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									Phase 1

2011 LWIA
LWIA #10 South Central TN
Workforce Alliance

   Paige Liggett
                                        Phase 1
                2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
            LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

1: Leadership                                        our present efforts, and is the key to
The South Central Tennessee Workforce                successes we experience.
Alliance (SCTWA), a public non-profit 501c
corporation is the grant recipient and               Literally thousands of customers utilize our
administrative entity for Local Workforce            Career Center system, the flagship product
Investment Area (LWIA) 10. The South                 of the South Central Tennessee Workforce
Central Tennessee Workforce Board serves             Alliance. We currently see over 800
under the leadership of the SCTWA, and               customers daily through our eight county
represents private, public, and community            system, and have grown our reputation in
based partners from the eight counties of            each community as a partner, key player,
Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, Lewis, Marshall,           and convener of efforts to improve
Maury, Perry and Wayne counties in                   opportunities throughout our region. Our
southern middle Tennessee.                           network of employers who use and
                                                     recommend our services grows annually,
1.1 Senior Leadership                                and it is this success that drives our growth
Leadership of the SCTWA is provided by the           among job seeking customers, including
Chief Elected Officials of the above                 unemployed workers as well as those
mentioned counties, which are the County             looking for better paying and/or better
Mayors or County Executives, along with              benefit-offering positions.
the South Central Tennessee Workforce
Board of Directors and Executive                     We have developed a Board committed to
Committee members, Administrative and                our mission, and one of our goals is to
Career Center management staff of the                further develop our board membership, and
SCTWA, plus partner program managers.                make better use of the many talents
                                                     possessed by this group of dedicated
1.1a Vision and Values                               volunteers. This continues to be a major
The South Central Tennessee Workforce                focus of our 2011 efforts. We are creating a
Alliance, LWIA 10, has a proud and                   committee structure focused on targeted
successful history since its inception in July       industries, and bringing in new private
2003 as a 501c3 non-profit organization,             sector board members who can add value
formed with the mission of bringing                  to these committees. We are also offering
together workforce development partners              committee membership to professionals
in Southern Middle Tennessee to provide              not currently serving on the board in order
for improvements in workforce skills                 enhance the work of the committees with
through training, development, education             subject matter experts, and to further
and job creation based on employer                   expose industries to the work of the board.
demands, and resulting in productive                 We will fill open positions with these
citizens who can learn, work, and                    committee members as vacancies occur.
comfortably care for their families. The             New members will then have a jumpstart
importance and development of                        on board knowledge through work on
partnerships has been engrained in our               committee assignments.
organization even before the enactment of
the Workforce Investment Act, and this
foundation principle continues to permeate
                                       Phase 1
               2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
            LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

1.1b Communication and Organizational              with staff in each of the two geographic
      Performance                                  regions to review performance standards,
Keeping communication open between                 company goal attainment, brainstorm, and
senior leaders and all staff of the SCTWA is       to develop/refine strategies to reach goals.
essential to the success of our company.           Also, a companywide staff development is
SCTWA directors and coordinators meet              held twice annually, and allows for learning,
with committees of the Workforce Board,            team building, innovation, motivation,
participating in policy discussions and            furthering company goals, and celebrating
making recommendations that are                    company and individual achievements.
forwarded on to the Board for policy
determination. Quarterly meetings are held         Continuing education is encouraged and
for both the corporate SCTWA Board and             promoted. Tuition assistance is available to
the Workforce Board.                               all staff for degrees related to workforce
                                                   development. A portion of incentive dollars
To encourage input from our communities,           when available are set aside professional
we visit each of the eight counties served         development. Career Advisors are
annually in a listening tour setting. These        expected to complete requirements as a
are widely advertised, and typically are           Global Career Development Facilitator
attended by at least 20 guests from the            (GCDF). Ten staff recently completed this
private sector, plus education and economic        training. This brings our GCDF total to 28
development partners. Action items are             staff.
developed and assigned to appropriate
staff.                                             As part of the planning process, a SWOT
                                                   analysis is undertaken annually with
Communication among staff is open and              education, employer, and economic
ongoing. Budget reviews are held monthly           development partners. From this SWOT
with directors and department managers.            analysis, goals are established and
Regional reviews are held twice annually           incorporated into our annual plan.

                                       Phase 1
               2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
            LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

                 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
                        Local Workforce System in LWIA 10

                     Strengths                                            Opportunities
   Good working relationship among partners in            Continued expansion of services to
    workforce development system                            employers if funds are available
   Support from local elected officials                   Enhancement of skills of local workforce
   Support from employers                                  through continued expansion of the Career
   Excellent, experienced and trained staff                Readiness Certificate program utilizing
   Partner Services complement one another                 WorkKeys
   Common goal of connecting job seekers to               Organized industry associations
    employers                                              Transitional job market – shift to service
   Geographically located (together, on same               industry
    campus, close proximity, every county has              Grow referrals through continued marketing
    some representation)                                    of all partner services to any audience
   Work Keys, National Career Readiness                   Growth of non-traditional labor segments
    Certificate                                             (Biotech, Nanotech, Infotech, and Greentech)
   Incumbent Worker program                               Strategic geographic location on I-65 between
   Jobs for TN Graduates in all eight counties             Nashville and Huntsville
   Across the 8 counties and nine career                  Opportunity to work with all ranges of skilled
    centers, we average around 800 job seekers              groups, including those with degrees and high
    daily.                                                  wages
   Across the 8 counties, the reputation &                Give attention to entry level skills
    number of employers we work with is                    Bond Economic and Community
    growing                                                 Development better with Education
   Assisting local communities in achieving 3             Drug Free Workplace summit to discuss
    Star Awards – Hickman (test taking strategies           solutions rather than problems - WEOC
    and ACT Prep)                                          Expand communication network outside or
   Strong Dislocated Worker programs                       with partners
   Technology                                             Work better with RESA (reemployment
   Working with Adult Education to recruit                 services assistants) ID claimants before they
    youth for GED incentives.                               exhaust their UI.
   Interview Stream                                       Strengthen relation with all Adult Education
   Plato, ACT, SAT, Compass alignments                     to improve numeracy/literacy.
   Entrepreneur workshops in each county                  Assist Dual enrollment youth with services.
   Exceeding performance measures                         Host guidance counselor meetings.
   Strong summer youth program                            Career Advisor set up in schools to work
   Strong subsidized programs with Perry and               with those who will not be attending college.
    Marshall Recovery and Disaster Grant.                  Educate and encourage teachers, city and
   UI claimants can request their own BHQ1                 county government officials to take NCRC
    form                                                   Focus on 18 to 30 year olds to assist with
   Regional roundtables with ECD annually                  reality checks. This group needs special
   Vocational Rehabilitation & Workforce                   attention because of drug, attitude and basic
    Essentials have strong placements                       skills issues
                                                           Training people to anticipate new growth
                                                           Advising professionals in search for new jobs
                                       Phase 1
               2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
           LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance
                                                         Career Corners at county libraries
                                                         Career Coaches to be available in Middle TN
                                                          and will cover remote counties and schools
                                                         Use Executive Summary of the Nashville
                                                          Economic Market area to identify new
                                                          growth opportunities
                                                         Vocational Rehabilitation lessened disability
                                                          standards (Priority categories) for
                                                          opportunity to serve more people with

                   Weaknesses                                           Threats
   Shortage of available jobs                           Continued loss of jobs due to
   Lack of Skill gaps among a large segment of           globalization/automation
    the workforce                                         Insufficient funding for Adult Education
   Misconceptions of employers & job seekers            Government benefits outweigh work benefits
    about kinds of jobs & services offered               Our area consistently continues with the
    through career centers                                highest unemployment rate
   Lack of understanding of scope of services           Drug and Cultural Issues
    available due to communication                       Intrinsic value of work (just want position and
   Providers to establish more innovative                paycheck and don’t take pride in work)
    training for high demand areas                       Automation
   Encouraging basic skills deficient out of
    school youth to seek Adult Education and
    career center services
   Lack of incentives for Families First
    customers to go to work
   Because of GM and supplier closures, large
    number of dislocated workers are emerging
   Disability Navigator services

