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									                           ENROLMENTS AND FEES
  All enrolments must be confirmed a week prior to course commencing by payment of
   fees at the office.
  Classes will not proceed if there are insufficient numbers.
  Fees will be refunded in full if SGAE cancels a course.
  No fees will be refunded once classes commence.
  If a student cancels within 3 days of course commencing a 10% admin fee will
   be charged.

     C O M P U T ER T R A I N I N G                 ( H a mi l t o n, R ur al & C u s t o mi s e d)

INTERNET AND EMAIL TRAINING — An introduction to the Internet and Email
WORD — Word Processing package that can be used for many office tasks.
EXCEL — An excellent spreadsheet program for budgets, financial proposals etc.
ACCESS — A database management system used for client records.
PUBLISHER — Ideal for the production of flyers, price lists, social club newsletters etc.
POWERPOINT — An ideal program for creating presentations and slide shows.
WEB PAGE DESIGN — Creating your business Web Page with special effects.
As well as offering training for individuals, computer training can be tailored to suit the
needs of your business or organisation. Training can be conducted at your premises and
at a time to suit you by high quality, experienced tutors.

    Cert I & II Financial Services                     Cert II Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)
    Cert II Information Technology                     Cert IV TAE (Training & Assessment)
    Cert II Retail                                     VCAL & Youth Education Program
    Cert II Hospitality                                Responsible Serving of Alcohol

                     H O B B Y A ND L E I S U RE CL A S S E S
  SGAE offers a wide range of hobby and leisure classes to suit everyone
  Recreational and leisure classes as well as specialist computer based classes
  A variety of classes are scheduled each term (see inside brochure for full details)

                        RETURN TO STUDY OR WORK
  Cert. I & II in General Education for Adults         ESL—Conversational English
  Accredited Youth Education Program                   Bookkeeping Concepts
     (recognised by Centrelink)                         Return to Work Program
  VCAL (Senior & Intermediate) - held in               Literacy on Line
     conjunction with South West TAFE
            R E T U R N TO S T U D Y O R W O R K
                                                                                                         S GA E P RI VAC Y P OLI C Y

                                                                                         Southern Grampians Adult Education is required to provide the Victorian
                    FOR ADULTS                                                           Government, through Skills Victoria, with student and training activity data
                                                                                         which may include information provided on the enrolment form.
            Reading, Writing and Numeracy - if you are looking to improve your skills,   Information is required to be provided in accordance with the Victorian
                      these informal sessions provide a fun way to learn.                VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines (
                                  Tuesdays 9:30am - 3:30pm                               statistics/submit_data)
          Reading, Writing and Numeracy - geared to everyday life situations.
            The computer becomes a wonderful tool to develop these skills.               The Education and Training Reform Act 2006 requires Southern Grampians
                               Fridays 9:30am - 12 noon                                  Adult Education to collect and disclose personal information for a number
                                                                                         of purposes including the allocation of a Victorian Student Number and
                                  Cost $70 per term
                                                                                         updating personal information on the Victorian Student Register. Students
                                                                                         have the right to access and alter their personal information in accordance
                                                                                         with the Information Privacy Act 2000 and the Health Records Act 2001,
                 YOUTH EDUCATION PROGRAM                                                 and need to confirm they have provided true and accurate information.

                                                                                         Information about enrolments and participation in training may also be given
This course is aimed at further general education, entry into the workplace, return to
  formal school education, increased skill development and certificate attainment.       to:
                                                                                           a sponsoring organisation eg. an employer (traineeships) or other
                    Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9:00am - 3:00pm                          agency that are paying the fees
                                                                                           to Centrelink about student attendance (if student receives a
                                                                                              Centrelink payment)

                                                                                         Students will need to:
                                                                                           Acknowledge and agree to the terms described in this privacy
Is English your second language? Join this multi-cultural group, improve your use of       Agree to abide by the policies and procedures of Southern Grampians
  English as well as discovering the many “Australian” adaptations of the language.           Adult Education as detailed in the Student Handbook.
                                   Cost $70 per term                                       Agree to pay the Course Fee BEFORE the course starts in order to
                                                                                              confirm enrolment.
                               Mondays           9:30am — 11:00am                          For any other arrangements students will be required to discuss with
                               Thursdays         11:00am — 12:00pm                            the Administration Department.
                               Thursdays          1:00pm — 3:00pm                          Students will acknowledge that they will not receive certificates
                                                                                              relating to their course until all fees are paid.

