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					                                  Sell Your Franchise
Directions: Your group has been hired by a franchise of its choice to create a unique and exhilarating
sales promotion. The basis of this promotion is to convince the audience that your franchise is the best
business opportunity available. You will be competing with your classmates to decide who has the best
franchise and who has done the best job of selling it! The winners will receive 100% on the project no
questions asked as long as they have met all of the project requirements!

Guidelines: Due to the fact that your purpose for this project is to create a dynamic sales presentation for
your presentation you will be allowed a lot of leniency in creating that presentation. With that in mind you
are encouraged to use your creativity in any appropriate way you see fit ie. Poster, PowerPoint, Movie, etc.

The following are absolute requirements that must be included in the presentation:
   1. Names of the group members and the name of the franchise.
   2. A brief history of the franchise.
   3. Why should the audience consider your franchise?
   4. Explain the business of the franchise. What do they sell or do? What types of target market do they
   5. Why is your franchise better than the competition? What sets them apart? Why should potential
       owners choose you?
   6. What are the major advantages of owning your franchise?
   7. What kind of help or services does the franchise offer its owners?
   8. What are the costs associated with the franchise?
          a. Initial Fees
          b. Advertising Fees
          c. Royalty Fees
   9. Any other highlights or important information your group deems necessary.

You will spend at least 30 minutes searching for the right franchise for your group. Once you have picked a
franchise you cannot change so choose wisely. You will have two class periods to research and develop your
presentation. No more class time will be given. All students must be present for the presentation. If a
student is absent they must get their absence pre approved through Mrs. Crouch.

   Groups will be graded according to the following rubric.
                                                     Franchise Grading Rubric

                                    1                        2                        3                       4                          5
Professionalism          Inappropriate dress,       Inappropriate dress,    Inappropriate dress,    At least two group        All group members
                         chewing gum,               chewing gum,            chewing gum, and/or     members are dressed       are dressed
                         headwear, wearing          and/or headwear,        headwear, wearing       professionally,           professionally, slacks,
                         coats (by all group        wearing coats (by       coats (by one group     slacks, collared shirt,   collared shirt, tie,
                         members)                   two or more group       member)                 tie, blouse, dress        blouse, dress pants,
                                                    members)                                        pants, heels              heels
Creativity               Lacks any support          Shows some              Uses outside            Extensive use of          Elaborate presentation,
                         beyond the basic           evidence of variety     resources and some      outside resources         uses unique and
                         functions                  and uniqueness          original ideas          and original ideas,       innovative ideas to sell
                                                                                                    entertaining              the franchise
Salesmanship             Fails to create any sort   Use of limited          Creates a functional    Develops a clear          Develops a calculated
                         of interest in the         support to promote      argument for the        message with              message that uniquely
                         franchise                  the franchise           franchise               regards to the            highlights the
                                                                                                    benefits and              franchise and engages
                                                                                                    advantages of the         the potential buyers
Visual Aide              Little to no support, not Basic and                Contains some           An organized and          Not only supports, but
                         referenced during the     uninspiring, little to   support for the         stimulating support       promotes the
                         presentation              no highlights, not       presentation that       piece for the sales       franchise, contains
                                                   referenced during        highlights the          presentation,             unique and stimulating
                                                   the presentation         franchise, referenced   referenced during         material, original and
                                                                            during the              the presentation          inspiring uses of
                                                                            presentation                                      resources
Proficiency              Contains little to no      Meets some              Meets most              Meets all                 Exceeds the
                         evidence of meeting        requirements,           requirements,           requirements, is          requirements,
                         requirements               lacking an overall      contains a clear and    neatly organized and      exceptionally
                                                    organizational          organized structure     executed                  organized and
                                                    structure                                                                 executed

If you have questions concerning the above information please see Mrs. Crouch.                                           Total Score     /25 x 4
Potential Franchises – These have been popular in the past.
Cold Stone, Subway, Papa Murphy’s, Max Muscle, Maui Wowi, Jenny Craig, Rhino Courts, Radiance
MedSpa, The Little Gym, Taco Del Mar, Quiznos, UBuild It, Line X, Dutch Brothers Coffee. You may also
look online for another opportunity.

Group Work Procedures

   Working in groups is an essential and vital part of being successful in life. Throughout life you will need
   to learn to work with others in all your endeavors. Consider this group assignment as an opportunity to
   enhance the communication skill that we have discussed in class.

Guidelines for Group Work:
   1. Be a participant! There is nothing worse than working with others who don’t pull their weight.
   2. Communicate! Make back up copies of your work and create a plan of action for who is responsible
      for what. If someone is missing for the day of the presentation your group will still present! Be
   3. Be Courteous! Treat others with respect and they will do so in return.
   4. If your group has questions formulate one or two focused questions for Mrs. Crouch so that you can
      continue to your work as quickly as possible.
   5. HAVE FUN! Each one of you has unique and valuable talents. Use those talents to help your group
      produce its best work possible.

Guidelines for Presentations
   1. Introduce yourself and group members before you begin.
   2. Speak clearly and precisely using persuasive language and tones when trying to argue a point or
      convince the audience of your position
   3. DO NOT read notes or other visual aides. Know your material and be prepared to speak about it
      without notes.
   4. Maintain eye contact with the audience.
   5. Check for understanding with your audience. If you present a new term or vocabulary word that the
      audience may not understand, take the time to explain it.
   6. Finally, show enthusiasm! It is contagious and will help your audience engage and connect with you.
   7. Do not chew GUM!

All groups will present their Franchise on Thursday 24th, each group has five minutes to present. The
group chosen as the best business opportunity by your classmates will be given an automatic 100% on
the project

Materials to Hand in:

   1. Visual Aide
         a. Each group will hand in their visual aide.
                                Websites for franchise research
Picking a Franchise

Franchise owner support sites

Franchise sales sites

US government sites

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