Reflection_Booklet by ashrafp


									                                               Principal’s Message

May I first thank all the S1 and S7 students for sharing their very frank opinions about the newly
introduced Speaking Period this year.

I can still remember in the first school assembly this year, I was so glad to introduce the Speaking Period
to the Junior Secondary One students. I also emphasized that the school is looking forward to listening to
all of your opinions about the school policies. Here comes this “True reflections of S1 & S7 students”,
which clearly serves the dual purpose of evaluating the Speaking Period and listening to the voices from
our dearest students at the same time.

It is my turn to truly reflect on the Speaking Period. I see the changes that are to be brought about with the
introduction of the 3+3 secondary framework. I see the needs of contemporary teenagers to be
all-rounders with versatile skills. I see the importance of building up teenagers‟ confidence towards future
challenges. I see the very vital quality of being eloquent speakers as a key element of education. And
most importantly, I see the basics of a school are to nurture students with love, care and concern. So the
Speaking Period joins us and we join the Speaking Period.

Before giving birth to a baby, any pregnant woman would feel uneasy and stressed. I am no exception
taking on a new project. I was in fact very worried if the S1 students and the senior form speaking
ambassadors would welcome this entirely new measure. After just five weeks, I found my worries a bit
ridiculous. The students of TWGSS once again proved to be capable individuals. They dare to face, adapt
to, and learn from changes. Walking around the S1 classrooms every Thursday morning, I see the laughter
of the S1 kids and I witness the overflowing enthusiasm of the S7 Speaking Ambassadors. Besides, I have
recently learnt of the praise and applause from a great number of caring parents. I am simply impressed.
The caring and harmonious scene is just what a truly loving school should be. With you, we make it.

Indeed, the Speaking Period, together with the English Speaking Award Scheme, makes every teacher and
me extremely busy. Now that most S1 students are used to speaking English on campus, the two Assistant
Principals and I, and many of my colleagues, who teach all different subjects, like English, P.E., D&T, Art,
Music, Maths, Science and even Chinese, to name but a few, are chatting happily with groups of S1
students in the corridors during recess and lunch. Here I have to thank all the teachers, especially the S1
English teachers, again for their whole-hearted support for the Speaking Period, making TWGSS a caring
EMI school.

            Don’t ask what the school will do for you next year; ask what you will do for the school in 2007-08.

                                             Chat & Share. We All Care.

We would like to thank the Principals, the English teachers, all the speaking ambassadors and the S1
students for contributing their valuable opinions and suggestions to improve the Speaking Period.
Included in this book are in fact the original reflections of all S1 & S7 students and we are sorry that, in
order to maintain the originality of their works, the paragraphs have not been proofread or corrected.

                                                                            EMI Enhancement Team

Part One:     Reflections of 1A students

Part Two:     Reflections of 1B students

Part Three:   Reflections of 1C students

Part Four:    Reflections of 1D students

Part Five:    Reflections of 1E students

Part Six:     Reflections of 7A students

Part Seven:   Reflections of 7B students

Part Eight:   Reflections of 7C students

Part Nine:    Opinions, Suggestions & Actions
Part One:           Reflections of 1A students

1A Au Yee Tung Amely (1)
Elaine is our ambassador, she did a well job, not just because she gives me three stickers. She can care
about everyone in our group and listens to us heedfully. She must be very tired for every time banding
down to discuss with us. Maybe we should offer her a sit.

1A Chan Ching Ting (2)
I am very happy to have a speaking period every Thursday. It is because I can get many stickers from the
S7 students. I feel very excited. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. They give out the
stickers fairly. They tell us our problem and they try to ask the question to us. My group members have
prepared very well. They all have been given a three stickers.

1A Cheng Lai Yan (3)
I think if the Speaking Period can be longer that will let us to have more time to discuss anything. In my
group, I think everyone is active to talk and all of us will prepare the Speaking Period before Thursday.
All of us have choice to talk. Finally, I think they are very fair to give us stickers. They are very friendly
too. I think to do a good job.

1A Cheng Wan Kaai (4)
If we can change the group members every Speaking Period, we can have a chance to discuss with all
classmates. We cannot progress, if we don‟t know who is the most important enemy. Maybe it will make
the Speaking Period better.

1A Cheong Kelly Hen Kei (5)
The English speaking period has been held for about a month. I enjoy the English period very much. It‟s
fun to speak English with our classmates. During the lessons, we don‟t want to speak English as we think
that teachers may scold us for our grammar or pronouns mistakes. But when you‟re talking with
classmates, you won‟t be afraid anymore because they‟re your friends and you will think that you‟re just
chatting. So, English speaking period is a great time for us to practise English.

1A Cheung Ho Yan (6)
Besides, I think we can change the speaking ambassadors every week so we can have some different
opinion from them. I think we can add a part into the speaking period. In this part, we can talk to our
classmates and the speaking ambassadors about our school life, happiness, sadness or something we like
in English. We can practise English and chat to someone at our ages at the same time.

1A Chong Lok Yee (7)
I think the S.7 ambassadors have to prepare their presentation too because they just listen to us and then
get three marks stickers from Ms Gyokery. It is too easy to get the stickers. Also, it is not equitable. Ms
Gyokery said that they should sit down to listen us. Otherwise, they will feel tired. They will tired and we
will feel tired too. We have to raise our heads to speak with them all the time. Someone must give chains
to them, so that they can sit down and listen to us.

1A Chung Shuk Lan (8)
On every Thursday, we have a speak period in our class. It is interesting to speak in English with my
classmates. Speak to the classmates can make us brave. It can also improve our English. The S7
ambassadors also give us a big hand. They always help us to finish our presentation. But the time of finish
our work as well. After the introduction, we can get the stickers and save it for the Disneyland. The
student always want to get the sticker. They will speak more and more English. It is a good award to
admired the good student who speak many English and get the most sticker.

1A Lam Ping Hei (9)
I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job because they are patient listening to us and they always
correct us when we‟re wrong. Our ambassadors, Mark is a cheerful person and he often tells us jokes and
have a smile on his face. His English is fluent so that I like talking with him. The ambassadors are doing a
hard job because it‟s too difficult to pick which one of us should get more stickers. Sometimes, I don‟t
think the stickers awards have been really fairly given. It is because the S7 ambassadors give me „3‟
sticker this time and the next time may be I also speak a lot but someone else have just said three or four
sentences last time and he speaks one or two sentences more than last time, he can get a „3‟ sticker but I
cannot. I think it may be because the ambassadors want to encourage my classmates to speak more than
next time. Besides, more than one students are doing well, it‟s hard for the ambassadors to judge who
should get the stickers.

1A Leung Cho Hung (10)
In the Speaking Period, I felt very happied to speak in English with my classmates because we could talk
about ourself or another different job because when we get some grammar mistakes, they will tell us to
correct it and they also give us comments when we finish our presentation.

1A Leung Fai Ki (11)
I think change the S7 ambassadors once a month will be better. We can speak English to more people. If it
is the same S7 ambassadors in a tear, some students will think boring.
Everyone participate actively and with interest. I and my friends like speaking period very much. My
group has a very active boy so although I prepare very well, I still can‟t get the three stickers. But the
actively boy is never prepare!

1A Leung Ho Yan (12)
I think the Speaking Period can be more longer, and then we can have longer time to speak English and I
think we should have some free topics at the Speaking Period, so that we can talk what we like and we
can speak more.
1A Leung Ka Kei (13)
I think speaking period is really fun! Although sometimes we will have argue, but it is fun for us. Brayn
always tell the lie to sister connie, so I always talk to him like this: „tell the truth!‟ Sometimes we will
play the trick on him. Do you think it is fun?

1A Leung Yui Yan (14)
This is good idea to hold a speaking period. But only S1 and S7 join this Speaking Period, it makes me
feel putting us to the test.
The EMI Enhancement team must keep going to think some new activities to improve our English, I will
keep support with action.

1A Lok Cheuk Yee (15)
I think the whole programme is good. My group members are very talkative. We all like Speaking Period,
but for the sticker awards system, at first, I thought is was too unfair. Someone who has done quite well in
our group, he just could have one sticker. However, after Mr. Law told us that if we had done well prepare,
we could have at least two stickers! I thought it was fair to all of us. We won‟t have argument anymore.

1A Lui Yiu Yee (16)
I like my group‟s ambassador Karrie very much. She is doing a good job. I think she is serious during
English Period. Also, she gives us stickers fairly. Besides, I think all ambassadors are dutiful and very
kind to us.
I think this activity is very good bout we can still improve it. I hope that the ambassadors can be changed
once or twice a month. Then we can learn English from more pupils.

1A Ma Kam Chiu (17)
Finally, I hope the Speaking Ambassadors won‟t be changed because the Speaking Period has held almost
a month, And our group has become friends with the ambassador of our group. So, I don‟t want to change
the Speaking Ambassadors.

1A Mak Tze Yan (18)
I have had the Speaking Period five time already. I felt frightened to speak in English with my classmates
before, but when speak more in the Speaking Period, then if feel much better now. I think the Speaking
Period can raise my confidence and improve my English. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job
because they always lead us to discuss, but sometimes they ask the questions with difficult vocabulary, so
we don‟t know how the answer. I think should give each student a name card, because the ambassadors
may forget our name, and maybe van change the ambassadors for a group each Speaking Period, I think
it‟s much better.

1A Ng Sum Yu (19)
I think this Speaking Period is really very good, but the S7 ambassadors are very tired because they have
to stand when have a Speaking Period. So I hope there will have chairs for them to sit well, so they will
fell more comfortable.
I think some classmates is speaking some things interesting. I think speaking Period is so good for me. I
love Speaking Period!

1A Sham Shiu Hang Karen (20)
Last, I think the sticker awards have been fairly given. Although I often have the one sticker, I think that
is fair. It is because I did not prepare very well and have the three sticker‟s classmates are have prepare
very well. They have real strength.

1A Wong Lai Wa (21)
The S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. they always tell us some jokes to make us laugh so that we
won‟t be so bored during the Speaking Periods. Another reason is they always listen to our speaking
carefully. For example, if we sometimes speak very softly, the will be more closed to us so that they can
listen to our speaking clearly. However, I still have a suggestion to make the Speaking Period better. It is
if the S7 ambassadors can give us some improvement or tell us some mistakes that we have made, I think
it will help us to improve our English more quickly.

1A Wong Tsz Yan (22)
I think the Speaking Period is very good because it can help us to say more English. But I think given
sticker is not a good idea. Even though the student will say more English, but they say English is because
say English will have stickers so they say English. So that, they are not really like and enjoy to speak
English. And I think it is not fair to given the stickers because it only can give one three stickers, so if
there are two people are very good so how can they give the stickers fair. I think if they can given more
the one three stickers so it will be more fair.

1A Wong Yu Ching (23)
In the speaking period, we have a great chance to improve and upgrade our English because the S7
ambassadors have done a good job at examining our grammar and speaking skill‟s problems. But I still
hope to change our S7 ambassadors because I want to have more chance to talk to the others.

1A Yeung Yat Ka (24)
In our school, every Thursday, we have an English Speaking Period. Before the Speaking Period, I must
prepare hard for my 1 minutes presentation. When I speak in English with my classmate, I always feel
nervous. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job because they listen to our presentation patiently.
We can offer some chair to S7 ambassadors that they can sit down and talk with us. It is too hard to stand
for a long time. They can prepare for the Presentation. If they present first, I would feel more relax.

1A Yu Cheuk Ling (25)
I heard many classmates said that the topics are boring, like our family, our classmates and we told about
these many times. My suggestion is we can have free topic once a month and we can talk about the topic
we would like to share.
1A Chan Hoo Him (26)
Speaking period is on the Thursday morning. It starts from eight thirty to eight forty five. Some Form 7
students come to our classroom and talk to us in English. Then, they will give us stickers. I think the good
point of speaking period is we can speak more English and be smarter in English. The bad point of
speaking period is the time is not enough. It is because if we have more times, students can speak more
English and they can also be brave to speak English to teacher during having a lesson, recess times and
after school.

1A Chan Wun Chak (27)
I feel speak in english with my classmates is so strange because we sat cantonese as usual. And I think the
S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. They tell jokes for us and make us happy. They also make us feel
English is very amusing. About my opinions to make the English Speaking Period, I think you can mix
the Dress Casual day and English Speaking Period together. That will make the day more fun. At last, I
think the stickers will be fairly given.

1A Cheung Chun Ki (28)
I think the Speaking Period can have more times. While we are talking happily, the bell ring and the
Speaking Period is finished. It is very chill. So that the Speaking Period will be better and more joyful.
And we‟ll more enjoy it!
Giving stickers is very hard to the ambassadors. Sometimes, all of us have a good job, it is very hard to
decide who get three, two or one sticker. I think determine by the ambassadors to give out how many
stickers and don‟t set down the number of stickers will be better.

1A Chiu Ka San (29)
In the first day, I‟m afraid to speak more English with my group member, because I don‟t know them so
much. I fear they will tease me when I don‟t speaking so well. But after that period, I know they are very
nice and friendly. Out leader, Janette is very polite and caring. We have spoke very well now. I really
enjoy this period because it can let us speak out and give our idea to other student.

1A Ho Issac (30)
Besides, our S7 ambassador, Iris, did a very good job, she words are interesting and she can use funny
way to let the quiet one speak. I am happy to have an ambassadors like this!

1A Hor Tsz Ching Sunny (31)
I felt interesting when speaking with classmates and ambassadors in English because we do not speak
with other people about our day life in English very often. I think the ambassadors are doing a very good
job. They are very nice and they are very friendly. They teach us when we have mistakes too. I think the
time of the speaking period should be a little bit longer so we‟ll have more time to chat with one another.
I think everyone in my group participate actively.
1A Li Chun Lok (32)
In the first week, I am afraid if I speaking not good, they will tease me. But after about two weeds, I know
they will not tease everyone. Our ambassadors name is Mark, he is very nice and friendly. I really enjoy
speaking period because it can help me not afraid of English.

1A Li Shek Hong (33)
I think the teachers can make the Speaking Period longer then we can talk more English at this time. So
that, we can improve our English more. And the teacher can make a poster show in the playground so the
student can see the information about Speaking Period and prepare it early.

1A Ng Chi Kin (34)
I think that speaking in English with my classmates can make our English. Chinese people speak in
English usually use Chinese to change to English so their grammar is always wrong. But if we always
speak English, our grammar will be better and we can speak in English fluently. The S7 ambassadors are
doing good job. When it is the end for the Speaking Period, they will tell us something we should
improvement. If we want to make the Speaking Period better, I think we should have more SPeriod
because our English period‟s time is too short.

