The Nation by pengxiuhui


									Warrior Nation

The Nation
March 2010                                                                                                 Volume 1, Issue 1

Creative Works: Under New Management
                                 Talk ranged from former                                            What Hot This Month?
                                 Creative Colonels, to current   new BG was needed, Mayori
                                 Colonels. The answer was        knew that it was time for her       Medals, MotMs, and Promo-
                                 anyone’s guess. The time        to return home. She offered            tions!
                                 came and went for an an-        to take the reigns of the           Development Reports!
                                 nouncement to be made,          Creative Works and was
                                 and none could be found.        finally promoted from her           RTS, FPS, Console, and
                                 Eventually, the eager bea-      spot as BG Architect to BG             RPG Reports!
                                 vers of the Creative Works      Creative Works.                     Message from the Editors!
Welcome to WNxMay-               were able to work an an-
                                 nouncement out of WNxAl-        Since her move the effect           Creative Changes!
ori, who jumped from
BG Architect to her              muric and finally the new       can already be felt. She is
true love, Creative              Brigadier General was           always extremely active,
Works!                           named…                          promoting discussion and
                                                                 good will throughout the
                                 WNxMayori was named the         department, working her
It had been known for quite      new BG! She had a history       people hard but urging them
some time that the Creative      at the Creative works, rang-    to have fun! She is always
Works was due for a new          ing from Combat Journalist,     willing to talk, often into the
leader. Zero-Hero had been       Elite Combat Journalist,        crazy hours of the morning
finishing up his last bit of     Head Combat Journalist,         when no other soul is online.
work, an announced his           and Creative Colonel. She       She is truly fit for the job and
leave. Gossip and specula-       always found herself coming     up to the task of running the
tion soon ran wild as every-     back to the Creative Works,     Creative Works and making
one guessed who the new          a department she had fallen     it better than it has been in
leader would be.                 in love with. When the news     quite some time!
                                 broke to the Pentagon that a

The Editorial Message—Letter from the Editors                                                       Inside this issue:
Another month has come           and many sections, do not       feel free to apply, or submit
and gone, and we’ve seen         forget that we are one clan     names to us of anyone you
repeats of similar problems      with a single mission state-    know who’d be interested! It       Heroes of Newerth         4
from last month. There was       ment and similar aims. This     is a once a month job, and
another wave of slacking,        is a united report to show      requires only a very small
both from us, and from our       just that.                      time commitment. Any and
                                                                                                    Modern Warfare 2          8
                                                                                                    (Xbox 360)
Combat Journalists. We’ve                                        all help is appreciated.
had some on our staff step       On a brighter side, we could-
                                                                                                    Halo 3 (Xbox 360)         11
down, and other who are set      n’t be happier with the few     With that, we hope you thor-
to be fired. The long wait is    dedicated staff members we      oughly enjoy this issue of
often painful, and it leaves     have! They make our lives       the Nation, one of many            Warhammer 40k
us scrambling to finish the      easier and are truly loyal to   exciting new issues to come.                                 13
editing, but we do it for you.   the job. They submit good       Take your time, enjoy the
                                 work (though some always        ride, and take pride in your       PangYa                    14
We hope this new format will     needs tweaking) , and hope-     clan!!
peak your interest, and          fully they realize how much
hopefully spark the interest     we appreciate that.
of our staff. We work hard to
bring news and updates to        This also means we are
you, the Nation. While we        looking for new people,
are made of many games           almost constantly. Please
                    The Nation                                                                                            Page 2

