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					The Social Enterprise Centre:
Three Short Stories in One

Professor David R Stevens
Director of Marketing & Social Enterprises
Cumberland Industries Limited
Sydney, Australia
The First Story

The Director of Marketing and Social
Enterprises for Cumberland Industries
Limited Australia, becomes involved with
a world class social enterprise.

The Second Story

The creation and development of
Social Enterprise Consulting, a “division”
of Cumberland Industries.

 The Third Story

 The Social Enterprise Centre

“An integrated cluster of not-for-profits.
 An innovative way of creating revenue,
 disability employment and community
 access to services”


1       How the Journey Began

        Strategic planning, business
        planning, marketing planning and
        risk management planning studies
        for each of the then six divisions
        of Cumberland Industries.

1       How the Journey Began

        The six divisions include
           General packing
           Textiles
           Pharmaceutics
           Contract manufacturing
           Confectionery and
           The yet to be tested consulting division
            Social Enterprise Consulting

2       The Evolution of
        Social Enterprise Consulting
        Social Enterprise Services;
        a dormant division
           Social Enterprise Training
           Social Enterprise Recruitment
           Social Enterprise Consulting
            (Consulting assignments achieved historically include
            Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand)

2       The Evolution of
        Social Enterprise Consulting
        Extending The Consultancy From
        Disability Services
           International assignments achieved
           National advertising
           50 consultants recruited
           The difficulty in marketing the
            “massive” mix

2       The Evolution of
        Social Enterprise Consulting
        Consulting Sub-streams
           Corporate Social         Business to Government;
            Responsibility            Government to Business
           Disability Services       Relationships
           Local Government         Social and Employee
            Authorities               Enterprises
           Transportation and       Human Capital Management
            Engineering              Business Transformation

2       The Evolution of
        Social Enterprise Consulting
        Associate Directors
           Voluntary
           Create stream strategy
           Promote the business stream and team
           Synergies with other streams
           Develop the brochures/support material
SEC Generic Brochure
Business Stream Brochures

2       The Evolution of
        Social Enterprise Consulting
        The Fee Basis
           25% - 100% fee to Cumberland
            Industries Limited
           75% to externals
           Client nominated projects support employees
           AUS$500,000 in the first year
           CSR by auto-pilot

3       The Social Enterprise Centre

3       The Social Enterprise Centre

        Social Enterprise Centre Genesis
           Mezzanine 2 at London Bridge
           Community Action Network (CAN)
           High quality, cost effective, environmentally
            friendly office space
           Conference space and meeting rooms
           Fostering shared services and facilitating
           Maximising opportunities from interaction

3       The Social Enterprise Centre

        Balyana in South Australia
        People with disability in:

          Reception      Catering

3       The Social Enterprise Centre

        The Social Enterprise Centre Concept
           Cumberland Industries hybrid solution
           The 2 storey layout: 3 storey option
           Pilot scheme
           Incubator concept
           Synergistic relationships (between NFP’s)
           Synergistic relationships (to CIL)
           Tripartite funding – CIL, Federal Government
            and State Government

3       The Social Enterprise Centre

        Cumberland Industries Benefits
           Exploiting land asset
           Financial self-sufficiency for first three
            years/profit thereafter
           Social Enterprise Consulting opportunities
           Vocational training and employment for PWD’s
           Catering outlet for products for CIL
           Re-enforces CIL as a world class social enterprise

3       The Social Enterprise Centre

        Government Benefits
           Low risk pilot study/high profile yield
           Reduce risk of failing NFP’s
            (through lower operating costs)
           Reduce failing NFP’s
            (synergies with other NFP’s)
           Reduce failing NFP’s
            (high quality strategic planning, business
            planning, marketing planning)

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