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					Volume 1 Number 7 October 2006

NGV manufacturers
entering Asia

                           Thailand      India
                         Second ANGVA   Moving towards
                         conference &   HCNG technology
2                                                                                                                              October 2006

                                                             NGVs line up in Asia
Asian NGV Communications is a publication             A brief description of NGV assortment
of NGV Communications Group, publishing               and market potentials for vehicle
house and fairs-conferences organizer:                manufacturers in several Asian                                      countries...
In Europe, we print The Gas Vehicles Report,
GVR, and, the
International NGV Guide.                                     OEM and dealer fitted
In Argentina, the Group publishes Prensa
Vehicular, Argentine CNG Guide, maps,
                                                      12     NGVs
books and brochures while in Brazil, Folha            NGV models availability in Australia,
do GNV, Brazilian NGV Guide, maps and
                                                      China, Korea, Japan, Pakistan,
posters, among others.
More info:                           India, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan,
The signed articles are exclusive responsibility of   and Thailand...
the authors, as well as advertising companies and
agencies are responsible for the published ads.
                                                             India moving towards HCNG
 is member of the
 ANGVA (Asia Pacific
                                                      16     vehicles and more
 NGV Association)
                                                      CNG vehicle market in India will be
                                                      enriched with CNG locomotive and
                                                      hydrogen-CNG vehicle...
300-5, Changchon-Ri ■ Namsan-Myun
Chuncheon-Si ■ Kangwon-Do ■ 200-911
Tel. and fax.: +82 33 260 3419                               Thailand: NGV history, bus                      LNG vehicle market
               +31 23 562 2582                        18     fleet experiences and projects         24       is "starting" ■

                                                             Subsidy on CNG buses                            Take-off of LNG vehicles
                                                      21     in Pakistan                            26       in China

                                                             Opinion and feedback                            ANGVA 2007 will take place
                                                      22     from CNG taxi drivers                  29       in Bangkok

                                                             Abu Dhabi sets NGV                              NGV statistics: current
                                                      23     target for 2012                        35       and targeted numbers

                                                            Copies Distribution
                                                      We print and mail to 24       Egypt: 5.0%                  Thailand: 1,000 copies
                                                      countries about 4,000         India: 9.0%                  In addition, the magazine is
                                                      copies addressed to           Indonesia: 4.0%              accessible to 16,400 more
                                                      government related offices,   Iran: 6.0%                   e-readers in 94 countries as it
                                                      private and public vehicle    Israel: 0.5%                 is available online in
                                                      fleets, OEMs and Oil & Gas    Japan: 9.0%        
                                                      companies, associations,      Korea: 12.5%                 If your business is in Asia,
                                                      refuelling stations,          Malaysia: 6.0%               advertise with us.
                                                      workshop and suppliers,       Myanmar: 0.5%
                                                      and companies related to      New Zealand: 2.0%            Asian NGV Communications
                                                      NGV industry, according to    Pakistan: 8.5%               300-5, Changchon-Ri,
                                                      the following list:           Philippines: 2.0%            Namsan-Myun,
                                                                                    Russia: 1.5%                 Chuncheon-Si, Kangwon-Do,
                                                      Armenia: 1.0%                 Singapore: 3.0%              200-911, KOREA
                                                      Australia: 4.5%               Taiwan: 0.5%                 Tel: +31 23 562 2582
                                                      Azerbaijan: 0.2%              Turkey: 4.0%                 Tel: +82 33 260 3419
                                                      Bangladesh: 5.5%              United Arab Emirates: 2.0%
                                                      China: 12.5%                  Vietnam: 0.3%      
4                                                                                                                     October 2006

NGVs line up in Asia
In the Asian market, OEM NGV
availability is not seen as an issue yet as
many countries are still focusing on
conversion market. However, nowadays
OEMs enter the NGV market more
actively as many vehicle owners look for
remedies from the skyrocketing fuel
costs. And they found the answer in

The OEM and dealer-fitted
Eastern Asia
In the domestic market, China has
thirteen producers of dedicated CNG
vehicles which are mainly producing            Daewoo bus with Doosan CNG engine
buses and trucks, and eleven
manufacturers of dual fuel and bi-fuel        Korea has two established CNG bus           in joining the CNG market for its bus,
vehicles. There are at least sixty-one        manufacturers, Daewoo and Hyundai,          commercial vehicles and three-wheelers
models available for domestic sales,          while Tata Daewoo focuses on CNG            while Atul Auto plans to produce a
and many more for export and military         trucks. Another company, Shinjeon, is       CNG mini truck.
vehicle purposes. With 45% of the NGV         going to introduce CNG sweeper.
market share OEM made, China’s                Daewoo Bus and Tata Daewoo are              South-Eastern Asia and the Pacific
assortments cover tuk-tuks, passenger         working on the development of one bus       Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia have
cars, buses, etc.                             and one 11 litre-tractor; both to be        several OEM HD-NGVs while low-duty
                                              powered by LNG.Despite of few LDVs          NGVs are available in Thailand (please
Japan OEMs offer both LDVs and                converted for research purposes, 100%       see a note below).
HDVs, whereas 98% of NGVs in this             of the NGVs in Korea are OEM made.
country is OEM products. Fourteen             Also Doosan manufactures and exports        Market potentials
companies join the market with a              CNG engines for heavy-duty vehicles.        UAE has just started an NGV project
selection of 50 models consisting of                                                      with fuelling station and cars conversion
nine passenger cars/vans, sixteen             Southern Asia                               programs. OEM NGVs are expected to
delivery and/or garbage trucks, seven         Five passenger cars and one pick-up         enter this market. The municipalities of
buses, three models of working vehicles       are available for NGV lovers in Iran. The   Jakarta city in Indonesia plan to
and six assortments of forklifts.             two main companies working in the field     convert their public transport to NGV
Isuzu N-Series CNG light-duty trucks          are Iran Khodro Co. and Saipa/Saipa         fleets. So far, old tuk-tuk will be
even made the company history when            Group. Meanwhile, Pakistan has nine         replaced by imported CNG tuk-tuks
its total sales hit 5,000 units in July       versions of NG low-duty vehicles made       from India. About 98% NGVs in
2003 in Japan. As for CNG trucks,             by five carmakers. Two CNG Chevrolet        Thailand are LDVs, whereas only two
Isuzu and Nissan-Diesel are the main          cars are under trial.                       companies are providing Low-Duty
manufacturers at present.                                                                 NGVs. Yantia Shuchi Vehicle Co. from
The numbers of delivery and garbage           NGV selection in India ranges from          China plans to invest about Euro 842M
trucks are increasing due to sufficient       tuk-tuks, passenger cars, to buses.         during the next 10 years to set up a
subsidies for the introduction of those       Many of those are equipped with             manufacturing plant of NGV buses in
vehicles. Conversely, the cost of             factory or dealer-fitted CNG kits, such     Thailand. To support the success of
introducing small NGVs is more                as compact car Santro (Hyundai Motor),      marketing their NGVs, investment in NG
expensive than that of trucks.                Mitsubishi Lancer (Mitsubishi and           fuelling station is also being reviewed.
Thus, the availability of the LDVs            Hindustan Motor), Indica (Telco), and       Many automakers are planning to enter
models is more limited.                       Indigo Marina (Tata Motors).                the NGV market both for LDVs and
                                              Tata Motors dominate CNG bus market         HDVs. More OEMs are welcome in this
But the future of this industry is quite      in New Delhi as its products account for    country. Many other Asian countries are
promising, as Mr. Hiroshi Kujirai from        60% share in the public bus fleet.          still in the car conversion markets due
Japan Gas Association stated,                 Soon, it will launch CNG Ace truck.         to cost consideration of switching the
"I think in the near future NGV is            Several CNG versions of vehicles are        fleets to NGVs and/or lack of OEMs.
desirable to OEMs because the                 prepared to be introduced: Ford Ikon,
manufacturing cost may decrease as            Chevrolet Tavera, DaimlerChrysler’s         Note: See in this edition a list of NGV
the number of yearly production               Merc, and a bi-fuel two-wheeler from        models available in Asia: "OEM and
will increase."                               BAL. Mahindra & Mahindra is interested      factory-fitted NGVs".
6                                      October 2006

    CNG bus in Beijing city in China
8   October 2006
October 2006   9
10                                                                                                                  October 2006