1A Ng Wing Lun (35)
I think Speaking Period is funny and it can improve our English. When I speak in English, I think I will
be more clever. The S7 ambassadors are all very kind. They always teach us some English Grammar and
using English. I suggest that you can let us to think of the title and it will makes us more interested. The
other members in my group are all interested in the Speaking Period. They always do better than me and
it let me to work harder because the marks of the Speaking Period will influence our results.

1A To Cheuk Hei (36)
I think the topic can change to something we like, for example: Wich cartoon character do you like, etc. I
think the ambassadors is very nice and kind. She listen our report carefully and ask me some question
which is easy to answer. After that she give us stickers. I think it is not fair in the first. Because we all
speak well but someone only can get one stickers. But now, it is fair, because she can not give us one
sticker if we do well, I think it is more fair.

1A Yeung Ho Lun (37)
I think my groupmates and the S7 ambassadors participate very actively and with interest. We often talk
many and we have never gotten a zero sticker. The sticker awards have been given very fairly because the
S7 ambassadors usually give me a two sticker, then the next time he will give me a one sticker, but next
time he will give me a two or three sticker, so I think it is very fair.

1A Yiu Ben Ben (38)
I think it is interesting to speak to my classmates. It is because we can know more about each other
through the 15 minutes‟ talk. And speaking in English is a very important. It is because we are all very
lazy and busy so we not very often to speak to classmates in Engilsh.

1A Yiu Chun Wai (39)
Every Thursday we have a Speaking Period. At the first time I do it, I was a bit excite and nervous. I was
afraid to speak English with my classmate. Luckily, our ambassadors is very nice and kind. She
encourage me not to be fear. Now, I‟m not afraid any more. I like my ambassadors. Her name is Connie.
She is a nice girl and has done a good job. She also is a wit person. She always tell jokes which can make
me laugh. I hope the second term‟s ambassadors is also Connie.

1A Yu Wai Ting (40)
Hello! My name is Anthony. I think Speaking Period is uncommonly fun. Although it is just last for about
15 minutes, I can talk to my classmates in English in this period of time. At that time, I always give my
suggestions and tell the classmates and the S7 ambassadors about my experience of the topic. After that,
my classmates will share their own opinions to us.

Part Two:           Reflections of 1B students

Au Lok Yee (1)
I felt difficult to speak in English with my classmates because I did not know what my classmates talked
about. I think the S.7 ambassadors are doing a good job because they are very kind and helpful and
patient. I think the speaking period can hold it longer.

Chan Ho Yan (2)
I feel excited and interested to speak in English with my classmates because I never speak in English with
my new classmates in secondary school. I think the S7 ambassadors are trying to do a good job. Because
they would try to ask us more about the subject. I think we can do the Speaking Period every day because
speak more can improve our English, when we have English lesson, we will not be afraid English

Chan Hoi Kiu (3)
If we want to speak English better, we must speak more. So I think speak in English with my classmates
is good for us. The S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. When we speak wrong in English, they would
correct our mistakes.
When we want to make the Speaking Period better, we should practice. Some of the classmates are shy.
And they did not speak clear and loud. But some of them are very participate actively.

Chan Yeuk Nam (4)
I feel difficult to speak in English with my classmates. I afraid they will laugh at me when I speak
wrongly. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. They give us lots of suggestions to improve
our English. May be we should make the topics more interesting and more useful to attract students to
talk more and more.
Cheung Shin Ting (5)
I think the S.7 ambassadors are doing a good job, they are very caring. 9i think the speaking period
should have five times a month. I think that will be better than before. Our S.7 ambassador is Wing Siu,
she done it very good. I like the stickers are beautiful. And, the sticker awards have been fairly given, it is
because our behave are similar.

Chou Chek Yan (6)
In the English speaking periods, I feel very meaningful to speak in English with your classmates. The S7
senior ambassador will help our group, if we have some problem or do not know how to spell this words,
they will teach us patiently. If you want to make the Speaking Period better, we can read more about
English story book and we can be write the composition of that day‟s topic. Then do the speaking practice.
Everybody participate actively and with interest. At last, I think the sticker awards have been fairly given.
Then I hope I can speak a good English.

Fu Cheuk Wai (7)
I like Speaking Period. Do you like Speaking Period?
I felt happy to speak in English with you classmates. It is interesting. I think the S7 ambassadors are
doing a good hob. When we do not know how to read the words, she teaches us how to read the words.

Hui Man Chui (8)
Every Thursday morning, there is a Speaking Period. It can encourage student speak in English and
improve the writing skills. But I think it is quite easy because it is one minute talk only. And the S7
ambassadors are doing a good job because they do the preparation well. For example, they write down
some questions to ask us. But I think the time is not enough. I think it can start at eight fifteen and ends at
eight forty-five. It can let the student speak more time. And everyone participate actively and with interest.
Also, I think the sticker awards have been fairly given.

Ip Ka Yan (9)
I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. If some student silent, they will ask them to speak up.
And they also say some opinions about theirself. I think speaking period should held twice or three times
a week is more better. Because we can have more chance to speak up in English. Everyone in our group
are eagerly to answer the S7 ambassadors‟ questions. I think the sticker awards have been fairly given.
Because our behave are similar.

Ip Yi Tak (10)
I think it is quite difficult for me because I always forget to prepare the things and speak in English. I
think I should be doing good in next time.

Kwok Sze Nok (11)
If you want the Speaking Period better, I think the Speaking Period can twice a week because hold the
Speaking Period is want the student good at English so if the Speaking Period hold twice a week, we can
speak more, and English will better.

Lai Hiu Ching (12)
I am very glad to speak in English with my classmates, because I can to promote my English in the
Speaking Period. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job, because they always to guide us to
discussion, when we have ant problem, they will help for us patiently. I will take a gook prepare for the
Speaking Period. Everyone enjoy speaking activity very much. I think Speaking Period is good for us
because we have more chance to speak English. If your presentation is well you can get three stickers, it
can encourage us to practice. It is a fairly given.
Lam Po Shan (13)
I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. I think they are cheerful and clever. When I have any
problem, they help me. They are kind. In Speaking Period, I think they can learn how to do a teacher so
they are doing a good job. My S7 ambassadors is Carol. She is beautiful, kind and clever. I like meet her
in Speaking Period.

Lam Yin Yin (14)
I felt to speak in English in the Speaking Period is very happy, because we can speak to each other and
share our feeling. I think it is very good. I think my S7 ambassador, Wing is doing a good job because she
tried to ask the questions easily. She also told us about her funny things that happened in the school. I
think the S7 ambassadors should sit with us, don‟t stand, because they will tired, also we can listen to her
questions clearly.

Leung Bing (15)
We have speaking period every Thursday morning. At the beginning I felt very difficult. But now I think
it is more easy to speak English with my classmate. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job
because they always help us. They help us to speak more English. I think everyone participate actively
and with interest and I think the sticker awards have be fairly given.

Li Wing Yan (16)
It speak in English with my classmates is very relax. We don‟t afraid. We say many and many when we
think and want to express. And the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. This is because they set some
questions which are not include in the guidebook to ask us. Then we can think more and go deep into the
topic. I think the goal is drive us speak more. The ambassador checks our writing, and tells us what are
the wrong. For example, grammar mistakes. We can know the wrong ways so we won‟t wrong it again.
Iread more books and speak ay home to make the Speaking Period better.

Lim Jia Xin (17)
I like the speaking period because I can speak in English with my classmates. And I think the S7
ambassadors are doing a good job. Because during the speaking period, they always talk to us and they
will help us to present it. I think the speaking period time can be more longer is better. It was because it
can make us speak more English.
Lo Ka Yee (18)
All of my classmates prepared for the topic before the speaking period. I think it is very interesting. I
think the sticker awards have been fairly given because I think the ambassadors treat everyone the same. I
like the speaking period.

Or Ka Uen (19)
I think the ambassadors do very well. They are very kind. When we have some new words that we
haven‟t seen, they will detailed explain to us. They never feel we are annoying. I like them very much.
We need to prepare well before the Speaking Period. If you don‟t, tour performance will be bad.

Wong Ho Yan (20)
I feel interesting and exciting, because I want to do my best to get three stickers. But I never have three
stickers. I only get one or two stickers. Yes, I think S7 ambassadors are doing a good job, because they
are kind. We can do a prepare for Speaking Period to get a good result. I think they are all participate
actively and with interest and I feel happily at the Speaking Period. I think the sticker awards have been
fairly given, because I think my classmates are doing a good job. Therefore, they always get three stickers.
I think I will get a good result at next Speaking Period.

Wong Ka Wing (21)
I think Speaking Period is good for us because we can speak more English with the classmates and
improve our English. During the Speaking Period, I feel very satisfied when I speak well and I enjoy the
time very much. If I prepare well, I think I can done the Speaking Period better. I‟m glad that this
secondary school can have a good English activity. I will do better in the Speaking Period and improve
my English in the future!

Wong Lok Man (22)
Our S7 ambassadors is Carol Hiu. She always smiles and tells a joke with us. We always speak in a
hospitable atmosphere. This is because I am not afraid to speak more in English. When I have any
problem, she helps and corrects the pronounces to make me understand the word.

Wong Sum Yim (23)
I think that design some games about English for classmates to play can make the Speaking Period better.
For example, “Truth or Dare” can make them speak more English.

Yiu Yuk Ting (24)
This year, we have Speaking Period every Tuesday. One class have ten group. Every group have one S7
ambassadors and four students. My group S7 ambassadors is Jason. I like talk with him. He is very funny.
I think Jason is doing a good job. This is because Jason can lead me speaking lots English.

Chan Pak To Patrick (25)
Our group leader, Yuki, is very kind and helpful. She always teaches us when we don‟t understand. I like
to have speaking period. If I become Form 7 student, I want to be the leader, and teach the From 1

Chan Tsz Hin (26)
I think it is quite difficult to speak English to my classmates. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good
job. They talk to us patiently. Although we have just come to secondary school, someone can improve our
English. It is very helpful. It works. We can speak English more confidently and better. Everyone
participate actively and with interest. I think the stickers awards have been fairly given.

Chan Yiu Tim (27)
I very support the speaking period to do in a long time, if it can continue in my Form 5 I will very ha[[y. I
hope the next year can hold this action. Because that can promote my English level, that can help me to
learning the other subject like computer, English and PE, etc. therefore, I very support this action.

Chau Yin Cheung (28)
I feel very easy to speak in English with my classmates. It is because we have learned English for 9 years,
so we can speak English to each other very easy.

Chow Chun Yin (29)
I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. After our speech, they will ask us some questions and
lead us into discussion. It is because some questions are think by them but not list on the guidebook. The
time could be longer and increase into two or three days can make the Speaking Period better.

Fu Ka Chung (30)
Speak with my classmates in English is just like talk with them by using Chinese. I don‟t think it is
difficult. And also, I can prepare about that topic before so that how can make me think it is difficult?
Sometimes, during the speaking period, I heard some S7 ambassadors speak in Chinese. I think those
ambassadors are really really bad. During the speaking period, I could hear that some of us didn‟t prepare
enough. So, I hope that teachers will give punishment to the one who didn‟t prepare.

Ho Yu Hang (31)
I think the S7 ambassadors should bring a timer by themselves. When we have presentations, they can
count the time so that they can record the time, and look for someone who can‟t talk less one minute. My
classmates in group participate actively, they also talk about some interesting things about him or her, so I
always laugh. It is fun by their jokes. I think the sticker awards have been fairly given so that they can
make me to prepare many information of presentation or content of discussion.

Hung Long Sang (32)
I felt scared when I was starting my first speaking period. But after a few weeks, I found lot of fun in it. I
think the Form 7 ambassadors are doing a good job to teach me how to present a good speaking period.
They teach me many language such as vocabularies.
Lam Dung Yang Oliver (33)
When I use English to speak with my classmate on the first time, I felt very frightened. But I tried to
speak more and now I‟m good at speaking. I can speak faster and faster now. I don‟t afraid English
anymore. The S7 ambassadors are kind too. They are good at English and they always give us happy.

Leung Ki (34)
I think school can make more games in Speaking Period. That will not be boring and I think the speaking
period „s title sometimes are easy and sometimes are difficult. I like speaking period, it can improving my
English. It can make me to speak more.

Li Tsz Ching (35)
I felt I am very happy to speak in English with my classmates. It is interesting too. Yes, I think the S7
ambassadors are doing a good job. They always ask we many question, they are very kind so I like them.

Ng Man Sao (36)
I think we shouldn‟t prepare because we say something to people, we don‟t need to prepare any more.
When you just think a topic, we don‟t prepare it before. When you write all the things on the guidebook.
Then you just read aloud. I think it‟s not a speak period. It just a reading period.

Poon Pak Hong (37)
The S7 ambassadors are very kind and helpful. Sometimes, they make jokes and let me feel relaxed. Then,
I am brave enough to speak more English. In September, I totally get fourteen stickers. I feel happy for
the result and I will work more hard in October. I think the sticker awards is not fair. Although both two
classmates speak well, they get different number of stickers. Therefore, the best speaker may not have the
chance to go to the Disneyland.

Suen Ho Yeung (38)
The S7 ambassadors are doing a good job because they correct our grammar mistake to make us do not
wrong the same place forever. We need to prepare more. Then, we can get more stickers from the
Speaking Period. The ambassadors are fair to give out stickers. The prepare-less one will get fewer
stickers and the hard word one will be more. If we want our English better, speak more!

Wong Ting Kei (39)
I think that‟s quite good to speak English with my classmates because I can improve my English through
this activity. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. They always lead us to speak when we
don‟t talk. If I want to do better or get more stickers I should do more prepare and speak more during the
Speaking Period. I think everyone participate actively with interest because I see many of my classmates
always smile during the activity. This is a good activity!

Yau Wing Yeung (40)
Every Thursday, we have Speaking Period, I can have a chance to speak in English with my classmates, I
feel very happy. The S7 ambassador is kind, if we have some word don‟t know how to speak in English,
she will teach us how to speak. And when we talk all about the book‟s questions, she will ask us some not
in the book questions. Every Thursday morning, we talk very happy.

Part Three: Reflections of 1C students

Chan Ha Ting (1)
I felt it was light to speak in English with my classmates and I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good
job. The S7 ambassadors encourage us speak in English and help us correct the wrong pronunciation.

Chan Lee Chu (2)
I think if I try to speak more and write more, my English must be improve. At the first, I was afraid and
shy to speak, but now I have active to speak more and I am not be shy now. I can also know more new
friends in the Speak Period‟s group. Although speak in English is quite different for me, I will try to do it

Chan Yin Cheuk, Shirley (3)
I think if we always say many think is the speaking period, and your English will be better. In our class,
everyone participate this activity, they have fun too. I think the sticker awards have been given correct.
They are very nice. I like this activity very much. It is helpful.

