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City of Seattle Civil Service Commission’s Monthly Meeting June 10 1998


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									                                       City of Seattle

                Civil Service Commission’s Monthly Meeting

                                       June 10, 1998


1. Call to Order:
The monthly meeting of the City of Seattle Civil Service Commission was called to order by
Chairman Ken Lowthian on June 10, 1998 at 10:40 a.m.

2.   Introduction of Attendees:
Those present are as follows:
Commission Chairperson Kenneth Lowthian
Commissioner Donald Briscoe – arrived at 10:55 a.m.
Commissioner Nina Harding
Executive Director, Miriam Israel Moses
Benita Staadecker, Administrative Specialist II
Pascal Hans St. Gerard, Budget Analyst
Bea Hughes, Executive Assistant, Seattle City Light
Kathy Steinmeyer, Sr. Policy Analyst, Personnel Division, ESD

3. Approval of Minutes:
It was agreed that the reading and approval of the minutes be held in abeyance pending the
arrival Commissioner Briscoe.

4. Budget:
Civil Service Commission Minutes                                                   Page 2
June 10, 1998

Because of the schedule of the Commission’s Budget Analyst, Pascal Hans St. Gerard, the
Commission agreed to revise the order of its agenda and take up budget matters [number 7 on the
agenda] before proceeding with its regular agenda.

The Executive Director reported on her meeting with City Budget Director Anne Fiske-Zuniga
and noted that the subjects covered included the Commission’s Strategic Goals; Technology
Initiative; brokered services; and reclassifications.

The Executive Director reviewed two versions of the Goals Matrix with the Commissioners. The
first contained goals and performance measures and the second contained only goals. The
Executive Director explained that the matrix containing only goals was the one that would be
presented to the Finance and Budget Committee. The presentation date was not finalized, but the
Executive Director noted that all Commissioners would be contacted as soon as the date was
confirmed so that they would have the opportunity to attend. It was noted that the Goals were
taken from the Commission’s Budget Issues Paper and that Pascal Hans St. Gerard would speak
to the strategies for achieving them.

Mr. St. Gerard explained to the Commission that, in order to avoid the appearance of bias, the
City Budget Office would serve as a broker for the Commission in obtaining the services
necessary to achieve the goals. Mr. St. Gerard indicated that he would be meeting with various
Department and Division Heads to negotiate services on behalf of the Commission, most
especially with respect to the Commission technology initiative and communication goals.

Mr. St. Gerard informed the Commission that the City Budget Office will no longer play a role in
determining whether reclassifications are appropriate and, therefore, the Budget Office will fund
any reclassifications deemed appropriate by the Classification and Compensation Unit.

With Mr. St. Gerard’s presentation completed, the Commission returned to its regular agenda.

4. Council Activity:
Civil Service Commission Minutes                                                     Page 3
June 10, 1998

The Commission reviewed the response to its letter to City Council Chair Sue Donaldson
regarding exemptions, and noted that the issue was assigned to Councilmember Martha Choe and
Personnel Director Norma McKinney. The Executive Director advised the Commission that she
would report on her meeting with Norma McKinney during the Personnel section of the agenda.

The Commission reviewed the CCSS positions that were exempted from civil service through
legislation that was presented directly to the Public Safety and Technology Committee. The
Executive Director pointed out that the legislation and cover letter were sent directly to the
Committee by Gary Zarker, City Light Superintendent.

Personnel Policy Analyst, Kathy Steinmeyer, noted that all new positions are reviewed by the
Classification/Compensation Unit and the issue of whether they should be exempted from Civil
Service is a part of that review. However, it was also noted that any Department can send a
proposed ordinance directly to a Committee.

Commissioner Harding expressed concern that employees in positions that are exempted from
Civil Service are not being notified of their right to appeal. Commissioner Harding noted that
there should be a policy covering this and that employees should be notified in writing.

The Commission reviewed the legislation for out-of-class compensation for employees working
in the Manager/Strategic Advisor program. It was noted that the Personnel Rules relating to
promotional pay would be used to determine pay for persons not in the Manager/Strategic
Advisor program. Management, however, had the discretion to set pay rates for employees
working out of class who already are working within the Manager/Strategic Advisor program.