                    Aion NA—Lumiel Asmodian
                                                           there were many double exp                good luck.
                                                           events held in-game, which for
                                                           any game is something cool. I             Rollcall numbers included:
                                                           mean who doesn’t like to get
                                                           some experience farming? I                   16 Primaries
                                                           guess we all like to increase                3 Secondaries
                                                           our level and if possible                    19 Total Members
                                                           heighten our skill. There were-
                                                           n’t new recruits for this section
                                                           (or at least I haven’t seen the
                                                           post for the missing thread
                                                           problem). Instead they lost
                                                           three members and one of
                                                           their Game Champions. Hope-
                                                           fully in March they will get
                                                           more recruits and finally get
                                                           out of development, no one
 “With a Slogan
                    Happenings on the Section              wants more sections to be
Change, Banner      and Game — In February                 archived so let’s wish them
   Selection and
    the currently
                    Alien Vs Predator (PC)
has stable Game
                    New Game — This is a new               wish I could play it myself.              Rollcall numbers included:
  Champions in      game in the Development
    WNxPyrasia,     section, and for a new game            Happenings — The only ac-                    10 Primaries
                    it's doing good. AvP is a new          tivities that I could see after
WNx Omega and                                                                                           2 Secondaries
                    game, actually it’s the third          the thread fiasco were a good
                                                           number of game nights and                    12 Total Members
 WnxTimewise.”      game of Alien Vs Predator
                    saga. If you liked the Alien           some tournaments to come. I
                    and Predator movies then this          can’t really comment on the
                    could be the game for you. I           forum activity as the threads
                    watched some videos on you-            have been lost.
                    tube and it looks amazing,
                    graphics are so cool that I

                    Allods Online
                    Out of Beta — The section has          Important Information—For any-
                    been building itself up since Janu-    one interested in joining the section
                    ary, however this was during the       you should read the Info Thread and
                    Closed Beta stages. However Open       it is also important that you sign
                    Beta was released on the 16th of       rollcall for March. Another important
                    February and the Guild was quickly     thing is one that affected the whole
                    set up. This has led to increased      of the Nation with threads recently
                    interest as people naturally want to   being moved/deleted. Many scripts
                    test out the game. Naturally as with   and vouchers were lost and there-
                    all new sections the members set       fore it is essential that you remake      A screenshot from Allods
                    about established themselves. With     them, just a little hitch, but the sec-   Online.
                    a Slogan Change, Banner Selection      tion is clearly sorting it out.
                    and the currently has stable Game
                    Champions in WNxPyrasia, WNx
                    Omega and WnxTimewise.
Page 3                                                                                     Volume 1, Issue 1

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 EU (Xbox 360)
                                                    the Banner              the section is currently dis-
                                                    Voting. For the         playing there is no surprised
                                                    more in-game            that the Dev Team was look-
                                                    affluent mem-           ing for some new GC's to help
                                                    bers there is a         with the workload. Bringing
                                                    2v2 League              the GC total to five and provid-
                                                    you could get           ing a strong leadership team
                                                    involved with.          is WNxMoros, WNxCharlie
                                                    Apart from              and WNxCallum. Therefore
                                                    competitions            we should expect to see a lot
Competition Time — A slo-             the Game Champions have               more events coming up with
gan has recently been found           been busy holding Game                the addition of some more
"Marines are old news, call in        Nights and Events in-game to          innovative minds.
the SAS" by WNx4evaWasted             keep the members enter-
was the winner. The section           tained.
has also recently been voting
on a banner, if you'd like to         High Demand — With the
                                      amount of members in the                                                      “Marines are old
see the colorful entries here is
                                      section and the activity that                                                 news, call in the
                                                                                                                    SAS!” - Call of
Counter-Strike: Source
                                                                                                                    Duty: Modern
The section has been through a        however if your members don't                                                 Warfare 2 EU
tough time and recently the activ-    put in any effort then you're stuck
ity has dropped to an all time low.   in the some mess you were be-                                                 (Xbox 360)
The Dev Supports thought it was       fore.
time for a change in the leader-
                                                                                                                    section slogan.
ship and promoted
WNxDreamEvil to be the new
GC. However with only 5 prima-
ries in February's Rollcall things
do not look good for the section
and activity has not increased at
all. A fresh change can be good,

       Dungeons and Dragons Online
                                                                            The Busy Month on February —
                                      New Recruits and Promotions           Last month DDO hosted many
                                      — It was a good month for DDO         game nights and a lot of funny
                                      section since they got a lot of new   parties, I personally couldn’t at-
                                      members, which any section in         tend the game nights but I did get
                                      Development needs. The section        to got to a good few parties. DDO
                                      also had three Game Champion          also won the best section slogan
                                      promotions; WnxKrow, WnxGal-          event with the slogan: “Is that a +5
                                      axy and WnxVerboten                   Long sword in your pants, or are
                                                                            you just happy to see us?”, I
                                      The good thing is that we have        agree with it being funny. The
                                      many new recruits, the problem is     section is holding a poll to pick the
                                      that they aren't used to the fo-      new section banner, since we
                                      rums. Therefore we need to get        haven’t got a banner yet. There
                                      them active in-game AND on the        are just two banners to choose
                                      forums.                               from, they are both very nice ban-
                                                                            ners though.
                  The Nation                                                                                              Page 4

