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									         Growing Mint. And its uses.
o   Mint can grow many ways
  however it usually is grown in
  large amounts. Mint needs lots
  of sun and water. It usually takes
  two years for the mint to be fully
  grown the first year it is just baby
  mint however after that it
  becomes a full mint plant.
o Mint is used in a variety of
  products such as mints, gum,
  fragrances, and many more.
        Mint and its importance.
• Mint is important
  because it is in every
  day products such as
  shampoo, conditioners,
  fragrances, and is in a
  lot of food products.
• Mint is also said to calm
                     MINTS RANKINGS
1.   Mints ranking in Oregon's list of
     Agricultural products is 27th .

2.   Nationwide in terms of Oregon’s
     portion grown is second.
          Union county and mint
•   Mint is grown
    throughout union

•   It is a major crop in
    this region.
        Growing regions of mint
• Some of the areas mint
  is grown in majorly is
  Eastern Oregon,
  Madras, Midwest,
  Yakama, and the
             Products from mint
1.   Mint flavored candy
2.   Mint flavored drinks
3.   Mint Fragrances
4.   Spearmint gum
5.   Mints

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