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									                                             Cyclist Handbook

Table of contents
Tour Information                        Page 2
Fundraising Tips                        Page 4
2011 Prizes                             Page 5
Schedule of Activities                  Page 6
Package Pick Up                         Page 7
Tour Tips                               Page 8
Tour Rules                              Page 9
Mandatory Bike Maintenance Form         Page 10
Sponsors                                Page 11

Welcome to the 2011 RONA MS Bike Tour – Airdrie to Olds!
Thank-you for choosing to participate in the 16th annual RONA MS Bike tour and supporting the MS Society of

We want to make 2011 yet another successful year of cycling and fundraising. Whether this is the first time you
are participating in our bike tour, or cycling with us has become a tradition, we want to ensure you feel the ex-
citement and reward that comes with participating and fundraising for the RONA MS Bike Tour.

Our goal this year is to raise $800,000 in support of the MS Society of Canada – with your help and support we
can make this happen! The money you raise helps fund valuable research and support services to improve the
quality of life for all those affected by multiple sclerosis.

On behalf of all MS Society of Canada staff and clients - thank-you for your support of the 2011 RONA MS Bike

See you all on June 11 & 12, 2011!

RONA MS Bike Tour – Airdrie to Olds Team
                                               Cyclist Handbook

Tour information
Description                                                 Rest stops are also supplied with water, sports drinks
The RONA MS Bike Tour – Airdrie to Olds is an annual        and a variety of other nutritional items. We have
pledge-based fundraising event that supports the            planned the opening of our rest stops carefully, and
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. By choosing to        we are unable to extend their hours of operation. If
participate in the RONA MS Bike Tour you are helping        you choose to ride at a fast pace, our rest stops may
support and raise funds for valuable MS research and        not be opened when you pass through them, so
a variety of programs aimed at helping over 11,000          please ensure you pack some snacks and water to ac-
Albertans living with MS.                                   commodate your needs.

Requirements                                                Please note, beer and wine will be provided at the
Each cyclist is required to pay a $60 registration fee      beer gardens on Saturday night for an additional
and must raise at least the minimum pledge amount           cost.
of $275. Cyclists under 18 years of age can partici-
pate in the RONA MS Bike Tour however they must             Friends and family
be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian. Please          Cyclists are encouraged to invite their friends and
contact the MS Society if you have any questions            family to the event. Guests are welcome to come and
regarding a minor participating.                            cheer you on at the finish line at the Airdrie Rodeo
                                                            Grounds on Sunday - food and beverages will be pro-
NEW Start location                                          vided at the wrap-up BBQ on Sunday free of charge,
This year the tour will begin at the Airdrie Rodeo          sponsored by All Beef Catering. Friends and family
Ranch located North of Calgary and West of Airdrie          can also purchase meal tickets for dinner on Saturday
off Highway #567 - approximately 10 km outside of           night and breakfast on Sunday morning in Olds. Tick-
Airdrie. Parking will be available onsite.                  ets are $12 for dinner and $7 for breakfast. We also
                                                            encouraged guests to come partake in the festivities
Food and beverages                                          on Saturday night.
All food and beverages are provided to cyclists
throughout the event weekend. A light breakfast and         Please note, guests are not permitted to stay over-
coffee will be served on Saturday and Sunday morn-          night at Olds College in the dorms or townhouses. To
ing. Lunch will also be served on both days. A roast        purchase tickets please contact
beef dinner is served on Saturday night and there
will be a wrap-up BBQ for all cyclists at the finish line   Weather
in Airdrie on Sunday. It is recommended that cyclists       Just like MS, the weather can be unpredictable. Rain
bring their own water bottle on the ride. Cyclists with     or shine the RONA MS Bike Tour will go on. Make sure
food allergies are also encouraged to bring food to         you are prepared for all types of weather and pack
accommodate their needs.                                    appropriately – check out our packing list on page 9
                                                            for suggestions on what to bring.
                                              Cyclist Handbook


