DG Donna by yaofenjin


									   Volume 88, Issue 2                                                                                Governors Newsletter
                                                                                                           August 2010

It’s hard to believe we are in our second month of this new Lion’s year. July was very
busy with the International Convention, RAM Wise County and our John M. White Youth
Camp. We held our first full cabinet meeting on July 18, 2010 in the Brickhouse
Auditorium at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. I was pleased to see the incredible
turnout of Lions at this event. I would like to personally thank Lion Tucker Casanova
and the Lions Medical Eye Bank for arranging the Auditorium and refreshments.

The first LCI Global Service Action Campaign is already upon us. This month our LCI
President Lion Sid Scruggs, III is asking us to Shine a Light on Youth. This campaign
will give your club the opportunity to connect with young people in ways they can relate
to. To make the most of this opportunity, planning efforts should include young people,
especially Leos. Projects should have visible youth involvement and focus on hands-on
service activities. In keeping with this theme, I am asking each club to take on this
challenge and plan one new Youth Service project during the first quarter of this Lions

As we focus on youth, our District Project for Lions year 2010-2011 is to raise the necessary funds to purchase five Pedia
Vision cameras. With this camera we can screen children as young as six months old and with the push of one button, in
less than 30 seconds we are given instant comprehensive results. How is this possible you might ask. This new device
uses infrared light to screen for vision problems. At first glance it looks like a radar gun police use to catch speeders
with. The difference is the smiley face on the end, where kids are told to look before it fires a ray of infrared light into
their eyes, then takes a photo of the reflection. The computer analyzes the photo for abnormalities, giving an instant
read out of the results. The machine is 90% accurate in finding eye problems. I am very excited about this project and
ask for your support. Tax deductible, 501c3 donations should be made to the Virginia Eyeglass Recycling Center and sent
to PCC Hauser Weiler, Treasurer.

The John M. White Youth Camp was a great success. We had 31 youth from over 20 countries visiting our camp this
year. I want to thank the many Lions and volunteers who without this camp could not possible. I do hope that you were
able to visit with the campers, attend parade of nations and sit back and enjoy the talent show.

I look forward to seeing you all at the first round of region meeting coming up in August. By now you should have made
your reservations and are planning on attending. The Deputy District Governors will be holding their Presidents and
Secretaries meeting at 6 pm just prior to the general meeting. This year we are going to be conducting the majority of
our business at the President’s and Secretaries meeting. So I ask each club to make sure that they are represented.

                                                     Yours in Lionism,
                                                   DG Donna
                                    “Beacon of Hope”. What a message! I think I am going to really enjoy the potential of
                                    this. I really like DG Donna’s take on it when she says “we need to believe we are the
                                    reason for hope” The time we spend doing the service is in fact bringing hope to those
                                    in need. Yes, we are the reason they have hope, but only if we take ownership and step
                                    forward and offer our time, talent and resources when we are asked to serve. Are you
                                    the reason?
                                    I have a few clubs that are a hold out for contacting me with your preference for a date
                                    for the DG visit to your club. By the time you read this, I will in fact be hunting down
                                    those lost clubs and nailing them with a date. You were elected to lead a community
                                    civic organization. Your members depend on you to give more than the average
                                    member. Stand up and lead and know you are not alone. The District has a lot of
resources to offer. All you have to do is communicate to us and we can and will help. If you are a club Secretary or club
President and you have not responded to any communication thus far from me, help me out and do so. Also want to
remind you that you really need to communicate to the organizers of the region meetings and let them know how many
of your club members will attend. Call them now and let them know. And finally, if you want to want to be the reason for
hope, it takes effort and it is worth it.
Lion Gary
                                                                                                  IPDG Lion Gary Rapier

