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					OPS Committee Meeting, July 19, 2007

Facilitator: Jen Boelts. In Attendance: Mark Johnson, Jessie DuVall , Jeanne Allan, Dave
Wasson, Jessica Marshall, Brent Turner, Heather Ringwood, Bob Benck, Sheila Smith. Absent:
Scott Merle. Minutes recorded by Lois Maffeo.

NEXT MEETING: August 2            FACILITATOR: Mark Johnson


Coffee Department/Scott: Looks like August will be "flip-flop month" in the Oly roastery.
I've seen the large numbers of folks we've got traveling to Atlanta next month and haven't yet
seen my name. I need to add it now. I have a trip scheduled for August 8-13 to assist in coffee
trainings for baristi and our new manager and to provide the roasting dudes some advanced
trainings to generally make sure they are all expertly qualified and completely comfortable to lead
public cuppings, coffee 101 and 201 trainings, and seed to cup trainings.
It's about 95 degrees and nasty-sticky-muggy here on the Carolina coast. I've been sunburned
for four days and don't have hardly any skin left on my knees from getting battered clean off my
sweet new boogie-board and dragged along the sandy beach by that mean old Atlantic ocean.
Who do I see about booking a bet on this weekend's kickball game?

Roastery/Bob: Three new hires in the roastery. One full timer(Henry) one part timer(Mark) who
also is working in the TR, and Graham who is very part time and focusing on green tag packages.
So far training is going well and the guys seem to be picking it up and having fun doing it.
Yet another can of Costa Rica is steaming our way. Harars are not looking good right now but the
Limu is fitting in nicely. Organic Costa Rica should be back in the house here by the end of the
week. Wild Forest is in motion and has been tasting nice.
Atlanta visit went well. Time spent discussing the management system and how we all fit into it.
Concluded that an Atlanta focused roasting vision statement will be worth some effort. See the
Donut Nation "ATL" entry if you want more colorful details. Good time to remind everybody to
actually get on donut nation and read what others are doing and feel free to make comments.