Koleksi NGVs di Asia
Di Asia, keberadaan kendaraan
berbahan bakar gas alam (NGV) buatan
pabrik mobil asli (OEM) tidak dipandang
sebagai suatu masalah karena banyak
negara masih berfokus pada pasar
konversi. Tetapi akhir-akhir ini banyak
OEM memasuki pasar Asia secara aktif
karena penduduk mencari kendaraan
alternatif untuk mengurangi beban dari
meroketnya harga bahan bakar.
Dan mereka menemukan jawabannya di
                                            Volvo 8500LE CNG
                                            lagi produksi NGV sangatlah menarik          pasar CNG dengan koleksi bis,
Koleksi OEM dan dealer                      bagi OEM karena harga produksi akan          kendaraan pengangkut barang, dan
konversi                                    menurun sejalan dengan meningkatnya          kendaraan tiga rodanya. Atul Auto akan
                                            jumlah produksi per tahun."                  memproduksi truk mini CNG.
Asia Timur
Di pasar domestik, Cina mempunyai 13        Korea mempunyai dua produsen bis             Asia Tenggara dan Pasifik
pabrik pemroduksi kendaraan berbahan        CNG, Daewoo dan Hyundai. Di lain             Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia memiliki
bakar gas alam (CNG), yang mana             pihak, Tata Daewoo memproduksi truk          beberapa OEM HD-NGVs sedangkan
sebagian besar memasarkan bis dan           CNG. Sedangkan Shinjeon akan                 low-duty NGVs tersedia di Thailand
truk. Sebelas OEM memproduksi               memperkenalkan kendaraan penyapu             (baca artikel "OEM and dealer-fitted
kendaraan dual fuel (menggunakan            jalan dengan CNG. Daewoo Bus dan             NGVs" di majalah ini).
bahan bakar diesel dan CNG) dan             Tata Daewoo sedang mengembangkan
bi-fuel (menggunakan bahan bakar            satu model bus dan 11 liter-traktor          Pasar potensial
bensin atau CNG). Sekitar 61 model          berbahan bakar LNG. Di samping               UAE baru saja memulai sebuah proyek
tersedia di pasar domestik, dan masih       beberapa LDVs yang dikonversikan ke          NGV dengan program tank stasion dan
banyak model lagi tersedia untuk            kendaraan CNG untuk R&D, 100% dari           konversi mobil. OEM NGV juga
keperluan militan dan eksport. Sekitar      NGVs di Korea adalah buatan OEM.             diharapkan untuk memasuki pasar ini.
45% pasar NGV adalah buatan OEM             Di bidang mesin CNG, Doosan mempro-          Pemerintah daerah kota Jakarta di
yang terdiri dari bajaj, sedan, bis, dll.   duksi mesin untuk HDV (bis dan truk).        Indonesia berencana untuk
                                                                                         mengonversi armada transpor umum
OEM-OEM Japan memasarkan                    Asia Selatan                                 menjadi armada NGV. Sejauh ini, bajaj
kendaraan bermesin kecil (LDV) dan          Lima model sedan dan satu pick-up            tua telah diganti dengan CNG bajaj
kendraan bermesin besar (HDV), yang         tersedia bagi pencinta NGV di Iran.          import dari India. Sekitar 98% NGVs di
mana 98% NGVs di negara ini adalah          Iran Khodro Co. dan Saipa/Saipa Group        Thailand adalah LDVs, sedangkan
buatan OEM. Empat belas perusahaan          adalah perusahaan yang memproduksi           hanya dua perusahaan Low-Duty
menyediakan 50 model NGV yang               NGVs di negara ini. Pakistan                 NGVs. Yantia Shuchi Vehicle Co. dari
terdiri dari 9 sedan/van, 16 truk, 7 bis,   mempunyai 9 versi NG LDVs yang               China berencana untuk
9 kendaraan special termasuk fork-lift.     dibuat oleh lima OEM. Dua Chevrolet          menginvestasikan Euro 842 M dalam
Isuzu N-Series CNG light-duty truck         CNG sedang dalam percobaan.                  10 tahun mendatang untuk mendirikan
bahkan didokumentasikan di sejarah          Koleksi NGV di India terdiri dari tuk-tuk,   sebuah pabrik bis NGV di Thailand.
perusahaan ketika penjualan truk ini        sedan, bahkan bis. Sebagian besar dari       Untuk menyuport strategi mereka
mencapai 5,000 unit pada July 2003 di       kendaraan-kendaraan ini dilengkapi           dalam memasarkan NGVs, investasi di
Japan. Di sektor truk CNG, Isuzu dan        dengan CNG kits (paket konversi CNG)         bidang tank stasiun juga sedang
Nissan-Diesel adalah produser utama         yang dipasang di dealer. Contohnya           dianalisa. Banyak OEM berencana
pada saat ini.                              adaalha sedan Santro (Hyundai Motor),        untuk memasuki pasar ini di Thailand,
Jumlah model truk meningkat banyak          Mitsubishi Lancer (Mitsubishi dan            dengan koleksi LDV dan HDV mereka.
beberapa tahun ini karena model ini         Hindustan Motor), Indica (Telco), dan        Perusahaan mobil berbahan bakar gas
mendapat subsidi yang cukup kuat dari       Indigo Marina (Tata Motors). Tata            alam diharapkan untuk turut
pemerintah. Di lain pihak, harga            Motors mendominasi 60% pasar bis             berpartisipasi di pasar ini. Banyak
introduksi NGV kecil jauh lebih tinggi      CNG di bidang transport umum di New          negara Asia lainnya masih berada
daripada perkenalan truk. Oleh karena       Delhi. Perushaan ini akan mengeluarkan       dalam bidang konversi berdasarkan
itu, pilihan model LDV terbatas.            koleksi baru truk CNG Ace tidak lama         pertimbangan finansial dalam
                                            lagi. Model-model baru juga akan             penggantian armada kendaraan ke
Tetapi masa depan industri ini sangatlah    diluncurkan: Ford Ikon, Chevrolet            NGVs dan/atau karena OEM NGV tidak
menjanjikan seperti yang dikemukakan        Tavera, DaimlerChrysler’s Merc, dan a        tersedia di negara-negara tersebut.
oleh Hiroshi Kujirai dar Japian Gas         bi-fuel dua roda dari BAL. Mahindra &        Catatan: Lihat juga list OEM and
Association, "Menurut saya tidak lama       Mahindra berencana untuk memasuki            dealer-fitted NGVs di majalah ini.
October 2006   11
12                                                                                                                                                                       October 2006

OEM and dealer fitted NGVs
As many people are looking for alternative vehicles to "ease"                           Brand                                           NGV models                           Remarks

their pocket from the sky-rocketing petroleum prices, the                               Australia
question of which alternative vehicle one should take came                              Iveco                               Acco
                                                                                                                                                              8x4 rigid truck with Cummins
                                                                                                                                                              Wesport C Gas Plus (8.3l) engines
into their mind. Is it now (economically) wise to switch to                             Isuzu                               Isuzu CNG NPR 400 Light Truck     Truck
NGVs? An example of a good answer came from India. In this                              China
country, driving a CNG or bi-fuel car is highly recommended if                          Biyadi Automobile Co., Ltd          Biyadi QCJ7160A/CNG
you drive more than 50 km/day or if you have a taxi fleet with                                                              Chery SQR7160E/CNG
                                                                                        Chery Automobile Co., Ltd           Chery SQR7162A15/CNG
a large mileage.                                                                                                            Chery SQR7200/CNG
                                                                                                                                                              Bi-fuel cars
                                                                                        Chongqing Chanan Suzuki
                                                                                                                            Chanan SC7130B
                                                                                        Automobile Co., Ltd
This recommendation is based on investment pay-back                                                                         Dongfeng EQ102H15QAC              Bi-fuel light-duty truck
period from installing CNG kit which is about Rs 50.000/car.                            Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd        Dongfeng EQ6490H15QAC
                                                                                                                            commercial car
With a mileage of 40-50 km/day, the pay back period is                                                                      Dongfeng Citroen DC7163MAN
                                                                                                                            Dongfeng Citroen DC7163RAN
around two-three years.                                                                 Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen
                                                                                                                            Shenlong Fukang DC7142RDN
                                                                                        Automobile Co., Ltd
After that, will come the saving from the differences of petro-                                                             Shenlong Fukang DC7142EDN
                                                                                                                            Shenlong Fukang DC7142EAN
leum fuel cost versus CNG price, of which calculation is                                Dongfeng Yueda Kia Automobile
                                                                                                                            Kia YQZ7130CNG
based on today's price differences only.                                                Co., Ltd
                                                                                        FAW                            Hongqi CA7180G4
                                                                                                                       Jetta FV7160CiF.C
                                                                                                                       Jetta FV7160CiX.C
A good move economically speaking, especially if you have a                             FAW Volkswagen Automobile Co., Jetta FV7160CiX/CNG
taxi fleet with a large mileage or even operating natural gas                           Ltd                            Jetta FV7160CiF.C
                                                                                                                                                              Bi-fuel cars
                                                                                                                       Jetta FV7160GiX.C
HDVs. Installing CNG kits in authorised dealers in India which                                                         Jetta FV7160CiX/CNG
are appointed by the vehicle manufacturers allows you to                                Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile
                                                                                                                       Santana SVW7180Kei
                                                                                        Co., Ltd
keep all vehicle warranty for the conversion plus the original                                                              Jinbei SY6483LT1
                                                                                        Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Co.,
                                                                                                                            Jinbei SY6483LT2
warranty given by the manufacturers.                                                    Ltd
                                                                                                                            Zhonghua SY7200T
                                                                                                                            Vela CA7156UM
                                                                                                                            Vela CA7166UM
No more worries about whether the car will perform properly                                                                 Xiali TJ7101AULM
                                                                                        Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co.,
or not. Also, there is no welding involved and no fundamental                           Ltd
                                                                                                                            Xiali TJ7101AUM
                                                                                                                            Xiali TJ7101BLM
changes to the body structure. Chevrolet, which will launch its                                                             Xiali TJ7101BUM
Optra CNG version this year, will guarantee the quality of the                                                              Xiali TJ7101UM
CNG systems for 3 years [36 months] or up to 100,000 km                                 Anhui Hualing Automobile(Group)     Hualing Star HN4180PT23C4M CNG
                                                                                                                                                              Dedicated CNG tractor
                                                                                        Co., Ltd                            Tractor
from the date of its installation.                                                                                          Jinghua BK6141CNG Hinge Jointed
                                                                                        Beijing Bus General Plant
                                                                                                                            City Bus
                                                                                                                            Changjiang CJ6110G3Y7H Bus
In the bajaj sector, India CNG auto rickshaw has even made                                                                  Changjiang CJ6110SG2Y7H Double
its debut in Brighton city in the UK, in last summer. About 100                                                             Decker Bus
                                                                                        Changzhou Iveco Bus Co., Ltd
                                                                                                                        Changjiang CJ6110SG2YH Double
more units will be imported from India by end 2006 to be                                                                                                      Dedicated CNG buses
                                                                                                                        Decker Bus
                                                                                                                        Changjiang CJ6120G2Y7H Bus
demonstrated in London and other major British and
                                                                                        Chongqing Jiangchuan Automobile
                                                                                                                        Chuanjiang CJQ6790KCS Bus
European cities.                                                                        Manufacturing Co. Ltd
                                                                                                                            Dongfeng EQ6830RACN Bus
                                                                                        Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd
                                                                                                                            Chassis(Class 3)*
 In Thailand, Chevrolet will introduce Optra bi-fuel passenger                                                              Dongfeng EQ6111RCDN Bus
                                                                                                                            Chassis(Class 3)
car with dealer-fitted CNG equipment which will be done                                                                     Dongfeng EQ6122KS Bus
                                                                                                                                                            Dedicated CNG buses
                                                                                                                            Chassis(Class 3)
under the supervision of GM engineers; a QVM product.
                                                                                                                            Dongfeng EQ1165F Truck
                                                                                        Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd
The version of factory-fitted (OEM) will be coming soon by                                                                  Dongfeng EQ1165K2 Truck
                                                                                                                            Dongfeng EQ1140GL1 Truck
end of 2006. Due to tax reduction policy given by Thai                                                                      Dongfeng EQ1140GL Truck
                                                                                                                                                            Dedicated CNG trucks

