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									                                             LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                      04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                     Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 

8.00am -9.00 am                                      REGISTRATION

9.00am - 9.40am                             VENUE : PACIFIC BALLROOM
                                                    PLENARY 1:
                                        ASSOC PROF DR UMMUL KHAIR AHMAD
 9.40am – 10.00am                                  Coffee Break
VENUE/                  PACIFIC A          PACIFIC B        KENANGA                           MELUR
                        SESSION 1A          SESSION 1B          SESSION 1C               SESSION 1D

10.00am – 10.20am   ID176: “Use and        ID111:           ID245: “Using ICT       ID199: “Novice
                    Influence of           “Blended         to Prepare IELTS        Teachers' Grammar
                    Discourse Markers in   Business         Candidates” - Mary      Talk: Transmission
                    L2 Science             English          Loh –EDICT.             versus Interaction” -
                    Classrooms”-           Teaching in                              Fauziah Ismail,
                    Azian Abd Aziz         Slovenian                                Rebecca Adams &
                    @Ahmad & Abdul         Higher                                   Zubaidah Awang.
                    Halim Abdul Raof.      Education”-                              Universiti Teknologi
                    Universiti Teknologi   Igor Riznar.                             Malaysia.
                    Malaysia.              University of

                    ID106: “A              ID108:           ID123: “Effective       ID210: “Second
10.20am -10.40am    Comparison Between     “English for     Use of Online           Language
                    Malay and American     Academic         Portals in Imparting    Acquisition Input-
                    Responses to           Purposes         Communication           based Processing
                    Compliments in         (EAP): A         Skills in the           Instruction and
                    English”- Nurizah      Bridge to        Pedagogy”-              Grammar
                    Md Ngadiran &          Successful       R.Subramani.            Acquisition: Making
                    Hadina Habil.          Study in a       Periyar University,     Form-meaning
                    Universiti Tun         Foreign          India                   Connections” -
                    Hussein Onn            University” -                            Fauziah Alias.
                    Malaysia.              Muslih                                   Universiti Kuala
                                           Hambali.                                 Lumpur.
                                               LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                        04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                       Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 