Customer Services/Heather: The News: Bob asked that we check-in from the Jan 18th OPS
minutes on the upcoming Holidays:
Holiday Recap: Jen requested feedback on Holiday sales 2006. WS customers gave positive
response to the Holiday Blend this year. They also appreciated the earlier launch date. Overall,
sales were lower in WS than last year. Retail and MO were up over 2005. Jeanne suggested
that the Tasting Room be open everyday from 11/15/07 to 12/24/07. We can also do a better job
getting the word out about the extra holiday hours via press releases and signage. Jessica
reported on the MO holiday sales and she said that she noticed large increases in subscriptions
and gift certificates. She reported difficulty with inventory and availability. She said she will work
to solve these problems in advance of holidays 2007. Heather said that she hopes that next year
we will have a gift card that is usable in any B&B location or website. She also said that we
should expand our holiday tea offerings from Harney & Sons. Jen reported that we will have
snowflake handle bags, gift card holders and gatherings materials for next year. Jeanne
suggested that we get started with our holiday planning even earlier this year. Lois asked what
the follow up to these reports would be. It was suggested that we schedule a July Ops meeting
with holiday follow up and improvement. Dave said that there would also be WS goals created.
Heather suggested a “build your own gift box” promotion. Jess indicated that it would be hard to
do that on the website, but we will definitely have a gift wrap option and some customization
features on the new website. Sheila reported that ASR sold “a ton” of DG prepaks and that we
had some good press in a “trendy paper” article on local gift giving.
Holiday Planning: Bob's favorite Holidays fall on Tuesday this year.... which will affect Olympia
Delivery, Shipping, and the biggest days in Roasting/Production from both Roasteries. We will
need to talk about how we would like to shift things around. I would like to suggest that Brian,
Aaron, Connie, and Heather meet about this a hammer out the schedule very soon so we can
plan ahead. Anyone else? Before that closure we will have Monday closure for Labor Day and
Thanksgiving. Any others? Dave should be planning a trip to the gift show soon and the new
eCommerce person may have some ideas about products for the new website. Perhaps there is
a way to "build your own gift box" on the new website as I talked about last year. As for
wholesale? I know that we are planning a Wholesale Event at the Olympia Roastery to announce
our offerings and between now and then CS will keep our ears to the ground about what
customers are asking us for.
Tea: our new tea line expansion is well underway. Orders for both Atlanta and Olympia have
been placed and I have scheduled an Olympia cupping for August 10th. I would like to arrange a
cupping in Atlanta as well.... I will work with someone there to do that. The teas will be available
prior to that cupping - but this will be an opportunity for everyone to see the new products and
how we hope to promote them. I look forward to adding some Holiday offerings as well. In Retail -
we will need to coordinate a big Tea Blow-out Sale - who should I talk to about that?
CS: Katy and Bev are knee-deep in training now. They are shadowing, coffee training and getting
to know this side of the company and it's inner workings. The will be well prepared to stand on
their own two feet when Emma and Sasha depart at the end of August.
T&E: Stef has been busy setting up new customer trainings in the NW area. We will host Bella
Rose here this week. Michael traveled to Portland last week and Oliver has been to the Peninsula
recently as well. This is all in the plan that our customers will have a trainer available through their
area (local/with-in driving area) a few times a year. Even if we don't have trainings set up - the
trainers drive through the area, drop by the account to show our face and offer training next time.
Margaret will be spending some time in Columbus, MS & Warner Robbins, GA to work with our
customer there. With the new retail store coming on, Margaret is planning on some intensive
retail espresso training to happen!
Grocery/Delivery: They are rolling right along - tee hee. some notes from Connie: Things slow
down a bit in summer in both grocery and delivery, but it does give us a bit of breathing room to
allow for vacations, which is nice. Stefany and Jordan will be serving iced Omar‟s this Saturday,
July 21 at the Bull Moose Festival, sponsored by Whole Foods Market. You may have heard
commercials for it on KPLU. This is the 3 year we have participated and we always have a good
time, plus we reach many new customers with our yummy toddy. John will be traveling to
Portland Saturday night for the annual Vendor Appreciation Dinner hosted by New Seasons. It is
a rare thing to have our customers throw a party for us, the vendors. We are excited to report that
                                             th                                   th            th
New Seasons Markets is opening their 9 store, Happy Valley, on August 30 and their 10 store
will open in Tualatin next spring/summer.

The Numbers have been e-mailed to you.

Mail Order/Jessica: Hi everybody…
This is my final OPS report. It's been an amazing 11 years with so much growth and support from
everyone here. You all are truly my family and I have no doubt that wherever I end up you all will
always be a part of my life.

Since a replacement has not yet been hired for my position I would like to give everyone some
guidance about where to go to get help and answers when I'm no longer around *SNIFF!*:

1. Even though my final day is July 27 I will still be making myself available remotely while we
work through this transition. School does not start until Sept 26 and I should be available if you
need me.
2. Jen Boelts will be the interim Trademark Coordinator until the future of that position is
3. Mark will be the go-to guy for website trouble-shooting.
4. I will be giving Jen Boelts all of my Crystal Reports and instructions for running Pacifica
reports. A lot of my Crystal Mail Order reports are easily translatable to other departments so
please use them!
5. I will also be schooling Jen on our email Marketing program so if you need to send out an email
to one of our lists see her.
Please let me know if you have other questions about the future of Batdorf post-Jess. I'll do my
best to answer them.

Our new website is on the VERGE… All the content is there, it's just a matter of running a few
last minute tests. We will be offering our phone customers a 20% off coupon to get them to try the
new site. I will send out a company-wide email as soon it is launched so you all can talk it up!