Chiu Tsz Wing, Fanta (4)
In the past, in my primary school do not have many chance to give us to speak in English with my
classmates, because every one want to speak in Chinese. I feel very new and interested in speaking in
English with out classmates. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing very good job. They always smiles, my
ambassador is Karen. I think she is friendly and kind.

Chor Yan Yee, Charlene (5)
I felt very happy and interesting because my classmates was very fun. I think the S7 ambassadors were
doing very well. They are very kind and helpful. When I have something didn‟t know how to speak, they
will help me. They made us laugh too. We were have ful at the peaking period.

Chow Ho Ting (6)
When the speaking period can have more time for practice, it will be better. The classmates are participate
actively and with interest, because it is very happy on the day. We are enjoy it very much. Also, I think
the sticker awards have been fairly given, when you speak loudly or clearly, you will get the three sticks,
but when you speak softly, you just have one or two stick only.

Choy Siu Ling (Grace) (7)
I fell excited to speak in English with my classmates. I always speak aloud and the classmates can hear
what I said. I am happy.
The S7 ambassadors are very kind and helpful. They can doing a good job. When I don‟t understand on
study (Speaking in English), they will help me to solve the problems. I like them very much.
If we prepare the topics for Speaking Period well, we can make the Speaking Period better. Do you agree
with me?

Ho Lok Lam (Lorraine) (8)
However, not everyone participate actively. Some people are afraid to use English, and some people has
no interest in that. My suggestion is that, we can ask students to create subjects, and prepare about them.
Afterwards, we can talk about other;s subjects. That makes people more involved.

Ip Ka Lai, Kelly (9)
I think speaking in English with my classmates can make my speaking more better. And it is interesting
too. Because I think we can learn more speaking skills and words in out conversation, and sometimes, we
will use English to discuss the world news.

Kan Man Lok (10)
From the very beginning, I have really enjoying the English speaking Period that hold every Thursday
morning. I can talk with my classmates in English, know more about different classmates, and improve
my English. I can see everyone participate actively, and all of the like to prepare the talk. They all are
very happy and exciting in the speaking period.

Lau Kee Kwan, Joyce (11)
I think this Speaking Period is quite useful because it can improve my oral in English. We can know more
about our classmates and can also become good friends easily. The Form 7 ambassadors are very nice,
kind and chatty. I think that they have done their best because our group ambassador have prepared a lot
of good questions. She always asks some questions when we finish our discussion. I think that it is better
not to stipulate the subjects of Speaking Period because we shall be free to talk about something we like.
Most of my classmates enjoy this Period.

Leung Cheuk Wing (Dorothy) (12)
At the beginning, I just thought that “Speaking Period” was a stupid thing and it wasted my time.
However I was absolutely wrong. Firstly the ambassadors are very nice, they taught me a lot of new
things. I could remember I had said “I wish she can have a good result.” She had a suggestion xxxx: that
using past tense “could” replace “can” after “wish”. Secondly all the topics are very interesting. I could
share my feelings and experiences to the ambassadors and my dear classmates. They also would give me
valuable opinions.

Leung Ho Ting (13)
I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. She sometimes will give us some vocabulary, it‟s good.
She always listen us patient and she has done her good job.
Liu Hei Man (Kitty) (14)
I like this speaking period very much because it can improve my English and the Speaking Ambassador is
very kind and nice. They talk many topics with me on Thursday morning, e.g. Family, my classmates,
myself… These topics are fun. I also can talk to my classmates and share my interest with them. The can
know me a little more and I can know what they like.

Mak Hei Yi (Tracy) (15)
I think the Speaking Period can be done better if we can brings photos or things that related to the topics.
Like Halloween day, it is funny if we can wear some special costumes.

Ng Tsz Ting (Maggie) (16)
I will practice more of speaking in English with my classmates. I think everyone are very enjoyable and
with interest in the Speaking Period. I think the ambassadors give sticker awards fairly.
I hope that I do better than before and enjoy with speaking in English forever.

Ng Wing Man (Chloe) (17)
I fell to speak in English with my classmates is interesting because I haven‟t speak English except for the
English lesson in my primary school. This Speaking Period also can improve my English level and make
us more confident too. It is because before this activities I speak in a soft voice, now I can speak loudly
and practice my oral to be better.

Ngai Tsz Man Jaime (18)
I think most of us are happier than we are having the lessons. When we can get three stickers in the
Speaking Period, we will be very happy. I think the speaking ambassadors have been fairly given the
sticker awards. If someone is the best speaker in the group, the ambassador will give him or her a
three-sticker award.

Sit Man Wai Vivian (19)
It is OK to speak in English with my classmates. If I have spare time, I will try to talk with them in
English. The S.7 ambassadors are doing good job. They are nice and good to us. The really speak English
to us and no Chinese. The Speaking Period is good, if it can be more time to speak, it will be better.

Sit Sze Wing (Priscilla) (20)
I like this speaking Period because I can practice my English on the speaking
I think I can speak louder in the Speak Period.

Tsang Wai In (21)
I think this English Speaking Period is very helpful and meaningful. Because before our school hold this
activity, my English speaking is not good. But at the first, after I spoke to the student in Form Seven, I
only get the “One” sticker. I felt angry, but I have no choice.
So, when I back home, I practice my English speaking many times. Now, I had got the number of “two”
and “three” stickers and my English speaking is better.

Yeung Wen Tsing (22)
There are some suggestion of speaking period:
-We can make the time longer.
-We can have the speaking period more than once time a week
-We can change the different group each time.
-Not just talking about the topic in “Speaking Guide book”/

Yung Cho Kiu (Karis) (23)
I think speak in English with my classmates is not very difficult because I love English. The S7
ambassadors are doing a good job. If I have some words I don‟t know how to pronounce, they will teach
me and I have somethings wrong for example grammar and they will help me to rectify it. I think the time
is quite short, if the time be longer I think it will be better.

Chau Chi Leung (Taniel) (24)
I think the S7 ambassadors are doing very well. They are kind and helpful. Sometimes, we can‟t catch
their meanings because they spoke difficult vocabulary. I would like the Speaking Period to be changed to
any out selected topic. It can enable the S1 students to participate this activity with more interest. I
recently got two points and I hope I can get three points if my presentation is good.

Chung Chan Wai (Kenneth) (25)
In the speaking period, I feel that I am afraid of speaking because of my weakness in vocabulary makes
me unable to speak out. Therefore, students should read more books in English in order to strengthen their
word power which is useful in improving our confidence. Only if some students done to participate
actively, then those felt behind will push their socks up and that is the result what teachers want.

Chung Siu Bun (Ben) (26)
I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. They garid us to speak English. Everyone participate
actively and with interest. I hope this speaking period will hold it longer and we can speak longer. Our
most happy time is the ambassadors giving sticker award. I think they have been fairly given and I like
speaking period very much.

Ho Ting Fung (27)
In the speaking lesson, I feel very happy to speak in English with my classmates. And I think the S7
ambassadors are doing a good job, because sometime I don‟t know something how to do and they will
teach me and up to me know that things.

Hui Chong Yin (Angus) (28)
In Thursday morning, I feel happy because it is a English Speaking day. I feel content because all the
classmates love speaking with me, but we can‟t speak in the lessons, teachers will angry with us. So this
is a good time we speaking English. And I think the ambassadors are doing the good job because they are
so hard-working to help us. They just want us to improve out speaking inasmuch.

King Kai Yin Christopher (29)
In the speaking period, all the classmates speak in English and they speak quite good, too. We all prepare
out one-minute presentation on Tuesday night. Then our English teacher, Miss Wong will check out work
in Wednesday.
I think the Form 7 ambassadors are having a great job because when we have some problems; they will
teach us how to soft the problems. They are good at English and they work hard ang give a good
environment to us to become better,

Ko Chun Ching (30)
I feel very happy to speak in English with my classmates. It is because I can learn Enlish . I think the S7
ambassadors are not doing a good job. They always laughing and teasing us. It is because when we say
something wrong, they will tease us. If the S7 ambassadors can change every time, it will be more better.

Kwok Ho Chuen (31)
About the Speaking Period, I felt it was good because we didn‟t used English to talk. Now I known
Lorraine‟ English is very good but she speak to fast; Afina‟ speaking is good but her English are not
enough; Maggie‟ English not so good but her eyes contaice is enough. I think S.7 student help us the most,
they teach us some word that we don‟t know. They are kind too. I like to talk with them. I think I can
make more eyes conitice and my voice can be louder. Our Group are very interesting because we talk and
dance! You must think it‟s crazy, right?

Lam Kwok Keung (32)
I think very happy, because may share the different opinion with the classmates. Although I all have not
the clear place, but we have also completed the entire process! I thought S7 ambassadors extremely is all
friendly, because they have the partience to treat us, as well as in detail explains the question.

Lee Cheuk Yin (33)
I think this good to speak English in the class because we can learn more English also if we can say more
English, we can improve our English too. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. When I have
problem in English, I can ask to them. Theg will answer my question too. I think they are good at English
because they can answer all the question that S1 student‟s question.

Leung Man Kit (34)
I felt the English Speaking Period is a good chance for us to train the English speaking. I was not well in
the speaking period. I was write too short on the speaking period and I was not speaking louder. But I will
try my best in speaking period. The speaking ambassadors are nice. It can make me be able to know more
my classmates their thinking. I think that is a very interesting activity, I want it will continue.
Man Shun Tin (35)
I feel happy to speak in English with my classmates. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job.
Because they are kind and helpful. I think we must have more time. I think everyone done a great job I
think the sticker award is fair.

Poon Kwok Kam (36)
I feel to speak in English with my classmates can help my speaking English good and leaven more
English spelling. I thing the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job because the first time I speak, I afraid
to talk to they. We can speak more to make the Speaking Period better.

Tam Chung Kei Irwin (37)
But I have an idea that can malee the speaking period, my group have three girls and only me one boy and
the S7 ambassador in also a girl, in disscutions, I will met speak so well with all are girls. Everyone
participate well and I think it‟s interesting.

Tong Ho Yin (Jacky) (38)
Every Thursday, is me and my classmates Speaking Period. I like this day because I feel interested and
happily. And also I think the S7 ambassadors are doing quite well. It is because they will ask some
questions to train English and they are nice and fun too.

Wong Yiu Hang (39)
I think something can be done to make the Speaking Period better. After one minute‟s talk the S7
ambassadors can give us some comments about our talk. This can help us do better next time. If the
ambassador assigned to each group can be changed every other month, I think the sticker awards will be
given more fairly.

Yip Jin Vincent (40)
The Speaking Period in TWGSS is quite good. T thing it is a good chance to partice our English speaking.
All the student in TWSS should have Speaking Period is right. Because some lazy student wouldn‟t go to
speak English with each other.Then the Speaking Period also can partice our writing skills. Because we
have to prepare our Speaking guidebook. The group Discussion can help us do more out discussion skills.

Part Four: Reflections of 1D students

Chan Ka Yi (1)
I think the Speaking Period is good for me to speak in English. On every Thursday, we have different
titles to talk and we need to prepare on Wednesday. They always correct us because we are wrong or
speak need louder. We can also know more about our speaking ambassadors. And then we will be friends.

Chan Sin Mei (2)
Speaking Period is a good activity. Because I think it can make us speaking better! I felt speak in English
with my classmates is very interesting too! I think S7 ambassadors are doing a good job! Because they
always help me in English. Sometimes they tell us some speaking skill too! they are very kind and helpful!
I think we can prepare the lecture note before the speaking day to make the Speaking Period better!

Chan Yan Hung (3)
I think the EMI Enhancement Team can hold some activities for students to familiarize the others before
Speaking Period, so that we can participate more actively and with more interest.

Cheung Hau Wa (4)
I feel interesting to speak English with my classmates. If I speak to the all of the classmates, I will be
afraid. I think the S7 ambassadors are very helpful. If we don‟t know how to answer. They will help us.
We can prepare before the Speaking Period. It can make Speaking Period better. I think everyone were
enjoy the Speaking Period.

Chiu Man Wai (5)
Our group ambassadors, Vincent. He is a Form Seven student in our school. I think he is a funny person
and he has a good English pronounce. We have a topic every week, we will speak 1 min short
presentation. Vincent always says some jokes to us and he usually guide us to think about it. At last,
Vincent will give a sticker for us to represent reward.

Fung Chui Yiu (6)
I should speak loud and eye contact to my classmates. I talk the two sticker but I speak bad. My
classmates are talk is very good. I should hard working for speaking.

Ho Yu Kam (7)
Before the speaking Period day, we should prepare first. If you present well, you may get 3 sticker. In a
group, that 2 people get 2 sticker and one people get 1 sticker. But it doesn‟t matter, just try our best.

Lam Ka Hung (8)
I think there some ways to make the Speaking Period better. First, the S7 ambassadors do not have a sit,
they help us but they do not have a sit, they may tired. So, I think if there can be some chair to give them
to sit, it may be better. Then, it may be better if it can add a part that talk about what can you see in the
picture, it can strengthen our observation and make us more easy in describing things by using English.

Lee Shu Ting (9)
I have had five speaking period already. I think it can help me improve my English and we can have
stickers, which is for the passport after we speak but I think the time is too short. Every time, we don‟t
finish our Group Discussion and ask us get the sticker.

Lee Shut Wing (10)
This Speaking Period can help us to train our English Speaking. It can also train our writing, such as how
to write a draft of speech. In this Speaking Period, we can know some new friends in Form7. And it can
help us to learn how to answer the questions.

Leung Lok Sze (11)
I feel easy to speak in English with my classmates and I feel happy too. I think S7 student are doing a
good job. They always correct us if we are wrong. I think it can do more stickers example : 4 sticker, 5
sticker…I think the sticker awards have been fairly given. Because if I am the best, they will give me 3. If
another student are best, they will give them 3.

Ma Yuen Ying (12)
I think S7 ambassador are doing good job. They can help us when we do not know how to speak some of
the verbs in English, they will help us.

Ng Tsz Ying (13)
In the speaking period, I feel funny and interesting to speak English with my classmates. It is because the
S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. They speak English very good and clear. When we be shy to talk
English. They will help us to do better.

Tsang Yin Laam (14)
We have Speaking Periods every Thursday. It is interesting to speak in English with my classmates and
the Form Seven‟s ambassador. He is Jim. I think Jim and the other S7 ambassadors are doing a very good
job. They guide my classmates and me to follow the questions and answers the questions.

Tsui Hoi Yin (15)
I feeled strange and scared when I speaked in English to my classmates because we were not familiarity
to all of them.
I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job because they are not brutish and they could like to give
some hits to us. They not only will not blame and scold us when we used the wrong grammar, but also,
they will correct it too.

Wan Tsz Ting (16)
After the one minute speaking, we can learn more words because other classmates will have some new
words say in the one minute speaking, so I think this activity can make our English be good!

