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Small Businesss Proposal


Small Businesss Proposal document sample

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									                                             RFP 2011 – 017
                                DMV STAFF AUGMENTATION DEVELOPMENT
                                          Questions and Answers
#    SECTION                            QUESTION                                                           ANSWER
1   General       Are you able to disclose the not-to-exceed value for        The State anticipates that the value for this contract represents at
                  this contract?                                              least the resources needed for one consultant person year.
2   General       Will a RFP be issued to the replacement of the DMV          We estimate that the RFP will be released something in the
                  system (mentioned in the Introduction paragraph)? If        Spring 2011.
                  so, do you have an estimated timeframe for the release
                  of it?
3   Section 1.1   How many vendors do the State plan to select for this       The State prefers a single vendor who can provide the skill sets
                  RFP?                                                        listed in Appendix C. If a single vendor cannot be found to cover
                                                                              those skill sets with a cost effective solution the State holds out
                                                                              the option to go with a multiple vendors.
4   Appendix E    Do vendors need to submit resumes of candidates who         The preference is for the State to receive resumes of consultants
                  will be working on project or are these sample              the vendor intends to propose for tasks the State submits. Sample
                  resumes?                                                    resumes are acceptable for some of the required set the State has
5   Section 6.5   As it may take time to award and hire a vendor, it is       Yes
                  possible that some resources may not be available at
                  that time. Can vendors substitute such with another
                  resource of equal or better skills?
6   General       Is there a set aside or points for DBE, small businesss     No
                  or 8(a) certified company?
7   General       Do we need to propose the maximum hourly rate for           The rate will represent the maximum rate for each category of
                  junior and senior developers under table F-1 of pricing     consultant and this will be the rate the proposal is scored on.
                  worksheet and then submit a separate rate for each          During the contract period separate consultants may be proposed
                  candidate?                                                  with different rates with the limitation that the proposal rate is the
                                                                              maximum for consultant category.
8   General       Do we need to propose a fix rate for senior and junior      See Question 7.
                  develop and all developers will work at same rate?

                                                                            Page 1 of 6
     RFP 2011-017
     Questions and Answers

#       SECTION                                 QUESTION                                                       ANSWER
9     Appendix E       The vendor should provide a minimum of eight (8)            This requirement will be modified to the following in Addendum
                       actual resumes, at least one of which is in each of the     #2.
                       four categories described in Appendix C, and one
                                                                                   The Vendor should provide a minimum of Six actual resumes, at
                       representative resume (describing a typical candidate)
                                                                                   least one of which is in each of the six categories described.
                       for each of those four categories(pg 43)→ In this
                       sentence, it is mentioned that there are 4 categories but
                       in the RFP there are only 3 categories mentioned such
                       as JAVA Developer( Junior & Senior), COBOL
                       Developer (Junior & Senior) .NET Developer (Junior
                       & Senior). Can you kindly clarify as to how many
                       resumes you require for each category?
10    General          Is it Open for Everyone?                                    Yes

11    General          Is it New Position Or Old Position (Incumbent/Non           This is new and it is not a position per se. The Statement of
                       Incumbent Position)?                                        Work is to supply consultant personnel to work short term
                                                                                   projects needed.
12    Section 4.1      What is the form Required for Submission?                   Instructions for submittal begin on RFP page 12 under Section 4:
13    Section 5.3      Is the interview preference for this particular position    Face to face interviews will be preferred for consultant selection
                       telephonic or face to face?                                 for each short term project.

14    Section 4.1      Can we submit bid through mail/E-mail?                      A hard copy, signed submission is required. See page 13 of RFP.

15    General          Is there any rate cap?                                      The proposal bid rate will become the rate cap.

16    Appendix E       We can Submit H1B Candidate/Green Card/US                   Candidate must be legally eligible to work in NH.
17    Section 4        What is the Submission Procedure?                           See Section 4: Instructions of RFP
     RFP 2011-017
     Questions and Answers

#       SECTION                             QUESTION                                                        ANSWER
18    Appendix E       Is it mandatory for us to submit the candidate resumes   No
                       with Mandatory skill matrix for each of the 6 job
                       categories mentioned?
19    Appendix B       Could you please elaborate on the term Training          The sentence was:
                       Typical candidate in section D of Appendix B
                                                                                 “The proposal must contain a representative resume for each
                                                                                category which describes the experience and training for a typical
                                                                                The reference to training means we would like the resume to
                                                                                include relevant education” Note – This sentence is being
                                                                                changed. Representative resumes will not be solicited.
20    Appendix E       In Section E-2, you mentioned you need 8 actual          Item will be changed in Addendum #2 to reflect six actual
                        resumes and one representative resume in each of the    resumes.
                       4 categories as mentioned in appendix C. But in
                       appendix C, there are six categories of jobs namely
                       Java(junior and senior developer), cobol(junior and
                       senior) and .Net developer(Junior and senior)
21    Appendix E       In Appendix B Section D, you mentioned you need          This informatio request will be changed in Addendum #2 to
                       resumes of 10 individuals qualified as either            reflect six actual resumes.
                       Senior/Junior java developer or Senior/junior Cobol or
                       Senior/ Junior .Net developer where as earlier in
                       Section E 2 you have asked for 8.