Medical support                                           Cost of fundraising
St. John’s medical personnel will be on hand in the       On a consolidated basis in Alberta (Division Office
event a cyclist requires medical assistance. If you are   and all Chapters), in 2011 the MS Society of Canada
on the route and require medical assistance, please       is expected to raise 8.4 million in gross proceeds at
call the emergency number on your wristband.              a direct cost of 26 per cent. To find out more, please
Route marshals
There will be volunteer route marshals stationed
throughout the route to direct you to the next rest
stop. They are there to offer you assistance should
you need it and also to cheer you on! Please listen
to the route marshals and heed their directions and

SAG vehicles
SAG vehicles pick-up cyclists who cannot finish the
tour or who need a break from cycling. If you find
yourself in need of a SAG vehicle safely get off your
bike and hold your helmet up in the air. Alternatively,
if there is a route marshal available request that they
radio a SAG for you.

Route map

Please visit our website to view the route map:

Need more information? Please visit:

This website is regularly updated with new informa-
tion on the bike tour. Access your online account,
download pledge forms, and even select from some
great prizing!
                                               Cyclist Handbook

Fundraising tips
Follow these tips and you will be on your way to         Join or create a team - team members say they have
meeting your 2011 fundraising goal!                      more fun participating than if they had raised and
                                                         participated alone. Plus, team members raise more
Set a goal - set your own personal fundraising goal –    money than those who cycle solo. Once you’ve got
you may be surprised how quickly you reach it!           a team you can organize team fundraisers and work
                                                         collectively to raise more! If you have more questions
Pledge yourself first - lead by example. Your col-       regarding teams or want ideas on team fundraisers
leagues, friends and family will see your name and       contact
contribution and be more willing to pledge you.
                                                         Make your charitable donations work harder - includ-
Start early - participants who start fundraising early   ing the federal tax credit, Albertans now receive 50
are more likely to raise more funds.                     per cent non-refundable tax credit for every dollar
                                                         donated over the $200 threshold. This gives Alberta
Ask anyone and everyone - don’t be afraid to ask for     one of the highest charitable tax credits in
donations – if you don’t ask, they won’t give!           Canada.

Spread the word - let people know you are fundraising    For more infomation, visit
for the bike tour. Change your voicemail and email
signature to ensure people know of your involvement
or change your Facebook status! Speak at meetings
or download a poster and put it on your office door
or lunch room. Anything you can think of to get the
word out!

Request donations online - access your cyclist profile
online at and send an email to
colleagues, friends and family. Your donors will au-
tomatically receive a tax receipt for any pledges over
$20. If you don’t know your login information contact

Personalize your online fundraising page - log in to
your cyclist profile at and add
your own text and photographs. Let your donors
know why you have chosen to ride and why the
RONA MS Bike Tour deserves their support.
                                             Cyclist Handbook

Individual prizing information:                         Team prizing information

Raise      Receive                                      Top Corporate Team (highest $ raised): $500 giftcard
$10,000    Apple iPad OR Swizzlesticks Salonspa Spa     to a local pub or restaurant.
           Package + $400 gift card* + CLUB 1000
           Jersey** and CLUB 2000 Shorts**              Top Friends & Family Team (highest $ raised): $500
                                                        giftcard to local pub or restaurant.
$5,000     Apple iPad OR Swizzlesticks Salonspa
           Spa Package + CLUB 1000 Jersey**             NEW Online prize selection
           and CLUB 2000 Shorts**
                                                        Are you ready to make your prize selection? If so,
$2,000     $75 gift card* + CLUB 2000 RONA MS Bike      then use our new online prize selection form. It’s easy
           Tour Shorts** + CLUB 1000 RONA MS Bike       to use and will help us ensure you get the prize you
           Tour Jersey**                                want.

$1,000     $50 gift card* + CLUB 1000 RONA MS Bike      Visit
           Tour Jersey**                                to make your selection.

$750       $50 gift card*                               Remember, we must receive your pledge money and
                                                        prize selection by June 22, 2011 in order to qualify for
$500       $25 gift card*                               prizes.

$350       Two tickets to GlobalFest 2011

$275       RONA MS Bike Tour T-shirt

*Choose from the following gift certificate choices -
Bestway TV and Appliances, Swizzlesticks Salonspa,
RONA, The Bike Shop.

