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					                  Department of                                      Agricultural Science
Faculty                                                              Students                                                              Careers                                                                • Two greenhouses, an orchard, vineyards, and garden plots
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  • Agronomy research plots and crops
w Abdo Alghamdi, PhD (University of Minnesota)                       w Student Organizations                                                 Approximately two-thirds of graduates go directly into the           • Beautiful, rolling grassland and woodland areas
  Teaching Areas: Equine Science; Animal Reproduction                   Agricultural Science students are active members and leaders in    work force, with these and many other employers:                       • Horse boarding available by contract
  Research Interests: Physiological characteristics and              a broad spectrum of campus and community organizations and            USDA-NRCS—Soil Conservationist, Grasslands Conservationist           w Agricultural Science also utilizes facilities in newly-
  immunological response of the female reproductive tract and        activities. Organizations based in Agricultural Science include:      USDA-FSA—County Executive Director                                     renovated Magruder Hall, including:
  its impact on reproductive performance.                              Cattle Show Team                                                    Premium Standard Farms                                                 • Faculty offices, classrooms, and teaching laboratories                                                      Collegiate Farm Bureau                                              Land O’Lakes Animal Nutrition Diamond V Animal Nutrition               • Research labs for each faculty member, used in conducting
w Mark Campbell, PhD (Iowa State University)                           Delta Tau Alpha National Honorary                                   Growmark                                                               collaborative student-faculty research
  Teaching Areas: Soils; Plant Science; Forage Crops                   Equestrian Team                                                     Grant’s Farm                                                           • An agriculture student center with comfortable seating and
  Research Interests: Utilizing genetic diversity in maize to          Horseman’s Association                                              Tyson/IBP                                                              open-use computers, is used for gathering, studying, and
  improve starches for food and industrial application.                Pre-Veterinary Club                                                 Peace Corps                                                            socializing                                                w Internships                                                                                                                              w Research
                                                                        An internship experience can enrich a student’s education. Up to
w Emily Costello, BS (Truman State University)
  Teaching Areas: Horsemanship; Horse Training IHSA                  five credit hours can apply directly to major requirements. Recent    Graduate & Professional Schools                                        Students have numerous opportunities to undertake mentored
                                                                                                                                                                                                                research with a faculty member and can apply for funding to
                                                                     sites include:                                                           Approximately one-third of students attend graduate or            pursue independent projects. Current and recent agricultural
  Equestrian Team coach; Mentor to students working with
                                                                       Saint Louis Zoo; Omaha Zoo                                          professional schools following graduation.                           research projects include:
  horses on basic and advanced training techniques.
                                                                       Grant’s Farm                                                           Over seven years, Truman’s Agricultural Science graduates           • Determination of Dominance Hierarchy and the Influence of
                                                                       Lane’s Farm (KY) & other horse breeding                             have averaged a 51% acceptance rate to University of Missouri’s          Preferred Association in Horses
w Susan Guffey, DVM (University of Illinois)
                                                                       U.S. Department of Agriculture (NRCS)                               Veterinary Medicine school, compared to a 39% rate for other           • Development of a Prediction Equation for Total Body Mass
  Teaching Areas: Anatomy and Physiology; Comparative
                                                                       USDA Meat Animal Research Center (NE)                               applicants.                                                              Across Three Sizes of Equids (Equus caballus)
  Anatomy; Animal Health
                                                                       Missouri Department of Conservation                                    In recent years, Truman agriculture students have attended          • Levels of Aggression and Social Hierarchies in the Quarter
                                                                       Montana State University                                            these graduate/professional schools:                                     Horse
w Bill Kuntz, BS (Truman State University)                                                                                                   Vet Schools-Missouri, Iowa St., Illinois, Nebraska
                                                                       North Carolina State University Center for Environmental                                                                                   • Factors Affecting Agriculture Literacy
  Teaching Areas: Agronomic Techniques                                                                                                       Univ. of Wyoming (Animal Science)
                                                                         Farming Systems                                                                                                                          • Techniques for Effective Extraction of High Amylose Starch
  Serves as Farm Manager, overseeing all farm operations and                                                                                 Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison (Nutrition)
                                                                       Greenley Research Center (MO)                                                                                                              • Evaluation of Marker-Assisted Backcross Selection for
  student workers at the Farm.                                                                                                               Univ. of Nebraska (Turf Management)
                                                                       Shaw Nature Reserve (Botanical Gardens) (MO)                                                                                                 Development of High Amylose Corn                                                                                                                         Iowa St. Univ. (Wetland Ecology)
                                                                       Miner Institute (Equine Management), Chazy, NY                                                                                             • Effects of Abrupt vs. Gradual Weaning on Lamb Performance
w Tom Marshall, PhD (Purdue University)                                                                                                      Oregon St. Univ. (Weed Science)
                                                                       Theodore Roosevelt National Park (ND)                                                                                                        and Ewe Udder Health
  Teaching Areas: Animal Agriculture; Genetics                                                                                               Michigan St. Univ. (Ag Economics)
                                                                     w Study Abroad                                                                                                                               • Effects of Finishing Lambs on Standing Grain Pasture versus
  Research Interests: Effect of feeding resistant starch from                                                                                Western Illinois Univ. (Ag Education)
                                                                        The flexible structure of the AGSC major makes it possible for                                                                              Finishing Lambs in a Feedlot
  amylomaize on skatole levels and odor in swine feces;
                                                                     students to pursue study abroad opportunities and apply hours                                                                                • Comparison of Rumen Fermentation of Corn Starch Varying
  Conversion of waste vegetable oil into biodiesel.
                                                                     earned toward their degree. Recently, students have studied in
                                                                       Australia                                                           Facilities & Technology                                                  in Amylose and Amylopectin Concentration
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  • Efficacy of Heat Detection in Cattle as Determined by Heat
w Michael Seipel, PhD (University of Missouri)                         Costa Rica                                                          w Farm & Facilities                                                      Detector Placement
  Teaching Areas: Marketing; Ag. Policy; Sustainable Agriculture       Germany                                                                Activities at the University Farm and Magruder Hall science         • Efficacy of Subjective Visual Udder Scores in Beef Cows for
  Research Interests: Impacts of agricultural change on human          Ireland (University of Limerick)                                    facility, ranging from class work to research to recreation, are a       the Prediction of Weaning Weight of Calves
  communities.                                                         New Zealand (Christchurch)                                          critical component of student learning.                                • Association of Pasture Intake with Milk Production in                                                   South Africa                                                        w The 400-acre farm is located just 1.5 miles from campus and            Grazing Gelbvieh Cow- Calf Pairs
w Glenn Wehner, PhD (University of Tennessee)                                                                                                                                                                     • Additives for Lowering Cold Flow in Biodiesel
  Teaching Areas: Beef Production, Nutrition, Meat Science                                                                                                                                                        • Use of Glycerol from Biodiesel Production as a Supplemental
                                                                                                                                             • Classroom/lab, equine, and cattle facilities
  Research Interests: Energy and mineral nutrition of grazing cow/                                                                                                                                                  Cattle Feed
                                                                                                                                             • 40-head riding/breeding horse herd
  calf pairs and its impact on milk production and conception                                                                                                                                                     • Yield in Commercial Tomato Plots Mulched with Painted
                                                                                                                                             • Indoor and outdoor riding arenas
  rates; visual udder scoring of beef cows to predict milk                                                                                                                                                          Polyethylene or Straw Mulch
                                                                                                                                             • A herd of Gelbvieh beef cattle