VENUE/                        PACIFIC A        PACIFIC B             KENANGA                    MELUR

                     ID184: “Investigating    ID193: The         ID171: “Reading for   ID146: “The
10.40am - 11.00am    Prenatal Genetic         Analysis of        Specific Purpose:     Interference of
                     Screening in Hong        Business           Integrating E-        Persian in the Use of
                     Kong as an Activity      Trends and         Learning and          English Prepositions”
                     and Discourse Type:      Causes in the      Classroom             - Marjan Ahmadi &
                     Challenges of            Economist          Learning” -           Kuang Ching Hei.
                     Delivering Genetic       Newsletter” -      Mariangela Braga      Universiti Malaya.
                     Services to              Luisanna           Norte. Brazil.
                     Multicultural and        Fodde.
                     Multilingual Client” -   University of
                     Olga Zayts.              Cagliari, Italy.
                     The University of
                     Hong Kong.
11.00am -11.20am     ID191: “The Generic      ID126: “Gaps       ID127:                ID230: “Reading as
                     Structure of             and                “Investigating the    Pre-Task for
                     Indonesian Thesis        Mismatches         Quality of Thinking   Impromptu Speech
                     and Dissertation         between ESP        in an Online          Delivery”- Aida
                     Acknowledgment” -        Teachers’ and      Discussion            A.Rahman & Faizah
                     Yusnita Sylvia           Students’          Environment”. -       Mohamad Nor.
                     Ningrum. Semarang        Beliefs about      Zahra Shahasavar      Universiti Teknologi
                     State University         English            & Tan Bee Hoon.       Malaysia.
                     Indonesia.               Language           Universiti Putra
                                              Learning” -        Malaysia.
                                              n. Maejo
11.20 am -11.40 am   ID116: “Corpus           ID143:             ID134: “ICT:          ID115: “A Study on
                     Linguistics:             “English           Improving             the Role of Culture,
                     Syntactical Analysis     Language           Outcomes for          Motivation and
                                              LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                       04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                      Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 
                     of Learner Corpus       Needs of         Students, Saving       Interest on Reading
                     Anyone?” -              Industrial       Time for Teachers”     Comprehension
                     Manvender Kaur A/P      Trainees in      - Andrew Stokes.       among Iranian
                     Sarjit Singh &          the Chemical     Clarity Language       University Students”
                     Sarimah Shamsudin       Engineering      Consultants.           - Mahboobeh
                     .Universiti Teknologi   Industry” -                             Mahboobi &
                     Malaysia.               Noorhayati                              Ambigapathy
                                             Saharuddin.                             Pandian. Universiti
                                             Universiti                              Sains Malaysia.
11.40 am - 12.00pm   ID136: “Structural      ID114: “The      ID236: “Use and        ID167: “The Impact
                     Markers in British      Expediency of    Impact of ICT on       of Direct Teaching of
                     and Malaysian           Afrikaans for    English Language       Vocabulary to EFL
                     Engineering Lecture”    Law              in Libya”-             Learners on Their
                     – Masdinah Alauyah,     Students”-       Nasreddin B. El        Mental Lexicon” -
                     Sarimah Shamsudin       Ellen            Zoghbi, P.G.V.         Elbadri Abbas
                     & Abdul Halim Abdul     Lombard &        Suresh Kumar,          Elzubier Suliman.
                     Raof. Universiti        Terrence         M.V.Lakshmaiah &       Omdurman Islamic
                     Teknologi Malaysia.     Carney.          Nune Sreenivas. Al-    University, Sudan
                                             University of    Fateh University,
                                             South Africa.    Tripoli, Libya
12.00pm -12.20pm     ID152: “Genre           ID233:           ID160:                 ID204: “The Effect of
                     Analysis of Technical   “English for     “Investigating the     Explicit Training of
                     Report Writing in       Medical          Relationship           Memory-Related
                     Engineering Studies”    Purposes:        between Marking        Vocabulary Learning
                     - Teh Zanariah Hj.      Strategies to    Hyperlinks and         Strategies on the
                     Mohd. Raus.             Design and       Reading Task Type      Recall and Retention
                     Universiti Teknikal     Optimize a       and Iranian College    of Phrasal Verbs”-
                     Malaysia Melaka.        Language         Students' Rate of      Sattar Mutaqid.
                                             Course for       Text                   Behbahan Islamic
                                             French           Comprehension” -       Azad University.
                                             Students in      Vahideh Sadat
                                             Medicine” -      Vahedi. Islamic
                                             Pascaline        Azad University,
                                             Faure.           Qaen, Khorasan,
                                             University       Iran
                                             Pierre Marie
                                           LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                    04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                   Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 
                                          Curie, Paris,
12.20pm -12.40pm   ID231: “Korpus Lisan   ID234: “Doing    ID147: “The            ID224: “In Pursuit of
                   : Kepelbagaian         Non-English      Relationship of        Lexical Richness in
                   Nuansa dan             Intercultural    ETEMS Policy and       Reading for
                   Kreativiti Dalam       Business: The    MUET Results           Vocabulary
                   Membentuk Identiti     Role of          among Cadet            Acquirers” -Melor Md
                   Golongan Remaja” -     Spanish,         Officers in A          Yunus & Anna
                   Mrs. Zuraidah Mohd     French and       Military Based         Florence
                   Sulaiman &             German as        University” -          Thevasigamoney.
                   Muhamad Fuad           Business         Masdini Harina Ab      Universti
                   Abdul Karim.           Languages,       Manan. Universiti      Kebangsaan
                   Universiti Teknologi   Their            Pertahanan             Malaysia.
                   Mara.                  Language         Nasional Malaysia
                                          Positions and
12.40pm -2.00pm
                                              LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                       04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                      Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 

2.00pm -3.00pm                               VENUE : PACIFIC BALLROOM
                                                KEYNOTE ADDRESS:

                                                 PROF JUDITH A. LANGER
3.00pm -3.40pm                                         PLENARY 2:
                                                 PROF SRIKANT SARANGI
 3.40pm – 4.00pm                                          Coffee Break
VENUE/           PACIFIC A               PACIFIC B         KENANGA                      MELUR
 TIME              SESSION 2A           SESSION 2B        SESSION 2C                 SESSION 2D
 4.00pm -4.20pm ID120: “The          ID144: “English    ID228:               ID209: “Japanese Language
                 Combined            Language Needs     “Serendipity in      at University Teknologi
                 Effects of          of Aircraft        MyLinE Forum” -      Malaysia (UTM)-Motivation
                 Strategy Training   Maintenance        Fatimah Puteh.       Factors” - R. Kumaraguru.
                 and Bimodal         Engineers in the   Universiti           Universiti Teknologi
                 Input Conditions    Malaysian          Teknologi            Malaysia.
                 on the              Aviation           Malaysia.
                 Processing of       Industry” -
                 Discourse           Reshminder
                 Meaning“- Lee       Kaur a/p
                 Seung Chun.         Satvindar Singh.
                 Universiti Utara    Universiti Kuala
                 Malaysia.           Lumpur
 4.20pm -4.40pm ID128: “An           ID223:             ID 229: “Using       ID214: “The Relationship
                 Investigation of    “Determining the MyLinE Online          between Language Anxiety
                 the Structure of    Oral Proficiency   Resources as a       and Self Esteem in Learning
                 Discussion          Construct of the   Platform to          a Foreign Language” - Hana
                 Sections in         Test of English    Develop              Abdulnabi Ali Alkali,&
                 Qualitative         Communication      University           Azizah Rajab. Universiti
                 Research Articles   Skills for         Students’            Teknologi Malaysia.
                 in Applied          Graduating         Academic
                 Linguistics”-       Students“- Anie    Writing Skills” -
                 Leila Dobakhti &    Attan. Universiti  Fatimah Puteh.
                 Norizah Hassan.     Teknologi          Universiti
                                              LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                       04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                      Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 
                 Universiti          Malaysia.           Teknologi
                 Malaya.                                 Malaysia.
4.40pm -5.00pm   ID132: “Writing     ID195:“English      ID175: “Arabic      ID173: “Adjustment
                 the Literature      for Occupational    for Careers         Problems of International
                 Review for          Purposes            through CALL” -     Students Studying in
                 Research            Maritime            Khanmohamed         Malaysian Universities” -
                 Articles: A Genre   English” - Puja     JarinaBegum.        Tengku Shahraniza Tengku
                 Analysis            Awachat &           AlFateh             Abdul Jalal. Multimedia
                 Approach” -         Shilpa Suresh.      University          University.
                 Shameem Rafik-      Tolani Maritime
                 Galea. Universiti   Institute, India.
                 Putra Malaysia.
                                               LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                        04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                       Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 

8.00pm –                                    DINNER & OPENING CEREMONY
                                              VENUE : PACIFIC BALLROOM
8.15pm –09.00   Opening Ceremony
                - Arrival of Y.Bhg. Vice Chancellor of UTM

                - Arrival of Y.A.B Dato’ Hj. Abdul Ghani b. Othman, Chief Minister of Johor

                - Recitation of Du’a

                -Welcoming Speech by Y.Bhg. Vice Chancellor of UTM

                - Opening Speech by Y.A.B Dato’ Hj. Abdul Ghani b. Othman, Chief Minister of Johor

                - Press Conference

9.00pm -        - Dinner
                - Culture Show
                                             LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                      04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                     Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 

