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                                             Say Goodbye To Hair Problems

       By TrichoKare
       Dated: Aug 22, 2008

       Perhaps more than any other single feature, healthy hairs contributes to the image you project to others.
       When a person experiences significant hair loss, it can be damaging to his or her self-esteem.

       There are several types of hair loss that can occur, and there may be a variety of factors involved including
       genetics, medications, disease, and cancer treatments. Other factors, such as using unsuitable shampoos or
       an unhealthy diet can also be held responsible for hair loss.

        One key element that causes hair loss or thinning of the hair that is often overlooked is oxygen. As we age,
       hair follicles tend to shrink with hair shafts become thinner due to poor blood circulation and nutrition that
       flow to the hair follicles.

        To address this common problem, TrichoKare, the first upmarket trichological salon in Malaysia, recently
       launched its new oxygen hair therapy, the O2 Therapy. TrichoKare, the first and only trichological salon to
       bring in this new technology utilises a specially developed device to increase oxygen flow to the hair
       follicles. Together with the application of premium European herbs, it promotes healthier hair and scalp.

        The O2 Therapy is meant to encourage an additional 42% of oxygen absorption to the hair follicles hence
       accelerating the hair growth process. Once the follicles absorb the additional oxygen, blood circulation is
       enhanced and more nutrition will be delivered to the scalp. The European herbs used in TrichoKare’s
       products, are chosen primarily to provide these necessary nutrients required by the hair follicles.

        You can also opt for the stimulating Essential Energy serum to be applied before the O2 Therapy. The
       serum has been formulated by TrichoKare’s trichologists and herbalists to revive lifeless and slow-growing
       hair. Made from plant extracts, the serum nourishes the scalp and restores both follicle energy and hair
       elasticity. This cold Essential Energy Serum will also lock the ingredients into the scalp thus ensuring that
       the nutrients are well absorbed.

        This serum contains essence from lavender and spiral algae, proven to soothe the scalp, relief tension,
       reduce the sensitivity of scalp while preventing scalp allergy and swelling.

        To ensure that the best solution is used to treat individuals, TrichoKare professionals will conduct a
       complimentary microscopic hair bulb analysis before devising a treatment programme specifically based on
       your individual needs or problem. All the recommended treatments are also validated by their in-house
       trichologist for quality control and proper customisation. These trained professionals keep track of the
       condition and improvement of the treatments for effective and best results upon completion of the entire

        The O2 Therapy treatment is a pampering experience for those who wish to obtain full and vibrant hair.
       The treatment retails at RM179-00 per session and the Essential Energy Serum retails at RM179-00 per
       bottle of 40ml.

        For more information, kindly visit or call the Lot 10 outlet at 03-2141 0000.


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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

TrichoKare is the first upmarket trichological salon that provides hair care solutions to professionals and
affluent individuals using only natural ingredients consisting of European herbs and trichologically
endorsed methods.
 TrichoKare has developed a holistic hair care programme tailored for individual needs in a relaxed and
pampered environment and using their European botanical herbs and trichological methods, hair concerns
can be resolved in a short period of time. All materials in their range of products are of the highest quality
and are manufactured in Europe under stringent quality controls.

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