Wong Cheuk Yiu (17)
Who help us to do the English Speaking Period is Joesph. He is very nice, he always teaches us many
things. What we are not doing well, he teaches us how to do better. So I think he‟s done a good job.

Wong Chui Ting (18)
I liked to speak with my classmates more than teacher. It is because if I speak with teacher, I will very
afraid. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. When we finished up all the conversations, Alan,
the ambassador could lead us to create some topics to discuss, so we did not feel boring.

Wong Chun Yu (19)
The first time when I spoke in English with my classmate, I felt very frightened because I didn‟t know
whether I have pronounced the word right or not. But now I do not afraid of it anymore. The ambassadors
will teach us to read the word that we do not know. I think they have done a good job. They tell us jokes
that make us laugh.

Wong Lok Yee (20)
Every Thursday I speak with my classmates. I feel funny and special to speak with my classmates. I feel
funny because we can talk many things that not in the textbook. We are happy. I feel special because we
are talk with a S7 student but not teacher.

Wong Yan Ting (21)
In the second time, is talk about our classmates. In my class, my new friend is sitting next to me. So I talk
about her. We are in different Primary School. I hope we can be good friend forever.

Yu Lee Man (22)
It was begin the first Speaking Period on 7th of September. I felt feared very much that on the morning. It
was because I do not know what we do in Speaking Period. But the end of Speaking Period, I was not feel
feared, I have enjoyed it! Because my team members with I are discussion happily, it‟s not tense
atmosphere. Also, we are participate actively and support it.

Chan Hong Chun (23)
It think so hard to speak in English with my classmate. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job,
because they are so nice and sometimes they are so funny. We can already the speaking period before the
speaking period. Yes, everyone are participate actively and with interest. Yes, I think the sticker awards
have been fairly given.

Cheng Tsz Lung (24)
I feel a little bit difficult to speak in English with my classmates because many words in English we have
not learnt but I think the ambassadors are doing the good job because they are not only ask the question in
the speaking guidebook. They always ask the question outside the book. I think the Speaking Period is
very good and I do not have better ideas for Speaking Period.

Cheung Cheuk Lok (25)
I feel happy to have the Speaking Period in the Thursday morning. I feel excited to speak in English with
my classmates. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job because some of the words are difficult
and they will teach us. I think the stickers are unfair. It is because somebody do well but have to get 1
sticker. In my group some of them are not active. I am the one too. It is because I feel scared. Thank you.
Chiang Cho Kiu (26)
I think it is good for me to speak with my classmates because I can improve my speaking skill in English
and I can have a time to talk to my classmates loudly in the lesson. The S7 ambassadors are doing a good
job. They can talk out my wrong things and something need to improve. Although they can help me
improve my speaking sill, they give out stickers is not fair. Just like today, one of my classmate in my
group was not too active to speak and has not prepare enough but the ambassador gave her three and the
other girl who speak more and louder just got one. What‟s wrong with the ambassador?

Chiu Yuk (27)
I feel to speak English with my classmates is happy because I think if we speak English with teachers, we
will be very afraid. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job because I think they are friendly
when they speak to us. They never angry to us if we speak some wrong things, they will generous to teach
us to speak better. I think we can do more hard in the speaking Period better to make it better and happier.

Fong Kin Yee (28)
In my group the ambassador is Rooney. I like him because he always smiles and he is very kind. But my
group girls always want me to talk first but I don‟t ant talk first every time so sometimes I will cry. Then I
will not going to talk first.

Fung King Cheong (29)
First, Vincent says „Good morning”. We also say “Good morning”. Then, we talk the tope, Vincent asks
the questions so we talk the answer. We talked some tope. For example: “Introduce On of your Family
Members”, “Introduce One of Your Classmates”, “How to Adapt to the New Secondary School Life”,
“Junk Food”, “Dress Casual Day”. We will talk “My Country and I” on next Thursday. It is interesting.

Ho Lai Kam (30)
Personally, I think we should look title first and write down some things is very important on the book.
Then, we ought to speak again and again. I think so because I always see them reading the English book
and actively to participate in Speaking Period.

Hong Sui Hang (31)
I think the S7 ambassadors are nice and friendly. It because when I have a problem, like I don‟t know how
to spell a word or don‟t know how to read a word, they are very patient to solve the questions.

Hui Ka Wai (32)
At first, I was afraid to speak in English with my classmates because I seldom talked to my classmates in
English in the past. But after five weeks, I am not afraid of speaking English anymore! It‟s because I had
five Speaking Period already! And I got 3 stickers in last week!
Lam Hung Shing (33)
I suggest that the ambassadors can give out sticker according to the performance of the students, not only
one 3 stickers, if we all done a great job, it is really an encouragement to us at all if the ambassadors give
us all 3 stickers!

Lau Ka Tsun (34)
How can we do better in the speaking period better? I think we should do more practice before our
presentation. I think we should not every afraid of Speaking Period, it will make us speak not very good.

Leung Ho Lun (35)
I think it is very interesting and difficult to speak in English with my classmates because I don‟t know
some of the words at the Speaking period so I think it is difficult. I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a
good job because if I don‟t know some words, they will tell me how to read the word.

Ng Yu Hang (36)
I think that, if the ambassadors sometimes to change to the other groups, it will be more better. Also,
everyone is different to the others, if we do that, we can learn more thing from other ambassadors.

Tang Pui Hei (37)
When I came to Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School, at first I felt so difficult to speak in English
with my classmates. But now, I feel it is not difficult to speak in English because I can make it easy. I
think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job.

Tse Ka Wai (38)
Maybe it is a bit troublesome of moving the desks and chairs of the eight students of the third row each
class, I wish the arrangement of them will be better. Totally the Speaking Period is very wonderful. I will
continue to support this meaningful activity.

Tse Ting Yuk (39)
One day, my class teacher told us that we will have some activity called “School Period” in day 4. That
day, I saw some Form 7 students and made us into a group and had group discussion. I was so afraid that I
couldn‟t have good English and made others laugh. But the Form 7 student called Alan supported me to
be brave in speaking English. Finally, he said I had tried the best and gave me three stickers.

Wong Chi Lam (40)
Hello, I am Wong Chi Lam, David. I like the speaking period very much because it is easy to talk. In the
Speaking Period, we want to talk a lot of caption to get the stickers.
Part Five:          Reflections of 1E students

Au Ting Yu (1)
I like Speaking Period very much because Speaking Period can improve my English and to make me
brave enough to speak in front of others.

Chan Po Kwan (2)
I think if more classmates in a group is better than four students. We can speak with more classmates too.
And I think speak period need more times, it not enough. At first, everyone are shy ay speak but now they
speak up. And I think their speak are interesting. I think the sticker awards have been fairly given.

Chan Sum Yi (3)
I feel good to speak English with my classmates because we are friends so I don‟t afraid of speak English
with them. I think the S7 ambassadors are really do a good job. They give some opinions after we have
the speaking in English, I think this will improve my English very much. They also give us some hints
when we don‟t know how to express something we want to say. I think the classmates just tell their ideas
to others and don‟t have discussion among the classmates, so I suggest they have a discussion with
classmates around a topic.

Chan Yuen Yau (4)
I feel it is difficult for me to speak in English with my classmates. It is because English is not our
mother-tongue. I think it is very hard for us to speaking a foreign language in short time. We are not
accustomed to it. However, the English ambassadors are doing a good job by making an English-speaking
environment. They insist and encourage us to speak English. To make the Speaking Period better, we
should all be well prepared. All our classmates are actively participated in the Speaking Period with
interest. In my opinion, the sticker awards have been fairly given. If you active to speak English, you will
get more sticker.

Chu Chui Ying (5)
They participate actively because they will prepare before the day of the Speaking Period and they learn
some words in the Speaking Period. We also speak some interest things. I think the stickers awards have
given fairly. It is because if someone speak bad, he ambassadors will give him/her one sticker only. If
someone speak is the best of the group, the ambassadors will give him/her three stickers. I think it is very

Chu Fong I (6)
I felt very happy and afraid to speak in English with my classmates. I felt happy because I think I had a
chance to speak was good and I felt afraid because I afraid I would speak wrong. I think the S7
ambassadors are doing a very good job. They always help me if I have any problem. It is because when I
cannot speak ant word, they will tell me.
Keung Pui Kwan (7)
If we want to have good presentation, you need to have good prepare. You should look for the dictionary
and find the words that you need to write in the passage.

Lam Wing Yan (8)
In my opinion, the Speaking Period can be done better if one ambassador can take care of 2 students so
that students can have more time to practice English. After joining Speaking Period nearly one month, I
discover the students becoming more interested in English than before. We are used to talk in English at
school now.

Leong Yue Kei (9)
I think Speaking period can started 5 minutes earlier because it is not enough time to have discuss.

Leung Tsz Ting (10)
I think the stickers awards have been fairly given because the classmates speak loudly and clearly, so they
can get the higher mark, if the classmates speak quietly and haven‟t prepare, so they get the lower mark.
The stickers awards are encourage the students to speak more English. Finally, I hope my classmates can
gain more stickers awards as the most stickers awards class.

Li Man Yi (11)
When the English Speaking period started, I felt this period is very useless because the English lessons
also have oral or two minutes talk. Why did the school establish this period? On every Wednesday, I want
to write some notes from the English Speaking period. I usually think this is very trouble. But I can learn
a lot of speak skill and promoter our self-confident now. We can learn some composition skill, too. The
activity‟s slogan is “Speak up” but I cannot do this! One of the form seven student encourage we o speak
loud. I hope that will speak loudly in the future and get more stickers! Although in the English speaking
period is very noisy, we can finish this whole speaking period. I expect the Halloween day-English
Speaking Day come true fastly.

Ng Kai Yin (12)
I think we an have the English Speaking Period on the Wednesday and Thursday in the morning. It is
because we can have more contact with our ambassadors and our English can be preferable. Although
may be students thing that it is very hard for them, it is good for us. I wish English Speaking Period can
be progress, because the student need you!

Tse Yuet Ting (13)
There are also form seven students helping us to speak English. For my group, the ambassador is called
Kathleen. She is in 7B. She always conducts the discusstion for us. Also, the stickers give by her ar
distributed fairly. She is a very good ambassador.
Tsui Wan Yi (14)
I think speaking English with my classmates is interesting because I seldom do this before. I like speaking
in English with my classmates because I can improve my English through speak in English.

Wong Hoi Ki (15)
I feel speak in English with my classmates or have a difficulty. I seldom speak in English with my
classmates, but besides play the HSN. I ususlly use English to talk to my friends. I think S7 ambassadors
are doing a good job. Every morning of Thursday, we have a English Speaking. When we have any
mistake, she always tell me the correct answer.

Wong Kin Yee (16)
Our group members is no so actively, we don‟t know what can we talk. I opinion change the S7
ambassador once a month or twice a month, if always is that person will be very boring!

Wong Po Ying Amy (17)
English Period can help us to practice our English become better. I feel very good this programme and I
think the S7 ambassadors are doing very good job. They make us say English bravely and more clearly.

Yam Pui Ching (18)
In my group,the S7 ambassadors is Alan. If we do not have anything to say, he will say some questions to
ask us. Why do I think he does good! It is because if we don‟t know how to say the words or we don‟t
understand, he will help us. I think we should listen the other carefully and we try to do better. We all
have participate actively and some of them will with interest. I don‟t think the sticker awards have been
fairly given, because the S7 ambassador has follow who do better and who do not better to give the

Yau Hung Hung(19)
I think the S7 ambassadors are doing a good job. They are very helpful. They can teach more student to
improve English. Why I think they have a good job? It is because they can improve English for
themselves. They can with the students be friends. They also have the sticker awards.

Yeung Hoi Ki (20)
Our group‟s ambassador is Bonita Chan. She is a good ambassador. She gives the stickers fairly and leads
you to discuss. All my classmates like “Speaking Period” very much, so they participate actively and with
interest. And, they are happy in this function.

Yim Wing Sze (21)
In our speaking period, we need to prepare and work hard on speaking English. The helpers in our class
are very kind and hard-working. They help us to speak correct English and help us to correct our grammar.
But the times of speaking period is too short, sometimes we don‟t have enough time. The other opinions
are: May we have the speaking period every Monday, so that, we can have more time to prepare. And, can
we have some free title in English speaking period; I want to speak of different things.

Yu Wai Ling (22)
Everyone participate actively and shows interested. They contribute to the short presentation and the
group discussion. I think the sticker awards have been fairly given because the ambassadors base on our
performance and effort to give the “3” sticker to the best and give “1” sticker to the worst. The conclusion
is that the Speaking Period is a good activity, so we should join actively and don‟t come late to school on
every Thursday otherwise we will lose this golden chance.

Yuen Ching Ching (23)
I think everyone participate the activity and with interest and I think this speaking period can make the
student learn the English more easy.

Chan Chun Long Eddie (24)
I think Wong Hiu Fung (the ambassadors) has been fairly given the stickers awards because he always
give us 2 or 3 points.

Chan Lik (25)
When I speak in English with my classmates, I feel so nervous. I feel nervous it is because I am afraid my
classmates will laugh at me. I will be hard working to cope with it. If we can play some games before
discussion, that will be better. It is because this helps us to break the ice.

Chan Yu Man (26)
I like Speaking Period because I can speak English with my classmate. And also I think I can free to talk
to them. I think I can learn more English in it because I will not give tease when I spoke wrong. They will
just give me opinion and let me to speak right. I can easy to improve my oral skill.

Chau Hoi Lun (27)
Now let me tell you about my thinking of the English speaking period. This is very useful to encourage
the student to speak more English. English is a very important language, we need to learn it well. Fist way
is to speak. We shall out boldly and with confidence to speak. Be more talkative as you can. Don‟t worry
about the grammar mistakes, but I want to say that is I think give you the topic and let you prepare is not
good. Why? Because I found that most student only write down the passage and then read, that‟s useless,
we can‟t learn in this way. I will drop down some notes or points and then think and speak. About the
stickers, that‟s no need to worry how many marks you got, it‟s a chance for us to speak. The most
important thing is we don‟t have enough time.

Cheung Hung Sang (28)
Every Speaking Period are have different theme. We can share our life-style with our classmate. I think
this activity is meaningful. I think this activity can make me and my classmate friendly because this
activity make me more to talk.
Cheung Tsz Lok (29)
I think the stickers awards have been fairly given. If we have good job, we have 3 marks. If we are not so
good, we have 2 marks. If we have bard work, we have 1 mark only.

Chiu Shing (30)
It is so special to speak in English with my classmates. It is because we always speak in English is just to
teachers and make me can‟t be relax. And speak to my classmates, it can make me relax and happy. The
S7 ambassadors are helpful and kind for me and they also teach me a lot. Thank you!

