cookie gram 09

					Cookies are $3.50 a box

                     2 0 0 9       C O O K I E      S A L E      P R O G R A M                     F A M I LY      R E S O U R C E            G U I D E

                                                                                                          2009 cookie sale dates
                                                                                                                   DECEMBER 2008
                                                                                                         Complete, sign and return G-1 Permission
                                                                                                            and Responsibility Form to troop
                                                                                                                      JANUARY 10
                                                                                                                Cookie Sale begins at 9:00 a.m.
                                                                                                                      JANUARY 25
                                                                                                                Girls’ initial orders due to troop
                                                                                                                      JANUARY 31
                                                                                                        Enter your goal at
                                                                                                                  FEBRUARY 11-14
                                                                                                                    Initial cookie delivery
                                                                                                             (ask your Troop Cookie Manager for
                                                                                                              your exact pick-up date and time)
                                                                                                                         MARCH 1

 what’s new!
Win a Wii! Every girl who sells 209 boxes or more will be entered into a drawing to win a Nintendo
                                                                                                        Payment for at least 50% of each girl’s initial
                                                                                                                    order due to troop
                                                                                                                        MARCH 15
Wii! Better yet, for each additional 100 boxes sold she’ll get her name in the hat one more time, so                  Cookie sale ends.
a girl who sells 450 boxes of cookies would get her name in the hat three times. And if we meet our     All cookies should be delivered and remaining
council goal to sell 2.6 million boxes, we’ll have a drawing for another Wii! Surf to                           cookie money is due to troop. to see how close we are to our goal. Who knows, maybe your next sale
                                                                                                                          APRIL 1
will put us over the top!
                                                                                                           Superstar Destinations requests due to
Superstar Destinations – in addition to Cookie Dough girls can earn admission tickets to fun places             Product Sales Department
like Carowinds and Busch Gardens. (page 2)
                                                                                                         Please note: troops may set earlier deadlines
Initial Order Recognition – girls can earn a cool pink duffle bag. (page 3)                             for girls to turn in orders or payments. Please
                                                                                                               know turn-in dates for your troop.
Operation Cookie Drop sales count toward Initial Order Recognitions. (page 7)
Customized patches – girls who sell 1,000 boxes or more will receive an Achievement Bar Patch
showing the exact number of boxes sold. And girls who set a goal can earn a cool Goal Getter
Patch (page 4).                                                                                                             SET
                                                                                                                                    YO U R
Free cookies – customers who purchase five boxes or more will be entered in a drawing to                                                       GOAL
                                                                                                                             I want                   !
win a one year supply of Girl Scout cookies! (page 2)                                                                                     to sel

       Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines                                                cookie of
                                           Dear Girl Scout families,
                                           Thank you for participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program, the country’s number
                                           one entrepreneurial training program for girls. Occasionally I’m asked “why should my
                                           daughter sell cookies when I can just give her troop a donation.” It’s one of the easiest
                                           questions I get.
                                           It’s true that the cookie sale funds the majority of our council’s programs, activities, and camps, and we are grateful
                                           to all our volunteers and customers for your wonderful support! But that’s not why we think the Cookie Sale
                                           Program is such an important part of the Girl Scout experience. It’s what the girls gain while participating in the
                                           program – self confidence, the thrill of meeting and exceeding goals, budgeting skills, teamwork, time management,
                                           networking, excellent customer service and gracefully handling rejection and success. Many successful women will
                                           tell you they learned many of their key business skills selling Girl Scout cookies in their youth.
                                           Thank you for giving your girls the opportunity to learn these great life skills. Through Girl Scouting, she is building
                                           courage, confidence and character to make the world a better place.

