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Song Purchased Agreement


Song Purchased Agreement document sample

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									Join over 61 million                                                             Pay only on the days you use it.
                                                                                 • Truly pay as you go
people in the                                                                       Didn’t use service on Monday?
                                                                                    Then don’t pay anything on Monday.
Verizon Wireless
                                                                                 • NEW! Reduced roaming rate
Network.                                                                           Now when you travel outside the INpulse Rate
                                                                                   and Coverage Area, domestic roaming is only
Superior Wireless Network                                                          20¢ per minute.
Calls connect and stay connected more than                                       • Rates as low as 2¢ per minute or
with any other national carrier.                                                   Text Message*
Outstanding Value                                                                  When you sign up for our INpulse Power Plan.
Talk all you want with Unlimited IN Calling                                      • Unlimited Calling*
(mobile to mobile) with other Verizon Wireless                                     Talk with over 61 million Verizon Wireless
customers.                                                                         customers (mobile to mobile).
Innovative Technology                                                            • Night Minutes*
Tested and retested with reliability in mind, and                                  10¢ per minute or unlimited with
dozens of new features like VZ Navigator and                     SM

                                                                                   the INpulse Plus and Power Plans.
V CAST Music.
Network details at Connection claim             • No credit checks, long-term contracts or
based on national lowest percentage of ineffective attempts and dropped calls.     deposits

                                                                                 • Plus, all the great services you love:
                                                                                   - New! V CAST Music
                                                                                   - Text, Picture & Video Messaging
                                                                                   - Ringback Tones and Ringtones
                                                                                   - Games
                                                                                   - VZ Navigator
                                                                                   - Mobile Web 2.0
                                                                                                            PRICING OPTIONS

                                                                         INpulse             INpulse                INpulse
                                                                           Core                Plus                  Power
                                                                                             Great Value!
Daily Access
(only on days used)                                                             99       ¢
                                                                                                 $ 99                   2
                                                                                                                       $ 99

National                Calling Minutes
(mobile to mobile)                                                     Unlimited             Unlimited             Unlimited
Night Minutes
                                                                               10¢           Unlimited             Unlimited
Per-Minute Rate &
Text Messaging Rates                                                           10    ¢
                                                                                                 5 ¢
(for all other calls)

IN Calling, Night Minutes and Per-Minute Rate are for use from within the
INpulse Rate and Coverage Area. Night Minutes are from 9:01 p.m. to 5:59 a.m.
Per-Minute Rates apply for all other calls. Text Messaging Rates are per message,
per address sent/received. Activation fee up to $25 may apply. Once account has
been initialized it will expire 60 days after you place your first call. Domestic Long
Distance included. Domestic Roaming Per-Minute Rate is 20¢.
                                                                                                                        PAYMENT OPTIONS

Add minutes.
My Account
                                                                                           Need to find a payment location?
Control how and when you make payments.
Use a credit or debit card, sign up for Auto Pay or                                        Find one of our 150,000+ payment locations
add a Refill Card/PIN.                                                                     using the Payment Locator in My Account on
                                                                                           your phone.*
On your phone*: Press up on the navigation key.
Online: Visit                                                Or visit

                                                                                           No charges apply when accessing through My Account on your phone.
Customer Service
                                                                                           *Mobile Web 2.0 phone required.
Dial * 611                         from your Verizon Wireless

At a Store
Visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store or
any of our participating agents or retailers.

Auto Pay
Make automatic payments from your major debit
or credit card. You can pay by the day of the
month or by low balance.
Sign up through My Account, online or from your
phone, or dial *611      .

Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover accepted.

     Refill Amount                                Expires In
                                                  (once applied to account)

     $15–$29.99                                   30 days

     $30–$74.99                                   60 days
     $75–$149.99                                  90 days

     $150 or more                                 120 days

Refill your account before it expires and your existing balance will be carried forward.

Packed with features.
Voice Mail: Holds up to 20 three-minute messages                                                   International Calling: Your per-minute rate plus
for 21 days. Dial *86          from your wireless                                                  the following international surcharges:
phone for Voice Mail setup and retrieval.1                                                         • Puerto Rico: no extra charge
                                                                                                   • NEW! 10¢/min. to Mexico landline numbers
Fun with your phone: Download music, games,
                                                                                                   • 29¢/min. to Mexico wireless numbers, Canada,
Ringtones, wallpaper and other cool stuff right to
                                                                                                     Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and Saipan
your wireless phone.2
                                                                                                   • $1.49/min. to other available locations
Text, Picture & Video Messaging*: Text Messaging                                                   International Text Messaging: Available to over
is based on your calling plan (including messages                                                  70 international destinations at rates of 25¢ per
to and from Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico).                                                       message sent. Received rate is based on calling
Plus you can snap and send your own picture or                                                     plan selected.
video messages. Just 25¢ per message.
                                                                                                   Visit for the most
                                                                                                   current locations and rates available.
Mobile Web 2.0: Check email, IM, and get the
latest news, weather, sports and much more.                                                        Locations and rates subject to change without notice.
                                                                                                   Calling to some locations may not be available at all times.
Unlimited use for just 99¢ per day on days you
use it.*

Minute Meter®: Free voice and text alerts to keep
you up to date on your account.