Chow Kin Hang (31)
We have a lot of topics to talk in the Speaking Period, such as introduce one of our family members and
discuss junk food. They are funny and interesting. Also we can talk together in the group discussion. If we
have any problems, we can share with anyone and then they will help us. By the way, the performing
students will be invited to a free day trip in Disneyland.

Lam Ho Chak (32)
We can suggest some idea to make the Speaking Period better. For example, we can play some games
about speaking English so that can be improve our English easily or the S7 ambassadors can speak a little
bit Chinese so we can know the meaning clearly.

Lam Zhao Lang (33)
I have one idea can be done to make the Speaking Period better. Sometimes, we can change the group
members and ambassadors as for us to have more chances to communicate with others.

Lau Kai (34)
I think speak in English with my classmates is very interesting and it is a good way to practice my
English. It is because in any day, we speak Chinese all the time. Only at Thursday, all the classmates
should say English in the English Period. It that time, all students will talk about their life and we can
know more about them. I also can learn more words in that from my classmates.

Law Ka Chun (35)
I don‟t think the sticker awards have been fairly given because an S7 ambassador told me everyone in a
group must be given “sticker one” in every month. Although you have prepared very well, you must get
“sticker one” in a month.

Li Kwun Fung (36)
I think everyone is participate actively and with interest, they always prepare hard- working to get higher
marks, but I always get lower marks because I haven‟t do the prepare very well. So I think the sticker
awards is be fairly give from S7 ambassadors.
Ma Kwok Yi (37)
I think the sticker awards have been fairly given because I always get two sticker and I never get three
stickers but I always prepare hard and I want to get the stickers so I will prepare harder.

Mak Ngo Tung (38)
I think speak in English in the Speaking Period with my classmates is a very good activities and
interesting. I think S7 ambassadors are doing a good job because they can help me to speak the English
more comfortable. I think we can add a free speaking time to make the Speaking Period better. I think
everyone participate actively and with interest because they want to get more stickers so that they can get
on a trip to Disneyland. I think the sticker awards have been fairly given because the S7 ambassadors are
very kind and they make us very happy.

Pang Chi Ting (39)
In this Speaking Period, I feel so shy in the first lesson because this is the first English activity in this
school. But in second lesson I speak clearly and loudly when I speak in English with my classmates. I can
brave when I speak English with my classmates because there is a good S7 ambassadors in my group.
They help us to remind some point we should pay attention in group discussion. But the ambassador
should say some Chinese when we don‟t understand. If we can do it the speaking period will better than

Wong Kam Hei (40)
I feel a little bit shy, interesting and exciting when I speak to my classmates in English. It is because I
seldom speak in English with everyone when I was in primary school. I think we can write the Speaking
Period on the timetable because many students always forgets to prepare so they speak not well.

Part Six:           Reflections of 7A students

Chan Ching Man (1)
As a form-seven student, I do cherish this opportunity, maybe the last one in our secondary life, to do
something for the school. Moreover, it is an excellent chance for me to talk with those junior form
students. I can always find the shadow of myself from their behaviours. I gain a lot from them. A short 15
minutes every week enables me to look back. Their experience, their school lives and their lessons are all
my experiences. I love to be one the TWGSS students and I love to enjoy some time with my junior
schoolmates to get relaxed from my fully packed school life.

Chan Fong Ting (2)
In fact, when I was in Form one, my English was poorer when compared with them. There was no
speaking period and we just spoke in English during English lessons. Now, there are reading periods and
more English speaking days. Students are provided with more opportunities to improve their oral skills
and practise using English efficiently. Also, the topic of discussions vary each time, including different
aspects of life. This can help train the students to think broadly and they can develop the ability to think
logically. So, I hope this scheme will be maintained in the future.

Chan Kit Ning (3)
However, to the non-ambassadors, who are a minority of their classes, the speaking period hardly has any
relations with them as in most cases, they are not needed. They just have to stay and continue their daily
reading. Although it is understandable that the number of helpers required is so limited that not every
senior student can do the jobs, they cannot help thinking that unfairness exists. The feeling of being
excluded is always a bitter pill to swallow. If possible, the school should consider the possibility of
extending the practice to Form two and even all the classes as well, so that more senior forms students
can be offered the opportunity to be speaking ambassadors.

Chan Nga Ying (4)
Despite its achievements, I am still worried what its effectiveness, there are basically 3 major problems.
Firstly, when we speak of the English speaking environment, it should not be limited within a stime or a
place. Rather, an entity should be considered. Say, students are to be made to speak English compulsorily
within the whole school. But of course, this idea takes time.

Chan Shu Ting Iris (5)
What is so encouraging is that finally the school has come to the fore and does its bid. Had it not been for
this completely new scheme, I would not have come into the realization that oh, really, it works if we do a
little bit more. Every Thursday after finishing chatting with my young group mates, I become
incrementally convinced of the idea that yes, we can make a difference. The initial fear of not getting any
response at all now proves groundless that I am so plucked up by the zealous participation of each of
these kids. Never have I dreamed of such pictures in which I am so in touch with my fellow
schoolmates. This, I think, is what is reminiscent of a harmonious campus in which its inhabitants help
each other out sincerely while enjoying themselves. The future these young people inherit depends on
whether or not we will act accordingly.
It might sound like an exaggeration, but it does carry a grain of truth – envision a presentable, confident,
eloquent individual after 7 years of effortless conversations and compare him with what we see today in
most of the classrooms where sheepishness and sluggishness are overflowing ever so often as though this
was the right learning attitude, and you know this is a step that should have been taken way earlier.

Cheng Ka Wai (6)
The enforcement of the speaking period does not only help enhance form one students‟ abilities, but also
provides me with the opportunity to practise English. The oral practice with classmates is just done for
the purpose of preparing for the A-level examinations. However, during the speaking period, I can train
my conversational skills which are useful on other occasions. But sadly, it is hard to judge form one
students‟ performance. The process of giving out stickers is always an embarrassment. There is of course
no difficulty in giving out three stickers. Yet, when I hold the “one” sticker in my hand and pass it to one
of them, I can sense her unhappiness because her active participation does not deserve only one. Although
I can give this unwanted sticker to different students alternately, the same situation will still happen in
every speaking period.

Cheung Hon (7)
Although I am not an ambassador, I always hear something about the Speaking Period from my
classmates. From their words, I notice that the new-comers of our school who are just eleven or twelve
years old are so active and like talking in English. That recalls my memory when I was a Form one
student who had just finished the primary studies and be put in class A suddenly. My English was
extremely poor, I always thought that it should be because of my luck and got a higher mark in the
multiple choice section in the exam, or there should be something wrong with the computer, if not I
would not be in 1A. And that marked the beginning of my nightmare in Form 1. What a pity!

Cheung Wai (8)
Of course, the speaking period does not do any harm. What I mean is that the system itself is not
completely flawless and we should not withstand complacency and stop here. If we want to eradicate a
problem, we ought to solve it at its root. The root of the problem is not our students because Hong Kong
students are generally passive and shy. Why can some schools still nurture passionate and active students
who seize every opportunity to learn and speak English? Why can‟t we? A school is like a manufacturing
factory and students are its products. To produce high quality products, machines play a significant role.
Hopefully, when I go back to TWGSS 10 years later, I will hear students speaking English to welcome

Fung Yee Ling (9)
Although the introduction of speaking periods is beneficial to students, I am afraid the periods are too
short. They only last for ten minutes and there is only one speaking period per week which is not very
effective in improving students‟ oral English. Their improvement in oral English will be expectedly
insignificant and will not be very obvious. What is more, the tem minutes has to be shared among five to
six students, including the ambassadors, and it is predictable that there will be quite a number of pauses
during the one-minute presentation and also the discussion. To be exact, each of them only needs to
practise for less than two minutes a week. Within such a short period of time, how can they improve their
oral skills? Surely, practice makes perfect. But short periods of practice can hardly make an improvement.
Therefore, the frequency cannot be so scattered and the period cannot be so short.

Ha Miu Ting (10)
I myself have also learnt a lot from the period. On one hand, I can enhance my English through this kind
of oral practice. It is not hard for me to communicate with the junior form students. But sometimes it is
not easy for me to think of some simple words in order to make them understand what I have said. The
students in my group come from class 1 A. Thus, their English are not bad. I was very surprised by their
excellent performance when I first met them. I am ashamed that my English standard is not far better than
theirs. Indeed, I wish there had been such an activity in which senior form students spoke English with
me six years ago. Had it been trained with these English speaking activities, my English would have been
much better now. What is more, I can learn from the Form one students‟ mistakes. By spotting their
grammatical mistakes and basic oral mistakes, I can remind myself to do better due to the role I play. I
know they learn from me, too. Hence, I have to teach them sincerely. It is quite satiric that I feel hardship
of making them speak up. I remember that I spoke very softly like them in the past.

Ho Hiu Tung (11)
After numerous briefings, benign encouragement from our English teachers and daunting preparation
work of stickers, passports and guidebooks, finally comes our unprecedented Speaking Period on
Thursday morning. Taking with the colour-printed guidebook, passport and tailor-made stickers and
wearing a sizable badge, I stepped in the classroom full of innocent and hopeful S.1 students who are
longing to enjoy a 15-minute sharing with senior schoolmates, and longing to gain effective practice of
oral English as well as the attractive stickers.
The ring of the school bell at 8:25 a.m. marked the memorable threshold of the tremendous event of this
school year. I randomly picked a group and introduced myself before inviting them to make their
presentations. Disappointingly, two of my F.1 group-mates had not done their preparation well, with only
two or three sentences written on their scripts prepared. That is why after all of them had finished their
preparation, I stressed once again the importance of good preparation for the Speaking Period,
emphasizing that inadequate preparation may discourage their group-mates, thus effect the effectiveness
of the whole event in spurring students to speak up. Impressively, all of them had done their preparation
well since then.

Ho On Ki (12)
In comparison with the individual presentation, I like the group discussion better. The atmosphere is great
although sometimes I need to lead them. We really have a great time and they are willing to share their
experience with me. On one side, they are actively involved. On the other side, when they are at a loss for
words, they do not give up but try to speak more in another way. Their attitudes are positive. The success
of the speaking period is the result of the collaboration with both junior and senior form students.

Ip Wing Yan (13)
No one would argue that the speaking period can reinforce the ability and confidence of junior students
who are relatively weaker in expressing themselves in English. Also, the activity offers a favourable
opportunity for senior forms students to speak up. As there are public oral examinations, the speaking
period can undenibly provide practice for senior for senior forms students striving for the best in public
examinations. An excellent grade in oral examinations does not only look for candidates‟ efficiency and
fluency in using English, but also an active role of them during a group discussion. The ways to lead a
discussion, shift a point to another smoothly and politely, and conclude everyone‟s opinion are crucial to
show off one‟s talent and intelligence. These useful examination skills are hopefully remedied through the
speaking period by talking to less competitive junior students. Thus, the activity should satisfy
examination oriented students.

Lai Mei Wa (14)
But it seems that most of our lessons are taught in Chinese in order to make students understand. Except
English lessons, we students obviously have limited exposure to English. Therefore, that is really a good
chance for our dearest form one schoolmates to have a speaking period regularly. Hopefully, the trend of
the EMI culture can be passed on from students to students in the following years. The first step is always
the hardest. It will become a build-in quality of future TWGSS‟s students.

Law Hiu Mei (15)
Although I am not a Student Ambassador, obviously, the system is more efficient and practical in
enhancing students‟ communication skills so as to pave their way to success in the future. The oral control
system – one teacher-in-charge and one Student Ambassador applied to motivate students to voice their
opinions, it makes the Speaking Periods more formal. Form one pupils will take it serious and solemnly
prepare for the practice. Though this uniform activity, every participant develops an appropriate learning
attitude towards studying, the one who join the scheme will become more responsible to every event
organized by the school and enthusiastic over theses functions.

Law Yuen Tung (16)
When I first entered our school, which as six years ago, I as scared by the extensive use of English in
assemblies, lessons and other school functions and was comforted by the help of S.4 and S.6 schoolmates
through the S.1 induction program. However, after I discussed my new school life with my primary
schoolmates who are granted places at other EMI students, I learnt that my experience was less than
spellbound to them. Instead, they pitied my lack of exploration to English and insufficient assistance by
the senior students.
The new era of TWGSS has come after the introduction of the Speaking Period by the English Society in
which students can acquire more English speaking opportunities and the communication between junior
and senior students can be enhanced.

Leung Ka Po (17)
The performance of all schoolmates is improving. Even the most passive one is trying to speak more, so I
gave her 2 stickers last time. But I am worried that one of the best 2 boys is being lazy. He did not prepare
anything because he thought that he can speak 1 minute. I gave him 1 sticker only since he was not able
to handle it. Because of his participation in the group discussion, I did not give him stickers. If he acts
like this again, I will not know what to do . And if I were the most passive one in the group, I would find
it very discouraging since I could hardly get 3 stickers. Being passive is the personality of that schoolmate,
she does not know how to speak more since she does not have enough ideas like the best 2 boys do. To be
fair, I still need to give 3 stickers to the best 2 boys. Actually, I do not know how to help her.

Liu Ka Yin (18)
The Form one students are only eleven or twelve years old children, who already have to cope with the
sudden changes of secondary school lives. Without doubt, creating an English speaking environment must
start from Form one students, but can we help them by a more relaxed way? For instance, calling senior
form students to chat and play with them in English, maintaining the speaking periods but only
distributing the „three‟ stickers. Positive reinforcement is always much more effective than punishment if
we want to enhance one‟s confidence!

Mak Wing Nga (19)
I have to admit that they were extremely shy the first time we met because of their knowing very little
about each other and their shame on their incompetence in English. I did try my best to encourage them to
speak up by “entertaining” them and “telling humorous jokes” that are not funny at all. After all, they are
just too shy to speak. When they got more familiar with the atmosphere as well as me, they were willing
to speak louder without discomfort or uneasiness.
What I need to specially note is a very smart boy in my group. My first impression on him is simply an
ordinary boy without anything overwhelmingly special. However, I changed my mind after my first
discussion with him. The boy sitting in front of my is less an ordinary boy than a very clever, talkative
and harming boy who speaks very fluently in English. No sooner had I discovered that a challenge was
awaiting ahead than I had no way to retreat.

Pang Yi Ki Annette (20)
It was surprising to know this year‟s special present – the English Speaking Period, for all Form One
students. And I‟m grateful to join this event in my last year in TWGSS.
I remember when I first came to this school. I seldom used English. That year, I was in 1A, a class which
is labeled the best among all Form One classes. But my English was so poor at that time and I could
hardly understand what my teachers said. I was so depressed but I had to pretend that I fully knew what
was going on in class. Later, I got used to learn in this language, but I lost my interest in speaking it, as I
was so afraid of letting others know my poor English.