General Manager/Dave: Ok, Fair warning is happening. I will be operating out of the Challain
Suite at Inman Park for the whole month of August. My cell phone will be supercharged and I will
be available until 3:00PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time. E-mail will be available and checked
daily. I will plan on having our usual weekly meetings via my cell phone or Atlanta Roastery
Phone. Your “Go to” people on site will be Scott and Heather. Over the next four weeks Atlanta
will be seeing Jessie DuVall, Dave Wasson and Mark IT Johnson and Michael Elvin. Michael will
be coming out to support Margaret with espresso trainings. We will all be involved in trainings
with the new DG Decatur Manager (Dawn - like the morning) and a number of barista‟s. We will
be putting in place the exciting new POS (Point of Sale) Micros system in the new store. Say a
big Bye Bye to barista slips. This supports our continued desire to help the environment by not
using up a bunch of paper. The barista will see all orders on a screen placed over in the bar

How are we doing on those sales numbers you ask? Atlanta wholesale is on a trend to beat their
goal. Olympia wholesale is looking good on hitting their goal. Overall retail is having some goal
challenges but working very hard to make a run at it. ODR is on track, OTR is betting the goal –
probably because they had a expert working last Saturday, and the ORR is having it‟s usual
Downtown Lakefair drop off of sales. Mailorder is not meeting the sales goal. This relates to
timing of the new web site and promotions.

Atlanta/Sheila: Bob was in town last week. It was great seeing him, but his trip was way to short.
We didn‟t get enough Bob time, next time he‟ll have to come long enough to get some fishing in
as well as work. He did some great work with Aaron and the guys, we had a chance to catch up
and meet, he saw the new store, met new hires, hung out with the guys and off he went……..
Though his trip was short, it was jam packed and a lot of fun.
Larry and Cherie are working day and night and weekends to cranking out this store. It is looking
wonderful! The build out is coming down to the detail stages now, which brings upon the most
work. Larry and Cherie are heading towards the finish line with this project, which is taking the
most concentration and energy to get to that line. But hand in hand, they are busting it out: they
are working hard and diligently- they are creating. Soon, they will be able to pull up a bar stool,
sit back, enjoy a beautiful cappuccino, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. I want to insert my
kudos here to them. Build out is one of the hardest jobs and they are handling it flawlessly. Big
Kudos to Larry and Cherie.
We have two new hires in production, Carrie Hodge- another rock star- her band is Parade which
you can check out on my space, and Jerald Walters who goes by Chia. We also found our store
Manager, Dawn Bobb, and are very excited to have her as part of our team. She will begin
working with us officially in two weeks. Jessie DuVall is here this week and spent yesterday
getting Dawn all set up in the system. Jessie has been calling applicants for the barista position
and will be setting up interviews for later this week and the beginning of next.
Margaret is off this week to Mississippi for training, she has been busy busy training this quarter.
Jen is working with two new customers that came to us from our community events, one from the
Farmer‟s Market and the second one from the Edible Atlanta Magazine event we did. Jen and
Margaret also worked together last week getting the new Children‟s Health Care Café up and
And last, we finally hit the Blog scene here in Atlanta. It‟s the first for us – check out and, those are the latest.
Retail/Brent: Retail is bracing itself for Lakefair. We have prepared ourselves with precautions
and heightened awareness for safety of persons and facilities. We are hoping we have no
problems like last year, where the single casualty was one of the Coffeehouse‟s front windows.
We are happy to welcome Abbe Wells to the ORR. We have also been interviewing this week
(four interviews- Thanks Alysia!!), to hire for the Dancing Goats and the Tasting Room. Rumor
has it that Alexis Larson is leaving us at the end of the month, right before we would celebrate
one year with her (she was hired last August 9 ). She is incredibly busy with working with a
rowing crew as a Coxswain (that‟s the person who calls out and directs the crew), and with an
Ecology internship with the state.
ORR is investing in having its wood floors refinished next month.
With help from Jen B., I have ordered an arsenal of 20% off coupons for retail that can be coded
to use with any number of future promotions and giveaways. They will first be utilized with a
“Summer Savings” promotion through the Mobile Information Center (MIC) of the Visitors and
Convention Bureau (with its handsome Board members). The VCB has the MIC stationed at the
Farmer‟s Market most of the summer and it makes guest appearances at special events
throughout the county (fairs and WolfHaven for instance). Also in August, I will have coupons to
hand out at Saturday, August 11 ‟s Poetry Event here at the Coffeehouse (see prior e-mail), and
at Sylvester Park on Wednesday, August 15 ‟s Music in the Park concert sponsored by us, a folk
blues band called Strange Jerome.

