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									Your admission to undergraduate studY | 2011-2012

                                                Join the excitement!

                                          imPortant inFormation enCLosed
 Congratulations .........................................1
 Accepting Our Offer of Admission ...............2
 Finding Your Path .......................................4
 Your Important Accounts ............................5
 Before You Arrive ........................................6
 When You Arrive .........................................8
 Expenses, Billing, and Payment ..................9
 Residence Life .........................................10
 Learning Communities &
   Interest Housing ..................................11
 Housing ...................................................16
 Meals ......................................................20
 For International Students .......................22
 Maintaining Your Admission .....................27
 Monthly Payment Plan Application ...........29

SU students experience a strong feeling
of school pride, beginning at the “Home
to the Dome” event during orientation
and continuing for a lifetime.
Congratulations on your admission
to syracuse university.

                            We are delighted to make you this offer of admission. We see in
                            you great potential to make your mark intellectually while making
                            a difference on campus, in the community, and in the world, as
                            generations of distinguished Syracuse University students and
                            alumni have done.

                            We invite you to immerse yourself in our dynamic learning
                            environments on and off campus, where students join communities
                            of experts—faculty, staff, professionals, public leaders, and
                            community members—to tackle the great questions and challenges
                            of our time. From our campus classrooms, laboratories, and
studios to internships with the City of Syracuse and across the globe, you will have extensive
opportunities to sharpen and test your knowledge and talents. This is Syracuse University’s
vision, Scholarship in Action, higher education that prepares you for the world in the world.

We will challenge you and we will support you as you take this exhilarating next step on your
journey. I hope you will decide to join us, and I look forward to welcoming you to our university
and community.


                                                           Nancy Cantor
                                                           Chancellor and President
                                     Tetanus:                    _____/_____/_____

                                     Polio:                       _____/_____/_____

                                     HepA 1st injection:          _____/_____/_____
                                     HepA 2nd injection:          _____/_____/_____

                                     Varicella 1st injection:     _____/_____/_____
                                     Varicella 2nd injection:     _____/_____/_____
                                     Varicella titer:             _____/_____/_____   Result:   ___
                                     Varicella disease:           _____/_____/_____
    accepting our offer of admission

    We are PLeased to offer you admission to Syracuse                 fiRST-yeaR STudenTS CheCkliST (Regular decision)
    University and look forward to welcoming you to our
    campus community! We encourage you to read carefully the          ❏ adMiSSion aCCepTanCe foRM (aaf)
                                                                         This online form is accessible at If you have not
    important information contained in this booklet. International
                                                                         activated your NetID, you will need to do so to access your AAF. Go to
    students should turn to pages 22-26 for specific information.
                                                               , click on "Activate Your NetID” and follow the instructions.
         Please use this chart as a guide to help you keep
    track of items needed to accept our offer of admission. You
    need to sign and submit all appropriate forms along with          ❏ */**advanCe TuiTion payMenT of $450
    the relevant payments in order to confirm your enrollment.           This payment tells us that you plan to attend SU. Please make this and the
    We recommend that you make copies of the materials you               advance housing payment together, utilizing the payment options available in
    send us. Required documents must be submitted by the                 the Admission Acceptance Form. A record of your payments will be kept to
    date indicated in your letter of admission. Once you have            show you have paid part of your first semester.
    submitted your Admission Acceptance Form (AAF) and the
    appropriate payments, you will gain access to the online          ❏ **advanCe houSing payMenT of $400
    Housing and Meal Plan Application.                                   This payment reserves a room for you and can be returned if you request a
         For your convenience we have enclosed an orange                 refund before June 1 (see page 18). Please make this and the advance
    envelope you can use for any items you choose to mail to             tuition payment together, utilizing the payment options available in the
    Syracuse University. Refer to the list of addresses in the back      Admission Acceptance Form. A record of your payments will be kept to show
    of this book when mailing items.                                     you have paid part of your first semester.
         The AAF can be accessed from the electronic version of
    your letter of admission or via the link indicated in the chart
    on the right. There are several steps required to complete
    the form, including an eSignature from your parent/               ❏ MonThly payMenT plan appliCaTion, (page 29), if desired. Mail to
    guardian, and options for making any applicable advance              the Bursar address listed in the back of this book.
    payments. Other information you will need to complete the
    form includes: parent/guardian occupational and contact           ❏ final offiCial high SChool TRanSCRipT
    information, billing name and address, and emergency                 The transcript must be sent to us directly by your high school
    contact name and address. If you will be using a Mac to              and must indicate proof of graduation. Mail the transcript to:
    access and complete the AAF, we strongly suggest using the           Syracuse University, Undergraduate Admissions Processing
    Firefox web browser instead of Safari.                               Center, 621 Skytop Road, Suite 160, Syracuse NY 13244-5290.
         If you have any questions about the information
    contained in this booklet, please visit our web site at, e-mail us at, or call
    us at 1-800-388-1902, through May 1.
                                                                      ❏ healTh foRM
                                                                         The form, found on page 31, must be completed and returned
                                                                         to Health Services before you register for classes.

     eaRly deCiSion STudenTS
     If you are an Early Decision student, you already
     received your letter of admission and access to
     your Admission Acceptance Form (AAF). Be sure to                 * This advance tuition payment is not required of admitted students who
                                                                       are dependents of SU employees.
     submit the AAF and applicable advance payments                   ** Higher Education Opportunity Program students admitted to
                                                                         SU do not have to pay the advance tuition payment and advance
     by the date specified in your letter of admission. You              housing payment.
     may have already completed the online housing
     and Meal plan application. If not, you should
     complete the online form as soon as possible. If you
     intend to enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan option,
     you must complete and return the Monthly Payment
     Plan Application (page 29). You must return the
     health form (page 31) before you register.

    TRanSfeR STudenTS CheCkliST                                                              inTeRnaTional STudenTS CheCkliST                         (first year and transfer students)

    ❏ adMiSSion aCCepTanCe foRM (aaf)                                                        ❏ adMiSSion aCCepTanCe foRM (aaf)
         This online form is accessible at If you have not             This online form is accessible at If you have not
         activated your NetID, you will need to do so to access your AAF. Go to                activated your NetID, you will need to do so to access your AAF. Go to, click on “Activate Your NetID” and follow the instructions., click on “Activate Your NetID” and follow the instructions.

    ❏ *advanCe TuiTion payMenT of $450                                                       ❏ ***advanCe TuiTion payMenT of $450 in aMeRiCan CuRRenCy
         This payment tells us that you plan to attend SU. Please make this and the            This payment tells us that you plan to attend SU. Please make this and the
         advance housing payment together, utilizing the payment options available in          advance housing payment together, utilizing the payment options available in
         the Admission Acceptance Form. A record of your payments will be kept to              the Admission Acceptance Form. A record of your payments will be kept to
         show you have paid part of your first semester.                                       show you have paid part of your first semester.

    ❏ advanCe houSing payMenT of $400                                                        ❏ ***advanCe houSing payMenT of $400 in aMeRiCan CuRRenCy
         This payment reserves a room for you and can be returned if you                       This payment reserves a room for you and can be returned if you
         request a refund before June 1 (see page 18). Please make this and                    request a refund before June 1 (see page 18). Please make this and
         the advance tuition payment together, utilizing the payment options available         the advance tuition payment together, utilizing the payment options available
         in the Admission Acceptance Form. A record of your payments will be kept to           in the Admission Acceptance Form. A record of your payments will be kept to
         show you have paid part of your first semester. If housing is unavailable when        show you have paid part of your first semester. If housing is unavailable when
         you apply, your advance payment will be refunded to you.                              you apply, your advance payment will be refunded to you.

    ❏ MonThly payMenT plan appliCaTion, (page 29), if desired. Mail to                       ❏ MonThly payMenT plan appliCaTion, (page 29), if desired. Mail to
         the Bursar address listed in the back of this book.                                   the Bursar address listed in the back of this book.

    ❏ offiCial College TRanSCRipT                                                            ❏ offiCial pRoof of SeCondaRy SChool CoMpleTion
         The transcripts that list your final collegiate grades should be                      (first-year students only) This could be a final secondary school
         sent to the recorder in the SU college to which you’ve been                           transcript or a Leaving Certificate. The document must be sent
         admitted. (See inside back cover for addresses.)                                      directly by your school to: Syracuse University, Undergraduate
                                                                                               Admissions Processing Center, 621 Skytop Road, Suite 160,
                                                                                               Syracuse NY 13244-5290. International transfer students:
                                                                                               Please refer to information regarding “Official College
                                                                                               Transcript” in the transfer students column to the left.

    ❏ healTh foRM                                                                            ❏ healTh foRM
         The form, found on page 31, must be completed and returned to                         The form, found on page 31, must be completed and returned to
         Health Services before you register for classes.                                      Health Services before you register for classes. Proof of enrollment in a health
                                                                                               insurance plan must be provided to the Lillian and Emanuel Slutzker Center
                                                                                               for International Services. (See inside back cover for address.)

                                                                                             ❏ SponSoRShip leTTeRS, if required.

***If you cannot get funds for these payments because currency is
  restricted in your country, you must still send all the forms.
  Please send a letter explaining why your payment is delayed.
  If you are being sponsored by a scholarship agency or by
  government funds, you should also send a copy of your letter
  of sponsorship and instructions on how bills are to be paid.

Finding Your Path
as You think about your academic career, know that Syracuse University provides
students with academic flexibility. The curriculum enables you to take courses outside
your program of study through selection of liberal arts courses, elective courses, and
minors. You may even be able to add a second major, either through your college or
through another college at the University, and students often choose minors outside
of their own college.
    During your first year you may find that your academic interests change or expand.
A transfer into another college within the University may be possible. Should you
wish to complete an intra-University transfer (IUT) or become dually enrolled, you are
subject to the policies established by the dean of each college, which may include a
minimum grade point average and/or prerequisite coursework. Requests for an IUT
should be initiated in your home college. New transfer students who enroll with junior
or senior standing may be unable to complete an IUT. For more information on IUT
requirements, please consult the Academic Rules and Regulations in the Syracuse
University Course Catalog at