                                                         5th MAY 2010

VENUE/            PACIFIC A          PACIFIC B             KENANGA                     MELUR
                  SESSION 3A          SESSION 3B           SESSION 3C                SESSION 3D
8.30am - 8.50am   ID242:          ID218: “English       ID 246: “English     ID122: “Aspek Linguistik,
                  “Metadiscou     Language Needs        for Hotel Staff:     Budaya dan Pendidikan
                  rse in          for the English-      Training             dalam Buku Teks Bahasa
                  Academic        Illiterate Persian    Students for         Arab ke arah Merealisasikan
                  Lectures:       Speaking              Hospitality          Objektif dan Matlamat
                  An              tourists” - Samira    Industry”- Mary      Program j-QAF” -
                  Exploratory     Yadollahi Kakh &      Loh- EDICT.          Nik Murshidah Nik Din.
                  Investigation   Mehrdad                                    Universiti Darul Iman
                  into            Rashtchi.                                  Malaysia.
                  Malaysian       Universiti
                  and British     Teknologi
                  Educational     Malaysia.
                  Noor Mala
                  Ibrahim &
8.50am -9.10am     ID183:         ID222: “English       ID 247: “It’s your   ID140: “Beberapa Faktor
                  “"Open Fire”    at Sea: Portside or   Job: Practical       Mempengaruhi Penggunaan
                  vs. “Open       Starboard side!” -    Help for             Strategi Pembelajaran dalam
                  Burning”:       Shamsul Rizal.        Students Job-        Kalangan Pelajar Bahasa
                  Think in        Malaysian             Seekers”- Mary       Arab” - Kamarul Shukri Mat
                  Malay, Write    Maritime              Loh- EDICT.          Teh. Universiti Darul Iman
                  in English” -   Academy.                                   Malaysia
                                            LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                     04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                    Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 
                  Stapa, Wan
                  Fara Adlina
                  Wan Mansor
9.10am -9.30am    ID 131:         ID 243:             ID201: “Using a      ID150: “Persepsi Pelajar di
                  “Fool-          “Communication      Multimedia           Sebuah Universiti Terhadap
                  proofing’       Problems Faced      Application in       Bahasa Arab untuk Tujuan
                  Academic        by Tourists in      the Teaching of      Pelancongan” - Wan Nordin
                  English: The    Iran” - Nahid       Literature -A        Wan Abdullah. Universiti
                  Teaching        Zahed Pisheh &      Demonstration        Islam Antarabangsa.
                  and             Hanita Hassan.      on “Of Bunga
                  Learning of     Universiti          Telur and bally
                  Academic        Teknologi           Shoes”Che
                  Writing in      Malaysia.           Husna Azhari &
                  ESOL                                Erda Wati Bakar.
                  Contexts of                         Universiti
                  Intercultural                       Pertahanan
                  Communicat                          Nasional
                  ion -                               Malaysia
9.30am - 9.50am
                                                     COFFEE BREAK

VENUE/            PACIFIC A          PACIFIC B           KENANGA                      MELUR
                  SESSION 4A        SESSION 4B          SESSION 4C                 SESSION 4D

