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									A Message from the Chief of Police

                          Chief Glenn M. Miller
The year 2005 was an outstanding year of accomplishments for the Richard Stockton
College Police Department. The men and women of this department work tirelessly to
ensure the safety and security of this college so that our faculty can provide the best
educational opportunity possible. Our officers are dedicated to this mission and whether
it is providing an escort to a student, unlocking a car door, or arresting a drug dealer, we
will complete it for our community. We are a fully trained and state certified campus
police department and available to assist our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have had many significant events occur in 2005 and it is important for our
community to know about them.
   • We participated in Operation L.E.A.D. (Louisiana Emergency Assistance
      Deployment) an assistance program to the State of Louisiana, specifically New
      Orleans, by providing two officers, Officer Carlton Fernanders and Officer Maria
      Parziale, to assist with the law enforcement and recovery efforts after Hurricane
      Katrina. It was the first-ever, out of state law enforcement deployment for this
      police department in our history and we are thankful for the support of President
      Saatkamp and Vice President Klein for allowing us this opportunity.
   • We continue to work very closely with our partners in Housing and Residential
      Life by enhancing our partnership program with their Complex Directors and our
      Officers. Additionally, working with the Stockton Residents’ Association, the
      safety and security of our housing units has been greatly improved.
•   We have established our first Neighborhood Watch Program on campus with the
    assistance of Housing and Residential Life and trained over 60 students in the
•   We commenced the formation of our first Community Emergency Response
    Team (CERT) on campus by initiating the training in the fall of 2005. The first
    team is scheduled to graduate in early 2006. The CERT program provides the
    college with trained emergency response support personnel in the event of a
    serious incident. We thank Health and Safety Officer Dennis Lepore for his work
    on this project.
•   We continue to pursue the New Jersey State Chiefs’ of Police Accreditation
    Program and Commission for the Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies
    (CALEA) recognition. There are 146 national standards that must be achieved to
    reach this accreditation and we have worked tirelessly towards this goal. We
    hope to achieve this recognition in 2006.
•   For the year the police department has received no complaints of any biased based
    policing against any of its officers.
•   In August we organized our second annual charity golf tournament for the benefit
    of Gilda’s Club of South Jersey. Thanks to the hard work of Communications
    Operator Lisa Benevides and others, nearly $3,000 was raised for Gilda’s during
    this event. Also, thanks to the efforts of our community and Deputy Chief
    Mangiello and others nearly $2,000 in toys were collected in support of the US
    Marines Toys for Tots campaign at Christmas.
•   We conducted an emergency disaster drill in May with participation of local, state
    and federal emergency management officials, law enforcement, fire services and
    emergency medical services. The drill was an extraordinary success and will
    continue to improve our capacity to respond to any community emergency.
•   We partnered with criminal justice faculty member Marissa Potchak-Levy to
    formulate a community satisfaction survey instrument which was later completed
    by members of the community. The results of the survey indicate very high
    marks for the services offered by the department and a second survey is planned
    for early 2006.
•   We have worked very closely with the Student Senate, Class Councils, Greek
    Council, many student organizations, the Dean of Students’ Office, the Office of
    Student Development, and Events Services to assist them in putting on programs
    to benefit the community, i.e. Haunted Trail, Drop Kick Murphy Concert,
    Homecoming Weekend, Kwanza Celebration and Freshman Orientation Program,
    just to name a few. We remain committed to working with our students, faculty
    and staff to improve our community.
•   Our police department web site has been vastly improved over the past year and
    includes a lot of safety and security information for our community. Thanks to
    Officer Giovanni Maione and Computer Services for this improvement.
•   Several officers have resigned from the department for opportunities elsewhere
    which has allowed us to bring some excellent new officers to our department. We
    welcomed Officers Dawn Courtney McDevitt, Jack Sementa, Erik Gustafson,
    Lindsey Cheshire and Marcus Taylor to our department this year. They, as do all
    our officers, remain committed to the service of the Stockton Community.
   •   We had several promotions including Sergeant Chuck Richvalsky to Lieutenant in
       command of Operations, Officer Karen Heintz to Sergeant in command of Day
       Shift and Officer Colleen Britton to Sergeant in command of midnight shift. They
       are all very deserving of these promotions and we welcome their leadership.
   •   We applaud the good work of Officer Jim Keefer and Security Officer John
       Corcoran for the services they provide to the Carnegie Center in Atlantic City.
   •   Congratulations to Officer Giovanni Maione and Administrative Support Staffer
       Linda Shea for the awards they each received from the New Jersey College and
       University Public Safety Association (NJ-CUPSA) for their dedication and
       service to the community.
   •    Officer Cindy Parker, Bicycle Patrol Training Coordinator, trained four new
       bicycle patrol officers this year.
   •   We have purchased a new, specially marked and equipped, “Supervisor’s” vehicle
       for patrol.
   •   We have received several grants this past year, including DWI enforcement and
       education grant, seat belt enforcement and education grant, first responder
       equipment grant, and a communications grant in the amount of $109K to upgrade
       our radio equipment. We also are receiving a “COPS More” grant ($65K) to
       support the salary of one officer.