                      SGAE is supported by the
             Barwon South Western Regional Council of
 Page 2
              Adult, Community and Further Education
                 H O B B Y                        AN D       L E I S U R E
                                                                                                                           AC C R E D I T E D C O U R S E S 2 0 11

     HOME BARISTA COFFEE                                      VIETNAMESE COOKING
                 Bruach Colliton                                        Corinne Hopewell                    CERTIFICATE IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110
                     (2 session)s                                           (2 sessions)
                                                         Need to leave the cold, wet, wintry weather, but   This qualification will enable you to develop the competencies required to perform the
Impress your friends by learning how to make
a coffee as good as the professionals at home
                                                         just don't have the time or the money? We          role of a skilled trainer, facilitator and assessor in the workplace as well as in a Voca-
                                                         have the solution. We can take you to a tropical   tional Education and Training (VET) environment. It is also considered a valuable quali-
with your own espresso machine. You will learn
                                                         paradise, with white beaches, warm water and       fication to many employers and organisations and essential if you wish to become a
how to grind good coffee, make different coffee
                                                         plenty of 'food' and fun. We're travelling to
styles, how to froth milk and cleaning the                                                                  teacher/trainer at an RTO.
                                                         Vietnam, to indulge in stuffed chicken wings,
machine. This is a hands on course and you are                                                              (Contact hours—1 evening per week)
                                                         paper rice rolls, cellophane noodles and beauti-
encouraged to bring along your own machine.
                                                         ful french inspired fare. So, pack your bags,
 Date:          Mon 29 Aug & 5 Sep                       escape the winter blues and join in the fun of a
 Time:          1.30pm—4.30pm                            low cost, no passport needed cooking holiday in
 Cost:          $75                                      Vietnam.
 Venue:         The Roxburgh, Thompson St.
                                                         Date:      Tue 23 & 30 Aug                                            CERTIFICATE II Retail SIR20207
                                                         Time:      7.00pm—9.30pm
                                                         Cost:      $130 (all ingredients included)         This qualification is designed to reflect the role of entry level employees providing
                                                         Venue:     Hamilton District Skills Centre         product and sales information to customers, selling, replenishing stock and maintaining.
     CUPCAKE DECORATING                                             Mt Baimbridge Rd, Hamilton
                      Jo Frost                                                                              (Contact hours—2 days per week)
                     (1 session)
Learn the tips, tricks and secrets of turning the
simple cup cake into a mini masterpiece with Jo
Frost, a qualified chef. Join in for a night of fun
with cupcake cooking and hands-on decorating                                                                            CERTIFICATE II in Hospitality SIT20207
and be inspired by your creations.
 Date:       Wed 7 September
 Time:       6.30pm-9.00pm                               We welcome ideas for new classes. If you           This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in
 Cost:       $60 (all ingreds & cupcakes to take home)   wish to learn a specific skill or are a passion-   a range of activities and functions requiring basic operational knowledge. The qualifica-
 Venue:      Hamilton District Skills Centre             ate tutor with skills you would like to share,     tion is suitable for an Australian apprenticeship pathway.
             Mt Baimbridge Rd, Hamilton                  please contact our office. We welcome all          (Contact hours—2 days per week)

                                                                                                             CERTIFICATE II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) SIT20307

                                                                                                            This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in
          Southern Grampians Adult Education acknowledges the support of                                    a range of kitchen functions. The qualification is suitable for an Australian apprentice-
               Monivae College in assisting in the delivery of certain                                      ship pathway.
                               Specialist IT Courses                                                        (Contact hours—2 days per week)
                                                                                                              H O B B Y                  AN D           L E I S U R E
                AC C R E D I T E D C O U R S E S 2 0 11

