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					This guide details the functions of the administrator account which controls store and promotional
information for standard users.

Open your Internet browser and navigate to The web2print site works best
with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 and later.

Note: you can check your version of Internet Explorer (IE) by pressing [alt]+[H], [A] when IE is your active window.
Log in using the Username and password supplied to you by your Starbucks National Account Executive.
This is the main menu page. From this page you can initiate new orders, click on the order control
center to view order history, or click on Account Settings to update information about your account.

Click on the “Account Settings” button to access the admin functions.

For information on how to place an order, please refer to the Web2Print User Guide.
                               Edit My Profile - Enter and edit basic contact information not used for billing or shipping.
                               Manage Account Profile - Setup/Edit payment information and fill out your credit application if you will be utilizing
Here there are eight account   Purchase Orders.
                               Manage Store Groups - Add new store groupings or edit existing groupings.
settings sub menus:            Create New User - Create new users that can login and order from your signage site.
                               Manage User Profiles - Edit profile information for other users.
                               Manage Store Users - Assign groupings and/or stores to website users.
                               Manage Temporary Shipping Addresses - Temporary shipping addresses can be created during the shipping selection
                               process. These addresses are saved but do not replace the store address which is the default shipping address. If you need to
                               change your store address please contact your Starbucks District Manager.
                               Manage Billing Addresses - Billing addresses can be setup for individual stores or store groupings. If you need to add or
                               modify billing information, click the Manage Billing Addresses button.
“Edit User Profile”
       After making changes to this form click “UPDATE” to submit the information. These contact details
are not used for billing or shipping. However, the email address entered here will be used for all email
correspondence (i.e. Order Confirmation , Ship Confirmation, etc.).
“Manage Account Profile”
      Setup/Edit payment information and fill out your credit application if you will be utilizing Purchase Orders.
      If you wish to be invoiced and pay via purchase order, you must submit a credit application.
      Please allow 24 hours to 72 hours for processing.
      After the credit application has been processed your Account Status will be updated to “Account Approved” and the
      PO Number payment option will be available.
      To enable payment by purchase order you must select the check box next to PO Number after it becomes enabled.
      Account Administrators can select or de-select any available payment method.
      If you do not want to allow credit card payments uncheck the Credit Card check box and users will not be presented
      with credit card as a payment option during the order check out process.
      A default credit card can be setup on this page as well. This option could be used if all orders were being purchased
      via the same company credit card.
      Entering credit card information here would speed up the order checkout process; however, the user will have a
      chance to override this information during checkout.
“Manage Store Information”
       Store Groups allow you to group multiple stores together for ordering and shipment purposes. All
of the stores in a store group will be packed and shipped together resulting in savings on kit packing
charges and freight.

       To add a new store group you must enter a Group Code and Group Description. The Group
Code is meant to be a short value that can easily identify the group of stores (i.e. AtlAirport could be
used for all Starbucks locations in the Atlanta airport) and is used as a key value by the system. The
description field is what will be displayed to you and other users and should be more descriptive but less
than 40 characters

        The current grouping section displays the groupings that have been created. To change the
group description or add stores to a group that has just been created click the "EDIT" link located on the
left side of the group you wish to change. A store selection screen will be displayed. Click on the radio
buttons next to each store to be included in the group. Then click the “Update” button.
“Create New User”
        This page is for setting up new users for the web2print site. User profiles contain basic store
information such as location and contact details. All fields preceded by an “*” are required. The Login
field is for the Username to be used for accessing the site. After filling in all required fields, click the
“Create User” button to save the information to the database and create the new user account. For
security purposes, the username and password should be communicated to the user via separate
communications (i.e. do not send username and password in the same email).
“Manage User Profiles”

Note: “manage user profile” is for managing your personal account while “manage store users” is for managing other user
“Manage Store Users”

      Select the user from the drop down.
      Click "Change" to edit the stores associated with that user.
      To allow a user to create orders for a particular store place a check in the box beside the appropriate store and click
      the "Update" button in the store section.
      To allow a user to create orders for a group of stores place a check in the box beside the appropriate group and click
      the "Update" button located in the group section.
      To edit settings for a different user select the user from the drop down list and click "Change".
“Manage Temporary Shipping Addresses”
       Temporary addresses are addresses created during the order entry process. They are termed
temporary because permanent changes to your store address must be communicated to Starbucks via
your Starbucks District Manager. Temporary addresses are simply a mechanism to insure delivery if an
address has recently changed and the permanent update has not been communicated to Starbucks or
processed through the system.

      Select the temporary shipping address you wish to edit from the drop down selection.
      Click "Edit Address".
      Edit the fields as needed.
      Click "Update" to save as a temporary address.
“Manage Billing Addresses”
        Billing addresses are used for mailing invoices when another party is paying. To modify an
existing address click the EDIT button next to the address you would like to modify. To add a billing
address for a store grouping click the button "Add New Store Grouping Billing Address". The fields
marked with an * are required fields. You must enter either a Company or First Name to save your
billing information.

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