                  Heroes of Newerth (Released!)
                                                          An Eventful
                  Congrats HoN!
                  Congratulations are in order since
                                                          This last
                  HoN section made their way out
                                                          month the
                  of Development and I guess it’s
                  the dream of every Game cham-
                  pion. I don’t think there is a single
                                                          have been
                  Game Champion who doesn’t
                                                          very active,
                  dream of geting their section out
                                                          with many day
                  and become a Grand Master/
                                                          games in-
                  Major. They deserved to be re-
                                                          stead of game
                  leased as last month their activity
                                                          nights. I won-
                  was really good. As such, three
                                                          der if those
                  members were promoted:
                                                          game days
                  WNxNubblyBubbly as Major,
                                                          last a whole
                  WNxKairu as HG Field Branch,
                                                          day, that
                  and WNxSexyAngel as HG Battle
                                                          would be something awesome.            which will grow a lot and I wish
                                                          Considering the great section          them the best.
     "League of                                           activity it is no wonder that they
      Legends -                                           got their way out of Development.
                                                          This section looks like a section
   Giving LoL a
    whole other
                  League of Legends
                  All is Swell, Or Is It?                 section and this is great news         in the section after some
      League of                                           as he is hoping to be running          members flamed during a
Legends section                                           more US based events. This             gamenight. This ruins the ex-
                                                          is great as this means Game            perience for everyone and
        slogan.                                           Nights are more accessible for         hopefully there will be no more
                                                          all members. As well as great          of it.
                                                          events going on the section
                                                          finally decided on the slogan
                                                          "League of Legends - Giving
                                                          LoL a whole other meaning!"
                                                          by WNxLazy. However there
                  WNxStoneGuard was recently
                                                          was recently some negativity
                  promoted to be GC for the

                  MAG (PS3)
                  A Lot of Goings On                      WNxAssertiveBard and                   volved by checking out Valor
                                                          WNxHighruler who will hopefully        Community where the section's
                  Since our last report there has         work well in the leadership team.      own WNxConroi is holding a con-
                  been a lot going on in the section.                                            test, check it out!
                  For one the section found itself a      Getting to Know You
                  new slogan after some intense
                  voting made by WNxPowder                Now the members of the section
                  "Welcome to Alaska, now go              aren't vain in anyway, despite
                  home!" was the winner. As you'd         having a thread titled MAGnificent
                  expect the section also needs a         Members. After all it is good to get
                  banner, so if you have creative         to know the members of the sec-
                  flare please enter the Contest.         tion on a more personal basis and
                  The section also has receive            what they're all about. On a simi-
                  some new Game Champions,                lar note you can get more in-
Page 5                                                                      Volume 1, Issue 1

WoW Horde — Auchindoun

                                   Well what’s it about this
                                   game? I can’t say a word
                                   about this section since
                                   they have no threads, and I
                                   am guessing that it’s be-
                                   cause of the problems
                                   faced by the whole of WN.
                                   They have no Game
                                   Champions as of yet, so all
                                   I can give you is their ros-

                                                                                                “It's always nice
                                                                                                to see a horde of
WoW NA PvP Horde — Detheroc (Released!)                                                         playing in
Pulling Through                around in Development for         section through these early    unison.”
                               too long. Hopefully the sec-      stages, but I'm sure he can
The section was recently       tion will continue to strive in   do it!
released on the 16th of        WN and won't find itself
February after a lot of hard   back in Development any-
work. All of their events      time soon. Also best of luck
and recruiting paid off and    to their new Major
this is shown by the fact      WNxHackjobJonny who
they weren't hanging           has the task of leading the

