her business naturally.
   ³Shoot! Where¹s the toilet?² she wondered. ³How could there be a bathroom without a toilet in it?² And
then her mind quickly jumped back into reality. Her diaper
   pressed against her aroused skin, still rustled with every move, and she remembered that she wasn¹t
supposed to be using the bathroom.
   Still struggling to hold her water, she walked back to her bed, yelling at herself internally as she prepared
to find the most comfortable position in which to wet
   herself. She propped her two pillows against the wall, and held her stuffed animal in her arms. Deciding
that it would be better to get it over and done with, she
   gently tried to squeeze her sphincter muscle, as if she was sitting on the toilet. To her disappointment,
nothing happened. So unaccustomed to wetting herself,
   and not having had an accident in sixteen years, Emily tried again. On her third try, as the pressure in her
bladder became unbearable, she felt a hot, glowing
   sensation between her legs. As her urine made contact with her diaper, the thirsty pads absorbed the
wetness, spreading it throughout the diaper. She urinated
   for what must have felt like more than two minutes, having held in the content of her bladder since early
in the afternoon. She wondered if her diaper could
   contain all of her liquid and to her surprise, wetting her diaper hadn¹t felt bad at all. The warm wetness at
her crotch sent her drifting happily back into sleep.
   It was just before 5 AM when she woke up again. Her diaper was feeling slightly cold and clammy, and
she hoped it wouldn¹t be too long before she could be
   changed. Glancing at the alarm clock, she realized she would have to sit in her diaper for another two
hours. When she turned over on her side, trying to find a
   comfortable position in which to sleep, she felt a rumbling within her stomach.
   ³No! Not now!² she cried to herself. She realized that her internal clock was still stuck on Eastern time,
from her attendance at the state university. Regularly
   before class in the morning, she was accustomed to a daily bowel movement. Now attending school on
the West Coast, her body was three hours behind. 8 AM
   there, was 5 AM here, but her body did not yet know the difference in her activities. Emily tried to forget
about her cramps, and fall asleep again, but fifteen
   minutes later a sharper, more concentrated cramp struck her, and she threw back the covers, doubled
over in pain. She felt slightly nauseous, a common feeling
   before her regular bowel movement. Emily directed her attention to the call button above her head. She
so desperately wanted to call for help, but she realized
   that she would be in trouble in the morning when Lori found out. Once again, as she tried to move to a
more comfortable position, her wet diaper pressed against
   her skin, almost as a slight reminder of the inevitable.
   ³Oh gosh!² Emily said, trying to hold back, panting for breath. The cramps had become unbearable and
she realized that she was going to have an accident. But
   how could it be called an accident if she was wearing a diaper? As she sat up in bed, struggling to
maintain control, she heard Lori¹s voice chime in, saying,
   ³You¹re supposed to use your diaper for its intended purpose.² Over and over again, she heard those
words, until involuntarily she gave in to her struggle. As she
   flipped over on her stomach, she groaned heavily, and felt her bowels empty themselves into the seat of
her diaper. She felt her diaper sag with the weight of her
   mess, as it spread throughout the entire back portion. Her cramps had subsided, but Emily felt positively
gross as what she had just been forced to do.
   Much to her surprise, no odor had accompanied her actions. So used to changing messy diapers when
babysitting, she always was able to detect a messy
   diaper by its smell. But all she smelled, both after wetting and messing her diaper was the pleasant odor
of baby powder.
   The tightness of the spandex had pushed Emily¹s mess closer to her skin and she banged her fists into her
pillow. A tear formed at her eye and gently fell down
   her fair face. Quietly, she buried her head within her pillow and began to cry. Afraid to turn over on her
back, for fear that her mess would spread even more, she
   tried to remain as calm as possible, yearning for Lori to come to her aid at 7 AM. She realized that even
a dry diaper would be an improvement over her current

Chapter 5

From the second her alarm went off at 6:15 AM, Lori knew that it was going to be a good day. She
showered, dressed herself in a dark green brassiere and
   matching panties and threw on a one piece green skirt-outfit. She added beige stockings to her attire,
along with brown heeled shoes. While she had fallen
   asleep thinking about Debbie about seven hours earlier, the only thought on her mind upon awakening
was her impending diaper change with Emily. Lori tried to
   determine how long Emily was able to hold out without wetting her diaper. Knowing the capacity of a
girl¹s bladder, she couldn¹t for the life of her, imagine how
   Emily had made it from 2 PM in the afternoon on Sunday, all the way to bedtime last night. Also
knowing the capacity of a girl¹s bladder, Lori realized that she
   would be changing a very wet diaper in a matter of minutes, and the prospect excited her greatly. She
wasn¹t excited sexually, but excited because she knew
   that her program was working and her plan was succeeding. And all she had to do was be a mother-like
figure, gingerly diapering and caring for her girls, and no
   one would suspect otherwise. Lori set out of her apartment, literally floating, her heart racing as she
stepped onto campus, wondering what kind of surprises
   were awaiting her inside Emily¹s diaper this morning.