For our Holiday recap Part II discussion: Dave and I have taken Jeanne‟s suggestion of
additional days open for the Tasting Room, and have decided to open it the Monday and Tuesday
of Thanksgiving week, and on Monday, Dec. 24 ; We have identified some attractive signature
merchandise for retail and web sales and would like to suggest and develop an icon of poinsettias
for company marketing for the holiday season; and I have changed my strategic hiring approach
for „gapper‟ roles in the ORR and the OTR after two years of learning opportunities.

Accounting/Jeanne: ADP: The switching to the new system is about 1/3 done. I am working
with my implementation team to hammer out the setup on line. I am working on the import back
into Pacifica. [Currently in my head]. Major discussions needed with Jessie on best way to
change systems and forms to work efficiently with new system.

POS: I am working on the import back into Pacifica. Discussions about set up and ongoing
maintenance to insure all systems talking correctly to each other. Finished initial prep of items for

New website: Testing that data from website enters correctly and leaves in format usable to other
systems (shipping, labels etc)

Labels: more revisions on files coming out to be used by bartender.

Coffee dollars and pounds excel sheets: continuing to try to automate these, so that they are less
cumbersome to update.

Kathy, Trudy and Feather just keep plugging away at those increasingly higher piles of
paperwork. Please help. Be prompt and clear when you turn in receipts. Set goals. This week I
will get all receipts and deposits into accounting the same day! Each of us is preparing a
summary of last year‟s key results as we get ready to set up some for this year.
Bean adjustments have not yet been done, so 2          quarter is not yet done.
IT/Mark: Atlanta roastery lightning damage - On Tuesday July 10 Atlanta had some serious
electronic damage following a lightning strike on the cell tower next to our building. We were able
                                                                                             th. .
to borrow and overnight equipment to get everything effectively up by the morning of the 12
 The actual hardware work was done by our local tech consultant who returned the following day
for minor follow-up. I will have a handout at the meeting for anyone who wants more detail. – A quiet launch is planned for today pending one last test of the EOD and
shipping label routines.
Atlanta Point-of-Sale (POS) - Micros presented their “preview” of the system on the 16 (a week
ahead of schedule) and we expect the final system presentation on the 23 to be followed in a
few days by delivery and initial training. The training is to be a “train-the-trainers” session
followed by a decision on whether we will have Micros train our Atlanta staff or handle it ourself.

Payroll / POS Interface – (still pending) As ADP and Micros build out our systems, I will need to
install and configure the interface that will let the Atlanta retail employees use the Micros POS
system for reporting their time and upload it to the ADP payroll system to accommodate overtime
employees who work at multiple locations and other issues.

Bag Labels – Because of our time constraints, Brian and I are having Westmark, our label printer
representatives, put together a prototype label printing routine for us to build on. We hope to
have this delivered in the next few weeks so we can do the final design and configuration work.

HR/Jessie: I‟m here in the sunny South – and tho‟ it‟s hot and humid (as it always is in July!) – it
is really great to be back home. The Roastery looks great – the garage bar very cool – the wrap
on the Sprinter dynamic! The new store is really coming together – and lots of great buzz in
Decatur about it!

Please join me in welcoming a host of new folks to B&B: Abby Wells in Oly Retail; Henry Chavis
in Oly Production; Mark Giles in Oly Production and the Tasting Room; Dawn Bobb, our Retail
Manager for the Decatur Dancing Goats Coffee Bar!

Before I left Oly for Atlanta we had the opportunity to talk with several folks about the E-
Commerce Manager position. I also have several more interviews scheduled for that position
when I am back in Oly on the 26 .

I had a terrific day yesterday working with Dawn Bobb, Dec DG Manager. Her official start date
with us isn‟t until July 30, but she volunteered to come in on her days off from her current job to
set up and conduct interviews for the barista positions. She‟ll be back herer on Monday and
Tuesday of next week when we‟ll have back-to-back interviews both days. She is very excited
about us and her opportunity – and I‟m sure she‟s going to make us all proud at the new store!