**Limited quantities available.
                                                  Cyclist Handbook

Schedule of activities
Saturday, June 11, 2011 (subject to change)              * Please note: If you have someone you would like to
                                                           share a dorm room with you must check-in with them
Airdrie Rodeo Grounds                                      at Olds College.
8:00 – 9:00 am    Grounds open to 2-day cyclists

(check-in, additional pledge drop-off, luggage drop      Sunday, June 12, 2011 (subject to change)
off, t-shirt/jersey pick-up, team photo, enjoy coffee
and light breakfast)                                     Airdrie Rodeo Grounds
                                                         8:00 – 9:00am     Grounds open to 1-day cyclists
9:00 am    Official kick-Off for 2-day cyclists
           (Staggered Start)                             * Please note: If you leave before 9:00 am, rest stops
                                                           MAY NOT be open yet.

Olds College                                             (check-in, pledge drop-off, t-shirt/jersey pick-up,
2:00 – 6:00pm      Bike drop-off at Olds College         team photo, enjoy coffee and light breakfast)
                   Machine Shop
                                                         9:00am      Official kick-off for 1-day cyclists
(volunteer bike security will be provided until 6pm on               (Staggered Start)
Saturday after which point bikes will be locked up in
the Olds College Gym until Sunday morning)               12:00pm Wrap-up BBQ begins
                                                                 (All Cyclists)
2:00 – 6:00pm      Shuttle service to check-in
                                                         5:00pm      Cyclists return home
2:00 – 6:00pm      Check-in

(Key pick-up*, tenting assignment, yoga/massage          Olds College
therapist sign-up)                                       8:30am              Bike Pick-up at Olds College gym

2:00 – 5:00pm      Yoga and massage therapists           8:30 – 9:00 am      Check- out

2:30pm             Beer gardens open                     (return your key to the designated area in the Olds
                                                         College gym)
4:00 – 4:30pm      All cyclists at Olds College
                                                         9:00am              Cyclists begin to leave for Airdrie
4:30 – 8:00pm      Dinner (staggered times)

8:00 – 10:30pm     Dance/live band
                                              Cyclist Handbook

Package pick-up
Avoid the line-ups! Cyclists can pick-up their cyclists   Online fundraising tips
packages and submit their $275 minimum pledge             Log in to your account at and
before the event weekend.                                 update your personal information. Create your
                                                          own fundraising webpage, upload photos and
When:      Monday, May 30 to Saturday, June 4             email your colleagues, friends and family requests
                                                          for donations.
Time:      Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm
           Saturday: 10:00am-2:00pm                       Direct your sponsors to and
                                                          tell them to click on the box that says:
Where:     NEW LOCATION! MS Society of Canada
           Calgary and Area Chapter Office                Insert Register/login/pledge
           150, 110 Quarry Park Blvd. SE
           (‘Emerson’ Building)                           From here they will need to click on ‘sponsor a partici-
                                                          pant’ and follow the instructions!
How to turn in pledge money
Ready to submit pledge money? Check the following         If you don’t know your username or password, or if
prior to bringing/sending us your pledge sheet(s):        you need further information on the online fundrais-
                                                          ing system and what it can do for you, contact
• Your name                                      or call 403-250-7090.
• Donor information: first and last name, address,
  postal code, amount pledged                             Important dates

Ensure the $ amount is correct.                           Mark your calendars with these important dates!

Check out the many ways you can submit your               May 25             Club 100 Pledge submission
pledge money:                                                                deadline

• Mail us a cheque (please do not mail cash).             May 30-June 4      Package pickup week
• Stop by our office.
• Turn your pledge money in when you check-in at          June 22            Prize selection deadline and
  the event on Saturday morning.                                             pledge submission deadline

Remember, we issue over 200,000 tax receipts every        August 2-31        Prize pickup month
year – if all the information we receive is clear and
complete we can process the tax receipts quicker!
                                              Cyclist Handbook

Tour rules                                                Tour tips
• Cyclists must obey all law enforcement                  Prior to the event
  personnel, bike tour officials and volunteers.          The key to a successful ride lies in consistent training
• Cyclists must wear an approved helmet.                  and preparation. Here are five steps to get you in gear
• Cyclists must obey local and provincial traffic laws.   for the 2011 RONA MS Bike Tour:
• Cyclists must not wear headphones or use cell
  phones, ipods or similar audio devices                  • Get your bike tuned-up and fitted properly - stop
• Please ride single file.                                  in at your local bike shop and get the experts to
                                                            verify that your bike is road savvy. Print the
Cycling etiquette                                           maintenance form.

