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					Infrastructure:                                              opportunities in the fashion industry. This journey
                                                             covering, all process from designing to marketing
Center of fashion design & technology, Institute of          of the products, takes the students from the
Professional Studies, University of Allahabad is the         concept to consumer.
premier institute in UP providing quality education in
the field of Fashion Designing. The center is build-up in
approx 1000 sq meter of sprawling green area in the
women’ college campus, University of Allahabad. The
center has class rooms equipped with multimedia
teaching equipments (LCD Projectors, OHP, Interactive-
Board, sketching tables etc.) Computer lab-has 40
advance technique computer systems, internet facility
and fashion design software like- Adobe Photoshop,
Reach CAD, Reach Fashion Studio and Gerber . Stitching
lab- has        various type of industrial apparel
manufacturing machines - such as brother single needle
lockstitch machine, brother four thread interlock
machine, large number of body forms in various sizes,
cutting and drafting tables, pattern making tools,           The combination of technical and creative design
mannequins etc.                                              courses are augmented by an array of other
                                                             programs related to personality development,
Textile lab- facilitate with exposure table, loom, heating   English education, Development of foundation skill
equipments, dyeing printing equipments, dyes and             etc, which challenge and motivate students in all
chemicals, printing tables etc.
                                                             aspects life.
Center has a rich Library with books, journals,
                                                             In their final year, the students design and execute
magazines; photocopier-cum-printer machine etc.
                                                             an apparel collection under the guidance of faculty
Center has also a Canteen, In-house display area,            members to be shown at the annual Fashion Show.
enclosed ramp, open air theater with green rooms and
                                                             Curriculum deliverance         is   through   various
approx 800 sitting capacity and a workshop arena, to
                                                             pedagogies and..............
felicitate various activities. The center also has a well
equipped stationary shop and a canteen.                      For an all over development of students a number
                                                             of in -house activities are undertaken like fashion
                                                             shows, exhibitions, workshops etc.

                                                             Internship every year students are sent for
                                                             industrial internship to places like New Delhi,
                                                             Noida, Mumbai and Jaipur etc.

                                                             Educational Tours          Hands-on experience of
                                                             business and industrial realities is provided to
                                                             students through the educational and industrial
                                                             tours Programme. As a part of the curricular
                                                             activities the students visit the industries and other
                                                             relevant places .

                                                             Fashion Shows Every year, in order to showcase
                                                             the creations of students, the center organizes a
                                                             fashion show. The aim of the shows is to provide a
                                                             platform to our budding designers to display their
                                                             talent & creativity.
                                                             The most unique feature of these shows is that the
Curriculum                                                   students do everything themselves. From designing
                                                             to construction of garments and accessories and
The curriculum of the institute has been developed to
                                                             from management to modeling, all is done by the
combine creativity and technical excellence, which
prepares the students for a variety of employment

Workshops Apart from class room studies, regular                            Semester II
workshops on relevant topics are also held, where             1.Fashion Illustration
experts from specific fields are invited.                     2.Textile Science and Fabric Artistry
                                                              3.Drafting , Adaptation & Clothing Construction
First year: Design Foundation                                 4.Introduction to computer & CAD.
                                                                                  Semester III
The emphasis in first year is on laying the foundation for
                                                                 1.   Fashion Illustration & Application
the coming years. The foundation course brings
                                                                 2.   Pattern Making & Garment Production
together students form diverse background on a
                                                                 3.   Fabric Production & Adornment
common platform. It prepares the students for further
studies through the various modules which creates the
                                                                 4.   Fashion Marketing & Merchandising
base of different aspects of designing. Computer aided
                                                                                 Semester IV
design further enhances the learning process.
                                                                 1.   Apparel Production & Quality Control
                                                                 2.   Development of Foundation Skills
Second Year: Design Application & Industry
                                                                 3.   Accessory Design
                                                                 4.   Fashion Forecasting.
At this level students are made to understand the
                                                                                 Semester V
creative as well as the functional aspects of design. Each
                                                                 1.   Advance Garment Making Techniques.
module in this stage enables students to give the                2.   Fashion Management &
desired form to their designs. For some hands on                      Entrepreneurship
experience students undertake summer training in                 3.   Event Management For Fashion Industry
various fashion houses, which enables them to develop            4.   Costume Design
entrepreneurial skills and exposes them to the business
of fashion through the practical aspects of designing.                            Semester VI
                                                                 1.   Fashion Art & Photography
Third Year: Consolidation & Presentation                         2.   Portfolio Development
                                                                 3.   Range Development
During this year the students are encouraged to
experiment & explore and blend their classroom studies       Advance Diploma in Fashion Design & Technology
with commercial requirements. Students prepare their
own line of garments based on a theme. The final
                                                                 1. Fashion World Including the History &
collection is displayed on the ramp in the form of a
                                                                            Evolution of Fashion.
fashion show.                                                    2. Basic Design & Sketching
                                                                 3. Basic Principles of Garment Technology
                                                                 4. Design Ideas
                                                                                 Semester II
                                                                 1. Fashion Illustration
                                                                 2. Textile Science and Fabric Artistry
                                                                 3. Drafting , Adaptation & Clothing
                                                                 4. Introduction to computer & CAD.
                                                                                 Semester III
                                                                 1. Computer Aided Fashion Design
                                                                 2. Apparel Production
                                                                 3. Fashion Marketing &Merchandising
                                                                 4. Fashion Forecasting
                                                                                 Semester IV
                                                                 1. Event Management For Fashion Industry
Modules                                                          2. Pattern Making &Garment Design
                                                                 3. Accessory Design
          B.A in Fashion Design & Technology                     4. Project