                         The Lions District 24-D 29th Annual John M. White International Youth Camp is a wonderful
                         avenue to promote togetherness in the world of the future. Lions youth come from the world
                         over embracing many cultures, languages and varying political views. The Lions Youth Camp is
                         two weeks duration supplemented by about two weeks visitation in a Lions prescreened home.
                         There are about 30 boys and girls, ages 16 to 20, from approximately 20 different countries that
                         attend the camp. They are paired off, two to a room at Virginia Wesleylan College. Every day is
                         a new adventure; such as, the Lincoln Memorial, White House, U.S. Holocaust Museum, Capitol,
                         Major League Baseball Game (Baltimore Orioles vs. Tampa Bay Rays), James River Tubing,
                         Jamestown, Busch Gardens, Lions Eye Bank, Water Country, Chesapeake Bay Fishing Trip,
Bowling, Sunset Cruise and Shopping Malls. Thanks to the Lions Clubs that hosted many of the picnics and meals. We
shouldn’t forget about the Annual Youth Talent Show that is held at St. Stephens Church, Newport News, VA. The Lions
Youth have a Parade of Nations, where every child gives a program featuring their country of origin. At the conclusion of
the Lions Youth Camp, the youth come together as friends with a better understanding of their neighbors even though
their cultures differ. What a beautiful thing the Lions do to promote peace in today’s world of strife. Annually, we need
host families. Why don’t you open your home to a leader of tomorrow? Call Lion Jeff Jacobs, Tel: 757-345-0021 to
answer your questions or schedule a program.
                                                                                             1st VDG Lion Alton Miller

                           As our International President Sid Scruggs says, “We need to be a Beacon of Hope and Shine
                           a Light on our motto, We Serve”.

                           An easy way to do this is for each of us to help one more person, each Club do one more
                           Service Project, and each Zone add one more Service Event. And if your Zone has never done
                           an event together, it’s a great way to get things done on a manageable scale.

                           When we can do these things, our motto “We Serve” will be that Beacon and a light will shine
                           in all of us Lions.

                                                                                                2nd VDG J. Stan Furman

Upcoming Dates to remember:
August    10th   -   Region 1 Meeting
August    17th   -   Region 3 Meeting
August    18th   –   Eye Bank Dinner
August    24th   -   Region 2 Meeting

3rd         Exmore Belle Haven
5th         Oyster Point Mariner OV                  •                Governor’s Message & Leader Blogs
7th         Tappahanock OV                           •                International Convention Recap & Photos
8th         Beaverdam organizational meeting         •                Club Activities
9th         Oceanside OV                             •                PediaVision
10th        Region1 meeting                          •                Changes for the Directory
14th        Onancock LAMP                            •                July Membership Report
16th        Deep Creek OV                            •                2009-2010 Achievement Contest Results
17th        Region 3 Meeting                         •                2009-2010 Traveling Leo Contest Results
18th        Eye Bank Dinner                          •                Eye Bank Dinner
19th        Southside OV                             •                Eyeglass Recycling Center Report
19th        Meeting with EVMS                        •                August Region Meeting Reservation form
23rd        Crossroads                               •                RAM article & Photos
24th        Region 2 Meeting                         •                July 18th First Full Cabinet Meeting
25th        Norfolk Middletown OV                    •                John M. White Youth Exchange
26-29th     24F Fall Conference                      •                Save a Child’s Vision

                                                              August Directory changes:
Page 2 - Zone H Chair, Carol Adams                       Page 17 - Secretary for Williamsburg New Town Lions:
email should read: adams141@cox.net                               Lion James Bowles
                                                                 101 Mill View Circle
Page 4 – PCC Bill Quinn
                                                                  Williamsburg, VA 23185
Email should read vamtlion@cox.net
                                                         (757)345-0571 O              jamesbowles@live.com
Page 6, page 22 – Roberto Loya                           Page 18 - Denbigh now meets 2nd & 4th Thursday.
Email should read bobkatloya@verizon.net
Page 7- Environmental Chair, Barbara Duke                Page 23 – Camille Coffey
email should read barbara.p.duke@gmail.com               Email should read christiecoffee@yahoo.com