• Respect other cyclists and their level of cycling       • Start training at least 8 weeks before the Tour - we
  experience. This is not a competitive race!               know Alberta weather is somewhat unpredictable
                                                            in early spring, so joining a spin class at your local
• Be aware of traffic, pedestrians and even wildlife        gym is always a good option. First Step Fitness will
  while cycling. The roads and highways are not             be offering bootcamp to specifically work on
  closed because of the tour.                               those muscles used for cycling! Sign up today by
                                                            emailing or calling
• Never leave the scene of an accident, in accor            403-463-2908.
  dance with the Highway Traffic Act.
                                                          • Start with short rides - take a week to work up to
• Give plenty of room to other cyclists.                    a moderate day of 30 kilometers. Don’t worry
                                                            about your speed – the purpose of these rides is
• Do not block rest stop entrances. Move fully into         to build up cardiovascular fitness.
  the rest stop area and safely out of the path of
  oncoming cyclists.                                      • Double up kilometers - once you’ve conquered
                                                            the 30 kilometer ride, try to cycle an endurance
• Move safely off the pavement when stopping to             day of 50 to 60 kilometers once a week. Maintain
  rest.                                                     your pace, but slow down if necessary to make
                                                            the full mileage. The purpose of this step is to gain
• Keep clear of road-edge hazards, such as trash, low       distance and confidence.
  branches, and parked vehicles.
                                                          • Hill training - master the ups and downs with hills
• Ride definesivley and be aware of other riders,           and intervals. After warming up with a moderate
  vehicles and pedestrians.                                 ride, try to ride a hill without challenging yourself.
                                                            After pedaling uphill, recover on the way down
• Use common sense and courtesy towards                     and repeat. As your fitness improves add more
  motorists and cyclists.                                   repeats. This is also give you a chance to learn
                                                            how to use your gears effectively!
                                             Cyclist Handbook


Try to ride consistently five days a week, doing your    Packing list
longest weekly ride on Saturday.
                                                         • Helmet (required – you will not be permitted to
During the event                                           ride without a helmet)
• Drink lots of water and stop at the rest stops for     • Water bottle/ hydration pack
  a snack – maintaining proper nutrition and fluid       • Tire Pump, spare tube, tire patch kit and tools
  replacement is essential for achieving optimal         • Towel for shower
  physical performance.                                  • Tent (if applicable)
                                                         • Sleeping bag and pillow (optional)
• Wear sunscreen and lip balm and reapply through        • Cash, credit card and drivers license
  out the day.                                           • Sunscreen, lip balm and sunglasses
                                                         • Camera
• Dress appropriately. Avoid things that are tight       • Medications (if required)
  enough to restrict your breathing.                     • Alarm Clock
                                                         • Toiletries (soap, shampoo…)
• Bring clothing items in case of changing weather –
  this is Alberta after all!                             Suggested Clothing

• Stretch… a lot! You will soon find out that your       •   1-2 pairs of padded cycling shorts
  muscles can be your best friends or your worst         •   1-2 pairs of cycling jerseys
  enemies.                                               •   Cycling pants or sweatpants
                                                         •   Short and long sleeved shirts
• Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help if you don’t      •   Casual wear for evening
  feel well. The ride is long and volunteers are eager   •   Casual shoes for evening
  to help you out.                                       •   Cycling gloves and shoes
                                                         •   Sweater
• If cramping should happen, it is a sign that you       •   Rain poncho/ windbreaker / jacket
  should stop, rest and yes - drink water!               •   Team costume for beer gardens
                                                 Cyclist Handbook

Mandatory bike maintenence form

                          
                          


                                                                                    



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