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                              The firm
                              The law firm Studio Tabellini was             and are further assisted by correspon-
                              established by Avv. Tomaso Tabellini in       dent lawyers to provide local support
                              the early fifties in Turin, and progressi-    throughout the country. Moreover, the
                              vely increased in size and expertise,         firm relies on a network of international
                              covering new and specific areas of            lawyers in the key European cities (Paris,
                              practice, along with the growth of Italian    London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen,
                              economy. With the development of              Cologne, Düsseldorf, Madrid,
                              global interchange, Studio Tabellini          Barcelona).
                              gradually extended its areas of interven-
                              tion into the domain of international         While the headquarters of Studio
                              trade law.                                    Tabellini are in Turin, the firm also has
                              The firm's current focus is corporate         additional offices in Milan.
                              extra-judicial consultancy as well as         Some of the firm's partners contribute
                              legal assistance in litigation (including     to leading law publications and are
                              arbitration proceedings), in the main         invited as guest speakers to conferences
                              areas of commercial and corporate law         and workshops focusing on the firm's
                              (both domestic and international).            practice areas.

                              The firm's lawyers are admitted to            Good English fluency is standard among
                              practice before all Italian Courts,           Studio Tabellini's members, while French
                              included the High Court of justice, in        is also spoken by some of its lawyers.
                              Rome (Suprema Corte di Cassazione),

                              The firm's procedures are designed to         transfer information both within and
Corso Stati Uniti, 61
                              supply the client with the quickest           without the firm.
I-10129 Torino                information turnaround possible. Most         The firm is connected with the most
MILAN                         jobs are handled by at least two lawyers,     importants Data Base on its practice
Via Visconte di Modrone, 18   one of which of senior level                  areas, included the one at High Court of
I-20122 Milano
                              The assignments are distributed in            Justice, in Rome.
ROME                          accordance with each lawyer's specific        Remuneration is negotiated either on a
Viale Mazzini, 88
I-00195 Roma                  skills.                                       project or on a time base, according to
Tel: +39 011 562 3977
                              The quick exchange of information is          each client's requirements, with fees
Fax: +39 011 5176197          supported by a collaborative environ-         approved by the national Bar Associa-       ment, as well as by a networking system,      tion.      allowing each firm member to rapidly
Studio Tabellini provides consultancy and assistance to its clients on the legal
aspects of their business, in the sectors of private, corporate and commercial
law; its services are geared mainly to corporations, financial and insurance
institutions, private clients and non-profit organizations.

CORPORATE AND COMMERCIAL LAW                  the firm joins a network of law firms
The firm advises national and foreign         that covers the most important
companies in their relationships with         european cities (London; Paris; Amster-
their partners and their management, as       dam; Copenhagen; Brussels; Berlin;
well in managing their corporate              Cologne; Barcelona; Madrid).
The firm provides legal consultancy in
drafting company by laws and joint            FINANCIAL LAW
venture agreements, in domestic and           The firm has provided and provides
transnational merger and acquisitions,        legal services to leading institutional
and in sale or buying of assets.              bodies. It's clients include major Banks,
Other subjects mostly covered by              Insurance Companies and financial
corporate and commercial law depart-          intermediaries.
ment are the legal advice and the             The aim of the firm's financial depart-
drafting of contracts in various business     ment is to assist such clients both in
areas like turn-key contracts, licence        their business transactions, as well as in
agreement, outsourcing, supply                their relationships with governmental
contracts, e-commerce, loan agreemen-         institutions. Subjects mostly covered by
ts, etc.                                      the firm are the issue of bonds and
                                              guarantees, mortgage loans, venture
                                              capital and stock exchange contracts.
CONTRACTS                                     The firm also provides legal consultancy
The Studio is frequently called upon to       in drafting deeds of trust and trustee-
assist in negotiations and drafting of        ship.
commercial contracts such as license
agreements, transfer of know-how,
realization of plants, outsourcing, as well   DEBTOR REORGANIZATION
as contracts for construction projects or     The Studio provides legal advice on
services. It also prepares contracts for      transactions that involve profiles
the sale of industrial complexes, and for     connected with debtor reorganization
the e-commerce sector, including the          and insolvency procedures in general.
installation and maintenance of               In particular, the Studio assists entrepre-
information systems.                          neurs in the most delicate stages of
                                              company reorganization, including the
                                              negotiation of restructuring programs,
LITIGATION AND ARBITRATION                    the preparation of applications for
The litigation and arbitration depart-        access to insolvency proceedings and
ment provides legal assistance in             their progression through the various
commercial disputes between compa-            stages. The Studio also provides
nies, in cross border disputes, in partner-   consultancy services to those who
ships disputes, in bankruptcy, as well as     intend to participate in such plans
in professional negligence and manu-          and/or proceedings, to buy out and
facturer liability.                           salvage businesses in difficulty.
The activity of the firm in the above
matters is carried on before any Court in
Italy, included the High Court of Justice     AGENCY AND DISTRIBUTION
in Rome, and before arbitration panels.       Some of the firm's lawyers are members
With reference to cross border disputes       of legal committees of both national
                              and international leading Trade Associa-      stock option plans, safety at work,
                              tions. They have also participated in the     including assistance in litigation before
                              drafting of bills regulating the status of    the competent Courts.
                              commercial agency under the Italian
                              law, some of which have been definite-
                              vely approved by the Italian Parliament.      PROPERTY AND CONSTRUCTION LAW
                              The firm provides legal assistance both       The Studio assists clients engaged in
                              on drafting agency and distribution           real estate transactions, both as
                              agreements, as well as in litigation in the   constructors or designers of projects for
                              same matters                                  property valorisation and as investors.
                                                                            The services of the Studio consist of
                                                                            consultancy about the legal aspects of
                              LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT                         the transaction or contract and the
                              The firm gives advice to companies on         relative financing, negotiation and
                              their relations with employees and            drafting of the contracts and guaran-
                              managers.                                     tees, and the preparation of functional
                              Within this area of practice the firm         structures for the creation of temporary
                              provides legal assistance on drafting         associations of enterprises and consor-
                              contracts, disciplinary procedure,            tiums.
                              dismissals, non competition agreement,

                              The Studio cooperates with other professionals, qualified to practice in their
                              country to assist its clients with lawsuits in foreign countries or with other legal
                              problems involving foreign laws. The Studio has excellent contacts abroad and
                              has established long-standing relationships with important law studios throu-
                              ghout Europe, with offices in the most important cities such as:

                              London and Coventry, for Great Britain
                              Copenhagen, for Denmark and the Scandinavian countries
                              Paris and Lyon, for France
                              Amsterdam, for the Netherlands
                              Cologne, for Germany
                              Graz, for Austria
Corso Stati Uniti, 61
I-10129 Torino

Via Visconte di Modrone, 18
I-20122 Milano

Viale Mazzini, 88
I-00195 Roma

Tel: +39 011 562 3977
Fax: +39 011 5176197

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