                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

Goals Identified                                especially to the emerging workforce of
                                                18-22 year olds. We measure our
Shortage of available high wage jobs -          coverage by counting our media hits,
We are working to identify career paths         promote our website and measure
within industries that will lead to high-       usage of it, and sponsor programs
wage jobs. This method provides                 through our Workforce Board,
training opportunities within industries,       communities, and chambers which also
allowing workers to secure jobs, work,          provide insight as to our resources at
and then resume additional training for         the Tennessee Career Centers.
more advanced careers.
                                                Referrals [2 way] visibility – We
Lack of skills – We are promoting use of        continue to address this issue with
the Career Readiness Credential (CRC)           partners at each location through staff
to quantify the number of people with           development activities, job placement
skills (Gold, Silver, and Bronze). We           team meetings, and process
have awarded over 12,000 certificates           improvement discussions.
in the past 2 ½ years. Our economic
development partners use this in                Misconceptions of employers & job
defense of the common misconception             seekers about kinds of jobs & services
that because of the rural geography in          offered through career centers –
which we live, our workforce is lacking         Employ various tools including:
in skills. And, we actively solicit those          Newspaper and radio stories and
who have not yet earned a Career                     features
Readiness Certificate to remediate at              Business Services Representatives
the Career Center until they do achieve              call on new and existing customers
CRC success.                                         throughout the region
                                                   Participation in area
Technology Infrastructure – Work with                chamber/existing industry
Connect TN in each of our counties to                networking activities
move communities to increased                      Partner with other agencies (e.g.
readiness with technology.                           SCHRM, Chambers, USDA, local
                                                     economic development agencies,
Limited Funds for Marketing – We are                 etc.) to present employer
faced with the challenge of appealing to             workshops
the masses without much of a budget
for traditional advertising and marketing       Lack of understanding of scope of
tools. We therefore look for                    services available – Employ various
opportunities to share our available            tools including:
resources through newspaper and radio              New Customer orientations
coverage of events, opportunities to               Placing a Menu of Services in each
serve as “employment experts” for                     customer’s hand upon arrival at
features, and opportunities to introduce              the Career Center
the brand “Tennessee Career Center”,
                                     Phase 1
             2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
         LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

     One on one discussion of                     these measures is a part of each
      customer needs, both for job                 quarterly meeting, and each semi-
      seekers and employers                        annual Regional Review with staff.

1.2: Governance and Social                         A number of processes are employed to
      Responsibilities                             ensure fiscal accountability. Each
1.2a Organizational Governance                     subcontractor is monitored by our
The South Central Tennessee Workforce              internal monitor and Assistant Director
Board operates as a committee of the               of Fiscal Services. External monitoring is
Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance,              provided annually by the PAR (Program
our corporate entity. Each County                  Accountability Review) team of the
Mayor, along with the Chairman of the              Tennessee Department of Labor and
Workforce Board, serves on the                     Workforce Development. Additionally,
corporate board of directors.                      and independent audit is performed
Workforce Board members are                        each year with results reviewed with
nominated by the County Mayors and                 the SCTWA Board of Directors.
are selected to represent appropriate
segments and partners as identified in             1.2b Legal and Ethical Behavior
the Act. The SCTWA serves as the grant             To promote and ensure ethical behavior
recipient and governing body of the                of our board, all Workforce Board
Workforce Investment Act Grant funds               members are required to sign Conflict of
for LWIA 10, and was assigned these                Interest statements as a condition of
duties through the formal consortium               membership. The statement is
agreement signed by the county                     reviewed as part of the Workforce
mayors, and by which they assume                   Board Member Orientation.
ultimate fiscal responsibility.
Policies and procedures are established            The SCTWA’s Equal Opportunity Officer
by the SCTWA Board, Workforce Board                is responsible for training all staff in
and staff, in accordance with the                  prevention of discrimination. She also
Workforce Investment Act of 1998, with             handles any complaint by either a
guidance from the USDOL and the                    customer or employee following
Tennessee Department of Labor and                  established grievance procedures that
Workforce Development.                             includes notification of appropriate
                                                   TDLWD staff.
All staff participate in an annual
performance review process with
his/her supervisors. Included in the
performance review is the opportunity
to set personal performance goals, and
determine the course of action needed
to reach each goal. Ultimately, all staff is
expected to meet and exceed program
performance measures, and review of
                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

1.2c Support of Key Communities                 to assist in career development with
We have identified four categories of           their children, and plan to incorporate
social responsibilities in which we are         this into our emerging Summer Youth
governing and addressing.                       activities.

Reduction of our footprint – At each of         Community Involvement - Employees
our locations, we are encouraging               at all locations and in all positions within
recycling of waste products, including          the organization are encouraged and
paper and plastic. We also require              allowed to participate in community
carpooling to meetings and/or                   efforts related to workforce
conferences when feasible. Also,                development within our area. Staff
participating in Webinars reduce the            members serve on local boards of
travel required and allow more staff to         economic development organizations,
participate. Energy efficiency is               chambers of commerce, organizations
addressed by setting thermostats just a         such as the Boys & Girls Clubs, and
few degrees lower during operating              college and school advisory boards;
hours in the winter, raising just a few         participate in leadership programs such
degrees in the summer, and raising              as Leadership Maury and Leadership
awareness within the organization of            Middle Tennessee; support, participate
the need to be conscious of adjusting           in, and benefit from United Way
the thermostat appropriately when the           programs; and are encouraged to
centers are closed. Finally, we are             volunteer in a variety of efforts
refocusing efforts on the availability of       throughout our region.
Online Resources which allow access to
information without requiring all               Leveraging with other Non Profits –
information be printed in hard copy             Through our association with other non
format.                                         profits, we are able to spread the word
                                                of how we can assist their customers
Education of our communities on social          with finding jobs, upgrading skills, and
issues, e.g. drug abuse, identifying            improving their lives. We partner with a
available resources and searching for           number of organizations in each
potential solutions – We incorporate            community, including chamber
into workshops, meetings with                   committees, United Way, Senior Citizen
employers, presentations, and                   Centers, Education Foundations, and
partnership opportunities facts about           Three Star Community programs. We
drug use as it relates to workforce             often have the opportunity to present
development, employers who are                  to and participate with local civic
willing to hire ex-offenders, and               organizations, community advisory
dropout rates and the effect of a lack of       boards, and family centers.
education and skill development on the
job seeker and the community. We                Our company actively seeks other grant
partner with many of our school                 opportunities that complement and
systems to suggest what parents can do          support the mission of our company and
                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

serves our communities. Our efforts             publicize the availability of the draft
have been successful in securing                plan, with availability of print copies if
additional non-WIA programs and                 requested. The SWOT Analysis is the
associated funding, including Jobs for          foundation of the strategic planning
Tennessee Grads through the                     process, and is a valuable tool that
Tennessee Department of Education,              allows partners to visualize our
Adult Education for Maury County,               strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
Maury County’s Imagination Library,             and threats, and to continually improve
WIRED programs for the Tennessee                our performance across the region as
counties included in the Tennessee              the public workforce system in southern
Valley WIRED funding, Tennessee Arts            middle Tennessee. (See SWOT Analysis
Commission grants, and Big Read grants          in Section 1.1b)
funded by the National Endowment for
the Arts.                                       One of the most important strategies of
                                                the SCTWA is to determine how we
2: Strategic Planning                           prepare workers for high-skill, high
2.1a Strategy Development Process               growth job opportunities. Starting with
Our organization employs a number of            accessible and accurate data, we
methods to continually set strategy,            identify the high-skill, high growth
receive feedback, review quantifiable           regional job opportunities. We use two
results, and feed back into strategy            main data sources, Economic Modeling
refinement and development of new               Strategies, Inc (EMSI) and The Source, a
strategies. Formally, strategic planning        product of the TDLWD’s Labor Market
is conducted annually. Career Center            Information Unit. We regularly
partners are invited to participate in          distribute the information to
sessions in to plan future services based       jobseekers, economic development
on SWOT analysis. The sessions are              partners, public officials, and the media
strategic in nature and focus on Career         in an effort to continually educate and
Center system goals and t. We follow            orient those considering training so that
the structure provided by the Tennessee         customers can make well informed and
Department of Labor and Workforce               educated decisions of training options.
Development’s (TDLWD) Workforce
Development Unit. Results of these              A number of career awareness
sessions are then shared electronically         workshops, activities, and customer
to all partners and workforce board             research activities are also part of the
members, encouraging comments and               services provided by the Career Centers
suggestions. Annual plan modifications          for those contemplating training
follow the same process, again following        options. Emphasizing the need for
the format provided from TDLWD.                 Career Readiness Certificates helps the
Once the plan/plan modifications have           job seeker in getting a clear picture of
been developed in draft format, the             current skill levels, and the
document is placed online for public            corresponding high growth job
review. Email blasts are sent out to            opportunities provides the job seekers
                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