Commissioner Briscoe expressed concern over out-of-class assignments which are termed
“limited term assignments” in the legislation. Commissioner Briscoe noted that some out-of-
class assignments can last a very long time and that employees are entitled to know what their
status is with respect to their positions.
Civil Service Commission Minutes                                                     Page 4
June 10, 1998

Commissioner Briscoe also expressed concern over management’s authority to set pay when a
manager or strategic advisor was working out of class. Commissioner Briscoe noted that too
much supervisory discretion would result in different pay for the same work.

5. Personnel Department Activities:
The Executive Director reported on her meeting with Personnel Director, Norma McKinney.
The specific subjects covered were:
Progressive Discipline and Corrective Action, and the use of “Last Chance Agreements;”
Exemptions – clarification of criteria, process and procedure, and employee appeal rights;
Compensation for Appellants – update on pending legislation;
Tracking System – equitable administration of discipline citywide;
Out of Class Work – amount of time one works out of class and criteria for compensation in the
        Manager/Strategic Advisor programs when pay is a management’s discretion; and
Employee Evaluations – meeting with Bonnie Snedecker to begin working on concepts for
determining the purpose and use of evaluations and standardizing procedures and forms.

The Executive Director noted that the Personnel Director was in favor of tracking EEO
information along with comparative disciplinary action data from an intra and interdepartmental
perspective with respect to the administration of discipline.

The Executive Director directed the Commission’s attention to the first Post Implementation
Report on the APEX/Manager/Strategic Advisor program. It was noted that the report reviews
salaries by gender and by ethnic groups but that because not all departments established baseline
pay at the time the report was written, the comparative results are inconclusive but noteworthy.

8. New Business:
The Executive Director directed the Commission’s attention to a synopsis of grants provided by
the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. The Commission noted that the deadline for
Civil Service Commission Minutes                                                  Page 5
June 10, 1998

submitting a grant request was May 8, 1998, but that application information has been requested
for next year.

The Executive Director briefed the Commission on a meeting with Deputy Mayor Maude
Daudon, the Mayor’s Special Assistant, Laurie Brown, Jack Johnson from the Law Department,
City Personnel Director, Norma McKinney and Labor Relations Director, Mike Schoeppech.

The meeting was to discuss options on an alternative dispute resolution program.           The
Commission was informed that the Mayor’s Office appeared to be considering the creation of a
position to be responsible for ADR on a Citywide basis, and for housing this position in the
Personnel Department. ADR, as Early Mediation, is currently housed in the Law Department
and there was general agreement that this was not the best place.

The Executive Director attended a City/County meeting in which there was discussion of a joint
ADR program between the City and King County. The Executive Director had been continuing
to pursue this on behalf of the Commission and did not know that the City was exploring other
options. The Executive Director updated the Commission on a later conversation that she had
with Laurie Brown, and told the Commission that Laurie asked her to write a paper on how she
envisioned the City’s ADR program working.

Commissioner Briscoe expressed the view that the Executive Director postpone writing the paper
until the Commission's July 8, 1998 meeting with Laurie Brown and Maude Daudon. The
Executive Director noted that Ms. Brown wanted the paper before that and Commissioner
Briscoe expressed an interest in reading the paper before it was submitted.

Commissioner Briscoe further noted that City Personnel Director, Norma McKinney and Labor
Relations Director, Mike Schoeppach should be invited to the next Commission meeting.

9. Monthly Case Status Report:
Civil Service Commission Minutes                                                    Page 6
June 10, 1998

The Executive Director presented the monthly case status report and noted that all cases, except
for Bresee are current. As of May, 1998, Bresee claims to still be in discovery. The Executive
Director stated that she would contact the parties again and get final dates for discovery so that
the Hearing can proceed.

All Commissioners being present, the minutes of the May meeting were read and approved.

10. Adjourn to Executive Session:
All public business pending before the Commission having been completed, the Commission
adjourned to Executive Session and 1:35 p.m.

The next meeting of the Commission will be held on July 24, 1998 at 9:30 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,                             Approved by:

_____________________________________               ____________________________________
Miriam Israel Moses                  Date           Kenneth M. Lowthian                      Date
Executive Director                                  Chairperson

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