Page 14 - Committee Assignments are wrong, switch:       Page 24 - Smithfield Lions- Timothy Marinelli
"Bland Competition" with "Achievement Contest"           Email should read smithfield.lions@verizon.net
Page 15 - Point of Contact (POC) for Middlesex is:       Page 28 – Woodstock Lions Club
Lion Dick Brown, dickbrown@rivnet.net                    change meeting day & time to:
                                                         1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 11:30 AM.
Page 15 - Lancaster, Pam Kidwell                         Page 28 - Cape Charles Lions Club address is:
Email should read: pam.kidwell@bankevb.com                      American Legion Post 56
Page 16 - Tappahannock now meets at:                            21210 S. Bayside Rd.
ROMA Ristorante Italiano                                        Cheriton, VA
1250 Tappahannock Blvd, Tappahannock
Club Secretary Arthur Creamer's complete information:
email: creamav@verizon.net      phone: (804)443-2778
                                                                 Directory Changes continue on next page
Page 31 - Jamestown Leo Club information:                   Page 34/35 - Woodstock from meeting once a month to
Chartered February 10, 2009 - Sponsored by James            1st & 3rd Tuesday
City & Williamsburg New Town Lions Club                     Page 35, Denbigh from meeting once a month to
     Lion Advisor: Lion Margene Hartsough                   2nd & 4th Thursdays
               9927 Walnut Creek Road
                                                            1st VDG Lion Al Millers new cell phone number
               Toano, VA 23185
(757)250-3151 H                 Margene234@aol.com
Page 32 - Please add:                                       Norfolk Host Mtg Place:
     Warhill High School Leo Club,                          Enrico’s Ristorant
     Chartered September 9, 2009 -                          4012 Colley Avenue
     Sponsored by Williamsburg New Town Lions Club          Norfolk . VA2 3508
     Lion Advisor: Lion Dawn Jerry
                                                            Kempsville Meeting Place:
               101 Mill View Circle
                                                            2nd Thursday 7pm
               Williamsburg, VA 23185
                                                            Holiday inn Select-Airport
               (757)345-0571 O
                                                            1570 N. Military Highway
President of Middlesex Lions                                WT Perkins corrected email   wtperkins@verizon.net
Russell Fitchett
49 Redd Farm Road                                           In August, Cradock Lions Club will meet on the 1st
Waterview, VA 23180         No email                        Wednesday of every month at 6:29 PM.
(804) 758-5058 home         (804) 815-8116 cell (prefers)

                                                                 FINAL REPORT 2009‐2010 LIONS YEAR 

          Congratulations to Poquoson Lions Club- winners of the Traveling Leo Contest 2009-2010!
             (See photos on page 11). ATTN: Club Secretaries! Don’t forget to use the new form
                             for reporting your Traveling Leo Visits for this year.
                                24D July Membership Report

                         Triple digit temperatures can be deadly – Know how to recognize the signs

Norfolk, VA tied its all-time record high (105 degrees) on Saturday 7-24, set back in August 7, 1918. In Richmond,
Saturday 7-24-10 was their hottest day in 33 years, tying their all-time July record high.

Heat exhaustion is a milder form of heat-related illness that can develop after several days of exposure to high
temperatures and inadequate or unbalanced replacement of fluids. Those most prone to heat exhaustion are elderly
people, people with high blood pressure, and people working or exercising in a hot environment.

Warning signs of heat exhaustion include:
 • heavy sweating                                            •    tiredness                                              •    headache
 • paleness                                                  •    weakness                                               •    nausea or vomiting
 • muscle cramps                                             •    dizziness                                              •    fainting

The skin may be cool and moist. The victim's pulse rate will be fast and weak, and breathing will be
fast and shallow. If heat exhaustion is untreated, it may progress to heat stroke, which is a medical
emergency. Seek medical attention and call 911 immediately if symptoms are severe, or the victim
has heart problems or high blood pressure. Otherwise, help the victim to cool off, and seek medical
attention if symptoms worsen or last longer than 1 hour.

