“The Devil and Tom Walker”

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                         “The Devil and Tom Walker”
                              Washington Irving
                                  50 Points

"The Devil and Tom Walker" is the story of Tom Walker, who is
tempted by the Devil, who goes by the name of Old Scratch. The
story has been compared to the Faust tales by various famous
authors. Answer these questions upon the completion of your

1)        What is important about the title?

2)   Discuss the conflicts in the story.         Consider the

         physical
         moral
         intellectual
         emotional

3)        How does Irving reveal character in "The Devil and Tom
          Walker"? Find two quotes that reveal character and
          comment on their effectiveness.

4)        What are some themes in the story? How do they relate
          to the plot and characters?

5)        Compare/Contrast Tom Walker with Scrooge (in A
          Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens) or another
          character from literature or popular culture.

 6) Find three examples of humor/satire in the story and
comment on them.

 7) Discuss some of the symbols in "The Devil and Tom

8)        Discuss a modern example (from real life) of “the
          devil having his due.” In other words, who, in our
          world, has sold their soul to the devil, only to have
          to pay for their mistakes?

Guidelines for Completion:

All answers must be typed or neatly written in blue/black
Adapted from ask.com

All answers must be original. No outside sources are to be
     consulted. I want your ideas.
All answers are to be in complete sentences.

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