                                                                                                                              RUSINE MITCHELL SINCLAIR
                                                                                                                              Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                                                              Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines

                                                                                                   The Buy 5 Program
                                                                                                   How would you feel if you won a year’s supply of Girl Scout cookies? How
                                                                                                   would you feel if one of your favorite customers won a year’s supply of
                                                 new!                                              their favorite Girl Scout cookies? This year when customers buy five or
    Superstar Destinations                                                                         more boxes, just ask them to fill out the “Buy 5” entry form. Keep the
    Selling cookies is often a family affair with parents, siblings, aunts, uncles                 completed entry forms in the Buy 5 envelope and give them to your Troop
    and grandparents assisting along the way. Your whole “sales team” should                       Cookie Manager at the end of the sale. Six winners will be chosen to
    be rewarded for the effort! New this year, individual girls and sisters who                    receive a year’s supply of Girl Scout cookies, and if your troop sold the
    sell 400+ boxes of cookies will have the opportunity to pick from a wide                       cookies to the winning customer, your troop will also receive a $50 bonus!
    selection of Superstar Destinations ranging from free tickets to movie
    theaters, bowling centers and skating rinks to admission tickets to Busch                      Be sure to take plenty of Buy 5 entry forms when you sell door-to-door and
    Gardens and Great Wolf Lodge, as well as Cookie Dough.                                         have them at all your cookie booths. Customers will be entered in the
                                                                                                   drawing once for each five boxes purchased. Make posters for your cookie
    Check out all the Superstar Destinations at by                          booth so everyone knows about this great opportunity.
    clicking About/Cookie Sale. Be sure to invite your sales team to look, too –
    who knows, maybe they won’t mind helping sort your cookie orders if they                       Donations to Operation Cookie Drop count toward the Buy 5 Program.
    know that together you can earn free tickets to Kings Dominion for the                         A year’s supply of cookies is 52 boxes. The customer chooses the varieties, and all 52
    effort!                                                                                        boxes will be shipped directly to the customer in April 2009.

    Girls who qualify for Superstar Destinations must submit the G-4 Superstar
    Destination Request by April 1, 2009. The request form is available by                         Troop Proceeds
    clicking Forms/Product Sales on the Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal                       All Girl Scout troops earn proceeds for participating in the Cookie Sale
    Pines website,, or by calling 1-800-284-4475.                           Program, and many troops will also qualify for a cookie bonus. Girl Scout
    Superstar Destinations replaces the Superstar Party and is available to all girls regardless   Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador troops can choose either the 45¢
    of the proceeds plan chosen by their troop.                                                    Plan or the 50¢ Plan. All Girl Scout Daisy and Brownie troops are on the
                                                                                                   45¢ Plan.

                                            how I did it!                                          45¢ Plan: troop receives 45¢ per box and girls earn patches, achievement
                 I was able to sell so many cookies because my                                     bars and recognitions.
                 family – mom, dad, sister and uncle – helped me.                                  50¢ Plan: troop receives 50¢ per box and girls earn patches and
                                          TIFFANI R., KINSTON                                      achievement bars but do not receive recognitions.
                                          1,253 boxes

2    cookie gram 2009
      recognitions and patches
      In addition to learning valuable life skills by participating in the Cookie Sale Program, girls can earn many cool prizes!
      At the end of the sale troops will tabulate girls’ total box sales by adding their initial cookie order plus any additional boxes for which the girl
      paid (including Operation Cookie Drop donations) and boxes sold at cookie booths. Girls will automatically receive the appropriate patches and
      can choose the recognition at or below the level for which they qualify. Recognitions are not cumulative.

      Girls in troops that choose the 50¢ Plan for proceeds receive patches but not recognitions.

                                                        55 to
                                                      94 Boxes                                       145 to 199 Boxes
                                                    Locker                                          Hand Squeeze
                                                                                                      Flashlight                   200 to 224 B
                                                   Note Pad                                                                                    oxes
      1 to 54 Boxes                                                        95 to 144 Bo
                                                                                                                                    Plush Pony
       Thank You                                                         Koozie Lunc
         Note                                                                       h

                                                                                                          500 to 999 Boxes
                                                    9 Boxes                                                   Travel Set
                                           300 to 39                                                                                        1 to 299 Boxe
                                              Backpac                                                   Towel-N-Bag, Digital              Theme Patc
  225 to 299 Boxes                                                         400 to 499 B                Camera, and Carabiner
  Going Places                                                              Large Plush                    Water Holder
     T-Shirt                                                                    Pony

                                                                                                 2,000+ Boxes
                                                                                                iPod Nano or
                                                    1,000 to 1,999 boxe
                                                                       s                         $150 Apple
                                                 iPod Shuffle or $7                                                            300+ Boxes
                                                                   5                              or iTunes
                                                   Apple or iTunes                                 gift card                 Super Patch
                                                      gift card

