A Wisdom Tale on Faith and Truth

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					      A Wisdom Tale on Faith
            and Truth

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Wisdom tales are stories of faith and truth originating from the different cultures
around the world. They seek to entertain and enlighten the audience of their valuable
themes and storylines that promote a certain kind of lesson about virtues,
righteousness, and overall facts of life. Every kind of wisdom tale provides knowledge
to the reader which in turn can be applied in the real world.

One popular wisdom tale about faith and truth is the “Farmer’s Son.” Here’s how the
story goes:

There was this old farmer who worked tirelessly in the fields. But after so many years
of hard work, his horse companion became old and sick. Showing pity and mercy, the
farmer was left with no choice but to lift the horse’s burden and gave it its liberty to
be free in the wild.

After letting go of his horse, the farmer’s neighbors visited him and offered their
condolences, thinking that he’s become so unfortunate since he can no longer work
the fields without his horse, thus, depriving him of food and income. When asked how
he should go about with his life, he just said, “Who knows? We shall see.”

A couple of days later, the horse suddenly came back strong and healthy. It also
brought some horse companions to help the farmer work the fields. The neighbors
started to flock the house of the farmer and congratulated him for the very good luck.
They envied his fortune but all he had to say was “Who knows? We shall see.”

The next morning, the farmer’s son tried to train one of the wild horses but to no
avail. To matters worse, he even got thrown to the ground and eventually broke one
of his legs. As usual, the neighbors quickly returned to the house and asked the
farmer how he will survive knowing that he’s got no one to help him in the fields
because his son is injured. They felt sad over the misfortune but the farmer said,
“Who knows? We shall see.” He then fled to the field to work.

After a few days, the army came and told everyone about an incoming war. Every
young man was forced to enlist and go to war. Because of the farmer’s son broken
leg, he was fortunately spared of the responsibility. All the neighbor’s sons went into
war. They then exclaimed how good faith was to the farmer and asked if he was happy
about it. The only thing the farmer could say was, “Who knows? We shall see.”

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As soon as the neighbors found out that all their sons died in the war, all they could
say was that the old farmer was the luckiest of them all. He and his son were the only
men able enough to work the fields this time. As a result, they became wealthy and
rich. And the truth is, the farmer never forgot his generosity. He helped all his
neighbors to go on with life. And when they asked him how happy he was for helping
them, all he could say was, “Who knows? We shall see.”

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Description: Wisdom tales are stories of faith and truth originating from the different cultures around the world. They seek to entertain and enlighten the audience of their valuable themes and storylines that promote a certain kind of lesson about virtues, righteousness, and overall facts of life.