Your important accounts
information technology and services
your netid                                          • SU’s web-based email system, SUmail              only one email package to pick up messages
Access to the University’s computing and            • A variety of other online resources. For more    from your SUmail account. If you choose to re-
network services is controlled by a unique            information about computing at SU, check         direct this account to another account, such as
personal identifier – the NetID. If you have not      the New Students section of the ITS web site, or, you do so at your
activated your NetID, please do so now! It’s                              own risk.
simple to activate your NetID from your home
computer by visiting You                                                         For more information on SUmail, check the New
will need your SUID, which is included in your                                                         Students section at
                                                   MySlice is your secure virtual gateway to life
letter of admission.                               at SU including access to your Admission
                                                                                                       additional iTS information:
                                                   Acceptance Form (AAF), advising, viewing the
PROTECT YOURSELF: Don’t share your password                                                            getting online
                                                   online course catalog, registering for classes,
with anybody, including your peers, friends, and                                                       If you decide to attend SU, you will receive
                                                   and accessing financial aid, tuition, housing and
family members. Nobody at Syracuse University,                                                         information about computing and connecting to
                                                   meal plan information and services. You can
including Information Technology and Services                                                          SU’s secure wired and wireless networks in your
                                                   also configure MySlice to share ‘pieces’ of your
(ITS), will ever ask for your password. Do not                                                         readySET materials received by all matriculated
                                                   access with others, such as your parents (click
respond to any requests to reveal your password                                                        students over the summer. Also, be on the
                                                   on “Share My Account”). You can get to MySlice
or other private information, including online                                                         lookout for e-mails to your SUmail account
and email requests. Create a strong password,                                                          from that will provide details
change your password often, and report to                                                              about computing in the SU environment.
ITS if anyone is using your account without
                                                   Official email accounts for students are
permission. Treat your password like the PIN for                                                       When you need Computing
                                                   established in a system called SUmail. This
your ATM card – as your secret!                                                                        help or information
                                                   system provides students several powerful
     Once your NetID is activated you’ll have                                                          On campus, come to the ITS Service Center
                                                   and convenient features. Syracuse University
access to a wide range of computing services                                                           at the Center for Science and Technology. Or,
                                                   has established email as a primary vehicle for
and facilities, including:                                                                             you can e-mail, call 315-443-
                                                   official communication with students, faculty,
  • High-speed wired and wireless (AirOrangeX)                                                         2677, or visit to get
                                                   and staff. All University communications sent via
    network and Internet connections in the                                                            assistance.
                                                   email will be sent to your SUmail address upon
    residence halls and across campus              your matriculation to Syracuse. You can use

before You arrive
health services - requirements and information
health form Submission                             Required proof of immunity includes:             Mandatory health fee
Please complete and return the Health Form on       • dates of two doses of measles vaccine,        A health fee is mandatory for all full-time
page 31 of this publication to:                       positive titer results, or physician          students and is included with billing from the
    Syracuse University Health Services               documentation of disease.                     bursar’s office. Part-time students and spouses
    111 Waverly Avenue                              • date of one dose of rubella vaccine, or       are eligible to use Syracuse University Health
    Syracuse NY 13244-2320                            positive titer result                         Services on a fee-for-service basis. The health
                                                    • date of one dose of mumps vaccine, positive   fee does not cover all expenses, including
immunization Requirements                             titer result, or physician documentation of   pharmacy, laboratory, and emergency room
The following must be provided prior to your          disease                                       care, referral to specialty service providers, and
arrival on campus:                                 Note: Persons born before January 1, 1957,       hospitalization. Please being a copy of your
   Syracuse University is obligated to enforce     are exempt from the measles, mumps, and          insurance card with you in case you need it for
student immunization requirements as defined       rubella requirement.                             these services.
by New York State public health law. Enrolled
students found not to be in compliance risk        2. A completed meningococcal meningitis          health insurance Coverage
strict administrative consequences, including      vaccine response form must be provided to        Students should contact their insurance
the inability to register and suspension of I.D.   Health Services indicating that the student,     company to ensure they have adequate
card privileges, and may be required to leave      parent, or guardian has received and reviewed    coverage. Many group health plans do not
campus.                                            meningitis information, and that the student     cover dependents once they reach a specific
   All students are required to provide the        has either been immunized within the             age or after they are married. Students who
following:                                         preceding 10 years or has opted not to obtain    have declared financial independence might
                                                   immunization against meningococcal disease.      not be covered. If you do not have a health
1. Proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and        Information on meningococcal disease as well     insurance plan or are not adequately covered,
rubella. This information may be obtained by       as the meningitis response form can be found     the University offers a student health insurance
contacting your high school or primary care        online at        plan. Call 315-443-2668 for more information
physician. Immunization records may be faxed       meningitis.html.                                 on student health insurance.
directly to Health Services at 315-443-9010.

things to Consider
Registration                                              You may register for seven college credits     Note: International students holding an I-20
All new first year student registration is handled   during the University’s second summer               for the fall semester, please contact the
by the students’ home college if they accept         term, July 3 to August 12. Together with your       SummerStart program and indicate your need
their offer of admission by the May 1 deadline.      college, we will assist you in selecting courses    for an updated I-20 to reflect your SummerStart
The first registration communication will be sent    appropriate to your degree program.                 program date.
in late May. The colleges outline requirements in         SummerStart’s faculty, staff, and peer
their registration instructions.                     advisors will acquaint you with the University      disability Services
     On-campus registration for other new            community, encourage you to explore your            Students accepted to Syracuse University may
students and students who did not complete           potential, and broaden your perspective.            request academic accommodations from the
their registration materials on time will be              While enrolled in SummerStart, you will        Office of Disability Services (ODS). The mission
August 28 and 29. On-campus registration of          have the opportunity to enjoy the summer            of ODS is to facilitate equal access to all
new students for the spring 2012 semester will       season. The Syracuse community and the              academic programs and services for students
be Sunday, January 15.                               program offer a wealth of recreational and social   with physical, sensory, psychological, or learning
                                                     events that provide the necessary balance when      disabilities.
SummerStart                                          studying is intense. Gain the edge and join              ODS provides support services for students
Syracuse University wants you to have every          us to ensure a smooth transition to Syracuse        with documented disabilities. Students are
advantage as you begin your college career.          University.                                         encouraged to contact the Office of Disability
SummerStart is a program designed to ensure              SummerStart                                     Services immediately following admission
that you have a smooth transition from high              700 University Avenue                           to arrange for necessary services and
school to college. You will have an opportunity          Syracuse University                             accommodations. More information is available
to take credit-bearing college courses with other        Syracuse NY 13244-2530                          on the ODS web site at
entering students, live in a residence hall, and         USA                                                 Office of Disability Services
participate in an orientation seminar that will          315-443-5045                                        804 University Avenue, Room 309
introduce you to campus life and resources.              Fax: 315-443-4410                                   Syracuse NY 13244-2330
SummerStart challenges you to pursue your                                           315-443-4498 (voice)
intellectual interests while enhancing your                                     315-443-1371 (TDD)
leadership skills and making new friends.

When You arrive
new Student orientation
Our new student orientation programs are the
gateway to your experience at SU. All students
will receive instructions on accessing readySET,
an online guide to preparing for your arrival
to SU. Upon your arrival to campus, you will
encounter a series of events designed to make
your transition to Syracuse University seamless
and engaging. Orientation will help you prepare
for your classes, meet new people, learn about
important issues, and join the traditions of a
vibrant university community that boasts more
than 200,000 living alumni.
      For more information on orientation
programs, visit

fall arrival
The official start of Syracuse Welcome 2011
is Thursday, August 25. During the summer
you will receive a link to readySET and the
New Student Orientation book to assist you in
making the transition to Syracuse University.
New students have the opportunity to move in
on Wednesday, August 24.
     We’re also proud to offer several different
pre-orientation experiences for first-year
students. Students who participate in a pre-
orientation program will have the opportunity
to move in on or before Wednesday, August 24.
Each program engages students in variety of
activities, including civic engagement, outdoor
adventure, and campus exploration.

Spring arrival
Many first-year and transfer students begin their
enrollment in January. Winter Welcome 2012
is the weekend right before the start of spring
classes. Spring semester classes begin Tuesday,
January 17. Your first 48 hours on campus will
cover all the information you need to know to
give you a successful start to the semester.
You’ll receive a link to readySET in the weeks
prior to your arrival on campus.

expenses, billing, and Payment
2011-2012 estimated expenses                       Billing and payment                              Syracuse university prepaid Tuition plan
Following are the estimated costs of tuition,      Charges and payments                             If you wish to pay four years of
housing, meals, and fees for full-time             Before the beginning of each semester,           undergraduate tuition in advance, you may
undergraduate students for the 2011-2012           you will receive a statement of charges that     participate in the SU Prepaid Tuition Plan.
academic year.                                     lists what you must pay for one semester         This plan allows you to lock in the rate
                                                   for tuition, housing, meals, and mandatory       of tuition in effect at the inception of the
  Billable Costs                                   fees. Your statement will also show credit for   plan and avoid future tuition increases.
  Tuition                       $36,300            the $450 advance tuition payment and the         Participation is limited to full-time Main
  Housing and Meals (average) 13,254               $400 advance housing payment you sent.           Campus undergraduate students who are
  Fees (activity, cocurricular,                    The statement for the spring semester will       not receiving institutional scholarships or
  communication, and health)      1,368            be mailed in the middle of November. U.S.        grants in excess of $8,000 per academic
  Total                         $50,922            residents can deduct any other credits, such     year. This plan does not cover fees, housing
                                                   as state awards, scholarships, or loans, after   and meal costs, books, and other University
  other expenses (average)                         receiving formal verification by Syracuse        charges, which will be billed and payable
  Books and Supplies                   $1,322      University’s Financial Aid Office.               in accordance with University policies. This
  Travel                                  606           Each semester you must pay all of           agreement covers the fall and spring terms
  Personal Expenses                       940      what you owe, after credits are deducted         only, summer study is not included. For
  Total                                $2,868      (if applicable), by check or money order in      details or a copy of the SU Prepaid Tuition
                                                   United States funds. The date it is due will     Plan Agreement, please contact:
  Total Cost of attendance           $53,790       be written on the statement you receive               James Crimmer
                                                   from Bursar Operations. Please mail your              Associate Comptroller
These costs are an estimate and may                payments to:                                          101 Archbold
change. Charges for tuition, housing,                   Bursar operations                                Syracuse University
meals, and fees will increase annually. The             102 archbold north                               Syracuse New York 13244-1140
University carefully considers all increases            Syracuse university                              315-443-4025
in costs to ensure they are reasonable. It              Syracuse ny 13244-1140 uSa             
is important for students and families to               If you have not made satisfactory
plan for annual cost increases and to be           arrangements with the bursar’s office, the       Monthly payment plan
prepared for their financial obligations. The      University may not let you register or may       Many families use the University’s Monthly
University is committed to assuring that           cancel your pre-registration schedule.           Payment Plan because it allows them to
cost increases are contained as much as                 When you send money by wire or telex,       extend their payments over the course of the
possible.                                          or submit bank drafts, money orders, or          semester. There is an annual nonrefundable
     Students selected to receive a                checks to pay what you owe to Syracuse           application fee of $65 to participate in
merit-based scholarship will be notified           University, you must do the following:           the Monthly Payment Plan. The fee will be
approximately two weeks after receiving an         1 The check must be made payable to              calculated into your monthly payments.
admission decision.                                Syracuse University.                                  Continued participation in the Monthly
     Students who applied for financial aid        2 The amount should be in United States          Payment Plan depends upon a satisfactory
will receive a Financial Aid Award Notice          funds and this must be indicated on the          payment history.
of their financial aid eligibility. Please refer   check.                                                We credit your $450 advance tuition
to the financial aid web site at          3 Your name and Syracuse University ID           payment and $400 advance housing
financialaid for financial aid application         (SUID) number must appear on the check.          payment against the fall charges. We do
requirements and deadlines, as well as             You will find your SUID number on your letter    not credit your work-study grants to your
other important financial aid information.         of admission.                                    contract.
     If you have any questions, contact the                                                              To apply, complete the application
office of financial aid and Scholarship                                                             form on page 29. Complete the section
programs at 315-443-1513 or e-mail us                                                               on financial aid only if you have filed the
using our online form found on our web                                                              CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE and the Free
site at                                                                       Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
                                                                                                    by the deadline. The form must be signed by
                                                                                                    the person who is financially responsible.

