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					                             Presents….England/Wales 2012
Tentative Itinerary:

Day 1: Leave Des Moines, Iowa, morning or early afternoon. Fly to
Chicago, leave Chicago late afternoon. Arrive London early morning
Day 2.

Day 2: Arrive London, stow our bags at the hotel, and take off to
explore and beat the jet lag! You’ll learn how to use the subway as we
get around London and take in some of the sights.

Day 3: Depending on what we did the day before, we’ll hit the sights in London—Big
Ben? Westminster Abbey? Buckingham Palace? Tower of London? You decide! If you
choose, for this evening you may book theater tickets ahead for the West End or take
your chances on half-price, same-day sales at the ticket booths around the city.

Day 4: We can take a day trip to Leeds Castle or stay in the city and do more sightseeing.
Leeds is about 100 miles south of London and was where Henry VIII stayed when he was
courting Anne Boleyn at nearby Hever Castle. We’ll have tea and explore the beautiful
grounds and castle. OR, we can take in another day at London seeing things we haven’t
seen yet. OR, we can hop on a train and go to Oxford for the day. Again, it’s up to you!

                        Day 5: We’ll be picked up at the hotel by Lynott Tours on our
                        own, personalized bus and head to Salisbury, England. This
                        medieval city is gorgeous—and boasts the Salisbury Cathedral,
                        begun almost 1500 years ago. Plans are to have a private tour of
                        Stonehenge either after closing time on this day or before
                        opening time on Day 6. Instead of standing 50 yards away with
hundreds of other tourists, we’ll get up close and personal with the stones and be able to
talk with security guards who have great stories about summer solstice happenings—
and the ghosts they’ve seen there. Stay overnight near Salisbury.
                                  Day 6: Enter Wales and visit Tintern Abbey (Welsh: Abaty Tyndyrn),
                                  the subject of Wordsworth’s famous poem. Founded by Cistercian
                                  monks in 1131, Tintern is a beautiful ruin, full of mystery and history.
                                  In the 1500s, it was the target of Henry VIII’s dissolution of the
                                  monasteries, after which time it became property of the British
                                  monarch. Stay in the area that evening.

Day 7: Hay-on-Wye. This town of 1,500 located on the Welsh/English border is world-renowned for its
more than 40 antiquarian and second-hand bookstores, some of which are located in very interesting
places (like the town’s castle). Bring a carry bag and allow extra room in your luggage, because it’s
guaranteed you’ll find the perfect book….or two…or fifty. Stay overnight in Hay-on-Wye.

Day 8: We’ll explore the Welsh countryside, taking in a coal mine (in conjunction with our book How
Green Was My Valley). Coal mining was a major industry until the mid 1900s, and the country is dotted
with abandoned mines and miners’ cottages. Who knows what else we’ll do today—find a castle? Go to
a medieval banquet at night? Stay overnight in Hay-on-Wye.

Day 9: Time to head back to London; on the way, we’ll stop and find something to do…maybe poke
around in a Cotswold village, or find a market to explore. That evening, we’ll be staying somewhere near
the airport.

Day 10: Fly back to Des Moines!

Proposed Books for the Trip:

       Sarum, by Edward Rutherfurd. Rutherfurd's sweeping saga of the area surrounding Stonehenge
        and Salisbury, England, covers 10,000 years and includes many generations of five families. Each
        family has one or more characteristic types who appear in successive centuries: the round-
        headed balding man who is good with his hands; the blue-eyed blonde woman who insists on
        having her independence; the dark, narrow-faced fisher of river waters and secrets. Their
        fortunes rise and fall both economically and politically, but the land triumphs over the passage
        of time and the ravages of humans. Rutherfurd has told the story of the land he was born in and
        has told it well.

       How Green Was My Valley, by Richard Llewellyn. Richard Llewellyn's bestselling -- and timeless
        -- classic and the basis of a beloved film. As Huw Morgan is about to leave home forever, he
        reminisces about the golden days of his youth when South Wales still prospered, when coal dust
        had not yet blackened the valley. Drawn simply and lovingly, with a crisp Welsh humor,
        Llewellyn's characters fight, love, laugh and cry, creating an indelible portrait of a people.

And of course….Tintern Abbey by Wordsworth.
Financial and Registration Information:

       This trip is different from other tour groups, in that I do not charge one “set” fee that covers
       everything. I charge a flat fee for my time and work, and everything else is exactly your cost.
       This gives you a great deal of flexibility on meals, entrance fees, etc. If you want to skip a
       meal or not go to something, you can do that, as you only pay for what you do.

       Rough estimation of the cost of the trip (depending on final numbers going, pound exchange,
       etc.): $3,500-$4,000.

       Due by Aug. 1:
       •        $850 by August 1, 2011, secures your spot. $300 is Val’s fee for setting up and guiding
       the trip and does not apply to the cost of the trip. Other tour companies “package” this fee into
       the trip, but I’d rather you know exactly what the cost of the trip is and make your own
       decisions regarding meals, sightseeing, etc. The other $550 is your deposit for the Lynott Bus
       Travel company, which includes hotels and breakfasts in Salisbury and Wales (3-star hotels),
       medieval banquet, Tintern Abbey and coal mine entrance fees, Stonehenge entrance fees, and
       all travel by bus.

       Due by Sept. 1:
            Deposit for our hotel s in London and payment for last night’s hotel near airport.

       Due Fall or Winter 2011/2012:
       •        Plane fare and shuttle from airport to hotel. I will contact Sue Johnson at Pella Travel
       after Aug. 1 with a list of those going. She will research the best fares and let us know when she
       finds one (she has indicated that it would probably be November or December); she will let me
       know and I will immediately get a hold of you. You will have 24 hours to contact Sue with your
       credit card to reserve your ticket.

       Due 100 days before Tour:
       •      Remainder of Lynott Tour money ($900-$1,000)

       Due at the Time of Trip:
      Fees that can be paid in London: 1) the remainder due on our London hotel; 2) meals (breakfast
       is included in the hotel fees); sightseeing for anything not set on our agenda.

       *You are able to purchase flight insurance for both Lynott Tours and for the airline tickets. I
       strongly recommend that you do that to provide peace of mind in case of a family emergency,
       illness, death, etc. Once airline tickets are purchased, the $300 fee to Val is non-refundable.
Recommended Dates for Trip:
Option #1: Leave Thursday, June 14, and return Saturday, June 23.

Option #2: Leave Monday, Aug. 13 and return Wed., Aug. 22.

This will be decided based on hotel openings in London.

       Registration Form for England/Wales Trip 2012

       Full Name as it appears on Passport (or will appear on passport)



       Phone Number________________________________________________________

       Email Address_________________________________________________________

       Date of Birth (including year)________________________________________________

       *I am enclosing a check for $850 made out to Valerie Van Kooten as a deposit on the trip to
       England/Wales summer 2012. I have read the preceding form as to financial commitments and
       agree to pay on the dates required. I understand that if we cannot get a minimum of 12 people
       for this trip, that the $850 will be refunded.


       Mail to:

       Valerie Van Kooten
       2051 Old Hwy. 163
       Pella, IA 50219

       CENTRAL COLLEGE….things tend to get misplaced that way.)

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