                              Departmental Goals for 2006
 We will strive to achieve these goals keeping in mind our values of Integrity,
Dedication, Excellence, Achievement and Loyalty (IDEAL)

   •   Expand our Neighborhood Watch Program by training Plant Management
       personnel in the program.
   •   Develop a web based safety presentation for incoming students to view at their
   •   Complete the NJ Chiefs of Police Certification Program/CALEA recognition of
       the Police Department.
   •   Improve the investigative process in the PD by providing additional training to
       personnel and designating an officer as an investigator.
   •   Improve communications systems within the PD through grant funded radio
       equipment purchases.
   •   Examine funding opportunities for a new CAD (computer aided dispatch) system
   •   Upgrade the communications/dispatch area in the PD
   •   Develop a plan to upgrade and standardize the fire alarm systems on campus.

We thank the community for their continued support and remind them that our
community is only as safe as that community’s commitment to its safety. With your
support and assistance, we will continue to maintain the excellent record of safety and
security this institution has enjoyed for many years.
                              Deputy Chief of Police

Deputy Chief Joseph N. Mangiello
Deputy Chief Joseph Mangiello has been a member of the police department since 1973.
During his tenure, he has served in various capacities and held several ranks leading to
his current position as Deputy Chief. Within the police department, the Deputy Chief of
Police works closely with the Chief of Police, in managing the many and diverse
administrative duties. These include, but are not limited to, training coordination,
operational procedures and departmental standards, purchasing and procuring, emergency
management operations, radio communications and varied personnel matters. The
Deputy Chief also works closely with all campus departments and offices to ensure that
public safety needs are being addressed. In addition to dealing with criminal matters and
the courts, he is responsible for reviewing and submitting complaints filed by Officers
regarding violations of the College’s Campus Conduct Code.

Training and continuing education is a major part of the department’s operations. In
2005, officers, communications personnel and other staff attended over 1700 hours of
in-service and mandated training. The training includes, but is not limited to, first aid
with CPR and AED training, defensive tactics, supervisory training, firearms training,
homeland security and terrorism awareness training, 9-1-1 and emergency medical
dispatch, traffic crash investigations, crime prevention techniques, domestic violence,
sexual assault, cultural diversity, and bicycle patrol training. The PD is always seeking
out new and innovative training opportunities for our officers and staff in order to provide
the most comprehensive and up to date information and training currently available.