residence Life
diverse living options                              Two Residential areas                              pages you will find a wealth of information
Few schools can match the quality and diversity     There are two residential areas where first-       related to the residence life experience. Before
of our housing options, the wide range of           year, transfer, and returning students live.       you complete your online Housing and Meal
programs and activities we offer, and the choice    Main Campus includes 18 residence halls            Plan Application, we encourage you to read
of meal plans to meet different needs.              and academic buildings. Residence halls            through the following pages:
     Not everything you learn at college happens    and apartments are also located on South            • Pages 11-15 describe learning communities
in the classroom. Critical life lessons are also    Campus, which is about a mile from Main               and interest housing options.
learned through the residential experience,         Campus and is served by frequent, free shuttle
where you meet and become friends with              buses. Returning students, transfer students,       • Pages 16-21 provide important information
students from a wide range of backgrounds.          and graduate students typically live in South         about housing policies and guidelines for
     In addition to traditional college housing,    Campus residence halls and apartments.                completing your online Housing and Meal
we offer residential and non-residential learning                                                         Plan Application.
communities and interest-related housing. Many      important housing information
students, especially those new to SU, find that     New students can choose to be part of a
becoming part of one of these optional groups       learning community or interest housing option or
helps ease the transition to college.               be assigned housing randomly. On the following

how We support You
The Office of Residence Life (ORL) has              • Residence Directors (RDs) – Full-time             • Main Desk Assistants (MDAs) – MDAs staff
selected an exceptional staff of student              master’s-level RDs administer the residential       each residence hall main desk, providing
and professionals to create welcoming and             program in the residence halls or apartments.       information and mail services to the
respectful residence hall communities. You            Each RD is supported by a full-time assistant       residents of the building.
will be encouraged to take advantage of the           residence director (ARD).                        The Central Office of the ORL provides support,
countless opportunities we offer in the halls to    • Residence Advisors (RAs) – Each residence        guidance, and supervision of the overall
learn more about yourself, others, and the world      hall has a staff of RAs who live with and        residential experience. Finally, our administrative
in which you live.                                    support the residents on the floor. Our          support personnel and graduate assistants
 • The ORL employs more than 350 staff                average ratio of RAs to residents is about one   provide dedicated support throughout the
   members in the 21 residence halls,                 RA to every 35 students.                         department.
   apartments, and central offices on Main and
   South Campuses.

Learning Communities & interest housing
Residential learning Communities                    academic component fits with your particular            arts adventure
Syracuse University is committed to promoting       curriculum and the effect of transfer or                The arts are an essential part of a college
a culturally and socially diverse climate           advanced placement credits before making a              experience. Students participating in the
that supports the academic and personal             selection. Your college will be evaluating your         Arts Adventure Learning Community (AALC)
development of each member of our residential       transfer and AP credits. These credits may              share their love of the arts by attending plays,
community. You are invited to become involved       affect your eligibility to enroll in certain learning   concerts, gallery shows, dance performances,
in one of the living and learning opportunities     communities. Interest housing provides you              and other types of artistic events together.
designed to complement and enhance your             with an opportunity to live with students who            • Open to first-year undergraduate SU
educational experience at Syracuse University.      share similar interests. There is no academic              students.
Many students find that these special               component associated with interest housing.
opportunities help ease the transition to college        Our learning communities can be grouped             • Students register for WRT 105 Practices of
life, providing them with a group of peers and      under broad categories, including arts and                 Academic Writing (3 credits).
friends who become like a family away from          expression; cultural exploration and diversity;
home.                                               health and wellness; leadership and citizenship;        Barbara glazer Weinstein and Jerome
      a note to honors students: Students           science, technology, engineering, and math              S. glazer Creativity, innovation, and
who have been invited to participate in the         (STEM); and learning communities organized              entrepreneurship
Renée Crown University Honors Program are           around an academic major or minor. Read                 Every student is rich in creative, innovative, and
encouraged to enroll in a learning community.       through the following descriptions and think            entrepreneurial potential. The Barbara Glazer
Honors students who do not select a learning        about which option(s) might suit you best.              Weinstein and Jerome S. Glazer Creativity,
community will be housed in proximity to other                                                              Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Learning
honors students (“Honors Clusters”) within the      army RoTC                                               Community helps students recognize and exploit
standard residence halls.                           The Army ROTC Learning Community develops               that potential. The focus is on approaches
      Learning communities allow you to live and    a student’s leadership potential, academic              within all academic disciplines and all walks
take classes with a group of students who all       confidence, and teamwork skills through                 of life, emphasizing the need for imagination
are joined by a common interest or academic         participation in a variety of campus, ROTC, and         in commercial, noncommercial, nonprofit, and
major. Participation in a learning community        community service events in fun and interactive         public sector contexts.
allows you to develop skills and attitudes that     ways. Best of all, no Army or other military             • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students.
support academic achievement, improved              service experience is required.
                                                                                                             • The CIE Learning Community has both fall
quality of thinking and communications, a better     • Open to first- and second-year SU students.             and spring semester course requirements.
understanding of yourself and others, and a
                                                     • First-year students must enroll in Army ROTC            All students register for fall semester: EEE
greater ability to balance your academic and
                                                       and MSL 101/2; Second-year students                     110/PAF 110 Creativity: Discovering the
social lives.
                                                       must register for MSL 201/2 Foundations in              Entrepreneur Within (1 credit). All students
      Because many of our learning communities
                                                       Leadership.                                             register for spring semester: EEE 110/PAF
include one or more academic courses, you
                                                                                                               110 Innovation: Discovering the Entrepreneur
may want to consult an academic advisor
                                                                                                               Within (1 credit).
in your home college to discuss how the                                                                                                              continued

Learning Communities & interest housing continued
College of human ecology public health              • Students register for two required first-year       honors
As members of the College of Human Ecology            courses: WRT 105 Practices of Academic              First-year Renée Crown University Honors
Public Health Learning Community, students            Writing (3 credits) and EDU 101 First Year          Program students who do not join one of
explore individual and community health and           Forum (1 credit).                                   the other themed learning communities are
wellness and its role in their personal life                                                              automatically housed in proximity to one
and professional future. By focusing on the        fashion Communications                                 another in one of three honors clusters,
mind, body, spirit, and environment, students      Students interested in exploring fashion               collectively known as the Honors Learning
become active participants in their own            communications will find that this learning            Community. The Honors Learning Community
wellness and help to promote a healthy campus      community provides numerous fun and                    allows honors students from all of the
community through such experiences as stress       intellectually engaging activities. These activities   undergraduate schools and colleges to get to
management Wii Fit, biofeedback, nutrition,        may include creating display boards, watching          know each other while living and making friends
yoga, fitness, art, and outdoor recreation.        Project Runway, evaluating fashion advertising,        with students outside the honors program.
 • Open to first-year undergraduate College of     or attending panel discussions and guest                • Open to first-year undergraduate Renée
   Human Ecology students only with priority       lectures.                                                 Crown University Honors Program students.
   consideration given to health and wellness,      • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students.        • Students register for HNR 100.
   nutrition, and undeclared majors.                • There is no course requirement for this
 • Students register for HTW 121 Personal and         learning community.                                 international living
   Social Wellness (3 credits) and BIO 121                                                                The International Living-Learning Community
   General Biology (4 credits).                    health and exercise Science                            fosters cultural, academic, professional, and
                                                   The Health and Exercise Science Learning               social interaction that builds upon today’s
Creative nonfiction                                Community is designed to provide an                    global environment. Opportunities to explore
The Creative Nonfiction Learning Community         atmosphere where first-year students in health         cross-cultural, international, and multicultural
gives students the opportunity to experiment       and exercise science can explore issues related        experiences will be provided through academic
with a variety of genres of non-academic writing   to health, exercise, and performance. A variety        and programmatic settings. This learning
while discovering their own voices. Members will   of experiences in the health and exercise              community is designed to help students
be exposed to a variety of forms, such as public   science labs will allow you to get hands-on            better understand and appreciate differences
essays, cultural critiques, and ethnographies,     knowledge of the labs, discover how your body          encountered in a diverse world.
and will have an opportunity to publish their      performs on some tests, and find out about              • Open to first-year undergraduate SU
own writing.                                       ongoing research.                                         students.
 • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students     • Open to first-year undergraduate health and          • Students register for CAS 200 Living in a
   in the College of Arts and Sciences, the           exercise science major students only.                  Global Environment (1 credit) and WRT 105
   School of Education, the School of Human         • Students register for PPE 295 Introduction to          Practices of Academic Writing (3 credits).
   Ecology, the School of Information Studies,        Exercise Science (3 credits).
   and the L.C. Smith College of Engineering                                                              international Relations
   and Computer Science. Advising required         health Studies                                         Students in the International Relations Learning
   for students in the S. I. Newhouse School of    The Health Studies Learning Community was              Community (IRLC) develop increased awareness
   Public Communications.                          designed for students who might be considering         of international issues through focused
 • Students register for WRT 114 Writing Culture   a range of opportunities relating to health            discussions, lectures, cross-cultural workshops,
   (3 credits).                                    care, from working as a health care provider           trips, and other special activities linked to
                                                   or medical researcher to pursuing a career in          co-curricular residence hall programming
education living                                   economics, journalism, politics, or law with an        and experiences. This learning community is
The Education Living-Learning Community            emphasis on health care. The Health Studies            designed for students who intend to pursue
(ELLC) brings first-year education students        Learning Community is the place where                  international relations as part of their academic
together with faculty and staff members to ease    students in health-related majors share their          program.
the transition into the University community and   interests in the field, and learn and explore           • Open to first-year undergraduate SU
contribute to their success within the School of   together.                                                 students.
Education and beyond.                               • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students         • Students register in the fall semester for
 • Open to first-year undergraduate education         who intend to major in a health-related area.          PSC 124 International Relations (3 credits),
   students only (including dually enrolled         • There is no course requirement for this                taught by the undergraduate director for
   students with arts and sciences and visual         learning community.                                    international relations. In the spring semester,
   and performing arts).                                                                                     students have the option to register for MAX
                                                                                                             132 Global Community (3 credits).

