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                                               2009 Tax Organizer
This organizer is for all separately formed companies that have been formally created and assigned a
Federal ID #. If you have a business that has not been formally incorporated, please see our general
organizer and fill out the Schedule C. All corporate tax returns or federal extensions must be filed by
March 15, 2010.

General Information

Corporate Name: ____________________                    Employer Identification Number (EIN): ____-____________
Date of Incorporation ___/___/______                   Is this a Corporation or a Partnership? ____________
Did CPADALY LLC incorporate this company?                      Yes [ ] No [ ]
Did CPADALY LLC prepare and file the 2008 tax return?          Yes [ ] No* [ ]
* If no, please include a copy of the 2008 return.
Address:                                 _______________________________
County:                                  _______________________________
Corporation Phone #:                     _______________________________
Email:                                   _______________________________
FAX #:                                   _______________________________
Website:                                 _______________________________
Fiscal Year Beginning                    ____/____/________    Fiscal Year Ending         ____/____/_____
S and/or C Corporation Election Date ____/____/________ Partnership Election Date ____/____/________
Business Code Number (6 Digits) _________________
Business Activity                        ____________________________________________________
Product and/or Service                   ____________________________________________________
State of Incorporation _________________
Initial Return                           [ ] Yes               Final Return               [ ] Yes
Name Change                              [ ] Yes               Address Change             [ ] Yes

Owner/Officer/Shareholder Information *attach pages for any additional shareholders
1. Name:            ____________________________               2. Name:          _____________________
  Title of Officer____________________________                    Title of Officer_____________________
  Address:          ____________________________                  Address:       _____________________
                    ____________________________                                  _____________________
  SSN:              _______-_______-______________                SSN:            ______-______-_______

Authorization to File

In order to facilitate the electronic filing of your tax return (2009 tax year only), we ask that
you grant us a limited power of attorney. You will grant us this power with the knowledge
and assurance that only the information which you have provided to us will be used in the
preparation and filing of your Federal and State Income Tax Returns. Therefore, please
print your name and sign the statement below:

I, ____________________, Title ___________________, hereby grant Thomas J. Daly CPA
& Shannon V. Daly CPA permission to sign our 2009 Federal and State Income Tax
Returns. I acknowledge that my 2009 Federal and State Income Tax Returns were
prepared using only information that I provided either in this organizer plus attachments,
CD, via “email”, FAX, or over the telephone. I also authorize Thomas J. Daly CPA &
Shannon V. Daly CPA to discuss my Income Tax Return with the IRS and all relevant state
and local taxing authorities.

Officer (Sign Here)_______________________                      Officer (Sign Here)____________________

Corporation Details

What type of business is this? (Circle one) Service based, Product based, Other _____________________
Please describe the service provided or product sold: ___________________________________________

Is this the first year of operation for this business? Yes [ ] No [ ]
Is this the last year of operation for this business? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Tax Questions

Has this company made an S Election? Yes [ ] No [ ] If yes, date of the S Election ___/___/_________.

If CPADALY LLC did not incorporate your business, be sure to confirm whether or not this
election has been made. Services rarely file the proper IRS documentation (FORM 2553 -
Election By A Small Business Corporation and FORM 8832 – Entity Classification Election) to
make this election, and it is important this has been done prior to filing the paperwork.

There is a section of the U. S. Federal Tax Law referred to as Revenue Procedure 2004-48, which
allows a corporation (referred to as a C Corporation) to retroactively become an S Corporation
(and thus pass through to each shareholder any corporate profit and/or loss), provided it is done
within two years of the original incorporation and assignment of a federal EIN. For assistance in
retroactively accomplishing this, please contact our office, and we will prepare all of the
necessary paperwork.

Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) are merely legal
terms used to describe the corporate structure. These terms DO NOT specify how the companies
have chosen to be taxed and the specific IRS forms (Form 2553 [Election By A Small Business
Corporation] and Form 8832 [Entity Classification Election]) need to be filed. It is imperative
that we know exactly how the company has been formed, and how it has been elected to be taxed.
Without this proper information, inappropriate forms may be filed, and this can have significant
repercussions on both the corporate and your personal tax returns.

Income and Expenses

Income:            Gross Receipts or Sales                      $______________

Inventory:         Cost at the beginning of 2009                $______________
                   Purchases made during 2009                   +______________
                   Production materials and supplies            +______________
                   Cost at the end of 2009                      - ______________
                   Cost of Goods Sold During the Year           ________________


Automobile Expenses:
Please answer the following questions about the vehicle used for business purposes. If multiple vehicles
were used, attach additional pages.

