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									Converting from a Single
  Site to a Multi Site &
  Multilingual WebCat

      Sara Pritchard
       5 September 2001
•   Background to Linklaters & Alliance
•   Project Objectives
•   Project Route
•   Further Development
•   Our Experiences
Background to Linklaters & Alliance
 • A firm with over 2200 lawyers and other fee
 •   32 offices covering the world’s major financial
     and business centres
 •   Operating in 18 countries
 •   Supported by 70 Information Officers
Linklaters & Alliance Offices
Background to Unicorn
• Installed September 1991
• currently holds over 24,500 catalogue records
• use Acquisitions, Serials, Circulation and Cataloguing
  Modules as well as Webcat
• Circulate our journals, approximately 1500 with control
• system upgrade was required to reflect the growth of
  the firm and to update the interfaces
Project Objectives
•   Replace CHUI with new Workflows platform
•   convert from a single site to a multi site library
•   installation of a test server
•   system support and backed up by our IT
    Department in Colchester
•   implement multilingual WebCat
                  Project Route
Project started    Live Workflows    Test server
September 00         installed on
                   standalone PC

Converted test       Testing of       Workflows
server to multi    Workflows on     deployed on test
     site           test server          server

 Multilingual      Implement on          Rollout
  WebCat            Live server         Workflows
Further Development

•   Upgrade to Unicorn 2001 planned for October
•   data conversion of German offices
•   training for International offices
•   Marc 21
•   Z39.50
Our Experiences
• Planning is paramount, you can’t plan enough,
• make sure you get your IT department on
  ‘your side’
• need test server
• testing scripts
• Flexible… plan for the unexpected
Any Questions?
    Unicorn Systems Administrator
          Project Manager

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