languages, Cultures, and arts                       • Students register for PAF 121 Leadership            • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students.
Students with a passion for exploring                 Practicum (1 credit).                               • Enroll in LAS 300: Living in a Diverse Society
different cultures through language and the         • Students are encouraged to utilize the                (3 credits, fall semester) and participate in
arts will focus on language learning through          opportunity to participate in the pre-                the six-week Conversation about Race and
conversation, cultural events, and a foreign          orientation program “Leadership Outdoor               Ethnicity (C.A.R.E.) Dialogue Circle (spring
film series, and through sharing from their           Orientation Program” (LOOP).                          semester).
own unique cultural heritage. Students attend
special events, including theater, musical                                                                • Students in the MLLC will also attend
                                                   lesbian, gay, Bisexual, Transgender,                     community-building events, join and
performances, dinners, and art exhibitions,        and allies Studies
many of them in the diverse ethnic communities                                                              participate in a MLLC Committee, and
                                                   The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and             participate in college transition workshops,
in the City of Syracuse, New York City, and the    Allies (LGBTA) Studies Learning Community
surrounding areas.                                                                                          Office of Multicultural Affairs, and MLLC
                                                   brings together students who are interested in           committee-sponsored programs, and affinity
 • Open to first-year undergraduate College of     exploring questions about sexuality, gender, and         group trips.
   Arts & Sciences students only.                  the body—questions that are fundamental to
 • Students register for the appropriate level     a sense of identity, selfhood, and community.         native american Studies
   language course.                                These concepts intersect with race, class, ability,   The Native American Studies Learning
                                                   nationality, and age. Learning opportunities          Community is for all students who want to
l.C. Smith College of engineering and              include a retreat as well as participation in         become part of a community that focuses on
Computer Science (lCS)                             cultural events both within and outside of the        the intellectual, religious, historical, aesthetic,
Imagine a place where you live and learn           university environment.                               and political traditions of Native peoples.
alongside peers who share your interest in, and     • Open to all undergraduate SU students.             Located in the heart of Haudenosaunee
enthusiasm for, engineering, computer science,      • Students are encouraged to register for QSX        country, this area provides a valuable resource
and technology. Imagine the fun and interesting       112 Sexualities, Genders, and Bodies (3            for such activities as field trips to local Native
experiences you will have meeting, interacting,       credits).                                          festivals and museums and campus lectures by
and bonding with other students who will share                                                           distinguished Native scholars. The community
with you the same adventures, challenges, and       • Students who have already taken QSX 112            advances student learning through a faculty-
opportunities of an undergraduate program in          or any other course in the LGBT studies minor      enhanced residential experience.
engineering and computer science. In the LCS          can still join the learning community.
                                                                                                          • Open to all undergraduate SU students.
Learning Community, you will find classmates
and peers who also want to establish the           Maxwell Citizenship                                    • Students register for NAT 105 Introduction to
friendships and team-building skills so critical   Students in the Maxwell Citizenship Learning             Native American Studies (3 credits).
for success.                                       Community will find good times and lifelong
                                                   friends in a community of first-year students         outdoor pursuits
 • Open to first-year LCS students and arts and    destined to become leaders through community          The Outdoor Pursuits Learning Community is a
   sciences students enrolled in the dual A&S/     service and good citizenship.                         place for people who enjoy outdoor recreation.
   LCS program.                                                                                          Students will take part in shared outdoor
                                                    • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students
 • Students are required to register for ECS 101      who have participated in the Maxwell               adventure trip experiences, discuss various
   Introduction to Engineering and Computer           Citizenship Conference.                            aspects of the outdoor pursuits with faculty
   Sci-ence (3 credits) and an Academic                                                                  and staff, and engage in outdoor recreation
   Excellence Workshop (1 credit) in support of     • Students perform about 20 hours of                 opportunities with their floor.
   their fall Mathematics course.                     community service each semester.
                                                                                                          • Open to all undergraduate SU students.
leaders emerging and developing                    Multicultural living                                   • Students are encouraged to register for PED
The Leaders Emerging and Developing (LEAD)         The Multicultural Living Learning Community              289: Backpacking (1 credit). Note: there is a
Learning Community provides students with the      (MLLC) is a unique learning community at                 $65 fee associated with this class.
unique opportunity to explore various elements     Syracuse University where racially and ethnically      • Students are encouraged to utilize the
of leadership and ultimately discover their own    diverse students build community together.               opportunity to participate in the pre-
personal leadership style. LEAD challenges         Students participate in academic and co-                 orientation program “Leadership Outdoor
participants to be active social change agents     curricular experiences that raise awareness              Orientation Program” (LOOP).
in society and fosters an environment that         about the impact of race and racism on
encourages students to explore and learn about     individual identities, develop cross cultural
themselves in fun and interactive ways.            communication skills, and promote positive
                                                   citizenship, social justice, and community
 • Open to first-year undergraduate SU             activism.                                                                                    continued

Learning Communities & interest housing continued
pathways (Career preparation)                       psychology in action                                 • Open to first-year SU students who intend
The Pathways Learning Community gives               Psychology in Action provides students with            to major in any science, technology, or math
students an opportunity to jumpstart their career   an up-close look at the world of psychology.           discipline.
plans and maximize the quality of their time at     Students will explore together the intriguing        • Although students will be taking a number
SU. Pathways is the ideal learning community        domain of human behavior by visiting a                 of courses in common, there is no course
for an incoming first-year student who wants        psychology lab, chatting with faculty about their      requirement for this learning community.
to become a fully engaged student by taking         experiences, and meeting with professionals
advantage of the variety of opportunities SU        who use their expertise in school, business, and    Sport Management
has to offer, all the while exploring careers and   human service settings.                             The Sport Management Living-Learning
preparing for the future.                            • Open to first-year undergraduate College of      Community provides a collaborative learning
 • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students.       Arts and Sciences students.                      environment where students with a passion
 • Students register for HSH 200 Career              • Students register for WRT 105 Practices of       for sports live and work together and enjoy
   Development (1 credit).                             Academic Writing (3 credits) and PSY 205:        a unique opportunity to develop academic
                                                       Founda-tions of Human Behavior (3 credits).      and professional skills through coursework,
poets                                                  Students who are receiving credit for PSY        experiential learning opportunities at a Division
The Poets Learning Community brings together           205, register for PSY 274: Social Psychology     1 university, and community engagement
first-year students interested in writing and          (3 credits).                                     activities that will lead to a career in sports.
performing their diverse stories through                                                                 • Open to first-year undergraduate sport
spoken word poetry at SU. Through a series of       Science, Technology, and Math                          management students only.
Verbal Blend workshops, special events, and         Students in the Science, Technology, and Math        • Students are automatically enrolled in three
interactions with other poets, students build       Learning Community will be part of a vibrant           required courses: SPM 205 Introduction to
a supportive community for writing, public          community with strong academic support and             Sport Management (3 credits); HSH 101
speaking, and artistic expression through           a multitude of opportunities to develop lifelong       Gateway (1 credit), WRT 105 Practices of
spoken word and hip hop. Additionally, students     friendships. Students receive support navigating       Academic Writing (3 credits).
in the learning community will be mentored          challenging first-year courses in science,
by upper-class student poets known as Poets         technology, and math disciplines through            Wellness
Achieving Leadership (PAL).                         advising, tutoring, and study groups while living   The Wellness Learning Community provides
 • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students.    in close proximity to their classrooms and          students with opportunities to experience
                                                    laboratories. However, this community is far from   personal growth while focusing on the
 • There is no course requirement for this          “all work and no play” as it also creates lasting
   learning community.                                                                                  seven dimensions of wellness—physical,
                                                    connections between community members               social, occupational, intellectual, emotional,
                                                    through fun and engaging field trips, leadership    environmental, and spiritual. As a member of
                                                    development activities, and floor programs.         the Wellness Learning Community, you will be

supported in making healthy lifestyle choices       women in science and engineering. The program         promote the philosophy of a substance-free
and leading a balanced life.                        focuses on developing mentoring and advising          lifestyle through programs, discussions, and
 • Open to first-year undergraduate SU students.    relationships with faculty and creating strong        peer support.
                                                    connections with peers.                                • Open to all undergraduate SU students.
 • Students are strongly encouraged to register
   for WRT 105 Practices of Academic Writing (3      • Open to first-year undergraduate SU women
   credits).                                           in science and engineering disciplines.            Transfer Student
                                                                                                          Transfer Student Interest Housing is a great
Whitman School of Management                        non-ReSidenTial leaRning CoMMuniTieS                  place for new transfer students to interact and
The Whitman School of Management (WSM)              Whitman School of Management                          share experiences with other transfer students.
Learning Community is an exciting opportunity       and Service                                           The offices of Residence Life and First-Year and
for first-year management students to enrich        In the Whitman School of Management and               Transfer Programs offers programming designed
their academic and social lives as they live        Service Learning Community, students will learn       specifically for transfer students in order to
and take courses together and participate in        about the community and meet interesting              meet their needs.
activities designed to prepare them for a career    people while fulfilling graduation requirements.       • Open to non-first-year SU transfer students.
in management.                                      Focusing on the relationship between manage-
                                                    ment, writing, and community service, students        hoW To ReQueST enRollMenT
 • Open to first-year undergraduate                 in this non-residential learning community in-
   management students only.                                                                              Indicate your learning community choice(s) on
                                                    tegrate the ideas and theories from the two re-       the online Housing and Meal Plan Application.
 • Students register for SOM 122 Perspectives       quired management first-year classes with their       If you are interested in more than one, rank your
   of Business and Management (required             observations from a service placement.                choices to a maximum of three. If you are also
   management gateway course, 3 credits), WRT        • Open to first-year undergraduate                   making a mutual roommate request, each of
   105 Practices of Academic Writing (required         management students only.                          you must make identical rankings.
   first-year writing course, 3 credits), and SOM                                                              Learning communities and interest housing
   110 Learning Community Seminar (1 credit).        • Students register for SOM 122 Perspectives
                                                       of Business and Management (required               opportunities fill up quickly. All enrollment
   Due to the integrated structure of these re-                                                           requests are granted on a space-available
   quired courses, students who have received a        management gateway course, 3 credits)
                                                       and WRT 105 Practices of Academic Writing          basis. Therefore, if you plan to enroll in one of
   qualifying score in AP English (Language and                                                           these groups, please submit your completed
   Composition or Literature) will not receive AP      (required first-year writing course, 3 credits);
                                                       both fulfill first-year requirements.              Admission Acceptance Form (AAF) and
   credit for WRT 105. Students must take WRT                                                             payments as soon as possible, so you may
   105 to participate in this learning community.                                                         gain access to the online Housing and Meal
                                                    inTeReST houSing
                                                    life (living in a free environment)                   Plan Application. For more information about
Women in Science and engineering                                                                          learning communities or interest housing,
The Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)         The LIFE Program is a housing option for
                                                    those students looking for a community where          please contact the office of learning
Learning Community is designed to support                                                                 Communities at 315-443-2079, visit our
women science and engineering students at SU        neighbors choose not to use alcohol, drugs, and
                                                    tobacco. It is a community of students who            web page at, or e-mail us at
and to celebrate the achievements of                                                            