In the coming year the department will strive to reach new goals to better serve our
campus community. These new goals include expanding our Neighborhood Watch/Safe
Campus Escort Programs enhancing our efforts to reach out to our commuter students
through web-based programs, improving our criminal investigative process through
designated personnel and enhanced training, upgrading our communications center and
CAD (computer aided dispatch) with funds received via a recently awarded grant,
working to improve our fire-safety systems campus wide, additional focus on counter-
terrorism and critical infrastructure security.
All these efforts, and much more, are constantly being reviewed and assessed to ensure
we are maintaining as safe and secure a campus community as possible.
                                   Operations Section

Lieutenant Charles Richvalsky
Lieutenant Richvalsky has been a member of the college community since September 1978 and
joined the Stockton Police Department in October 1978. He has worked in various capacities
during his career, beginning as a police dispatcher thru the college’s student work/study program
to his current assignment as the department’s Operations Commander.
         In this assignment, Lieutenant Richvalsky works under the direction and control of the
Deputy Chief of Police and is responsible for ensuring the efficient delivery of safety and security
services to the main academic campus in Pomona as well as the college’s off site facilities in Port
Republic, Mays Landing and Atlantic City.
         As Operations Commander, Lieutenant Richvalsky is responsible for the general
supervision, direction and management of the daily operations of the police department’s Patrol
and Communications Divisions. He is responsible for the direct supervision of the department’s
Sergeants, personnel assignments, scheduling and the enforcement of department Rules and
Regulations. Lieutenant Richvalsky is also responsible for the formulation and direction of all
Operational Plans for major events held at the college including Emergency Evacuation,
Concerts, Commencements and Dignitary Protection. The year 2005 was very busy and included
a challenging concert in the MPRC by the Drop Kick Murphy’s and visits from director/author
Michael Moore and Governor John Corzine.
         Also, in this capacity, Lieutenant Richvalsky is responsible to oversee the department’s
Vehicle Fleet Maintenance, Evidence Collection and Storage, Megan’s Law Records and Sex
Offender Registrations as well as acting in the capacity of Liaison Officer to the Galloway
Township Municipal Court and the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. As such, Lieutenant
Richvalsky maintains a good working relationship with members of the Municipal Court Staff
and the Prosecutor’s Office, attending meetings of the Police Information Network, East Coast
Gang Investigators Association and the Municipal Coordinators for Homeland Security.

                                          Goals for 2006

    •   Continue to support the direction, goals and mission of the department through the
        enhanced delivery of departmental service to the Stockton community in a courteous and
        professional manner.
    •   Continue to support the Sergeants, Officers and Communications Operators through
        continued professional training opportunities.
    •   Continue to build strong working relationships with outside agencies for the benefit of
        the Stockton Community.
                       A - SQUAD (12:00 AM – 8:00 AM )

Sergeant Colleen Britton, Squad Supervisor

This squad provides services to the Stockton community from midnight to 8am. This
shift handles many different calls for service and there are many challenges that are
encountered. Our duties include providing access for students locked out of their
rooms/apartments, escorts, access for custodians to clean alarmed areas, motor vehicle
patrols, foot patrols, mediation of roommate disputes and/or domestics, crime and
disorderly person investigations and assist with Housing violations as needed.

Sergeant Colleen Britton
        Sgt. Britton’s duties involve overseeing the day-to-day operations of the midnight
shift. She is a certified Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) instructor, Breathalyzer and
Radar Operator. She supervises the Housing Partner Officer Program that began in 2002
with Housing. Sgt. Britton believes strongly in promoting community policing and
building better relationships with the Richard Stockton College Community. She
promotes integrity, pride, and professionalism in all the work her squad performs.

Officer Carlton Fernanders
         Officer Fernanders is the senior officer assigned to the midnight shift and as such,
assumes the responsibility of supervising that shift when the Squad Supervisor is not
working. His duties include assisting in overseeing the operations of the midnight shift
and supervising the officers in the many varied duties that are involved in being a campus
police officer. He is a certified instructor in the PR24/Monadnock Expandable Baton
(MEB), a certified Radar and Breathalyzer operator and will soon be an ALCOTEST
Breathalyzer Operator. He is a Field Training Officer (FTO) and provides training to
many of the new officers when they begin their career here at Stockton. He also
volunteered for Operation “LEAD” Louisiana Emergency Assistance Deployment, and
spent a two-week deployment in New Orleans helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina
in relief efforts. He strives to lead by example and promote pride, integrity and
professionalism is all that we do as a Police Department.
Officer Cynthia Parker
         Officer Parker is a certified Police Bicycle Patrol Instructor, Field Training
Officer, Housing Partner Officer, Domestic Violence Coordinator and Juvenile Officer
for the department. In those positions she is responsible for ensuring that officers are up
to date on all the changing laws regarding Domestic Violence and Juvenile issues. She
takes great pride in our department and continues to promote pride and professionalism in
all that we do as a Police Department.