government, the company will be able to sell the OEM version                                                                Dongfeng EQ1250GL2 Truck
                                                                                                                            Dongfeng EQ1250GL3 Truck
cheaper than the Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) version.                              Dongfeng Nanchong Automobile        Dongfeng EQ6590PC1 Bus
                                                                                                                                                            Dual fuel buses
                                                                                        Co., Ltd                            Dongfeng EQ6590PC Bus
                                                                                                                            Jiefang CA1127L5A CNG Truck
                                                                                                                                                            Dedicated CNG trucks
                                                                                                                            Jiefang CA1150P1L1A80 CNG Truck
NGV availability in Asia                                                                                                    Jiefang CA6101D92-9 Bus
                                                                                        First Auto Works (FAW)
                                                                                                                            Chassis(Class 3)
Brand                                NGV models                 Remarks
                                                                                                                            JiefangCA6110D118-1T Bus
Korea                                                                                                                       Chassis(Class 3)
HDVs                                                                                                                                                          Dedicated CNG buses
Daewoo                   BS090                      9 m city bus: 24+1 seats                                                JinlngJLY6101SA CNG Double
                                                                                        Nanjing Jinling Double- decker      Decker Bus
                         BS106                      10.6 m city bus: 26+29+1 seats
                         BH115                      11.5 m Inter city bus: 45+1         Bus Plant                           JinlngJLY6101SB CNG Double
                         BC211M                     11 m Low floor bus: 29+28+1                                             Decker Bus
                         BV120MA (12 m)             12 m Low floor bus : 25-45 seats                                        Shanqi SX4254BK294T Tractor       Dedicated CNG tractor
                                                                                        Shaanxi Automobile (Group) Co.,
                                                    12 m Ultra low floor bus: 25-44     Ltd
                                                                                                                            Shanqi SX6112F Luxury City Bus    Dedicated CNG bus
                         BS120CN (12 m)
                                                    seats                                                                   Shanqi SX6112C City Bus           Dual fuel bus
                                                    In development (for demonstration   Shanghai Huizhong Automobile
                         LNG bus                                                                                            SHAC SH4251A4B31K Tractor         Dedicated CNG tractor
                                                    project)                            Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Tata Daewoo Commercial                                                                                                      Yaxing YBL6110GNH Bus
                         Garbagetruck (Roll Pack)   19.3 _                              Yaxing-Benz Motor Coach Co.,Ltd                                       Dedicated CNG bus
Vehicles Co., Ltd                                                                                                           Chassis(Class 3)
                         Garbage truck (Arm Roll)   11 Ton (Payload)
                                                    In development (for demonstration
                                                                                                                                                              The company was reported to have
                         11 litre-LNG tractor                                                                                                                 120 models of NGV vehicles
                                                    project)                            Yantia Shuchi Vehicle Co            NGV buses
                                                                                                                                                              exported to Europe, Japan,
Hyundai                  Aero City                  City bus: 21+1 seats
                                                                                                                                                              Bangladesh and Pakistan
                         Aero Inter City            City bus: 38+1 seats
                         Aero Inter City            City bus: 45+1 seats                Yuchai Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd                                          For export purposes
                         Aero City Bus de GNV       Low-floor bus: 27+1 seats                                            Yuejin NJ67001M5EG Bus
                                                                                        Yuejin Automobile(Group)Co., Ltd                                      Dedicated CNG bus
Shinjeon                 Sweeper                    To be launched                                                       Chassis(Class 3)
October 2006                                                                                                                                                                                                      13

 Samand bi-fuel                                                                        Tata Indigo Marina                                             CNG three-wheelers

Brand                                      NGV models                             Remarks                  Brand                                        NGV models                            Remarks
Japan                                                                                                      Iran
LDVs                                                                                                       LDVs
Daihatsu                       Hijet Cargo CNG (LE-S320V)            Cargo van                                                               Samand                               D class, 1.800 cc, passenger car
                               Mira Van CNG (GBD-L250V)              Van                                                                     Peugeot 405                          C class, 1.800 cc, passenger car
                                                                                                           Iran Khodro Co.
Mazda                          Familia van                           Van                                                                     Peugeot RD                           C class, 1.600 cc, passenger car
Mitsubishi Motors              Minicab GD-U61V (2WD)                 CNG van                                                                 Peykan                               1.600 cc, pick-up
                                                                     Emission reductions: 20%-30%          Saipa                             Pride                                C class, 1.400 cc, passenger car
Nissan-Diesel                  AD Van CNGV (CEF-VGY11)                                                     Saipa Group (Zamyad subsidiary
                                                                     less CO2, 50% less NOx                                                  Zamyad                               2.400 cc, pick up
                               Caravan CNGV (LC-VPE25)               Van                                   Co.)
Suzuki                         Wagon R (CBA-MH21S)                                                         Thailand
Toyota                         Probox CNG (DFE-NCP52V)                                                     LDVs
Subaru                         Legacy TA-BL5                         Passenger car                         DaimlerChrysler                   Mercedes E200 NGT                    Bi-fuel passenger car
                                                                                                                                             Chevrolet Optra Sedan bi-fuel 1,6
Hino                           Dutro                                 Delivery & garbage trucks                                               litre                                To be launched in 2006. Both
                               Ranger                                Truck                                 General Motors4                                                        manual and automatic
                                                                                                                                             Chevrolet Optra Estate bi-fuel 1,6   transmissions.
                               Middle-size low-floor bus             Bus                                                                     litre
Isuzu                          Elf AFG-NKR82AN                       2 tonnes delivery & garbage trucks
                                                                                                           Honda                                                                  Expected to enter the market
                               Forward PB-FRR35J3S                   4 tonnes delivery & garbage trucks
                                                                                                           Monika                            CNG tuk-tuk
                               Forward PB-FRR35K3S                   4 tonnes delivery & garbage trucks    Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.   Car and van                          In plan
                               Wagon R (CBA-MH21S)                   Truck                                 Indonesia 5
                                                                                                           Volvo                             (S80)                                Expected to enter the market
                               Big-size low-floor bus                Bus                                   HDV
                               Middle-size low-floor bus             Bus
                                                                                                                                                                                  In plan: pick-up truck to run on
Mazda                          Titan AFG-LKR82AN                     Truck
                                                                                                           Chevrolet                         Colorado dual fuel                   80% CNG and 20% diesel. Can be
Mitsubishi-Fuso                Fighter NX                            Delivery & garbage trucks                                                                                    switched to 100% diesel.
                               Big-size low-floor bus                Bus                                   Isuzu                             Low-duty to Heavy-duty trucks    In plan
                               Canter KK-FE73CEV                     Truck                                 Summitr Motors                    Assembly of CNG buses and trucks
Nissan-Diesel                  Atlas KR-AKR81EP                      2 tonnes truck                        Yantia Shuchi Vehicle Co                                           In plan: opening an NG bus plant
                               Condor AFG-BKR82EP                    2 tonnes truck                                                          NGV bus(es)
                                                                                                                                                                              and investment in fuelling facility
                               Condor PB-MK36A                       4 tonnes truck                        Indonesia       5
                               Condor PB-PK37A                       7 tonnes truck                        HDV
                               Big Thumb KL-CD48L                    10 tonnes truck                       Daewoo                            CNG city bus                         Bus
                               Big-size low-floor bus                Bus
                               Middle-size low-floor bus             Bus
                               Civilian KK-BHW41                     Small-size low-floor bus
                                                                                                           Kosmo Motor Company Sdn Bhd       Kosmo                                Bus
Toyota                         Dyna Toyoace                          Delivery truck
Toyota                         Dyna Toyoace 7 tonnes truck           Truck
Specialty vehicle                                                                                          Notes
Kanto Machine Centre                                                 Working vehicle
Komatsu Forklift                                                     Forklift
                                                                                                           1 The above China OEM list only includes those NGVs which
Mitsubishi Motors                                                    Forklift                              must be registered to get plate licenses according to China's
Nissan-Diesel                  Fighter                               Working vehicle
                                                                     Forklift                              law. Except for Yantia Shuchi Vehicle Co. and Yuchai Diesel
Subaru                                                               Working vehicle
Sumitomo                       Yale Forklift CNG 11-FG25PV1          Forklift
                                                                                                           Engine Co.,Ltd., the list does not include those manufactur-
TCM                            TCM                                   Forklift                              ers and NGV models that are not inquired to be registered,
Toyota                                                               Forklift
Pakistan                                                                                                   such as vehicles for military use or for export purpose.
LDVs                                                                                                       However, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Dongfeng Nanchong
Pak Suzuki Motor Co.           Mehran, Alto, Baleno, Bolan, Cultus
                               Mehran                                                                      Automobile Co.,Ltd., and Nanjing Jinling Bus Co.,Ltd sell
                                                                     800, 1.000, 1.200, and 1.300 cc       their NGV products in domestic and abroad markets too.
                               Bolan                                                                       2 Hindustan Motors, General Motors and Tata Motors made
                               Suzuki Liana                                                                an agreement with CNG installation specialists who perform
Indus Motors Co. Ltd.          Daihatsu Cuore                        800 cc
Adam Motors Co. Ltd.           Revo                                  800 cc                                the installation of CNG kits at the dealers.
Shahab Enterprises             Pervaaz (3 wheeler)                   125 cc                                3 CNG buses are imported from overseas.
Nexus Autos                    Chevrolet (under trial)               800 and 1.000 cc
HDV                                                                                                        4John Thomson, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and
Hino                           CNG bus
India    2                                                                                                 Aftersales for Chevrolet Sales Thailand, stated that an exten-
LDVs                                                                                                       sive testing on Chevrolet Optra has been conducted in real
Atul Auto                      CNG four wheeler                      In plan: mini truck
                                                                     Powered by CNG/gasoline; to be        life driving conditions – covering more than 200,000 km over
                               One-tonne twee-wheeler
Bajaj Auto
                                                                                                           20 continuous hours per day – without recording a single
                               Bi-fuel two-wheeler                   Planned for 2007                      defect.
DaimlerChrysler                Merc                                  Passenger car
Ford                           Ikon                                  Passenger car                         5 Bi-fuel two-wheeler CNG with four-stroke engine is import-
                                                                     Bi-fuel car with 140-150km
                                                                     coverage on full fuel tank. The       ed from India (Bajaj Auto) in August. About 250 units of this
                                                                     running cost is 70% cheaper than
General Motors India           Chevrolet Optra
                                                                     the gasoline version (Rs.1.92/km      vehicle will be operated by October 2006, whereas 15,000
                                                                     with CNG vs Rs. 5.20/km with
                                                                     gasoline)                             units in total are anticipated to ply on Jakarta road.
                                                                     Passenger car (factory-fitted
Hindustan Motors               Ambassador
Hyundai Motors                 Santro                                Compact car
                                                                                                           Natural gas engines
                               Champion CNG                                                                Korea
Mahindra & Mahindra                                                  CNG three-wheelers
                               Tempo                                                                       For HDVs
                                                                     Passenger car with 1,5 litre engine   Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd         GE08TI                               8,1 litre Dedicated CNG Engine
Mitsubishi & Hindustan Motor   Lancer
                                                                     (factory-fitted CNGV)                                                                                         (240ps, 260ps),
Maruti Udyong Ltd               Omni 5-seater CNG                                                                                            GE12TI                               12 litre Dedicated CNG Engine
Tata Engineering and Locomotive                                      Bi-fuel passenger car, BS III                                                                                 (290ps, 310ps, 340ps)
Company Ltd                                                          compliant (Bharat stage III is
                                                                     India's emission standard)
Tata Motors                     Indigo Marina
                                                                                                           For LDVs
HDV                                                                                                        Proton & Petronas                 Proton CNG E01                       Under development, passenger car
Tata Motors                     CNG bus                              Bus                                                                                                          engine with 1,8 - 2,2 litre
                                Ace truck                            To be launched
14                                                                                                            October 2006