your housing application                                 needs and will make a recommendation              Residence facilities
Syracuse University provides housing for                 to the Housing Office for a reasonable             • All residence halls are coeducational (coed)
approximately 70 percent of our undergraduate            accommodation. Please do so before May               and include several floor plan configurations
students. We provide housing opportunities to all        1 to ensure our ability to provide you the           (coed by wing, by floor, by alternating rooms).
students and assign students as roommates on             necessary accommodation.                             All residence halls have single-gender
an equal basis without regard to race, religion,        • If you are a non-traditional or older student,      community bathrooms.
sexual orientation, or national origin. Your advance      you may prefer apartment living on our South      • An “open double” is a room shared with one
tuition payment and advance housing payment               Campus. Please check the appropriate box on         roommate.
must be submitted or postmarked by May 1,                 the online application to request this option.    • A “split double” is a room divided by a wall
2011, to ensure that housing is available to you.
                                                        • The Housing Office confirms receipt of your         that is shared with one roommate.
 • To secure University housing you must                  information upon your completion of the           • A “suite” is a group of rooms shared by two
   complete the online housing application and,           online Housing and Meal Plan Application.           to six roommates, containing one or more
   if required, select a meal plan (see page 18         • If you have any questions, call the Office of       bedrooms and a common living area.
   for instructions).                                     Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Services        • A “single” is a room in which you have no
 • If you wish to select a learning community             at 315-443-2721. You may also e-mail                roommate. Single rooms and suites are
   or interest housing option make that request  or visit housingmealplans.          available on a limited basis.
   on the online Housing and Meal Plan          
                                                                                                            • Most first-year students live in open- or split-
                                                                                                              double rooms. A limited number of students
 • If you are not interested in a learning             housing for first-year Students                        may be placed in suites or singles.
   community or interest housing, you will              • You may be assigned to live in one of the
                                                          following residence halls on Main Campus:         • Residence hall rooms vary in size and
   be assigned through our random housing
                                                          Boland, Brewster, Brockway, Day, DellPlain,         living style, facilities, and room types. For
   process assignment procedure outlined on
                                                          Ernie Davis, Flint, Haven, Kimmel, Marion,          more information on floor plans, building
   page 17.
                                                          Lawrinson, Oren Lyons, Sadler, and Shaw.            descriptions, specific living options, and
 • Accommodations will be reviewed by the                                                                     virtual tours of rooms, visit housingmealplans.
                                                          Each houses between 30 and 530 students.
   Housing Office as they relate to health,                                                         
   religious, or cultural traditions. Please note       • You and your resident advisor will participate
                                                          in setting floor standards.                       • All residence halls are near dining centers,
   this information where requested on the
                                                                                                              provide direct connection to the campus
   online application.                                  • You and your roommates will complete                computer network, have telephone and cable
 • We can make special accommodations                     living agreements that help create a mutual         TV connections in all rooms, and are served
   to meet the needs of students who have                 understanding in sharing the same space.            by AirOrangeX, SU’s wireless network.
   disabilities. You are encouraged to contact          • Floor communities meet weekly for social
   the Office of Disability Services at 315-443-          activities, standards review, or structured
   4498. They will assist you in evaluating your          floor/hall programs.
 • Each residence hall uses a card key access         Commuters and Transfer Students who                    housing Rates
   security system and is always locked. Only         do not plan to live in university housing              Costs listed are per student, per semester, for
   resident students and guests are allowed            • If your immediate family resides in the             the 2010-2011 school year. Contracts are for
   to enter the residence halls. Other security          Syracuse area and you plan to commute               the academic year, consisting of fall and spring
   features include main entrance staffing at            from home, please check the appropriate             semesters. We recommend you use the cost
   hall desks during the day and evening hours,          box on the online Housing and Meal Plan             of a split double room in planning costs for
   student security aides at main entrance doors         Application. You will be directed to the meal       university housing. Costs for 2011-2012 will
   at night, and audible alarms at secondary             plan preference page.                               be provided when available. You will receive a
   exits that are locked at all times.                 • If you are not obligated to the University’s        statement of housing and meal plan charges
 • Every residence hall is equipped with fire            two-year, on-campus living requirement and          from the bursar’s office. The first housing charge
   suppression sprinkler systems and smoke               you plan to live off campus, please check the       that you receive may be an estimate of housing
   detectors in each student room and in all             appropriate box on the online Housing and           costs. That cost may be adjusted if necessary.
   other areas of the facility. A campus shuttle         Meal Plan Application. You will be directed to
   bus serves our residence halls.                       the meal plan preference page.                      2010-2011 Rates
                                                                                                             ReSidenCe hallS
                                                       • The Office of Off-Campus and Commuter               Open double room                      $3,235
South Campus living                                      Services (OCCS) provides all students living
 • This area, also called Skytop, includes three                                                             Split double room                      3,550
                                                         off campus with support, information, and           Regular single room*                   3,840
   residence halls (known as the Skyhalls)               resource referrals throughout their off-campus
   as well as furnished apartments and                                                                       Suite*                                 3,670
                                                         housing experience. Students who opt for off-       Triple room                            2,715
   townhouses. Many transfer students live in            campus accommodations can visit the OCCS
   this area with other transfers or returning           to learn about the network of educational           haven hall
   upper-class students.                                 and community services available to them.           One-person suite*                     $4,745
 • South Campus is located a mile from Main                                                                  Two-person suite*                      4,225
   Campus. A shuttle bus runs to and from             housing assignment procedures
   Main Campus and throughout South Campus            and notification                                       SkyTop apaRTMenTS
   approximately every 15 minutes, providing           • Your online housing application will be             (includes furnishings and utilities)
   residents with quick access to classes and            assigned a random number shortly after the          Two-bedroom with two students        $4,220
   activities on Main Campus.                            University’s Candidates Reply Date. (Please         Three-bedroom with three students 3,890
 • The apartments have full kitchens and their           see your admission notification letter to
   residents are not required to be on a meal            determine your reply date.) This number             * Limited availability
   plan.                                                 will establish the order in which housing
                                                         assignments are made and is designed to
 • A SUperfood plan is available for use at              promote a fair and equitable system.
   Goldstein Dining at South Campus. Residents
   may also purchase meal plans to use at Main         • Housing assignments will also take into
   Campus dining centers.                                consideration any living and learning
                                                         opportunities, mutual roommate requests,
 • The housing fee includes utilities, and all           or special circumstances you indicate on the
   South Campus apartments remain open                   online application
   during semester break.
                                                       • You will receive your housing assignment and
 • All apartments are wired for direct connection        University mailing address in early August. We
   to the campus network, have telephone and             will also provide you with the name, home
   cable television connections, and are served          address, and home telephone number of your
   by AirOrangeX, SU’s wireless network.                 roommate (if available) and other important
 • South Campus residents enjoy many                     information. Typically, first-year students share
   facilities: tennis courts, playing fields, the        a room with other first-year students of the
   Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion, and the Goldstein       same gender. Transfer students are assigned
   Student Center, which has a dining facility,          a returning student or another transfer
   computer stations, a laundry room, a branch           student as a roommate, typically at South
   of the SU Bookstore, meeting rooms, study             Campus.
   spaces, a fitness center, a satellite TV system,
   the South Campus Housing and Residence
   Life Office, and a Public Safety Office.

syracuse university housing Policies and Procedures
By completing the online Housing and Meal Plan Application, you are              living and learning opportunities
expected to comply with the rules in the University’s Housing Agreement.         To apply for a space in a residential or non-residential learning
Please note: Syracuse University first- and second-year students are             community, or to apply to live in interest housing, your advance housing
required to live in University housing.                                          payment and advance tuition payment must be submitted by May 1,
    The housing agreement is for the full academic year, although the room       2011. Placement in these living arrangements is on a space-available
charge is paid by the semester. You are expected to live in the room from        basis, so be sure to submit your payments early. If you do not apply for
the end of August until the middle of May except for the academic recess         a learning community or interest housing, you will be given a random
between semesters. New students who are not required to live in housing          housing assignment (see page 17).
may cancel housing arrangements until June 1, 2011, (fall applicants)
and January 1, 2012 (spring applicants). After that date, your housing           To apply for housing (fall and Spring enrollment)
commitment is financially binding.                                               online application
                                                                                 Visit our web site for a tutorial on completing the online housing
first-year Students                                                              application:
First-year students are required to live in University housing for their first        Steps you must complete before gaining access to the online housing
two years at Syracuse University. If your immediate family resides in the        application:
Syracuse area, you may commute from home.                                         1. Accept your offer of admission by submitting the Admission
                                                                                      Acceptance Form, your advance tuition payment of $450 and
Transfer Students                                                                     advance housing payment of $400 (if you plan to apply for University
Transfer students who have completed fewer than 40 credits are                        housing) by the date specified in your letter of admission.
encouraged to reside in University housing unless they are students with
                                                                                  2. Access your official Syracuse University e-mail account.
families or students who commute from the permanent home of their
immediate family. Housing for transfer students is on a space-available           3. Upon receipt of an e-mail from the Syracuse University Housing
basis until all vacancies on Main and South campuses are filled.                      Office to your e-mail account confirming your MySlice Student
                                                                                      Services access to the online housing application, complete your
Roommates                                                                             housing application.
You are not required to identify a roommate. While you may request a
specific roommate during the roommate selection process, we caution              netid, MySlice, e-mail access
against doing so unless you have spent quality time discussing what              See the information from Syracuse University ITS on page 5 about
this means with regards to learning communities, interests, and general          activating your NetID, accessing MySlice, and managing your
habits. If, after discussion, you still wish to be roommates, each of you        e-mail account.
must mutually request the other during the roommate selection process
in May.                                                                          Smoke-free living
                                                                                 Syracuse University provides a smoke-free living environment. Smoking is
                                                                                 prohibited in all University housing facilities.

For more information
office of housing, Meal plan, and id Card Services
• Processes all new student housing              Main Campus Housing Office               South Campus Housing Office
  applications                                   Syracuse University                      Syracuse University
• Organizes room selection for returning         206 Steele Hall                          206 Goldstein Student Center
  students                                       Syracuse NY 13244-1120                   Syracuse NY 13244-5900
• Oversees meal plans and the                    315-443-2721                             315-443-2567
  SUpercard FOOD and PLUS programs               Fax: 315-443-5188                        Fax: 315-443-1787
• Supervises building and facility                     
  maintenance and services                    

office of Residence life                        office of learning Communities
• Supervises staff and programs in the          • Supervises all new student learning
  residence halls                                 community/interest housing placements
                                                • Supervises learning communities
Office of Residence Life
Syracuse University                             Office of Learning Communities
111 Waverly Avenue, Suite 200                   Syracuse University
Syracuse NY 13244-2320                          111 Waverly Avenue, Suite 006
315-443-3637                                    Syracuse NY 13244-2320
Fax: 315-443-2633                               315-443-2079                                     Fax: 315-443-2295

The hospitable hand of Syracuse University                   • Shaw Dining Center                             Carrier Dome Concessions, and residential cafés.
Food Services reaches out to every corner of the             • Goldstein Dining (for Skyhall residents)       SUpercard FOOD funds may also be used in
campus. When it comes to food or beverages, we               • The Warehouse                                  University vending machines.
have something for everyone. Our dining centers                                                                    You can easily add to your balance online in
make it easy for you to get your meals, wherever          We’ll Meet your dietary needs                       $25 increments any time during the academic
you are on campus. If you can’t get to one of the         Shaw Dining Center offers Kosher and Halal          year, once your NetID is initiated. SUpercard
dining centers, you can dine at our food courts,          meals weekdays for lunch and dinner. Every          FOOD balances carry over from fall to spring
cafés, or vending machines located across                 dining center offers both vegetarian and vegan      semester. unused balances remaining June 30
campus. For a snack in your room, you can take            items at each meal.                                 are non-refundable.
advantage of Campus Delivery or our on-campus                  University Food Services believes in                South Campus residents enjoy the
grocery store, Food Works.                                providing you with a variety of high-quality,       atmosphere in Goldstein Dining, which offers
     University Food Services operates five               nutritionally balanced meals. Our registered        a-la-carte dining choices through a special
residential dining centers on campus, serving             dietitian and nutrition educator ensures that our   meal plan. The SUperfood Plan is a meal plan
approximately 8,700 meals per day. A variety of           menus meet these criteria. If you have a special    designed specially for South Campus residents.
fresh and tasty entrees and accompaniments is             dietary requirement, food allergy, or other         goldstein does not accept the Main Campus
always available. You can choose from the daily           nutrition and food-related issue, we encourage      meal plans. If assigned to South Campus
specials or any of the many alternatives such as          you to meet with our registered dietitian. We       Skyhall I, II, or III, students are allowed a meal
pasta bar, stir fry, deli, grill, vegetarian items, and   make every effort to meet our students’ dietary     plan equivalency, which enables them to redeem
salad bar.                                                needs. We also provide assistance in dining         Main Campus meals in the Goldstein Dining
     Only top-quality and nationally recognized           centers for students who are visually impaired      area. Students who choose to live on South
products are used in the dining centers.                  or who have limited mobility.                       Campus can use Main Campus meal plans
     Each dining center has its own personality,                                                              in Brockway, Ernie Davis, Graham, Sadler, and
developed through the association of the                  additional features                                 Shaw dining centers and the Warehouse.
residents and our staff. The atmosphere in our            Each meal plan includes a SUpercard FOOD
dining centers is relaxed and the staff is friendly,      account. A SUpercard FOOD account is a              plus account
helpful, and willing to listen and respond to             declining balance account that allows you to buy    The PLUS declining balance cash account
suggestions and requests.                                 food on an a-la-carte basis in Schine Dining,       provides access to goods and services, other
     Meal plans can be used at any of the                 Goldstein Dining, the Food Court at Kimmel,         than food, through your University I.D. card. A
following locations:                                      Brockway Food Court, Campus Delivery, Eggers        PLUS account can be used in campus washers
    • Brockway Dining Center                              Café, Olstens, Huntington Café, The Warehouse       and dryers, to buy tickets to PULSE and Carrier
    • Ernie Davis Dining Center                           Café, the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center,      Dome events, at the Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion,
    • Graham Dining Center                                Blinker Deli,, Gallery Café, Food Works    and for copy services.
    • Sadler Dining Center                                Campus Grocery, FW II, Law Café, Library Café,

