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					ANNOUNCING! The NEWLY LAUNCHED, profit-boosting system well-known
brands like Elements Spa & Slimming, Dr Hauschka, O.P.I and many others are
raving about…

 Discover How You Can Increase Your
Sales, Boost Staff Productivity, Simplify
 Operations And Save Lots Of Money…
Using The Ground-Breaking ‘All-In-One’
        Fully Integrated System!
  If you’re serious about growing and increasing your profits in
   today’s competitive spa industry, then you must read on! This
letter can be the ‘turning point’ in your business. Find out why well-
     known spas and beauty brands are rushing to grab this spa
   management system to help them run their operations better…

      NOTE: This is NOT another one of those junk brochures and flyers
       trying to sell you confusing, hard-to-use and expensive software.
           You just can’t afford to miss out on the information inside!

Dear Spa / Salon Owner,

I know you are very busy. Like other spa owners, you are probably too caught up
with all the urgent ‘to-do’ things like getting sales in, managing your staff, tracking
inventory, calculating staff’s commissions, planning new packages and a million other
things that need your immediate attention.

There’s just no time to think about anything else. Not even plans to grow your spa…

I know. I have spoken to many other spa owners just like yourself. And they are
facing the same problems and complaining about:

       Not enough good staff (it’s so hard to find trained & experienced ones)
       Hard to retain the good ones (they keep moving around & getting poached)
       Increasing operational costs (rents & salaries are increasing all the time)
       Cut-throat competition (competitors fighting the price war)
       Falling profit margins
       And many other problems

You probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

BUT there’s a solution to all these problems. Let me share with you the secret that
other well-known and established brands are using …

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  Why Some Spa Chains Are Constantly Making Huge Profits
    And Expanding, While Others Struggle To Survive…
Have you ever wondered why some spas are always raking in huge profits as if
there’s free money falling from the sky? Recent news articles even reported some
spas growing really fast and expanding regionally within a very short period of time.

Did they have a better product? Better staff? Better luck? Better timing? Or was it
better ‘Feng Shui’?

While these factors might have played a part, the good news is that these successful
spas share one common success secret. A secret that any spa… even yours… can
easily copy and duplicate. So…

                 What Is The Secret To Their Success?
They discovered the benefits of using powerful management systems that help them
simplify and automate their spa operations.

That’s why they can get rid of time-wasting activities, maximise their resources and
focus their staff’s time on selling and providing excellent service for their

They work smart and focus on the things that matter—bringing in more sales and
growing their business. That’s why they are raking in big profits. And BOTH their
customers AND their staff are happier!

And the best thing is: now you can have it too!


           A Spa Management System Unlike Any Other!

                                (pronounced ‘eye-sis’)
  Asia’s FIRST True Real-Time, Multi-Branch, Internet-Based
                  Spa Management System
iSiS is a revolutionary spa management system created especially for spa owners
like yourself. It is developed based on the needs and requirements of the industry,
combined with input from real-life spa owners and operators.

With iSiS, spa owners can simplify and automate the routine and labour-intensive
activities that used to occupy much of their time. iSiS also helps you capture and
compile critical customer data that you can use to increase sales revenue. In
essence, iSiS gives you more benefits using less time and resources.

Even though iSiS is a relatively new product, well-known spas and leading beauty
brands are already taking advantage of iSiS to cut operational costs and increase
profits. Find out how you can do the same immediately…

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Just imagine…

       No more time-sapping monthly accounting and paperwork
       No more tedious calculation of staff salary and commissions
       No more tiresome inventory tracking
       No more unhappy customers because of scheduling mix-ups
       Instead, you’ll enjoy time-freeing benefits!

Just think about all the time and resources you’ll finally have to focus on activities
that generate sales and increase customer loyalty!

           Maximise Your Human And Product Resources
                        And Save Money!
       iSiS Replaces Messy Paper Scheduler And More!

With a paper scheduler, your staff has to write down appointments in small printed
slots. Making changes, which are common in today’s busy society, often makes
things really messy.

If cancelled appointments are not erased properly, you end up with wasted slots and
a loss of sales. Furthermore, with small spaces, it’s easy to accidentally rub off a
confirmed appointment while trying to erase a cancelled appointment. Double
booking can easily happen that way. And you end up with angry customers.

So you lose your customers. Your competitors gain those customers. And those
customers will spread their unhappiness about your spa. All because of a small,
innocent scheduling mistake.