9.50am -10.10am   ID235:          ID159:“Evaluatin    ID194: “An           ID151: “Kuasa Bahasa :
                                              LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                       04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                      Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 
                   “Writing It      g English for       Analysis on the      Analisis wacana Teks
                   Right:           Economics           Critical Factors     Pengisytiharan Tarikh
                   Empowering       Textbook in         in the LMS           Kemerdekaan Malaya” -
                   Non-native-      Indonesian          Acceptance           Zuraidah Mohd Sulaiman.
                   Speaking         University”- Ana    among English        Universiti Teknologi Mara.
                   Scientists wit   Fergina.            for Academic
                   h online         University of       Purposes (EAP)
                   Scientific       Tanjungpura,        Instructors in
                   Writing          West Kalimantan,    CELPAD, IIUM” -
                   assistance”-     Indonesia           Adib Muliyani
                   Ray Cooke.                           Mohd Amin &
                   Université                           NorZainiyah
                   Bordeaux 2,                          Norita Mokhtar.
                   France.                              Universiti
10.10am-10.30am    ID203: “A        ID188:              ID124: “Let’s        ID162: “Phonemic
                   Study of         “Accountant's       Communicate . .      Transcription of Holy Quran”
                   Translating      Writing Skills: A   . Let’s Blog” -      - Hassan Hamtaii & Arash
                   Strategies       Needs Analysis” -   Masdinah             Maghsoudi. Nabrai Tarasheh
                   and              Noraziah Azizan     Alauyah Md           Corporation, Tehran, Iran
                   Effectiveness    & Nora Harun.       Yusof & Abdul
                   in Circuit       Universiti          Halim Abdul
                   Electronic       Teknologi Mara.     Raof. Universiti
                   Terminology”                         Teknologi
                   - Ting-Fang                          Malaysia.
                   Yang & Yu-
                   Ling Chung.
                   University of
                   Science and
10.30am -10.50am   ID180:           ID189: “Analysing   ID217: “The Role     ID186: “Komunikasi Anak-
                   “Explicit        the Training and    of Self-Concept      Anak dan Ibu Bapa dalam
                   Instruction      Internship Needs    and                  Masyarakat Melayu” - Asbah
                   of Hedging       Assessment of       Communication        Razali
                   Devices:         Verbal              Skills in            Universiti Malaya.
                                              LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                       04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                      Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 
                   Implications     Communication       Language
                   for EAP          Skills amongst      Learning” -
                   Writing          Hotel               Azizah Rajab,
                   Classes” -       Practitioners” -    Wan Zarina Wan
                   Sara             Suzana Ab.          Zakaria & Atirah
                   Dadvand.         Rahim & Farina      Izzah Che Abas.
                   M.A. in          Tazijan.            Universiti
                   English          Universiti          Teknologi
                   Language         Teknologi MARA.     Malaysia.
10.50am -11.10am   ID174:           ID178: “What is     ID153:               ID190: “Roles of Arabic
                   “Resume          ESAP and How        “Incorporating       Language in the Global
                   Writing in       Should It be        Employability        Communication of the
                   Textbooks:       Taught?” -          Skills in the EOP    Contemporary Age: A Case
                   Empowering       Jeremy Walenn.      Course” -            Study of Textual Standards”
                   or               Garnet Education    Zarinah Jan          - Yahya Toyin Muritala.
                   Constraining     Asia, Hong Kong     Yusoff Khan.         International Islamic
                   ?” - Aileen Ng   Office              International        University of Malaysia
                   & Chan Soon                          Islamic
                   Keng.                                University of
                   Nanyang                              Malaysia
                   l University,

