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									                                        Online Resources for the Smartboard

Smart Tech’s ready–made lessons

Bite sized Games and Activities- for use with the Smartboard or posted on your website

Using Electronic Whiteboards in Your Classroom: Profiles, ideas, lesson plans and web sites

Eduscapes – so many resources!

A wealth of Smartboard resources from Wichita Public Schools

Smart Lessons from Think Bank

Doodle Splash – summarize readings

Ready made lessons from Lee’s Summit Schools

Smart Tips Archive

Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Test mental agility with Brainbox Challenge (ideal for math). Try Shaping Up and Total Recall.

Convert Tube – download and convert YouTube videos to offline format

Terrific Sites to use with the Smartboard- from Amphi Public Schools in Tucson

Want more videos? Try Teacher Tube, the teacher’s answer to You Tube!

Wicked- Flash based games for math skills

Lite Brite – Remember this toy? Now there is an online version.

A weekly video podcast with Smartboard tips and tricks

Free photoediting software for use on the Smartboard

Many ready-made lessons from teachers in New York State. Click on “downloads” from the left side menu.

Many lessons, resources and ideas for lower grades, but could be adapted.

Wiki devoted to Smartboard ideas. Browse or sign up to contribute.

Smart Tech’s teacher forum. Gather, share and evaluate ideas.

Interactive Maps

                                               Favorite Smartboard Tips

Countdown timer
Check under - Essentials for Educators - Mathematics - General Resources - Tools. Drag the timer from the gallery onto
your page. If you use the Timer a lot, it is well worth dragging it into your My Content area of the gallery so you can find
it quicker.

Have trouble using your finger as mouse? Have a student with motor skill deficiency?
Use a Smartboard marker as a mouse. First, place a regular whiteboard marker in the ray in place of the Smartboard
marker. Then, your marker will act as a mouse. Be very careful NOT to use the wrong marker on the Smartboard!

Cannot reach the top of the Smartboard?
Use an object to extend your reach: back scratcher, drum mallet, pencil eraser…

The Double Tap technique – no need to click and drag!
Press one finger on the object you want to move. Press with another finger on the position you want to move it. Remove
first finger.

Quick Erase
Use the eraser to completely circle the information you want to get rid of. Tap the center and all should be gone!

Right Click
Hold your finger down on the Smartboard for a second and the right click menu will appear.

Keyboard shortcuts to use while building a lesson
Ctrl+G - Group objects
Ctrl+R - Ungroup objects
Ctrl+K - Lock an object
Ctrl+J - Unlock an object
Ctrl+D - Clone an object
Ctrl+M - Insert blank page
Ctrl+PgDn - Send object backward
Ctrl+PgUp - Bring object forward
Ctrl+Shift+PgDn - Send object to back
Ctrl+Shift+PgUp - Bring object to Front

Random Number Generator
In the Gallery under Mathematics, Interactive and Multimedia.

Spellcheck… two ways
Edit > Spell Check

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