     A minimum of $25 is required to open a
PLUS account. Funds can be added to your
                                                 meal Plans
PLUS account online, once your NetID is          Costs and descriptions are for the 2010-2011 school year. Costs and
initiated. The balance on your account carries   descriptions for 2011-2012 will be provided when available.
over from fall semester to spring semester
to summer sessions. There are no refunds,        deluxe Meal plan                                       5-Meal plan
                                                 $3,380 per semester                                    Available to all but first-year students and
transfers, or carryovers of unused amounts                                                              sophomore Main Campus and South Campus
                                                 Available to all students. Includes all meals, seven
after the end of the second summer session.      days a week in Main Campus dining centers, 24          Skyhall residents; this plan may be customized to
                                                 guest meal passes, SUpercard FOOD account of           the student’s needs. Includes five meals per week
Meal plans                                       $200. Special events such as exam breaks.              in any residential Main Campus dining center and
All Main Campus and Skyhall residents are                                                               a flexible SUpercard FOOD account as follows:
required to purchase a meal plan. Your options   19-Meal plan
for a meal plan are based on your class year.    $3,230 per semester                                    5-Meal a plan
First-year students may choose one of three      Available to all students. Includes 19 meals a         $1,500 per semester
plans: the Deluxe Meal Plan, the 19-Meal         week in Main Campus dining centers, 15 guest           5-Meal Plan plus $150 SUpercard FOOD
                                                 meal passes, SUpercard FOOD account of $150.
Plan, or the 14-Meal Plan. Indicate which meal   Special events such as exam breaks.                    5-Meal B plan
plan you want on the online Housing and Meal
                                                                                                        $1,600 per semester
Plan Application. You may change to a lower      14-Meal plan                                           5-Meal Plan plus $250 SUpercard FOOD
meal plan through September 9, 2011. After       $3,010 per semester
September 9, you cannot change to a lower        Available to all students. Any 14 meals a week
                                                 in Main Campus dining centers, 9 guest meal
                                                                                                        5-Meal C plan
meal plan until the second semester.
                                                 passes, SUpercard FOOD account of $150.                $1,700 per semester
                                                 Special events such as exam breaks.                    5-Meal Plan plus $350 SUpercard FOOD

                                                 10-Meal plan                                           5-Meal d plan
                                                 $2,595 per semester                                    $1,800 per semester
                                                 Available to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and         5-Meal Plan plus $450 SUpercard FOOD
                                                 graduate students. Includes any 10 meals a week
                                                 in Main Campus dining centers, 7 guest meal            5-Meal e plan
                                                 passes, SUpercard FOOD account of $150.
                                                                                                        $1,900 per semester
                                                                                                        5-Meal Plan plus $550 SUpercard FOOD
                                                 7-Meal plan
                                                 $2,150 per semester
                                                 Available to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and         SupeRfood plan
                                                 graduate students. Includes any 7 meals a week         $860 per semester
                                                 in a dining center, 5 guest meal passes, and           $860 SUpercard FOOD
                                                 SUpercard FOOD account of $280.                        Available to students living in South Campus
                                                                                                        apartments and off-campus residents only. The
                                                                                                        SUperfood account may be used at any campus
                                                                                                        Food Services location, but is specifically
                                                                                                        designed for a-la-carte dining.

For international students
Slutzker Center for international Services                    If you have not made satisfactory             location, you need to anticipate those travel
The Lillian and Emanuel Slutzker Center for             arrangements with the bursar’s office, the          expenses.
International Services will be your home away           University may not let you register or may cancel       Attendance at summer sessions is voluntary
from home. The office provides orientation,             your pre-registration schedule. When you send       and requires an additional tuition charge. The
advice, counseling, and programming on legal,           money by wire or telex, or when you submit          usual course load is six credits for each of the
academic, cultural and personal matters. In             bank drafts, money orders, or checks to pay         two summer sessions.
addition, the office is the official liaison with the   what you owe to Syracuse University, you must           Charges for tuition, housing, meals, and
U.S. Immigration Service for all non-immigrants         do the following:                                   fees will increase annually. The University
at Syracuse University. You must participate in         1 The check must be made payable to Syracuse        carefully considers all increases in cost to
the Slutzker Center orientation program upon               University.                                      ensure they are reasonable and are contained
arrival (in addition to the Syracuse Welcome            2 The amount should be in United States funds       as much as possible. It is important for students
program for all new students) and comply with              and this must be indicated on the check.         and families to plan for annual cost increases
all requirements before your SEVIS (Student             3 Your name and Syracuse University ID (SUID)       and to be prepared for financial consequences.
Exchange Visitor Information System) record                number must appear on the check. You will
will be validated with U.S. Citizenship and                find your SUID number on your letter of          * Includes expenses often incurred by international
                                                                                                            students, such as winter clothing purchases, overseas phone
Immigration Services.                                      admission and the Admission Acceptance           calls, and dental expenses.
     Information about these procedures and                Form.
requirements is posted on the Slutzker Center                 Information about insurance requirements      health Services and immunization
web site at The office may       for international students can be found             Requirements
be contacted by e-mail at or by          at It is strongly            international students are required to have
mail at:                                                recommended that you purchase the policy            health insurance. Proof of enrollment in a
   Slutzker Center for international Services           recommended on that web site. Other policies,       health insurance plan must be provided to
   310 Walnut place                                     such as those purchased in your home country,       the Lillian and Emanuel Slutzker Center for
   Syracuse university                                  may not include required criteria (consult web      International Services (see inside back cover for
   Syracuse ny 13244-2380                               site) such as mental health coverage and            contact information).
   uSa                                                  pregnancy coverage.                                      Syracuse University provides student-
                                                                                                            centered ambulatory healthcare. Please
Charges and payments                                    2011-2012 estimated expenses                        complete and return the Health Form included
international students at Syracuse are not              The minimum cost of attending Syracuse              in the back of this publication to Syracuse
generally eligible for financial aid in the             University in 2011-2012 is approximately            university health Services, 111 Waverly
form of housing or meal grants, loans, work             $55,326 for the full academic year (fall and        avenue, Syracuse ny 13244-2320.
opportunities or merit scholarships.                    spring semesters), not including travel to and           Additional Health Services information can
      Before the beginning of each semester, you        from your home.                                     be found on the Health Services web site at
will receive a statement of charges, or a bill.              Estimated expenses for the 2011-2012 
This statement shows what you must pay for              year are:                                                A health fee is mandatory for all full-time
one semester of tuition, housing, meals, and               Tuition                         $ 36,300         students and is included with billing from the
mandatory fees. Your bill will also show credit            Housing and Meals (average)        13,254        bursar’s office. Part-time students and spouses
for the $450 advance tuition payment and the               Fees (activity, cocurricular,                    are eligible to use Syracuse University Health
$400 advance housing payment you sent. The                   communication, and health)         1,368       Services on a fee-for-service basis. The health
bill for the spring semester will be mailed in the         Program Fees (estimate)              1,000       fee does not cover all expenses, including
middle of November.                                        Books and Supplies (estimate)        1,322       pharmacy, laboratory, and X-ray services,
      Each semester you must pay all of what you           Travel (average)                       600       emergency room care, referral to specialty
owe, after credits are deducted (if applicable),           Health Insurance (estimate)          2,250       service providers, and hospitalization.
by check or money order in United States funds.            Personal Expenses (estimate)         2,400*
The date it is due will be written on the bill you         Total                           $ 58,494         Transfer Records
receive from Bursar Operations. Please mail your                                                            (if you have completed previous college coursework)
payments to the following address:                           These costs are subject to change.             To facilitate your credit evaluation, have the
    Bursar operations                                        In addition to the above expenses,             registrar or appropriate officer of your current
    102 archbold north                                  international students must plan on expenses        college or university send two copies of official
    Syracuse university                                 for the winter break and summer months. These       transcripts/credentials to the recorder in the SU
    Syracuse ny 13244-1140                              additional personal and living expenses are         college to which you have been admitted. (See
    uSa                                                 estimated to cost $4,000. If you are returning      college addresses on inside back cover.)
                                                        to your home country or are traveling to another

     We will send you a credit evaluation              campus by Monday, August 22, If you have an           • Staying well in the United States
explaining the number of credits you will receive      assigned space in a residence hall, visit the         • The English Language Assessment Exam
for courses you have taken at other universities.      Slutzker Center for International Services web          (ELAE) (for assignment to appropriate
Official acceptance of credit will not be complete     site,, for move-in details        English class)
until we receive your transcripts. Course              for international students. This information            If you do not have an assignment in a
descriptions must also be sent.                        differs from the schedule for U.S. nationals       residence hall, it will be necessary to make hotel
     please note that all course descriptions          due to the mandatory international orientation     reservations in advance of your arrival. Please
must be translated into english, or we will not        program. Arrival and new student information       review new student arrival information about
be able to accept them.                                is posted on this web site as well. A video,       temporary housing posted on the Slutzker Center
                                                       Syracuse Awaits Your Arrival, is also on the web   web site at
new Student orientation                                site and on YouTube at for           At the end of the Slutzker Center
Syracuse Welcome 2011 is an orientation                your viewing. Please see the “When You Arrive”     orientation, you will join in an orientation
program that introduces you to the University          section on page 24 for more information.           for all the University’s first-year and transfer
and community. It is very helpful because the          Following your move-in, you will begin the         students. This program will take place from
people leading the orientation will provide            process of arrival and orientation as follows:     Thursday, August 25, through Sunday, August
explanations in response to your questions and            • Check-in and completion of documents at       28. During this program you will meet with your
concerns. you must attend orientation before                the Slutzker Center                           academic advisor, take any required placement
you register for classes.                                 • New student advising and instructions on      examinations, including the English Language
      Orientation for international students is             completing the Pre-Registration Clearance     Assessment Exam (ELAE), and attend opening
divided into two parts. The first part will focus on        Form (requires obtaining signatures from      ceremonies for the University.
you as an international student. The second part            several important University offices)              During these orientation periods you will
will focus on you as a new Syracuse University            • Campus tour (optional)                        be helped by peer assistants who are volunteer
student.                                                  • Introduction to Syracuse University           international students. Student consultants
      international student orientation for               • What you need to know about                   will also be available to guide you through the
the fall 2011 semester will take place on                   immigration law                               orientation process.
Wednesday, august 24. Plan to arrive on                   • Personal safety

international student
health insurance
It is University policy that every international
student and his or her dependents in the United
States be enrolled in a comprehensive student
health insurance plan. Syracuse University
offers such a plan. Students covered by parental
group health plans should note they will not
be covered by those plans once they reach a
specific age or after they are married. Students
who have declared financial independence may
not be covered under their parents’ plans. Call
315-443-2668 for more information on the
university-endorsed policy.