Obviously you won’t make such ridiculous mistakes. But let’s face it. Your staff is
NOT as committed to your business as you are. Such scenarios may be happening
more often than you are aware of.

iSiS practically eliminates all these messy paper problems by providing a clean and
easy-to-use online scheduler. In fact, you can make a new appointment in 3 simple
steps! Here’s how you do it:

   1. Enter part of the customer’s name or mobile number and select the
      relevant customer’s name from the list of matching customers generated.
   2. Choose the service desired from a list of pre-entered services available in
      your spa.
   3. Choose the therapist, the date and time requested by your customer and
      you’re done!

If you need to make any changes, simply drag and drop the appointment into the
relevant slot or trash it. iSiS is programmed to prevent double booking so you won’t
have any appointment conflicts or accidental overlaps.

iSiS even has an automatic appointment reminder for SMS and email alerts so it
frees up your staff’s time while ensuring customers turn up for their scheduled

How’s that for simplifying the process?

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iSiS also allows you to see your customer’s profile, preferred branch location, service
and therapist, in a glance—making it easier for your staff to recommend and up-sell
complimentary services and products. These are all valuable information that you
can’t get with a paper scheduler.

       Maximise Usage Of Therapists, Services, Rooms And Equipments

iSiS shows you the most in-demand services, popular therapist, treatment rooms or
equipments that are available at any point of time. It can even track the bestselling
product of each branch.

With such information at your fingertips, you can easily make smart business
decisions in allocating your resources to minimise expenses while maximising your
profit margins.

       iSiS Is A Powerful Customer Database Solution

iSiS keeps track of all your customers so it’s easy for you to pull out any of their
details. In a glance, you can view and edit a customer’s personal information like:

       Contact number,
       Email address,
       Preferred service, therapist, branch & time
       Even their instalment payment status.

You can also find their address, profession, appointment history (I’ll talk more about
this valuable information later on) and even the before and after photos of their
therapy progress. These are all key information you would want at your fingertips.

iSiS runs on the robust and reliable Microsoft SQL Server designed for big
enterprises. This means iSiS is capable of growing and expanding with your spa
operations, especially if you have plans to go regional or global.

In contrast, most management software in the market uses MS Access, which is very
limited and only suitable for home use.

       iSiS Offers An Integrated Point-Of-Sale Solution

iSiS can process credit cards, NETS and cash payments while keeping track of your
customers’ usage of packages, discounts and vouchers, all at once!

More importantly, as iSiS is an Internet-based system, you can check on any of your
branch’s daily sales collection, anyplace, anytime and in real-time. This means
whatever figures you are seeing on your computer screen are the actual sales
collection for that particular branch at that very moment!

       iSiS Tracks Your Inventory

Proper inventory tracking is critical but it can be a huge headache, especially for spas
with several branches. It’s even worse when you need to account for consumables
used for treatments. But iSiS makes it extremely easy…

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iSiS tracks the overall inventory across all branches so you can:

   •   Control stock movement for better allocation among your branches
   •   Pre-set inventory levels for automatic alerts to re-stock
   •   Eliminate costly wastage by tracking consumables
   •   And so much more!

With iSiS’ easy-to-edit stock tracker, stock-taking is a breeze.

       iSiS Helps You Track And Manage Your Staff

Some of the most common complaints we hear from spa owners is the difficulty in
retaining good staff and the time-wasting hours spent on calculating commission
levels. You’re probably facing the same problem.

iSiS automatically tracks and calculates your staff’s commissions, freeing you from
doing those monthly tiresome spreadsheet calculations. This system even works as a
staff roster and more!

Apart from managing staff commission levels and working hours, iSiS can show you
which staff is more productive than the rest. This makes it easier for you to identify,
reward and retain good staff members who are key to your success.

       Multiple Levels Of Access Makes iSiS Highly Secure

iSiS allows you to create different levels of accessibility for each member of your
staff, while you get FULL access to every single function available.

For example, a receptionist can have access to limited functions relating to her job
scope i.e. making appointments and processing payments; while a manager can
have a higher level of access like managing the staff roster, changing product and
package prices and other functions.

Also, in this competitive industry, it is common for staff to hop around different
companies or even get poached by your competitors.

You may even have heard horror stories of how a staff stole a company’s entire
customer database when they left to join a competitor. This can easily happen when
your customer database is stored in a computer’s CPU in your branch.

Such theft won’t happen with iSiS as the limited access protects your business. The
system is also user- and password-protected, which severely minimises any chance
of an unauthorised person copying and stealing your client database.