11.10am -11.30am   ID206: “You      ID207:              ID170: “Task         ID181: “Students' Use of
                   are What         “Developing and     Fulfilment in        Reading Strategies in
                   You Cite:        Sustaining a        Discussion:          Comprehending Arabic
                   Citation         Sustainable ESP     Methods in           Texts: An Exploratory Study”
                   Practices of     program” -          Identifying Gaps     - Nurazan Mohd Rouyan.
                   Non-native       Shanthi             and                  International Islamic
                   Expert           Nadarajan.          Communication        Universuty of Malaysia.
                   Writers Vs.      University          Strategies to
                   Novice           Malaysia            Compensate
                   Writers” -       Sarawak.            Ineffective
                   Kobra                                Discussion” - S
                                             LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                      04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                     Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 
                   Mansourizad                         Hasimah Wati
                   eh & Ummul                          Zainal, Abdul
                   Khair                               Halim Abdul
                   Ahmad,                              Raof & Hadina
                   Universiti                          Habil. Universiti
                   Teknologi                           Teknologi
                   Malaysia.                           Malaysia.
11.30am -11.50am   ID226:          ID219: “An          ID141: “Literary     ID109: “Kebimbangan Ujian
                   “Marked         Integration of      Teaching             Pelajar Kursus Bahasa Arab
                   Words and       Classroom-based     Practices: Using     di Universiti Teknologi MARA
                   Phrases in      Learning and        Short Stories to     dari Aspek Kognitif dan
                   the Body        Internships in a    Develop Critical     Emosi” - Ghazali Yusri Abd
                   Texts of        Professional        Thinking Skills      Rahman. Universiti
                   Social          Communication       among English        Teknologi Mara.
                   Science         Program” -          as a Second
                   Textbooks” -    Bertha Du-          Language (ESL)
                   Amerrudin       Babcock. City       Learners” -
                   Abd Manan,      University of       Adlina Abdul
                   Anie Attan,     Hong Kong.          Samad & Noor
                   Khairi Obaid                        Azma Abu Bakar.
                   Alzubaidi &                         Universiti
                   Noh Mohd                            Teknologi
                   Adlan Mohd                          Malaysia.
11.50am -12.10pm   ID185:          ID161: “How am I    ID156: “Do LSP       ID118: “Kajian Korelasi
                   “Integrity      Doing? –            Textbooks Meet       Sikap Membaca dan
                   and             Assessing ESP in    the                  Pencapaian Mata Pelajaran
                   Academic        the 21st century    Communicative        Bahasa Arab di Sekolah-
                   Excellence:     Language            Needs of L2          Sekolah Menengah Agama di
                   Combating       Classroom” -        Learners?” -         Terengganu” - Siti Salwa
                   Plagiarism in   Maximillian         Suzie Beaulieu.      binti Mohd Noor & Kamarul
                   Academic        Maurice Gold.       University of        Shukri Mat The. Universiti
                   Writing         University of       Alberta.             Darul Iman Malaysia.
                   Class” -        Caliari, Italy.
                                              LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                       04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                      Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 
                    Abdul Aziz,
                    Hashim &
                    Abdul Razak.
12.10pm – 12.30pm   ID169:          ID241: “Getting     ID200:              ID232: “Developing Problem-
                    “Testing,       Physical with the   “Translation as a   Solution Essays using Mind-
                    Testing         Market: A Study     Learning Vehicle    Mapping and Sketches: A
                    1,2,3...        Of Metaphors in     for LSP             Case Study'” - Siti Jamilah
                    Assessment      the Business        Students” - Ee      Bidin. Universiti Utara
                    and Self-       Times” - Tengku     Chop Ler            Malaysia.
                    Assessment      Farah Petri         Universiti Darul
                    in Oral         Tengku              Iman Malaysia.
                    Presentation    Mahmood,
                    s” - Claire     Shameem Rafik-
                    Elizabeth       Galea, Zalina
                    Wallis.         Mohd Kasim &
                    University of   Afida Mohamad
                    Cagliari        Ali. Universiti
                                    Kuala Lumpur.

12.30pm – 12.50pm   ID117:          ID172: “Using       ID187:              ID135: “Language and
                    “Focused        Contrastive         “Exploring the      Culture in English for
                    Task in ESP”    Analysis as a       authenticity of     Business Purposes: Noticing
                    - Hamid                             textbook meeting    Their Importance Through
                    Reza Karim                          discourse” - Phil   Television Advertisement”-
                    & Sarimah       Technique in        Abbot & Jamie       Farrah Diebaa Rashid Ali. 
                    Shamsudin.      Persian to          Mann. British       Universiti Teknologi Mara
                    Universiti      English             Council.
                    Teknologi       Translation of
                    Malaysia        Journalistic
                    (UTM)           Texts” -
                                    Sadoughvanini &
                                               LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                        04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                       Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 
                                    Shamsudin .
                                    Malaysia (UTM)

 12.50pm - 2.00pm                                            LUNCH
VENUE/              PACIFIC A          PACIFIC B             KENANGA                      MELUR
                    SESSION 5A        SESSION 5B            SESSION 5C                 SESSION 5D