 OEM NGV Price Advantage

Hyundai Super Aero CNG city bus                  Mercedes-Benz E200 NGT               Daewoo Low Step

     Pass these charts on… Help your country to have a cleaner air
 The first and second charts which       you can see that using a CNG bus           2.8km per litre diesel and per m3
 were originally made by Daewoo and      could be more and more profitable          CNG;Fuel consumption for Hyundai
 Hyundai were modified as the fuel       since diesel price continues to increase   bus: 2.3 km/litre diesel and
 prices change over time. The 2004       a lot while CNG price either increased a   2.1km/m3 CNG; Use your current
 and 2005 diesel and CNG prices          little or even decrease (2005-2006).       CNG and diesel prices: current fuel
 were previously in US$.                                                            price x (90,000/fuel consumption).
 We converted them into Euro with        You can calculate your country price       Fuel savings may vary for each
 current currency rate of US$1= Euro     advantage by using your local fuel         country as fuel prices (and fuel
 0.835446. However, main data, such      prices. The data that you can use for      energy contents) also vary.
 as fuel consumption, remain the         your calculation is as follows:            Show the comparison chart above
 same as it was used as a reference in   Set a mileage, for example,                to your government and local
 the calculation above.                  90,000km/year;                             public transport companies,…and
 In the comparison 2004-2006 chart,      Fuel consumption for Daewoo bus:           buy CNG buses.
16                                                                                                                      October 2006

India moving towards
Hydrogen-CNG vehicles and more
As world’s second most populated country, India could be
considered as one of the most promising markets, especially
considering the fact that in 2050, this country is predicted to
become the most populated country in the world with 1,6
billion inhabitants. In the NGV industry in Asia, India occupies
the second place with about 250,000 NGVs and 200 CNG
refuelling stations. And it does not stop there!

Several dual fuel locomotives are also being used since April
2005 in a trial project run by Indian Railways. Seven more
units will be added by the end of this year. According to the
director of Indraphrasta Gas, 20 dual fuel locomotives are
anticipated on city roads by 2007.

Answering the local and several other markets needs for
small public vehicles with cheap fuel cost, undisrupted fuelling    The famous Taj Mahal in India
possibility and offer of high safety standard, Bajaj Auto
produces a three-wheeler with four-stroke engine which can          this project. Early on, Ratan Tata of Tata Motors and Anand
run on both CNG and gasoline and has a "bursting disc". This        Mahindra of Mahindra and Mahindra had proposed the
disc acts as a safety valve and releases gas into atmosphere        project in 2005. They concluded that using HCNG blends is
if the pressure of the gas in the cylinder exceeds 300kg/cm3.       a better transition step to take rather than switching
                                                                    immediately to hydrogen vehicles (H2Vs).
The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) has           As for fuelling facility, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) set up
presented a proposal for a pilot project to test vehicles fuelled   the first HCNG station in India near Faridabad city in 2005,
by hydrogen and CNG (HCNG) in New Delhi. It is expected             offering a blend of 10% hydrogen and 90% CNG instead of
that both commercial and private vehicles will be involved in       the other options of 5%-30% hydrogen blend.
18                                                                 October 2006

All eyes on Thailand: NGV history, bus
fleet experiences, and current projects
                                        With a 20-year experience in natural
                                        gas vehicles programme, Thailand has
                                        now become one of the leading NGV
                                        countries in Asia. Thanks to its strong
                                        government support and excellent
                                        attempt from PTT PLC., the national
                                        energy company in Thailand, this
                                        country is considered as the most
                                        promising country where many NGV
                                        suppliers are focusing its sales effort.
Nuttachat Charuchinda   Yook Jarupome
                                        The history-PTT with BMTA
                                        The history of NGV activities was
                                        started in 1984 when New Zealand
                                        government approached Thailand to
                                        use NGVs. In 1991, Thailand
                                        government raised some issues on
                                        smoke and traffic jam. They approved a
                                        400M baht of funding for Bangkok
                                        Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) to buy
                                        200 CNG buses. Two years later, BMTA
                                        bought 82 buses of which 44 units
                                        were MAN products purchased at
                                        4,625 M baht/bus, and 38 units of
                                        5,510M baht/bus of Mercedes. Due to
                                        the change of methane (CH4) content in
                                        the gas supply from the beginning at
                                        80% to 68%-72%, and both CNG
                                        engines required 80% of CH4.
                                        Mercedes engines had been modified
                                        to accommodate the new level of
                                        methane content in the gas supply
                                        while MAN engines had not been done.
                                        Consequently, the 44 MAN buses were
                                        operated in 5 years only, but the 38
                                        units of Mercedes buses are still running
                                        from beginning of the project up to now
                                        that will be almost 15 years.

                                        As oil price increases very rapidly, which
                                        brings Thailand into trade deficit, CNG
                                        came into the picture more than other
                                        alternative fuels since 2000. Crude Oil
                                        import value in 2004 was US$12,165 M
                                        while in 2005 the value was US$
                                        16,040 M. It was 130% increase of
                                        crude oil import value. Other fuel
                                        options such as bio-diesel and gasohol
                                        is not the answer to this present fuel
                                        challenge as it takes a long time to
                                        produce these “vegetable” fuels.
                                        Thai people need to plant palm and
                                        tapioca trees for several years before
                                        they can produce these fuels.
                                        With natural gas, the government helps
                                        this country to decrease crude oil
                                        import and energy expenses. NG has
                                        become “the fuel of choice”.
October 2006                                                                                                                                19

The performance and cost                              1,600 m2 and its surrounding 5                  through the differences of gas price,
advantage                                             provinces. The regular mileage of each          whereas BMTA will need to pay about
A team from King Mongkut Institution                  bus is 260 km/day, in which it is being         15,5 baht/kg instead of the normal retail
University had compared the                           refuelled every evening with a capacity         price which is set at 8.5 baht/kg.
performance of one MAN and one                        of 185.7 kg CNG/bus/day. With new               The cost of re-powering is estimated at
Mercedes CNG buses with a unit of                     government project to expand BMTA’s             1,2 M baht/bus. It is anticipated that in
diesel bus. Below are the results.                    fleet, there is a big potential that PTT will   a 5-year period, the loan will be fully
                                                      build more stations to serve this bus fleet.    paid-back;
Emission test             NG buses     Diesel bus
1. Emissions                                          Current BMTA projects                             Thai government will buy 2,000 NG
• CO (g/km)                    0,80          13,11    Two new "clean" vehicle projects have           buses for BMTA by mid 2007.
• NOx (g/km)                   11,6          18,26    been announced lately. Those include:
• HC (g/km)                    5,52           1,51                                                    Mr Yook Jarupume, BMTA Deputy
2. PM level (g/km)            0,027          0,965        To change the engine of                     Manager, stated "With these two
3. Noise level (dBA)           80,9           86,4    air-conditioned buses. There are 1,477          projects, we hope that Return of
                                                      buses expected to be re-powered into            Investment (ROI), including the
Cons. level, 2006     NG buses        Diesel bus      CNG vehicles. PTT will provide the              recovering of maintenance costs, will
1. Mileage            1,3 km/kg 1,85 km/litre         funding and BMTA will return the loan           be quicker and better".
2. Fuel consumption 0,77 kg/km 0,54 litre/km
3. Fuel price      6,55 baht/kg 13,89 baht/litre
                 (@ 8.50 baht/kg) (@ 25.718 baht/l)

The maintenance
During the first 10 years of the NG
buses operation, BMTA signed 10 years
maintenance service contracts with
Berleyucker Company for MAN buses
at 1,721 Baht/bus/day and Thonburi
Bus Body Company for Mercedes
buses at 1,496 Baht/bus/day.
The contract covered to a “big”
maintenance services for every 10,000
km, repaint bus body for every two
years and also daily services such as
engine checking, radiator water refilling,
engine and lubricating oil refilling, tires
checking etc.