Officer Robert Zbikowski
        Officer Zbikowski has been a member of the Stockton Police Department since
2002. He is a certified Radar Operator and trained as a Bicycle Patrol Officer. He is a
Housing Partner Officer with the Complex Directors of Housing. He has received
training in Officer Street Survival, underage drinking and Counterfeit Identification, the
SART/SANE Program and Advanced Domestic Violence. Officer Zbikowski takes great
pride in his appearance and work product, and consistently demonstrates that by his
desire to ensure a safe and secure campus environment.

Officer Jack Sementa
        Officer Sementa has been a member of the Stockton Police Department for
approximately one year. He is certified in Emergency Police Communications, Radar
Operation and Bicycle Patrol. He is a Housing Partner Officer with the Complex
Directors of Housing. He has taken classes in underage drinking; Counterfeit
Identification, the SART/SANE Program and Advanced Domestic Violence. Officer
Sementa takes great pride in this department and works diligently with the community to
ensure public safety.

Officer Lindsey Cheshire
       Officer Cheshire has been a member of the Stockton Police Department for
approximately seven months. She was promoted to Campus Police Officer in December
2005 and commenced the Field Training Officer Program at that time. Officer Cheshire
was previously employed for several years as a Class II Police Officer in Ocean City
Police Department and brings a wealth of knowledge with her to our department. She is
very eager to learn the responsibilities of a campus police officer and become involved in
our community. She exhibits a strong work ethic, pride in her appearance and a sense of
community that will greatly enhance the mission of the department.

               Squad Goals For 2006
    •   Train additional officers in the use of the ASP/expandable baton.
    •   Conduct additional training in domestic violence, use of force and firearms.
    •   Train additional officers in Bicycle Patrol.
    •   Increase the use of Bicycle Patrol in our community policing efforts.
    •   Continue to build stronger relationships with Housing personnel and the Stockton
    •   Train newer officers in Breathalyzer and Field Sobriety.
                      B – SQUAD (8:00 AM- 4:00 PM)

Sergeant Karen Heintz, Squad Supervisor
This squad is comprised of one Sergeant and five Officers. Of the five officers, one is
assigned to the Carnegie Library in Atlantic City. The Day Shift handles duties such as
providing coverage and assistance for events within the college community, such as
Performing Art Center events, College Open House, Student Orientation and various
sporting events. Our daily duties include traffic and parking enforcement, delivering and
picking up mail and court paperwork, providing escorts for various offices to the local
bank and investigating any crimes that get reported during the shift. Our main function is
to provide a safe environment for the students, staff and faculty.

Sergeant Karen Heintz
Sgt. Heintz has been a member of the college community since May 1979 and has
watched as the college has grown and changed through the years. As the supervisor of the
8 x 4 squad, she is responsible for scheduling, personnel evaluations, discipline and
normal day-to-day activities. She also supervises the Student Escort Program and the
C.O.P.S. internship program.
Sgt. Heintz is a certified Breathalyzer Operator, Radar Operator and trained as a Bicycle
Patrol Officer. She currently serves as the Terminal Agency Coordinator. She is also
responsible to oversee the 9-1-1 emergency phone system and database, and maintains
the recording equipment for the radio and telephones.

Officer James Keefer
Officer Keefer has been a member of the college community since 1983. Officer Keefer
is currently assigned to the Carnegie Library in Atlantic City, where he handles the
security of the building which includes the opening of the building, and setting up for
different events for the college and various outside groups. Officer Keefer ensures the
safety and security of all the students, faculty, staff, and visitors who attend or visit the
Carnegie Library.
Officer John Forte
Officer Forte is the Senior Officer for the shift and the supervisor in the absence of the
Squad Supervisor. He has been a member of the department since 1987. Currently he is
one of the department’s Radar Instructors and is certified in its use. He is a trained
Bicycle Patrol Officer and certified Breathalyzer Operator. In the past, Officer Forte, has
assisted with the CALEA Certification by working on various policies and was
instrumental in developing the department’s Awards Program.