          Vehicle Description: Make___________ Model/Type ___________ Year __________
          Was this vehicle used exclusively for the business? Yes [ ] No [ ]
          Did you have a second vehicle available for Personal Use? Yes [ ] No [ ]

          How many miles were driven for Business from 1-1-2009 thru 12-31-2009? _______________
          How many miles were driven for Commuting?         _______________
          How many miles were driven for Personal Use?      _______________

          Lease Expense during 2009             $____________
          Financing Payment                     $____________
          Total Vehicle Maintenance Costs (repairs, oil change, etc.)   $_____________
          Total Operation Costs (fuel, tolls, etc.)                      _____________

Depreciation Expenses:
For each piece of equipment you wish to depreciate, please detail each of these figures. If we prepared and
filed the 2008 corporate tax return, only complete this section for new purchases. If someone else prepared
the 2008 corporate tax return, be sure to include a copy of the return with this organizer.

1.        Type/Description of Item _________________                   Date of Purchase ___/___/_____
          Gross Cost (include delivery, tax, fees, etc.) $____________ % of use for Business ________

2.        Type/Description of Item _________________                   Date of Purchase ___/___/_____
          Gross Cost (include delivery, tax, fees, etc.) $____________ % of use for Business ________

3.        Type/Description of Item _________________                   Date of Purchase ___/___/_____
          Gross Cost (include delivery, tax, fees, etc.) $____________ % of use for Business ________

4.        Type/Description of Item _________________                   Date of Purchase ___/___/_____
          Gross Cost (include delivery, tax, fees, etc.) $____________ % of use for Business ________

5.        Type/Description of Item __________________                  Date of Purchase ___/___/_____
          Gross Cost (include delivery, tax, fees, etc.) $____________ % of use for Business ________

6.        Type/Description of Item __________________                  Date of Purchase ___/___/______
          Gross Cost (include delivery, tax, fees, etc.) $ ___________ % of use for Business __________

7.        Type/Description of Item __________________                 Date of Purchase ___/___/______
          Gross Cost include delivery, tax, fees, etc.) $ ___________ % of use for Business __________


                                                                                    S-CORP? YES [ ]


Cost of Inventory at Beginning of Year? $___________Cost of Inventory at End of Year? $_________
Purchases during 2009? $________________

Was your home/apartment used for business? If yes, please fill out section “Home Office Expenses” on
page 6.

General Expenses:

Accounting Fees                    $_________          Miscellaneous                      $_________
Advertising/Promotion              __________          Miscellaneous Rentals              __________
Automobile Expense                 __________          Office Expenses                    __________
Bad Debt                           __________          Office Supplies                    __________
Bank Charges/Fees                  __________          Officer’s Compensation             __________
Carting                            __________          Outside Labor (subcontractors)     __________
Contract Labor                     __________          Pension/SEP Expenses               __________
Commissions and Fees               __________          Postage/Shipping                   __________
Copy and Print                     __________          Profit Sharing Plans               __________
Computer Hardware                  __________          Professional Fees                  __________
Computer Software                  __________          Rent                               __________
Consulting Expenses                __________          Repairs                            __________
Credit and Collection              __________          Returns and Refunds                __________
Delivery (Postage & Shipping)      __________          Safety Equipment                   __________
Depletion                          __________          Salaries and Wages                 __________
Discounts                          __________          Sales Expenses                     __________
Dues & Subscriptions               __________          Security Costs                     __________
Employee Benefits                  __________          Small Tools and Equip              __________
Equipment Rentals                  __________          Supplies                           __________
Factory or Production Costs        __________          Taxes*                             __________
Health Insurance                   __________          Telephone                          __________
Insurance                          __________          Travel                             __________
Interest (Business Loan)           __________          Uniforms                           __________
Internet Fees                      __________          Uniform Cleaning/Laundry           __________
Legal Fees                         __________          Utilities                          __________
License Fees                       __________          Vehicle Expenses                   __________
Maintenance                        __________          Website Creation                   __________
Meals & Entertainment              __________          Website Maintenance                __________

* Social Security Tax (employer’s portion only)             __________
  Medicare Tax (employer’s portion only)                    __________
  State Income Taxes                                        __________
  County/Local                                              __________
  Real Estate                                               __________
  Vehicle                                                   __________
  Sale and Use                                              __________

Rental Income & Expenses:

                                       1                  2                  3
Property                        ____/____/_____    ____/____/_____    ____/____/_____
Date Purchased:
                                $______________    $______________    $______________
Purchase Price*                 _______________    _______________    _______________
Address of Property             _______________    _______________    _______________

