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The Harriman Book of Investing Rules: Collected Wisdom from the
World's Top 150 Investors

Description:    For the first time, the tactics, strategies and insights relied on by 150 of the world's most respected
                financial experts are revealed in a concise, digestible form. Learn how you really make money in
                the markets from:

                -   fund managers of billion-pound equity funds
                -   traders in the options and futures markets
                -   industry-rated analysts
                -   economists from top business schools
                -   writers on leading financial newspapers

                Each provides focused and practical rules on how to succeed in the market. Often counter-intuitive,
                their rules tell you exactly what to do and what not to do. No padding; just a rock-hard list of do's
                and don'ts.

                The contributors to this book are the elite of investing. They consistently beat the market because
                they know which shares to buy, at what price, and when. And, just as importantly, they know when
                to sell.

                Never before has so much quality advice been packed into a single book. If you want to increase
                your wealth through investing, this is an unmissable opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills
                from the best in the world.

Contents:       Chapter headings for The Harriman Book of Investing Rules

                -   Robert Z. Aliber: International markets and capital flows
                -   David Andrea: Auto sector
                -   Nick Antill: Company valuation
                -   Martin Barnes: General principles and the role of liquidity
                -   Richard Bauer Jr.: Building trading systems using genetic algorithms
                -   Gary Belsky: Behavioral finance
                -   Bruce Berman: Understanding the value of patents
                -   William Bernstein: Intelligent asset allocation
                -   James B. Bittman: Trading options
                -   John C. Bogle: Common sense investing
                -   Lewis J. Borsellino: The 'ten commandments' of trading
                -   David Braun: How to make gains from M&A activity
                -   Ian Burns: The chemicals sector
                -   John P. Calamos: Convertible bonds
                -   Thom Calandra: General principles and the growing importance of debt analysis
                -   Donald Cassidy: Which stocks to sell and when
                -   Simon Cawkwell: Advice from a short seller
                -   Edward Chancellor: Lessons from history
                -   Moorad Choudhry: Investing in bonds
                -   Robert Cole: The Tempus ten golden rules
                -   Antoine Colonna: The luxury goods sector
                -   Tim Congdon: Economic drivers of asset prices
                -   Laurence Copeland: Currencies
                -   Richard Cragg: Demographic investment
                -   Anthony Crescenzi: The bond market's crystal ball
                -   Anthony Cross: The investment attractions of intellectual capital
                -   Lawrence Cunningham: The investing methods of Warren Buffett
                -   Frank Curzio: Safeguards and buying opportunities
                -   Ray Dalio: Systemizing fundamentals
-   Alexander Davidson: How to avoid being a victim of stock manipulation
-   Nigel Davies: The transport sector
-   Steven Davis: The banking sector
-   Philippe Delhaise: Valuation of Asian Bank Shares
-   Thomas DeMark: Trading with technical analysis
-   David DeRosa: General principles and the dangers of financial engineering
-   Joe DiNapoli: Trading and the importance of a plan
-   Bob Dischel: The weather risk market
-   Richard Driehaus: Investment paradigms worth avoiding
-   Dru Edmonstone: Investing in AIM listed companies
-   Marc Faber: Contrarian advice from Dr Doom
-   Frank J. Fabozzi: Bond investing
-   Alan Farley: Swing trading
-   Niall Ferguson: Lessons from the Rothschilds
-   Kenneth L. Fisher: Engaging The Great Humiliator
-   George Fontanills: Attaining a winning trader's edge
-   Martin Fridson: A streetwise approach to stock selection
-   David Fried: Profiting from buybacks
-   Foster Friess: Investing in growth companies
-   Tony Golding: Interpreting broker research and recommendations
-   Julio Gomez: Selecting an online broker
-   Philip Gotthelf: Precious metals trading
-   Jeremy Grantham: Investment management
-   Robert V. Green: Handling the emotional side of investing
-   Herb Greenberg: How to avoid problem stocks: Lessons from Lernout & Hauspie
-   Bill Gross: Cost reduction and other essential lessons
-   Steve Harmon: Commonsense lessons on technology stocks
-   John Hathaway: Investing in Gold
-   Alan Hicks: Financial spread betting
-   Yale Hirsch: A stock trader's almanac
-   John C. Hull: Option valuation and trading
-   John Husselbee: Selecting a mutual fund manager
-   Roger Ibbotson: How to manage your asset allocation