Cooling measures that may be effective include:
 • cool, non-alcoholic beverages, as directed by your doctor                                     •    cool shower, bath, or sponge bath
 • rest                                                                                          •    Lightweight clothing
 • an air-conditioned environment



From Readers Digest – A funny hot weather story! – “I was getting ready for a yard sale one summer day.
           Since it was so humid out, I decided to stay inside my air-conditioned house and mark the special stickers
           I had bought for the sale. Then I slapped them on my blouse, ran outside, stuck them on the appropriate
           items and rushed back inside. I did this until every item was labeled. Later that day a UPS man came by
           the house with a delivery. I noticed that as I was signing for the package, he seemed ill at ease. It was
           only after he left that I noticed there was one sticker still attached to the front of my blouse. It read:
           "Make me an offer."
         PediaVision’s Solution for Vision Screening

Did you know that 1 out of every 4 school age children has a vision issue?
Yet, poor vision often goes undetected by physicians, parents and teachers.

Since 80% of what a child learns is visually acquired, these conditions
negatively impact a child's ability to learn, to thrive and ultimately to
succeed. PediaVision's® automated vision assessment solution can ensure
that children are vision-ready for life and learning from as early as 6 months
of age.

The PediaVision® solution assists in ensuring children are vision-ready for life and learning by the early detection of
refractive errors, amblyopia, strabismus, anisocoria and media opacities through automated vision screening.

The statistics tell the story. One out of every four children suffers from some vision problem, including 2.4 million children
ages 0-4 and 5.3 million ages 6-11. More than 430,000 children have problems such as lazy eye (amblyopia) or eyes that
are either crossed or turned outward (strabismus) that can cause permanent vision loss if left untreated. Many of these
can be easily treated with glasses or patching to prevent permanent disability.

To prevent irreversible impairment or blindness, these and other vision problems must be detected and treated early,
before the age of 8.

District 24D will make great strides in reaching those 1 out of 4 children that will
not normally be screened. With the addition of PediaVision®, along with Photo
eye Screening and HOTV, thousands of children can be screened in our District.
We CAN change the life of a child by being proactive in our screening.
It is worth our efforts towards this goal.

What is our Goal?
   1. Seek funds from individual clubs, individuals, and corporate sponsors.
   2. To donate for tax purposes, please send donations to the 501C3
        organization Identified below. If you know of a corporation that can and is willing to assist with a donation, offer
        this opportunity.
   3. Seek Matching Grants from LCIF
   4. Have at least one unit by Fall Conference 2010 and to offer training for those interested.
   5. Have 3 units, one for each Region
   6. That no child will start school without being visually ready to learn and grow.

     Tax Deductable Donations                                                             For more information, Contact
     Lions Eyeglass Recycling Incorporated                                             Lion Nancy Watters- 757-496-3684
     c/o , Dr. Hauser Weiler - Treasurer / Secretary                                               robbinsnest47@cox,net
     267 Dawson Lane
     White Stone , Virginia 22578
     Tax ID # 54-1670712

                  USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Sept. 23-25, 2010
                    Registration Form in PDF: https://usacanadalionsforum.org/registration.pdf
                 Online Registration Form: https://usacanadalionsforum.org/onlineregistration.html
  93rd Lions Clubs International Convention in Sydney, Australia June 28-July 2

15,000-20,000 Lions club members and their families from more than 100 countries gathered for the Lions Clubs
International Convention in Sydney, Australia. For five days, Lions conducted association business, shared fellowship and
enjoyed the sights of an international city. Among them, representing Lions of Virginia MD 24D, were IPDG Lion Gary &
Lion Renee Rapier and DG Lion Donna & PDG Lion Hauser Weiler. Pictured on the following page are photos from
their trip. Be sure to ask any of them for personal details of their experience! The Lions Clubs International Convention is
one of the largest annual conventions of its kind in the world.

Convention Highlights – Among this year’s highlights were:

       •   A spectacular Parade of Nations with 10,000 Lions from 100 countries, many in native dress, along with
           bands and colorful floats. The parade was on Tuesday, June 29th.