                                                                                                               Top Sellers
                                                                                                               Special trophies will be awarded to the top three
Initial Order Recognitions                                                                                     sellers in the Girl Scouts – North Carolina
Girls are eligible for Initial Order Recognitions                                                              Coastal Pines. The top three sellers in each
regardless of the proceeds plan chosen by their                                                                county/area will receive engraved medals, and
troop.                                                                                                         the top three sellers in each troop will receive a
                                                            Achievement Bars                                   certificate.
• If a troop turns in an initial cookie order by            Girls who sell 150 boxes or more receive a
  January 27 with a box-per-girl average of 209             special Achievement Bar patch that honors their    Operation Cookie
  boxes or more, all participating girls in the             sales efforts. Bars come in 50 box increments      Drop Patch
  troop will earn this super cool Duffle Bag!               from 150 boxes to 500, then in 100 box             Girls who turn in Operation
                                                            increments up to 1,000 boxes. Girls who sell       Cookie Drop donations for
• Girls who turn in an
                                                            1,001+ boxes will receive custom Achievement       15 boxes or more ($52.50)
  individual cookie order
                                                            Bars showing the exact number of boxes sold.       will receive a custom-designed Operation Cookie
  of 209 boxes or more
  by January 25 will earn a                                                                                    Drop patch. Troop leaders can also purchase
  custom-designed Diva Pin and/or                                                                              additional Operation Cookie Drop patches in the
  2009 dangler!                                                                                                council shops.

  Girls who received the 2008 Diva Pin will receive the     Girls must pay their cookie bill in full by March 15, 2009 to receive top seller acknowledgement
  2009 dangler only.                                        and/or to be eligible for Cookie Dough, Superstar Destinations and the Wii.
               Please join us in congratulating Girl Scouts –                                                                                     Hats Off to the
               North Carolina Coastal Pines’ 2008 top sellers:                                                                                    2008 top sellers
                                                                                                                                                  in each of our
         Abbey Neal, Troop #3422, Wayne County – 4,002 Boxes                                                                                      county/areas!
         Kiara Sostack, Troop #318, Wayne County – 3,504 Boxes
                                                                                                          County/Area           Girl Scout             Troop   Boxes
    LaFredda West-Bey, Troop #615, Warren County – 3,228 Boxes                                                                                                  Sold
                                                                                                          Beaufort County       Brittany Alligood       871     902
                                                                                                          Bladen County         Stephanie Maxley       1081    1,000

                Be a top seller!                                                                          Brunswick County
                                                                                                          Carteret County
                                                                                                                                Savanna Moore
                                                                                                                                Laura Russell
                                                                                                          Chatham County        Stephanie Lineberry    1031    1,150
            DID YOU KNOW THAT GIRLS AND TROOPS                                                            Columbus County       Jennifer Stocks        1271     812
           WHO SET GOALS SELL 30% MORE COOKIES?                                                           Craven-Havelock       Amelia Rodriguez       1776     725
                                                                                                          Craven-New Bern       Megan Buchner          1699    1,125
Has your troop talked about the fun things you can do and places you can go with                          Cumberland 33         Kathleen St. Peter      897    1,539

