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               A WINE CELLAR– T O C A L L YOU R OWN –

        othing     showcases         your                                                         wine right at hand is part of the con-
        impeccable taste better than                                                              venience as well as the chic of hosting.
        your own private wine cellar –                                                            There’s also a certain economy at play.
and what better surrounding for such                                                              The same bottle of wine that might
a luxury than a Cachet Estate home?                                                               sell in a restaurant for $100, can be
This latest trend in today’s upscale                                                              purchased at the liquor store for $40.
housing market is becoming more                                                                   For people who entertain often, a
popular all the time. According to                                                                wine cellar is the perfect accou-
Frank Montanaro, Ontario Sales                                                                    trement.
Manager of Dionysus Brands – a pri-                                                                   Enter Frank Montanaro. Should
vate agency for exclusive brands of                                                               you be in the market for a wine cellar,
wines and spirits – more and more                                                                 this is where you might begin.
people who have some background                                                                   Montanaro would meet with you in
and love for wine are adding wine cel-                                                            your home to determine your needs
lars to their homes. Montanaro has                                                                and to explain the process of building
created many fine cellars for private                                                             a wine cellar in detail. The next step
users and collectors alike; designing                                                             would be for you to design or work
and stocking cellars that hold as few                                                             with a designer or your builder to cre-
as 500 to 600 bottles to as many as                                                               ate the room itself. Once the room
15,000 bottles.                                                                                   itself has been created, Montanaro
   Whatever the size, all wine cellars                                                            takes care of the racking, the tempera-
share the same features – a separate                                                              ture control and the installation. A
                                                              By J U D Y H A Z A N
room that is insulated to R20 with a                                                              modest wine cellar, once the room
temperature control compressor and a              As distinctive entertaining at                  has been built and decorated, costs
racking system. Within the category                                                               around $2500. And that’s before a sin-
however, are rooms from the very                  home has continued to rise in                   gle bottle of wine has been lovingly
modest to the absolutely elaborate –                popularity, so too has the                    placed inside.
rooms that are stunning retreats with                                                                 At this point, Montanaro would
granite floors, impeccable wood walls,           demand for private wine cellars.                 provide you with advice about the var-
with comfortable tasting areas sub-                                                               ious wines to stock inside the cellar in
limely furnished. Most people find                                                                your Cachet Estate home. He bases his
that a basement wine cellar is ideal – and        history. Today’s consumer thinks nothing     advice on your personal preferences as
this location is particularly popular in          at all about spending $18 for a bottle of    well as classic choices. Working from cat-
many Cachet Estate Homes that come                wine and $48 or $50 for a bottle of          alogues of wines from all over the word –
standard with a finished basement.                liquor.                                      New World and Old World, selections
   So how do you go about getting your               So why the popularity of home wine        befitting your personal tastes would be
own private wine cellar? The first step, is to    cellars? There are basically two groups of   ordered and delivered to your very own
find an expert, like Frank Montanaro to           people who want wine cellars; collectors     wine cellar, awaiting just the right
help. Montanaro has an extensive back-            of fine wines and connoisseurs who like      moment for you to decant it and share it
ground in wine that started with a career         to entertain at home. Just as the trend in   with friends and family.
with the LCBO between 1984 and 1991.              Cachet Estate Homes has been for bigger
In those days, consumers were wont to             and better kitchens with built-in appli-     Frank Montanaro is the Ontario Sales Manager
spend between $5.50 and $6.00 for a               ances, granite countertops and separate      of Dionysus Brands Premium Wines, Spirits &
                                                                                               Beers, located at 173 Finch Ave., West Toronto,
bottle of wine. But the times have                serveries, so too has demand for person-     Ontario M2R 1M2.
changed. Consumers today are more                 al wine cellars increased. It’s all about
                                                                                               For more information about stocking the wine
educated about the finer qualities of             providing quality entertainment at           cellar in your Cachet Estate home, contact
wine. This year alone, wine sales have            home. Consumers today are into gour-         Frank Montanaro at (416) 804-3753 or send
overtaken beer sales for the first time in        met cooking – and having the perfect         email to frankmontanaro@rogers.com

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