Sit Wing Hang (21)
Through this activity, I can devote my self to the school and help the junior form students improve their
English speaking skills, enhance their confidence in building relationships and communicating with
others and derive a sense of achievement. Junior form students can also realize the fact that teachers and
schoolmates are always with them, offering help if they are in need. Sadly, I suppose there is still room
for improvement. When it comes to the effectiveness of the speaking period, it appears that the weekly
practice is undeniably inadequate to stimulate students‟ interests in English nor improve their oral
speaking skills drastically and therefore the school could try to increase the frequency of holding the
speaking period to twice a week in the second term of the school year, in the view of the noteworthy
outcome of its efforts in the past three weeks. Gaining support from dear teachers is also conducive to
students‟ learning progress. Therefore I feel strongly that the team could invite teachers to join the
meaningful activity or even lead a group of students to discuss, sharing their hobbies, thoughts and
experiences with each other. It sounds convincing that this imposes burden on teachers for holding the
speaking period in this way. However, everyone has to admit that teachers‟ guidance, patience and
support are vital elements of students‟ learning and prospects and the speaking period certainly doest not
exert insurmountable pressure nor burden on teachers as it requires not much preparation work.
Tsang Oi Fong (22)
After the second and the third English Speaking Period, I discovered something that the teachers can
make a notice. First of all, all of them spoke very softly and I could not hear what they were talking about.
It was hard for me to guess the meaning. Although I had tried my best to encourage them to speak louder,
it seemed quite useless. The second thing was the preparations made by them were not enough. Let say in
individual presentations, they always could make a speech in only half a minute, which as quite short, I
think. The third point is that they didn‟t take an active role in the group discussion section. As we all
know, there should be some responses and eye contacts to your groups during the flow of having a group
discussion, no matter in exam or in daily life. Nearly everytime, I asked or raised questions, then only a
girl answered my and then had dead air. Or a boy just looked at me when he brought up his idea towards
the question buy without looking at his groupmates.

Yim Wing Wai (23)
Teachers involved are added more work-load because of the implementation of speaking period. They
want to know that they are on the right track in improving students‟ language proficiency. However, their
desired results could not be seen within a short period of time. It will be fruitless if all the parties involved
are not wholehearted enough. Indeed, deep in their hearts, they may consider it as a means to reach the
demands of school.

Cheng Kim Pong (24)
Some senior form students may worry about that being speaking ambassador will affect their studies.
However, we only have a speaking period once a week. I suppose all senior-form students should be
responsible for helping younger students. Being a speaking ambassador is not wasting their time. Not
only can the form one student benefit, they can also improve their communication skill through carrying
out the discussion. It is extremely helpful in the public oral examination. Moreover, it gives them a
chance to make friends with the lower-form students and lower-form students can improve. It can help to
create a harmonious environment in schoool.

Cheung Ming Fai (25)
Compared with the individual presentations, the group discussion proved more difficult. Very often they
would look at the questions in the guide books and merely provide the answer “Yes” or “No” and
elaborations on that question seldom would they think of something related to the topic. Therefore, the
area of discussion was usually around the few questions and there would be time left. I had to ask some
questions in order to guide them to think of the answer. I know that they are not familiar with these tasks
as I am in F.1, but they are much better off as I got to know these tasks until Form 4.

Leung Mark Hon Kei (26)
In my opinion, 15 minutes is simply too short for discussion. Everytime our enjoyable mood and
jubilance were spoiled by Mr. Law‟s voice „stop your discussion and give out stickers‟. I think to most of
the F.1 students and speaking ambassadors 15 minutes of speaking period which includes giving out of
stickers is not enough. I suggest the speaking period start earlier, like 8:15, so that the discussion could
last longer with greater enjoyment.
I sincerely appreciate the idea of speaking period and I believe that both F.1 students and speaking
ambassadors would benefit a lot from it. To me, the speaking period not only brings me fun, but also
different points of view of various issues like family, school and other stuffs. Though those I chat with are
only in F.1, but I have really learnt something from them.

Lo Ka Kit (27)
The group discussion section is a section that we didn‟t try when we were in form one. Students have
participated actively and they are keen to express their opinions. This reveals that they do not have any
communication barrier with their classmates. The entire group discussion is processed under a happy
atmosphere. However, students do not know how to invite others to speak and how to switch from one
sub-topic to another. They tend to speak several sentences and then stop. After that, they will wait for the
others to say something. If the four of them have completed one of the sub-topics given by the guidebook,
they tend to wait for me to switch to another sub-topic. At the same time, students are really hard-working.
They have prepared for the group discussion before the speaking period. Yet, they write a lot of their ideas
in the guidebook. When it is their turn, they just read out the words in the book.

Tsang Wai Him (28)
To me, the Speaking Period is even more meaningful in the sense of mentoring. We entered the school as
kids. We leave as young adults. When we first came into the school as first-years, the old boys and girls
gave us support and assistance in many different aspects. They told us things about the schools, they
helped as with homework. They talked to us about our emotional problems. As we grew up, we are
promted to the classrooms situated one story upper year by year. Now, we back to the story where our
Form One classes are located. Now, we help the little kids.
This is successions, the essence of TWGSS.

Part Seven: Reflections of 7B students

Cheung Yik Juen (1)
I must offer my heartfelt thanks to the school for introducing the Speaking Period. Not only are the Form
1 schoolmates benefited, I also experience a soulful journey to lignify my enthusiasm during the Speaking
Period. After studying in the school for six years, I find my passion can‟t help fading away. On the other
hand, the Form 1 students are always very energetic, sometimes even hyperactive. Inspired by those
newcomers, my rosy outlook on life, ardour for learning and devotion to the school are now coming back.
Hence, the programme does generate a win-win and mutually beneficial outcome for both the
ambassadors and the S1 students. You may call it a win-win-win situation because the school is the
ultimate winner indeed. Contributing to an active English speaking environment in the school is no more
than an excuse to someone like me who desperately need the vivacity of the newcomers. Thanks again for
grating me such a gorgeous excuse.
The Speaking Period enhances not only students‟ all rounded abilities but their sense of belonging.
Adapting to the new secondary school life takes time and effort. It is as easy as ABC to gain their
immense gratitude if we are able to provide them with timely support. Meanwhile, they would deeply
convince themselves of being a member of the school since they are not isolated or left alone to deal with
difficulties on their own. It is really a pity we didn‟t get such supports at that time. But never mind. Let‟s
start the culture from now on.

Kan Man Ying (2)
Sometimes they have some grammatical mistakes in their presentation or discussion and when I pointed
them out, they faced them positively and modestly. They all have very good attitude to better their
English. I think the hardest part for me in the speaking period is to decide whom student I should award 3
stickers and who I should ward 1 only. All of them did equally good and frankly, I was really impressed
by the performances of them, . I think their English is much much better mine when I was in Form 1.

Lam Chun Yuen (3)
The third thing that I would like to mention is that Form 1 students do not understand how to do group
discussions. I think in group discussions, every groupmate should follow the questions printed on the
guidebook and they should speak actively among themselves. In the first speaking period I had with the
Form 1 students, I found out that they did not know how they should do in the group discussion session
and finally it turned out that I asked them questions on the guidebook and then they answered. I thought a
group discussion should not be like that and so, in the second speaking period, I told them to speak
actively in the group discussion but not to wait for my questions. However, they did not understand and at
last, I had to ask questions again and then they answered. I think group discussions should not be in this
way. The only thing that we ambassadors should do is to guide the Form 1 students once they cannot
think of anything to talk about, but definitely not to ask questions. Otherwise, the session is no longer a
group discussion session but a conversation session. I suggest teachers teaching Form 1 students how a
group discussion should like in their English classes. Also, teachers can invite some students to perform a
formal group discussion in front of the whole class so that everyone can understand better about how they
should do in the group discussion session in every speaking period.

Lau King Man (4)
First and foremost, during the English lessons, we students usually merely listen to what the teacher says
and seldom give response. Never do we use English to communicate among classmates because we are so
used to speak Cantonese. The only moment that we speak English during the class time is asking teacher
questions. Yet, how many times do students put up their hands and ask questions? The answer is that
maybe only when they want to go to the toilet.
Others may argue that speaking period can be replaced by one of English lessons and so the time of the
speaking period can be lengthened. However, teachers are to teach many language skills such as grammar,
tenses or vocabularies within a 35-minute lesson, no extra time is left for students to chatting among
themselves. Also, with one ambassador guiding four students, every student is forced to speak English.
This is absolutely better than that the way that one teacher guiding 40 students to speak English at the
same time because we can ensure all students speaking English during the speaking period.
Li Tok Wa (5)
Another problem is that the Form 1 students make too many grammatical mistakes in their presentation
even if they have sample passages to follow. In case there is no sample passage given, they just answer
the guiding questions one by one and make up a „speech‟, with a terrible number of mistakes on grammar
and pronunciation. It is impossible for me to point out their mistakes every time since it is impolite to
interrupt their presentation and it may frustrate them, too. Besides, as there are so many mistakes, the
15-minute Speaking Period is absolutely too short for me to tell them about their mistakes. So it is hard
for them to get any improvement on grammar and pronunciation.

Mok Ka Ling (6)
I like attending speaking period quite much. In my opinion, speaking periods are enjoyable periods. Not
to mention the benefits gained from this activity, speaking periods help to provide joy and fun to my
daunting school life. I can always hear jokes and gags from Form 1 students. I always laugh with them.
They tell me their lives at home and at school. Their stories make me happy as I am absolutely interested
in knowing others‟ business. I like my group members very much. They help me to forget my own
troubles. Also, I am impressed by the efforts done by them. They all prepare quite well and really try their
best to talk more. All my concerns of speaking periods are ridiculous. I should be optimistic.

Sze On Ki (7)
Introduction of speaking period is a large step forward in the battle. Under the positive and negative
enforcements, students taking part in the event are motivated to speak up. Plus the high frequency of the
activity, students who got lower scores in the first time can have another chance next week. Practice
makes perfect. Sooner or later, the weaker ones will improve through intensive training. I envy the
Secondary one students this year, I wish I could be trained in the same way so that my English would not
be so terrible. Anyway, I do benefit a lot from being the Speaking Ambassador. Since I am siting for the
Advanced Level Exam, I have to prepare for the public oral exam. During the 20-minute speaking session
in each week, I learnt how to avoid dead-air by constantly asking questions. Besides, I dare to speak in
front of strangers now, which is a great improvement to me. I feel comfortable when chatting with the
foreigners. Still remember I was assigned to be the receptionist of a English Speaking Contest. Most of
the guest, including judges were English native-speakers, I was terrified and afraid of talking to them at
first. Nevertheless, I told myself to be responsible, I should do my best whatever position I am in. So,
when the next guest arrived, I first gave him the biggest welcome, found him the name tag and then
companied him to the seat. Of course, I spoke in English throughout the process. I am proud of myself for
overcoming my obstacle in English speaking. I understand that learning a language is a on-going process.
Therefore, I still rely on the speaking period to help myself to improve.

Yu Sheila (8)
In my opinion, the standards of speaking English of the students in my group are not that bad. They can
speak quite fluent and with proper pronounication, and they have well-prepared for the presentation, as
they have put down notes on pieces of paper, clue-cards or just directly to their leaflets. The major
problem that I think they have come to is their confidence. My group is composed of two boys and two
girls, and three out of four of them were in lack of confidence. They would just write down notes on clue
cards and read that out in a weak voice without looking at the other members. After I realized that I have
told them that they were presenting not loud enough. I were glad about their improvements in the second
time – one boy and one girl have improvement in loudness, and the girl with the other girl have
improvement in eye contacts. Unfortunately the boy used his weak voice to do the individual presentation
again in the third time. So discouraging it is. What make the situation got worse is that when I ask that
boy to start the group discussion (I think he really needs more practise in speaking English), he used his
booklet of the English Speaking Period to cover up his face and used his finger to point to the others,
asking me not to tell him to start. How come he can be like that? I know he has tried his best in the
second time as he can really “speak up”, but he has returned to his origin in the third time.

Cheng Shing Lun (9)
It is a joyful experience for we speaking ambassadors to participate in the speaking periods, too. We have
been having so much fun when interacting with those form one students, because they are willing to share
their emotions and opinions to us, without the fear of being teased by us and their group members. I am
glad to hear their opinions about the new school lives and share my advise to them. I do enjoy this kind of
positive interaction, because it helps to develop a friendly relationship between students in different forms.
When the form one students are nurtured by a positive influence from their seniors, they can learn to
appreciate, cooperate and participate, which is an advantage to themselves and the school. Moreover, the
English speaking periods can promote the creation of a caring atmosphere in the school, which should be
an element for pleasurable learning.

Cheung Cho Chi (10)
Victory won‟t come to you unless you go to it. You can‟t look to someone for helping your English
standard. I think form one students are very fortunate to have this chance to improve their English. My
daunting oral skills would improve a lot if I had this speaking scheme when I was a secondary one
student. If you can afford time on hanging around the school in the early morning, why don‟t spend 15
minutes for speaking English? Our school is an EMI school. However, the English speaking atmosphere
is not enthusiastic enough. Student likes to talk with each other with English. Obviously, there is not
sufficient time for them to practise. Let us devote our greatest efforts to improving the English speaking
atmosphere in our school. Say good to “Speaking Period”.

Fong Tsz Ho (11)
Nowadays, students are commonly very shy to speak English. It is mainly because they are afraid of
making mistakes. Yet it is absolutely not the right attitude towards learning English. To learn better
English, one important thing is that you should be „thick skin‟, which means you do not scared of making
mistakes. In fact, everyone makes mistakes. If you are too frightened of making mistakes, the progress of
your English will certainly be hindered. Learning through mistakes is significant. We should be aware of
what mistakes we have done and try to overcome them and make sure that we don‟t repeat them. The
speaking period makes students fear less to speaking English because making a mistake in front of a
Form 7 student is better than in front of a teacher for them. It boosts their confidence and courage to
speak up English in front of people.

Fung Wai Shing (12)
I have been told that the speaking period help student to improve their speaking skill which, in my
opinion, is too general. It is true. The speaking period is beneficial, but in what way? Many people
believe that the speaking period can enhance the students‟ English level. However, it is not the case. How
much can you improve by chatting 15 minutes a week? Obviously, this is not the answer. To the new
comer, we form 7 students are strangers. The key to talk with somebody that you don‟t know is courage
which is a result of confidence. By chatting with someone whom they are not familiar with, they can
build up confidence. Imagine, you are graduated form a high schools with qualified teachers. But you
rarely communicate with you schoolmates, will you perform well in a conversation? We all know the
answer. Practice makes perfect. Fluency is not that important during the period because they can do better
with it by reading passages themselves. And they are still form 1. Students should be trained to express
themselves in a confident way which is useful in rest of their lives.