money earned through the Cookie Sale Program? Last year Troop 837 (shown here)                            Cumberland 35         Sidney Jones           1458    1,745
                                                                                                          Cumberland 36         Bobbie Grantham         415    1,600
used their cookie proceeds to go on an all-
                                                                                                          Duplin County         LeAhnie Rivers         1159    1,077
expenses paid two-week trip to Europe,
                                                                                                          Durham 10             Leah Wuebbens          1740    1,311
including a stay at Our Chalet in Switzerland
                                                                                                          Durham 11             Trecia Smith             21    1,608
(! Every year Girl Scout
                                                                                                          Edgecombe County      DaSonja Darden         3363    1,516
troops take trips to great places like                                                                    Franklin County       Angel Dupree           1422     852
Savannah, GA (Juliette Gordon Lowe’s                                                                      Granville County      Ashlyn Woodlief        1291    1,009
birthplace), Disney World, and New York City                                                              Halifax County        Elena Miller            499    2,084
– funded primarily with cookie sale                                                                       Harnett County        Allie Chavis            407    1,425
proceeds.                                                                                                 Hoke County           Jessica Boyd           1932    1,232
                                                                                                          Johnston County       Valerie Davis          1863    1,821
The one common thread for these troops is
                                                                                                          Lee/W Harnett         Jennifer Sifford        324    1,061
that they set a goal. The girls work with their
                                                                                                          Lenoir County         Megan Young             165    2,323
leaders to calculate the cost of the trip –                                                               Martin County         Asia Corey             1877    1,501
including transportation, meals, lodging,                                                                 Moore County          Brianna Horney          911    1,867
even shopping – and determine how many                                                                    Nash County           Amber Pope               18    1,118
boxes of cookies they need to sell to pay for                                                             New Hanover           Courtney Floyd          593    1,522
the trip.                                                                                                 Onslow-Camp Lejeune Katlyne Meade              24    1,024
                                                                                                          Onslow-Jacksonville   Lakin Carlyle           396    1,740
Maybe your goal is to sell 10 more boxes of cookies than last year, or to be the
                                                                                                          Orange County         Anne Kelley             317     862
highest seller in your troop, or to earn the duffle bag, the stuffed pony or a special
                                                                                                          Pender County         Alexis Walton          1317    1,120
patch. The important thing is to set a goal. Just think about how proud you’ll be when                    Person County         Carson Briggs           965    1,258
you reach or exceed that goal. And guess what – your family, friends and customers                        Pitt County           Bobbie Jo Kochlin       463    2,303
want to help you reach your goal!                                                                         Richmond County       Amanda Wilderman       1351    2,014
                                                                                                          Robeson County        Jasmine Bazinet         588    2,000
                               Don’t be shy – share your goal with everyone. Write
                                                                                                          Sampson County        Zipporah Hayes          571     674
                                  it on your order cards, make stickers or posters
                                                                                                          Scotland County       Shaunee' McLaurin        75    1,300
                                 and be sure to enter your goal on the Goal Getter
                                                                                                          Vance County          Arah Wells              372     737
                            site. Surf to and click
                                                                                                          Wake 13               Kourtni Monroe         1067    2,006
Catch Goals to enter your goal by January 31 and earn a free Goal Getter patch!
                                                                                                          Wake 14               Hunter Nugent           272    1,619
See your Troop Cookie Manager for more details.                                                           Wake 15               Adasha Gillette        1179    1,428
                                                                                                          Wake 16               Sherine Thomas         1150    1,318
Attention All Girl Scouts!                                                                                Wake 18               Mary-Margaret Brooks   1237    2,075
If you’ve sold 5,000 boxes or more in your lifetime with the Girl Scout Council of Coastal Carolina,      Wake 19               Caroline Zook           447    1,305
Pines of Carolina Girl Scout Council and/or Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines, we want to hear   Wake 20               Marie Saunders         1516    1,055
from you. We have a special patch and recognition just for you! Please send an email to                   Wake 22               Lauren Chmelewski      1289     805 or a letter to: Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines, Attn. Product      Wake 23               Mya Amerson            1601     800
Sales Department, P.O. Box 52294, Raleigh, NC 27612. Please include the following information and the     Warren County         LaFredda West-Bey       615    3,228
number of boxes sold each year: Name, Current Troop, Mailing Address, Phone Number and Email.
                                                                                                          Wayne/Greene          Abbey Neal             3422    4,002
                                                                                                          Wilson County         Jeslyn Wethington       902    1,345
4   cookie gram 2009
                                                                We are so proud and grateful for the support and participation of all the girls and
       1,000 box sellers                                        families who helped us exceed our 2008 council sales goal by more than 131,000
                                                                boxes! Congratulations to each of these girls who sold 1,000 boxes or more!

