Procedures for Blitz Espresso Coffee Machine by liwenting


									      Procedures for Blitz Espresso Coffee Machine

Prior to use:
     Prime the machine by pushing the hot water switch until hot water is flowing
      freely. (Steam and water may spurt out until it is fully primed)
     Ensure the pod holder is empty, and then push the coffee button to flush.
     Push the steam button for 5-10 seconds to ensure steam boiler is operating.
     You are now ready to make your first coffee.
     Note: This procedure should be followed at the commencement of each day or
      if the machine has been standing idol for an excessive period of time.

Making Espresso:
     Remove the espresso Pod from its foil packet.
     Lower the Pod lever on the right hand side of the machine and insert the Pod
      into the group basket.
     Close the Pod lever.
     Press the ‘short pour’ coffee button once, a shot of Espresso will be dispensed
      automatically to a preset quantity.
     For milk coffees such as lattes and flat white, move the cup underneath the
      milk frother and push the steam button. Push again when the desired quantity
      of frothed milk is dispensed.
     Milk temperature can be adjusted by turning the small tap screw on the back of
      the frother unit. Turn anticlockwise to increase temperature. Note that if you
      over-tighten this screw, the frother will not operate correctly (milk flow will
      splutter or cease altogether)
     Froth levels can be increased by gently twisting and pulling up on the froth
      control pin, or reduced by pushing the pin down.
     For black coffee, top up cup with boiling water from the hot water tap located
      on the right hand side of the machine.

     Back flush the milk system by inserting the steam pipe into the hole beneath
      the steam button, then push the steam button until all milk residue is flushed
      out and the water runs clear. Remove the steam pipe and hold under the milk
      tap whilst pushing the steam button again. This will sterilize the steam pipe.
     Remove any pods that remain in the pod holder, and then flush by pushing the
      coffee button.
     Remove drip tray, empty, clean and replace. (Do not clean in a dishwasher)
     Wipe down the machine with a micro fibre cloth.

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