       •   A keynote address by Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III, the U.S. pilot who made an emergency
           landing on the Hudson River in New York, saving 155 passengers and crew on Friday, July 2nd.

       •   Presentation of the 2010 Lions Humanitarian Award to Wangari Maathai, an internationally known
           environmental, peace, human rights and democracy activist from Kenya and the winner of the 2004 Nobel
           Peace Prize on Thursday, July 1st.

       •   Selection of the first winner of the Lions Clubs International Global Youth Music Competition
           on Wednesday, June 30th. Ten young people from around the world competed on the violin.

       •   A colorful flag ceremony with the flags of Lions nations from around the world on Wednesday, June 30th.

Upcoming Lions Clubs International Conventions

       •   2011   –   Seattle, USA
           2012   –   Busan, Korea
           2013   –   Hamburg, Germany
           2014   –   Toronto, Canada
           2015   –   Honolulu, USA

See online photographs highlighting daily events from the 93rd Lions Clubs International Convention or visit Lions Online
Community for additional postings on YouTube and Flickr.
International Convention continued

A few pictures from DG Donna’s camera!

    1.    DG Donna w/ ID Sidd Scruggs at Lion
          International President’s Party

    2.    Sights of Sydney

    3.    PIP Clem Kusiak with 24-D leaders

    4.    Seasick District Governor

             Whale Watching
                In Sydney
International Convention continued

 VA trip to Blowhole

     1.    DG Donna & Lion Hauser at the Blowhole

     2.    DG Donna with DG 24-E Bernice Leftwich and
           DG 24-F Jeff Heaberlain.

     3.    PDG Gary & Lion Renee

     4.    PDG 2001-2002 Ted Watts, his wife Nella,
           PDG Lion Hauser and DG Donna about Sydney

                                                      IPDG Gary
                                                     DG Donna’s
                                                       ribbon &
                                                    Lion Renee is
                                                     seen pulling
                                                    Lion Hauser’s
International Convention continued


    1.     DG Donna - Virginia
           Lions in International

    2.     Virginia Lions in the
           International Parade

    3.     DG Donna in her
           “Down-Under” hat!

    4.     IPDG Gary is having a
           great time!

    5.     Lion Renee and Lion
           Tammie Brightwell

                        Congratulations to MD 24-D
                        and to Southside Lions Club
for their first place finishes in the Lions Clubs International Contests
                         held in Sydney, Australia.
                International Trading Pin Contest – District
                   1st Place: District 24 D, Virginia, USA
                               Honorable Mention:
                        District 14 P, Pennsylvania, USA
           International Friendship Banner Contest – Club
     1st Place: Chesapeake Southside Lions Club, 24 D, VA, USA
                          Honorable Mention:
                Ringebu-Fåvang Lions Club, 104 C, Norway

         To participate in next year’s contests, download the Lions Clubs International Contest Rules and entry form
                                                    from the LCI web site.
Poquoson Lions        were awarded the 24 D District Bulletin Award and the Traveling Leo Award for Lions year 2009-2010.
                                          They also won the State Website Award! AWESOME JOB, POQUOSON!

                                          Lion Keith Feigh, Pres. of
                                               Poquoson Lions,
                                           accepted the trophy for
                                          the Traveling Leo award
                                           from 2009-2010 District
                                            Secretary Lion Donnie
                                               Johnson and the
                                           Newsletter plaque from
                                          Lion Mary Lou Newman,
                                             Bulletin Chairperson.

Deep Creek Lions installed new officers for the 2010-2011 Lions year on July 19, 2010 at their regular club
meeting at Zino’s Restaurant. IPDG Lion Gary Rapier conducted the installation.

                                                                         Pictured below are the new officers
                                                                         (left to right)
                                                                         Lion Donna Baker, Secretary
                                                                         Lion Linda Rapier, Tail Twister
                                                                         IPDG Gary Rapier
                                                                         Lion Barbara Harris, Club Connect
                                                                         Lion Nic Mallard, Lion Tamer
                                                                         Lion Tommy Rapier, President
                                                                         Lion Mary Gore, Immediate Past President
                                                                         Lion Renee Rapier, Treasurer
                                                                         Lion Randy Foster, Vice President
                                                                         Not pictured is 2nd VP Mike Casteen.