Living in syracuse                                     Baggage and Mail
                                                       The Slutzker Center has no space available
                                                                                                               The fax number is 315-443-3091. The e-mail
                                                                                                               address is
immigration                                            for even the smallest boxes or bags. However,                If you arrive between Monday, August 8, and
Strict U.S. government rules and regulations           there is an alternative for shipping your baggage       Friday, August 12, and have a University housing
will apply to you during your stay in the United       and boxes. You may ship them to Express Save            assignment for the fall semester, you may stay in
States. The Slutzker Center will explain these         Industries (ESI). To do this you must send a            the University’s summer residence hall for a daily
rules to you.                                          fax to ESI with the following information: your         fee, subject to availability of space. A reservation
     If you have been accepted by more than            name, address, phone number, fax number,                is required and may be made by e-mail at
one American university and receive a Form             and e-mail address along with your anticipated
I-20 or DS-2019 from each of them, you must            date of arrival, and number of boxes and bags.               If you arrive anytime after Friday, August 12,
use only one of them to seek your visa. Then           The fax number for ESI is 315-454-0292.                 you may move directly into your fall housing
you must enter the United States using the             After receiving your fax, ESI will respond to you       assignment for a daily fee. If you arrive on
form for which the visa was issued. In addition,       regarding your shipment. Please be aware that           or after Tuesday, August 23, you may move
information is included with your packet               ESI Industries reserves the right to refuse any         directly into your fall housing assignment at no
referring to the SEVIS fee. If you are transferring    shipment.                                               additional charge. If you do not know your fall
from another U.S. school, you do not have to pay            The charges will be a minimum of $10               housing assignment, contact the Housing Office
the fee. If this is your first entry into the United   monthly storage fee for each package less               or the Slutzker Center during regular business
States as an F-1 student, then you must pay the        than 2x2x2 feet. To have the bags delivered to          hours for such information. Please e-mail us
fee prior to your visa interview.                      the front door of your residence or residence           when you know your time and date of arrival.
                                                       hall, there will be an additional charge. This               After you have settled in, you must check
immigration Transfer                                   charge will be based on UPS prices. Further             in at the Slutzker Center. The center will be
There are special SEVIS transfer procedures if         questions can be addressed to ESI at the fax            open from 10 a.m. (1000) to 4 p.m. (1600) on
you are currently studying in the United States        number above.                                           Sunday, August 14. The center will not be open
and in F-1 status. Your current school (high                                                                   on Saturday, August 13.
school or college/university) must notify the          When you arrive                                              Try to arrive in Syracuse when the office
Slutzker Center of your transfer release date          The data in item #5 of the Certificate of Eligibility   is open, from Monday through Friday between
using the following web form: international.           for the F-1 (student) Visa {Form I-20} is the           8:30 a.m. (0830) and 4 p.m. (1600). If you Only on or after           date by which you are expected to check in at           arrive after these hours, plan on checking in at
this date can the Slutzker Center issue you a          the Slutzker Center for International Services          the Slutzker Center the next day.
“Transfer Pending” I-20. This I-20 can be used         at Syracuse University. When you arrive in
for your travel home and re-entry into the United      Syracuse, you may take a taxi from the airport,         employment
States to attend Syracuse University. Please           train, or bus terminal to the University. The cost is   There are very few employment opportunities for
provide the Slutzker Center with your address for      approximately $25. Please contact the Slutzker          international students. Since U.S. Immigration
the summer months so that we may contact you           Center in advance to tell the staff what date and       rules are very strict, you should not try to find
if necessary. After your arrival in Syracuse, a new    what time you expect to arrive and how you are          any kind of job before having proper permission.
I-20 will be issued to indicate the transfer has       getting to campus. The office can be reached by         if you have a student f-1 visa, work on the
been completed.                                        mail or you may call the office at 315-443-2457.        Syracuse university campus is allowed if you

qualify. Please be aware that employment is               After you receive your degree, you may                 Students from other countries sometimes
limited to 20 hours a week during the regular         apply for permission to do practical training, if     wear their native clothing but also have other
academic year. You may work full time during          such training is considered necessary and is          clothing for colder weather. Students generally
the summer. In addition, Social Security              recommended by the University. The Slutzker           dress casually for comfort and warmth. Jeans,
regulations prohibit the issuance of a Social         Center holds bi-weekly seminars to give you           sweaters, and sweatshirts are the normal attire
Security number unless it can be certified            more information about this.                          in the fall and winter. Every student needs a
that you have a specific job on campus. To                please consult your Slutzker Center               heavy coat, snow boots, a hat, and warm gloves.
determine your qualifications and to receive          advisor before applying for any employment or         In warmer weather, both women and men wear
instructions on obtaining campus work, contact        for permission to work.                               cotton clothing and light-weight jackets.
the Slutzker Center.                                                                                             In general, American students dress very
     After you have been in the United States         university vacations                                  informally, although there are occasions when
for one academic year, you may be eligible            There are several times during the regular            you need to look more formal. Blue jeans are
for permission to work outside the University         academic year when the University suspends            the most popular item of clothing for both
campus. However, there are restrictions on            classes. There are two times that the residence       women and men, and sneakers are the most
this type of permission. Do not assume that           halls are closed and all residents must               popular shoes.
you automatically qualify. For a more detailed        temporarily depart. The first time is during the           Since American clothing costs are high, you
explanation of these regulations, you must            period from the end of the first semester (fall) to   should bring much of what you’ll need with you.
attend one of the Slutzker Center seminars on         the beginning of the second semester (spring).        However, you may want to buy your heavy winter
employment, or talk to an advisor.                    This is typically from mid-December until mid-        clothing here. You should bring about $500 per
     If you have an Exchange Visitor “J” visa, your   January. During this time you must make your          person to buy clothing.
request for any type of employment is governed        own living arrangements. The second time is
by your “J” visa category. If you have any type of    between the end of the second summer session          Religious programs
visa other than an “F” or “J,” your employment is     and the beginning of the fall semester. This is       Hendricks Chapel is the center of religious life
governed by your visa category. Consult with an       from the end of the second week of August until       at the University. The interfaith chapel is host
advisor for more information.                         the end of August.                                    to many diverse traditions. The chapel also
     your wife or husband with an f-2 visa is                                                               provides programs for community service and
not allowed to do any kind of work at all.            Temperature and Clothing                              the arts.
     However, a wife or husband with a J-2            Syracuse is located in the northeastern part
visa may apply to the U.S. Immigration and            of the United States and temperatures vary
Naturalization Service for permission to work.        greatly during the year. During the summer the
The wife or husband must show proof that              temperature may go as high as 32 degrees
employment is not necessary to support their          Celsius. During the winter there is a lot of snow
family.                                               and temperatures average about –14 degrees
                                                      Celsius. When the wind blows, it feels a great
                                                      deal colder.

important dates                                                                  december 10-11 (full days);
May 1                                                                            13, 15 (a.m.)
Candidates Reply Date: postmark deadline for receipt of advance tuition          Reading Days
payment. Colleges and universities established the Candidates Reply Date
to allow students to receive each acceptance and financial aid notice            december 12, 14, 16 (full days);
before having to make a commitment to any one. When you reach your               13, 15 (p.m.)
decision, please notify Syracuse University and any other institution to which   Exam period
you may have been admitted as soon as possible. Please note: In recent           Spring Semester 2012
years the University has had to return payments submitted after May 1 or         January 10
with a postmark of May 2 or later.                                               International students should plan to arrive in Syracuse on or before this
June                                                                             date. International students must report to the Slutzker Center to start
Billing for fall semester mailed                                                 their orientation and clearance procedures.

august 1                                                                         January 14
Deadline for receipt of fall semester                                            Orientation for international students
balance due                                                                      January 14 or 15
late July                                                                        International students must take the ELAE exam if required.
Room assignment notification                                                     January 15
fall Semester 2011                                                               Registration for new students
august 22                                                                        January 16
International students should plan to arrive in Syracuse on or before this       International students must be academically registered for the semester.
date. International students must report to the Slutzker Center to start
their orientation and clearance procedures.                                      Martin Luther King Jr. Day—no classes
august 22, 24, or 25                                                             January 18
International students must take the ELAE exam if required.                      First day of classes
august 24                                                                        March 11-18
Orientation for international students                                           Spring break—no classes
august 25-28                                                                     april 6
New Student Orientation, Syracuse Welcome 2011                                   Good Friday—no classes
august 27-28                                                                     april 9-May 9
Registration for new undergraduate students who did not register early           Registration for fall semester
august 29                                                                        May 1
First day of classes                                                             Last day of classes
September 5                                                                      May 2, 5-6
Labor day—no classes                                                             Reading Days
early november                                                                   May 3-4, 7-9
Billing for spring semester mailed                                               Exam period
november 9-december 16                                                           May 12-13
Registration for spring semester                                                 Commencement Weekend
november 20-27
Thanksgiving break
december 9
Last day of classes
december 15
Deadline for receipt of semester balance due

maintaining Your admission
Your admission is contingent upon your maintaining the same level of              for Transfer Students
academic achievement, graduating from secondary school, and having a              If you are admitted for the fall semester, you are required to submit the
record of good citizenship at all times. Good citizenship shall include, but      items detailed on page 3. Please refer to your letter of admission for the
not be limited to, compliance with Syracuse University’s Code of Student          appropriate candidate’s reply date.
Conduct, a copy of which is available on the University’s web site at                  If you are an international student, please see page 24 for special or upon request. It also includes the absence           instructions.
of any other conduct which, if it had occurred before and was known at
the time of the admission decision, would have resulted in your denial to         Transfer Records
the University. Your admission may be rescinded if you fail to meet these         To facilitate your credit evaluation, have the registrar or appropriate
standards.                                                                        officer of your current college or university send an official copy of your
                                                                                  transcript/credentials of your final grades directly to the recorder in the SU
for first-year Students                                                           college to which you have been admitted. (See college addresses on the
We must receive official final transcripts directly from your high school         inside back cover of this publication.)
before your arrival on campus.                                                          We will send you a credit evaluation stating how much credit you
    all transcripts should be sent directly to Syracuse university,               will receive for courses you have taken at other universities. Official
undergraduate admissions processing Center, 621 Skytop Road,                      acceptance of credit will not be complete until we receive your transcript.
Suite 160, Syracuse ny 13244-5290 uSa.
    If you have completed college-level coursework, you must submit a             Spring Semester (January)
copy of an official transcript to receive credit. The transcript should be sent   If you are a transfer student admitted for the spring semester, you should
when you complete the course(s). If you have taken advanced placement             immediately complete the procedure (outlined on page 3) for accepting
(AP) tests, you must submit official test scores to receive credit.               your admission.
                                                                                       If you are currently enrolled in coursework at another institution,
Spring Semester Students (January)                                                you should request an official copy of your transcript be sent as soon
If you are a first-year student admitted for the spring semester, you should      as possible after you complete the coursework. Credit evaluation of fall
immediately complete the Regular Decision procedure (outlined on page             semester coursework may not be completed until after the beginning of
2) for accepting your admission. Please let us know your decision by              the spring semester, although you should be prepared to discuss current
early december or within two weeks of when you receive your official              coursework with your academic advisor for proper registration.
acceptance letter and have been notified of any financial aid for which
you applied.