“But how about the people in your company who manage iSiS? Can they copy my
database?” you might be thinking. Rest assured, our administrators have no reason
at all to do that because, to be frank, they have absolutely no use for your client data.
On the other than, staff in the spa industry are the ones who stand to gain from such
an act.

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       iSiS Is Multilingual

iSiS is available in the two most popular languages in Asia: English and Mandarin_—
so your staff can operate using the language they are most comfortable with. It also
makes it easier to integrate into new operations when you expand regionally.

Can you start to see the time and money savings you will enjoy by using iSiS?

Remember I told that iSiS can help you make more sales right? Well, I’ve saved the
best for last!

 Did You Know It Is Easier AND More Profitable To Sell To An
       Existing Customer Than To A New Customer?
Shocking study by the American Marketing Association shows that…

  “Acquiring a new customer costs five to eight times more than keeping an
 existing one, so limited marketing dollars should be focused on retaining and
                         re-selling existing customers.”

In fact, other studies in the wellness and beauty industry actually show that the cost
is up to 10 times more! That’s why profitable spas focus on customer retention
by providing great customer service and irresistible loyalty and membership
programmes. When their customers are happy, they will refer their friends and
family… for free.

Sadly, most spas spend most of their time and marketing budget trying to get new
customers and neglect their most profitable source of income—existing customers.
That’s why they are barely surviving and not growing.

This information alone is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars… if you know how
to use it. That’s where iSiS can be of tremendous help to you.

iSiS can help you analyse your customers’ historical buying patterns to:

       Increase average sales per customer,
       Tailor and target product promotions and packages,
       Maximise profits by optimising prices for popular products & services,
       Create a sales surge by targeting specific customer groups,
       Identify & reward big spenders to get them to spend more,
       Know the best time to offer new packages!
       And endless sales-producing applications…

Here’s one example of how you can use iSiS to sell to an existing, ready group of

   1. Generate a marketing report to identify existing customers who have spent a
      minimum of $1000 on a single package within the last two years.
   2. Create a tailored package according to their past spending range and service
   3. SMS or email your offer using iSiS’ corporate marketing function.
   4. Watch your sales soar!

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That’s just one of the many targeted marketing campaigns you can create with the
help from iSiS. Imagine how much more sales you can achieve when you capitalise
on iSiS’ marketing reports. You can create:

       Customised packages
       Product/Service Launches
       Product promotions
       Festive offers
       Birthday / Anniversary offers
       Complementary service packages
       Premium memberships
       Credit card tie-ups
       Referral reward programmes
       And many more!

And the best part is you are no longer doing things blindly! You will be able to predict
with accuracy how much sales you can generate this month or how many of
your targeted customers will take up your new package offer! How’s that for security?

   Check out what iSiS, the all-in-one, fully-integrated spa management
   system, can do to make your business more efficient and profitable!

           Scheduler Solution (Appointments & Bookings)
           Point-of-Sale Solution
           Track Package Sales (including discounts & vouchers)
           Customer Database Solution
           Track Customer Buying Behaviours
           Inventory & Consumables Tracking
           Staff Roster Management
           Staff Commission Management & Calculation
           Price Management
           Integrated Marketing Campaigns
           Multiple Users & Multiple Access Levels
           Branch Performance Reports
           Customer Loyalty & Memberships Management
           Monthly Revenue Reports
           Consolidated Performance Information
           Multilingual Capabilities
           And Much, Much More!

    The Secret Of Rich, Happy And Stress-Free Spa Owners
             And How You Can Be One Of Them
By now you’re probably very interested to see how iSiS can help your spa become
more efficient and profitable. However, you may be wondering if there are other
alternatives. And frankly, there are…


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The difference is: iSiS is an Internet-based system, while others are terminal-based

 As I mentioned earlier, iSiS is Asia’s FIRST true real-time, multi-branch, Internet-
based spa management system. This means you can access the system at anytime,
from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection.

And the information you see is all in real-time (happening live exactly at the time you
are seeing it, NOT delayed, outdated information).

Imagine this: You have spa branches all over the region and you are currently
travelling in the United States. You would like to check on the sales of your spa
branches. You simply log on to iSiS and you can see what is happening in any of
your branches at that very moment! It’s as if you are physically present.

You can check how many treatments are currently taking place, what service each
therapist is doing for which customer, how many packages or products have been
sold so far… live. You can’t do that with a terminal-based software!