Ho Kwok Fai (13)
The remaining girl is special. Although she is poor in pronunciation and grammar, she is as talkative as
the boy, and sometimes, she is willing to raise questions. Obviously, when they do not know how to
express themselves in English, they would probably stop talking and I have to guess their meaning.
However, this girl asks me questions about the wordings she dose not know whenever she faces a
vocabulary, and she will ask for the way to use the words too. Say, I said, “I think you will soon adapt to
the new environment.” She does not know the word “adapt”. For most from 1 students, in most cases,
they will let it go. However, she immediately asked for the meaning of the word. I was surprised at that
time. Her active behaviour pushed me to do better in the coming speaking days.
In my group, there is only happiness. I said, “May be you four classmates can have lunch together so that
you will easily get close to each other.” The 3 girls made fun and replied, “We will have lunch together,
but this boy… no way.” The was tongue-tied.

Kwan Chi Ming (14)
It is the school policy that only one student should be awarded three stickers, and that the student with
poorest performance should be awarded one sticker, or even none. The purpose of this rule is to
encourage, or persuade, that student to put more effort in practicing English. So far as I observed, not
only th expected effect was not achieved, but negative impacts were received. I think it is appropriate to
highlight the best performane, yet it is unjustifiable to label the worst candidate. When I give out the „one‟
sticker, what I feel is definitely not an encouragement but an insult to the student. From his eye I saw
disappointment of failure instead of determination to improve. And my judgement was correct – that
student hardly improved in the next speaking period. Worse still, he was much more nervous than
previous time, unwilling to speak up. Naturally, his performanc was again the worst. Should I award him
the discouraging “one‟ sticker again?
Lam Chak Lung (15)
I suggest to treat Speaking Periods as chatting sessions rather than training periods. We may write down
or give some comment son their performance instead of only giving out stickers. The key to improve their
English is not just reinforcement but also providing clues to solve their problems. Without time for
conclusion of their mistakes, Speaking Period is not efficient enough to raise their standard. On the other
hand, as a Form 7 students, despite my so-so English, what I have learnt is enough to give them

Lee Wing Fai (16)
The system is also a problem for many ambassadors. Mr. Law has asked us not to give a „three‟ or a „one‟
to a particular student every time. But I fail to do so. Let me share my case. On the topic about knowledge
gained from secondary school, my group had the idea of politeness. When I asked the weakest student sin
the group that what kind of politeness she has learnt. She didn‟t answer me, she kept thinking but she
couldn‟t think of any. I tried to make it simplier and asked her to give some examples about greeting with
teachers. Her groupmates tried to give her hints but she still didn‟t understand. Finally, I tried my best and
asked this silly question, what will you do if you meet the principal, Mr. Yiu? She still couldn‟t answered
me. She did quite good in part one but she was far from satisfaction, in part two. It is difficult to me not to
give her a „one‟ again. I am sure that she has tried to answer me but she looks confidence and she needs
practice. During this process, I cannot give her a high score unless a sharp improvement is seen.
I suggest that teachers should teach them knowledge about discussion. Otherwise students can never
improve. What‟s more? Attitude is also very important. They may misunderstand that discussion is only
questioning and answering. Practice is important, but effectiveness is even more important.

Ling Chuen Ho (17)
The Speaking Period is encouraging, especially the punishment system. Many people believe that every
activity should be totally positive and counseling instead of punishment should be adopted. In general, it
is theoretically correct but it is practically wrong. Actually this idea could only be adopted in an ideal
community. In schools, suitable punishment is essential. Without negative reinforcement, students who
would be bored with the activity can never be interested in it again since they would never realise the
advantages of the activity after laziness is built in their mind.
I strongly support the Speaking Period as both the secondary 1 students and I can learn a lot from this
activity. I hope it can be successful throughout the year.

Pang Hoi Man (18)
The aim of the „English Speaking Period‟ is to enhance the students‟ English Speaking attitude, habit and
ability. From the first three speaking periods with the form one students, I can tell they are already doing
very well and what they have to improve in the future. One of the boy in my group is very talkative and
active, whenever I ask him a question he will immediately look at me and answer me with a smiling face.
Gesture is a very important element in body language, like eye contact and smiling face. This can tell the
audience what you feel and what you are going to talk about next. However, some form one students
show quite shy when they are speaking to me. They always look at the students‟ passport or the ceiling
instead of looking at me. (need not to be shy! I am quite handsome, right?) Besides gesture, preparation is
also very notable. As if you have written down something, you can give your presentation fluently
without much hesitation. However, not many of the form one students do good preparation before the
reading period. It is because they are just form one students, there are not many types of sentence
structures in their minds. So those who didn‟t write down notes often stop during their speech because
they need time to think of the sentence structures and to translate their Chinese meanings in English.

Siu Chi Hang (19)
First of all, the purpose of having a speaking period is to give Form 1 students opportunities to practise
their oral English. Although this school is a EMI school, students seldom speak English. The only chance
form Form 1 students to talk in English is when they are answering questions in the lesson. So the
speaking period offers a great time for those students to practise. Also, it develops the self-confidence of
students as they have to speak up and contribute something meaningful to their group. Moreover, it also
helps Form 1 student to adapt to the new learning environment. Since it is first year they come to this
school, everything is new for them, especially most subjects are taught in English. They may find
difficulties in learning or getting along with their classmates. Speaking period gives these students
opportunities to receive advice from the speaking ambassadors (senior form students) so that they can get
used to the new environment more easily and quickly. Furthermore, speaking period is beneficial to those
speaking ambassadors as it also gives chances for them to practise English and also develops the
managerial skill as they have to supervise four students to carry out the discussion.

Tse Ho (20)
Second, owing to my friends‟ description, only the lower form students give out an individual
presentation and then a group discussion during the periods. The ambassadors just say “You can start your
presentation”, “Time‟s up” and “Let‟s start our discussion now” something etc. It is no doubt the
appearance of we senior students can put on pressure to the junior ones and make them feel more serious
about the task, but what do our classmates benefit from it. The improvement on pronouncing “You can
start now” fluently and clearly? Or practice our patient to keep us smiling for 15 minutes? I don‟t think so.
If we are selected to take up in the program, we should not make us like an emperor to order the lower
from students to do this or do that. In fact, we should make ourselves as a part of the group, to act as a
leader but not a dictator in the group. We can join the discussion, express our ideas or correct the mistakes
they made. We can even prepare our own individual presentation and do it after other members of our
groups finished their ones. This can give them a sharp image of how a formal presentation should be
performed and they may follow what you do to improve their weak points after the program. On the other
hand, we can have more opportunities to practice our oral skills. This is entire killing two birds with one

Tsoi Leung Sing (21)
However, will the speaking period be a great success? No one can tell. But it is obvious that the speaking
period is not good enough. First of all, the speaking period is too short that every student would have only
2-3 minutes to talk. Students are required to speak at most 3 minutes English every week, can they
improve? English is a kind of language. The only way to master a language is to use it everyday. One may
say that students are already having lessons in English as our school is an EMI school. However, that‟s
not true. During a lesson, most students are listening to their teachers and the words they learn are usually
technical terms. What the students needed is the English knowledges for daily co9mmunication and
business uses. We can‟t expect students to chat with their friends in proper English. Therefore, we must
force them to speak English during lessons or speaking periods.

Wong Hiu Fung (22)
Since primary school, our teachers seldom teach us English. However, you are the first teacher that allows
me to realize English is not just a self-study subject. When I first entered the form one classroom, I found
all the students sitting on their chairs reading the guide books. I immediately knew that how serious the
English speaking periods are. I must treat these thirty minutes seriously. It is my responsibility to help the
form one students to improve their English, not other. I slowly walked to a group at the corner and smiled.
Those form one students seemed to be very nervous and did not look at my eyes. I introduced myself and
told them not to afraid. After that, they smiled at me and asked me questions like how to pronounce thi
sword or what is the meaning of that word. I answered all the question and found that it was really
fulfilling. It is certainly ture that their oral skills, pronounciation and gramma are far from satisfactory,
however, all of them have tried their best. They wrote down the script on their notebook and erad it out
loudly. They are very brave. However, in the group discussion period, all of them become silent and dare
not to say any words. At that moment, I knew that I should encourage the studends and grant them
confidence. So, I encouraged them to voice their opinion. Suddenly, I realized that it is a very important
skills in the public examination. I started to understand how thi sspeaking period help us in the oral
examination. After the discussion, I gave them some short comment to them. Although the comments
were just short phrases like “well”, “keep it up”, etc. To them, these were already very encouraging. All of
them have tried their best and I felt very sorry when I gave the “1” sticker to the student.

Yeung Tak Nam (23)
The second thing we should notice is the frequency of having a speaking period. Having it, once for a
week is not enough for the students to improve drastically within one year. I would say 2 times for a week
is the optimum frequency. As the seapking period takes place during the reading period, it actually doesn‟t
interfere with senior students‟ studies. As for the form 1 students, having to prepare for 2 speaking periods
is not something to demanding. Also, having it twice a week allows speaking ambassadors to follow the
progress of junior form students more closely, which is crucial for their development.

Ying Chung Lik (24)
In spite of the advantages of speaking period, I think there are still some inadequacies of it that should be
discovered. The first thing I want to complain is the existence of leader. Unluckily, being one of the leader
of speaking ambassadors, I find my position quite embarrassing. Every Thursday, after I arrived the 1E
classroom and took the attendance of speaking ambassadors, I would be frustrated to think which group I
should join. It may be the case that F.1 students find it uncomfortable that there are two ambassadors in
their group. However, it is surely the case interrupt others group and find out that my workload is actually
half of others. As a result, I begin to doubt the value of existence of myself. (Actually, it is a bit
exaggerated. Sometimes, I find it quite relaxing to do less than others.) To improve the condition, I think
it may be a good idea to delete this position. The task of taking attendance can be actually performed by
anyone of the ambassadors. Also, if the existence of leader aims at ensuring that the speaking period can
still perform well when one ambassador is absent, I find it is no good of setting up this position, as the
chance of absent of ambassadors is very low and it will not be too difficult to find a volunteer if one
ambassador is missing.

Part Eight: Reflections of 7C students

Chan Ho Yee (1)
The English Speaking Period provides solid guidelines and clear targets for both teachers and students.
For teachers, the implement of the period has proven that the school is not playing around the edges of the
solutions to being a genuine EMI school. This can boost the teachers‟ teaching morale. For students, the
period provides a chance for me and the form one students to practise and improve English in daily lives.
This speaking period is a symbolic step in building up a good reputation and emphasizing the importance
of English. We cannot get the instant results but it all hinges on the persistence of the school and the hard
work paid by students. Students can sharpen the saw and become more confident in using English in
earlier days.

Chan Wan (2)
Although the campaign is really worthy of running, there are some practical difficulties when carrying out.
For one thing, some from one students are too shy to express themselves. They are either afraid of making
mistakes due to poor English, or not used to speak in front of a group. I, as an ambassador, also face
challenges in bringing the taciturn groupmates to talk more. Frankly, most of us, including me, lack
experience in guiding and counseling them. I have to squeeze every means in encouraging them. However,
we can‟t push them too harsh, for fear that they can‟t stand the pressure.

Ching See Man (3)
The English Society invited senior form students to be speaking ambassadors. Leading a team of three
form one students, speaking ambassadors do group discussions in the speaking periods according to the
topics given on that week. They have to take the lead to speak and encourage form one students to voice
out their opinions on a diversity of topics like the school, academics, families, our nation and some hot
issues in Hong Kong. So form one students can have a chance to communicate with senior form students.
At the same time, ambassadors can also horn their oral skills in this activity. It is no surprise that some
form one students are actually not able to convey their ideas fully in English. However, the activity is not
about grammar, vocabulary or fluency; it is about the initiative to speak.

Chow Ka Ying (4)
In my opinion, this activity is indeed a precious chance for students to practice their English and improve
the foundation of their language skills. As the common phrase goes “Practice makes perfect.” Without
sufficient practice, how is it possible for to turn tongue-tied, timid ones into fluent, confident English
speakers? I am glad to see there is a conspicuous improvement in junior students‟ attitudes towards the
practice, which is a head start in achieving the aims of the activity. At first, those Secondary One students
were mostly shy and reluctant to speak. They were unwilling to speak unless I asked them questions. It
was not like a group discussion. Instead, it was merely an individual Q & A section. One of the group
members was so nervous that he burst into tears and a panic attack struck all of a sudden. The oral
practice as out of control and I kept soothing him, feeling completely bewildered. “Oh no, the first
practice is such a mess! It‟s hard to imagine how the following practice would be like.” That was my
feeling after a lackluster start.
To my great surprise, the junior students tried their best to pluck up courage to speak afterwards. There
has been a gradual change in their attitudes. They are now getting more and more active during the group
discussions. Tension has turned into impish grins as well as laughter. The last oral practice went smoothly
and happily as all of them were eager to express their opinions or give responses. Skills need to be honed.
Therefore, it takes time to improve their English skills. Even though they are not that articulate in English,
their confidence is really worth acclaiming.

Hau Siu Yum (5)
In order to enhance the EMI policy in our school, there is a new programme organized by our English
teachers. In this programme, all secondary one students have to join this programme and also some of the
secondary seven students volunteer help to run this programme. The feedback of this programme is very
good among students. Many of the secondary seven students are willing to be the ambassadors. As there
are too many of them want to do so, our teachers have to choose them by drawing. Students who cannot
to be the ambassadors are disappointed about it.

Kwong Shun Yee Lydia (6)
A common phenomenon in both the group discussions of S1 and S7 students is silence. I would make use
of my jotted notes to break the ice. “Angus, you said you have an elder brother. Does he teach you
homework or play with you?” Simple questions relating to the life and experience of the kids can arouse
the interest of other students in the group. However I always bear in mind that the kids are afraid of
answering unfamiliar questions like “What do you think about the school‟s facilities?” I try to put into
their shoes to consider their feelings and think about what they would answer. Sometimes I would bare to
rephrase my questions because I treated them as friends to talk with and I might not be aware of the
wordings. My role in the group discussion is to give thought-provoking questions, stimulate and facilitate
the discussion. I would give hints or even teach the kids a new vocabulary to help them express their
feelings. I do not know if it would be effective for them to learn a new word, but it is good to have more
exposure to words that you use very often in conversations.

