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									                        Atlantic Self Storage

                         HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT
                  (Must include copy of I.D. with matching signature)

                    Unit # _________     Effective Date ___/___/___

     First Name ___________ Middle Name _________ Last Name ___________

          Address ________________________________________________
                  City / State / Zip _________/_______/__________

                         Home Phone Number (___) ___-____
                         Work Phone Number (___) ___-____

                             I understand and agree to the following:
    In order to have deliveries made to my storage unit, I will provide, to the manager of
Atlantic Self Storage, a key to my lock. The manager then has permission to give the key
to the delivery driver making deliveries to my unit. The manager is in no way responsible
                         for my unit or the deliveries being made there.
 I understand that the manager will not be obligated to oversee deliveries or accompany
   the drivers to the unit. The manager will sign for the shipment only for the purpose of
                      filling the requirements of the delivery companies.

                                Customer Signature
               (Must include a copy of I.D. with matching signature)

 Please print this document, and send it to your local facility office, or you may fax it.
     Please contact that office for their address or fax number, or visit us online at for that information. This form cannot be submitted online,
   it must be delivered to the facility office with a copy of your I.D. with matching
          signature. If no copy is included, this request will not be processed.

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