                    Semester I
 1.Fashion World Including the History & Evolution of
 2.Basic Design & Sketching
 3.Basic Principles of Garment Technology
 4.Design Ideas
                                                                    Admission procedure & eligibility:

                                                                    The admission procedure is completed through the
           Diploma in Computer Aided Design                         entrance test & interview. Only Female candidates who
                                                                    have passed intermediate or equivalent examination
                               Semester I                           are eligible for the courses. There are limited seats in
                                                                    each course and reservation policies are followed
                                                                    according to university rules.
1.    Basic Design & Sketching                                         Facilities for Students
2.    Design Ideas
3.    Basics of Computer Application                                                         Library

                               Semester II                             The center has a rich library with magazines, online
1.    Fashion World Including the History & Evolution of Fashion.      journals, audio- visual aides to felicitate the
2.    Production & Design Development
3.    Basics of Computer Aided Design

                             Semester III                                         Psychological counseling
 1.   Computer Aided Fashion Design
 2.   Computer aided Design Development
 3.   Pattern Making & Garment Production                           The center includes psychological counseling by
 4.   Fashion Forecasting                                           experts, as a regular practice for the students providing
                                                                    them an opportunity to talk privately about personal,
                                Semester IV                         academic, or other concerns in a secure, confidential
1.    CAD for Fashion Industry.                                     setting.
2.    Fashion Marketing &Merchandising                                                      Hostel
3.    Project
                                                                       For students who came from distant places, the
                                                                       institute facilitates some seats in a hostel situated
                                                                       in the campus itself. The hostel has an independent
                                                                       entity with its own mess facilities, recreational
                                                                       areas, lawns etc.

   The campus has a canteen where students can chat,             Internationals, Foremost International Pvt. Ltd
   have refreshment in their leisure time.                       ,Bharat EXIM., Sree Sagar Creations ,Samsung,
                                                                 Georgiko Exports Pvt. Ltd. Co. Etc. The students
                          Scholarship                            have been placed with designers like Ashima and
                                                                 Leena singh , Ritu Deora , Nisha Bedi Rai , Zeba
In order to facilitate students coming from economically
                                                                 Khan ,Manish Ranjan ,Karuna Khaitan , Renu
weaker sections of the society, the University offers a
                                                                 Kakkar.They have assisted in costume designing of
scholarship. In addition to the scholarship regular stipend is
                                                                 various T.V serials like Pratigya, CID , Sasural genda
also given so as to increase their rate of attainment in
                                                                 phool many more.
higher education.

   Production House

   The focus of the centre for fashion design and
   technology has been to seamlessly integrate ‘World of
   Learning’ and the ‘World of Work’ and in view of the
   same a well equipped in-house production centre has
   been set up with the facilities like cutting ,industrial
   sewing machines, machine embroidery and hand

   The production house has been provided to the
   students with the objectives of

             Bridging gap between academics with actual
              practical working.
             Facilitating students in executing their
              complete project in-house economically.
             Providing place to students to showcase their
              work to customers and experience the real
              working environment and market.
              Facilitating entrepreneurship development by
              providing a platform to start up by providing a
              platform to convert idea to business.

   The production house also conducts creative workshops
   for college students as well as outside students.

   A resource centre has also been developed which
   showcases collection of fabric swatches of all varied
   fibre content, count -construction and finishes and also
   contains a collection of export fabrics. It also has a
   collection of fashion accessories. It is also being
   developed to contain the region wise traditional crafts
   and embroideries of our country.


   The profile of the companies where our students have
   been placed includes Export houses, Design Studios,
   Buying House, Fashion Design colleges etc. located in
   Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur , Allahabad etc.

   Some of the export companies who have recruited our
   students are RMX Joss, Pee Empro Pvt. Ltd., Cactus
   Export , Ethnic India ,Platinum Creations, Urban
   Apparels, JMD Design ,A.K.S. Clothing ,Paragon
   Apparels, Sonal Garments ,Sunrise Exports, MAC


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