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									                                                 THE $$$:

And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs
from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.
(NLT) Philippians 4: 19
Fundraising: An awesome opportunity to see God move, build faith and God stories!

        Personal Story: When I was 8 years old my dad was taking a trip from our church in Chile to
        Brazil. There was a small team of people traveling by bus to do an outreach and I desperately
        wanted to join them. My dad told me that I would have to raise my own money since our budget
        was tight. The cost of the trip was $150. In faith I started praying for God to help me raise the
        money. I began doing extra chores and such to earn money. $1 and $5 dollar bills poured in but
        two nights prior to the trip, I still only had $51 dollars. I was heartbroken as I walked into my living
        room to tell my father I would not be able to join him. He was visiting with a guest that had just
        arrived from the United States. I began to tell him that I could not go when the visitor stopped me
        and told me he had something for me. He handed me a $100 dollar bill, which meant I had $1 left
        over! This began my faith journey with the Lord. Since that time there have been many financial
        miracles that I have witnessed and experienced. I love seeing the creative ways that God
        provides for us when we say yes to his call!

There are people in your family, circle of friends, your church who want to play a role in helping someone
across the ocean from them but they aren’t able to get on the plane. They would be more than happy to
support you financially or prayerfully. Ask them for their support and allow them the opportunity to be a
part of the mission experience.

There are many ways to fundraise to the trip. Invite you team to come up with fundraisers and pick those
that create the most amount of money for the least amount of work.  I usually schedule a “Fundraising
Planning Meeting” with the parents where I let them know that they (not I) will carry the main burden of
executing the fundraising.

When planning fundraisers, be sure to advertise at least 2 weeks in advance and include details about
your trip and what donors would be helping to achieve.

        Letters (include sample letters)

Letters can be sent out to family, friends, co-workers, anyone who has relationship with the team
member. It is best to avoid having one family receive multiple requests. Work out amongst your team how
you will divide up common friends. Drawing names out of a bag can work. 

Letters allow others to hear about the cause:

        1. One page minimum.
        2. Pictures help capture their attention
        3. Include some details about the country and what the current situation is (i.e. poverty rates, %
           of Christians, Human Trafficking stats, etc)
        4. Include details about the trip and the projects planned (i.e. Construction for a new orphanage,
           working with street children, etc)
        5. Give specific dollar amounts of how much is needed for the trip.
        6. Give deadlines of when the money is needed and what address it should be sent to.
        7. Be sure to include an envelope with a return address pre-printed. If you can include the
            postage on the return envelope, the chances of getting a response increase
        8. Be sure to follow up with a Thank you note immediately when a donation is received.
            (perhaps including an update of how plans are coming, a service project your team has done
            as training, something you’ve learned about the country or a current news piece about the
            country in the thank you.)
        9. It is a good idea to being a list of donors with you while you are in the country so you can
            purchase postcards and send them a thank you while you are in the country.
        10. Invite those who gave over for a dinner after to tell them about the trip. This is especially
            valuable if you are thinking of going on another mission trip in the future. Developing a base
            of supporters can be a helpful way to raise the funds needed for the trip.

(You may want to get your team together to do a “letter writing night” where you can assist your youth in
writing their letters and assure that they get written!)

Tip: try Google for “Fundraising for mission trip” and you’ll find more ideas than you could possibly want
                                               to implement.
                                      SAMPLE FUNDRAISING LETTER:


Mr. & Mrs. John Smith
123 Main St.
Syracuse, NY 13204

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Smith,
This summer I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to the Costa Rica for a short term
mission trip. The reason I want to go on this trip is…(FILL IN YOUR STORY)

I will be traveling with members of my youth group and youth from other Vineyard churches. On the
trip we will be spending most of our time in San Rafael of Heredia, in the mountains surrounding the
central valley of Costa Rica. We will be working with the Costa Rica Vineyard churches in ministries
including servant evangelism, serving in impoverished neighborhoods and building work days. The cost
of the trip is $FILL IN THE NUMBER (Surge cost + airfare + travel insurance). To cover that expense I am
participating in fundraisers, as well as working to raise money. I would appreciate your support through
prayer and if possible a financial gift would greatly help.

I look forward to seeing you after the trip to be able to share the stories with you!

In His Love,
Mary Jones
123 Oak St.
Syracuse, NY 13219

THANK YOU for your support! You donation is tax deductible as long as you make checks payable to “YOUR
CHURCH HERE” and complete and return this portion with your donation.

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

My donation is to support the following team member: __________________________

Enclosed is my check for: [ ] $10      [ ] $25      [ ] $50     [ ] $______________
I will commit to support you in prayer:
[ ] During our training [ ] While we are in the Costa Rica [ ] for the Costa Rican People

                 Mail to: YOUR CHURCH ADDRESS HERE
Making sure you have the prayer support you need…

Prayer Warriors: Recruiting others to pray for you!

Anyone who has ever been on a “missions trip”—a trip specifically geared towards showing God’s love
and mercy to people—can tell you a little about spiritual warfare. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is
spiritual warfare everywhere…including right here. But when you step out of your comfort zone, you’re
stepping out into a place of vulnerability. You don’t have your castles and bunkers of language, culture,
dress, and even food anymore. Almost everything that was familiar is gone. You’re in a new place, and
this makes you very open and vulnerable to temptation and attack. It also gets you to a place of
vulnerability before God.

The only offensive weapons that God has given us to fight this warfare are His word and prayer. The
Bible talks many times about the importance of prayer in missions. Paul asks for prayer from the
churches he writes to all the time!

As we all go down to the on this mission trip, we need to leave behind an army of praying people. Just as
we’re raising financial support, we have to raise support in the heavenly realm as well. We’re also all
going to need encouragement, and knowing that someone back home is praying for you can make all the
difference in the world (especially when your roommates are driving you nuts, you can’t understand a
word that’s been said, and your stomach’s upset for the third time this week!).

We’re going to ask that you choose one person who is NOT going with you on the trip to be your specific
“prayer warrior”. This person will commit to praying for you every day while you’re gone, and they’ll also
write you one letter for each day that you’ll be gone. We’ll take these letters down with us to the DR, and
I can’t tell you what an encouragement they’ll be!

Please ask someone you know and trust to serve in this special role for you.

    STM Leader Manual Ver. 1.0/11/25/06

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