Air Rivals
It seems the Air Rival sec-    very special gift. Love was       brought it to WNx and the
tion are addressing some       certainly in the air with Air     section's attention of some
member count issues by         Rivals.                           events taking place, it's
adding some more players                                         always nice to see a horde
to there section, good job     Well done to those who            of members playing in uni-
guys. And, if you were         were promoted, keep up            son.
lucky enough to find some      the good work. Sadly as
time to log on during Val-     you can see from the
entines Day then you           thread there were also
would have been lucky          quite a few demotions.
enough to gain some            Hopefully everyone will get
treats. Not only that, but     in shape for next month!
there was the promise of a     WNxDragonSpear has
                   The Nation                                                                       Page 6

                   Area 51
                   Activity — It seems even        on the tag of BO
                   the lower ranking members       WNxJazka, and
                   are addressing the sec-         its seems like
                   tions inactivity in the serv-   you're wasting no
                   ers and on the forum.           time in getting
                   Some members seem to            stuff rolling by
                   play at different times and     setting up a
                   just miss out on other          Championship
                   members; nothing can be         Tournament. Now
                   done about that…. NOT           the ranks have
                   maybe more activity on the      been shaken up a
                   forum and communication         bit, WNxWildo
                   via other services can          has addressed his updated
                   counter this problem.           roles of his captains and
   “The section    BO is Back —
seems to be in a   First of all congratulations
    very helpful
mood… even to
                   Battlefield 2/2142
    non section
                                                                               lease it seems the section
     members.”                                       The section seems to be   itself is going to fold, which
                                                     in a very helpful mood…   is unfortunate but I can’t
                                                     even to non section       say it's surprising. A new
                                                     members. It's good to     game tends to equal a new
                                                     see people helping out    section, however perhaps it
                                                     with each other's prob-   will survive like the CoD
                                                     lems.                     Series.

                   Helpful Section Meeting its       With Battlefield Bad
                   End?                              Company 2 pending re-

                   Battlefield Heroes
                   Trouble on the Horizon

                   The section doesn’t look
                   like it's going to have a fun
                   few weeks, it's in trouble
                   enough said. Read the link

Page 7                                                                           Volume 1, Issue 1

C&C Renegade
 I mentioned in my last report         ranking officers of the
 that WNxGnrlPayne was at              section turning up,
 rank one, well it seems our           some old faces did too.
 old Major WNxM3 has dug               Even our old Major, a
 up some more ranks from               favourite of the section,
 the WOL (Westwood Online              Phaze or WNxPhaze or
 Ladder) for our section. See          section drunk Geordie.
 the full list by clicking the link    The games were some-
 above, but a round up of the          times overshadowed by
 top 3 is: WNxGnrlPayne,               non WNx members but
 WNxOfzo, WNxBowzzz.                   that’s all good, it was
                                       fun none the less. Roll
 8th Birthday Event! - Well            on next year…
 this event did shock me, I
 expected a good turn out but
 more people showed than I                                                                           “...more people
 anticipated. Besides the
                                                                                                     showed up than
                                                                                                     I anticipated.”
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC)
Well the CoDMW 2 (PC) sec-            Some Major changes in the
tion has, "The Final Bout."           ranks here, almost everyone
tournament going on. Each             but Dertz (who changed his
month you challenge players           name to WNxSwitchBlade)
to 1v1's to receive points. The       has been replaced.
top three with the most points
get bronze, silver and gold
medals. Winners this month
included WNxTheDark1,
WNxKerr, and WNxBadger.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)
Yup you guessed right;                two teams left the best of     Finally, congratulations to
The PS3 Section have a                luck!                          WNxFandango, the new
2v2 tournament on the go.                                            Recon Captain.
This tournament is broken             As there are two time
up in 3 weeks and has                 zones (EU/US). Because
been to some extent suc-              of this they are looking for
cessful. As all Tourna-               dedicated people from EU
ments there are rules and             to host some gamenights
stuff your not allowed to             for EU members so they
use. There is a lay-out for           don't have to lag or stay up
the final round and who will          to uncomfortable times to
play who. This hasn't yet             get playing. I wish them
been played so I wish the             best of luck on doing this
                                      and hope it turns out good.
                   The Nation                                                                               Page 8