Officer Michael Price
Officer Price has been with the Police Department since 2003 and he is the College’s
Coordinator for Emergency Operations Planning. During this year he has done an
outstanding job planning for and executing a successful Table Top exercise. He is
currently working on a second Table Top exercise planned for spring 2006. Officer Price
is a trained Bicycle Patrol Officer.

Officer Dawn C. McDevitt
Officer McDevitt has been with the department for approximately one year and a member
of day shift since the summer of 2005. Officer McDevitt continues to learn and grow as
an officer. She has attended various schools and seminars to aid her in learning. She
works closely with staff in Housing as an alternate Housing Partner. She has been
training to become certified as a Bicycle Patrol Officer and is looking forward to being
certified in the spring of 2006.

Officer Erik Gustafson
Officer Gustafson has been with the police department since May/05 and has recently
completed his Field Training Program. He became the newest member of the day shift
squad on January 1, 2006. Erik is a talented magician and has incorporated this skill into
the Safety and Security lectures that we provide to the Stockton Community.

                              Squad Goals for 2006
    •   Continue to provide the best possible assistance to the college community.
    •   Increase parking and traffic enforcement to ensure motorist safety.
    •   Continue to take an active part in Open House and Orientation activities for new
        and prospective students.
    •   Assist and support the training of the new members of our department.
                    C – SQUAD (4:00 PM – 12:00 AM)

Sergeant Charles Heintz, Squad Supervisor

The Evening shift provides police services to the Stockton community during the evening
hours. Each Sergeant / Officer brings unique talents to the squad and different
qualifications. The shift Sergeant’s duties are to supervise the evening shift (4x12).
Duties include scheduling, giving assignments, the evaluating and discipline of
personnel, assisting with crime prevention programs and other duties as assigned. The
shift works closely with Events Services to provide for the safety of the many social
events that occur on campus during this time period. The squad works diligently to
ensure the safety and security of all students, faculty, and staff members, as well as all
visitors to the college.

Sergeant Charles Heintz
        Sgt. Heintz’s duties include being responsible for the day-to-day activities for the
evening shift. He is a certified Firearms Instructor and coordinates all firearms instruction
for the department. He is also in charge of the maintenance of the police vehicles and
supplies that are in those vehicles. Sgt. Heintz has a management philosophy for his shift
that promotes the advancement of Community Policing by leadership and organizational
strategies that encourage problem-solving partnerships. Our priority is to provide
professional quality services to the college community and to strive for professional

Officer Maria Parziale
        Officer Parziale is the Senior Officer for the evening shift and during the absence
of the Squad Supervisor assumes that duty. She is the Accreditation Manager for the
department’s New Jersey Chiefs’ of Police Accreditation Program with CALEA
recognition. She also volunteered for Operation “LEAD” Louisiana Emergency
Assistance Deployment, and spent a two-week deployment in New Orleans helping the
victims of Hurricane Katrina in relief efforts. Officer Parziale attended a 3-day
supervisory development school at Rider University and attended the NJ Accreditation
Conference at Princeton University. She hosts a workshop on domestic violence laws
where she is the lead presenter. Officer Parziale is also a certified Breathalyzer Operator
and trained as a Bicycle Patrol Officer.
Officer Michael Meyers
        Officer Meyers has been with the Stockton Police Department since 2001. He
works closely and assists with the training of the interns from the “COPS” Community
Oriented Patrols for Students Program. He has been recommended for the “ACERT”,
Atlantic County Emergency Response Team for the department and has been training
diligently for that assignment. He also assists with the Alcohol Awareness Program on
campus. Officer Meyers is also a certified Breathalyzer Operator and trained as a Bicycle
Patrol Officer.

