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					                                        Stephen McNulty

                                     11002 Howland Drive
                                  Reston, Virginia 20191 USA
                                         Phone: 703-476-8128

Summary Experience

Stephen McNulty has been in the energy business for over 31 years. He began his professional career in the
late 1970s as a State Energy Official with the NJ Dept of Energy. Steve has broad knowledge of energy
efficiency and renewable energy technologies and has worked for over 30 years with US Dept of Energy
programs (e.g., EERE, Golden Field Office, Office of Fossil Energy. LBNL) and also the U.S. Agency for
International Development. Since the beginning of 2005 Steve has served the Energy & Security Group as
Senior Operations & Program Manager, participating on the Rural Lighting in Africa project supported by
the World Bank, the US International Trade Administration’s report on Clean Energy Technologies for
China and India, the LaGuardia Foundation’s rural energy lender training program for the China, Brazil and
India. Prior to joining ESG Steve worked with Winrock International, a non-profit development
organization. With Winrock’s Clean Energy Group Steve was the U.S.-based country manager for energy
programs in Indonesia, Russia, and the Republic of Georgia. Before joining Winrock he served as
Operations Director for the non-profit U.S. Export Council for Renewable Energy (US/ECRE). With
US/ECRE Steve worked to assist U.S. renewable energy companies (developers, manufacturers, utilities,
distributors) to penetrate markets in developing countries. And with US/ECRE he was the US-based liaison
for activities in Russia – and led a trade mission to Russia to promote trade. During his career, Steve has
worked with energy consulting companies such as Bechtel National and Sheladia International serving
government, multi-lateral, utility, and commercial clients. He has also worked as an independent consultant
for clients such as the World Bank and the UN Development Program.

Professional Experience

Energy & Security Group                                                January 2005 – present

Senior Operations & Program Manager

   With ESG Steve is responsible for financial management/forecasting, human resources and contracts
   management, plus new business development. Plus he has program roles in the following ESG projects:

       REPORT for US Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration (ITA) on
       some research and writing for this well-received and highly-regarded study that is posted on ITA’s
       website. In particular, Steve provided input on the detailed analysis of barriers and obstacles to
       clean energy technologies trade and investment in China and India.
       Lead writer and researcher under a contract with the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, APEC, to
       help develop a “roadmap” for urban areas in Asia to integrate clean energy systems. This work is
       coordinated through the U.S. Department of Energy.
       Support to the U.S. Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs on the “Study of
       Foreign Government Predevelopment Support for Clean Energy Technology Exports.” For this
       contract Steve is one of the lead researchers and writers, and to date (July09) prepared the draft
       document covering US clean energy export support programs. Future efforts will be to examine

Stephen McNulty resume, ESG                                                       May 25, 2010
       international government export support programs for their domestic clean energy industries, and
       recommend how U.S. government assistance can be enhanced.
       Work with the LaGuardia Foundation on the Mobilizing Sustainable Agriculture, Infrastructure, and
       Capital (MOSAICO) project, which is to catalyze human, institutional, and financial resources in
       support of the development of locally defined and managed ventures utilizing sustainable approaches
       and infrastructures to mitigate climate change and preserve biodiversity on a significant scale. In
       particular, Steve helped to design and write the banker training materials, to inform them about clean
       energy technologies – with goal to increase lending for small and medium enterprises. And for
       China, to support the development of Venture Capital Finance for sustainable investments in
       agriculture and infrastructure.

Winrock International                                           May 1999 – October 2004

Director of Operations

   From May 1999 through October 2004 Mr. McNulty served Winrock International as Director of
   Operations in the Clean Energy Group. Winrock is a non-profit which serves the rural poor in the
   provision of energy, sustainable agricultural, forestry and other vital services to ensure economic self-
   reliance and sustainable development. With Winrock, Mr. McNulty had myriad duties including
   programmatic (mobilize industry, policy support, NGO strengthening, finance facilitation) and
   management (revenue projections, proposal development, quality assurance, work plan development,
   contract & subcontract management & compliance, reporting, personnel supervision) responsibilities.
   Clients included the U.S. Agency for International Development, Department of Commerce, Rockefeller
   Brothers Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, Shell Foundation, US Trade & Development
   Agency, the UN Development Foundation and the World Bank. Also served Winrock as liaison for
   energy activities in Indonesia and also for countries of the former Soviet Union – with focus on Russia
   and the Republic of Georgia.