                                                                                                  DRAWING IN DIFFERENT                              CONVERSATIONAL ITALIAN
     CERTIFICATE II in Information Technology ICA20105                                                 MEDIUMS                                                        (9 sessions)
                                                                                                                Sandra Kranz
                                                                                                                 (6 sessions)                      Join in this friendly class and learn to commu-
This qualification provides the foundation ICT skills and knowledge for an individual to be                                                        nicate and enjoy speaking everyday Italian.
an effective ICT user or employee. This qualification provides fundamental skills and         Develop the skills & knowledge to draw with          Conversation focuses on communicating effec-
knowledge required for effective entry to all ICA05 qualifications from Certificate 111       pastels, charcoal, ink or pencil from                tively in a relaxed and informal environment.
upwards.                                                                                      experienced and well renowned Dunkeld artist,        This is suited to everyday learners, prospective
(Contact hours—2 days per week)                                                               Sandra Kranz. Develop skills to copy a likeness      travellers or those wanting to build on their
                                                                                              of a subject using correct technique,                existing skills.
                                                                                              draftsmanship and materials. Suitable for
                                                                                              either the beginner or those with some               Date:           Tue 26 Jul—20 Sep
                                                                                              experience.                                          Time:           7.00pm—8.45pm
                                                                                                                                                   Cost:           $115
                                                                                                                                                   Venue:          SGAE Training Room
                                                                                               Date:       Wed 20 Jul—22 Aug                                       81 Gray Street, Hamilton
         CERTIFICATE II in Financial Services FNS20104                                         Time:       7.00pm—9.00pm
                                                                                               Cost:       $120 (inc. all materials)
The Certificate 11 is a stand-alone credential designed to facilitate entry to the industry    Venue:      SW TAFE, Hammond St, Hamilton
and develop basic work skills. The purpose of the Certificate 11 is a pathway into the Fi-
nancial Services industry.                                                                                                                             FOOD SAFETY HANDLING
(Contact hours—1 day per week)                                                                                                                                      Bruach Colliton
                                                                                                 RESPONSIBLE SERVING OF                                                (1 session)

                                                                                                     ALCOHOL (RSA)                                This is suitable for those involved with food
                                                                                                             Tony Macgillivray                    preparation at school canteens or fundraising
                                                                                                                  (1 session)                     events. It is essential for all staff who work with
                                                                                              If you work in a community club or licensed         food production in the Hospitality, Retail, Food
          CERTIFICATE I in Financial Services FMS10104                                        premises, and have the responsibility of            Processing & Health sectors. Participants who
                                                                                              servicing or selling alcohol, it is mandatory for   successfully complete this course will have the
                                                                                              all people to complete this RSA Certificate.        appropriate qualification to work in a food han-
The Certificate 1 is a stand-alone qualification and is designed to facilitate an under-
                                                                                                                                                  dling environment.
standing of the Australian financial services marketplace and person financial situations.
                                                                                               Date:           Tue 16 Aug or Wed 21 Sep            Date:           Mon 15 Aug
(Contact hours—1 day per week)
                                                                                               Time:           6.30pm-10.00pm                      Time:           6.00pm-10.00pm
                                                                                               Cost:           $85                                 Cost:           $130
                                                                                               Venue:          SGAE                                Venue:          SGAE
                                                                                                               89 Gray St, Hamilton                                89 Gray St, Hamilton

      Any person interested in these courses are asked to contact
                  our office for further information.                                                            R U R AL C O M P U T E R C L AS S E S
                                                                                                                                   Balmoral, Coleraine, Dunkeld,
                                                                                                                                Glenthompson, Macarthur, Penshurst
                              89 Gray Street, Hamilton
                                                                                               Day or evening courses are offered at the above locations. A bank of eight laptops are available for
                             Email:                                                                      rural training. Get a group together.
                                Phone: (03) 55719900
                                                      H AM I L T O N                                                                                         HAMILTON
                                                                                                                                                     C O M P U T E R C L AS S E S
                   S P E C I AL I S T C O M P U T E R C L A S S E S