Oceanside      had Guiding Lion, George Kolesar, install the club’s new officers for Lions year 2010-2011. At a recent
meeting a "think fest" was held, where everyone got to say what they wanted to do for the year and what plans should
be made for another great year as we live up to our motto "We Serve". The club will be lead by the one and only Lion
Jim Palacio. On the 9th of August the club will have the Governors official visit and Karoke Charter night.
Can the Governor sing? We will find out!
                                    Lion Jeff Blair, Leader
                                    Dog      Chairman,    was
                                    presented      with    the
                                    “Certificate of Shame” by
                                    Oceanside      Lions    for
                                    having the lowest score
                                    of 60 in ten frames of
                                    bowling at the recent
                                    Bowl-A-Thon. Needless to
                                    say, Lion Jeff has a great
                                    sense of humor!
                                                                                       Submitted Lion Nancy Cranford
                                                                                                  Oceanside PR Chair
Due to space needed this month for a very active 24D, the popular “Mystery Lion” series
will continue next month. If you think your information can stump the district and you
want to be the Mystery Lion, please send your info to the KV editor with a picture.
All Lions are welcome.
                            Please print it for those in your club without a computer!
The Knights Vision is displayed on the web site as a file called PDF. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It's a
distribution format developed by Adobe Corporation to allow electronic information to be transferred between various
types of computers. The software which allows this transfer is called Acrobat. In order to view and print a PDF file
you will first need to download and install a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To download and install Acrobat Reader, please visit Adobe's download page. It is a free program and does not take long
to download. They will walk you through all steps to download it.

According to the Adobe web site, you can print all of the non-white colors in your PDF file as black. For example, choose
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read by a number of common screen reading programs that synthesize the HTML as audible speech. If you are using a
screen reader, download the Access plug-in as well. The Adobe Access plug-in is located at http://access.adobe.com.

          The eyeglass recycling center held
          their meeting at Bill’s Seafood in
          Grafton the the 11th of July. PDG Chet
          Kramer introduced the new board and
          thanked everyone for coming. Lion
          Jim Adams gave the yearly report that
          is submitted to Roanoke. Our three
          24D centers worked 2,003 hours. 393
          Lions worked and 90 clubs were
          involved. There were 33,939 pair of
          glasses turned in. From that supply,
          240 boxes were sent to Re-spec;
          (broken, scratched or otherwise
          unusable glasses) from which $ 3,432,78 was received. There are still three outstanding checks to date. These
          funds help to operate the center. 11,673 pair of glasses went out on mission trips to Africa, California,
          Romania, Ghana and Honduras. Plaques will be hung in the Southside and Peninsula centers honoring the
          O’shaughnessy-Hurst foundation grants to the centers.
                                                                  PCC Lion Hauser met Lions from an African district
                                                                  at the International Convention in Sydney and they
                                                                  had told him of their need for eyeglasses and
                                                                  hearing aids. It was agreed that we will support this
                                                                  cause by sending hearing aids and plastic frame
                                                                  glasses. Lion Hauser will coordinate this project.

                                                                        PDG Dick Knox had a request from the United Way
                                                                        of Hampton Roads Day of Caring expressing interest
                                                                        in coming to the center to “learn the ropes” and
                                                                        work. The date set for that will be September 10th
                                                                        8:30 am – 4:30 pm at the Southside center.
Submitted by Lion Nancy Cranford – EGRC Pr chair
    G O V E R N O R ’ S                     C O N T E S T
                            formerly known as:

             FINAL REPORT – END OF LION YEAR 2009-2010

“While they were saying among themselves it cannot be done, it was done.”
We had a wonderful year of club participation in the 2009-2010 Achievement Contest.

Of the 59 clubs, 45 of them qualified for the banner patch award because they earned over 8000 points for the year.