Sales/Stefany: Jen D is on a bit of a vaca in TYBE she will be back on Friday to continue work
with Children‟s-

OLY- I am trying to get a Dominic‟s hit together. If you have not responded to my e-mail you still
have time as I only heard back from 2 people the list is rather thin. The idea is to offer up some
appropriate-fit bounty opportunities for folks who would like to dip their toes into the sales pool.
Bob & I have scheduled a sales mini-session on Friday 7-27 during the regular 10:00 am cupping
time. I will be working hard to provide some great tools for everyone.
Accounts – It looks as though our love affair with Hottay Latte has come to an end. Unfortunately
we have been dumped & by a Barista no less! I have tried to speak with the owners but they are
not returning my calls.
Seattle is hopping- Shoofly Pies opened over the week-end during the West Seattle Street Fair
and had nice crowds. I met with Laurie & Jeff Robinson from Project5 / Mae‟s Café on Monday.
These guys are opening an organic café –coffee house in the Westlake-Union neighborhood.
They are a lead from Doug Pratt at Michaelo and as of this evening are committed to B&B. Jen B
was in Seattle and was a big help at this tasting/meeting. Toll Booth espresso is still on the way
and I have been spending a bit of time @ Trabant with the Baristi and their Clover. Speaking of
Clover, I did meet w/ Anastasia to learn more about Clover net. I am looking forward to seeing
used in OLY and at the new café in Atlanta. We have opened the first Coffee Fest ATL account,
Coffee East. These guys were not even scanned but they are purchasing coffee. There are more
to come in the coming weeks.

SE Barista Competition- Unfortunately, the bid went to the Florida group, General Espresso,
Monin & Ambex. I guess that these guys pushed hard for a one-time sponsorship. We will try
again with Counter Culture next year.

I will be working with Jeanne Allen to create sales reports that I can share with ops. The hope is
to learn about and present further information about where wholesale is, how we grow and where
we might go in terms of percentage growth year over year.

Marketing/Jen: Marketing –
Advertising & Promotion – Currently reviewing some options for grocery advertising. Focus
remains “Legendary” in our current ads (industry & otherwise).
Branding – Looking forward to the new bags being launched. I am also reviewing the opportunity
to update our current logo which would require a gradual change of our current Batdorf &
Bronson oval.
Special Events – B&B Picnic on Sunday! Be there or be at Lakefair – scary.
Coffee Launch – Upon Scotts return we will have some better dates on the launch of the Kenya,
Mexico Peaberry & El Salvador. Kenya will temporarily replace our current Kenya offering.
Mexico Peaberry will be a new Latitudes coffee. El Salvador will become a permanent addition to
our line-up.
Marketing Research – CS is working to update our current wholesale accounts e-mail addresses.
We will be sending out a targeted mailing piece to promote our new teas – a report was run on
tea customers.
As of 7/18/07 we have 639 wholesale customers nationwide. Attached reports include: new
customers by source (1 invoice place between 1/1/07 & now) & all of our customers arranged by
business type.

Mark gave an update on the ADP Payroll System and Micros POS system. There will be trainings
for both systems. Mark also updated the group on the upcoming launch of We have new servers and software and the site will continue to be
updated and improved. There will be a screen to announce the change from to Lois explained that there will still be protocols for Customer Service to follow
with the new site, with the goal of reducing them over time. Jess will notify customers of the
change and Lois will prepare a press release to let the trade journals know about the change.

Bob explained the Bartender program that we will use for new bottom labels for the new bags.
Mark noted that this is an improvement because it will put the control for making changes to the
roast date label in the hands of production. He also reminded everyone of how much work that
Brian has done on this project.

Bob explained that the tutorial on Donut Nation is not part of the blog yet. If you need to know
how to make a post or add a photo, ask Michael or Heather.

Jen announced that there will be a special event for wholesale customers on August 8 at the
Olympia roastery. We will offer the following seminars: How Training Can Help Improve Your
Bottom Line, Seed to Cup and Preparing and Selling Iced Coffee.