an accurate interpretation of current            Alabama and Southern Tennessee that
foundation skills, and allows the job            provides planning, strategy
seeker to determine if he/she desires to         development, and grant funding for the
work on increasing skill levels through          broader region.
the use of a number of tools available at
the Career Center, and therefore                 Regional Partner with all eight county
become more prepared for the skill               Economic Development Organizations in
foundation required for high demand,             our LWIA - Through periodic meetings,
high growth jobs. We continue to work            activities, and service on various local
toward a strategy of funding only                ECD boards, we represent the region.
targeted segments, and anticipate                Our local workforce board also includes
completing these efforts in the coming           as directors ECD representation from
program year.                                    our counties, specifically Lawrence and
2.2 Strategy Development
We work as regional economic                     2.2a Action Plan Development and
development partners in the following                  Deployment
configurations:                                  As previously discussed, education and
                                                 awareness of job opportunities in high
Regional partner with TVA - Deborah              growth fields is key to assisting job
Cameron, TVA Economic Development                seekers in making solid decisions that
Project Manager for the Middle                   will best contribute to career
Tennessee Region includes our                    development goals. Job seekers
organization in economic development             desiring to access career center
activities in the eight county region of         scholarships are required to adequately
Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, Lewis,                 research job opportunities and local
Marshall, Maury, Perry and Wayne. Our            availability, related salary information,
Tennessee Career Centers often serve             required training to perform the job,
as the meeting place for these TVA led           and opportunities with the career for
activities.                                      continued training and advancement.

Regional partner with LWIAs 8 & 9 -              As part of our quarterly Workforce
Nashville Chamber of Commerce "Labor             Board meetings and semi-annual
Market Opportunities in the Nashville            Regional Reviews, the Training Related
Economic Area" study includes counties           Placement Report is issued and
throughout Middle Tennessee.                     reviewed. This report surveys program
                                                 completion rates, placement wages,
Regional Partner with Northern                   training related placements of all
Alabama through WIRED - Jan McKeel               training opportunities funded in our
as Executive Director of our company,            area. This report is monitored to alert us
sits on the Board of Directors of the            to programs that may be having
Valley Innovations Alliance, an                  difficulty graduating students, or
association of 23 counties in Northern           training programs which may be
                                   Phase 1
           2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

producing graduates who are having                  Weekly # of Career Readiness
difficulty obtaining employment in the               Credentials awarded by Career
field of training, or programs from                  Center, and by Level – Gold, Silver,
which graduates are not successfully                 Bronze
replacing wages. This report is widely              Monthly Workshop Attendance
distributed, and Career Advisors use it             Monthly Financial Review
as a basis of discussion with those                 Quarterly Program Exit Review
seeking Career Center Scholarships.
There have been programs removed                Addressing skill shortages through
from our eligible training options based        apprenticeships – Skill shortages are
on poor results as tracked from this            being addressed in a number of ways.
report. We have also requested training         We have struggled in attracting
providers to review and upgrade                 applicants for the Tennessee
curriculum based on poor results.               Apprenticeship Assistance Program as
                                                we have only 2 registered
Each year in May, SCTWA senior                  apprenticeship programs in our area,
management presents to our SCTWA                and these programs have drastically
corporate board our draft budget for            reduced the number and frequency of
the upcoming program year, with                 apprenticeships. We are now working
options for how budget deficits will be         to educate employers on the benefits of
met, or suggested line items increases          using apprenticeships as a means of
when the projected revenues allow. It is        training with the goal of adding
in this budget review and discussion            registered programs to the area training
that priorities are set and funded. From        options. Recently, Cytec Industries
this annual review, senior management           approached us and expressed interest in
is charged with the objectives that we          creating an apprenticeship program for
must meet in order to achieve financial         Electrical & Instrumentation Technicians
overall goals for the next program year.        as they anticipate a need due to the
The budget and its priorities are then          retiring baby boomer workforce.
communicated to the Workforce Board             Electrical & Instrumentation Technicians
with opportunity for input into strategy        install, service, troubleshoot; perform
development as we plan deployment               preventative/predictive maintenance on
through the workforce system.                   equipment and service high voltage
                                                electric systems, repair, and test, adjust,
A number of quantitative measures are           and/or calibrate and install electrical
reviewed on regular basis to measure            equipment.
our success in implementing strategy.
Along with the negotiated performance           In a recent survey of Business and
standards displayed in Figure 7.1.1, we         Industry in LWIA 10, employers felt that
review:                                         over the next 5-10 years there would be
   Average Daily Traffic by Career             a need for approximately 30 individuals
     Center                                     needed to perform the duties of an
                                                Electrical & Instrumentation Technician.
                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

The skills possessed by a seasoned E & I              assist with the increased traffic in
Technician include: math, mechanical,                 the Career Centers.
safety, computer operation,                          Perry County has been in the top
communication, critical thinking,                     ten Highest Unemployment
troubleshooting, and manual dexterity.                counties in the nation because of
To address this skills shortage,                      the Fisher closing since July 2008.
Tennessee Technology Center of                        Rates have hovered around 20%
Hohenwald and Cytec Industries (a local               for the past 6 months. We have
manufacturer) have collaborated to                    purchased classes with TTC
develop a training plan to include:                   Hohenwald and Columbia State
Classroom training, On-the-Job training,              Community College to help meet
lab activities, and in-house training                 the training needs in Perry County,
(combining classroom training and on-                 and to bring the classes to Perry
the-job training). An application is in               County and eliminate the travel
development for this program, and the                 outside the county typically
Tennessee Apprenticeship Assistance                   required for jobseekers seeking
Program could provide much needed                     training.
assistance not only to Cytec Industries,
but other business and industry                  To address the changing concerns of our
throughout the LWIA by training                  customers, the Tennessee Career
incumbent and/or new employees.                  Center in Columbia sponsored a
                                                 Resource Fair – Survival Skills for Tough
Services in a challenging economy                Economic Times - on January 23, 2009
The following observations/actions               which was attended by approximately
provide insight as to how the economic           100 people and featured more than 20
downturn has affected our services at            exhibitors with access to relevant and
the Career Centers in our area.                  useful resources. Exhibitors included
   Average Daily Foot traffic in all our        agencies representing legal aid, housing,
      centers has risen to 800 per day,          healthcare, adult education to help
      plus more per day than last year at        those due to the down turn in the
      the same time – an increase in             economy.
      daily visits.
   Purchasing additional classes to             A number of new workshops have been
      meet the needs of laid off job             introduced to address timely topics. We
      seekers and eliminate the wait             are sponsoring workshops –Managing
      time for certain classes, such as          Your Credit and Budgeting to Survive a
      LPN training and Emergency                 Recession- to assist customers with
      Medical Technician (EMT) training.         financial needs they may have during
   Hire Dislocated Worker as interns            theses troubling economic times. With
      to work at each career center to           numerous job seekers competing for
      better equip them with needed              employment, LWIA 10 will be offering
      customer service skills, and to            Social Media, a seminar to help business
                                                 leaders and job seekers learn how to
                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
         LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

