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Position Overview: Manager of Social Influence
Bozell is seeking a Manager of Social Influence to join our Omaha team. The ideal candidate will be
responsible for managing all Bozell and client social media plans and relationships, and will work with other
key agency leaders in developing strategic plans for clients.

The Bozell manager of social influence is both internally- and externally-focused on developing & executing
agency and client social media strategies. Externally, he or she identifies influential opportunities, engages
regularly with clients and various audiences online and will be called upon to speak publicly as a thought-
leader on Bozell social influence practice. This person anticipates the evolution of social media. Internally the
Social Media Manager sets the tone, philosophy and strategy for social media efforts, gains appropriate buy-in,
then communicates relentlessly. He or she monitors Web 2.0 activities across departments and geographies,
guiding participants on integration and best practices while encouraging successful participation. The Social
Media Manager is obsessively focused on how results connect to client’s corporate objectives, and is given the
tools to measure those results.

Core Responsibilities

     Coordinate online media outreach and viral campaigns to promote client messages.
     Identify key/targeted bloggers by industry and solutions area
     Establish and cultivate positive relationships with key/targeted bloggers, and/or identify influencers who have
     importance to client industries.
     Develop and manage pages and applications on popular consumer social networking websites such as Linkedin,
     Facebook,k YouTube, Twitter, etc. as well as popular technology sites intended to increase brand awareness and
     drive traffic.
     Develop and publishinternal strategies for social media projects and technologies
     Coordinate social media activities by actively engaging in consumer and industry conferences, blogs, video sharing,
     online chats, wikis, etc., to promote client messaging and increase brand awareness.
     Recruit, develop and coach new bloggers, contributors and blog editors.
     Manage the day-to-day blogger activities; proactively identifying and developing blog posts, recruiting bloggers and
     assigning blog ideas to others.

Bozell | 1022 Leavenworth St | Omaha, NE 68102 | tel: 402.965.4300 | fax: 402.965.4399 |
    Track and monitor the success of online initiatives (i.e. impressions, reach and influence), and provide reports for
    clients and execs.
    Identify and report on digital/social media trends to PR and marketing leaders
    Educate staff on the implementation and use of new technologies.
    Promote and evangelize social media activities internally.

Skills and Requirements

    Demonstrated experience with Web 2.0 channels and great affinity for learning new technologies and techniques.
    Strong relationship building skills, including negotiation, executive interaction and ability to coach others.
    Project management
    Ability to develop a business vision for social media, including goals and results.
    Leadership/decision-making: is skilled at articulating to clients and internal teams the importance of social applications
    and is able to make calm recommendations during crises. Is able to exercise good judgment with quick response
    Flexible communication skills: Strong editorial writer. Is able to present needs and plans and communicate internally.
    Has a distinct, personable voice for external engagement. Can manage negative situations toward positive outcomes.
    Public speaking skills: This person will be the face of Bozell’s Social Influence group, and will be called upon to speak
    to professional groups.
    Experienced manager: Is able to manage a budget and a team, as this function grows.
    Has foresight and vision: Identifies social computing trends and is able to separate tools from fads.

To Apply

Email or mail resume and cover letter to:

                                              Bozell | 1022 Leavenworth St | Omaha, NE 68102
                                              Contact Kim Mickelsen |

                                                    Bozell is an Equal Opportunity Employer

 Bozell | 1022 Leavenworth St | Omaha, NE 68102 | tel: 402.965.4300 | fax: 402.965.4399 |

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