Officer Giovanni Maione
       Officer Maione has been with the Stockton Police Department for approximately
3 years and is the webmaster for the police department. Working closely with the
college’s computer services personnel, he helped to re-design the Stockton Police
Department’s website and continues to update and improve the site. He also is one of the
department’s radar instructors. As such, he certifies and recertifies other officers in radar
operation. He also attended the High Technology Investigation School at Gloucester
County Police Academy and a class on the prosecution of domestic violence cases. Ofc.
Maione is also a certified Breathalyzer Operator and trained as a Bicycle Patrol Officer.

Officer Linda Kenny
         Officer Kenny has been with the police department since 2003, and she is a
certified instructor in the “RAD” Rape Aggression Defense training program. She is also
a member of the Housing Partner Program and works with the housing staff to resolve
issues before they become a problem. She gives presentations on alcohol awareness by
utilizing beer goggles for her demonstrations. Officer Kenny has attended the Sane/Sart
lecture on sexual assaults and workshops on domestic violence, Counterfeit
Identification, legal issues and updates, forensic crime scene and evidence. Officer Kenny
is also trained as a Bicycle Patrol Officer.

Officer Marcus Taylor
       Officer Taylor has been a member of the Stockton Police Department for
approximately 7 months. He anticipates being promoted to Campus Police Officer by
March 2006 and is currently attending the Burlington County Police Academy to obtain
the necessary PTC certification. Officer Taylor is looking forward to participating in the
many different aspects of Campus Policing and assisting in all the services that are
offered by the Stockton Police Department.
                              Squad Goals for 2006
    •   Increase foot patrols in the housing areas.
    •   Increase traffic enforcement to reduce accidents.
    •   Increase bicycle patrol.
    •   Help support the RAD program and inform the public when it is available.
    •   Assist Officer Parziale with the completion of the Agency/CALEA certification
    •   Increase our assistance to Housing in regards to residential student matters.

The Police Department’s Communications Division operates 24/7, providing emergency
communications for police, fire, medical, county and state emergency management and
public works/maintenance, as well as other telecommunications services for the entire
campus community. The section is comprised of four (4) full-time Communications
Operators and two (2) part-time Operators. Sergeant Karen Heintz supervises the
division, under the direction of Lieutenant Charles Richvalsky. The major function of
this division is to satisfy the immediate information needs of the police department in the
course of routine requests for services and during emergency situations and events. All
calls for police services are numbered and recorded. In 2005, the police department
responded to over 14,900 calls for service.

The Communications Operators are certified in both the State mandated 9-1-1 Services
and Emergency Medical Dispatching. The Communications Operators are responsible
for a network of systems that consists of a CAD or computer aided dispatch system, a 9-
1-1 telephone system, a fire command alarm system, a burglar/intrusion alarm system, a
terminal for NCIC/SCIC/MVC information systems or National Crime Information/State
Crime Information/Motor Vehicle Services, an MCAT or Missing Child Alert Terminal
(Amber Alert), a keyless entry/access system, a closed-circuit video system, and a system
of over forty (40) campus wide, blue-light emergency call boxes. The Operators also
work in conjunction with the township’s communications unit in dispatching fire and
medical services to the campus. In addition to these duties, these Communications
Operators serve as the main campus switchboard during non-business hours.

The current staff consists of C/O Jennie Bollinger, serving the community for 18 years;
C/O Dianna Kreutzer, serving for 16 years; C/O Lisa Benevides, serving for 15 years and
C/O Trudy Straus, serving for 5 years. The two (2) part-time Operators are Theresa
Smith and Jennifer Lyons.