There were two problems that BMTA
had to cope with in the past. The first
was the instability of methane content
 in the gas supply which varies from
68%-72%. Nowadays, the gas quality
is stabled with CH4 level at 76%.
However, some OEM buses required
higher percentage of methane. PTT is
working actively to improve its gas quality.

The second was not enough number of
NG stations for buses. BMTA’s private
refuelling site has 6 dispensers in North
Bangkok, which serves its whole CNG
bus fleet. This station was built in 1993
by PTT and NKK Engineering Thailand.
PTT has invested 62M baht in this
station. It takes about 6 minutes to refu-
el a bus there, which BMTA’s CNG bus
drivers claimed as “a very quick
refuelling facility”.

Nowadays, BMTA is expecting to have
more refuelling facilities as its buses
served many areas in Bangkok city of
20                                                                                                                       October 2006

NGV current situation
Thailand has a plenty of indigenous
                                                      Government Support
natural gas reserve, about 75% of the
gas utilization in the country comes from       Besides exempting import duty for            used CNG engine is also exempted
its own reserve and the rest from               vehicle conversion kits and some             until May 31, 2008, after that it will be
Myanmar. Due to this active effort from         refuelling station equipment, Thai           increased to 10%.
TANGV, PTT and government, there are            government has also launched other              Reducing excise tax for OEM CNG
currently almost 20,000 NGVs                    supports to rapidly improve NGV use          cars from 30% to 20% (the gasoline
operating which consist of 7,200 taxis,         in the country as follows.                   powered car is imposed by 30%).
140 buses, 290 trucks, and the rest are                                                      Besides this, a CNG converted brand
personal low-duty vehicles.                        Issuing 2,500 new licenses for Tuk        new car which is converted by car
                                                Tuk powered by dedicated NG.                 manufacturers or/and its authorized
The CNG pricing strategy                        Currently, there are 3 OEM Tuk Tuk           workshop can be reimbursed its
PTT has set CNG price at 8.50 Baht per          manufacturers, in which Monika               conversion cost from government at
kg up to the end of 2007 and after that         seems to be the biggest one.                 cost but not more than 50,000 baht.
the price has been planned to be                   Granting 40M Bath for Heavy duty          However, the car manufacturer has to
gradually increased but not higher than         vehicle conversion. This will support        maintain warranty conditions to a
50% of diesel retail price.                     to each fleet owner at 70% of the            converted CNG car as the original
This announcement ensures that the              total conversion cost but not more           gasoline car. Consequence to this
economic benefit in using CNG will be           than 400,000 baht per vehicle. There         policy, DaimlerChrysler Thailand is
delivered to CNG loyalists for good.            are 110 transport companies applying         preparing to assemble OEM
                                                to this grant. So far, there are 420         Mercedes E200NGT which is planned
Delivery problems                               diesel powered vehicles converting to        to market by the end of year 2006.
"We want to build more NG stations              run on NG.                                   While, General Motor takes an option
than we planned, but the contractors               Exempting import duty for OEM             to maintain warranty conditions for
take many months to bring in all of             NG engine starting from June 5,              the converted brand new cars of their
those equipments to Thailand," said Mr.         2006, previously the duty had                authorized CNG conversion
Nuttachat Charuchinda, Executive Vice           imposed at 30%. Duty for importing           workshops. Many other OEMs follow.
President, Natural Gas Vehicles, PTT
Plc. "Delivery of CNG refuelling
equipment takes long time. In a way, the
(NGV) market is still in the hand of          Waiyaratpanich, the Director of the            NGV engine and equipment
suppliers," added Mrs Weena T.                Finance Department, BMA, stated that              Disseminating information
Chaianun, Manager of NGV Marketing            the conversion will be finalised within           Organization of meetings or
Planning, PTT Plc.                            the end of this month. Evaluation on car       seminars
                                              performance especially on energy                  Coordinating with the vehicle
The refuelling facility                       conservation capabilities will follow the      manufacturers to develop NGV
Presently, Thailand has 67 NG refuelling      project to see the possibility of              technology for maximum efficiency.
stations, 52 units of which are in            retrofitting more cars in the future, he          Conducting consumer surveys as
Bangkok and boundary. The refilling           added. BMA has also constructed CNG            feedback for further development
CNG time takes about 3 minutes for a          fuelling stations in three garbage                Coordinating with concerned
car (70 litre of NG cylinder). But there is   disposal plants at Tha Raeng, Oon Nut,         parties to establish, revise, improve
still a long queue waiting to refill CNG at   and Nong Khaem. Two more stations              and standardize the rules and
stations in downtown. Particularly, at        will be built in the future. PTT is actively   regulations on natural gas vehicles
the time that taxis change their shift,       adding NG fuelling amenities, also in
many taxi drivers are obliged to full CNG     collaboration with other gas companies.        PTT’s strategic implementation
tank before hand over to other drivers.                                                      approach
However, at the end of this year the          The active supporting parties                     Offering economic advantage to
situation will be very much improved          There are two main actors helping              natural gas consumers by offering lower
since there will be about 200 service         the government establish a healthy             CNG price compared to other fuels and
stations by that time.                        environment for NGV industry:                  low switching cost of
                                              TANGV (Thailand Association for NGV)           vehicles to NGVs;
Current activities                            and PTT, Thai national energy company.            Expanding NGV population with
Due to the promising market in Thailand,      Both parties work closely to actively          focus on high mileage vehicles
many OEMs and equipment companies             develop this industry in Thailand.             (e.g. NG buses commercialisation);
became confidence enough to enter this        TANGV aims to set example for other               Expanding NG service station
market and even build plants in this          countries in establishing a good and           network along gas distribution pipelines,
country (see more OEM list in this issue      profitable environment for this                highways and major cities and industrial
of this magazine). Recently, Bangkok          industry.                                      estate;
Metropolitan Administration (BMA)             Below are their roles in Thailand:                Providing available technology to
announced their project with PTT and             Increasing natural gas utilization in       assure consumers;
Department of Energy to convert 100           the transport sector                              Demonstrating the advantages and
units of the company cars to NGVs for            Developing consumer confidence in           safety of NGV usage by comparing to
the first phase. Mr. Nikom                    the safety, durability and efficiency of       other alternative fuels
October 2006                                                                                                                21

The voice from Pakistan
Subsidy on CNG buses
Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi announced    Expressing satisfaction over the green
that the government would give 20 %       rickshaw scheme, he said it was
subsidy on the purchase of new CNG        producing wholesome effects on the
buses. Presiding over a                   environment. It would not only increase
high-level meeting regarding the          income of the drivers but also control
promotion of the CNG-run transport in     pollution. Parking lots for these rickshaws
the province at the Chief Minister’s      would be fixed at the airport, railway
House, he said the Punjab Green Fund      station and at other important places.
Programme was being successfully          The government, the chief minister said,
carried out while the Bank of Punjab,     would provide additional resources of
the Small Industries Corporation and      Rs500 million to the Small Industries
the Punjab Cooperative Bank were          Corporation for the CNG rickshaw scheme.
ensuring provision of loans for the       He said the students would be
purchase of CNG rickshaws under the       encouraged to travel by buses as the
comprehensive programme.                  traffic problems got intensified during
The promotion of CNG transport, he        school closure hours. And the
said, was improving traffic management    government would bear subsidy on the
                                                                                        Bahadsai Mosque
and environment. Diesel-run buses were    purchase of CNG buses by the private
being converted into CNG ones under a     educational institutions.                     Shamshad Ahmad Khan pointed out
phased programme, he added.               He also made it clear that CNG                that employment opportunities had
He directed the officials concerned to    rickshaws would be provided to 100,000        been created with the introduction of
take action against the wagons plying     applicants in three years in big cities.      four-stroke CNG rickshaws. He said
unlawfully on various routes and ensure   Earlier, transport secretary Agha             radical changes were being brought
implementation of the ban on              Nadeem briefed the participants on the        about in the urban transport system of
two-stroke engine rickshaws on the        promotion of CNG transport.                   the province in accordance with the
Shahra-i-Quaid-i-Azam.                    Punjab Transport Minister Rana                chief minister’s directions.
22                                                                        October 2006

Opinion and feedback from
CNG taxi drivers in Thailand

Data: Interviewed Taxi Drivers in 2003   Data: Interviewed Taxi Drivers

NGV Driving Performance                  NGV Driving Performance

NGV vs Gasoline Poweres Taxis

NGV Driving Performance: Others          Feed back from Taxi drivers
October 2006                                                                                                                 23