better utilize LinkedIn, Facebook, Plaxo           are following curriculum provided by
and Twitter. We also will be scheduling            SCORE, Counselors to America’s Small
Jobs of the Future workshops to include            Business. At the conclusion of the
Green Jobs, Biomed, and Federal Jobs.              workshops, students will have collected
                                                   all the information needed to write a
Our Career Centers are seeing a growing            business plan for their proposed
number of professionals who have                   venture. Completed business plans will
experienced downsizing. To better serve            be submitted to Columbia State
this segment, we are partnering with               Community College, and those
individuals in Professional and Upper              submitting the best plans will be paired
Middle Management to form a Focus                  with a paid mentor, funded with a grant
Group to determine if there is a need              from the USDA. We are anxious to see
for a Career Transition Group for                  this plan through a complete cycle, and
individuals in our area who have lost              anticipate that there will be at least one
jobs in the Management field.                      successful start up or expansion in each
                                                   of the four counties. For those who do
Another new workshop entitled How to               not carry through with establishing a
Pay for Post-Secondary Education will be           business, they will still have gained
offered for dislocated workers looking             valuable entrepreneurial skills which are
for a career change or an upgrade of               increasingly named as required by
their skills. This will also be marketed to        employers.
parents of high school students in an
effort to provide valuable information of          2.2b. Performance Projection
available resources.                               Reports generated through eCMATS
                                                   data collection system, along with the
Advancing entrepreneurial skills is an             newly available Dolce Vita stem are our
option for some individuals finding                main tools in projecting performance.
themselves unemployed or needing to                Budget performance is reviewed
supplement income. A series of                     monthly, and is imperative when a
Entrepreneurial Workshops are being                company with our revenues
conducted in four of our counties –                (approximately $5 million annually) runs
Perry, Wayne, Hickman, and Marshall -              with as small a percentage of carry over
as the capstone to workshops                       funds as we annually plan. Since the
cosponsored with USDA Rural                        inception of the Workforce Investment
Development and the Buffalo Duck                   Act, we have followed the strategy of
River Conservation District. Workshops             wising investing as much of our annual
geared toward tourism, customer                    allocation as we safely can each year,
service, and developing destination                thus allowing for only a small carryover
businesses were conducted in Perry                 percentage, sometimes planning for as
County and attended by over 300                    low as a 3% carryover. This fits with the
people from across the region. From                USDOL recommendations to expend
these initial efforts, over 70 potential           funds, and has been necessary as we
entrepreneurs/small business owners                have witnessed funds decrease to the
                                   Phase 1
           2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

system over the years while we have             program‐specific performance
made strategic decisions to continue to         information. These training providers
grow our services.                              were identified by our workforce board
                                                at the start of the Workforce
One of our goals is to of course exceed         Investment Act in July, 2000; and any
planned performance in such a way that          new training providers must be
we are eligible for incentive funds made        approved by the South Central
available from the TDLWD.                       Tennessee Workforce Board.

3: Customer and Market Focus                    The South Central Tennessee Workforce
3.1a Customer and Market Knowledge              Board approves new training providers
The South Central Tennessee Workforce           based on the information in the
Board, in compliance with Section 122,          application received, reasonable cost
"Identification of Eligible Providers of        and location. Also, the programs
Training Services," and Section 195,            recommended for funding must be
"General Program Requirements," of              programs leading to occupations in
the WIA legislation, conducts in‐depth          demand in our local area or surrounding
research, gathers complete and verified         areas as identified by our workforce
information, and thoroughly evaluates           board; namely LWIA 8,9,and 10, and
all service providers specifically              those occupations identified in the
pertaining to past performance in job           recognized labor market information
training or related activities, fiscal          systems (The Source, Economic
accountability, ability to meet                 Modeling Specialist, Inc (EMSI) database
performance standards, and                      and the Tennessee Job Outlook). Once
non‐duplication of services.                    our local board approves the training
The Workforce Investment Act (WIA)              provider, the information is forwarded
emphasizes informed customer choice,            to the state appointed administrative
performance, and improvement.                   entity, Tennessee Higher Education
Training providers must be determined           Commission (THEC), for publication on
eligible to receive WIA funds to train          the Tennessee training providers’ list.
eligible customers prior to becoming            The SCTWA produces, studies, and
WIA training providers. Section 122 of          makes available through the Career
the Workforce Investment Act states             Centers quarterly reports on training
that the primary consideration in               exits that shows all WIA or TAA funded
selecting agencies or organizations to          programs, average pre‐and post wages
render training services is based on            for each training program participant,
demonstrated performances in the                the number of training related
completion rates for all individuals            placements, training completers and
participating in the program. To be             percentage of wage increase or
determined subsequently eligible to             decrease after training. The report
receive WIA funds, a provider must              results attempts to measure the
submit to the South Central Tennessee           effectiveness of each training program
Workforce Board verifiable                      we fund. The results of the report are
                                   Phase 1
           2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

shared with our career advisors to use          retail. Over 2,800 new positions will be
when counseling career center                   available in three areas: Figure 3.1.1
customers who are seeking training              identifies these high growth job
services. The goal is to avoid funding          opportunities in our area:
programs that are not providing self-
sufficient wages for our career center             Health Care: Over 1,239 new
customers, and these reports are                    positions with salary range between
another tool in allowing customers to               $28,000 to $74,800, with an average
make their own best choices.                        of $51,400.
                                                   Educational Services: Over 908 new
Many other pre‐training activities are              positions with salary range of
required to promote career training                 $39,500 to $42,000 with an average
success and to prepare jobseekers to                of $40,750.
meet employer needs. Included are:                 Social Assistance: Over 719 new
   Pre‐Scholarship Workshop – 15                   positions with salary range of
    hour workshop that focuses on                   $22,486 to $37,874.
    time management, study skills, and
    motivational topics;                        Also, we will see excellent growth in
   CNA training is required prior to           General and Operational Managers,
    entering a nursing program;                 Office Managers, First Line Supervisors,
   A Career Readiness Certification            and Auto Service Technicians. There
    (CRC) is required prior to/before           will be over 1,100 new opening in these
    completion of selected training             fields with salary ranges of $25,700 to
    program. The Career Readiness               $53,900 and averages of $40,000.
    Certificate is a credential that is
    recognized by most employers, and           These new opportunities will require
    the credential validates that a job         improved skill sets of math and
    seeker has basic workforce skills.          comprehension, with the ability to
                                                master changing technology.
According to the Source and Tennessee
Jobs Outlook, the best and most                 Skill shortages remain in the health
numerous job opportunities for the next         care, information technology, and
10 years will be in the fields of health        advanced manufacturing fields.
care, education, local government and

                                     Phase 1
             2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
         LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance
Figure 3.1.1: High Growth Industries 2006-2016 in LWIA 10

        2010 Target Industries                              Social Assistance
                                                              Social Workers and Human
        Health Care and Allied Health                           Resource Assistants
         Encouraging youth to enter                         Clean Technology
          into health care professions                       (emerging focus in our region)
          starting with HOSA classes in                       Currently we have programs
          high school (CNA training                             in Solar Photovoltaic
          during school breaks)                                 technology (one class
         Encouraging bridge programs                           completed with 10 already in
          from LPN to RN or 4 year                              the workforce and 17 passing
          degree to RN programs.                                NABCEP certification)and
         Currently we have programs                            Green Technology offered at
          in EMT, Practical Nursing,                            TTC’s in Pulaski and
          Medical Coding to meet the                            Hohenwald
          needs of dislocated workers in                      LWIA 10 is the first in state to
          our area with GM and Sanford                          establish training in this field.
          closing.                                            Tennessee has succeeded in
                                                                cultivating jobs in recycling,
        Educational and Social Services                         waste treatment and water
         Focus on 2 plus 2 programs                            management, among other
          and Teach Tennessee to                                conservation industries; jobs
          prepare teachers for the                              in Tennessee’s clean energy
          workforce                                             economy grew by more than

                                Phase 1
        2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
     LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