                                                 syracuse university
                                                monthly Payment option
                                                                                (Main Campus Students only)

                                                                              Retail installment obligation

    ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (APR)                FINANCE CHARGE                                    AMOUNT FINANCED                                 TOTAL OF PAyMENTS
    The cost of your credit as a yearly rate    The dollar amount the credit will cost you        The amount of credit provided to you is a       The amount you will have paid after you
                                                                                                  signature limit not to exceed $55,065.00*       have made all payments as scheduled
                       0.00%                                            $0.00                                                                     will not exceed $55,000.00 *plus the
                                                                                                                                                  application fee of $65.00


There is an annual nonrefundable application fee of $65 for participation in this plan.
Please TyPe or PrinT clearly and comPleTe in full.

Student’s name _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                            LAST                                          FIRST                                           MIDDLE

SU I.D. number __________________________________________________                        E-mail address ______________________________________________________________

Billing address _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                   NUMBER AND STREET

                                                            CITY                                                    STATE                             ZIP CODE

ThiS infoRMaTion iS neCeSSaRy foR The CalCulaTion of youR ConTRaCT:

a. STudenT STaTuS                                                                      C. finanCial aid
❑ Undergraduate                                                                        1. Do you anticipate receiving financial aid? (this includes student loans)
❑ Semester abroad:                   Country                                               ❑ Yes          ❑ No
                                                                                       2. Do you anticipate receiving aid from non-University sources?
                                     Semester                                             (outside scholarships, etc.) ❑ Yes           ❑ No
                                                    FALL, SPRING, OR BOTH                  If yes, provide documentation of this non-University aid to the Office of
                                                                                           Financial Aid.
❑ Law
❑ Graduate: Credits per semester Fall __________ Spring ___________                    d. houSing and Meal plan ChaRgeS are posted to your bursar
❑ SUNY ESF (room and board only) ______________________________                        account by the Housing Office. They will be calculated into your payment plan
                                                                                       automatically when posted. Any requests for, or changes to, housing
B. 2011-2012 payMenT plan ReQueST foR:                                                 and/or meal plans must be made directly to the Housing Office.
❑ Both fall and spring semesters
❑ Fall only
❑ Spring only

TeRMS and CondiTionS:

nonpayMenT/defaulT: If you fail to make a scheduled payment at any time you will be in default of your payment obligations and your account may be turned over to a collection agency or
attorneys for the purposes of collecting the entire Unpaid Balance on your account. The obligor shall pay all costs of collection incurred by the University including reasonable attorney fees. The
University may bar you from SU registration, including canceling your SU pre-registration; and/or d) withhold reports of grades, transcripts and diplomas until the account is current. Payments
must be current to participate in future semester registration.

aCCeleRaTion RighTS/ pRepayMenT penalTieS and ReBaTeS: You have the right to accelerate your obligation and pay off the entire balance of your account at any time. No penalty will be
assessed for prepayment. You are not entitled to any rebates upon prepayment.

iMpoRTanT noTiCe
This monthly payment plan option seeks an extension of credit for the purpose of an educational benefit. By signing this application, in consideration of Syracuse University’s willingness to permit
him/her to attend classes and receive housing, meals, and/or other services available to enrolled students without first paying the applicable tuition and fees, the undersigned agrees to pay all
applicable tuition and fees for the 2011-12 academic year. (For reference purposes only, last year’s undergraduate tuition year was $34,970.)

*Your outstanding charges may vary from this amount, depending on such factors as the number of credit hours that the student is registered for, financial aid awarded and accepted, the type of
housing and meal plan requested (if any), and any other charges that may occur from time to time.

peRSon finanCially ReSponSiBle
Mrs. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                            LAST                                     FIRST                                      MIDDLE
Permanent home address __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                      NUMBER AND STREET                                              CITY                                               STATE                        ZIP CODE

Telephone ( ___________ ) __________________________________________________ E-mail address ________________________________________________________
                AREA CODE

Place of employment _______________________________________________________ Telephone ( ________ ) __________________________________ Ext. _____ _______
                                                                                                                               AREA CODE

Occupation _______________________________________________________________ Relationship to Student ___________________________________________________

Business address ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                      NUMBER AND STREET                                              CITY                                                STATE                     ZIP CODE

By Signing BeloW, i CeRTify ThaT all of The aBove infoRMaTion given iS TRue and CoRReCT.

noTiCe To The BuyeR:
      1. do not sign this agreement before you read it or if it contains any blank space (s).
      2. you are entitled to a completely filled in copy of this agreement.
      3. under the law, you have the right to pay off in advance the full amount due.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                          _________________
RESPONSIBLE PARTY SIGNATURE                                                                                                                           DATE

important Contact information
general Mailing address                                          School of                                                   office of admissions –                                       (SSui)
Syracuse university                                              information Studies                                         Southeast                                                    111 Waverly Avenue, Suite 220
                                                                 Elizabeth D. Liddy, Dean                                    Atlanta GA                                                   Syracuse University
Syracuse NY 13244
                                                                 343 Hinds Hall                                              404-815-2132                                                 Syracuse NY 13244-2320
                                                                 Syracuse University                                                                                                      315-443-9378
                                                                 Syracuse NY 13244-1190                                      office of admissions – West                        
Colleges                                                         315-443-2911                                                Los Angeles CA
School of architecture                                                                                                       310-312-9530                                                 undergraduate housing
Mark Robbins, Dean                                               Martin J. Whitman                                                                                                        and Meal plans
Syracuse University                                              School of Management                                        office of financial aid                                      Office of Housing, Meal Plan,
201 Slocum Hall                                                  Melvin Stith, Dean                                          and Scholarship programs                                     and I.D. Card Services
Syracuse NY 13244                                                Suite 415                                                   200 Archbold North                                           206 Steele Hall
315-443-2256                                                     721 University Avenue                                       Syracuse University                                          Syracuse University
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The College of arts                                              Syracuse NY 13244-2450                                      315-443-1513                                                 315-443-2721
and Sciences                                                     315-443-3751                                                                     
George Langford, Dean                                                                                                                                                           
329 Hall of Languages                                            S.i. newhouse School of                                     office of first-year and
Syracuse University                                              public Communications                                       Transfer programs                                            Billing and payment
Syracuse NY 13244-1170                                           Lorraine Branham, Dean                                      111 Waverly, Avenue, Suite 006                               Bursar Operations
315-443-2201                                                     316 Newhouse 3                                              Syracuse University                                          102 Archbold North
                                                                 Syracuse University                                         Syracuse NY 13244-4340                                       Syracuse University
School of education                                              Syracuse NY 13244                                           315-443-1012                                                 Syracuse NY 13244-1140
Douglas Biklen, Dean                                             315-443-4722                                                                                    315-443-2444
230 Huntington Hall                                                                                                                                
Syracuse University                                              College of visual and                                                                                          
Syracuse NY 13244-2340                                           performing arts                                             office of off-Campus and
315-443-4751                                                     Ann Clarke, Dean                                                                                                         Su parents office
                                                                                                                             Commuter Services                                            228F Schine Student Center
                                                                 200 Crouse College
                                                                                                                             754 Ostrom Avenue
l.C. Smith College                                               Syracuse University                                                                                                      Syracuse University
                                                                                                                             Syracuse University
of engineering and                                               Syracuse NY 13244-1010                                                                                                   Syracuse NY 13244
                                                                                                                             Syracuse NY 13244-4340
Computer Science                                                 315-443-2769                                                                                                             315-443-1200
Laura J. Steinberg, Dean                                                                                                                                                        
223 Link Hall                                                    administrative offices                            
Syracuse University                                                                                                                                                                       information Technology
Syracuse NY 13244-1240                                           office of admissions                                                                                                     and Services
                                                                 100 Crouse-Hinds Hall                                       lillian and emanuel                                          Center for Science and Technology
315-443-2545                                                                                                                 Slutzker Center for
                                                                 900 South Crouse Avenue                                                                                                  Syracuse University
                                                                 Syracuse University                                         international Services                                       Syracuse, NY 13244-4100
College of human ecology
                                                                 Syracuse NY 13244-1010                                      310 Walnut Place                                             315-443-2677
Diane Lyden Murphy, Dean
                                                                 315-443-3611                                                Syracuse University                                
119 Euclid Avenue
                                                                                                                             Syracuse NY 13244-2380                             
Syracuse University
                                                                 Metropolitan new york                                       315-443-2457
Syracuse NY 13244-4170
                                                                 office of admissions                              
                                                                 New York NY                                       
                                                                 212-826-0335                                                Student Success initiative

SyRaCuSe univeRSiTy                                                                            Questions about any of the University’s equal-opportunity policies,
                                                                                         including compliance with Title VI, Title VII, and Title IX, may be directed to
                                                                                                                                                                                 It is Syracuse University’s policy to provide all students, upon request, a copy of
is an equal-opportunity, affirmative-action institution. We do not discriminate on
                                                                                         Kal Alston, Associate Provost for Administration, Office of Human Resources,            the University’s policies and procedures regarding campus security and safety, as
the basis of race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, marital status,
                                                                                         Skytop Office Building, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244-5300;                   well as crime rates and statistics for the most recent three-year period. Copies
age, disability, sexual orientation, or status as a disabled veteran or a veteran
of the Vietnam era or to any extent discrimination is prohibited by law. This            telephone 315-443-4224.                                                                 of Your Safety and Security at Syracuse University, a handbook that provides
                                                                                               The information concerning academic requirements, courses, and programs           important information about campus safety, are available from:
nondiscrimination policy covers admissions, employment, and access to and
                                                                                         of study contained in this catalog does not constitute an irrevocable contract                Department of Public Safety
treatment in University programs, services, and activities.
                                                                                         between the student and the University. The University reserves the right to                  Syracuse University
      Syracuse University welcomes people with disabilities and in compliance
                                                                                         change, discontinue, or add academic requirements, courses, and programs of                   130 College Place, 005 Sims Hall
with Section 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended,
and the Americans with Disabilities Act does not discriminate on the basis of            study. Such changes may be made without notice, although every effort will be                 Syracuse NY 13244-1230, USA
                                                                                         made to provide timely notice to students. It is the responsibility of the individual         315-443-5476
disability. Services for students with disabilities are coordinated by the Office of
                                                                                         student to confirm that all appropriate degree requirements are met.                
Disability Services, Room 309, 804 University Avenue, 315-443-4498 (VOICE),
                                                                                               Syracuse University is chartered by the New York State Board of Regents       
315-443-1371 (TDD).
                                                                                         and accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary
      Syracuse University supports equal opportunity regardless of race, color,
                                                                                         Schools. Professional accreditation for each of the professional colleges and
national origin, or gender, and in compliance with Title VI and Title VII of the Civil
                                                                                         schools accords with the regulations of the appropriate professional association.
Rights Act of 1964 and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, does not
                                                                                         For further information, you should contact the dean’s office of your school or
discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, or gender.

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