Abu Dhabi sets NGV target for 2012
In accordance with the United Arab           biggest consumers of energy per
Emirates’ transport and energy policy to     capita. Accordingly, UAE carbon
switch to cleaner fuelled vehicles, the      emissions per capita in year 2000 were
authority in Abu Dhabi city set a target     9.7 metric tonnes comparing to 5.6
to convert 20% of government and taxi        metric tonnes in the US. The general
fleets to CNG vehicle fleets by 2012,        manager of the International Energy
according to an Environment Agency           Group (IEG), Mr Zeyad Al Majed, stated
Abu Dhabi (EAD) report.                      that the suppliers, oil and gas
In the report, taxis, buses and              companies will get higher profit from
government-owned vehicles, such as           CNG vehicle customers than from
municipality and police cars, are            industrial and utility customers.
identified as the most polluting vehicles    Customers will gain fuel saving as much
in the UAE. EAD has prepared the 2012        as 30%-40%, at least. As 80% of air
implementation strategy together with        pollution in this country is caused by
government agencies and oil                  vehicle emission, using CNGVs will also
companies. Additionally, all government      improve air quality a lot.
diesel vehicles will have to comply with
at least Euro III emission limits by 2012,   The cost of converting a car to a high
whereas the sulphur emission of the          quality CNGV is around Dh 4,500 (Euro        1st CNG public fuelling
vehicles must not exceed 10 ppm              957) while investment in fuelling facility
(particles per million).                     cost about Dh 1,5M (Euro 319,000) for        station in Abu Dhabi
One public CNG fuelling station was          a small station and Dh 4,5M (Euro            mentioned that government policy is an
opened in Mina Street in Abu Dhabi last      957,000) for a big unit. Since CNG cost      important aspect to the implementation
June and one more station is being           is much lower than petroleum fuels, the      of a wide scale CNG fuel programme. It
constructed in Dubai, presently.             payback period for converting a car to a     is expected that the government will
On a national scale, the need of moving      CNGV is around 1 to 1.5 years, taking a      provide leadership as an example and
towards clean fuels vehicle is               consideration of including 20%-50%           offer favourable regulations for the
recognised. UAE is one of the world’s        maintenance cost. Mr Al Majed                industry.
24                                                                                                                      October 2006

LNG vehicle market is "starting"
                                                                              The countries
                                                                         About 230 LNGVs and 3 fuelling stations in Beijing,
                                                                         Changsa and Wurumuqi are in service as per January
                                                                         2006 statistics. All are buses.
                                                                         A pilot LNG fuelling station was constructed in 2001.
                                                                         It has been inactive for 4 years but will be operated again
                                                                         in the near future. As for the vehicle, the government is
                                                                         developing a national R&D project.
                                                                         The government and a national gas company have
                                                                         developed a pilot programme to adopt LNGV technology,
                                                                         to prepare supporting regulations and to plan for the
                                                                         commercialisation of this market. Two LCNG stations
                                                                         plus one LNG station are already in service.
                                                                         Four vehicles will be demonstrated and studied for the
                                                                         commercialisation of LNGVs in this country.
 LNG capacity 2004, IEA and OGJ                                          Involved in the demonstration are two OEM vehicles: an
                                                                         LNG bus and an LNG tractor; and two retrofits: an LNG
If we talk about NGV market in many parts of the world, we               dual fuel tractor and a CNG cargo truck which will soon
normally refer to CNG vehicle market. However, NGV market                be retrofitted to LNGV.
actually also includes LNG, bio-methane (biogas) and                     Thailand
Hydrogen vehicles. But, these three categories are not                   To gain higher fuel cost saving, Thailand will start LNG
commonly adopted yet. For the LNG market, China, Norway,                 projects in 2007. This will include the construction of
the UK, and the USA are places to learn from, to mention                 LNG and mostly LCNG fuelling stations in Central
some. Nevertheless, with the fuel price and efficiency issue,            Bangkok city and all provinces: North, North-East, East
more Asian countries are starting to invest in this sector.              and South regions. LNG plants will be built in several
                                                                         areas too. As an example, a small LNG plant will be
Benefits of using LNG                                                    placed in Rayong with a capacity of 25 MMSCFD
• LNG is much cheaper and cleaner than petroleum fuels.                  (~ 500 tons/day) to supply 22 LCNG stations. This
O2, CO2, sulphur, and water were removed from the fuel                   station is targeted to serve 13,700 units HDVs, which will
during the liquefaction process. It contains almost 100%                 count for diesel fuel replacement of 700,000 litre/day.
methane (when natural gas is extracted from a mine, it
contains 90% methane). Emissions levels are much lower;
                                                                       Some facts
• The vehicle performance, utility and operation is                    • LNG supply is transported to the fuelling station by a
compatible to diesel vehicles;                                         vehicle, in spite of transferring it through a pipeline;

• The engine life could be longer than diesel and gasoline             • LNG is normally used in heavy-duty vehicles. This allows
engines due to its cleaner burning characteristics;                    intercity transportation to take advantage of LNG benefits;

• When using LCNG fuelling station, the maintenance cost is            • LNG vehicles and fuelling stations must be operated by
lower than running a CNG station, according to Philippe                trained personnel due to the safety issue. LNG is stored
Heisch from Cryostar SAS. LCNG station requires a                      below freezing temperature (-258°F), thus, it can cause
cryogenic pump instead of a compressor. Thus, compressor               frostbite if it comes into contact with skin. LNG vehicle should
maintenance cost, which is a major cost in keeping a CNG               be used frequently and stored outside;
station, is removed. Electrical cost is also lower as pressuring
LNG takes 600 times less space than CNG does;                          • In constructing a fuelling station, a thorough planning is
                                                                       essential. Make sure that all components from different
• LNG offers a more efficient fuelling cycle and the ability to fill   manufacturers match each other so that the station will
both in, LNG and CNG, from the LNG source;                             function properly. You might want to hire a consultant or seek
                                                                       for advice to avoid having a dysfunctional station (this
• Higher fuel economy: due to higher driving range and                 occurred once in the US when a station owner/builder
bigger fuel storage capacity, driving LNGV means creating              bought components from different companies whereas each
bigger saving and emitting lesser pollution;                           company gave a technical plan without matching/checking
                                                                       their product with other components).
• Fewer number of fuelling facilities is required as the need to       The existing number of LNG vehicles and fuelling facilities are
refuel is lower than CNGV.                                             still slim. But it is just a start.
26                                                                                                                       October 2006

Take-off of LNG vehicles in China
Why LNG Vehicles
You need to look at a bigger backdrop
if you want to well understand the LNG
vehicle story in China. Dating back to
1998 when China’s vice premier Li
Lanqing called on to launch a
nation-wide Clean Air Project to
address air pollution caused by various
sources, one of the key programmes in
the project was Clean Vehicle Action.

This programme covers the activities to
reduce tailpipe exhaust emissions in the
vehicle sector. And the action focused
on the solution with alternative fuel
vehicles. Considering the fuel supply,
China started with gas vehicles, namely
with CNG and LPG. Up to end of 2005,
China has a robust number of NGVs           China’s 1st LNG fuelling station in Beijing
with 127,000 CNG vehicles compared
to 116,430 LPG vehicles.                           Optimistic future attracts more players
Obviously the pace of the CNG vehicle
                                             Just imagine a meeting hall can not            refuelling station. It is quite impressive
adoption is by far more ahead than
                                             accommodate all the industry                   for the industry players to see the
those of LPGVs. But as CNG is used
                                             representatives related to LNG vehicle         advanced LNG refuelling
mainly in buses, some challenges rose:
                                             industry. It really happened in                infrastructures in terms of technology
1. Low energy content so that the
                                             Changsha, capital of Hunan province,           and management. According to the
vehicle can only carry limited volume of
                                             where the first big-scale LNG vehicle          National Committee for Auto
fuel, thus limit the driving distance;
                                             industry forum was held in July 2006.          Standardization, a standardization
2. High refuelling pressure is needed*;
                                             There, you found auto companies,               system for LNG vehicle industry has
3. Long refuelling time is required;
                                             engine makers, cylinder makers, gas            been laid out, concerning the fuel, the
4. Big use of land to establish a
                                             equipment makers, cryogenic                    infrastructure, the vehicle and special
refueling station.
                                             equipment makers, oil companies, as            equipments. That will help the
                                             well as government agencies,                   industry to develop healthily.
As a result, LNGV began to attract
                                             research institutes and universities.
people’s attentions. Not only the
                                             All the representatives had the                Based on what happened and what
national clean vehicle program includes
                                             opportunity riding urban transits              is happening, we expect a bright future
LNGV research and demonstration
                                             fuelled by LNG all the way to the              for the LNG vehicle industry in China.
projects, but also several local
governments enthusiastically developed
and promoted this vehicle.                 receiving terminal was launched in
Almost starting from scratch in 2003,      Shenzhen, an economically developed
nowadays China has more than 230           coastal city in China’s Guangdong
LNG buses operated: 50 in Beijing, 30      province. According to China’s Planning
in Urumchi, 50 in Changsha, and over       Institute of Oil and Chemistry Industry,
100 in Guiyang.                            there would be 30,000,000 tonnes of
                                           LNG imported by 2010.
Fuel supply                                And eleven coastal cities is planning to
In about 10 years, the LNG industry has    build eleven receiving terminals with
made a great progress with many            annual LNG storage capacity of at least
related technology as equipments were      3 million tonnes.
also substantially developed. In 2001,     This comply with a principle in
                                                                                             Willis Guan
China’s first small-scale natural gas      developing clean alternative fuel
liquefaction equipment was established     vehicles--security of fuel supply is priority.
in Zhongyuan Oil Field with a daily        However, currently LNG supply for                in the local market. Many local transit
processing capacity of 150,000m3.          demonstration cities is not so                   companies take great interest in this
In 2004, a 1,500,000 m3 LNG plant          convenient as the fuel has to be                 fuel.
was built by Xinjiang Guanghui Co.,Ltd.    transported by heavy trucks in a long
Another 100,000m3 LNG plant                distance. Even if the transportation cost        Author: Willis Guan, Programme
appeared in Shanghai. The first LNG        included, the LNG fuel is still competitive      Manager CPVC, China
October 2006   27
28                                                                                                                  October 2006

Advertise in the booming Asian market
Do you want to know how you can            Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, and          months, its 3,000 hard copies are
expand publicity for your company in       English.                                    distributed to 26 Asian countries
the booming NGV market--Asia? Asian        The magazine is addressed to NGV            including Middle Eastern and African
NGV Communications, the only spe-          leaders and top decision-makers in the      countries, and the electronic version of
cialised NGV magazine for this region      public and private sectors, which also      this publication is sent to 16.400 NGV
offers you the opportunity to boost your   include suppliers and potential buyers,     contacts in 94 countries around the world.
company exposure. The editorial is         such as government, public and private      Please see our editorial list for 2007 below
translated into six languages: Chinese,    fleets, etc. Being published every two      to see your advert opportunities.