                   Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)
                   As always sections need old-         was WNxShaugie, a new
                   ies for their knowledge of suc-      member!
                   cess but to reach that success
                                                        Several promotions were
                   they need some new mem-
                                                        given this month, in fact an
                   bers to pass the knowledge
                                                        entire new team! WNxDrMath
                   too and keep the section
                                                        –Major, WNxGStenroos, FO
                   strong. Many new members
                                                        Captain, WNxEcliptix, BO
                   have been recruited, mostly
                                                        Captain, and WNxSergean-
                   thanks to FO Captain
                                                        tAngel - Recon Captain. Con-
                   One of the most fun things to
                   do is to take part in a Contest
                   in your section. If don’t you
                   like that then this isn't for you.
                   Put away your keyboard and
                   get out your sketch book be-
     “Many new
                   cause your entering the forum
 members have      banner contest! The winner
 been recruited,
mostly thanks to
                   Call of Duty: World at War (PC)
     FO Captain
                   A very sad thing for the             probation and keep work-        more upsetting is when
WNxGStenroos!”     WaW section to be on pro-            ing hard leaders!! There        there are people actually
                   bation with only 14 primary          are a couple of people try-     trying their best to make it
                   members signing last roll-           ing to make this section        work. If you have the game
                   call and they need 15 pri-           work and it's those that        and have some time to
                   maries. Hopefully the sec-           need to keep the light shin-    play it then go to the sec-
                   tion can pull in a miracle           ing! If you can offer your      tion and help it out! Best of
                   and get their rods out and           help to this section it would   luck to the section and
                   start fishing!! I wish the           be absolutely appreciated.      hope it gets up and running
                   section the best of luck on          It is always sad when a         again! Good Luck!
                   getting their section out of         section closes but what is

                   Call of Duty: United Offensive (PC)
                   Promotions and Contests!             can send him a
                                                        PM with the
                   3 Promotions, and from what I've     name of the
                   read in the section they're good     map. This con-
                   members! WNxPesva as FO Cap-         test is ongoing
                   tain, WNxLeon for Recon Captain,     along with a
                   and WNxCartman for Sergeant          recruitment con-
                   Major!                               test!

                   The section has also begun a new
                   contest which goes like this:
                   WNxRPE makes a screenshot of
                   a map part in the game, he posts
                   it on the forums and the members
Page 9                                                                     Volume 1, Issue 1

Call of Duty 2 (PC)

                                                         competitive team has been set
                                                         up named KINDZADZA, so there
                                                         are tactics needed to use in their
                                                         endeavors. Because of this
                                                         need, WNxKrakiie set up a con-
                                                         test where members can submit
                                                         various tactics and win rep from
                                                         the section.
Contests Galore!

The Call of Duty 2 section is currently boasting
boosted activity and is starting some contests! A
screenshot contests with traditional rules leads the
pack, followed with a Tactics Contest. A serious

                                                                                               “A point system
                                                                                               was put into
                                                                                               place to
Call of Duty 4 (PC)                                                                            encourage
Contests and Team               to keep their recruits ac-     One of their better teams       people to keep
Matches                         tive. Several prizes include   also won a recent match!        their recruits
                                hall of fame recognition,      Congratulations!
A recruitment contest           gold trophy, and rep from                                      active”
which you earn points for       officers.
and when it finishes you
get prizes, easy right? A       A guess the map contest
point system was put into       has also been introduce
place to encourage people       with traditional rules.

Combat Arms
A tradition proper to Com-      next month along
bat Arms section, each          with the 5 new
members of this game-           members from this
group is awarded one or         month!
more ribbons in the style of
the military armies in the
world. You can find the
whole list in their forum.
And while the section has
30 members, only 15 are
primary, the limit for proba-
tion. Let’s hope CA will find
some good new recruits
                    The Nation                                                                      Page 10

                    Day of Defeat Source
                    Section Danger!                 Evil Fox, who is doing
                                                    everything he can to
                    Unfortunately, Day of De-       keep the section alive.
                    feat Source is one of the
                    less active games, but still
                    has member ready to in-
                    vade the public servers!
                    Unfortunately however, two
                    players left during the past
                    month and no new member
                    came to reinforce the sec-
                    tion’s roster. Day of Defeat
                    Source is now on proba-
                    tion. It must find at least
                    two members to stay with
    “Dystopia is    in the nation.We wish good
                    luck to the major, WNx The
about ready to be
     put to bed”.

