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Stock Maintain Form - PDF


Stock Maintain Form document sample

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                                                 Floor Stock Agreement

This agreement is between Lindar Corporation (manufacturer) and

   ITEM#                        DESCRIPTION                               MINIMUM                 MAXIMUM

LINDAR will maintain a minimum floor stock on the above mentioned items. This constitutes

approximately a maximum of a                     month(s) supply for each item.

In return the customer agrees to receive shipment up to the maximum inventory level set forth in this
document, prior to any decision to change material choices, packaging, suppliers, loss of sales of the
customer product or any other reason that either reduces or ends the use of this item. Should
movement of item decline for the customer in such a way that the maximum amount allowed exceeds
twice the approximate usage time frame, customer also agrees to receive shipment up to maximum
amount allowed under this agreement, and minimum and maximum amounts for future will be
adjusted per mutual agreement at that time.

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           Signature                                                      Date

   LINDAR Corporation 7789 Hastings Road, Baxter, MN 56425 Phone: (218) 829-3457 Fax: (218) 829-8013

       To submit this form: Click Print button at top of the form and mail or fax to LINDAR Corporation.
                                                                                                               Form 1002

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