22    Appendix E        You have requested not to give sample representative    Language of RFP will be changed. See answer to Question 9.
                        resumes in Section E-2 which is in contradiction to
                        other sections which demands for one in each

23    Section 5.3       Could you please elaborate on what happens when         They would be scored the same
                        duplicate resumes are submitted by multiple vendors?
24    General          We are a woman owned minority certified firm in New      No
                       Hampshire. Does this certification give us any edge
                       over other vendors who are not minority certified?
     RFP 2011-017
     Questions and Answers

#       SECTION                                 QUESTION                                                          ANSWER
25    Appendix E       Can we submit Tax returns instead of Audited                Yes
                       financial statements since we are not a public 
                       trading company?
26    Section 6.5      Although the State recognizes that staff availability is    No, staff must be available for the duration of the project but not
                       somewhat uncertain, qualifications of Vendor IT             necessarily the same staff. The conditions for staff replacement
                       Consultant staff assigned to the Project are critical.      are listed in Section 6.5
                       Specific named resumes are required, representative
                       resumes will not be acceptable. IT Consultant Staff
                       must be available full time, on site, for the duration of
                       the Contract.
                       Does this mean that we should provide the same
                       consultant for the project , which we had submitted the
                       resume along with the proposal.
27    Appendix E       In the RFP, Appendix E, the instructions require            Checking references is part of our evaluation process. These
                       submitting three references, complete with contact          would be needed.
                       information for each of the candidate resumes
                       submitted with the proposal. We are reluctant to give
                       out personal information such as names and contact
                       information at this point in the RFP process. We
                       routinely reference check all our candidates and can
                       either provide that reference check information, or
                       arrange reference calls for you but would prefer that
                       this happen after we have been selected as the vendor
                       and our candidate(s) have been identified as the
                       resource to fill the opening. Will that meet with
                       approval as to the process?
28    General          We are not registered with State of New Hampshire. Are we   No
                       qualified for this RFP? Do we lose any points because of
29    Appendix G-1     (Reference to Certification with State of NH) This is       That’s correct, it is needed before a contract can be concluded.
                       NOT needed now right..Only at the time of award?
30    General          Is there any set-a-side or any additional points for        No
                       small/minority business? As a prime or sub
     RFP 2011-017
     Questions and Answers

#       SECTION                                 QUESTION                                                                   ANSWER
31    General          Is there a way to get a topology of IT in the department?           This is beyond what is necessary for this staff augmentation project.
                       Like to see all the technologies, Platforms, Networks and
                       Environment details to get a complete understanding of the
                       IT environment?
32    General          Can you provide us the list of attendees to the Vendor              The State will not be publishing this list.
33    General          Are you going to publish the questions/queries raised so far        Yes
                       by other vendors?
34    1.1              How many vendors will you select for this RFP?                      See Section 1.1 of RFP

35    Appendix H       Can you provide details of insurance limits?                        See Appendix H: State of New Hampshire Terms and
                                                                                           Conditions-P-37, Section 14: Insurance.

36    General          Is there a list of vendors in the current contract (last 3 years)   This contract is not replacing an existing contract
                       who are awarded earlier term? Can that be provided

37    General          Public Records – Where can we request a copy of above               While the current contract is not replacing an existing staff
                       (vendors RFP from earlier award) from the state of                  augmentation contract there have been staff augmentation contracts for
                       Hampshire? We like to get the earlier rates and details.            different purposes with the State of New Hampshire. Vendors may
                                                                                           make requests to the State for specific contracts under the Freedom of
                                                                                           Information Act.
38    Conf Q           With multiple projects there may be some duplication of skill       YES
                       sets, does this mean you may need more than one person per
                       skill set listed.
39    Conf Q           If this is a pure staff augmentation contract how will it also      The G & C approval will be for a finite dollar amount and both the
                       be a not to exceed dollar amount.                                   vendor and State will have to manage to that total over the life of the
40    Conf Q           Will vendors that did previous work for you get preferential        NO

41    Conf Q           Is this RFP for a total of six positions?                           NO. This is an RFP under which the State might hire six categories of
                                                                                           consultants as the need arrises.
     RFP 2011-017
     Questions and Answers

#       SECTION                                QUESTION                                                               ANSWER
42    Conf Q           Will the IDMS resource be needed right away.                   YES

43    Conf Q           Will the background check documents have to be completed       NO, Only when an individual is projected to come in to work for us will
                       and sent in with the proposals?                                we need the signed form. It will be required in advance to allow
                                                                                      processing time before start date.
44    Conf Q           Should the proposal be done in PDF or original documents       One original signed copy, six copies and one electronic copy. See
                                                                                      Section 4.1.
45    Conf Q           How much funding is available for this project?                At least one person year of funding is available for the life of the
46    Conf Q           Will the staff provided have to work on site?                  YES

47    Conf Q           What will be the tasking length, a week, two weeks etc.        The State anticipates the minimum tasking length to be approx one
48    Conf Q           Is the skill matrix mandatory for all candidates provided in   Proposal must submit resumes for all skill sets (6 categories) with at
                       the proposal?                                                  least one original resume for each of the six.
49    Conf Q           Are we required to complete the matrix completely filled       We need the Vendor to fill out all tables in Appendix C and E.

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