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									                     LAWRENCE V. MIONE ED.D.
                     University of Central Florida
                    College of Education (ED206C)
                           PO Box 161250
                       Orlando, FL 32816-1250

Phone:   407-823-0523
FAX:     407-823-5144

         Seton Hall University           BA                      1957
          South Orange, NJ
         Kean University                 MA                      1967
          Union, NJ
         Nova University                 Ed.D.                   1977
          Ft. Lauderdale, FL
         Columbia University                     Advanced Work
          New York, NY                           Guidance
         Florida International                   Advanced Work
          Miami, FL                              Early Childhood
         Rausch Corporation                      Urban Planning
          Columbia, MD
         NTL                                     Human Relations
          Bethel, Maine


         2001-Present    University of Central Florida

                 Assistant to Departmental Chair
                         Responsible for all duties assigned to position. Assignment of
                         Clinical and Instructional Faculty, Faculty training sessions,
                         finance, searches, web master, etc.
                 Visiting Instructor/Coordinator Student Interns/Adjunct Professor
                         Visiting Instructor/Adjunct Professor – taught SSE 3312 at
                         campus, Clermont and Ocala
                 Coordinator Student Interns – supervised both Interns I and II

         Present       Nova University
                Adjunct Professor
                       Teaching courses in Educational Leadership and supervised
                       graduate interns in Educational Leadership
           2000-2001     East Orange School Districts
                  Administrator Architecture/Engineering/Construction-
                         Responsible for $ 267million dollar appropriation for construction
                         from NJDOE, Conducted all facility and maintenance meetings,
                         monitored multi-million dollar operational budget, reviewed all
                         design drawings prior to NJDOE submittal, liaison between
                         District and the Department of Education, instituted computerized
                         work order system for maintenance projects, reorganized the
                         maintenance and custodial departments, developed materials
                         and change orders for submission to Board.
           1998-Present LVM Consulting Services
                         Consultant for major national firms in the area of Curriculum,
                         Facilities Management, Contracts, Marketing, Security and
                         Technology. Market areas, Florida, New Jersey and Colorado.

           1997-1998    Vitiate Group
                  Business Coordinator]
                        Develop business contacts in the Florida market for architectural

           1993 - 1997    New Jersey Department of Education
                   Education Program Specialist I
                   Bureau Responsibilities:
                          Supervise educational and life/safety staff.      Oversight on
                          substandard spaces within state.          Review and approve
                          implementation plans for trailers.        Review and approve
                          educational specifications and architectural drawings; chair
                          committee for Educational Technology in New Jersey; on
                          committee for new core curriculum standards; on committee for
                          comprehensive finance plan (debt service); committee
                          member for development of charter schools; develop and
                          implement data base and program for facility survey; implement
                          program for architectural barriers to the handicapped; develop
                          data base program for five year facility survey; assist local
                          districts in analyzing educational program adequacy in relation to
                          the facility; assist districts in preparation of educational
                          specifications, chair committee on development of guideline
                          manual for facility design, responsible for lease purchase

    1989- 1993            Leon County Schools
                   Assistant Superintendent of Facilities/Operations
                          Divisional responsibilities:
                          Planning, Architectural/Engineering selection, Budgeting, New
                          Construction,     Remodeling,     Renovations,   Maintenance,
                          Intergovernmental relations approximately 350 employees,
                          educational specifications, implementation of a $150 million
                          dollar bond referendum

    1983-1989              Palm Beach County Schools
            Assistant Director
                   Contract Services Responsibilities:
                   Contractor Prequalification, Architectural Selection, Contract
                   negotiations, Legal advertisements, Contract litigation, Support
                   branch to facilities, developed a financial data base for
                   construction projects, responsible for the implementation of a
                   $750 million dollar bond referendum.

1975-1977         Southern Academy, West Palm Beach, FL
                  Chief administrator of a K-12 school of the learning disabled.
                  Acquired SACS accreditation, staff development, curriculum
                  development,      liaison with   public   schools,    staffing,

1971-1975          Dade County Schools
            Assistant Superintendent
                   144 schools in area, public relations, budget decentralization,
                   rezoning, supervision, Early Childhood Specialist, Responsible
                   for SWIRL program-implementation/supervision all Kindergartens
                   in district

1970-1971          Association for Retarded Citizens (West Palm Beach)
            Executive Director
                   Managed sheltered workshop for pre-school children and adults
                   over 21. Developed programs to teach skills to move adults into
                   half-way houses and become self sufficient.

1969-1970          Browns Mills Schools, NJ
                   All duties involved in K-6       school,   budgeting,   planning,
                   supervision, and curriculum

1967-1969          Toms River Public Schools, NJ
            Primary Supervisor
                   K-3, worked with teachers on curriculum, planning and materials

1966-1967          Newark State College, NJ
                   Kindergarten Teacher

1957-1966          Asbury Park Schools, NJ
                   Latin/English Teacher 9-12
                   Elementary Teacher 3 and 5
                     BUSINESS EXPERIENCE

1978-1983             Royal Palm Beach Colony
              Chief Executive Officer
                     Real Estate Sales; Title Insurance; Country Club; Maintenance;
                     Construction; Liaison with city and county governmental officials

1977-1978             Century 21 Regional, Miami Office
              Director of Training
                     Conducted real estate schools throughout south Florida

1970-1971           Florida Education Association, Tampa, FL
              Human Relations Specialist
                    Dealt in crisis intervention during racial unrest in secondary
                    schools throughout Florida

              Adjunct Professor
                     Florida Atlantic University
                     Teacher Certification Courses
                     Exceptional Child Education
                     Nova University
                     Educational Leadership, Labor Relations/Management Teacher
                     Certification Courses
                     Barry University
                     Administration/Supervision Early Childhood Education
                     Florida Atlantic University
                     Real Estate, Teacher Certification
                     Trenton State College
                     Teacher Certification


                      Conducted workshop for Florida Association of Social Studies
                      Conducted workshops for Florida Early Childhood Association

              New Jersey Association of School Administrators
              American Association of School Administrators
              Florida Association of School Administrators
              American Association School Business Organizations
                      Florida State Director
                        Florida Educational Facilities Planners
                                President, Editor, Partyline (state publication)

                        New Jersey
                               Administrator; Business Administrator, Principal
                               Supervisor, Teacher

                                  Administrator, Principal, Supervisor, Teacher,
                                  Early Childhood, ESOL


Dr. Robert Williams, Chair
Department of Teaching & Learning Principles
College of Education
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL 32816

Dr. Nance Wilson
Assistant Professor
Department of Teaching & Learning Principles
College of Education
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL 32816

Dr. Roanne Brice
Assistant to the Chair, CFCS
College of Education
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL 32816

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