Calling Features*: Caller ID, Call Waiting, †
3-Way Calling,† No Answer/Busy Transfer† and
Call Forwarding.†

411 Search*: Directory assistance and much
more: movie listings, sports scores and local events.
$1.49 per call plus airtime.3

*Where available.
† Airtime charges apply to all simultaneous calls and to forwarded/transferred calls even if you
 send the call to wireline telephones.
1 Airtime charges apply to message setup and retrievals from your wireless phone.
2 Download fees may apply. See product brochure for details. Approved Verizon Wireless INpulse
 Get It Now®-capable phone required.
3 When outside the INpulse Rate and Coverage Area, 411 Search rates, automatic connection
 and enhanced services may vary.

More than just talk.                                         Music Download Pricing

                                                             V CAST Music                  99¢ per song purchased on the PC
                                                             Access the Entire             $199 per song purchased from the phone1
                                                             Music Catalog                 99¢ service fee (24-hour period)2
                                                             1A second copy of the song is available for download from the V CAST Music Online
                                                              Store account on your PC.
                                                             2 Charged  on first song purchased from your phone in any 24-hour period.
                                                              Browsing, previewing, purchasing and downloading music on your phone will
                                                              not use airtime. See Prepay Customer Agreement brochure for complete terms
                                                              and conditions.

                                                           Choose from thousands of songs and sounds
                                                           to hear when people call you. Prices vary by
                                                           download and packages are available. It’s the
V CAST Music                                               easiest way to make your phone your own.
With over 2.5 million songs to choose from, V CAST
is the best way to bring your music with you. Here         Ringback Tones**
are three ways to get the music you love:
                                                           Choose from over 30,000 songs, so each caller
• Instant Downloads: Download songs over the               hears a specific song instead of a standard ring.
  air straight to your phone when you just gotta           Or, use a rotating jukebox that plays random
  have them.                                               selections.
                                                           99¢ per month. $1.99 annual charge per tone,
• A Better Music Store: Browse, preview and                100-tone max.
  download songs via the V CAST Music Online Store
  from your PC and sync them to your phone.               *Fees to purchase Ringtones may vary.

                                                          **Voice Mail is required for use of Ringback Tones.
• Upload Your Existing Collection for Free:
  Use V CAST Music Manager to sync your
  existing unprotected music collection to your
  phone and easily manage your playlists.

For more information, visit

   Josh Turner         Paramore        Bow Wow+ Omarion
                                                                                                OPTIONAL FEATURES

        Wallpaper                       Games

Choose the background images you want to see on
your phone’s screen by downloading cool wallpaper.

Hundreds of games to choose from, including
action, sports, puzzles, classics and VZW Exclusives.

        VZ Navigator

VZ Navigator
Get spoken turn-by-turn directions right on your          Subject to specific terms of use. Text Messaging fees may apply when using certain features.
phone with VZ Navigator from Verizon Wireless.            Only available in the INpulse Digital Rate and Coverage Area. Always use caution when
                                                          displaying your location to third parties. Do not attempt to enter or change information while
Whether you’re on vacation or in your hometown,           driving. Accuracy and completeness of information is not guaranteed. Subject to additional
you’ll be going in the right direction. $2.99/day (good   terms of use that will be presented on your phone when you first activate service.
for 24 hours)
                                                                                                       IMPORTANT INFORMATION

                                                                    INpulse—Pay As You Go Information
                                                                    99¢, $1.99 & $2.99 daily access, calls rated at the Per-Minute Rate and other
                                                                    charges for available services on your INpulse plan may deplete balance prior
                                                                    to its expiration. Daily Access will be charged and deducted from your account
                                                                    only on days you make or receive calls, and is valid until 11:59 p.m. Your account
                                                                    balance will expire at 12:01 a.m. on the day stated at the time of replenishment.
                                                                    To carry your balance forward, simply refill your account before your expiration
                                                                    date. If balance expires, unused portion will be forfeited. Subject to Verizon
                                                                    Wireless Prepay Customer Agreement and INpulse Calling Plan; see Getting
                                                                    Started Guide and Prepay Customer Agreement brochure for both. Unlimited
                                                                    Night Minutes do not apply to international calls. Limit of 2 calling plan changes
       Weatherbug® Mobile Alerts         MAXIM® Text Alert          in a 30-day period. For Mobile Web, the services are charged at 99¢ per day only
                                                                    on the days you use it. You will have unlimited use of the services for a 24-hour
                                                                    period. Other charges & restrictions apply. Usage rounded to next full minute.
 Text & Multimedia Alerts1                                          Offers & coverage not available everywhere. Coverage limitations & maps at
 Receive automatic updates as they happen,                 or enclosed INpulse Rate and Coverage Map.
 including sports scores, weather updates, AMBER
 Alerts and more.                                                          For more information, please speak to a Sales Representative.

                                                                       How to get INpulse — Pay As You Go
                                                                       • Visit any Verizon Wireless Store,
                                                                         authorized agent or retailer.
                                                                       • Online at
                                                                       • Call 1.800.2 JOIN IN.

                      IM                 Text & Picture Messaging

 Instant Messaging1
 Have full IM conversations on AIM,® Yahoo!® and
 MSN.® Just like on your PC.
1 Standard Text Messaging rates apply.

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