   Steve’s work as liaison for Indonesia energy programs ran the gamut from local-country staff
   management, building partnerships/joint ventures, identifying funding to sustain local REPSO YBUL,
   developing required project reports/deliverables, assisting rural communities in achieving energy
   improvements, handling related contracts and subcontracts, and in general managing activities and
   facilitating communications. Steve reached out to Winrock’s Cold Chain program office in Bali to team
   with them on common objectives. As a result of this partnering, an international shipping/container
   company and Java-based manufacturer Guna Elektro are proceeding to build a large ice-making plant in
   Kupang using wind/diesel for power. The ice-making plant will help supply local farmers and fishermen
   with adequate ice for opening markets in distant locales, and at the same time will use clean energy for
   producing power. Also in Indonesia:
      Helped USDOE’s NREL to establish, update and maintain database on wind resources in eastern
       islands of Indonesia. Winrock/NREL wind data was the basis for pending (early 2005) commercial
       windfarm construction on Timor. In addition to helping supply the wind data, Steve also worked
       with local governments and communities for approvals for the windfarm.
      Worked with US manufacturer – SW Windpower – in establishing plans for a manufacturing facility
       on Java – which was put on hold after Bali bombing and Jakarta hotel bombing.
      Along with local partner YBUL, provided input to PSK Tersebar law requiring national utility PLN
       to purchase power from clean sources if under 1 MW.
      Established excellent working relations with USAID mission in Jarkarta, with US Commercial
       Service staff, private companies, etc.

Stephen McNulty resume, ESG                                                        May 25, 2010
       While with Winrock worked with a number of Winrock “REPSOs” (renewable energy project
        support offices) to help them become financially sustainable, improve compliance with government
        and funder requirements, and effectively manager their contracts. These REPSOs are located in
        Winrock-priority countries of the developing world and are made up mainly of local staff. RESPSO
        offices where Mr. McNulty had the most positive impact included Indonesia, Brazil, Nepal and
        South Africa.

Independent Energy Consultant                                            November 1998 – May 1999

Clients include the United Nations’ Development Program, performing a program evaluation on the World
Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance (ESMAP) Program and the U.S. Hydropower Council for
International Development, helping them set up their management and administrative requirements to qualify
as a 501(c)6 non-profit corporation. Mr. McNulty has also consulted with the World Bank’s ASTAE program,
the Asia Alternative Energy Program, which seeks to bring power to rural populations of Asia.

U.S. Export Council for Renewable Energy (US/ECRE)                         June 1996 – Nov 1998
Operations Director

US/ECRE represented over 1,000 renewable energy companies in the United States, including developers,
manufacturers, engineers, distributors, utilities, and consultants. As Operations Director for US/ECRE, Mr.
McNulty participated in all programmatic (both regional and technology-specific), contractual, personnel,
proposal, and other "cross-over" activities. Mr. McNulty was US/ECRE’s project manager for programs in
the Newly Independent States, including Russia. Major cooperators/clients were the U.S. Agency for
International Development (USAID), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and other government agencies and
non-profit trade associations. Served as Program Manager for large, multi-task Cooperative Agreements and
Grants from DOE, USAID, and Commerce. Tasks managed by Mr. McNulty were:
     Finance Facilitation
     Performance Contracting (efficiency)
     Global Climate Change
     Joint Implementation
     Policy & Regulatory Reform
     Trade Promotion
     Export Promotion
     Trade Missions & Conferences
     Rural Electrification

With US/ECRE Steve played a key role in the successful conduct of the acclaimed 1997 Asia-Pacific
Initiative conference held in Indonesia and coordinated by Dr. Griffin Thompson of US/ECRE (now with
Dept of State), where participants got to meet and do business with the highest level of energy players in the
AP-region. He was also the US/ECRE lead on a business trade mission to Russia and Ukraine.

SoBran, Inc.                                                     December 1994 - June 1996
   Program Manager

    Mr. McNulty served SoBran as Program Manager for a Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy
    (FE), International Programs support services contract. Mr. McNulty opened this branch office for
    SoBran, staffed the operations, and equipped the office. He had ultimate responsibility for compliance
    with the contract including quality of work, scheduling, budgeting, client satisfaction, reporting,
    subcontractor management, and timeliness of deliverables. Most of the project work centered around
    FE/International's efforts to promote the penetration of U.S. fossil energy technologies, equipment, and

Stephen McNulty resume, ESG                                                         May 25, 2010
   services to overseas customers. During this time, Mr. McNulty had the opportunity to collaborate with
   other international organizations and funding institutions such as the International Energy Agency,
   World Energy Council, United Nations, and World Bank.

Bechtel Corporation                                             December 1993 - July 1994
   Senior Environmental Analyst

   Hired to support the U.S. Agency for International Development's Director of Energy, Environment, and
   Technology (EET), and was funded through the Energy Technology Innovation Project (ETIP). Assisted
   the Director in drafting two chapters of the Technology for a Sustainable Future document. Also
   assisted the Director in writing letters, memos, papers, and reports on subjects pertaining to energy and
   the environment; U.S. government policy on providing support to developing countries to achieve
   sustainable development; success stories of the Office; and prospects for international energy and
   environmental advancement and growth.