                                $______________    $______________    $______________
Rent Received                   _______________    _______________    _______________
Advertising                     _______________    _______________    _______________
Auto- Total Miles Driven_____   _______________    _______________    _______________
Bad Debt                        _______________    _______________    _______________
Bank Charges                    _______________    _______________    _______________
Carting                         _______________    _______________    _______________
Commissions                     _______________    _______________    _______________
Condo Fees                      _______________    _______________    _______________
Consultation Expenses           _______________    _______________    _______________
Credit & Collection Costs       _______________    _______________    _______________
Delivery                        _______________    _______________    _______________
Depreciation Total              _______________    _______________    _______________
Dues and Subscriptions          _______________    _______________    _______________
Equipment Rentals               _______________    _______________    _______________
Miscellaneous Rentals           _______________    _______________    _______________
Insurance                       _______________    _______________    _______________
Licenses                        _______________    _______________    _______________
Maintenance                     _______________    _______________    _______________
Management Fees                 _______________    _______________    _______________
Meals & Entertainment @50%      _______________    _______________    _______________
Mortgage Interest               _______________    _______________    _______________
Office Expenses & Supplies      _______________    _______________    _______________
Outside Labor                   _______________    _______________    _______________
Postage                         _______________    _______________    _______________
Professional Fees: Accounting   _______________    _______________    _______________
                   Legal        _______________    _______________    _______________
Real Estate Taxes               _______________    _______________    _______________
Repairs                         _______________    _______________    _______________
Security                        _______________    _______________    _______________
Small Tools & Equipment         _______________    _______________    _______________
Supplies                        _______________    _______________    _______________
Telephone                       _______________    _______________    _______________
Travel                          _______________    _______________    _______________
Utilities                       _______________    _______________    _______________
Total Other

Other Expenses/Miscellaneous    _______________    _______________    _______________
Cost ($)                        _______________    _______________    _______________
Description                     _______________    _______________    _______________
Cost ($)                        _______________    _______________    _______________

Depreciation Expenses*:
*We do not recommend
depreciation of the structure   _______________    _______________    _______________
Type/Description of Asset #1    ____/____/______   ____/_____/_____   ____/____/______
Date of Purchase                $______________    $______________    $______________
Cost                            _______________    _______________    _______________
Type/Description of Asset #2    ____/____/______   ____/_____/_____   ____/____/______
Date of Purchase                $______________    $______________    $______________

Home Office Expenses
Do you run this company from home or maintain an office in your home for this business? Yes [ ] No [ ]
How many months was the home office in place? _________

Square footage of home office        __________
Total square footage of home         __________
We will use the percentage of home used for business to take the appropriate portion of the following expenses
as a business deduction. Please list the gross expense for the year/month.

Condo/Coop/Assn Fees           $_________       Repairs                            _____________
Insurance/year                 __________       Security Costs                     _____________
Internet Fees                  __________       Snow Removal                       _____________
Lawn Care                      __________       Telephone                          _____________
Mortgage Interest              __________       Telephone (cell)                   _____________
Real Estate Taxes              __________       Utilities/month                    _____________
Other Home Expenses:           Type/describe ____________________                  $____________

Other Expenses
If your business incurs other expenses not described above, attach a separate page to detail the description of the
expense. We are also available at 1-800-CPADALY, if you have any questions regarding the deductibility of

Pension Expenses
Corporations are entitled to deduct contributions made to pension plans for its employees. As the
owner of a corporation, you have access to additional ways to save for retirement and investment
income in a more tax friendly manner. Pension plans, profit sharing and SEP’s all allow you to make
contributions and save for retirement. These contributions then become a deduction on your tax
return shielding your money from taxes until retirement, when you need the money. If you are
interested in learning more about how you can save for retirement and protect additional income from
taxes, please call the office at 1-800-CPADALY.

We will need a copy of your general ledger for the entire 2009 fiscal year. If you have QuickBooks,
please send us a disc with the entire database for all entries made for years 2008, and 2009. If you
use Quicken, please send us a disc with the entire database for all entries made for years 2008, and
2009. If you do not have the capability to burn the file, please send us a printed copy of the file.

Please also send us a copy of your bank statements for January and December of 2008 and 2009.

Payment Worksheet
Corporations fall into two categories: Active and Inactive

We determine if a corporation is active or inactive based on the time it takes to complete the corporate filings.

Inactive Corporations are those that maintain no employees, have minimal or no revenue and expenses, and file
a tax return primarily to maintain the corporate name as a valid corporation. These corporations have little or no
information to report to the IRS and your state.