 Edition Month released, Deadline          Special report                                   Events with massive distribution
                                                                                            Fuelling Pakistan
                                                                                            Dawn Exhibition on CNG, LPG,
                                                                                            and Alternative Energy
                                                                                            16-18 February 2007
     9    February         February 2nd    Country overview:                                Karachi, Pakistan
                                           the Asian summary
                                                                                            77th International Motor Show
                                                                                            8-18 March
                                                                                            Geneva, Switzerland

                                                                                            ExpoGNV 2007
                                           Fuelling station and vehicle conversion market
     10   April            March 2nd                                                        May
                                           in Asia: the most active countries
                                                                                            San Pablo, Brazil

                                                                                            13th ENGVA Conference
                                           Globalisation and harmonisation: vehicle,
     11   June             May 4th                                                          19-21 June
                                           fuelling station and equipment                   Strasbourg, France

                                           Thailand: market opportunities for NGV &          CNG CONEX 2007
     12   August           July 4th        fuelling station suppliers LNG project reviews in September
                                           Asia                                              Pakistan

                                         The views of OEMs and equipment suppliers:         2nd ANGVA conference &
                           September 4th valves, conversion kits, cylinder and
     13   October
                                         compressor2nd anniversary of the Asian NGV         24-27 October
                                         Communications                                     Bangkok, Thailand
                                           Yearly reviews on Asian NGV industry: market
     14   December         November 4th
                                           tendencies and potentials
October 2006                                                                                                            29

NGV Communications Group was
appointed as ANGVA 2007 organizer
Last September 13th, the Working
Committee of ANGVA 2007 (2nd
                                                                                                 Mr. Nuttachat
Conference and Exhibition of the Asia
Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles
                                                                                                 Chairman of ANGVA
Association) officially appointed NGV
                                                                                                 2007 Working
Communications Group as organizer of
                                                                                                 Committee and PTT
the event.
                                                                                                 Plc NGV Executive
After an international bidding process
                                                                                                 Vice President (right)
that took two months of evaluating and
                                                                                                 and Mr. Claudio
considering various proposals, the                                                               Kohan, of NGV
above mentioned committee, made up                                                               Comm. Group,
by the Thailand Association of Natural                                                           immediately after
Gas Vehicles (TANGV), PTT PLC and                                                                announcing the
the Thailand Convention & Exhibition                                                             Group as Official
Bureau (TCEB), officially approved the                                                           Organizer of next
offer presented by the Group, which                                                              ANGVA 2007
has a 20-year experience in NGV
From NGV Communications Group and
Asian NGV Communications, we thank        NGV markets in the globe.               The first version was carried out in 2005
for the vote of confidence entrusted to   The 2nd Asia Pacific Natural Gas        in Malaysia, with the presence of
us and we have already set to the task    Vehicles Association, ANGVA 2007 -      exhibitors from the main NGV compa-
of working for the organization of this   Exhibition and Conference – will take   nies all over the world.
event, which will be held in our          place in Bangkok, Thailand, from 24th   For further information:
continent, one of the most promising      to 27th of October next year. 
30                                                                                                                         October 2006

ExpoGNV 2007 in May at São Paulo
The next ExpoGNV will be held in May 2007 in São Paulo,
the biggest city in Brazil, and the venue chosen was the
Expo Center Norte.
The goal of the events is to show the most modern,
economical and less pollutant products existing in the
NGV sector.
ExpoGNV 2007 will be performed by the Petroleum and Gas
Brazilian Institute – IBP- in partnership with Folha do GNV ,
company of NGV Communications Group.
                                                                      View from Expo Center Norte
As one of the star in the NGV industry, Brazil produces
about 63.5 M m3 of natural gas per day and operates                 NGV laboratories, stations, companies and other initiatives.
1,320 CNG fuelling stations. With over 400 fuelling                 The Expo Center Norte offers the most modern technical
facilities, and 1.200.000 NGVs, São Paulo has become a              facilities for their clients and visitors. It is near the bus station,
notable country.                                                    Marginal Tietê, with direct access to the state and interstate
With more than 8.000 m2 space, we will held the                     roads, 20 minutes from the Guarulhos Airport. Every detail of
conference, exhibition, NGVs test drive, technical tours to         this complex is made for the benefit of the user.

Rainbow CNG solutions
The steep vertical rise of oil prices in recent years has brought   Its mission is to establish a bridge between the expertise and
a rapid expansion of the CNG market, especially in Asia.            experience in CNG in South America and the rapidly
Rainbow CNG was established in 2005 by a team of CNG                expanding economies of Asia, which is the driving force
experts with at least 10 years experience in the industry, in       behind the need for cheaper fuel.
response to an expanding need for cheaper fuel alternatives.        Rainbow CNG is present in the following countries:
The parent company, Bangladesh Autocars has a long history          Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, China ,
in the automotive field and is also quoted on the Dhaka Stock       India and Bangladesh.
Exchange.                                                           Argentina is the recognised world leader in CNG technology
                                                                    and services. This leadership was built over the past 20
                                                                    years, when the most advanced Italian manufacturers
                                                                    relocated some of their plants to South America.
                                                                    The carefully cultivated network of Argentine suppliers with
                                                                    which Rainbow works gives it the edge over other companies
                                                                    operating in the same field.
                                                                    We have an extensive range of products to meet with all
                                                                    kinds of needs and which we constantly update and innovate.
                                                                    From complete CNG filling stations, designed to operate even
                                                                    at the lowest of inlet pressures, to vehicle conversion kits and
                                                                    We are also introducing a UK developed technology to
                                                                    convert diesel trucks to 100% CNG operation. This system
                                                                    entails changing the pistons and using injection coils.
                                                                    Our engineers have recently invented a modified mixer that
                                                                    enables the conversion of a 2 stroke engine to CNG.
                                                                    With our network of experts, we can offer reliable consultancy
                                                                    on best possible set of machinery tailored to specific need of
                                                                    the location, market, weather conditions, vehicle age and
                                                                    road system. A complete turnkey service can also be offered,
                                                                    whereby we can plan and install the CNG filling station in the
                                                                    determined location.
                                                                    For a detailed guide to our products and services please visit
                                                                    our website

                                                                    German office:Tel. 0049 221 1394343
                                                                    Fax.0049 221 5000437 Ms. Maria Dilhara Fernando
                                                                    Cell. 00491704626326
                                                                    Bangkok office: Cel. 006652257545 Mr. Giuliano Vallini
                                                                    Dhaka office: Cell: 0088 189224480 Mr. Mohammad Murad
October 2006                                                                                                                      31

LNG/LCNG refueling station
As the adoption of natural gas vehicles       b. Liquid source   refueling in gas          technologies (LNG/CNG) in one
is increasing and the quest to provide        (CNG).                                       installation while using liquid fuel
cost effective customer solutions             Need a cryogenic high pressure pump,         storage, thus making it independent
continues, the optimization of fuelling       a high pressure vaporizer and a buffer       from the grid. As a result, the
stations is becoming increasingly             storage capacity                             investment and maintenance costs of a
critical. The introduction of combined                                                     LCNG station are by far lower than
liquid and compressed natural gas             An LCNG fuelling station is designed to      investing in 2 different stations for each
refueling stations (LCNG) is the latest       deliver both CNG and LNG to vehicle’s        fuelling mode (CNG/LNG).
step towards increasing cost                  tanks depending on vehicle type.
efficiencies. An important economic           The LCNG stations pulls LNG from the         To fuel a vehicle from a liquefied source
step in natural gas fuelling station is the   storage tank through a LCNG pump             either in liquid form or in gaseous form
use of liquid natural gas (LNG) as            which pressurizes the LNG up to 400          represents the future of automotive
opposed to compressed natural gas             bars and more, and send it to a              fuels by presenting different advantages
(CNG) as this mode of supply offers           vaporizer which turns the liquid into gas    such as higher autonomy, higher effi-
significant operational cost savings.         by ambient heat exchange.                    ciency as well as reduced on-board
                                              The natural gas is then odorized before      storage space requirements for vehicles
Today, there are 3 different refueling        being pressurized into the high pressure     (LNG takes 630 times less space than
technologies:                                 storage capacities which will deliver        CNG) and offering competitive solution
   CNG filling system:                        CNG to the vehicles during the pump          in terms of price and efficiency for the
Gaseous source       refueling in gas         cool down time. LCNG refueling station       refueling station.
Need a compressor                             pressurize the liquid gas via a cryogenic
   LNG filling system:                        pump as opposed to a compressor and          Philippe Fauvel, Assistant
Liquid source     refueling in liquid         the liquid can then subsequently be          distribution line.
Need a cryogenic centrifugal pump.            vaporized by a heat exchanger in order       Head quarter :Cryostar SAS, France,
   LCNG filling system:                       to use it in CNG vehicles or remain in
a. Liquid source     refueling in liquid      liquid form for LNG vehicles.                Cryostar China: Third building, N°17
(LNG).                                        The main point of the LCNG fuelling          Shanxian Road, Hangzhou – China
Need a cryogenic centrifugal pump             station is the combination of two fuelling   310004,
32                                                                                                              October 2006