Many terminal-based software vendors try to confuse spa owners by claiming their
software is ‘also web-based’. What they actually mean is that spa owners can
remotely view and monitor the branch activities online…

BUT what they see is NOT real-time information. They are only accessing the
previous day’s synchronised information, NOT the actual activities that are currently
taking place in the different branches.

       Terminal-Based Software Only Allows You To View,
                    NOT Edit Information…
Terminal-based software is installed in individual computer terminals. And they are all
stand-alone terminals. To consolidate the information from various terminals located
in different branches, the information needs to be downloaded into a main computer
in the HQ. This is known as synchronisation.

When the terminals are synchronising, they can’t be used for any activity. That’s why
synchronisation is usually done after working hours. So, when you are remotely
accessing the information of a particular branch during its operation hours, what you
see on your screen is the old data that was synchronised from the day before.

Furthermore, there is also the danger of data loss during the synchronisation
process. On the other hand…

  iSiS Gives You Total Control To View AND Edit Information,
        In Real-Time, Anytime, Anywhere In The World!
Let’s say during your stay in the United States you thought of new ideas to implement
in your spa. You can do so immediately because with iSiS, you have the power to
make changes to the information in the system anytime, anywhere!

For instance, you can change the product pricing, re-arrange client appointments,
draw up a new staff roster, etc, and ALL your changes will be reflected instantly
ACROSS all branches!

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With a terminal-based software, you would need to email your managers at various
branches of the changes. And then your managers would need to make changes in
every single, individual terminal within that branch.

As you know, this increases the chances of miscommunication, human error and
discrepancies among the different branches. It also restricts the speed at which you
can implement changes in your spa operations.

In this highly competitive market, speed and flexibility to adapt to changing conditions
can give you the edge of over your competitors. Why do you think well-known spa
chain owners are so enthusiastic about iSiS?

Here are the key differences between iSiS and terminal-based software:

      Terminal-Based Software                      iSiS: Internet-Based System

                                              Total control to view and edit any aspect
Limited control that restricts you to
                                              of your spa management system across
viewing information only.
                                              the different branches, from any location.

                                              Changes to pricing, packages, customer
Changes have to be made manually in
                                              appointments and etc, can be made from
every single terminal, at all the different
                                              any one computer and are reflected and
branches; increasing risks of
                                              updated in real-time; reducing risks of
miscommunication, human error and
                                              miscommunication, human error and
discrepancies among branches.

Requires time-consuming                       No need for daily, time-consuming and
synchronisation a least once a day to         unreliable data synchronisation.
consolidate data among branches.              Eliminates risk of data loss.

                                              Secure servers with double backup
High risk of losing data in cases of
                                              ensure client data is protected and will
computer failure or terminal crash.
                                              not be lost.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what spa operators have to say:

            “iSiS works in real-time, can be accessed
          anywhere… operator have better control of the
         “iSiS works in real-time, it can be accessed from anywhere
         and is user-friendly. It is easy to scale the operations of
         multiple outlets and enables the spa operator to have better
         control of the business and… to pull customer details quickly
         and efficiently.”
                                                           - Marc Anthony
                                                       Operations Manager
                                                 Elements Spa & Slimming

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                 Easy And Hassle-Free Implementation
Because iSiS is an Internet-based system, there’s no need for installation or
purchase of any hardware. All you need is an Internet connection to log on to iSiS
and you are up and running!

But with a terminal-based software, you’ll usually need to buy customised
HARDWARE and the software. That means you have to make space for additional
equipment in your shop AND arrange for someone to come and install the hardware.

Many terminal-based software are also so complicated that it may take up to 3 to 6
months for a spa to learn how to use it. Can you imagine how tiresome and time-
consuming this installation process can be for you and your staff?

On the other hand, iSiS is so user-friendly your staff will thank you for implementing
it. Read what one of our clients has to say about how easy it is to use iSiS:

                 “Comprehensive and easy to learn…”
         “Comprehensive and easy to learn and it makes everything
         easier to control. We picked it up quite fast and everything
         has been smooth running even though we only just started.”