                             Girl                    Troop   County/Area                 Girl                   Troop        County/Area
                             Kaitlyn Adams           286     New Hanover                 Bobbie Jo Kochlin      463          Pitt/Greenville
                             Abigail Ahlers          1369    Cumberland 33               Taylor Leggett         973          Robeson County
                             Brittany Aleshire       513     Lee/W Harnett               Stephanie Lineberry    1031         Chatham County
                             Jenni Ashton            837     Wake 18                     Raquel Manzanet        291          Onslow/Camp Lejeune
                             Tiffany Baker           523     Nash County                 British Maxey          7            Durham 11-215
                             Jasmine Bazinet         588     Robeson County              Stephanie Maxey        1081         Bladen County
                             Ravyn Bennett           291     Onslow/Camp Lejeune         Shaunee McLaurin       75           Scotland County
                             Trystan Bennett         291     Onslow/Camp Lejeune         Shawndora McNair       1528         Robeson County
                             Janae Best              714     Durham 11-215               Brenicia McNeill       1545         Robeson County
                             Miranda Bethea          1685    Cumberland 35               Katlyne Meade          24           Onslow/Camp Lejeune
                             Jasmine Bland           179     Martin County               Elena Miller           499          Halifax County
                             Tori Bland              779     Robeson County              Kourtni Monroe         1067         Wake 13
                             Jessica Boyd            1932    Hoke County                 Savanna Moore          476          Brunswick County
                             Carson Briggs           965     Person County               Abbey Neal             3422         Wayne/Greene
                             Mary-Margaret Brooks    1237    Wake 18                     Nora Nelson            706          Onslow/Jacksonville
                             Sydney Brown            495     New Hanover                 Hunter Nugent          272          Wake 14
                             Megan Buchner           1699    Craven/New Bern             Saorla O'Toole         929          Onslow/Camp Lejeune
                             Savannah Buffkin        593     New Hanover                 Hazel Page             1932         Hoke County
                             Jazmyne Burfine         1204    New Hanover                 Jennifer Palmer        1234         Wake 18
                             Joyce Butts             92      Onslow/Jacksonville         Aleeyah Parker         1346         Wayne/Greene
                             Karrigan Campbell       9       Scotland County             Jennifer Pate          3422         Wayne/Greene
                             Mayghan Campbell        9       Scotland County             Hannah Pergerson       1729         Durham 11-208
                             Allison Cannaday        463     Pitt/Greenville             Jada Peterson          321          Nash County
                             Lakin Carlyle           396     Onslow/Jacksonville         Amber Pope             18           Nash County
                             Sabrina Carraway        112     Carteret County             Victoria Portillo      441          Halifax County
                             Christine Chang         837     Wake 18                     Corrina Pribyl         463          Pitt/Greenville
                             Caitlin Chastain        1481    Cumberland 33               Angelica Richardson    1496         Durham 11-207
                             Allie Chavis            407     Harnett County              Daejane Richardson     3422         Wayne/Greene
                             Shelby Childers         1043    New Hanover                 Savannah Richardson    291          Onslow/Camp Lejeune
                             Elizabeth Colston       406     Halifax County              LeAhnie Rivers         1159         Duplin County
                             Meagan Colston          499     Halifax County              Courtney Roberson      165          Lenoir County
                             Caitlyn Coppinger       202     Moore County                Destiny Robinson       499          Halifax County
Please report any            Brandi Cordell          254     Nash County                 Tiffani Rosber         409          Lenoir County
omissions or errors to       Asia Corey              1877    Martin County               Susan Rose             1481         Cumberland 33
                             Alexandria Cox          3422    Wayne/Greene                Casey Rubin            593          New Hanover   Crystal Crockett        11731   Cumberland 36               Laura Russell          515          Carteret County
                             DaSonja Darden          3363    Edgecombe County            Christina Saraceno     835          Wake 13