This year we did things a little different and hopefully better. We recognized the top club in each Zone for having the
most points in the Zone.

               Winners were:
                • Zone A Middlesex Zone B East Denbigh              •   Zone   E East Thalia
                • Zone B West Williamsburg Host                     •   Zone   E West Kempsville
                • Zone C Southside                                  •   Zone   F Central Shore
                • Zone D Oceanview                                  •   Zone   G Smithfield

               Top Gross winners were:                             Top Net Winners were:
                • 1st Place Thalia                                  • 1st place Oceanside
                • 2nd Place Southside                               • 2nd place Richmond County
                • 3rd place Middlesex                               • 3rd place Chesapeake Host

 Instead of giving the winners a champion plaque, the District purchased awards banners for each top champion to
showcase at their club for the year. These banners will be returned at the last District Meeting in June to be used for the
next award winners. Each top place winners also received a banner patch signifying their place in this competition. We
hope with the addition of these banners, clubs will put a little more effort into winning these banners to display in their
club next year. Any club can win, it just takes effort and activity in your community.

                                                 Submitted by IPDG Lion Gary T. Rapier CC - 24D Cabinet Secretary 10-11

                                                     Thalia Lions

                                                     Net Points:
                                                     Lions Club

                                KEEPING THE RECORDS FOR THIS CONTEST!
             John M. WHITE Youth Camp
                                                 YOUTH EXCHANGE

                                                     Lion Jeff Jacobs
                                                     Youth Exchange

Julia Kuntzmann          Janka Urbanova       Jesus Morales             Lea Dettli           Trisha Holden

                                              Ondrej Bilek
                                              & Hector de

                                                                               Mabelle Mrad (left)
  Federica Giulani (left) and
                                                                            and Julian Mekeirel (right)
   Gabriele Lo Torto (right)

                                      Matteo Boehm
                                                                                         Submitted by Lion Hauser Weiler
                                                                                         General Chair - MD24 RAM/LAMP

                                                                                      WISE VIRGINIA, JULY 2010

                                                                      Photos by Lions Roy Stockdill and Nancy Cranford
                                                                                  and Hauser Weiler, PCC.

                                                                    We have just completed another successful Remote
                                                                    Area Medical project in Wise, VA. This is number 11
                                                                    and 24 D has been there every year with our Sight
                                                                    and Hearing Van and our dedicated Lions volunteers.
                                                                    As is years past, we have done vision and hearing
                                                                    screening, eyeglass dispensing, registration, patient
                                                                    escort and food service. Without the infrastructure
                                                                    the Lions of Virginia provide, an important part of the
                                                                    service delivered to the less fortunate would go

                                                                   This year the numbers of patients seen was down
                                                                   from previous years, largely due to the intense heat
and patients trying to decide between eyes and teeth. This will be addressed next year as well as having a more efficient
use of our van assets as there is now a unit from 24F. Our
statistics as we collected them, and not yet refined by the RAM
statisticians are:

          24D Van screenings:                       308

          Total for all vans                        988

          Eye Exams                                 968

          New eyeglasses made on sight              950

There were no recycled eyeglasses dispensed, so we are
recommending that none be taken to future RAM events as the
RAM opticians would rather provide all new eyeglasses.

The Lions of Virginia appreciate the dedication of those who attended and served this weekend. As RAM/LAMP Chair, I
personally thank you for your dedication, sacrifice and helping give the gift of vision to those less fortunate than us.


           That is the number of Lions and friends from 24-D that went to
           Wise VA for the, 11th year of RAM. The work starts at 6 a.m.
on Friday morning and runs thru Sunday noon. There were 3 Sight and
Hearing vans and one LAMP trailer there. About 1,000 patients were seen
through those vans and trailer. Districts 24-A, 24-C & 24-F all take part in
the project. The vans were honored to have Stan Brock, Remote Area
Medical founder, Sister Bernie who started the project in Wise, VA and
Senator John Warner, seen here with 24D guest Abas Adenan all come
thru the vans and thank each Lion for their part in making this a success.
RAM continued

Williamsburg Host, Western Branch, Tappahannock, Mathews, Southside, Thalia, James City, Oceanside &
New Kent, and Richmond County were all represented at RAM.