-   Mark Ingebretsen: Using the web to perform due diligence on a stock
-   Edmond Jackson: General principles and intrinsic value of companies
-   Simon Johnson: The leisure sector
-   Philippe Jorion: Value at Risk
-   Ajay Kapur: Investing in Asian equities
-   John Kay: Business economics
-   Karl Keegan: The biotechnology sector
-   Brian Kettell: Fed watching
-   Max King: General principles and politicians' promises
-   George Kleinman: Commodities
-   Richard Koch: Finding your own approach to stockpicking
-   Joe Krutsinger: Trading systems
-   Mike Kwatinetz: Investing in technology companies
-   Dean Le Baron: Habits - not rules
-   Steve Leuthold: Managing your mother lode...your serious money
-   David Linton: Trading and the importance of stop losses
-   Burton Malkiel: Essential truths of risk and reward
-   Joe Mansueto: Value investing and funds
-   Conor McCarthy: Technology stocks: attractions and dangers
-   Duff McDonald: Business technology
-   Colin McLean: Value investing and the unreliability of share prices
-   Lawrence McMillan: Axioms for option traders and short-term traders
-   Rajnish Mehra: The equity premium
-   Viren Mehta: The innovative therapeutics sector
-   Paul Melton: Navigating the world's markets
-   Michael Molinski: Global investing and the small investor advantage
-   Robert A.G. Monks: General principles and Senators from Tennessee
-   David Morgan: Investing in silver
-   John M. Mulvey: Portfolio optimization
-   John Murphy: Murphy's laws of technical trading
            -   Alan Newman: How to win the stock game
            -   David Newton: Investing in Small-Cap Stocks
            -   Victor Niederhoffer: Rules for a life-time
            -   Michael Niemira: The economic backdrop of investing
            -   Michael O'Higgins: Beating the Dow
            -   Jim Oberweis: Investing in very fast growing companies
            -   Terrance Odean: Lessons for investors from behavioural finance
            -   Richard Olsen: The trading edge and quantitative tools
            -   Paul Ormerod: Rules for sceptical investors
            -   Lois Peltz: Selecting a hedge fund manager
            -   Robert Peston: Interpreting the news flow
            -   Thomas A Petrie: The energy sector
            -   John Piper: Trading and the second marshmallow
            -   Mitchell Posner: Selecting emerging market stocks
            -   Henriette M. Prast: The emotional investor
            -   Robert Prechter: Requirements for successful trading
            -   George Putnam III: Turnaround Stocks
            -   Alfred Rappaport: Expectations investing
            -   Jay Ritter: IPOs
            -   John Rothchild: Surviving a severe bear market
            -   Anthony Saliba: Trading listed options
            -   Thomas Schneeweis: Hedge funds and managed futures investing
            -   Steven Schoenfeld: Effective international equity investing
            -   Leuder Schumacher: The utilities sector
            -   Charles Schwab: Schwab principles for long-term investing
            -   Gary Shilling: Investment strategies for a deflationary era
            -   Jeremy Siegel: Stocks for the long run and diversification
            -   Howard L. Simons: Market interrelationships
            -   Brian Skiba: The enterprise software sector
            -   Jim Slater: Building a margin of safety
            -   Andrew Smithers: Protecting wealth and valuing the stock market
            -   Joel Stern: The role of EVA in enhancing shareholder value
            -   Thomas Stridsman: Building and trading a rule-based strategy
            -   Alan Sugden: Key questions for stockpickers
            -   Catherine Tan: Investing lessons from the Asian markets
            -   Paul Temperton: Investing in Euroland
            -   Richard H. Thaler: Common mistakes investors make
            -   Van K. Tharp: Trading and position sizing
            -   David Tice: Overvalued stocks and Ponzi Schemes
            -   Andrew Tobias: Personal finance tips
            -   Brian Tora: General principles and the dangers of looking back
            -   Romesh Vaitilingham: How the economy influences the markets
            -   Tim Vick: Finding value in the market
            -   Pieter Vorster: The tobacco sector
            -   Ralph Wanger: Reasons for investing beyond the USA
            -   Edmond Warner: Investing in a bear market
            -   Ben Warwick: Searching for alpha
            -   Henry Weingarten: Ten guidelines for a stellar performance
            -   Neal Weintraub: Trading
            -   Martin J Whitman: A fresh look at the efficient market hypothesis
            -   Larry Williams: Short-term trading and survival
            -   Paul Wilmott: Money management
            -   Tom Winnifrith: Long-term investing and backing good management
            -   Ed Yardeni: Global economic trends
            -   Len Yates: Options myths and mistakes
            -   Andy Yates: Getting the most out of bulletin boards
            -   William T. Ziemba: Lessons from the theory of gambling

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