                             Valerie Davis           1863    Johnston 2                  Marie Saunders         1516         Wake 20
                             Gabriella Day           11731   Cumberland 36               Johanna Schaaper       1677         Durham 10
                             Cassie Decker           702     New Hanover                 Alexis Scott           1825         Onslow/Jacksonville
                             Ann Margaret Dietrich   837     Wake 18                     Kristina Shepard       770          Onslow/Jacksonville
                             Brianna Duenow          211     Onslow/Jacksonville         Savannah Shoemake      318          Wayne/Greene
                             Mikayla Edwards         7       Durham 11-215               Jennifer Sifford       324          Lee/W Harnett
                             Courtney Floyd          593     New Hanover                 Trecia Smith           21           Durham 11-215
                             Alexis Ford             318     Wayne/Greene                Kiara Sostack          318          Wayne/Greene
                             Reilyn Gaglione         990     Wake 19                     Kathleen St Peter      897          Cumberland 33
                             Adasha Gillette         1179    Wake 15                     Aylin Stout            1290         Cumberland 33
                             Bobbie Grantham         415     Cumberland 36               Georgia Suddath        296          Wake 18
                             Aja Gray                415     Cumberland 36               MariJane Sutton        588          Robeson County
                             Tierra Green            855     Robeson County              Jessica Szymendera     294          Wake 18
                             Alyssa Greenwell        3422    Wayne/Greene                Khadedra Taylor        488          Wake 14
                             Anna Greenwell          318     Wayne/Greene                Taylor Theroux         Juliette     Brunswick County
                             Daria Hagens            1322    Nash County                 Sherine Thomas         1150         Wake 16
                             Jasmine Hansley         211     Onslow/Jacksonville         Alexis Walton          1317         Pender County
                             Veronica Harper         1204    New Hanover                 Jena Walton            476          Brunswick County
                             Ariel Harris            24      Onslow/Camp Lejeune         Marianne Warrick       837          Wake 18
                             Leslie Harrison         837     Wake 18                     Jeanaye Watson         18           Nash County
                             Amalia Harsany          911     Moore County                Ingrid Watts           90           Craven/New Bern
                             Brittany Hilliard       2995    Wilson County               Clara Weingarth        1677         Durham 10
                             Alexandra Hobin         417     Harnett County              LaFredda West-Bey      615          Warren County
                             Caroline Hobin          417     Harnett County              Jeslyn Wethington      902          Wilson County
                             Alexis Hollis           1581    Durham 11-215               Amanda Wilderman       1351         Richmond County
                             Rachel Hopkins          1032    Wake 14                     Sarah Wilkins          1237         Wake 18
                             Brianna Horney          911     Moore County                Morgan Willhite        640          Johnston 3
                             Ciarra Huhman           1076    Cumberland 36               Ashley Williams        192          Johnston 3
                             Stephanie Humphrey      530     Onslow/Jacksonville         Jessica Williams       1545         Robeson County
                             Megan Ivey              779     Robeson County              Katherine Williams     625          Onslow/Jacksonville
                             Aneesa Johnson          1237    Wake 18                     Victoria Williams      3422         Wayne/Greene
                             Shanice Jones           1458    Cumberland 35               D'Andra Winborne       63           Wake 14
                             Sarah Kent              24      Onslow/Camp Lejeune         Ashlyn Woodlief        1291         Granville County
                             Savannah Kiger          211     Onslow/Jams                 Leah Wuebbens          1740         Durham 10
                             Diamonique King         1804    Cumberland 35               Megan Young            165          Lenoir County
                                                                                         Caroline Zook          447          Wake 19                  5
frequently asked questions
    Who can sell Girl Scout Cookies?
    All registered Girl Scouts can sell Girl Scout cookies. Participation for all girls as
    well as troops is voluntary.