   Needless to say, Emily had found it difficult to fall asleep again after having messed her diaper. Each
second seemed like a minute, each minute like an hour,
   and each hour like a day as she watched the clock, anxiously waiting for 7 AM. She could never imagine
herself yearning to be placed in a dry diaper, but
   anything was better than her current situation. She had succeeded in containing the mess within her
pants, and her diaper had not leaked, which was a benefit.
   But nevertheless, she was cold, wet, dirty, and looking forward to being comforted.
   At exactly 7 AM, Emily blinked slightly as her eyes tried to adjust to the new light in the room. The
lights had been illuminated, and she heard the familiar sound
   of the door unlocking.
   ³Good morning Emily!² Lori chirped as she walked into the room. ³And how was our first night in
diapers?² she asked.
   Emily could not bring herself to respond to Lori¹s embarrassing question. It was bad enough that Emily
knew how she had spent her first night in diapers. It was
   even worse knowing that in a matter of a few short minutes, Lori would know how she had spent her first
night in diapers.
   ³What¹s the matter, baby Emily? Cat got your tongue,² Lori asked, as she watched Emily continue to hide
her face in the pillow. Emily had not climbed back
   under the covers after messing her diaper and Lori noticed that her diaper seemed to protrude from her
shorts even more than was normal. ³It¹s okay. I¹m here
   and I understand how tough it can be sometimes,² Lori added, addressing Emily like she was two years
old. ³Ah, I see. I think baby Emily needs her diaper
   changed. Is that right?² Lori asked.
   ³Yes,² Emily said quietly, without removing her head from the pillow.
   ³Ask me to change your diaper, Emily,² Lori said, starting to have some fun at Emily¹s expense.
   ³What?² Emily asked. She was not in the mood for any games. She simply wanted her diaper changed
and did not want to worry any more.
   ³Make a request for me to change your diaper, Emily,² Lori repeated.
   Emily was becoming rather annoyed, and said, ³Lori. Could you please change my diaper?²
   ³I don¹t know, can I?² Lori played along.
   ³Lori. Would you please change my diaper?² Emily asked again, hoping it would bring her better results.
   ³Well, I guess I could, baby Emily. But why do you need your diaper changed?² Lori asked.
   Emily did not want to continue this discussion but she figured that answering Lori¹s questions was the
only way to being released from her full diaper. So she
   mocked Lori and said, ³Because I used my diaper like a good little girl last night!²
   Lori smiled and said, ³Really? What exactly did you use it for?²
   Emily let out a groan of frustration, and said, ³First I urinated all over myself. And then I defecated all
over myself. Are you happy?²
   ³I¹m not sure I understand,² Lori said, recognizing the sarcasm in Emily¹s voice. Emily¹s reaction only
prolonged this discussion and Lori was willing to
   administer slightly more torture to the girl wearing the dirty diaper. ³Is my little baby Emily saying that
she went pee-pee in her pants?² Lori asked.
   Emily couldn¹t take any more of this and said, ³Yes, Lori. I went pee-pee in my pants.²
   ³What else did baby Emily do in her pants while I was away?² Lori asked, already knowing the answer.
³Did my little girl go poopie in her didee?²
   Emily had become so enraged by this conversation, that she wanted to scream. Only she knew that Lori
held the key to her momentary happiness, and was in
   complete control. There was no way of avoiding responding to Lori¹s comments, except by saying, ³Yes,
Lori. I made a poopie in my didee. And I¹m hoping that
   you¹d be kind enough and willing to change me into a nice, fresh diaper. Could you please do that for
me?² For the first time, Emily turned her face away from
   the pillow and smiled wantingly at Lori.
   ³Of course I can, baby Emmy,² Lori said, gently massaging her back. ³Why don¹t you turn over on your
back, sit up, and we¹ll walk you over to the changing
   table, and there, we¹ll see what¹s cooking inside this diaper of yours,² Lori commented.
   Emily found enough courage to turn over and prop herself up in bed, elevating the seat of her diaper,
trying to avoid spreading the mess within her pants. She
   managed to stand up, and felt her diaper sag from the weight of the waste it had collected. Emily
gingerly walked over to the changing table, where Lori helped
   her to lay down. As she positioned herself on the table, she was unable to keep her buttocks propped.