       18 percent between 1998 and                 Investments Across America, a
       2007, compared with 2.5                     groundbreaking analysis by The
       percent growth in all jobs in               Pew Charitable Trusts.
       the state.
 Large and fast growing. Three               A number of efforts are underway to
   states have large and fast-                focus on special populations, such as
   growing clean energy economies:            persons with disabilities, ex-offenders,
   Colorado, Oregon and Tennessee.            and aging Americans. Examples of how
   In 2007, each of these states              we are developing strategy are listed
   exceeded the national averages             below:
   for both the number of jobs in
   the clean energy economy                   Persons with Disabilities: Tennessee’s
   (15,106) and the average annual            Vocational Rehabilitation Division is
   growth rate for those jobs (1.9            currently working only with those who
   percent). These states are                 are Priority I (most significantly
   geographically dispersed,                  disabled). The Disability Program
   demonstrating that location is not         Navigator who is housed at the career
   the sole factor in the success and         center counsels with others who have
   vitality of a state’s clean energy         less significant disabilities and refer
   economy. Tennessee has had                 them to appropriate partners for
   success developing jobs in the             services, such as Adult Education for
   Conservation and Pollution                 those lacking a High School Diploma,
   Mitigation category, which                 Department of Labor and Workforce
   includes recycling, waste                  Development for those needing an
   treatment and water                        immediate job in the community,
   management; more than three                and/or the WIA partner for job
   quarters of the state’s jobs in the        preparedness, career testing, career
   clean energy economy are in this           readiness certificates, training
   category.                                  assistance and job placement. The
 Job growth in the clean energy              Disability Navigator has seen 122
  economy has had a slight edge               individuals this past year and has
  over total job growth in 18 states:         provided information regarding career
  Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas,                 center services to all, referring to Adult
  California, Colorado, Kentucky,             Education, WIA Career Advisors for
  Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota,                training, placement, and Career
  Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina,           Readiness Certificate assessments,
  Oklahoma, Rhode Island,                     Vocational Rehabilitation for
  Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and               determination of VR eligibility, and
  Washington.                                 TDLWD for other employment
 Information above provided by
 The Clean Energy Economy:                    Sheriff’s Department Workshops – Giles
 Repowering Jobs, Businesses and              County Pilot: Twenty women and
                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

sixteen men have completed the Pre-               member Rick Molder serves on the
Employment Workshop at the Giles                  Maury County Senior Citizens Board of
County Jail in Pulaski. The program               Directors and provides career center
started 2/27/08. The workshop is held             services information to this group on an
on Wednesdays from 8:30-11:00am.                  on-going basis. Staff attends quarterly
The curriculum addresses how to                   meetings of the Aging and Disability
improve employment outcomes for                   Advisory Council through the South
persons with criminal histories through           Central TN Development District and
multiple strategies, including                    give updates on career center services
assessment testing, job readiness, and            available in each of the eight counties.
job development. They are made aware
of career center services, practice typing        Dislocations:
skills, prepare for the WorkKeys tests,           Our eight county area has witnessed an
and complete resumes. At the end of               incredible amount of job loss during the
the session, each participant receives a          past year through dislocations and
certificate of completion.                        closures. Perry County has the highest
                                                  unemployment in the state of
Adult Court Referrals: Giles County               Tennessee, and has for several months
Career Center has received approx 85              been in the top 10 highest county
referrals from the General Sessions               unemployment rates in the nation. Our
Judge this year. Staff attends court once         area has consistently had the highest
a week on Tuesdays. Referrals come to             unemployment rate among LWIAs in the
the center for GED’s, training assistance,        state, reporting the highest rate for at
and employment assistance.                        least the past 8 quarters.

Aging American: SCTWA and our                     A WARN notice is sent to Dislocated
Career Centers work to ensure we are              Worker (DW) coordinator. The DW
interacting in a number of ways to                coordinator contacts the affected
provide services to aging citizens, and to        employer to determine a date to meet
target this population for our services.          with company management to explain
We currently have mature workers                  the services which will be available to
assisting by answering the phone and              the affected employees. The
making document copies in two of our              coordinator then contacts the regional
career centers. We encourage all from             assistant director to coordinate an initial
the mature worker programs to apply               meeting with management and union
for internships at the centers. From July         representatives, if applicable. At this
1, 2007 till June 30, 2008, 270 mature            meeting management is briefed on
job seekers (ages 55 and older) received          programs and services which will be
WIA services from our eight county                available to workers affected by the
area. Since July 1, 2008, 128 have                layoff. A mass meeting with employees
enrolled for services. The director of the        is scheduled at an appropriate time and
SSCEP programs, Pamela Morris, is a               plans are made to get information to
member of our Workforce Board. Staff              the affected employees so that they will
                                       Phase 1
               2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
          LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

be aware of available services. Other                       the U. S. Total number of employees
service providers may be invited to                         affected is 105. Many of these workers
attend this meeting to explain their                        have been able to obtain employment
services to the employees. Surveys are                      in other manufacturing facilities in the
distributed to employees to determine                       area.
possible interest in training.
                                                            Swisher – Lawrence County. This
Fisher (TeamLinden) – TeamLinden                            company produces lawn mowers and
started the year with approximately 300                     other outdoor products. The company
employees remaining out of a total                          closed at the end of July with 89
work force of 425. These remaining 300                      employees affected. Through a
employees are to be laid off by the end                     restructuring and transfer of ownership
of 2008. Since this company is one of                       of the company to new owners, the
Perry County’s largest employers, the                       company has reopened under a new
layoffs have resulted in an                                 name and most of the affected
unemployment rate of 20.3 percent                           employees have been hired by the new
which is the highest in the state of                        company.
Tennessee and the third highest rate of
any county in the nation. Very few jobs                     In the last ten years, LWIA-10 has
are available for these dislocated                          significantly been impacted by plant
workers in the local area. Many will                        closures and an erratic unemployment
have to commute 50 – 75 miles one way                       rate. The LWIA has consistently had the
in order to find comparable                                 highest unemployment rates in the
replacement employment.                                     State. Presently Perry County has the
                                                            third highest unemployment rate in the
Intermet – Giles County. This auto parts                    nation. Below is a chart of
supplier is suffering from the general                      unemployment rates in the area for the
decline in automobile manufacturing in                      last three years.*
  Figure 3.1.2: Unemployment Rates for LWIA 10
                                      July 2009                      July 2010
                   COUNTY         Unemployment Rate              Unemployment Rate
                  Giles                         15.8                            13
                  Hickman                       13.4                           11.2
                  Lawrence                      16.2                           14.2
                  Lewis                         17.3                           14.3
                  Marshall                      19.8                           15.7
                  Maury                         16.4                           14.3
                  Perry                         22.5                           14.6
                  Wayne                         13.4                           12.3

*These figures were taken from the Source, Tennessee Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development.

                                        Phase 1
                2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
            LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

During the past year, Marshall and Maury              The GED Plus is a special program offered
Counties, as well as other counties in the            by the South Central Tennessee Workforce
LWIA, have been significantly impacted by             Alliance to income-eligible youth who have
the GM and supplier closures in 2007. This            dropped out of school and have been out
shutdown resulted in 4,000 dislocated                 for a period of not less than three months.
workers. Many of these used the Career                It is a support service to encourage those
Center for core self-directed services, and           without a GED to obtain one. This program
235 were registered for WIA staff-assisted            serves those Out-of-School Youth ages 18-
services. Of those 235, 130 have become               21. The program promotes the need and
employed, and 105 are in job search and/or            advantages of earning a GED and how
training. Some of the suppliers have re-              important that credential is when entering
opened, with some doing different job                 the modern workforce. Participants are
activities, and new suppliers have evolved.           eligible to receive up to $1000.00. Once
The Career Center is working with suppliers           they have passed the GED and receive a
to assist in hiring processes and with on the         Career Readiness Certificate they are
job training. However, the unemployment               eligible for the first payment of $500. They
rate still remains higher than it was prior to        are also eligible to receive an additional
GM and supplier shutdowns.                            $500 in increments if they obtain
                                                      employment and/or go on to Post
Maury County and other LWIA-10 counties               Secondary Education and remain there for
have also been impacted by the closure of             the next three quarters.
Plastech in Franklin with 86 Maury County
residents impacted by this shutdown and               Twenty four youth have received their
Pretty Products in Mt. Pleasant with the              GED’s. One has completed the program
layoff of 65.                                         receiving the full $1000 incentive. Seven
                                                      have completed their GED’s and gone on to
In Hickman County, the closure of YKK, a              obtain work and/or Post Secondary
manufacturer of snap fasteners for jeans,             Education.
caused the unemployment rate to rise.
Sixty-eight employees were dislocated due             With the assistance from the Tennessee
to this closure. Of these 68, 35 were                 Career Centers, many participants have
registered for WIA services, with 24 of               been able to go on to pursue their
those now employed, and the remaining 11              educational dreams and careers.
in job search or training.
                                                      3.2 Customer Relationships and
Our youth programs have a tremendous                        Satisfaction
opportunity to influence, motivate, and               3.2a Customer Relationship Building
facilitate career development among our               Our Vision for Training
emerging workforce. This past year we have            Our vision is to continue to develop and
successfully implemented our GED Plus                 nurture relationships with employers to
Program, borrowing from the success of a              provide the services of training grants in a
similar program in LWIA 12.                           professional and timely manner. On-the-
                                                      job, Customized and Incumbent training
                                        Phase 1
                2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
            LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

