; STAFF 22 23 October 2001
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STAFF 22 23 October 2001


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									                                                                                  22-23 October 2001, Arendal

       Workshop on Communicating Environmental Information
                        Evaluation form

Dear workshop participants,
in order for us to evaluate this workshop, listen to your comments and suggestions, and be able to
deliver a better training next time, we would much appreciate if you fill out the evaluation form below.

Please do not hesitate to also report the negative points, that is the only way we can improve!

        GRID-Arendal staff

Please tick off: 1 = not very good/ useful, 2 = OK, 3 = very good/ useful

                                     1   2   3    Score*    why? / comments
                                     0   4   8    2,6       (-)Short time, no breaks
Introductory and in-between                                 Too much info, hard to digest, no qu-s and
presentations                                               discussion
                                                            (+) informative, useful framework
                                     1   8   4    2,24      (-) hard for guests
Case study 1 (Arendal                                       (+) relevant, good to feel difficulties

                                         4   10   2,73      Limited direct relevance to GA work
Case studies 2 (global

* several people gave multiple answers

What did you like most? Why?
facilitators, high level of participation, case 1, case 2, introductory, bazaar, concrete examples
Right mix of theory & practice, interactivity, group work

What did you like least? Why?
Time pressure
Measuring impact theory – fuzzy, hard to apply

Will you be able to use the results in your work? How?
Yes, in project development

                                         1   2     3     Score*   why?
How was the workshop altogether?         0   5     9     2,73     Learning by doing, good break from
* several people gave multiple answers
What would you have done differently?

Cut on media, focus on other channels
Bazaar longer
More GA-related cases
Start with unsolved real world problem
Give more time for interaction with facilitators
Make less tough schedule (3 days)

Other comments, things you would like to mention, critiques:

Workshop was good, intense, hands-on and relevant

Thank you very much!

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