    Where can girls sell cookies?
    Girl Scouts in North Carolina Coastal Pines should sell cookies within our 41-
    county jurisdiction. There are no restrictions, however, on where girls can sell
                                                                                                Safety First when Selling and
    within our council. No girl or troop has exclusive rights to any neighborhood,                   Delivering Cookies
    town, area, or street.                                                                   • Sell only in neighborhoods with which you are familiar and
                                                                                               during daylight hours
    Can customers return cookies?
    If a customer believes that a box of cookies is in any way unsatisfactory, the           • Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies and Juniors should be
    box can be exchanged with the Girl Scout troop from which the cookies were                 accompanied by an adult; Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and
    purchased, or can be returned for a refund. Ask your Troop Cookie Manager                  Ambassadors should use the buddy system or be with an
    what to do with customer returns.
                                                                                             • Girls should not enter the home of a stranger and should
    Can girls return cookies?                                                                  not give customers their last name or address
    Once a parent/guardian signs for cookies, they cannot be returned to the troop
                                                                                             • Girls should know and practice pedestrian safety
    or council. Girls and parents are encouraged not to “pre-order” cookies without
    customer orders and must pay for all cookies received.                                   • Girls should wear a membership pin, sash or vest for
    Are all Girl Scout Cookie Sale Programs
                                                                                             • Girls should not carry large amounts of money
    conducted at the same time and are
    cookies the same price nationwide?
    No. Each Girl Scout council sets its own sale dates and prices. Most councils in
    North Carolina, including Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines, sell
                                                                                                   Selling Girl Scouts Cookies
    cookies for $3.50 per box and conduct the cookie sale between January                          Online: Guidance from Girl
    and March.                                                                                          Scouts of the USA
    When should customers pay for cookies?                                                   Girls can use email as a marketing tool to let family, friends
                                                                                             and former customers know about the sale. Girls or their
    Customers should pay upon delivery, not when ordering cookies. If a customer
                                                                                             families may not engage in selling Girl Scout Cookies or other
    insists on paying for cookies at the time of the order, be certain to deliver the
                                                                                             products approved for council-sponsored product sales on
    cookies as quickly as possible.
                                                                                             the Internet.
    Can a customer write a check for cookies?                                                • Product related e-mail is not intended to be SPAM
    Girls should only take checks from people they know, and checks should be                  (unwanted email). Girls or their parents should not
    made payable to the troop. Girls should only accept checks with the customer’s             broadcast emails to parental membership lists or place of
    name, address, and phone number imprinted on the check.                                    employment email list serves.
                                                                                             • Girls or their parents cannot set up online ordering or
    What if I can’t reach a customer for delivery?
                                                                                               payment on private Web pages.
    Make at least three attempts to deliver cookies to a customer. If you’re
    unsuccessful reaching a customer after three tries, you may sell the cookies to          • Lists of customers and their emails should be treated with
    another customer (unless the customer prepaid for them).                                   respect, and girls should be instructed on privacy issues.
                                                                                             (Source: Girl Scout Safety-Wise Update, July 15, 2008)
    Are cookie purchases tax deductible?
    Yes and no. Cookies purchased for personal or group consumption are not tax
                                                                                             Please see our “Email Blueprint” for the most effective ways
    deductible. However, cookies purchased for a charitable organization (such as a
                                                                                             to use email and text messaging by going to
    food pantry or Operation Cookie Drop), where the customer does not receive
                                                                                    and clicking About/Cookie Sale.
    the cookies or benefit directly by paying for the cookies, are tax deductible.
                                                                                             Please note that the guidelines above expressly prohibit the
    Contributions in excess of $250 should be reported to Girl Scouts – North
                                                                                             sale or promotion of Girl Scout cookies on websites such as
    Carolina Coastal Pines so that an official receipt can be provided to the                eBay and Craig’s List. Failure to follow these guidelines can
    customer.                                                                                result in forfeiture of troop proceeds and expulsion from the
                                                                                             Cookie Sale Program.
6   cookie gram 2009
                                                                                  operation cookie drop
 Last year girls added many boxes to their sales by collecting donations for      It’s easy to participate!
 Operation Cookie Drop. New this year, girls can count Operation Cookie           • Girls collect donations from customers for boxes of cookies. (Donations
 Drop donations in their initial order, making it easier to earn the Diva Pin       should be made in increments of $3.50.)
 and duffle bag!
                                                                                  • Girls turn in donations with their initial cookie order and again at the end
                                                                                    of the sale.
 Why collect donations for                                                        • Troops report their Operation Cookie Drop donations and the council
 Operation Cookie Drop?                                                             adds up all the donations and places an order for the cookies with the
 • Some customers don’t want to purchase cookies for themselves but                 bakery (usually between 45,000 and 50,000 boxes!).
   want to support Girl Scouts, your troop and our military troops.               • In May the bakery delivers cookies to the National Guard in Pitt County,
   Operation Cookie Drop will allow them to do all three.                           Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, Seymour Johnson in Goldsboro, and Fort
 • Our military troops serving overseas really appreciate the cookies!              Bragg in Fayetteville. Cookies are then shipped overseas by these
 • Girls and troops get sales credit for these sales and don’t have to deliver      military branches to their deployed personnel.
   cookies.                                                                       Girls and troops must report all Operation Cookie Drop donations;
 • Troops earn proceeds on donations.                                             Operation Cookie Drop donations cannot be used to pay for other cookie
 • Girls who collect donations for 15 boxes or more receive a free                orders or undelivered cookies.
   Operation Cookie Drop patch.
                                                                                  Your Troop Cookie Manager will have more information about Operation
                                                                                  Cookie Drop at your troop training/kickoff.