   Provided input to the Director for:

      Developing a media strategy for USAID;
      Writing a paper on "Trade & Aid" to be used as testimony on Capitol Hill;
      Updating the Project Paper for the Private Sector Energy Development program.

   Performed project work for the Energy Technology Innovation Project, including:

      An environmental assessment report for the Dominican Republic (DR).
      A promotional strategy for an electric vehicle demonstration project.
      Emission guidelines recommendations for Mexico.

Sheladia Associates, Inc.                                       December 1985 - December 1993

   Served as Task Manager and Program Manager for government, utility, and private clients. Key areas of
   strength and activity were in Energy Efficiency & Renewables; Policy; Fossil Energy; International; and
   Environmental. Mr. McNulty managed task activities covering the international efforts of DOE/Energy
   Efficiency and Renewables, and also DOE/Fossil Energy. For example, Mr. McNulty supported DOE's
   1993 mission to India. Mr. McNulty also wrote the first draft of a proposal from DOE to USAID for
   matching funds for retraining former Soviet weapons scientists and engineers. The objective of the
   program was to direct these scientists to peaceful pursuits. Mr. McNulty has written a number of
   position papers for use by DOE, along with briefing books, and trip reports.

   Mr. McNulty has become a prolific writer, gaining valuable experience writing "white papers" on topics
   such as: Investor Risk Mitigation to Stimulate Private Energy Investments in Transitional Economies,
   and; Strategy for Coordination of International Activities. In addition to White Papers, Mr. McNulty has
   contributed to writing reports and manuals such as: a Report to Congress on the Clean Coal Technology
   Program; Analysis of Emerging Energy Technologies publication; and the Technology Transfer Desk
   Manual. Steve has also written substantial sections of Memorandums of Cooperation between the U.S.
   government and: the Newly Independent States, Venezuela, and Japan.

   Mr. McNulty developed considerable experience in energy policy issues (e.g., DOE's Strategic Plan of
   1994, Energy Policy Act of 1992, Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, National Energy Strategy,
   Energy Security Report). With Sheladia, he also served as Legislative Liaison. As Legislative Liaison

Stephen McNulty resume, ESG                                                       May 25, 2010
   he kept his "finger on the pulse" of Capitol Hill, attending select Committee and Subcommittee meetings
   and testimonies, and following the progress of legislation of interest to SAI's clients.

   Mr. McNulty also served as PM for private and utility clients including Potomac Electric Power
   Company (Pepco), the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), Science Applications
   International Corporation (SAIC), and a bottling company in Baltimore called Custom Laboratories. He
   also managed a large contract with Dept. of the Army for undertaking detailed energy surveys of US-
   Army bases, including mobilizing the engineering team for performing the energy surveys, writing up
   results, and presenting results (including specific energy-improvement measures and estimated savings)
   to base personnel. With Sheladia Mr. McNulty also performed hundreds of residential energy audits by
   way of a contract with Virginia Power.

New Jersey Department of Energy                                 October 1978 - December 1985
   Energy Analyst and Manager

   Mr. McNulty served in a number of capacities during his tenure as a government official with the
   NJDOE. Most of his activities were supported by the USDOE's State Energy Conservation Program, or
   SECP. Mr. McNulty had managerial responsibility for the Institutional Conservation Program (ICP)
   during the period 1981-1985, including supervision of six professionals and one clerical staff. Activities
   of the office included designing and distributing applications; liaison with federal officials, grant
   applicants, and awardees; technical review of energy audit reports; scoring and ranking of applications;
   award and allocation of monies; monitoring and inspection of funded projects; and compliance with all
   government requirements.

   Also with NJDOE Mr. McNulty was a speaker at various trade shows and symposiums, on topics such as
   utility demand side management programs, emergency preparedness, and environmental compliance.
   Steve also served the state as one of four Fuel Allocation Officers during the petroleum supply
   disruptions of the late 1970's, and learned valuable lessons about the role of government in the domestic
   and international energy markets.

   With the state government, Mr. McNulty was a leader in advancing the new concept of "performance
   contracting". This is where a private energy services company would identify and then implement
   energy saving measures and improved operations and maintenance (O&M) procedures in institutional
   buildings, and then recover their investment over a multi-year period through energy savings.


University of Colorado, Boulder (1976) - Bachelors Degree in Geography. Studies ranged from Business to
the Environment to International issues.

Skills and Interests

Worked with computers for 25+ years, excellent knowledge of MS Office Suite of softwares including
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Has done private computer tutoring. Current or past board member
on: US Energy Association's National Outlook Committee, MD/DC Minority Supplier Development
Council, WSSC's Citizens Advisory Committee, University of Colorado Alumni Association, Association of
Professional Energy Managers, and Montgomery County's Energy Advisory Committee. Active in sports
and music, plays and referees volleyball, avid golfer and snow skier. Proficient musically on clarinet,
recorder, piano and drums.

Stephen McNulty resume, ESG                                                        May 25, 2010

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