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					Visitor Management modules

Version 1.0 – January 2007
iReception Modules

       Management                         Access Control

    fire list for staff


    Staff fire list                       Photo badge
      module                                module

                          Future module

  The Reception modules are fully configurable to the set up of your organisation.

Single site                Multi tenant                     Multi Site
Making Visitor Management

   Hosted online – no network infrastructure needed
   Pre-book visitors – staff book own visitors - reducing reception burden
   Re-book visitors with ease
   Capture photos – for increased security
   Book groups with ease
   Create your own pass designs
   Product branded to reflect your organisation
   Simple reporting – helping you manage your reception resource
   Instant emergency evacuation report
   Little or no training required – easy to deploy easy to use
Secure Online Visitor

Securely hosted visitor management service.

Requires no software installation, only a browser.

24x7x365 access from any computer, anytime, anywhere.

Unique privileges for Security Guards, Tenants, Employees & Administrators.

Designed for “ease of use” and mass deployment.
Multi-Building Configuration

                    Internet                   iReception

                    /Intranet                   Visitor

                                Choice of 2 delivery
                                methods – network
                                or hosted
Why iReception plus?

  Low cost of entry – low license fee and „pay as you go‟
  Continuous upgrades yielding a greater return on your security
  Rapid and easy deployment with very little training required.
  Flexible configuration ensures that you can easily customise for your
  unique needs (single facility, multiple locations)
  Lowest Total Cost of Ownership compared to other electronic visitor
  management products
     Reducing your costs

We‟ve taken care of everything so you don‟t have to worry about extra costs

Data storage
Back up equipment
Additional licenses
Data protection
Or a whole range of other hidden costs…
We’ll be your host

No dedicated software purchase
No internal support needed
Very quick deployment
No hassle upgrades, updates or maintenance.
Highly Secure…

 Hosted on secure servers with comprehensive back up
 Data protected
 Guaranteed levels of ‘up-time’
 Access securely from any internet enabled PC
 Won’t compromise you network – completely independent
(network version available if preferred)
       Ease of Deployment

After signing up with the visitor management service, administrators send
a simple webpage for users to enrol themselves.

Upon completing the form, users are setup to begin using the product and
are directed to the login screen.

This process makes rolling out the reception modules very quick and easy,
cutting deployment to a fraction of the time required by traditional software
              Login Page

Authorised users log on to the secure service with a personalised user
name & password

Log on information determines the user type and displays the
appropriate data:
          Employee Logon
          Guard Logon
          Administrator Logon

Log on can be fully customised to include your logo and appropriate images
          Adding a Visitor

Employees or administrators pre-enroll
visitors by entering personal
information such as the visitor‟s first
and last name

Employees then enter information
specific to the visit such as date,
time, location, and purpose for the

To complete the pre-enrollment,
pressing “save” automatically updates
the expected visitor lists for guards
and receptions
Viewing Expected Visitors

The Reception screen
displays in real-time visitors
expected to arrive that day
for employees, tenants, or

Scheduled visitors that never
arrive are automatically
cleared from the list at the
selected end of day time

Clicking on the employee name
displays employee contact
     Checking in Visitors

Pre-enrolled visitor information is
displayed for verification ease

Visitor credentials can be requested
for visual verification

Credential information such as type
and numeric value can be entered
for proof of entry

Clicking “Check In” logs the visitor in
and a customised badge is
automatically printed
Email Notification of Arrival

E-mail alerts can be activated to
notify users of the arrival of their
pre-enrolled visitor as well as
email notification to confirm when
their visitor has checked out

To communicate the visitor
management policy, custom
messages can be automatically
sent with each e-mail alert
  Viewing Current Visitors

As visitors are checked in, data is
transferred from the “booked”
column to the “on-site” visitors

The current visitor column displays
a real-time view of all visitors who
are presently visiting the facility

Displays the exact time and date
of check in along with the
employee being visited

Clicking on the visitor‟s name will process the visitor check-out screen

System Administrators can access the service at anytime from anywhere for
real-time information and updating

Functions include:
    Real-Time Visitor Reports
    Global Guard Views
    Adding/Editing Users
    Barring Unwanted Visitors
    Adding/Editing Guard Desks
    Design Visitor Badge Layouts
    Enable Email Notifications
       Searches & Reports

Clicking Search provides immediate access to historic, current and future

Searches include:
   Authorised Employee/User
   Active Lobbies/Guard Desks
   Pre-enrolled Visitors
   Current Visitors
   Historic/Past Visitors
   Badge Numbers of Past Visitors

Search results are formatted for quick printing, or
copying and pasting into common databases or
            Barring Visitors

Enables system administrators the capability of “barring” unwanted visitors

Barred visitor data is entered for individuals who should either be denied
access to the facility or will require special security attention

Pre-enrolled visitor data is first compared to barred information then notifies
administrators via email when a match is detected
 Creating & Editing Badge

System administrators have the
ability to create and customise visitor
badge designs and layouts

Visitor badge “templates” can be created

Templates can then be assigned to
individual guard desks or unmanned
visitor kiosks
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