Active Corporations are those that maintain employees, manage more than one rental property, generate
significant revenue or incur substantial losses. Most corporations that file a tax return fall under this heading.

Basic Active Corporate Tax Return $1,200.00
Basic Inactive Corporate Tax Return $650.00
Additional forms are $25.00 each and schedules are $50.00.



We accept most major Credit/Debit Cards (We do not accept American Express.). Fill in all information, if you wish to use
your credit/debit card.

                                        Is this a credit card?          Yes [ ] No [ ],
                                        Is this a debit card?           Yes [ ] No [ ],

ACCOUNT #________________________________________________                       EXP. DATE _____________________

Address where Monthly Statement is sent                                  ________________________________________

On the back of your credit card, above where your signature is required, is a series of numbers. This may be your entire
credit card number or just the last four digits (It varies by card issuer.) followed by a three (3) digit number. Please write
this series of numbers plus the last three numbers here: ______________________________________.

SIGNATURE _________________________________________________ Mail Order
This must be signed exactly as shown on your credit card.
There is a 4% administrative fee for personal credit/debit card, and a 4% administrative fee for a corporate credit/debit card.


If the actual cost of your return is more than what you estimated on your Payment Worksheet, there are two options check
           ______ 1. Grant us permission to charge your credit card for the additional amount


          ______ 2. An invoice will be sent to you via email for the additional amount. We must receive payment
                   before your return is filed.

Completed & signed organizer, general ledger or bookkeeping records and all other pertinent documents.

Mail all information to:                                                 Any questions please call:
CPADaly LLC                                                              800-CPA-DALY
9 Paddington Road                                                        (800-272-3259)
Scarsdale, NY 10583-2915                                                 LOCAL 914-472-6257
                                                                         FAX     914-472-6764

                                 Web Address: Email:

Information on ELECTRONICALLY FILED refunds will be available by calling 1 800-829-4477, or on the IRS
website . All other refund information is available by calling 1-800-829-1040.

                                   CPADALY LLC
                               9 PADDINGTON ROAD
                             SCARSDALE, NY 10583-2915
                               Telephone 914-472-6257
                                   Fax 914-472-6764
                              Email TAX@CPADALY.COM

                                                                    January 10, 2010

Dear Client,

           Happy New Year and welcome to yet another tax season here at CPADALY. We are excited to
start the 2010 year with signs of stability and recovery on the horizon.
           We want to highlight a big change in the tax code for 2010. This may be the year to consider
changing your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. In the past there was an income limit, restricting your ability
to convert your traditional IRA to the more valuable Roth IRA. In the most basic language, a traditional
IRA is a tax-deferred account, this means you pay no tax on the growth in the account until you withdraw
the money. A Roth IRA is a tax-free account. While you do not get a deduction for contributing to a Roth
IRA, you don’t pay tax on the withdrawals either. This means that you can earn interest income, capital
gains and dividends tax free. Converting money you have stashed in a traditional IRA from an old 401(k)
does require you to pay tax on the previously untaxed portion, but in the long term there may be a
significant tax savings. The tax rules have changed for 2010 which allows you to spread the tax bill
associated with the conversion over two tax years. Any future growth in that account will be earned tax
free, no minimum distributions are required when you reach retirement age and the account can be passed
to your heirs with the same benefits. This is a significant change that may not be right for everyone, but for
some of you, it’s a good time to make the change.
           A recent victory in tax court may also be of interest to many of you. The case (Clarke vs. IRS)
focused on a nurse who claimed a business expense for the tuition expenses associated with obtaining her
MBA. A lengthy, tedious and at times incredibly frustrating journey through the audit process and tax court
finally ended with the court ruling in her favor. Thanks to meticulous record keeping and tenacious
persistence she was able to deduct nearly $15,000 in expenses that had previously been disallowed on audit.
This is encouraging news to all of you looking to deduct the costs of different types of training or
considering going back to school for your MBA, but concerned about being audited. This ruling bolsters
support of all these claims, as long as you have the documentation to back up your expenses.
           As always we encourage you to take advantage of our lower fees in the month of February and to
pay by check to further reduce your costs. The credit card company charges substantial fees and we are
happy to pass along the savings to you when we eliminate that middle man. Simple changes can make a
difference in your final bill without reducing the quality of the work.
           Good luck to you in the year ahead and thank you for your continued loyalty and the many kind
words we hear every year.
                                                                    Sincerely yours,

                                                                    Tom & Shannon

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