CSV 15 valve                                                                        NGVI and
Cryostar -the world leader in cryogenic
equipment- has developed the new
high pressure CSV 15 valve which                                                    Korea’s NGVI has a joint venture signed
meets the highest quality and                                                       with the US’s CFI for the localised
performances standards on the                                                       production and manufacture of LNG
industrial and natural gas market.                                                  cylinders and system components.
                                                                                    NGVI will spend the next 10 months
The valve has been successfully tested                                              developing and testing prototype
at Air Liquide CTE test for adiabatic                                               systems using various cylinder sizes.
compression with oxygen up to 400 bar
(5800 psi) at 60°C. The CSV 15                                                      Korea has a very mature gas grid as
                                           Cryostar’s CSV 15 valve
(DN 15 nominal diameter) is available                                               most of its gas imports arrive in liquefied
either in normally closed or normally      from the line. Two pressure Euro" BSPP   form. Korea’s state run Kogas is the
opened configuration; with manual or       (F) connections are available on each    world’s single largest importer of LNG.
automatic configuration by                 valve.                                   "The NGVI CFI joint venture represents
simply interchanging the actuator.         This new CSV 15 valve meets the most     an important step in Korea’s supply
This CSV valve offers the advantages of    advanced industry requirements in        chain to support a domestic LNG
a modular design which allows different    terms of reliability, safety and         vehicle industry. With Korea’s three LNG
positioning of the valves enabling its     performances.                            terminals and increasing LNG imports
easy integration into customer process.                                             this fuel is fast becoming an increasing
Its compact design meets customer          For more information, contact:           option as a solution to Korea’s energy
requirements in terms of space savings.;                       and environment insecurities,"
These valves can be connected via                       said NGVI President Kevin Park.
special brass interconnections, which      China office: Cryostar China, Third      NGVI’s target market up to the year
means no welding is needed to connect      building, N°17 Shanxian Road,            2020 is Korea’s 3 million diesel trucks.
them. Special connections for line         Hangzhou – China 310004                  It is NGVI’s aim to have these diesel
piping are also available in Euro", thus   Phone : 86 571 8536 8331;                cargo trucks replaced with CNG and
allowing easy dismounting of the valve     fax: 86 571 8536 8409                    LNG cargo trucks.
October 2006                                                                                               33

NGV drive in Asian market
EngineTech Co. Ltd. is a company             by PTT in Thailand. In Malaysia, they
focused on diesel engine conversion to       made and agreement to supply retrofitted
natural gas, which is now popular in         H07C and D4BB engines to an NGV
South-East Asian NGV market. This firm       retrofit company which also supplies
was founded in 1999. The founder of          NGV engines and conversion kits.
the company has more than 10 years
experience in Hyundai and Kia Motor          The market of CNG engines (NGV) in
within the engine development                South-East Asia has expanded rapidly.
department. More than 70% of the             There is a rising need of having more
company employees are mechanical             various engine options due to air
engineers who have experiences in            pollution and fuel economy reasons.
developing the engines in automotive         EngineTech Co. Ltd. is gladly providing
companies.                                   such market needs. And they will
EngineTech Co. Ltd. started as a             expand their markets around the world.
professional company that designs and
                                                                                        EngineTech’s CNG
tests automotive engines. As the
representative director of CNG
Business, Lee Yong Gyun said" We
accumulate and store knowledge for
engine development, especially in the
field of CNG and LPG engines.
We provide a total solution to develop
new engine technology as we have the
capability to design, analyze, test,
evaluate and produce engines. Then we
create a business model to develop the
CNG and LPG engines."

Nowadays, clean air and fuel economy
are important and, thus more stringent
emission standard is being introduced,
and cheaper alternative fuel is being
needed. Therefore, diesel engine
conversion to CNG becomes more
attractive especially in South-East Asian
market. As Lee continued, "We focus
on the development of CNG engine to
meet the requirement in the market.
We have already developed 3 litre, 6
litre, 7 litre, and 11 litre engines for
medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks
and buses. Also, we have a plan to
expand our engine line-up to heavy
duty trucks and large buses as we are
now developing 12 litre and 13 litre
engines. These engines are set to TLEV
and EURO 2 standard and to acquire
engine performance equal to the base
diesel engine. Furthermore, it is possible
to extend the engine life time during the
retrofit of the CNG engine."

The company has supplied NGVs to
Thailand and Malaysia. They are
anticipating to enter the Indonesian
market. In Thailand they converted KIA
Motor’s H07C engines (the base model
is HINO engine from Japan) for buses,
which is being tested in Bangkok city
now. These conversion kits are certified
34                                                                                                                     October 2006

CNGmass, a new flowmeter
A new flowmeter for refueling                    Superb production quality
CNG-powered vehicles.                            Excellent measuring accuracy,
Small, compact and highly                    ensured by our own
accurate                                     accredited calibration facilities
When it comes to billing and paying for          World-wide accepted Ex-approvals
the amount of CNG actually pumped,               Various custody-transfer approvals:
the measuring accuracy at the                PTB (Germany), NMi (Netherlands),
dispenser is just as important as with       NTEP (USA), W&M (Canada) CNGmass
any other fuel. Therefore, the "brain" in    can be used world-wide and is totally
every CNG dispenser is a flowmeter           robust. Its extremely compact design
that measures the quantity of fuel           enables it to be installed virtually
transferred from dispenser to vehicle        anywhere (DN 15: 277 x 139 x 308 mm
with the absolute highest accuracy –         10.90 x 5.47 x 12.1 inches; DN 25: 316
reliability day in, day out, round the       x 139 x 313 mm / 12.44 x 5.47 x 12.32          CNGmass with wheel
clock. These are some of the benefits        inches). Two sizes are available for
of CNGmass, which has been specifically      practical applications – DN 15 for             and service engineers. They are not
designed for such applications.              refueling passenger cars and DN 25             only available for pre-sales and
This Coriolis flowmeter for refueling CNG-   for trucks and buses.                          commissioning support, but in addition
powered vehicles sets new standards          In our world-wide sales network we             to fulfill your maintenance and service
and incorporates unique features:            have on hand competent application             requirements.

CompAir launches new Gazpack
Compressed air and gas specialist            Lord, Chief Development Engineer.              the key features that have made the
CompAir will launch a new CNG                "We are continually looking for ways to        Gazpack series so popular: reliability, a
compressor at NGV 2006 in Cairo,             reduce servicing times, for example,           modular design offering flexibility and
Egypt on 7th-9th November 2006.              none of the Gazpack 42 parts require           potential for growth, well-balanced
The Gazpack 42 water cooled                  selective fitting, plus the third and fourth   compressor design removing the need
compressor is a new addition to the          piston rings are supplied as a cartridge       for special foundations, and a variety of
popular Gazpack series of modular,           which makes replacement quick and              packaging options; all helping to reduce
ready-to-run CNG refuelling systems.         easy. The coolers are all withdrawable         site civil works and the cost of
Designed primarily for small to medium       and of straight tube design and that           installation, maintenance and potential
sized public refuelling stations, the        makes cleaning much quicker.                   station expansion.
Gazpack 42 supplies between 275 and          "Simple things have also been improved
555 m3/hr at a delivery pressure of 250      and now cleansing of the inlet filter          The Gazpack 42 is available as a
bar g, though higher delivery pressures      doesn’t require any interruption of the        minimum specification unit or can be
of up to 350 bar g are available.            gas pipeline and oil tops up can be            packaged in an attractive, acoustic
This new model is suited for gas inlet       made without stopping the compres-             enclosure offering 72dB(A) at 1 meter,
pressures from 0.015 to 1 bar g, with a      sor," continues Mr Lord.                       incorporating gas recovery, filtration and
higher inlet model, allowing inlet                                                          cooling systems. A wide range of
pressures of 2 to 7 bar g, set for           "We are also aware of space restrictions       dispensers, storage, dryers, controls
release early next year.                     and the absence of lifting gear at many        and electronic access systems can also
                                             installations, so the Gazpack 42 has no        be supplied.
The Gazpack 42 incorporates proven           top end component weighing more                CompAir have now supplied over 950
CompAir compressor technology                than 25 kg. This eliminates the need           CNG compressors to more than 25
combined with advances in design and         for lifting gear during top end servicing.     countries across 6 continents and offers
serviceability based on 25 years of          Additionally, all liners and pistons are       extensive turnkey project experience,
experience in the CNG refuelling             removable with easy access through             advanced compressor design, and a
industry. "Reliability is key to the         the top end and, to help with space            truly local service capability. A "Total
successful uptake of CNG refuelling.         restrictions, the majority of the service      Solution" approach to CNG refuelling.
The refuelling experience needs to be        work can be carried out from one side          Come and see the Gazpack 42 water
as easy as filling a petrol or diesel        of the compressor by a single service          cooled compressor on stand 45 at NGV
vehicle. At CompAir we believe a             engineer, without the need for special         2006 in Cairo, Egypt from 7th-9th
critical part of this is about minimising    tools or equipment."                           November 2006.
downtime during routine servicing of the
compressor, thereby reducing disruption      In addition to the enhanced                    Contact:
to the refuelling process" explains Abel     serviceability, the Gazpack 42 retains         web:

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