Lori secured the velcro restraints, and Emily found that
   her butt had made contact with the padding of the changing table, spreading her mess throughout the seat
of her diaper. Knowing that the next few minutes
   would be unbearable, Emily closed her eyes, as Lori went to work.
   Lori walked into the bathroom, opened the cabinet, and pulled out a white garbage bag. Returning to the
changing table, she placed the bag underneath Emily¹s
   spandex shorts, knowing of the impending messy diaper to be changed. She pulled Emily¹s shorts down
her legs and off. The diaper had done its job and
   Emily¹s shorts were completely dry. Her diaper was another situation entirely. Lori reached for the two
tapes securing the diaper, and with a loud ripping noise,
   released them from their position on the front of the diaper. She reached for the waistband of the diaper,
pulling it down through Emily¹s legs, revealing Emily¹s
   ³homework assignment.² Exposed, the odor of Emily¹s actions became ever-present. Meanwhile, Emily
shivered, as she felt cold air blow across her crotch for
   the first time in more than twelve hours.
   Noticing that Emily was pretending not to exist, Lori squealed, ³Oh my, little Emily was a busy baby last
night!² She pulled the disgusting diaper out from
   underneath Emily¹s butt and immediately folded the diaper into itself, containing as much of the mess as
possible. She placed the diaper in a deodorized pail,
   immediately next to the changing table. Next, Lori reached below the changing table for the container of
baby wipes, opened it, and drew some wipes from the
   package. Lori began to wipe down Emily¹s front side, and cleaned her between her legs. Taking another
wipe, she lifted Emily¹s legs high into the air and began
   to wipe off her butt.
   ³What a dirty little tushie you have!² Lori commented as she used the wipe to remove all of the pasty
brown gunk that had congealed on Emily¹s skin. She wiped
   inside Emily¹s crack, and when she was satisfied that Emily was clean, removed the plastic bag from
underneath her, allowing her clean rear end to touch the
   pads of the changing table directly. Lori gathered her dirty materials, wrapped them in the plastic bag,
and proceeded to discard everything within the deodorized
   pail. She walked over to the sink, scrubbed her hands, and when she was finished, turned towards Emily
and smiled.
   Simply glad to have been removed from that horrible diaper, Emily did not struggle against her
restraints. She was reassured by the idea that she would only
   have thirteen more nights in diapers and realized that this would not go on forever. Emily awaited the
inevitable and she knew exactly what was about to happen.
   First, Lori sprinkled baby powder across her crotch, and then reached below the table for a fresh diaper.
Emily watched as Lori placed more powder in the diaper,
   and then she felt her legs being lifted in the air. As she was lowered onto the diaper, Lori bent her legs
and pulled the diaper up between them, fastening it with
   the two tapes at her waist. With her signature pat on the front of the diaper, Lori gleefully announced that
Emily¹s diaper had been changed.
   ³Now that wasn¹t so bad, was it?² Lori asked, admiring her handiwork.
   ³No, no it wasn¹t,² Emily said, being cooperative. After spending so much time in a wet and messy
diaper, the fresh diaper felt heavenly. It was cool and dry and
   Emily found herself loving the scent of the baby powder. Emily realized that she would simply need to
play along with Lori¹s games, and everything would go that
   much faster. Lori released her from her bonds, removed her T-shirt and applied deodorant to her
underarms. She dressed Emily in the required white brassiere
   and white blouse and then pulled her skirt up over her diaper. Lori added the socks and shoes and then
helped Emily down from the diapering table.
   Already accustomed to the bulkiness of her diaper, Emily¹s thoughts slowly filled with the idea of her
first day of school. Excited by the prospect of classes and
   learning, her mind changed its focus, and Emily found herself thinking about something other than her
   ³Now, we just need to give you some things so that you¹ll be prepared for your first day of school,² Lori
said. ³Can you bring me your backpack please?²
   Emily fiddled underneath her bed for her backpack, and opened it up for Lori. Lori had quickly stepped
into the bathroom, taking a white fluffy towel from the rack.
   She folded the towel and dropped it in the bag. Then she produced a small plastic pouch, which flipped
open, replying a small supply of baby wipes, and a small
   container of powder. She dropped this pouch into Emily¹s backpack, and then took two diapers from
below the diapering table. She dropped the diapers into
   Emily¹s bag, and zipped it closed.
   ³That should hold you for your day at school. Remember, if you need to be changed, you must stop by
the infirmary, or ask Jamie to change you. The towel is
   provided so that you don¹t have to have your diaper changed on a cold floor. Now what do you say to
me?² Lori asked.
   ³Thank you, Lori.² Emily said sheepishly.