have been and will continue to be a much                       Way pre engineering curriculum in
needed and appreciated tool for employers.                     our school systems.
We want to ensure that all the grants funds          3.   Promote incumbent worker program to
provided will upgrade our current and                     spend 100% of the funds allocated to
future workforce for the jobs of the future.              employers meeting state and local
We will target our training dollars to match              criteria for approval.
targeted industries identified in our area by        4.   Utilize the 30 employers who have
labor market information, our economic                    agreed to interview and/or hire ex-
development partners, and trends in local                 offenders by offering on-the-job training
employment.                                               and federal bonding for re-entry to the
                                                          workforce. Partner with police
Our Goals                                                 departments, probation and parole
1. Increase the number of skilled shortage                officers, Department of Corrections and
   partnership training grants accessed by                other community based organizations to
   employers to close the skill gaps in the               also aid with the re-entry into society,
   health care, information technology,                   and to provide resources to prepare ex-
   and advanced manufacturing fields.                     offenders for the Career Readiness
2. Integrate work and school based                        Certificate.
   learning for high school students to              5.   Engage business, industry, education,
   develop sound career pathways,                         economic development, and community
   extensive assessments and job skill                    organizations to identify workforce
   enhancements centered on high growth                   needs and develop strategies and
   areas.                                                 solutions to address those challenges by
    a. Sponsor annual Career & Technical                  hosting monthly Breakfast Brainstorm
       Training Provider fair with local                  (listening tour) sessions and county
       school systems and colleges for                    workforce conferences throughout the
       1,300 graduating seniors to become                 8 county area.
       aware of the career clusters and              6.   Use monthly job placement team
       training opportunities after high                  meetings as a tool for Career Advisors to
       school.                                            discuss job ready customers for job
    b. Increase the number of Career                      development with Business Services
       Readiness Certificates awarded to                  unit. This can also be used as an
       high school students before                        incentive to promote On-the-Job
       graduation, and recognize those                    training with employers to help the
       earning Certificates at high school                customer gain the experience and skills
       Honors Programs and Graduation                     needed to excel in the workplace.
       Ceremonies.                                   7.   Target industries and use new
    c. Grow our Jobs for Tennessee                        marketing strategies to increase
       Graduates classes from 3 current                   presence in Spring Hill area due to high
       classes to 8 (one per county).                     volume of growth.
    d. Encourage, promote, and find non-             8.   Identify 4 employers in each community
       WIA funds to grow Project Lead the                 who are not using Career Readiness
                                                          Certificate as a hiring tool and promote
                                        Phase 1
                2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
            LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

   the benefits of using the Career                       and getting a Career Readiness certificate. It
   Readiness Certificate. We currently                    also rewards them for working or going to
   have more than 50 employers regularly                  school during the three quarters following
   using this tool.                                       exit. Forty seven youth have received the
9. In partnership with TDLWD, award 2                     GED through this program in the 14 months
   Apprenticeship Assistance Program                      it has been offered. In total we co-enrolled
   training grants to businesses with a skills            98 customers in Adult Education in PY 08, of
   shortage or high growth demand                         which 44 were WIA youth. For PY 09 we
   occupation.                                            have co-enrolled 124 customers, including
                                                          35 youth, a dramatic increase in total for
Youth Programs
                                                          only 7 months of the program year.
We are co-enrolling eligible out-of-school
youth into Adult Education for the GED Plus               Jobs for Tennessee Graduates programs in
Program. This program allows eligible youth               our area are located in all eight counties,
to be rewarded for passing the GED test                   which include 13 high schools.

   Figure 3.2.1: Jobs for Tennessee Graduates (JTG) Program

   Adopt a Book program provides age-                     ARRA Hire YOUth Summer Youth
   level books to our in-school youth                     Program – 2009 LWIA 10
   students in Giles, Lawrence, Maury,
   Perry and Wayne in school youth                             Planned Numbers:
   programs. This promotes literacy and                        580 youth with Formula Funds
   encourages students to be active in                          (approximately)
   their communities. They receive a book                      320 youth with Statewide
   a month to read free of charge. It spurs                     Activity Funds (approximately)
   class discussions. Some classes are                          targeting children of Dislocated
   volunteering to read to elementary                           Workers and those in areas of
   students and those in nursing homes.                         economic distress
                                                               900 total youth served
                                                                (approximately) (Served 856)
                                                               Subcontractors:

                                Phase 1
        2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
    LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

 SCTWA LWIA 10 will administer                      Special Education/504
   Summer Youth Program.                             education plans;
 Giles County Schools, Lawrence                     Vocational Rehabilitation
   County Schools, and Wayne                         (We served 174)
   County Public Education                         Foster Children – TN
   Foundation (existing                              Children’s’ Home; TDCS
   subcontractors)                                   (We served 28)
                                                   TANF/Food Stamps
Types of Jobs focused on the 16                      Eligible Youth - DHS;
Career Clusters published by TN                      Workforce Essentials
Department of Education                            Veterans 24 & under &
 Agriculture, Food & Natural                        eligible spouses – Vet
   Resources                                         Reps (We served 6)
 Architecture & Construction                Special Populations that were
 Arts, A/V Technology &                      served:
   Communications                                  JTG class members (WIA
 Government & Public                                eligible)
   Administration                                  Adult Ed – 18 to 24 yr
 Business, Management, &                            olds in GED Plus program
   Administration                                  Children of Dislocated
 Education & Training                               Workers
 Finance                                          Children of Families in
 Health Science                                     Economically Distressed
 Hospitality & Tourism                              Communities (e.g. Perry
 Human Services                                     County)
 Information Technology                           “At Risk of Court
 Law, Public Safety, Corrections &                  Involvement” – General
   Security                                          Sessions Judges
 Manufacturing                              Other Program Highlights:
 Marketing, Sales & Services                      Bonuses for achieving
 Science, Technology,                               Career Readiness
   Engineering, & Mathematics                        Certificates and Perfect
 Transportation, Distribution &                     Attendance (172 earned
   Logistics                                         CRC’s) (Perfect
                                                     attendance -145)
 Special Populations that were                    Assessments used to
  served:                                            match to work sites
       Individuals with                           32 hour work week, paid
         Disabilities – Partner with                 at $7.25 per hour with
         Goodwill in 4                               participation in up to
         communities; School                         eight additional days in
         systems for those with                      workshops focused on

                            Phase 1
    2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
 LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

     workplace readiness,                were provided energy audits and
     ethics, safety, etiquette,          recommendations to save
     and preparation for                 money on utilities at no charge
     Career Readiness                    from the HEAT Team. Youth
     Certificate and/or ACT              learned customer service skills,
     tests.                              energy auditing techniques,
    Younger youth (14/15 yr.            team building and problem
     olds) enrolled into math            solving skills through their
     camps sponsored by                  participation in the program.
     Columbia State
     Community College                   Columbia State Community
    Co-enrollment of                    College hosted Math for Life
     approximately 300 into              Summer Math Academies in
     other WIA funded                    Perry and Giles counties. The
     programs.                           academies provided an
     (We co-enrolled 73 into             opportunity for Summer Youth
     JTG and in-school youth             customers to increase their
     programs)                           knowledge of math through a
    Recruitment tool for JTG            series of fun interactive
     classes, GED Plus, OJTs             workshops that helped them
     and Post Secondary                  learn to improve their academic
     Training.                           performance by identifying
                                         strengths as a way to overcome
Summer youth – 2009                      academic challenges.
                                         Approximately 40 youth
This year we placed youth with           completed the Math Academies
160 private sector employers             in both counties.
and 131 public sector employers.
Plans will be to continue placing
more summer youth into the
private sector next year.