WNxWongNumba        Dystopia
                    Goodbyes and Renewed            free HL2 mod, its commu-       count to critical levels,
                    Vigor                           nity, as well as most of the   which leave the section
                                                    game mods, is very fragile.    vulnerable to danger. FO
                    WNxGrievous, major of the       Grievous doesn’t rule out a    Captain WNxWongNumba
                    section, decided to leave       return if “the Dystopia        declared “Dystopia is about
                    not only his section, but       player base is much more       ready to be put to bed”.
                    Warrior Nation. He ex-          healthy.” Following his de-
                    plained his departure say-      parture 11 other players
                    ing “the Dystopia player        left the nation as well (not
                    base has gone down the          reflected in the rollcall),
                    drain.” While Dystopia is a     dropping the member

                    Golden Eye: Source
                    While some sections hardly      dept and the (re)creation of
                    find new members, Golden        the Battle Ops dept, our
                    Eye has no trouble. The         captains changed their
                    new version of the mod          status. WNxSkipper be-
                    has brought in 8 new mem-       came the new Battle Ops
                    bers! With this boost, GE:S     captain and
                    is now the fourth largest       WNxJúlioCésar the very
                    section in the nation. Also,    first Recon captain of the
                    with the arrival of the over-   section.
                    haul during this month and
                    the creation of the Recon
Page 11                                                                Volume 1, Issue 1

Halo (PC)
                                  To replace                    members this month!
                                  WNxKarath was appointed
                                  Field Ops Captain. Also as
                                  usual, gamenights are tak-
                                  ing place during the week-
                                  end, one on Friday eve-
                                  ning, the other one on Sun-
                                  day evening. Both are
                                  hosted by the major,
                                  WNxNessy. The rollcall
                                  figures too are looking
                                  steady, but don't let them
                                  fool you! They haven't
                                  taken into account the new
                                                                                           “...known as the
                                                                                           '5 Star General'
                                                                                           he is the first
Halo 3 (Xbox 360)                                                                          person to get
5 Star General - Not The       to get this magnificent rank                                this magnificent
WN Kind!                       and has proven that he's                                    rank…”
                               addicted to Halo 3. His new
Congratulations to             emblem even looks cool
WNxZ33 who has achieved        too.
the hardest and highest
rank in Halo 3 online,
known as the '5 Star Gen-
eral' he is the first person

Valve Games (Xbox 360)
WNxDeagleer has showed
off his skills again and
made some videos for the
section. Check them out in
the section forums!
                   The Nation                                                                              Page 12

                   Left 4 Dead
                   Man Vs. Tank!

                   L4D is holding a competi-
                   tion to determine the inter
                   clan ranks of the L4D sec-
                   tion, The members will
                   choose a survivor and in
                   the No mercy Finale (a
                   map) they must try to last
                   as many rounds as they
                   can against a tank played
                   by WNx The Pope or
                   WNxWesker. For rules,
                   visit the section! Good luck
                   to all participants, and trust
   ““Good kills,   me when I say it sounds
close calls, and   like an awesome event!
 good laughs.”

 WNxJohnDoe        PlanetSide
                   Outfit Night!

                   On the 20th of February
                   PlanetSide held a Outfit
                   night, 5 people game, they
                   had a blast. John Doe was
                   quoted as saying “Good
                   kills, close calls, and good

                   Team Fortress 2
                   Gamenights and Control           ership wanted TF2 to be             In Feb, WNx Duff83 was
                   Points!?                         more new member friendly            nominated for MOTM and
                                                    and they certainly doing            he got it as well, congratu-
                   The leaders of TF2 have          that, only time will tell if this   lations to Duff, it’s a well
                   finalized their decision and     sub-forum is a huge suc-            deserved award mate!
                   have started up a new sub-       cess or something else. On
                   forum called Control Point.      top of this new forum, they
                   This sub forum is based on       have also had a slur of
                   new members and will help        gamenights including re-
                   new members understand           cruitment gamenights!
                   the rules of WN, the lead-
Page 13                                                                               Volume 1, Issue 1

War Rock
                                                                        Clan Wars and Recon

                                                                        The War Rock section has
                                                                        currently won 3 clan wars
                                                                        in a row! Can they maintain
                                                                        this awesome form? We
                                                                        will have to see in the fu-

                                                                        Well of course it's their first
                                                                        recon HG, but the thread
                                                                        was so cool! Congrats to:

