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					Line graphs: (25 pts) For EACH STOCK purchased in the
Regular Tracking Section, you will need to create a graph that
accurately shows how the value of your stock varied over the 4
weeks. You MUST also display information such as original price,
highest price, lowest price, the final selling price, and the amount
gained or lost (in both dollar amount AND percentage). Sample                  $                       Blah blah blah
                                                                                                       Blah blah blah
                                                                                                       Blah blah blah
graph to the right:


Comparison bar graphs: (5 pts. ea.) Your report must
                                                                15.00%                13.28%
have two comparison graphs: The first will show the                        11.50%
performance of all the stocks bought and sold. It MUST          10.00%
also contain information concerning your overall                 5.00%                                               Disney
performance in the stock market over the four weeks (in          0.00%                                               Alcoa
both total amount and percentage gain/loss). The graph          -5.00%                   1                           IBM
to the right is an example.                                    -10.00%
                                                                                          Overall performance total?
         The second comparison graph (The “DCA                 -15.00%          -12.36% Overall performance %?
Graph”) will show the results from the Dollar-Cost
Averaging (DCA) Section (no example shown). This graph MUST be a percentage comparison: the percentage
gained/lost by investing all-at-once versus the percentage gained/lost from periodic investing. You must then
write a 2-3 sentence analysis about which method of investing was more profitable for you.

Dividend Report: (5 pts.) Sometime during the four weeks, we will gather information about what dividends, if
any, are being paid by the companies you invested in. You will then create a table that displays the amount of
money you earned from dividends per company, the taxes you paid per company (15% of total), and the
difference of the two. At the bottom of the table, total each column to indicate how much you made and paid (in
taxes) overall.

Delivery of Project: Project should be on 8½” X 11” paper and delivered professionally (clear cover and bound
is best. NO three-ring binders, please!). Type everything that can be typed (i.e. business letter, article
summaries, dividend report, etc.)

Final Project Checklist (PUT IN ORDER):

                                              Cover sheet         ______
                                                 Pie chart        ______
                                  Individual stock graphs         ______
                                    Comparison graph #1           ______
                                 DCA comparison graph             ______
                                         Dividend Report          ______
                                 Articles (w/ summaries)          ______
                                           Business letter        ______
                                      Internet assignment         ______
                                           Tracking sheet         ______
                              Gain/loss calculation sheet         ______
                         Final Stock Project Grade Sheet          ______

Grading: You will receive the Final Stock Project Grade sheet that will help to ensure you get the best grade
possible on this project. Failure to complete this project may cause you to fail this course.
                                          INVESTING BACKWARDS:
                              THE STOCK MARKET TRACKING PROJECT
Over the next four weeks, you will be tracking your performance in the stock market by investing $10,000 in a
variety of companies. You will then present a profile on each of the stocks you have chosen to track in a clear,
concise, and creative portfolio-style report.

                                               The Assignment
Purchasing stocks: you have $10,000 to spend in the purchases of stocks. You must buy in a minimum of 5
different companies, one of which must be the Pepsi Corporation. You can invest in more if you wish (more
companies could mean a better grade, but it also means more work on your part).

Tracking stocks: Every few days you will be able to check your stock prices in the newspaper. You are
encouraged (but not required) to calculate your performance. You will also be purchasing an additional amount
of stock every 3-4 days for one company in the “Dollar-Cost Averaging Section”—more information on this
will be available later.

                                               The Final Report
At the end of the 4 weeks, you will have time to create a report on this assignment. It will contain the following:

Articles: (15 pts.)You will be expected to keep an eye on the news in regards to at least two companies in
which you have invested. You must obtain at least two articles from a newspaper, magazines or the internet,
dealing with at least 2 companies. Write a summary for each article which details what is happening. Then
include your opinion on how the news in the article could affect the price of your stock.

Business letter: (10 pts.)You will need to compose a business letter (in proper business letter format)
requesting an “annual report” (or other information) from one of the companies in which you have invested. If
you obtain the actual, glossy, bound annual report from a company, you can earn 5 points extra credit (NO
internet annual reports accept for this credit).

Internet assignment: (5 pts.)During this course we will go to the computer lab and begin an internet research
assignment that will introduce you to one of many sites that allow you to investigate and compare companies.
The assignment is expected to be completed and submitted in your final project.

Pie chart/graph: (5 pts.) For the
                                                               Appropriate Title?
stocks purchased in the Regular
Tracking Section, you will need
to create a pie chart that                                    9.5%                                      Pepsi
graphically displays how you
                                                         19.3%                                          Disney
spent your money based on
percentage (to the nearest tenth                                                                        Alcoa
of a percent). Make sure it has a                                                                       IBM
title that indicates the purpose                          10.3%
of the graph. Make sure you                                            37.5%                            Ford
include the brokerage fee. The
graph to the right is an example.

                             amt. spent on 1 company
                                                            X 100 = %
                                    total spent

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