The Honeywell Energy Auditor
Training (HEAT) Team was a
partnership between the
Columbia Housing Authority,

Honeywell, and the Hire YOUth!
Summer Program to provide
energy audit training to 7 youth.
Families living in units of the
Columbia Housing Authority

                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

Summer youth - 2010                               replacement jobs in the Healthcare
                                                  Sector, 1,423 addition jobs in the
18 youth were placed into work                    Government sector and 1,175 additional
experience where employers were                   jobs in Retail Trade sector through 2014
asked to match up to $1,000 or half of            in our eight county area.
the individuals pay. At the conclusion of
the program, 5 youth had entered                  The remaining growing industries
unsubsidized employment after their               through 2014 in LWIA 10 contributing to
work experience and 9 entered post                employment will be in Construction -
secondary training.                               418 jobs; Wholesale trade - 333 jobs;
                                                  Accommodation and Food Services -
Targeted Sectors                                  322 jobs; Administrative and Waste
Shifts in Tennessee’s employment from             Services - 272 jobs, Finance and
manufacturing to services during the              Insurance – 161 jobs; Education Services
1990s have had a significant impact on            - 157 jobs.
the leading industries in LWIA 10.
Through the year 2014, it is projected            Specific occupations that will be in high
that the top three industries in our local        demand according to the current labor
areas that are expected to experience             market information are Registered
the greatest amount of job growth will            Nurse, Practical Nurse, Medical
be in the Healthcare and Social                   Assistant, Retail Salesperson, Dental
Assistance, Retail Trade and                      Assistant, Reception and Information
Government sectors. According to                  Clerk and Automotive Service
Labor Market Information, there should            Technician and Mechanic
be an estimated 2,117 new and

                                      Phase 1
              2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
          LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance
Figure 3.2.2: Fastest Growing Industries in LWIA 10

                                     Phase 1
             2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
         LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance
Figure 3.2.3 - Occupations in Demand in LWIA 10 through 2014

                                     Phase 1
             2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
         LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

The chart below gives an estimate of the              training while other may require
jobs in demand in our local area that                 specialized training from community
will be emerging in the Green industries              college, technology center or major
according to Growing Green: The                       university. Although not yet reflected in
Potential for Green Job Growth in                     trends and analysis, we know there will
Tennessee, published by the Labor                     be tremendous growth in industries
Market Information Section,                           connected to the green economy
Employment Security Division of the                   because of federal policy, state and
Tennessee Department of Labor and                     local decisions, and the movement in
Workforce Development(November                        energy conservation throughout the
2008). First Line Supervisors, industrial             global economy. Tennessee is
truck and tractor operator, Construction              positioned to benefit from job growth in
laborers, agricultural workers, pipe                  these industries, and recent
layers, plumbers, pipefitters, and                    announcements of large employers
steamfitters and carpenters show a                    moving to Tennessee, such as Hemlock
significant increase in job openings.                 Semiconductor and Wacker Chemie will
Many Green jobs will require traditional              benefit the entire state.

Figure 3.2.4 : Occupations in Demand for Green Jobs

                          Phase 1
  2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

Veterans                                            Performance Standards – analyzed
Our veterans returning from service will             & reviewed at bi-monthly Career
be able to access services through                   Advisor meetings. Corrective
Veteran Representatives in Maury and                 action is designed with input from
Lawrence counties. A Vocational                      Career Advisors, and then
Rehabilitation counselor will assist with            implemented.
their services of assessment and                    Budget Review – monthly; adjust
eligibility and can obtain medical                   strategies re: programming Career
information quickly from the VA and or               Advisor Meetings – bi monthly
VA hospitals. Spouses of veterans                   Weekly Report – foot traffic,
should be able to access adult services              registrations, exits, volume activity
through our centers and children who                 are monitored to identify key
are eligible for youth programs will be              trends.
able to access summer youth and in-                 Unemployment rate and other key
school programs.                                     economic indicators – analyzed
                                                     monthly against state and local
4:    Measurement, Analysis, and
                                                     data for trend analysis and ‘reality
      Knowledge Management
4.1 Improvement of Organizational
                                                    Performance Reviews - all staff
                                                     have the opportunity to review
4.1a Performance Management
                                                     performance and establish goals,
We use the eCMATS system furnished
                                                     and to refocus on company goals
by the Tennessee Department of Labor
                                                     and initiatives.
and Workforce Development as the
                                                    Board Evaluations – State
data information system for our
                                                     Workforce Board provides survey
company. It serves as the only database
                                                     and feedback which allows local
system and provides all information
                                                     boards to design better board
needed to track performance and
                                                     orientation, conduct better
project results when data retrieval is
                                                     meetings, and maximize the
maximized, along with the recent
                                                     talents of our knowledgeable and
addition of Dolce Vita.
                                                     diverse board members.
4.1b Data, Information, and
                                                    Data Validation – annual review
      Knowledge Management
                                                     from the state allows us to better
4.2 Management of Information,
                                                     prove and validate data from
      Information Technology, and
                                                     services including, enrollment,
                                                     program goals, case notes, exit
4.2a Management of Information
                                                     data, and follow up information.
We use a number of measures and                     Monitoring – internal, sub
analysis to improve organizational                   contractor, and state Performance
performance. Listed below are the ones               Accountability Review.
most commonly used throughout our
                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

Projected Exits                                         produce a total enrollment of 1898.
We currently have 1,519 enrolled. If we                 With an increased number of dislocated
project an additional 25 % increase from                workers expected we project a
now till the end of the year, this would                distribution of:

     Figure 4.2.1 Projected Exits in LWIA 10 for 2009
       45% DW                           854     Projected exits of 40% = 341
       30% Adult                        569     Projected exits of 45% = 256
       25% Youth                        474     Projected exits of 50% = 237
                                                        (JTG seniors-102
                                                        In-school contract seniors, GED Plus
                                                Total projected exits = 834

4.2b Data, Information, and                             As a company, we recognize our
      Knowledge Management                              strongest asset is our workforce, and
Accuracy, integrity and reliability,                    strive to keep our workforce motivated,
timeliness, and security and                            engaged, and productive. We work
confidentiality are required properties                 towards this in a number of ways,
of a valid data management system.                      including the following:
We take a number of steps to ensure
that these components are in place and                      I. Establish and communicate
stay in place. Beginning with the source                       goals, complete with periodic
documentation, staff is property trained                       reviews
in collecting data, with department                        II. Performance Standards –
heads responsible for validating quality                       ongoing communication
of data. Our Information Technology                            combining review with strategy
Department consists of two qualified                           development
professionals, with a combined 25+                        III. Encourage certification as Global
years of IT experience and industry                            Career Development Facilitator
certifications (Microsoft Certified                            (GCDF), and pay incentive for
Professional, A+ Certification, NT 4.0                         successful certification
Certification, Server 2003 Certification,                 IV. Innovative and desired benefits
Server XP Certification, and Security+                         package, including 401 K,
Certification). They take responsibility                       educational assistance, bonus
for maintaining the integrity and                              opportunities, wellness
security of our information technology,                        programs & gym membership,
including hardware operations and                              FMLA, annual and sick leave
information processing.                                    V. Breakfast Brainstorms – listening
                                                               tour of customers/partners
5: Workforce Focus                                        VI. Bereavement Counseling
5.1 Workforce Engagement

                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

 VII. Staff Developments – moral                  with covering fixed costs. In 2007, we
       builders                                   successfully co-located with Hickman
 VIII. Strong encouragement and                   County Economic & Community
       provision of opportunities to              Development’s Vision 21, and this group
       participate in continuing                  is contributing toward our lease,
       education related to workforce             utilities, and other fixed costs, therefore
       development                                decreasing our costs in this county.
                                                  Consolidation would be an absolute last
5.1a Workforce Enrichment                         resort, based on input from our local
5.1b Workforce and Leader                         elected officials and workforce board
      Development                                 members. Other options prior to
Workforce and leader development                  consolidation include the following:
begins with New Employee Orientation,
and continues throughout the course of                  Negotiate lower rent/less space
employment with our organization. We                     with current landlords for leased
provide opportunities for continued                      space.
staff development through work related                  Move career center(s) to different
webinars, conferences, certification                     location(s) with lower rent, most
courses, and structured staff                            likely with smaller space.
developments that focus on
teambuilding, increasing industry                 Tennessee Career Center locations in
knowledge, and leadership activities are          south central Tennessee are listed
held twice per year. We reward                    below, along with workforce
industry recognized certifications, such          development partners on site and
as the GCDF certification, with a one-            sharing in operating costs:
time stipend. We are committed to
promotion from within our company                      Giles – Vocational Rehabilitation,
when the opportunities arise, and have                  TDLWD
as examples a number of staff who have                 Hickman – Workforce Essentials,
continued to work toward academic                       Hickman County Economic and
degrees that have then led to more                      Community Development
responsible and higher paying positions
within our organization.
5.2 Workforce Environment
5.2a Workforce Capability and
We currently maintain a presence in
each of our 8 counties, but this is a
growing challenge with reductions in
funding. We have looked to increasing
partner presence that not only add to
our array of services, but can also assist