                                                                                                             “The GM spot
                                                                                                             was vacant and
                                                                                                             only 1 person
Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War Series                                                                            could possibly
Three above standard members        ing the best members in different   in the past years DOW have ei-       fill it…”
got promoted this month,            Categories. Nominations were        ther dominated in this event or
WNxAerin became HG Battle           held for roughly a week and peo-    come close, but this year it looks
Ops, WNxAbaddon became HG           ple could nominate anyone they      like an easy win for DOW who
Recon and WNxFUBAR became           thought was deserving. The win-     currently only have 10 points less
MP. They also have new shiny        ners of each category can be        then all the other RTS sections
badges. Serve your section well     found in the section forums.        combined and there's 6
                                    When everyone was talking a
The Golden Skull Probes (GSP's)     break from the BOTT, DOW did-
is an award ceremony in DOW         n't, they have hit a massive 205
that is held every year determin-   points nearly securing 1st place,

Warcraft 3 NA
Earlier this month after the        fill it, ERIC's right hand man,     WNxWeeeooo was promoted
roster structure change, the        WNxMirager. WNxMirager or           to HG Recon.
GM, WNxERIC, got pushed             also known as Louis was a
up higher, getting promoted to      stone cold leader, He wasn't
RTS Alpha Force Colonel,            just doing he own job as RG
WC3 NA will miss him dearly         for the past 2 years, alot of
as GM, he was the most suc-         that time he had also filled the
cessful GM in Wc3 NA, he            roles of FO, showing that he
was GM in this section for just     could lead. Congratulations,
under 3 years, he kept this         WNxMirager! WNxMirager
section going in bad times and      acting quickly assembling a
truly deserves this promotion.      Full line up, WNxSlySamurai
Congratulations, WNxEric!           was promoted to HG Field
The GM spot was vacant and          Ops, WNxShazzam was pro-
only 1 person could possibly        moted to HG Battle Ops and
                   The Nation                                                                                 Page 14

                   Warcraft 3 Europe
                                                      lost 3 primaries this
                   1v1 Internal Tournament
                                                      month, but gained 1
                   Sets Off!
                                                      secondary, WC3 EU
                   As the WC3CL finished, the         should be able to turn
                   members of WC3 EU need             these stats around i
                   something to do, so                they work hard.
                   WNxDarkMaster thought up a
                   good idea of a tournament to       Position Switch
                   keep everyone inform. Sign
                                                      Please congratulate
                   Ups ended on the 20th of Feb,
                                                      WNxGodSinister for-
                   in which 12 people end up
                                                      mer MP who got moved
                   signing and the tournament
                                                      to HG Recon and
                   has commenced.
                                                      WNxDarkmaster for-
                                                      mer HG Field Ops who
                   Rollcall Stats
                                                      was moved to HG Battle
                   WC3 EU lose members once           Ops.
  “...luckily we   again just sneaking through by
    have some      2 above the limit of 15, they

  active people
who keep trying
    to organize
                   Last month we have two pro-        rares items? Lately the section    working on cleaning our name
    events and     motions and a big loss. Our        has not been so active as it       on the game, because of the
  contests and     beloved Major, friend, was         used to be, but luckily we have    bans ngreed ruined our good
                   stepping down as Major, and        some active people who keep        name, and we were the most
 every kind …”     promoting Trish (aka WnxVam-       trying to organize events and      respected guild on the game,
                   peira) to Major and myself as      contests and every kind of         Now we are focusing on clean
                   FO. Because he wasn’t playing      stuff. So I’d like to sat thanks   our good name and trying to
                   Pangya any more which is           specially to three members,        get recruits, hopefully for this
                   totally understandable, who        and they are Peppers, Top-         month we will be holding a
                   would want to make a new           Dawg and Nighsider keep on         recruitment event.
                   account when you lost a HIGH       moving guys and thanks you.
                   ranked account with a lot          The past month there weren’t
                   money invested on it and full of   any recruit all because we are

                   Knight Online
                   Inactive Boost!

                   Let's start talking about
                   Knight Online, even when
                   they were a bit inactive
                   they got four new members
                   and a member returning:
                   WNxPopcicle, WNxDoom-
                   Reaper, WNxEvil,
                   WNx666DemonKing, and
Page 15                                                           Volume 1, Issue 1

Neverwinter Nights Series

                                   Promising Events!