cookies cookies cookies cookies cookies cookies

          Thin Mints                      Peanut Butter Patties                           Peanut Butter                          Caramel deLites
Not only the number one selling Girl     Truly a peanut butter lover’s delight,            Sandwiches                        With homemade caramel, special
  Scout cookies but also one of the       this crispy vanilla cookie is layered     Another long-time favorite that’s        toasted flaked coconut and cocoa
top selling cookies in America, these         with real peanut butter and               great with a glass of milk,         stripes, this cookie is drenched with
crisp chocolate wafers are dipped in     blanketed with a chocolate coating.       deliciously smooth peanut butter is            flavor and has many fans.
a rich chocolaty coating with a burst                                                 sandwiched between crunchy
         of pure peppermint.                                                         oatmeal cookies in this yummy

          Shortbread                              Lemonades                                Thanks-A-Lot                          Daisy-Go-Rounds
  The cookie that started it all, this    Climbing the popularity charts at           Expressing our thanks in five           Back with blooming flair, these
    traditional favorite has a light     record pace, this shortbread cookie      different languages, this shortbread       crispy cinnamon cookies come in
   buttery flavor and tastes great.         with a refreshingly tangy lemon       cookie dipped in rich fudge is hard         convenient, healthy 100-calorie
                                           icing makes every day feel like a                     to beat.                                 packs.
                                                 sweet summer break.
                                                                                                                how I did it!
                                                                                       Use eye contact while wearing your beautiful,
                                                                                       wonderful smile!
                                                                                                              OLIVIA W., OXFORD
                                                                                                              739 boxes

                                                                           Where does the money go?
                                                                           Unlike most youth and school product sales, the vast majority of money
                                                                           raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program comes directly back
                                                                           to the girls and troops through proceeds, recognitions, programs and
What’s in a Box of Girl Scout Cookies                                      events. The girls decide how they want to spend their troop proceeds,
                                                                           and the council reinvests their proceeds into providing new and better
Customers may think they’re just buying a box of Girl Scout Cookies, but
                                                                           programs for girls, and reducing the cost of existing programs so more
they’re really buying so much more!
                                                                           girls can participate. For example, the Cookie Sale Program
• First, each box contains an outstanding program for girls in the
                                                                           • Helped pay for TechnoQuest in which 180 girls participated last year.
  community. From learning to count money to setting goals for college
                                                                             Funding from the cookie sale helped make this program affordable for
  and their lives; from learning to meet the public to developing self
  confidence in themselves and their value to society … the Girl Scout
                                                                           • Provides a substantial amount of money to keep our
  cookie sale is first and foremost an opportunity for girls to learn
                                                                             camps fun, safe and inexpensive to attend. The
  through experience.
                                                                             cost to attend a week of resident camp through
• Second, each box contains funding that helps Girl Scouting make a lot
                                                                             Girl Scouts – North Carolina
  of good things happen for girls in the community. Research shows
                                                                             Coastal Pines is several hundred
  that the number one reason people buy Girl Scout cookies is to
                                                                             dollars less than other comparable
  support Girl Scouting. Every delectable Thin Mint is helping change
                                                                             camps because of funding from the cookie sale.
  the world for the better, one girl at a time.
                                                                           • Underwrites the cost of hundreds of volunteer
• Third, each box contains Girl Scouting. For many people in the
                                                                             learning opportunities – like first aid and CPR
  community, the cookie sale is the only time when they interact with a
                                                                             training and outdoor camping workshops –
  Girl Scout. That young lady becomes their personal symbol of how
                                                                             provided at no or low cost to our adult Girl
  Girl Scouting is helping girls grow strong so that they become the
                                                                             Scout volunteers, enabling us to provide
  competent, caring and confident adult custodians of tomorrow’s
                                                                             safe and effective leadership for the girls.

Thank you to ABC Bakers for this insightful perspective of the Cookie
Sale Program!

                                      how I did it!
                 No matter what the weather was, I went out every
                 day walking or riding my bike with my cookies.
                                     STEPHANIE L., STALEY                              G I R L S C O U T S – N O R T H C A R O L I N A C O A S TA L P I N E S
                                     1,150 boxes in 2008                               Product Sales Department
                                     6,510 lifetime achievement                        PO Box 52294, Raleigh, NC 27612
                                                                                       (919) 782-3021 | (800) 284-4475

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