   ³For what, little baby Emily?² Lori asked.
   Emily sighed and said, ³Thank you, Lori, for changing my diaper and cleaning me.²
   ³You¹re welcome,² Lori said, smiling. ³You¹re such a good little girl. Have a nice first day at school,²
Lori added, slapping Emily on her butt.
   Emily was pleased to not only be wearing a fresh diaper, but also to finally be leaving the room. Wearing
her backpack, she walked out of the infirmary, down the
   steps, and on to campus. The sun was shining and it promised to be a fairly pleasant day. Deep down
inside of her, Emily realized that it was only 7:30, and
   that her first full day in school, and her first full day in diapers would be undeniably long.

Chapter 6: A Minor Prelude to a Major Accident

   “Lori gave me a towel to make this more comfortable,” Emily said as Jamie walked with her into the
   “Good. This should be pretty easy. You are only wet, right?” Jamie asked, turning on the lights in the
bathroom. There were two sinks, two stalls, and an open
   space on the tiled floor.
   “Yeah,” Emily said blushing. “After what happened last night, you shouldn’t expect me to do anything
else,” she continued.
   “Why? What happened?” Jamie pried.
   “Ugh, it was so awful. I was doing fine. I had wet my diaper and well, you know, it wasn’t too bad an
experience, I guess. But then the cramps hit, and I had to
   sit in my own mess for two hours until Lori changed me. And then, like, I wanted to die as she diapered
me because it was so embarrassing!” Emily explained.
   Jamie gently massaged Emily’s back and said, “Just remember, all of us have had to go through with
   “But what consolation is that?” Emily asked. “Like I don’t even understand why we have to wear diapers
in the first place.”
   “It’s almost time for our next class. Why don’t you lay down on the floor so that I can change your
diaper, and we’ll talk. Whatever we don’t get a chance to talk
   about now, we’ll talk about this afternoon after class is over,” Jamie said, removing Emily’s backpack.
   Jamie opened Emily’s backpack and took out the folded towel, laying it down on the ground. Once this
was done, she motioned Emily down to the ground. With
   a pronounced rustle from her diaper, Emily sat down and felt the wet plastic pads of the diaper bunch up
against her skin. Compared to her experience this
   morning, she figured that this diaper change was going to be a walk in the park. To be perfectly honest,
in nearly 24 hours, she hadn’t really minded having to
   wear a diaper. Even wetting herself, she admitted internally, was fine. But no one would ever be able to
convince her that she could actually enjoy using her
   diaper from the other end. That was just entirely gross and uncalled for.
   Furthermore, Emily felt truly comfortable around Jamie. She knew that Jamie wouldn’t try to intimidate
her like Lori or make her feel like a baby. Jamie would
   respect her needs, change her diaper, and treat her like an eighteen year old girl wearing a diaper should
be treated. Emily tried to understand the odd thought
   that had just filled her mind.
   As Jamie bent down beside her and began to lift her skirt, the door to the bathroom opened. Shari walked
in, dressed in the school uniform. She had opted for
   the navy blue skirt as opposed to the plaid one. Both Jamie and Emily noticed that Shari’s brassiere was
probably two sizes too small, and her plump, rounded
   breasts, and pointed nipples protruded through her supports and white blouse. The white blouse had the
collar and top two buttons unbuttoned, revealing her
   more than ample cleavage.
   “Hey Shari,” Jamie said, diverting her attention from Emily.
   “Hi,” Shari said embarrassedly. “Don’t mind me, I just, um..., need to, well, you know, use the, er,
bathroom,” Shari said, her thoughts having been completely
   diverted as she realized the diaper change that was about to occur. Quickly, she ran into the first stall and
locked the door.
   Jamie and Emily exchanged glances, not knowing what to think. Emily’s mind drifted back to her
conversation last night with Shari, and how she had felt
   excluded because of her desire to wear diapers. She wondered if seeing her in this prone position had
made her uncomfortable.
   Jamie broke the silence and asked, “So what do you want to know?”
   Emily watched as Jamie lifted her skirt and felt her fiddle with the waistband of her diaper.
   “Where did this whole diaper thing get started?” Emily asked.
   “At the beginning of the semester, each of us were given a handbook that explained the policies. None of
us bothered to read the text. We were told to sign a
   small form, and then were brought to the infirmary, where one by one, we were diapered. At the end of
two weeks, our probation had ended. It was wonderful to
   be back in panties and to have control over our bodily functions again. I never thought that I would have
taken such things for granted. Nevertheless, some of us
   chose to use diapers for our periods, and others, like Kristie, had to be disciplined for misbehaving,”
Jamie explained, as she untaped Emily’s diaper. “And then
   there’s...” Jamie said, her voice trailing off, as she nudged her head in the direction of the stall where
Shari was conducting her business.