                                Beside those two new recruits I’ve seen a
                                nice activity on the forums, they host many
                                events named “Hip Shot” which are an-
                                nounced 5 hours before the event and half
                                an hour they give the full details. They also
                                have 'The item of the Month', which is an
                                event where people an item name and de-
                                scription, the contest winner get the item he
thought about and some experience points. I shall add that it’s a very nice con-
test, with lots of nice prizes!
                                                                                      “Beside those
                                                                                      two new recruits
                                                                                      I’ve seen a nice
                                                                                      activity on the
Warrior Nation
                                   Warrior Nation™ was founded on team dynamics, building relationships, gaming skills and tactics,       improving performance and the most important, respect for the individual. I try to do everything I
                                   can think of to make the ultimate video game experience possible, by not only researching the
Mission Statement                  competition but also making sure Warrior Nation™ is always moving forward into a direction that
                                   will satisfy our number one resource, "Our Members".
Identify, encourage and            For those wondering, well how do I become a part of this, well the best way is to read our forums
develop superior                   and game sections, find out where members play and find someone to sponsor you into Warrior
interpersonal, creative and        Nation™. Because Warrior Nation™ is a Private Organization, you do need someone to speak on
tactical skills through team       your behalf to give the go ahead in letting you join because not just anyone can join. Warrior Na-
dynamics, leadership               tion™ has certain standards because we want our community to be enjoyable at all times. If you
structure, discipline,             can't figure out where members are located, feel free to post in our Guest forums and ask.
logistical planning while
fostering loyal and                Warrior Nation™ also accepts members worldwide. We believe that discrimination is totally unac-
respectful relationships.          ceptable and all residing on this planet are equal and shall be given equal opportunities regardless
                                   of culture, religion, race, color, origin.

February 2010 Promotions!

               Major of Company / Grand Master of Guild                Captain of Battle Operations / Honor Guard of Battle
              WNxDenny - Call of Duty: United Offensive (EU)
           WNxDrMath - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)           WNxSidious - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)
                        WNxVampeira - PangYa                                          WNxKaaruo - C&C Renegade
                      WNxMirager - Warcraft 3 NA                                        WNxThePope - Left 4 Dead
            WNxHackjobJonny - WoW PvP NA Horde - Detheroc                          WNxKRaKiiiE - Call of Duty 2 (PC)
                       WNxWesker - Left 4 Dead                            WNxEcliptix - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)
                WNxNubblyBubbly - Heroes of Newerth                         WNxShaZz - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC)
                   WNxKmma1978 - Runes of Magic                              WNxRPE - Call of Duty: United Offensive (EU)
                         WNxRad - CnC Series                                        WNxHawkeye - Team Fortress 2
                                                                                  WNxSexyAngel - Heroes of Newerth
                                                                                      WNxShazzam - Warcraft 3 NA
                                                                            WNxAerin - Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War Series
           Captain of Field Platoon / Honor Guard of Field                          WNxWattz - - Gamma

          WNxAres - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)                Captain of Recon / Honor Guard of Recon
                    WNxFoxriver - Diablo 2 East
         WNxLeftForDead - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)                     WNxKenny - C&C Renegade
                         WNxLauris - PangYa                                      WNxmadglide - Call of Duty 2 (PC)
        WNxMaliciousWolf - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)                    WNxDizzymae - Diablo 2 East
                     WNxUnborn - Left 4 Dead                                        WNxSirRetro - CnC Series
        WNxGStenroos - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)                   WNx Duff83 - Team Fortress 2
                  WNxSlySamurai - Warcraft 3 NA                                    WNxHedgehog - Left 4 Dead
                   WNxKairu - Heroes of Newerth                                    WNxWeeeooo - Warcraft 3 NA
          WNxAbbadon - Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War Series                    WNxLeon - Call of Duty: United Offensive (EU)
            WNxPesva - Call of Duty: United Offensive (EU)                         WNx Vala - Guild Wars Series
                  WNxThrawn - Guild Wars Series                       WNxSergeantAngel - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)
                       WNxKaRath - Halo (PC)
                     WNxOfzo - CnC Renegade

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