                                    Colleen Adenan, granddaughter of Margene and Dave Hartsough. Colleen is 14 and
                                    this is the 2nd year she has been a part of RAM. She has worked in registration, and
                                    this year she also worked in the book store. Lions John & Nancy Watters bring their
                                    grandaughter, Elizabeth Starbucks,
                                    who is 16 yrs. old. She has been
                                    there two years and she works in
                                    the vision check-in. They are so
                                    young and yet they care and they
                                    live the Lions Motto "We Serve".

                                       Lion Sandy Mikulecky, Mathews
                                      and Debbie Ivey, New Kent Lions

                                    24D Lions at RAM

                                                                Lion Mary Lou Newman, Windsor Lions, presented a 10th
                                                           anniversary RAM pin to the last vision patient that was seen in
                                                            the 24-D van on Sunday. The 24D Sight and Hearing van has
                                                                                           taken part in all RAM projects.

Lions John Cranford, Roy Stockdill, Oceanside Lions
and Mary Davis, Southside, at the van.

                                                         Lion Jill Morefield,
                                                          Western Branch
RAM continued

  Lion Nancy Cranford, Oceanside with          Lion Nancy Watters, Thalia Lions         Lion Debbie Ivey, New Kent and
       Stan Brock, founder of the                     with young helper                Lion Dave Hartsbough, James City
      Remote Area Medical project.                                                        in the door of the S & H Van.

2nd RAM article submitted by Lion Nancy Cranford - Sight & Hearing President & LAMP C0-Chair.

IRS Announces One-Time Filing Relief
The IRS has announced recently a one-time filing relief for small organizations that failed to file for three consecutive

The Internal Revenue Service announced that small nonprofit organizations at risk of losing their tax-exempt status
because they failed to file required returns for 2007, 2008, and 2009 can preserve their exempt status by filing returns by
October 15, 2010.

Two types of relief are available for small exempt organizations -a filing extension for the smallest organizations required
to file Form 990-N, Electronic Notice (e-Postcard), and a voluntary compliance program(VCP)for small organizations
eligible to file Form 990-EZ, Short Form Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax.

Find more information about the filing relief program on irs.gov.

In addition to the Lions, you may have friends in other organizations that may need to take advantage of this filing

Submitted by Lion Bud Warren, Past 24D District Treasurer

                           Does your club have a new Sight & Hearing chairman this year?

                                       If so, please contact Lion Lisa Baker with the new information.
                                                 757-484-6566 or lisabaker1387@verizon.net
                                The information is needed to keep our district answering service up to date.
The first full Cabinet Meeting of the 2010-2011 was held on Sunday, July 18,
2010 in the Brickhouse Auditorium at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. District
24D made a fantastic showing. Forty-six of fifty-two Cabinet members were in
attendance, forty-six of the fifty-nine clubs in the district were also there, as well
as fourteen Past District Governors. Great start to a new year!

                                                      Cabinet Secretary Lion Gary
                                                     Rapier, and DG Donna Weiler

                                                        2VG Lion Stan Furman
                                                      and 1st VDG Lion Alton Miller

                                                    Below     left,   Lion    Nancy
                                                    Cranford, accepts a $1000
                                                    check from Little Creek Lion
                                                    Doug Ellington for the Sight and
                                                    Hearing Van replacement Fund.

                                                            here (right)
                                                             is 2nd VDG
                                                              Lion Stan
                                                            speaking to
                                                            the district.

Deep Creek Lions Randy Foster and Julie Foster                                Lions Bill Quinn, PCC and Gerri Quinn
 Lion Jim Adams – Eyeglass Recycling Center                                 Lions Joe Brown, PCC and Barbara Brown

                                                                             DG Donna Weiler & PCC Hauser Weiler
                                                                                   1st VDG Lion Alton Miller

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