Holiday Planning: From our last year‟s wrap up, we decided on an earlier release of Holiday
Blend and a desire to do some retail bundling on the website. There will be a group of people that
will discuss a promotional scheme. Brent and Dave have talked about merchandising and retail
will be working on their holiday plans. There will also be promotions in wholesale. We have
leftover bags to use and we may create some new presentation items. Stefany stressed the need
for consistency between promotions in different divisions. Heather said that a meeting will be held
to discuss the 2007 Holiday theme and it will be announced at the next Ops Meeting. Dave said
that he wants to reiterate that our focus needs to be on selling coffee. Jeanne reminded
everyone to keep accounting in the loop on any new items or procedures. Please get all holiday
item info to Jeanne by mid-October.


Safety: Bob gave an overview of our current safety programs. He said that Aaron leads up the
safety trainings in Atlanta and that we need to have a new person in charge of safety procedures
in Olympia. We are due for an evacuation drill. Stefany suggested safety “sone chiefs” for
different areas of the building. Dave said that we have to put some effort into this in the next six
months. Heather suggested that Jim might be a good safety leader. Brent said that he will take
responsibility for staff, facilities and customers. There was also a suggestion to add a safety
training to the new employee training checklist.


Brent is taking over gathering suggestions from the Suggestion Box.

Jeanne thanked Jessica for eleven years of loyalty, friendship and hard work at Batdorf &
Bronson. Jess let everyone know that it has been great working for B&B. She regards everyone
as her family and will stay in touch.

Stef said that she needs leads on Dominic‟s customers in Olympia so she can approach them
about switching their business to B&B. Dave announced that the bounty for flipping a Dominic‟s
customer is $150. There is a bounty form and criterion on the HR site, and Stef will conduct a
Friday cupping that covers strategies and techniques for approaching our competitors‟ customers.

Lois announced that we have sold another 3000 green power gifts to Seattle City Light and that
Graeme Smith has been hired to work on the boxes.

Jeanne has posted photos of new employees on the HR website.

Dave announced that he will be leaving for Atlanta on 7/31 for a month. He will attend meetings
via phone or webcam.

KUDOS: Heather: To Scott for taking extra time and effort to address a single customers
question about the labor practices in Kenya and for our vendor partners for being so forthcoming
with their support of our customer as well... that really was heart-warming. Jessica: Way too
many kudos from me since these are the final ones… to Jen for being my buddy and inspiration
over the last few years. To Lois and Scott for helping me think about things differently almost
every time we talk. To Doc for his friendship and fun. To Mark for being so easy to work with and
helping to make the dream of a new website come true. Finally to Larry, Cherie and Dave for
supporting me and giving me so many amazing opportunities. I will really, really, really miss this
place. Dave: to Linda for allowing us to have that expert work last Saturday with her, To Heather
for keeping things in perspective and always making things work out – her support to many of us
is really appreciated. For Jen Boelts hard work and organizational skills putting together a great
party for Karma and “The Picnic”. Brent: To Katy Wanless, our favorite cheeky monkey for her
service to us in retail and for helping us out for a final few shifts here at the Coffeehouse.
To Mocha Dave Wasson for helping the Tasting Room out last Saturday and to Linda for having
to work with him for several hours! To Emily and Alysia for professionally representing our
concerns with a vendor in a meeting last week. And a personal thanks to Niki and Trista who
have returned with amazing energy and attitudes to the Coffeehouse after taking spring quarter
off. I had almost forgotten how great they are with their coworkers and their customers. Jessie:
Kudos to Jeanne Allan for standing in for me with our new hires. Kudos to Brian Meyers for his
hard work and willingness to go the extra mile. A special thanks to Dave for his support – and
sense of humor – when I most need it!! Jen: To Emily for her continued over-the-top efforts.
Heather for sticking me with triathlons. Stefany‟s outstanding work on all of our prospects &
future projects. Carolyn for painstakingly vectoring the art again and again and again. Brian for
his patience. Thanks to Jess for her hard work over the past 11 years & helping me problem
solve. Stacy for her expertise, positive role modeling & exceptional listening skills – you will be
dearly missed. Sheila: To Mark for long hours and hard work on the Atlanta lightening

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