                       Thriving Minds at Truman
                            At Truman State University, you will have an honors college experience in every classroom. Enjoy smaller classes
                       taught by professors, participate in class discussion, work on group projects, and talk with professors after class. Learn
                       from the people who sit next to you in class and the people who live down the hall.
                            With a 16:1 student-faculty ratio, you get the personal attention you need from a world-class
                       faculty. Our professors’ open-door policy allows you to stop by their office during their office
                       hours to discuss class, get extra help on an assignment, or just chat about the day’s
                       events. Many professors provide their home phone numbers in case
                       you need unexpected help with an assignment. In an age when most
                       colleges put a premium on faculty research, at Truman, your success is
                       our top priority.
                            You will gain the hands-on experience that will prepare you for
                       graduate school or for any leading company. Truman students have
                       had exciting internships as early as their freshman year working with
                       government leaders, business executives, broadcast and print media
                       professionals, accountants, archeologists, marine biologists, advertising
                       agents, doctors, musicians and artists. Truman also participates in
                       the Truman in Washington Program and sponsors the Missouri
                       Government Internship Program.
                            Discover real opportunities for research. Research at Truman
                       spans all disciplines, and each year Truman awards institutional grants
                       to undergraduates pursuing research projects. Last year, more than
                       1,200 students participated in undergraduate research. These types of
                       real life experiences can open windows of opportunity and provide a link
                       between the classroom and the world beyond campus.

                       Active Outside the Classroom
Agricultural Science

Kirksville MO 63501
100 East Normal

                            At Truman we realize that college is more than just the classroom experience. The Truman Experience
Magruder 3132

                       can help you feel like Truman is a place you can call home. It is about making friends, living independently, and exploring
                       the world around you. We have created an environment that encourages student activity and interaction.
                            Truman provides a supportive, open environment that will enable you to learn about yourself while you learn about
                       the world around you. The Truman Experience means seeing friends as you walk to class; staying up late with your
                       roommate talking about your life before college; joining a campus or community organization (or maybe five or six). You
                       will make lifelong friends, experience new cultures and try new things. You will accomplish more than you ever thought
                            At Truman and Kirksville, you will be a part of a variety of cultures, nationalities, interests, talents, abilities, values
                       and experiences. You will find a comfortable blend of social, economic, religious, and ethnic backgrounds at Truman.
                       The Truman Experience can open yourself to the arts, to different cultures, and to new experiences. The cultural events
                       on and off campus will broaden your horizons by exposing you to new viewpoints. Whether it is a production by the
                       Truman Theatre Department, a Blues Festival at the local Round Barn, or a volunteer project within the community,
                       cultural opportunities at Truman abound.

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