   “Supposedly, the idea for the program came straight from Debbie, the headmistress. She had started
working at the beginning of August, and decided to
   implement the program, with the help of the Board of Trustees. Everyone said that if we had a problem,
talk to Debbie, but she was most uncooperative when we
   asked why we were being diapered. It was completely embarrassing, and uncalled for. But none of us
ever told our parents or our friends at other schools. They
   wouldn’t have believed us anyway. A college that requires its girls to wear diapers, and use them. Yeah,
that story would be quite believable,” Jamie chuckled,
   pulling Emily’s diaper down through her legs.
   “So where does Lori fit into all of this?” Emily asked, as she felt Jamie pull the wet disposable out from
under her.
   “Personally, I think Lori is a rather sick woman. The devotion that she has for her job is incredibly
ridiculous. For crying out loud, she’s changing frigging diapers
   of college freshmen, and enjoying it!” Jamie said.
   “I guess she just likes her work,” Emily said, supportively.
   “But it’s more than that. Even though this is Debbie’s program, and Debbie’s idea, any mention of Lori’s
name in her office, and Debbie becomes incredibly rude
   and defensive, and immediately wants to dismiss the topic,” Jamie said, rolling Emily’s diaper into itself
and standing up to drop it in the trash.
   “That’s really odd. Maybe there’s something going on between Lori and her and we have no way of
knowing what it is,” Emily said.
   “It’s possible. At a school that focuses on the maturity of its female students by requiring them to be
diapered, I think anything out of the ordinary becomes
   possible, and completely believable. Now, why don’t we get you all padded up,” Jamie said, changing
her tone sinisterly, mocking Lori’s tone.
   While the conversation continued between Jamie and Emily, Shari sat on the toilet, contemplating. She
knew that none of the girls had feelings similar to hers.
   As she lowered her skirt, and her white panties, she felt a longing to trade places with Emily. She wanted
to be fully vulnerable, to be babied, and to be cooed at.
   She wanted to rely on someone else to care for her fully, and to change her diaper when she was wet or
dirty. She wanted to hear the soft rustle of her diaper
   every time she moved, to feel the pillow-like softness hug her skin, and to smell the baby powder each
time it was sprinkled across her exposed crotch.
   As Shari urinated, she listened, and tried to imagine the manner in which Jamie was diapering Emily.
She heard the snapping of a plastic case, and shivered, as
   she recognized that Jamie had removed a wipe from Emily’s changing pouch and was wiping her clean.
She would have much rather felt a baby wipe rub across
   her skin and harsh, grating toilet paper. And then, as she finished her toilet, the light scent of baby
powder slowly filtered through the bottom of her stall.
   “Do you find yourself minding the diapering process, Emily?” Jamie asked, holding a folded fresh diaper
in her hand.
   “To tell you the truth, not particularly. Granted, I don’t completely enjoy it. It is a great invasion upon
my personal privacy. And yet I feel like I’m learning
   something from it after all. I don’t know what yet, but it’s just a weird, different feeling. Wearing the
diaper is okay, wetting it is, well, odd, and messing myself
   last night was not something that I want to repeat, but it seems to come with the territory. It’s strange too.
After classes this morning, I don’t really care. This is
   truly my dream school and a great opportunity. I’m not going to let a piece of folded plastic get in my
way,” Emily admitted, flicking the diaper with her finger.
   “That’s a really good attitude,” Jamie said, as she began to unfold Emily’s diaper.
   Shari’s heart sank as she realized that at this moment, it could have been her legs that were being lifted,
and her buttocks that were pressing against the
   padding of a fresh diaper. She could have felt the plastic bulkiness being drawn up between her legs. As
she heard the sound of Jamie pulling the tape off its
   backing, a tear slid down her cheek. She was entirely jealous that Emily was having this opportunity to
be diapered, and she was sitting alone, on the cold toilet.

  “There we are, Emily. Ready for your afternoon classes?” Jamie asked.
  “Yeah, let’s go!” Emily said. “By the way, thanks for that,” she added, pointing to her diaper.
  “Not a problem. I know you’d do the same for me,” Jamie said, lowering Emily’s skirt.
  Emily stood up and said, “Shari, are you coming or not?”
  Shari paused, trying to regain her composure as she pulled up her panties and skirt.
  “I’ll meet up with you guys in class!” she said. As the door to the bathroom slammed shut, Shari felt
even more alone than usual. Resting against the side of the
  bathroom stall, she began to wonder if there was a way to make her dream come true.

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