                                                                - Lily Kew
                                                        Glow International

Not only that…

      iSiS Saves You The Costs Of Technical Servicing And
           Guarantees A 99.9% Uptime, 24/7, 365 Days!
iSiS is hosted at highly secure and dependable data centres, the very same ones
used by the Singaporean government agencies and top MNCs! This means that it’s
very reliable and you can be assured that there is no data loss or interruption to your

Now, If those terminal-based software crashes, you have to worry about the hassles
and the expenses of calling the IT technicians to fix it. Not to mention the long waiting

In contrast, we take care of all those technical stuffs for you so you can focus on
building your business, and not worry about the expenses and maintenance of the

We also have a friendly and knowledgeable technical support team available round-
the-clock to serve you, if you should ever encounter any technical problems. Again,
you won’t have that level of service with those terminal-based software.

By now, you’re probably thinking about the cost of this powerful, profit-boosting

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First, let’s talk about the market prices for those terminal-based software. They cost
an average of $7,000 and more per terminal. That means if you have two terminals
in a branch, you’ll need to fork out $14,000 for just one branch! As you can see, the
costs can go up very fast.

And if you do a bit of market research, you’ll find that other Internet-based spa
management system from the United States will cost you at least US$20,000 per
branch! Not to mention the additional problems you will face with their systems as
they are usually not suitable for Asian operations. That is a real problem faced by
real owners.

            “I need flexibility… SoluNet has given me a
             system that will function on my needs…”
         “I need flexibility in terms of the software. I tried to fit other
         softwares from the United States and other countries but it
         seems that they make you follow the software rather than having
         the software follow your needs. But Solunet has given me a
         system that will function not only on my needs but on other
         businesses’ needs like mine.”

                                                            - Randy Alayon
                                                               Summer Spa

 A Once-In-A-Lifetime, Never-Again, Too-Good-To-Be-Missed
                 Opportunity For You NOW!
Frankly with a system like iSiS, that has so many features and capabilities to help
your business improve efficiencies, save costs and boost profits, you would think it
would be a huge investment… BUT…

iSiS is really new in the market and I strongly believe in making a strong entrance.
So I’ve decided to make iSiS available at a ridiculously low cost. In fact, our price is
less than 1/2 the price of any inferior terminal-based software, per location.

With such a low price, you have virtually no risk. You just need to close less than
three treatment packages per branch and you will more than cover your investment
in iSiS. The great thing is: iSiS will help you close even more sales easily and pays
for itself many time over!

        If You Don’t Grab This Incredible Opportunity Now,
                     You’ll Hate Yourself Later!
As I mentioned, we have just launched iSiS within the last few of months and already
our clients comprise the ‘Who’s Who’ of the industry!

   •   O.P.I – The world leader in professional nail care
   •   Dr. Hauschka Skincare – The leader in holistic skincare
   •   Elements Spa & Slimming – Spa owned by Olympic swimmer Leslie Kwok

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And many others like:

   •   Basic Essence
   •   Being Spa
   •   Chez Moi De Beaute
   •   Dreamworks
   •   Glow International
   •   Mibun Hair Studio
   •   Savoir Fair
   •   Spa Boutique
   •   Summer Spa
   •   Traditional Javanese Massage Hut
   •   And more…

And we are just getting started. We are also currently in talks with prestigious hotel
spa chains. So grab this deal before your competitor beats you to it!

                   Additional Limited Special Bonus!
           We are currently including a 2-hour training for iSiS for up to 5
                  upper management staff worth $250 for FREE.

               So take advantage of our “Special Launch Price” now!

                   Call 6235 0868 NOW
       For a FREE, No Obligation, Personalised Assessment
            On how iSiS can help your business do better.
              Benefit like others have, starting right now.
Just imagine, you can start benefiting from iSiS’ powerful management system and
experience real costs savings as soon as next week and increase your profits by
next month, when you call us today.

Or you can continue to do the tedious, time-consuming, routine work that prevents
you from making more profits and growing faster. The choice is yours. Make the right

 If You Don’t Take Action Now While It Is Fresh In Your Mind,
                   Then—When Will You?
Don’t wait. As you can see many spa owners have made the wise decision to call us
and have benefited tremendously since. You can too... at our special launch price,
for now.

By the way, we have a limited number of consultants available. So call us now before
we are fully booked! Remember, those who hesitate tend to lose out to their

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All the best for your spa business,

Donna Meyer
Executive Director & Co-Founder
SoluNet Global Pte Ltd

P.S. Keep in mind that you have no risks! iSiS will help you run your business more
efficiently, save you money and help you make more money for less than the price of
3 treatment packages. It will pay for itself many times over, and you keep benefiting
from it. You have nothing to lose.

P.P.S. Don’t delay! Call us NOW before we raise the price. A crazy low price for the
best features! When we do raise it, we won’t be able to lower it again. So take action

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