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									           SHAW DIRECT SATELLITE TV
                  (Formerly Star Choice)
209 System
$99.00 – System (Receiver + Dish)*
$99.00 – Receiver Only
207 System
$79.00 – System or Receiver only
On Screen Video-In-Guide, Compact Size, 5:1 Remote, 1-AV Output, 5:1 Remote,
8PSK Modulation for future interactive services.
No Pay Per View Output.

319 System (While Quantities last-To be discontinued)
$119.00 – System (Receiver + Dish)*
$119.00 – Receiver Only
S-Video Output, 2-A/V Outputs, 5.1 Dolby Digital Output, Optical Output,
Pay-Per-View Output w/Call Display on TV if subscribed,
8 Button Front Panel Control, 5:1 Remote, Picture in Guide.

505 High Definition System
$199.00 – System (Receiver + Dish)*
$199.00 – Receiver Only
$129.00 – Refurbished (while quantities last)
OCT. PROMO-$99.00-1 Refurb.Receiver. New customer only.
High Definition Receiver, 5:1   UHF Remote, DVI Output, Component Output, S-
Video, 2-RCA Outputs, Optical   Output, 5.1 Dolby Digital Output, PPV Output,
Caller ID if hooked into PPV,   Picture in Guide, Front Panel:
8 Button Front Panel Control,   A/V output and Viewing Ratios.

530 High Definition/PVR System
$499.00 - System (Receiver + Dish)*
$499.00 – Receiver Only
$350.00 – Refurbished (while quantities last)
High Definition Receiver/Dual PVR –Same as 505, but also 2 Hard
Drives for recording. One hard drive is continually recording
to play, pause, rewind live tv. Second hard drive allows you
to tape a 2nd program while watching another at the same time.
Requires 2 separate cables into the receiver.

          – Free Dish & Install
          - Free Installation of 2 Receivers.
          - $100 Program Credit(on Shaw Direct monthly billing)
          - $50.00 PPV Credit(extra $50 Credit for each add’l)

$50.00 Installation charge after the 2nd Receiver (if

(All Credits and Pricing are subject to change at end of month)
MRF-A Multi-Receiver Fee of $4.99 is added to your Shaw Direct bill
each month once a second receiver is activated in your account. This
gives you a lifetime warranty on all receivers activated in your
account. If you subscribe to Platinum Choice with Movies, Titanium
Choice with Movies, Ultimate Choice with Movies or Ultimate Choice,
the $4.99 is part of the package and this charge is included in the
SRF-A Single Receiver Fee is optional if you have only one receiver
activated in your account. One receiver has a 1 year warranty, but
you have the option to pay $2.49 ea. month to receive a lifetime
warranty on that receiver.
Remotes do not include in the lifetime warranty.

Limited lifetime warranty on the dish and all exterior components.

Move Program – After being activated for one year, Shaw Direct will
move you once a year free. (Dish + 1 receiver install free).

Seasonal Disconnects – If going away, you can temporarily suspend
your account and pay no fee’s while you are gone. Must provide Shaw
Direct with a re-connect date.

Home Away From Home – If you own a second location (cottage, etc),
you can have Shaw Direct at the second location at no extra monthly
cost. Just prove to them you own the second location (Hydro Bill,
etc.), and they will provide you a dish and installation of the dish
for $50.

Availability –Shaw Direct is open 24 hrs. 7 days a week.
Toll Free #1-888-554-7827

Billing – You are billed one month ahead. Call anytime to change
your programming, it is pro-rated and you are only charged the amount
of days on any pkg., your next invoice will reflect the credit or

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