2.00pm -2.20pm      ID129:          ID182: “Life Skills   ID212: “A Study      ID192: “The Need to Learn
                    “Insights       Approach to           on TESL              Japanese: Classroom
                    into            Introducing           Trainees'            Observation In UNISEL”- Md.
                    University      English in Rural      Perceptions          Rosli Haji Ismail. Universiti
                    Lecturers’      Schools:              towards              Industri Selangor.
                    English         Reactions of          Classroom
                    Language        Teachers to           Delivery Skills” -
                    Test            Approach during       Tina Koh Cheo
                    Construction    Their Training” -     Ling, Haliza
                    Practices:      Lalit Kishore.        Jaafar & Mahani
                    Rooms for       Educational           Stapa. Universiti
                    Innovations”    Consultant            Teknologi
                    - Norkhairi                           Malaysia.
                    Ahmad &
                    Abd Aziz.
                    UniKL MFI
2.20pm -2.40pm      ID196:          ID216:                ID121: “Using        IDS197: “Life-Long Learning
                    “MUET           “Communication        the ADFELPS          of English by Cultivating the
                    Teachers'       Apprehension in       Rating Scale to      Gift of Nature” - Jahabar
                    Perception of   Foreign Language      Assess Speaking      Jainul Abideen Shahul
                    Teaching        Learning” - Wan       Skills Among         Hameed.
                    Strategies      Zarina Wan            Malaysians” -        Politeknik Sultan Mizan
                                             LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                      04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                     Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 
                  for Speaking    Zakaria, Azizah      Surjeet Singh        Zainal Abidin, Dungun
                  Lessons” -      Rajab, Hamidah       Jeggy . Universiti   Terengganu
                  Hjh Hafiza      Abdul Rahman &       Pertahanan
                  Aini Hj         Mahfuzah Rafek.      Nasional
                  Hassan &        Universiti           Malaysia
                  Hadina          Teknologi
                  Habil.          Malaysia.
2.40pm - 3.00pm   ID208: “An      ID215: “The                               ID220: “Nurturing The
                  insight on      Relationship                              Literate Mind Through The
                  the Listening   between L2                                Exploration Of Horizons Of
                  Strategies of   Motivational Self                         Possibility” - Tina Abdullah
                  Examinees       Systems and L2                            & Zaidah Zainal. Universiti
                  while           Learning among                            Teknologi Malaysia
                  Preparing for   TESL Students in
                  MUET            Iran and
                  Listening       Malaysia” -
                  Examination     Hamid
                  ” - Nurul       Roohbakhshfar &
                  Na'immah        Azizah Rajab.
                  Hamdan &        Universiti
                  Noor Zainab     Teknologi
                  Abd Razak.      Malaysia.
3.00pm - 3.20pm   ID148:          ID130: “A wave of    ID198:               ID 244: “An Inquiry of Target
                  ETeMS in        Psychological        “Mobilizing          Situation Needs Analysis
                  Relation to     Forces in Second     Students in the      (TSNA) within the
                  MUET’s          Language             English              Socioeducational contexts "A
                  Achievement     Learning: IIUM       Classroom: A         Case of UTMKL Diploma of
                  and             Experience” -        Kinesthetic          Aeronautical Engineering"-
                  Students’       Muhamadul Bakir      Learning             Seri aznita. Universiti
                  Perception” -   .Universiti Islam    Experience” -        Teknologi Malaysia.
                  Mardziah        Antarabangsa.        Noridah Sain,
                  Shamsudin                            Hema Rosheny
                                               LSP 2010 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 
                                                        04‐ 05 May 2010,  
                                       Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 
                     & Masdini                           Mustafa &
                     Harina Ab                           Norazman Abdul
                     Manan.                              Majid.
                     National                            Universiti
                     Defence                             Teknologi MARA
                     University of
3.20pm - 3.40pm
                                                       C0FFEE BREAK
3.40pm - 4.20pm                                           PLENARY 3
                                                  Venue : PACIFIC BALLROOM
                                                PROF. EMERITUS AZMAN AWANG
4.20pm - 5.00pm                                             Forum
5.00pm – 5.15pm                                            CLOSING


Presenter, please take note of the following:

    •   Your session is 20 Minutes; 15 Minutes for presentation and 5 Minutes for Q& A.

    •   Workshop Session however are 40 Minutes.

    •   Please make copies of your own handouts (approximately 30 copies) if you plan to distribute them to the
        participants attending your session.

    •   You will be chairing your own session.
                     04‐ 05 May 2010,  
    Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 

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