                                                                                                                             All courses are being offered using the newest version of Microsoft Office and Windows 7
          Specialist Computer Classes
                                                                              MYOB V19
  All courses are being offered using the newest                            Lisa Gartlan-Betinsky                                INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS — STAGE ONE (6 weeks)
   version of Microsoft Office and Windows 7.                                    (6 sessions)
                                                                                                                           Introduction to Windows Operating System, familiarisation with mouse control, keyboard
                                                              This course is designed for users to create and              skills, word processing-document creation, document enhancing, document presentation,
  QUICKBOOKS QBi & PAYROLL                                    manage accounting records for a small to                     accessing the internet, how the web works, accessing a web address and web searching
                                                              medium business. You will learn to create a                  techniques.
                   Karen Winfield
                                                              company data file complete with historical and
                    (6 sessions)
                                                              opening balances, produce and manage
The 2010/2011 version of Quickbooks (QBi series)              purchase orders and invoices, manage accounts                     INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS — STAGE TWO (6 weeks)
is an excellent accounting package. This course               payable and receivable and produce BAS
includes Getting Started, Setting Up, Chart of                documentation and Payroll.                                   These sessions provide participants with the opportunity to learn more about the capabilities
Accounts, Customer & Supplier Info, Opening                                                                                of Word, File Management, computer maintenance tools and viewing other programme
Balances, Invoicing, Entering & Paying Bills,                  Date:        Wed 17 Aug—21 Sep                              applications. Sessions include drawing tables, working with columns, tabs, bullets, numbers,
Reconciliations, Reports, GST, BAS and Payroll.                Time:        6.30pm-9.30pm                                  further word processing skills consolidation, using help files, creating folders, moving files and
                                                               Cost:        $450 (incl. detailed published course notes)   document enhancement.
 Date:        Thur 18 Aug—22 Sep
                                                               Venue:       SGAE, 89 Gray Street
 Time:        6.30pm-9.30pm
 Cost:        $450 (incl. detailed published course notes)                                                                                                      EMAIL (2 weeks)
 Venue:       SGAE, 89 Gray Street
              Hamilton                                                                                                     You will learn how to set up an email address, to send and receive emails, replying and
                                                                                                                           forwarding emails, attaching files and/or photos to your email, adding addresses to your
                                                                        WEB PAGE DESIGN/                                   contact list etc.
 MANAGING DIGITAL PHOTOS                                                 MAINTENANCE
                      (1 session)                                              Adrian Kearney
 Learn how to effectively download, save and file              If you are looking to set up and/or maintain a
 photos so you can find and view them whenever                 web page, this one-on-one session is for you.                           INTRODUCTION TO                                   INTRODUCTION TO
                                                               Whether you’re looking to change photos or
 you want—without stress. You will also learn
                                                               text on an existing website, or setting up a                           COMPUTERS STAGE 1                                 COMPUTERS STAGE 2
 how to attach photos to an email, include them
                                                               website from scratch, these sessions are suited                          Cost $75 (6 sessions)                              Cost $75 (6 sessions)
 in a document and how to burn on to a CD/USB.
                                                               to meet each individual’s needs.
          Register your interest for Term 4                                                                                 Commencing:                                        Commencing:
                                                                  Date and time can be arranged to suit you.
                                                                                                                            Wed 3 Aug—7 Sep              9:30am-12:00pm        Wed 3 Aug—7 Sep            1.00pm—3.30pm

             eBAY TRADING
                  Adrian Kearney                                           Other courses offered:

Gain the knowledge and tools to increase your
                                                                                   Excel                                                      EMAIL                                    Classes also available in:
business through eBay trading, or learn the basics                              Powerpoint                                              Cost $65 (2 sessions)
for personal buying and selling. Whatever your
requirements, these one-on-one sessions can be                                                                               Commencing:                                                        Powerpoint
suited to meet your individual needs. Familiarity              SGAE can organise one-on-one training sessions to             Wed 14 & 21 Sep          1:00pm—3.30pm                              Publisher
with computers and the internet is required.                   suit your personal or business needs.                         Wed 14 & 21 Sep          6.30pm—9.00pm                        (register your interest)
     Date and time can be arranged to suit you.

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