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									      Interface for Seamless Wireless Network
                        Kamran Brohi, M.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science
        Institute of Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

Background and Motivation:
  The market of cell phone is becoming more and more lucrative, and it is
  generally expected that this trend will continue. At the same time, wireless
  network with some unique and competitive advantages will create a new
  battleground. However, the uniqueness may form the complex wireless
  network infrastructure. For example, you may connect to the Internet with the
  cell phone when you are outside of your house, on the other hand, you may
  access to the Internet through local area wireless network. Therefore, it is
  cumbersome to switch the networks because we have to change the network
  adaptors. We will more appreciate the wireless technology if we could
  prevent this cumbersome. Thus, our challenge is discovering and proposing
  a new idea of the interface for the wireless network that is capable to switch
  the networks more straightforwardly.

  Before we propose the new idea, we need to know the current technologies
  used in both wide-area wireless network and local-area wireless network.
  This project may also require us to know the underlying hardware
  infrastructures. In addition, it is necessary to consider the industrial
  background because the project is closely related to the current market.

Proposed Methodology:
  It is intended to propose new concepts and possibly a new interface for the
  wireless network. Therefore, the actual research is based on current review
  on wireless network technology and comparison with the analogous
  technologies. For this reason, mostly, analysis will be done by means of
  research on the Internet. In addition, books and journals will also be referred.
  A look will be given to many journals that talk about wireless technologies.
  The research will be done whenever I have free time. I will meet with my
  supervisor at least once a week in order to share the result of the research.
  Meanwhile, I will also communicate often using E-mail or messenger
  services to check the progress.
Expected Contributions:
  I will present some shortcomings of the current wireless network in terms of
  switching networks, and research possible methods or techniques to solve or
  improve them. At last, if possible, I will design the new interface and make
  current research topics being discussed in academia and industry.

Organization of the Project and Project Management:

  I have been teaching computer networks and have enough programming
  skills. I have satisfactory knowledge about the Wireless Networks. I know
  operating system and network security. Anyway, I am confident to
  successfully finish this course project.

Research Plan:
  Proposal (due Sep 16th): Meeting with the supervisor and deciding the
  interested topic. Present my schedule of how to work on the project and
  report a concise proposal.

  First progress report (due Oct. 16th): Describe research on current
  technology, and current problems of wireless network in terms of the
  seamless connectivity.

  Second progress report (due November 16th): Describe research on
  analyzing current problem, current research topic and start making insight of
  my suggestion, possibly many solutions.

  In Class Presentation (Dec 12/ 14/ 16): I will give a presentation about our
  project which will show the fundamental problems of current wireless network
  and introduce our idea for solving problems of it.

  By final report (due December 16th): The final report will include every effort
  that I did through research work on this project.

University Resources:
           The Wireless Network Lab at Cornell Univ.
         Seamless Service, Univ. of Twente (
         The UC Berkeley BARWAN Research Project
         RENE (Rice Everywhere NEtwork) at Rice Univ.
         Multimedia Networks Lab at U of Massachusetts, Amherst
         Center for Wireless and Broadband Networking at Carnegie Mellon
          Univ. ( There
          are links to other Univ.

Company Resources:
         Intel Technology Journal (
         CiteSeer (
         AT&T Wireless (
         Bell Labs, Wireless Research Laboratory (http://www.bell-

         Wireless Communications, Zurich Research Lab, IBM

Top five papers:
         Seamless Connectivity to Wireless Local Area Networks
         Wide Area Wireless Computing
         3rd Generation Wireless Networks
         Secure Access and Roaming between wireless local and wide area
          networks (http://www-

         Network and application Support for Wide-Area Wireless Networks

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