                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

  Lawrence – Vocational                         occupations, and the effect of a global
   Rehabilitation, Workforce Essentials,         economy on local conditions. Our
   TDLWD (Adult Ed on same campus)               services to customers, including both
  Lewis – Workforce Essentials,                 jobseekers and employers, must reflect
   TDLWD (Adult Ed on same campus)               our innovation, research, use of
  Marshall – Columbia State                     available and up to date technologies,
   Community College                             and applicable knowledge. Everything
  Maury – TDLWD, Adult Education,               we support and carry out as work
   Vocational Rehabilitation,                    functions is related back to our mission
   Workforce Essentials                          of assisting Tennesseans to earn a
  Perry – Workforce Essentials, Adult           sustainable living and take care of their
   Education                                     families.
  Wayne – Workforce Essentials,
                                                 6.1b Work Process Design
   TDLWD (Adult Ed on same campus)
                                                 Management & Improvement of Work
5.2b Workforce Climate                           Processes
Wellness                                         We are constantly looking at our work
Our company looks for opportunities to           processes to find ways to better manage
promote exercise to our own                      and improve work flow. With
employees, and to our jobseeker and              structured input from both staff and
employer customers. We will be                   customers, we review, adapt, tweak,
recognized this year as at “Fit Friendly”        and reinstitute processes, revising
Company by the American Heart                    associated procedures as needed. On
Association, and sponsor events and              occasion we will call together a focus
workshops that encourage innovation in           group of customers, both job seekers
wellness promotion, such as our                  and employers to solicit customer input.
upcoming workshop featuring “Walking             We also regularly make available
Guru” Robert Sweetgall. Employees                Customer Service Surveys, which are
have the opportunity to earn gym fees            collected and followed up on by staff at
for participating in exercise programs.          the administrative office.
We also offer flu shots at no charge to
employees.                                       We also continuously add partners to
                                                 whom we can refer, or from whom we
6: Process Management                            can receive referrals to broaden the
6.1 Work Systems Design                          offerings/resources we can offer
6.1a Core Competencies                           customers.
We have positioned ourselves as the              6.1c Emergency Readiness
subject matter experts in workforce              We focus on 3 areas for emergency
development issues in southern middle            readiness:
Tennessee, and by doing so must                       Workplace Safety
constantly strive to remain educated on
                                                      Personal Security
workforce trends, skills needed by
                                                      Information Security
employers, growing and high demand
                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

Safety procedures are reviewed                    therefore comply with all federal, state
annually at staff development sessions,           and local requirements.
and are often conducted by law
enforcement partners. Nothing is placed           6.2b Work Process Improvement
above personal safety, and we regularly           We rely upon regional reviews,
discuss potential situations and role play        quarterly workforce board meetings,
responses when dealing with difficult             department meetings, and full staff
customers.                                        development meetings as the method
                                                  to review results, identify potential
6.2 Work Process Management and                   process improvements, and measure
       Improvement                                success. By communicating openly and
6.2a Work Process Management                      frequently we are able to enact changes
Based on the requirements and goals of            when necessary, adjust plans, and
the Workforce Investment Act of 1998,             continuously improve.
we have designed our services to deliver
workforce development products to                 In department meetings, staff takes
both jobseekers and employers. We                 turns sharing best practices, learning
challenge our staff to improve services           from each other, and using group
by identifying innovative practices that          synergy to brainstorm and innovate
fit within the law and our mission.               processes and services that allow us to
                                                  serve our customers better.
We regularly meet with partners, board
members, staff, and the private sector            7: Results
through our monthly Breakfast                     7.1 Product and Service Outcomes
Brainstorm Meetings, which provide a              The success of the South Central
mechanism for feedback, idea                      Tennessee Workforce Alliance is
generation, and program review. We                ultimately measured in three ways:
can evaluate at this time if a                        a) Performance Measures –
community’s Workforce needs are being                    Common and Core
met and if we need to add or modify                   b) Customer Satisfaction of
services.                                                Jobseekers and Employers
                                                      c) Fund Expenditures
We depend upon our program and fiscal                 d) Numbers Served
monitors to ensure that work processes
follow policies and procedures, and

                                      Phase 1
              2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
          LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

 7.1a Product and Service Results
 The following table reflects our negotiated performance standards for PY2010.

Figure 7.1.1: Performance Metric – LWIA 10 – State Performance Level for PY 2010

                                    Phase 1
            2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
        LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance

7.2     Customer-Focused Outcomes                   partners. The chart below illustrates
7.2a Customer-Focused Results                       the percent to total served of each
SCTWA has exceeded customer                         target segment: Adult, Dislocated
satisfaction performance standards on a             Worker, and Youth. This is the total
regular basis since the measures were               number enrolled during PY08, and does
first implemented under WIA. The                    not include an additional 1,966
latest results are listed below:                    jobseekers who were awarded Career
Customer Satisfaction    Goal    Actual             Readiness Certificates, bringing the total
Participant              81%     83%                served to 3,403. Our market
Employer                 80%     81%                penetration continues to grow annually,
                                                    and is even greater when considering
Local surveys are also collected                    the number of jobseekers who visit the
throughout our area. Follow up with                 Career Centers for informational
customers may result from a survey if               purposes only and are not enrolled.
contact information is provided. Results
are passed on to appropriate staff and

       Figure 7.2.1: Numbers Served by South Central TN Workforce Alliance (LWIA 10)

7.3 Financial and Market Outcomes                   SCTWA successfully meets expenditure
7.3a Financial and Market Results                   rates required through planning, review,
The chart below illustrates the                     and continuous adjustments to
breakdown of actual expenditures by                 outreach efforts.
funding silo as a percent to total.

                                      Phase 1
              2011 Local Workforce Investment Area Planning Guidance
          LWIA 10 - South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance
Figure 7.3.1: Actual Expenditures by Funding Silo

7.4      Workforce-Focused Outcomes                      Performance Standards. These are
7.4a Workforce Results                                   reflected in the Figure 7.1.1.
We have a staff with average longevity
                                                         7.6 Leadership Outcomes
of 7.7 years, experiencing limited
                                                         7.6a Leadership and Social
voluntary turnover. Disciplinary actions                       Responsibility Results
are low in number. Educational levels
                                                         We continue to be a viable and valuable
of staff are high with the majority
                                                         partner in the workforce development
possessing Bachelor and Masters
                                                         community as evidenced by the
Degrees, and we always have at least
                                                         increased usage of our Career Centers,
one staff member in school seeking
                                                         the reliance on our information and
additional post secondary education. In
                                                         programs by key workforce partners,
terms of workplace health, we are
                                                         and the growth in the number of
pleased with the implementation of our
                                                         employers who use our services, and
innovative wellness programs and the
                                                         become repeat customers. We
opportunity it provides staff to earn
                                                         successfully meet and exceed our
additional benefits such as paid gym
                                                         Negotiated Performance Standards,
fees. We have also met the
                                                         continue to have clean independent
requirements to be recognized as a Fit
                                                         audits, attract funds from outside the
Friendly Company by the American                         WIA formula funding, and meet
Heart Association in 2009.                               expenditure requirements. We look for
7.5     Process Effectiveness Outcomes                   additional ways to deepen our
7.5a Process Effectiveness Results                       commitment and results in workforce
Again, our main measure of process                       development, and therefore serve our
effectiveness is our success in meeting                  communities in even more meaningful
and exceeding our Negotiated                             ways.


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