Lau Jia Hui (7)
In the first speaking period, I arrived the classroom on time but found that I forgot to bring my passport.
Thus, I only got 1 sticker from Miss Wong. When the period began, I found a group and sat down. As I
was a little bit nervous, I forgot to introduce myself.
Leung E Lim Evelyn (8)
At first, one of the students in my group stands out among the group mates because of her fluent speaking
English, vocabularies and has become the leader of the group discussion. A week later, the other group
mates showed observable improvement on the participation in the group discussion. I believe that peer
competition was the chief cause of the improvement and was what we are expecting. Nevertheless, for
this reason, some of the students were lagged behind and were not be able to catch up with the remaining
of the group. Therefore, I encourage the other group mates to help the student. They also admitted that
through helping the weaker student, their English will also improved – that is, mutual beneficial. The
English Speaking Period not only improves the students‟ English standard, but also their relationship and
develops a caring atmosphere within a class.

Man Wing Yan (9)
Amid the four students, Dicky was the weakest one and was shy to speak in English. As an ambassador, I
often urged him to speak more and up. But on the other hand, I felt amused when I immediately realized
myself was also ashamed to speak. Although Dicky‟s English standard needed hard work, he showed
efforts and improvement in every speaking period. Not only did he express himself more actively and no
more in Cantonese but English, he forestalled to be the primitive one in both presentation and group
discussion each time. His ordent learning attitude deeply impressed me and was worth my imitation.

Siu Tsz Yan (10)
Some people may also argue that the Speaking Period can also help form 7 students in their oral exams. I
think this is partly incorrect. The English level of every student is different. Some students speak English
very fluently, and often with the use of some difficult words. This does not only frighten the form 1
students. It also makes it hard for the form 7 students to „adjust‟ their level to meet the level of the form 1

Wong Hing Yi (11)
Every English Speaking Period, each group ambassadors will award stickers to the most actively
participated students. And at most three stickers are given out each time. At the end of this term, prizes
will be given to people that get most stickers. Besides, the attractive gifts, it is the relaxed and friendly
atmosphere that encourages students to voice out their opinion. Many students don‟t like speaking in front
of their classmates and teachers as they afraid making mistake and being not able to express their ides
fully in English. They feel embarrassed when being corrected by teachers. However, being in the group of
four, it is much „freer‟ to deliver their speech. It helps build up their confidence and improve their
presentation skill.

Wong Wing See (12)
One day, Mr Law came to our classroom to convince us to become a speaking ambassadors. Under his
pressure, most of us promise to do the job. I think the idea is quite good, since it promotes speaking
English at school and help us to develop a habit to talk in English. The speaking period will indeed
improve our oral skills. Unfortunately, I was not chosen to be one of the speaking ambassadors. I think all
interested Form 7 students should be given a chance the take part in this activity. On a contrary, some
students were „forced‟ by Mr. Law to become one of them, but in fact they are not so eager to do. I think
it would be better to give us an application form other than answer him immediately after his convincing
speech and then have a lucky draw.

Wu Ka Ling (13)
Thirdly, the atmosphere of speaking English is very strange. The students in my group are very shy to
speak English. They spoke very quietly and their presentation contents were just in a few sentences. I had
to ask them questions about their presentation to encourage them speak more and had always told them to
speak louder. In fact, I always missed their points and could not hear their contents. IN the discussion part,
it was like a question and answer section. Form one students were not got use to discuss and voice their
opinions actively in a group. I believe there is room for them to improve and the situation would be better
after a period of time.

Yeung Hiu Tung (14)
Our school, as an EMI school, put a lot emphasis on learning English. Large number of facilities and
resources are decided for helping students to learn English. We have the Language room, self-access
center (SAC) and the English book Reading Scheme (ERS). Most of our schoolmates are able to
communicate with others in English. Besides principal and teachers, the English Society has also played a
role in this excellent achievement. The English Society hold a number of English Speaking Days every
year. This year, in order to help secondary one students to adapt to the Enlgish-speaking environment, the
society suggested having speaking periods before having normal lessons every Thursday.

Yu Cheuk Wing (15)
A week later, I found myself in the same classroom again being the speaking ambassador. I was half
expecting another hard battle. But as the door swung open, I saw a group of form one students beaming
with joy, ready to begin practicing oral English. Surprisingly, the boy who cried last time participated in
our discussion with much enthusiasm like the others. While the other students were presenting their ideas,
he listened attentively with his heads tilted sideways, nodding occasionally. A chill of excitement came
over me, I realize that the English Speaking period has not only helped him to overcome his fear of
speaking up, it also offered him an invaluable opportunity to practise speaking English, boosting his
self-confidence. As the saying goes, „practice makes perfect‟, there is no shortcut leading to fluency but to
practise more. I am pleased to see his progress and I hope that by practicing weekly, both the form one
students and we ambassadors can improve ourselves.

Chan Yat Long (16)
All in all, if this trend continues for several years, I am sure the English standard of all the TWGSS
students will improve. The number of distinction acquired in public exams in English will also surge. I
hope the initiative and the enthusiasm of the junior students would finally pay off.
Chim Fan wing (17)
After the funny discussion, the ambassadors started to give out stickers, according to the students‟
performance. They were happy because they were awarded. And all those students said that they like the
speaking period because it gave a chance to them to use English. They loved learning the foreign
language and hoped to take part in all the following speaking periods.

Fung Po Yin (18)
On the other hand, form six and form seven schoolmates need to act as ambassadors during the speaking
period. They have to take the leads in the groups. Of course, this speaking period can give them more
chances to speak English and be a leader. But for the A-level syllbas, form six and seven schoolmates are
already very busy in their studies, it is not effective enough for them to chat with the form one
schoolmates. Since in the Use of English examination, the candidates are all passed through the CE
examination, most of them are well trained. Form six and seven schoolmates won‟t face any dummy
candidates in the AL exam, so it is not enough for them to chat with the form one schoolmates.

Hung Vincent Chun Cheong (19)
By comparing the English Speaking day with the Speaking period, the Speaking period is much much
better, as students can‟t take the stickers by force from the ambassadors, there is fixed time and topics for
students to discuss. If the speaking period keep on running in present basis, it must can improve the oral
skills of both form 1 students and ambassadors. I sincerely hope that the speaking period would not
follow the wrong path of the English Speaking day in the mtime.

Lam Kwok Sum (20)
Open your eyes, speak your mind, beautify your life.
Our school is an EMI school. English, as the medium of instruction, is used in nearly every subjects. The
school should aim at making a good atmosphere for students to speak English. Everyone knows how
important English is. Especially, English development is highly concerned by the government. English
becomes the basis of communication and, in certain extent, your future. Fortunately, people can enhance
their English if they are willing to study hard and get used of speaking English. Our school, and the
English Society, has given our Form 1 students a precious moment to practise their English.

Lee Chun On (21)
I can feel that the English Speaking Period doesn‟t only help us enhance their English speaking skills, but
also a friendship between ambassadors and Form 1 students. Although not a chief purpose, I think the
English Speaking Period is a good supplement for the newly introduced Mentorship Programme. The
reason is that apart from teachers, we Form 7 students are also seniors relative to Form 1 students. As a
result, we can give them advices about their studies, personality building and in other areas, just as what
the teacher mentors do.

Leung Cheuk Kit (22)
First of all, when Mr. Law visited our class and promoted the scheme, what I thought was “What a good
idea, it must be interesting!” I thought this scheme was good because I believed that it could help us. We
can develop the habit to speak more, think more and the most important one is how to start a conversation.
We are form seven students and sitting for the 2007 AL examination. In the UE oral exam, you get a good
grade only when you speak more, it is the basic requirement, be active. You can not speak many and
fluenty immediately, practise makes perfect, we should develop a habit that speak English more
frequently, it is good to speak more English in our daily life so that we can present our ideas more
naturally during oral exam. I think it is no need to use some difficult vocabularies or phrasal verb during
exam, but you need to be natural and fluent, to make the examiner know that you are going to discuss
something, not argue or show off yourself.6

Leung Kan Ha (23)
When talking about form 1 candidates, most people would think of some childlike little boys with low
English standard and poor spoken English skill. To my surprise, it is not always the case. Some of them
are proficient in spoken English; they have good vocabulary and excellent fluency. Even some form 7
students cannot be compared with them. After all, most form 1 students are weaker in performance;
however, a portion of them are quite active in the period. Even though their spoken English is not fluent
and has many grammatical mistakes, it is impressing to notice that they are not afraid of mistakes as well
as trying their best to continue their words.

Lo Man Kit (24)
On the other hand, from my point of view, Speaking period is much better than English Speaking day.
You may wonder why I say so. The reason sometimes is imple. If the original one is good, why will it be
changed? There must be some disadvantages. Apart from this reason, there are more Speaking period has
a straighter rule to give stickers. And also, it is easier to chat with them. We only have to have a
discussion with four form 1 students in one morning. We get a teacher to monitor all of us so that they
will all be under controlled! This is very important. Although I am not one of the speaking embassadors, I
really appreciate their work. It is so meaningful to talk to them, it can improve our skills in dealing with
those “trouble” makers. Because in public exams, you get many chances to face some “really disabled”
candidates. You have to try your best to make every candidates to involve in the discussion in order to get
higher grades. So, maybe it is very crucial for us to master this skills.

Luk Man Wui Barnett Joseph (25)
I joined the „English Ambassador‟, partly because of my friends had joined it, and partly because I
wanted to have more chance to speak English. At first, I was worried about the English standard of the
Form 1 students, sine it was said that the English standard of this school declined considerably, especially
among the junior students. To my surprise, such claim was not true, at least to the F.1 students I met.
During the first English Speaking Day, I was astonished by their preparation during the individual
presentation session. Their speeches were clearly proof-read. They also showed good use of vocabulary. I
firmly believed that their command of English was better then mine when I was in F1. They were able to
present their speech fluently, only a few unnatural pause were noticed. In short, The English standard of
these F.1 students were impressive.
Ma Wai Kin (26)
Moreover, after the last two speaking periods, I realized that the effectiveness of the speaking period
depends on how well S.1 students have prepared. I don‟t mean the whole group of classmates was lazy,
but even there are only one student who do not have prepared well for the discussion, this can greatly
affect the pace of the whole discussion. As they are S.1 students, once the discussion is interrupted by one
student, other students would experience difficulties in continuing the discussion.

Ng Wai Kit (27)
On the contrary, I prefer English Speaking period to English Speaking Day. Although form one
schoolmates chat to ambassadors once per week for fifteen minutes, they get well prepared in the
conversation. Quality is always better than quantity. During this fifteen minutes, students can learn more
than having an English Speaking. The ambassadors can distribute the stickers base on the truth situation.
Since the number of stickers distributed are fixed, students no need to ask for more stickers. Besides,
teachers can monitor the situation and provide help to both the ambassadors and students.

So Yee Hon (28)
It is optimistic to say that students can improve throughout the activity. We are not forcing student to
speak fluent English as native speakers do, but all we want to do is to encourage students to speak more
English and being confident to chat with others in English. Students in the new generation are feeling shy
to speak English and the main reason for this is due to the lack of confidence. They lack confidence as
they are afraid others will laugh at them if they cannot speak fluently or having wrong pronunciation of
words. I must point out that there is only quick learner but no genius in the world, no one can speak fluent
English without constant practice. It is true that practice make perfect. The most important thing
ambassadors should do is to encourage junior students to speak more as the more they speak, the more
confident they will be. Students need not to be fluent but should be confident to speak even they speak
word by word.

Tsang Ka Fai (29)
The guide book is another success. S.1 students obviously have no idea about what to talk in English. The
booklets give them a topic for every speaking period. They can prepare for it beforehand so that they can
say something meaningful rather than some nonsense.
The reward system is an old yet proved useful trick for junior students. They really care about the prizes
though it probably does not mean anything to senior students.

Wong Tsz Leung (30)
On the third Thursday, two of our Form 7 students have been absent. Thus, I had to take place in one of
the group. In contrast with the last two times, it was a totally different experience. I found that is may be a
bit harsh for me to guide them as I am not a talkive person. However, it is time that I can learn more by
doing this. I tried my best to simplify my English and clarify my meaning. Moreover, I gave more
responses to them and tried to encourage them to speak up. It is not any easy task but I totally enjoy with
the process.
In my opinion, as I am a leader, I will have a less work load compared with other Form 7 classmates, I
suggest that we can take turns to be the leaders so that everyone can have the same opportunity in the
group. Everyone should try to hold the group alone and only themselves. I think it would be a challenge
to the weak candidate like me. However, it is an effective way to strengthen our oral skills and to be brave
and talkive towards stranger. I suggest that we can change the leader at the same time when we change
the sequence of the group. It will be easier to follow by both of the Form One stands and us.
     Feedback from S1 Students & Speaking Ambassadors on Speaking Period

Item      Problems or Suggestions               Actions taken or to be taken
1         Time for group discussion too short – Already increased discussion time
          2-3 minutes more                      from 5 to 7 minutes
2         Frequency for speaking period too To be discussed in the year-end
          low – twice a week or during lunch evaluation
3         Ambassadors should be given a chance Will request ambassadors to do it in
          to make an individual presentation   the second term
4         Some S7 students complained that they In fact, the number of ambassadors
          could not be speaking ambassadors     who volunteered to help was much
                                                greater than required. Therefore
                                                random selection was adopted to
                                                maintain fairness.
5         The assigned topics and questions may The variety of topics assigned aims
          hinder students‟ creativity & own to foster the whole             person
          thinking                          development of students.
6         Discussion may become a Q & A S1 students may not be familiar
          session                               with the mode of group discussion
                                                at the beginning. Also, a training
                                                session was conducted on 20 Oct in
                                                the Hall for all S1 students.
7         Not enough time for ambassadors to Correcting their mistakes is actually
          correct their mistakes             not one of the duties of
                                             ambassadors. Nevertheless, most
                                             ambassadors volunteered to correct
                                             their       grammatical          and
                                                pronunciation mistakes
8         Should allow ambassadors not to give Already allowed ambassadors to
          a “1-sticker” in a strong group      give out one more “2” sticker
                                               instead of the “1” sticker when the
                                               whole group are doing well.
9         English teachers should teach them A training session was conducted
          discussion skills                  on 20 Oct in the Hall for all S1
10        A sample presentation should not be The sample proved to be useful to
          given in the Guidebook to avoid the S1 students as a start.
11         1-3 stickers in a speaking period is not That is for encouragement and
           significant enough when compared reinforcement purposes only. We
           with getting a sticker on the English may consider giving out 3, 5 & 7
           Speaking Day                          stickers later on.
12         Ambassadors should be given a seat              The classroom is too small to allow
                                                           10 more chairs in the groups.
13         Ambassadors should go to different Already asked ambassadors to
           groups every one or two months     change groups in their classrooms.
14         Some S1 students did not prepare for Already requested S1 students to
           the Speaking Period                  prepare for it seriously and
                                                           ambassadors will give out a “0”
                                                           sticker if any S1 student hasn‟t
                                                           prepared for it.

 Don’t ask what the school will do for you next year; ask what you will do for the school in 2007-08.

                                  Chat & Share. We All Care.

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