                              Goals for 2006

   •   Improve the service the division delivers to the community
   •   Enhance training opportunities for communication operators
   •   Upgrade radio equipment as funding allows
   •   Improve the ergonomics of the communications operators’ work area
                        Office of Health and Safety

Dennis Lepore, Health and Safety Compliance Officer
The Health and Safety Office is responsible for coordinating Stockton’s occupational safety and
health programs by reviewing, interpreting, and applying the federal and state statues, and by
preparing, monitoring, and implementing programs designed to assure conditions conducive to
employee occupational safety and health.
The Health and Safety Compliance Officer works closely with the Chief of Police, Dean of
Students, Human Resources, Plant Management, students and Housing and Residential Life.
Some of the functions include but are not limited to:
    • Draft PEOSH standards for approval
    • Ensuring all work place injuries or dangerous events at the workplace are investigated.
    • Conducting appropriate health and safety education programs
    • Advising the employer on health and safety issues
    • Fire inspections and prevention
    • Construction safety monitoring
    • Assist with indoor air quality inspections
    • Monitor fire permit applications
    • Respirator fit testing
    • Coordinate Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training
    • Monitor all MSDS sheets
    • Provide the college community with timely safety awareness bulletins as needed

                                        Goals for 2006

         •   The Office of Health and Safety looks forward to expanding the CERT program for
             2006 through additional training opportunities, conducting periodic drills,
             developing a standardized call out procedure and gaining support from the
             administration, staff, students and faculty for this program. By becoming a resource
             for the college, CERT members will become a vital part of the College’s emergency
             management planning and operations.
         •   Strive to increase campus Fire Safety Inspections and provide additional training
             opportunities for the Housing and Residential Life Staff. This training would
             include additional lessons on the use and safety of Fire Extinguishers used on
         •   The Heath and Safety C.O. will continue to broaden his Fire Education background
             by attending Clinics sponsored by The Division of Fire Safety, and using that
             additional knowledge to increase the fire safety programs on campus.

        The Police Department’s Administration/Records Office is comprised of civilian
employees including a Police Secretary assisted by student workers.
Administration/Records supports all Police personnel with clerical and administrative
duties of the Department.

       Administration/Records is responsible for maintaining statistics of the Department
by assigning a code for all calls for service received and entered by Communications
through the Computer Aided Dispatch System. These codes are assigned using the
guidelines of the Federal Uniform Crime Reporting and State of New Jersey Law
Enforcement Internal Record System. We are responsible for filing of police reports,
maintaining all Police records and files, and prepare the monthly Federal and State
Uniform Crime Report.

        Other duties that Administration/Records is responsible for are all purchasing and
processing of payments by the Department; preparing of timesheets and recaps for all
Police personnel; processing of requests for discovery of police reports from both
municipal and county prosecutors’ offices, insurance companies, other law enforcement
agencies, as well as individual requests. We are responsible for the maintenance of office
and computer equipment within the Police Department and notifying the proper source
for repairs. In addition to these duties, Administration/Records also prepare statistics
from the Daily Activity Logs to be posted on the Police Blotter of the Department’s

       Commencing with the school year of 2004-05, the college implemented a
Residential Parking policy with the issuance of parking permits for each residential
student that has a vehicle on campus. Administration/Records is responsible for the
maintenance of the database of Parking Citations issued for violations of the Residential
Parking policy by inputting the citations and following up with notifications to the
Bursar’s Office and each individual of their fine(s) associated with the citation(s).

                                      GOALS for 2006
• Continue to support administratively all Police personnel with the daily operation of
  the Department.
• Strive to improve the process of the Parking database for inputting and notifications of
  Parking Citations.
                                                         Richard Stockton College Police Department
                                                                     Organization Chart                                                   Addendum #1

                                                                               Chief of Police

                                                        Administrative Secretary          Health and Safety Officer

                                                         Student Office Workers

                                                                         Deputy Chief of Police

                                                                         Operations Lieutenant

Carnegie Library Officer        Patrol Sergeant              Patrol Sergeant                     Patrol Sergeant      Campus Police Investagator Communications Operators
                                   Squad A                      Squad B                             Squad C

                           Assistant Squad Supervisor   Assistant Squad Supervisor       Assistant Squad Supervisor
                                    Squad A                      Squad B                          Squad C

                             Campus Police Officer        Campus Police Officer             Campus Police Officer
                                 Squad A                      Squad B                           Squad C

                                Security Officers

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